A Guide To Wash And Wax Car Soaps: How Do They Work?

When it comes to looking after your car, you want to make sure that you use the right products that work.

Wash and wax soap products are available almost everywhere but can a combined soap really get all the dirt off and protect your car’s paint at the same time?

A Guide To Wash And Wax Car Soaps: How Do They Work?

In this article, we’ll find out how wash and wax car soaps work and if they are any good.

What’s Car Wash And Wax Soap?

Before we take a closer look at what wash and wax soaps do, let’s find out what these products contain.

While the exact ingredients of each product vary depending on manufacturer, most car wash and wax soaps are a combination of a car wash shampoo with the addition of different waxes added.

The most popular wax that is used in these products is carnuba wax. Some manufacturers also add a range of synthetic polymers to the shampoo mix.

So, why would you want to buy a combined soap and wax for cleaning your car?

Essentially, it’s an all-in-one product that can clean your car as well as protect the paint of your vehicle.

What’s The Difference Between Normal Car Soaps & Wash And Wash?

This may be surprising but when it comes to a wash and wax soap and a traditional car soap, there are no major differences.

The only distinction is that the combined product has synthetic polymers and waxes added to the soap.

In comparison, the standard car soap only contains soap and no waxes.

This means there is also a difference in the purpose of these two products.

With a car wash & wax soap, you can clean your car as well as restore its shine and protect the paintwork.

In comparison, a normal car soap will simply clean your car but as it doesn’t contain any waxes, it will not be able to protect the vehicle’s paint.

While it seems that you are getting more for your money with wash &wax soaps, check out more below to see if this combined wax/soap product really works.

Do Wash And Wax Car Soaps Work?

If you can combine car wash soap with the protecting properties of wax, then using two distinct products would surely be a waste of money, right?

Generally, many all-in-one products are very good at cleaning the grime and dirt off your car.

However, they are not so good when it comes to protecting the paint of your vehicle.

That’s why, we wouldn’t usually recommend these combined products as substitute for a traditional car wax.

Even the cheapest car wax would outperform a wash and wax car soap when it comes to adding a proper protective wax coat to your car.

There are a number of different detailing products flooding the market every year, and all-in-one products are becoming ever more popular.

Unfortunately, despite the improvements in product quality, car shampoos with wax are only excellent for cleaning a vehicle because the added waxes also help with some extra lubrication when you wash your car.

This means that wash and wax soaps may help to reduce any risk of scratches on the car’s paint.

But, in our experience, this is almost the only added benefit with these products.

They do not usually protect the paint from heat, UV light or other external and environmental factors as they claim.

With the small added cleaning properties, wash and wax soaps may improve the shine of the paint a little but this won’t last a longer period of time, and definitely not protect it.

Does Car Wax Work As Well As Wash And Wax Soap?

Perhaps it would be fairer to compare traditional car shampoos with wash and wax soaps as the combined product would be slightly better with its improved cleaning properties.

But when you compare standard car wax with an all-in-one product, then you will find yourself disappointed.

In fact, they are very difficult to compare in the first instance because they have a slightly different purpose.

A wash and wax shampoo for your car aims to both clean and protect your car, while car waxes are specifically designed to protect and restore your car’s paintwork.

Wash and wax soaps can give a maximum protection of one day. In comparison, a good car wax can last between four weeks and five months.

That’s a vast difference which should give you a flavor of how these products vary in quality.

In addition, most wash and wax soaps do not add the same gloss and shine to the paint of your car.

Car waxes properly bond with the surface of your car when you buff it properly. This creates a really nice shine and brings out the color.

But wash and wax soaps do not bond with the paint surface. This means that there is only a little bit of surface shine for a very short period of time.

Is It Good To Use A Car Wash Shampoo With Wax On Your Vehicle?

It is still fine to use a car all-in-one product on your car, especially if you have already applied some good paint protector, such as a sealant, ceramic coating or wax.

Using a car wash shampoo with wax between your normal waxings can be a good idea to protect the waxed surface for a short time.

A Guide To Wash And Wax Car Soaps: How Do They Work?

Saying this, if you currently do not use any form of paint protection with your vehicle, then a car wash and wax soap will not fully protect your car. This means that it’s best not to use it then.

The all-in-one product would only help clean your vehicle properly, and give a little added shine to the surface and color of your car but this won’t last a longer time.

There is no way to save money here, as a good wax would add so much more gloss and shine to your car’s paint than a wash and wax.

That’s why, we recommend applying a protective wax, such as carnuba wax, to your car first, and then you can use the combined wash and wax to keep your car clean.

How To Wax Your Car Wax Fast

We all know that car cleaning can take some time, and applying a wax can add to this as well.

If you are looking for a faster way to wax your vehicle, then a wash and wax soap is not the most effective option here.

For a quick waxing of your car, it’s best to use a choice of synthetic spray waxes that you can get online or in your nearest car store.

While they do not last as long as good paste or liquid waxes, they can protect your car’s paint almost ten times longer than the standard wash and wax car shampoo.

This is because spray wax has been specifically designed for waxing your car, and it bonds with the surface properly, so it can stay on for much longer than a wash and wax.

As a rule of thumb, most spray waxes can last for around two weeks.

Although this isn’t as long as some other waxes, this is still a good investment when you think that its application takes only a couple of minutes to apply the wax.

However, our recommendation is to spend some time on applying a good amount of wax on your car with liquid or paste waxes.

And while the application does take much longer than a spray wax, you should expect the results to last for up to five months with a good-quality wax.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind Of Soap Do Car Detailers Use?

Many car detailers use a high-quality cleaning products specifically designed to get all the dirt and grime off a car. They can then apply a high-quality carnuba wax to the clean surface.

Car detailers do not typically use a car wash and wax soap because it does not give you the same results as using separate products.

How Can You Make Your Car Super Shiny?

The best way to give your car a great shine is by applying wax but first you will need to clean your vehicle properly.

Make sure that you wash your car with a good car shampoo. Then dry the paint and apply a polish.

Once you polished your car, you can apply a protective layer of wax. It’s important to note here that a wash and wax soap wouldn’t give your car’s paint a similarly good shine as a high-quality wax.

Final Thoughts

All in all, car wash and wax shampoos aren’t a bad option. They can help clean your vehicle, especially when you use it between your regular waxing applications.

But you shouldn’t expect these products to protect your paint. They aren’t even a comparable substitute for a ceramic coating, wax or sealant.

That’s why, we recommend that you use separate car wash soaps and car waxes, if you want to add a proper protection layer on your car.