Best 100 Ft Garden Hose 2022 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Did you know that a good quality garden hose should last anywhere between 7 and 10 years? If you find yourself having to buy a new hose every other year, it’s probably because you keep picking the wrong ones.

We tested various highly-rated brands on the market to bring you our top picks for the best 100 ft garden hose for 2022.

Flexzilla Garden Watering HoseBionic Steel Garden Watering HoseGiraffe Hybrid Garden Watering Hose
Best OverallBest Metal HoseBest Hybrid Option


5/8 in. x 100 ft.5/8 in. x 100 ft.5/8 in. x 100 ft.


PolymerStainless steelPolymer




6.82 lbs.6 lbs.13.5 lbs.
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How We Tested and Compared These Products

When comparing the various garden hose brands on the market, there are specific things we were interested in.

First was the material; it had to be durable and lightweight. While we generally lean more toward polymer-based garden hoses, we did not exclude metallic and polyester/latex pipes that exhibited outstanding performance in our various tests.

Next, we were interested in their weight. Longer hoses such as those in the 100-foot realm generally hold more water than their shorter counterparts. For this reason, we were only interested in lightweight garden hoses.

Finally, we looked at the fitting accessories on both ends of each of the hoses. We eliminated any unit that had plastic couplings and only tested garden hoses with metallic fittings. These tend to be more durable and the plastic variants.

Our Pick: Flexzilla Garden Hose – Best Overall





  • Dimensions: 5/8 in. x 100 ft.
  • Material: Polymer
  • Color: Green
  • Weight: 82 lbs.

Flexzilla is no stranger to the world of garden tools and equipment. The company’s range of watering hoses has completely revolutionized yards, gardens, and job sites in a way no other watering hose in the industry has.

The Flexzilla garden hose is a testament to the quality and innovation standards the company strives to maintain. Everything about it has been engineered to last longer than any other conventional garden hose. We know this because we tested it, and the results were nothing short of outstanding.

The first thing we noticed was how remarkably lightweight it is. It weighs less than 7 lbs., which is pretty impressive for a 100-foot long garden house. Unlike conventional units, Flexzilla is made of a flexible polymer that allows it to lie completely flat when empty and doesn’t kink under pressure. Its flexibility also comes in handy when you need to maneuver the hose around hedges, trees, and any other obstacle that would ordinarily twist it, blocking the water supply in the process.

We were pleasantly surprised to find that Flexzilla doesn’t fight you when you need to coil it and put it back in on the hose reel or hose hanger in your garage. The flexible polymer material has no memory, so it stays flat, allowing you to coil it in any direction in a matter of seconds.

It has aviation-grade anodized aluminum fittings on both ends, with a superior, leak-free O ring for a watertight connection at the spigot. The hose’s outer cover is abrasion-resistant and weatherproof, which is what gives it outstanding durability.

All in all, if you want a solid 100ft hose that’s going to be part of your outdoor arsenal for years to come, Flexzilla is a worthwhile investment.

  • It is a flexible and lightweight garden hose
  • It doesn’t retain memory, making it easy to coil with or without a hose reel
  • It does not kink under pressure
  • The abrasion-resistant cover and nozzle
  • The leak-free O-ring creates a watertight seal between the nozzle and spigot
  • It is a little pricey compared to standard watering hoses
Flexzilla Garden Hose 5/8 in. x 100 ft., Heavy Duty, Lightweight,...
58,702 Reviews
Flexzilla Garden Hose 5/8 in. x 100 ft., Heavy Duty, Lightweight,...
  • EXTREMELY FLEXIBLE - All weather flexibility
  • EXTREMELY DURABLE - Abrasion resistant outer cover and crush resistant...
  • HYBRID POLYMER - Won't kink under pressure, coils easily and lays flat...

Best Alternatives

Bionic Steel Garden Hose – Best Metal Garden Hose

Bionic Steel 100 Foot




  • Dimensions: 5/8 in. x 100 ft.
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Color: Silver
  • Weight: 6 lbs.

We’ve always had a soft spot for metallic hoses simply because of their reliability. You’re going to get several years of use out of it before you ever need to replace it. The last one we had was purchased some seven years ago. We only replaced it after we noticed signs of rust, but other than that, it was in pretty decent shape, considering how old it was.

When we first came across the Bionic Steel hose, the sheer volume of positive reviews we found online was enough for us to buy it and test it to find out whether all the internet hype was mere hogwash.

It was not.

For starters, it feels quite solid and remarkably lightweight for a 100-foot hose made of commercial-grade, heavy duty, 304 stainless steel. The fact that it is stainless steel also means that it won’t rust at any point. This makes it safe for drinking water if you absolutely must. It is extremely abrasion-resistant as well, so you don’t have to worry about any leaks or punctures after constantly dragging it over concrete and other hard surfaces.

The Bionic steel hose has exceptional weatherproof properties, which allow it to withstand extreme outdoor weather conditions. If you happen to leave it outside for several days in the hot summer sun or accidentally forget it in the freezing sub-zero winter temperatures, it won’t get damaged.

The fittings on either side of the hose, including the handle and nozzle, are made of crush-resistant aluminum with a stabilizer collar that’s built to withstand extreme pressure. It also comes with an easy-to-use on/off valve to give you better control of the output.

All in all, we were quite impressed with the performance of the Bionic steel watering hose. We would give it a solid 9 out of 10.

  • Extremely durable and puncture-resistant, with an abrasion-resistant nozzle
  • Remarkably lightweight and flexible
  • Weatherproof even in extreme conditions
  • It comes with a crush-resistant aluminum nozzle and handles
  • It remains kink-free since it does not retain memory
  • The water pressure output could be better
Bionic Steel 100 Foot Garden Hose 304 Stainless Steel Metal Water...
24,989 Reviews
Bionic Steel 100 Foot Garden Hose 304 Stainless Steel Metal Water...
  • Ultra Durable: Our hoses are constructed from a commercial-grade 304...
  • Flexible and Lightweight: The unique interlocking flex design is...
  • Weatherproof: The Bionic Steel Hose has been built to withstand...


Giraffe Hybrid Garden Hose – Best Hybrid Option

Giraffe Hybrid Garden Hose




  • Dimensions: 5/8 in. x 100 ft.
  • Material: Polymer
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 5 lbs.

The Giraffe hybrid watering garden hose is another favorite. Quick heads-up, though. This garden hose is a little heavier than all the others we tested. We’re not saying it’s unbearably heavy. All we’re saying is – once you’ve become accustomed to using garden hoses that weigh 4-7 lbs., the extra 6 lbs. might take some getting used to.

Here’s why its weight wasn’t a deal-breaker for us.

For starters, it is a hybrid hose made of polymer and rubber. It is several times more durable than a conventional rubber-only or polymer-only garden water hose. It is extremely abrasion-resistant and flexible, allowing you to rotate it in any direction without twisting.

We particularly liked the swivel grip it came with. The spray nozzle moves independently of the rest of the hose, so it won’t tangle when switching positions. The handle-connection to the sprinkler, nozzle, and facet was quite easy to do, as well.

The couplings, such as the spray gun on either side of the hose, are made of professional-grade nickel-plated solid brass fittings, all of which are remarkably crush-and-leak-resistant. Both ends of the water hose feature a female and male brass connector.

The Giraffe hybrid water hose is weatherproof and designed to withstand a wide range of extreme weather conditions, including freezing winter weather and searing summer heat. It has a working water pressure of 150 PSI, ideal for residential applications.

All in all, this hose is a solid choice for watering your garden or any other outdoor use you might have for it. It is backed by a 2-year limited lifetime warranty, so bonus points for that.

  • Durable and abrasion-resistant pipe and nozzle
  • The convenient swivel handle grip
  • It comes with both female and male connectors
  • Weatherproof for extreme outdoor conditions
  • Backed by a 2-year warranty
  • It’s a little heavier than other garden hoses in its class and might require a hose reel
Giraffe Tools Hybrid Garden Hose 100ft x 5/8', Heavy Duty,...
10,450 Reviews
Giraffe Tools Hybrid Garden Hose 100ft x 5/8", Heavy Duty,...
  • 【Light Weight】Expertly developed hybrid material from rubber and...
  • 【Swivel Grip】The movable handle allows the hose to rotate freely...
  • 【Leak Proof】Professional nickel-plated brass fittings prevent...


Vieneci Garden Hose – Best Expandable Garden Hose

VIENECI 100ft Garden Hose


No products found.


  • Dimensions: 3/4 in. x 100 ft.
  • Material: Polyester, latex
  • Color: Green/gray
  • Weight: 62 lbs.

If you’re running low on storage and need a compact watering solution, the Vieneci expandable hose gives you the best of both worlds. When completely empty, it measures 33 ft. long. Once you connect it to the faucet and turn on the water, it expands to a whopping 100 ft. Watching it expand to three times its size as water flowed through it was quite the spectacle.

Since it is made of latex and 3570D polyester fabric, it is significantly lighter than all the other garden hose brands we tested. It is extremely flexible and does not kink or twist even at sharp angles. It is also anti-squeeze, so you don’t have to worry about damaging it when you accidentally back up over it with your car.

Vieneci expandable hose comes with a 9-function spray nozzle and rugged, rust-resistant copper and brass fittings on either side of the hose. Its leak-proof design and weather resistance in extreme conditions makes it one of the best garden hoses in its price range.

All in all, we were quite pleased with its performance. It is, hands-down, the best expandable garden hose on the market right now.

  • It is an extremely lightweight hose compared to other expandable hoses
  • The innovative expandable design with the 9-function spray nozzle
  • It is anti-squeeze, anti-kink, and leak-proof
  • It can withstand extreme weather conditions
  • It comes with durable, rust-resistant copper and solid brass fittings, making it safe for drinking water
  • This expandable hose cannot be used with a pressure washer

No products found.


How to Choose the Best 100 Ft Garden Hose – Buying Guide

A man in denim pants using a garden hose

There are several things you need to keep in mind when choosing the right garden hose for your needs. You need to think about what you intend to use it for, the size of the area you’ll use it on, where you’ll store it, and so forth.

Here are five main factors to consider when buying the best garden hose.

Hose Length

Garden hoses come in different sizes, the most common ones being 25, 50, 75, and 100 ft. lengths. While it’s always a good idea to go with a longer hose since you’ll use it for several different applications, a longer hose doesn’t just cost more; it also weighs more. Additionally, it would take up more storage space compared to a 50ft expandable garden hose, for instance.

A longer hose also has an impact on the water pressure output. Since the water has to flow over a longer distance, you might have to contend with lower water pressure at the other end of the hose.

To figure out the precise length that you should get, measure the farthest distance from the spigot to your garden or yard, and buy a hose that’s slightly longer than that.

Water Flow

Most garden hoses come in three standard diameter sizes: 5/8 inch, 3/4 inch, and 1/2 inch. While a wider diameter means that the hoses would be able to carry more water, the pressure may not be what you expect it to be.

The diameter size you pick should give you the best of both worlds: A good combination of water pressure and flow.

A garden hose with a 5/8 inch diameter would be the most useful. It offers the best water flow and water pressure combination. A soaker hose is a great option to consider if you intend to use it exclusively for watering your garden.

Hose Material

You’ll likely come across garden hoses made of vinyl, rubber, metal, polymer, polyester/latex, or some combination of these materials. Metal hoses tend to be more durable and longer-lasting, followed closely behind by a polymer hose, rubber hose, vinyl hose, and polyester/latex hose, in that order.

While metallic hoses last the longest, they tend to be the heaviest of the bunch. On the other hand, polyester/latex hoses are usually the lightest but are the least durable compared to the rest. A polymer or rubber hose sits in the middle of the spectrum, giving you the best of both worlds.


If you would rather not have your garden hose fight you every time you try to coil it and put it away, flexibility is something you need to think about when choosing the best 100 ft garden hose. Not only does a flexible hose make for easy storage, but it also doesn’t kink easily, especially when maneuvering around hedges, trees, corners, and other obstacles. A rubber hose or one made of polymer, metal, or polyester/latex is the least likely to kink.


These are the accessories at the end of hoses that attach to the nozzle, sprinkler, or spigot. As a rule of thumb, you should generally steer clear of cheap garden hoses that come with plastic fittings. These hose nozzle heads are more prone to breakage, cracks, and leaks and usually can’t be tightened properly. Plastic also tends to crack when it is left out in the sun for extended durations.

When choosing the best garden hose, try to find one with metallic fittings made from rust-resistant materials like solid brass, stainless steel, or copper. These are the most durable, least likely to leak, and safe for drinking water. Most of the hoses on the market have a brass fitting.


Is there a garden hose longer than 100 ft?

Yes, there is. While garden hoses commonly come in 25 ft., 50 ft., 75 ft., and 100 ft. variants, there are longer ones than that. Sizes can go up to 200 feet or higher. As tempting as it might be to get an ultra-long garden hose, keep in mind that the length will directly impact the water pressure output.

When water has to travel over a long distance through the hose, it loses pressure along the way. Measure the farthest distance from your spigot to your garden or driveway, and then buy a garden hose that’s slightly longer than that.

Is an expandable garden hose any good?

An expandable garden hose is usually made of flexible material like latex and polyester, which allows it to expand up to three times its original size once it’s connected to a water supply.

Latex and polyester may not be as durable as metal, polymer, or rubber hoses, but they come in handy when you’re running low storage. The Vieneci garden hose, for instance, measures 33 feet long when empty but expands to 100 feet when connected to a water supply.

What is the most durable type of garden hose?

Metallic hoses are generally the most versatile and durable. On the flip side, they tend to cost more and aren’t as flexible as rubber or polymer garden hoses. If flexibility and kink resistance matter greatly to you, consider getting a polymer garden hose instead.


There you have it – our top picks for the best 100 ft garden hose. Any of the units we’ve reviewed in this guide would make an excellent choice. If we had to pick one, it would undoubtedly be the Flexzilla garden hose. Its performance was outstanding in every regard.