Best 1200 Lumen Bike Light [Buying Guide 2021]

Whether you are riding around town or on the trails, it is essential to have bike headlights. Or if you are commuting to work at dawn or dusk when the light is low, you should never compromise on your safety and having a 1200 lumen bike light provides increased safety for you and others.

What are bike lights anyway? They’re small but powerful lights attached to a bicycle to make the rider and the bike visible when there is not sufficient light available. Moreover, another purpose is to help the rider see reflective materials like animal eyes or traffic signs to prevent accidents.

In short, the bike lights are for safety purposes.

What is the importance of bike lights? The majority of collisions between cars and a biker usually happen at night time. A small investment in bike lights will minimize your chances of getting hit by someone at night.

Furthermore, you will prevent yourself from being the cause of an accident.

Now that you know why a bike light is important, lets help you choose the right 1200 lumen bike light for your needs.

Which one will you choose? Since unlimited and competitive options are available in the market, it can become a near-impossible task to select the right one according to your needs.

Not to worry! Our staff at Valid Pick have made it easy for you to select the best 1200 lumen bike light for your needs.

Let’s look at each light in detail!

Comparing Best 1200 Lumen Bike Light 2021

Bike LightBatteryRuntime 
Te-Rich 1200 Lumens Headlight4400mAh4-12 hours Check Price
RUNACC LED 1200 Set5200mAh5-12 hours Check Price
NiteRider 1200 Bike Light2600mAh6-18 hours Check Price
Wastou Bike Lights1200mAh2 hours Check Price
Iligo Bike Light5200mAh4-10 hours Check Price
BCXYMQ Bike Light Set5200mAh3-10 hours Check Price

1. Te-Rich 1200 Lumens Road/Mountain Bicycle Headlight – The Brightest Bicycle Lights

TeRich 1200 Lumens Road Mountain Bicycle Headlight


You will never have to fear running out lights at night! This super USB-rechargeable bright light will light up your nights. Whether you are a cyclist who wants to improve visibility in overcast weather, a nocturnal rider, or an early bird, these gracious beams will soak your path with consistent and glorious light.

What makes this bike light an outstanding one? It possesses 1200 Lumen CREE XM-L2 LED Technology that is waterproof. This bright light can light your way up to 300 meters; thus, making it easy for you to cycle on the road during commutes or evening rides.

Moreover, the light is manufactured from high-quality and durable aircraft-grade aluminum with an all-metal casing to ensure that it can withstand various outdoor elements.

What’s more, you can rotate this bicycle torch at 360 degrees. Besides that, it is quite versatile, and you can mount it easily on the included headgear as the headlamp for several outdoor activities like camping, hiking, fishing, trekking, commuting, trail riding, etc.

What else? This light comes with a rechargeable battery pack, and it has a long runtime. It offers three settings for riding in the night. At 100% brightness, the light will last for about four hours, at 50% for eight hours, and at 25% brightness, the light can run for about twelve hours straight.

Is this mounting light easy to install? No tools are required because the setup is relatively straightforward. You have the wind the mounting strap around the handlebar for mounting by putting the strap through the opening.

To secure the mounting system, hand-turn the hardware to tighten it. Now screw the light onto the mount and adjust the disk to tighten the connection. Moreover, it fits handlebars and tubes up to 28 mm in diameter.

Oddly enough, several reviewers mentioned that the light has a narrow beam focus and does not have the best uniform wide beam. Moreover, the mount may not be secure, and you might have to use a gorilla mounting tape to let it stay in place.

  • Decent battery life
  • Outstanding brightness
  • Durable
  • Straightforward setup
  • Versatile
  • Waterproof
  • USB-rechargeable
  • Narrow beam focus
  • Mount might not be secure
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2. RUNACC LED 1200 Lumens Bike Light Set – A Snug Bright Light for Night Rides

RUNACC LED 1200 Lumens Bike Light Set


This excellent unit delivers the safety you need! This USB-rechargeable battery bike light provides very bright light. You can charge this unit with a computer or any device with a USB port.

Moreover, this bike light set is quite portable because of its miniature size. Plus, this unit is manufactured from aluminum alloy; thus, it dissipates heat evenly. Its stellar battery provides better durability and stable consumption.

What makes this bright light set unique? This light set has five basic light modes, i.e., low, medium, high, flash, and SOS. Moreover, this unit can provide visibility to a distance of 500 meters. This bicycle torch also works as a car light, power bank, and flashlight.

What’s more, its large battery capacity allows users to use this unit easily for up to twelve hours. Furthermore, it has two charging ports; hence, it offers convenient charging.

What else? The unit offers a real-time display function that shows the current remaining using time according to the mode you are using. Plus, the bike’s headlight is IPX5 water-resistant; thus, it allows you to cycle without any worries in the rain.

Not to mention, the charging port has a built-in IC that prevents over-discharge and over-charge. Moreover, the power indicator shows the battery status by indicating various lights.

Is this unit easy to install? Yes, indeed! Hand-turn the nut ring to remove it. Place the bracket on the device where you need it. Secure the bracket and tighten the nut ring.

Use the pen clip design on the main headlight unit’s lower part to buckle the rotating bracket part directly. Finally, adjust it to your desired angle. Moreover, the bracket is suitable for a pipe diameter of 20 to 36.5mm.

Surprisingly enough, several users mentioned that the backlight could not be charged via USB, and you have to use two lithium batteries. Plus, putting and taking off the bike attachment is a bit fiddly.

  • Durable
  • USB-rechargeable
  • Five light modes
  • Real-time display function
  • Possesses a light indicator
  • Easy to install
  • The backlight is not USB-rechargeable
  • The bike attachment might be a bit fiddly
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3. NiteRider Lumina 1200 Boost Bike Light – A Well-Designed Riding Light

NiteRider Lumina 1200 Boost Bike Light


Are you looking for a bike light that is better than the Chinese ones? Those lights might be cheap, but why compromise the quality? This light, although a bit expensive, is of high-quality and very bright.

What makes the NiteRider bike light the best? This light offers five light levels with two daylight flash modes. It possesses a brand-new collimator lens that distributes generous and even widespread beams.

What’s more, the USB-rechargeable light comes with a lock mode that allows you to lock the light during transportation or storage. To activate the lock mode, you have to press and hold the power button for seven seconds to close light operations.

What if you want to use the light? To unlock the operation of light again, press and hold the power button for seven seconds. Moreover, it offers a boost mode as well. You have to double-tap the power button to unleash the maximum LED output at 1200 lumens.

What else? The presence of a battery indicator indicates the battery status. The power button changes from blue to red when the battery level is approximately 20% remaining.

What is the procedure for installing the light? It is relatively easy, and you do not require any tools. You only have to hand-turn the screw to fix the mount onto the handlebar. Fit the bike light and adjust it accordingly.

Furthermore, this dust and water-resistant light can fit up to 35mm handlebars. The light can run for six hours at 275 lumens, and at 75 lumens, it can work for eighteen hours straight.

Not to mention, this brand offers a lifetime warranty and can fix any defects in the mechanical components like fasteners, mounts, covers, housings, and LEDs.

Oddly enough, users mentioned that the battery might work for only 45 to 60 minutes on the highest brightness. Plus, you might find it difficult to activate the boost mode.

  • Offers lock and boost mode
  • Includes a battery indicator
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Easy to install
  • USB-rechargeable
  • Top-notch design
  • Offers bright light
  • Expensive
  • The battery might work for an hour at high brightness
  • Activating the boost mode can be quite troublesome
NiteRider Lumina 1200 Boost USB Rechargeable Bike Light Powerful...
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NiteRider Lumina 1200 Boost USB Rechargeable Bike Light Powerful...
  • Lock mode, perfect for use during storage and transporting the light....
  • Important: the Lumina 1200 boost is set to lock mode at the Factory....
  • All new collimator lens, Distributes a generous even widespread beam...

4. Wastou Bike Lights – A Must-Have for Bike Safety

Wastou Bike Lights


Are you searching for a light with a good beam pattern and that can mount easily but securely? This light is crucial for safe driving, and it provides visibility up to 330 feet at about 390 degrees. Moreover, their light provides low beams when they are incoming pedestrians and vehicles; thus, it lets you travel safely at night without causing any accidents.

What’s more, this model offers six light settings, i.e., low, medium, high, SOS, high-speed flashing, and low-speed flashing. The light is effortless to operate, and you have to use it via the buttons.

There’s more! It is a micro-USB rechargeable light that can be charged with any port. This unit has a short charging time; hence, the battery does not take too much time to charge.

Moreover, the wide beam bike light allows you to get a full vision on the road. The battery indicator indicates the battery status, and this unit can light up your night for at least two hours.

What else? The bike LED lights are super bright, and they are waterproof. Plus, they are explicitly designed to use it in heavy rain. It has a durable and top-quality aluminum body that is shock-resistant and can endure rough handling.

Furthermore, you can easily mount this unit without any tools, and you can tightly secure this unit on a mountable diameter of 17 to 44 mm. You only have to fasten the mount with rubber to install this model.

Not to mention, this unit is portable. It is small enough to be easily carried into the handbag, pocket, or car compartment. Plus, this brand’s front and tail lights undergo quality checking, and they are CE and RoHS certified.

Besides these positive pointers, several users mentioned a few drawbacks. The light electrical seals might break, and without the seals, the charging port can corrode. Plus, it may not be as bright as other 1200 lumen lights.

  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install
  • Change settings
  • Battery indicator
  • Micro-USB rechargeable
  • Certified unit
  • The light electrical seals may break
  • It might not be a bright light
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5. Iligo Bike Light Front and Back – The Sturdy Bright Lights

Iligo Bike Light Front and Back


The headlight shines a bright and powerful beam that lets you see far and wide. It also offers daytime visibility and alerts others of your presence.

What is so outstanding about this light? The front light can rotate 360 degrees to provide you better visibility and keep you safe at all times. The light will not rotate unless you want it too and if you’re going to turn it at a fixed angle, it will remain in that position.

What’s more, the bicycle light offers five modes, i.e., high, middle, low, strobe, SOS, and off. You can switch between these modes by holding down the button for two seconds. However, the rear light has one extra mode called “fast flashing.”

Moreover, this unit comes with a power capacity indicator. When the front and the rear battery is fully recharged via the USB, the indicator indicates a green light. In contrast, if the battery is below 20%, the indicator displays red light to alert you that the battery needs recharging.

What else? The high-capacity battery is long-lasting. They can work for four hours straight at high mode, six hours in middle mode, and ten hours in low mode. Plus, this light can work as a power bank, and you can charge your smartphone while cycling.

What about its installation? It is straightforward and does not require any tools. You only have to slide the lights to the handlebars to mount them. Furthermore, both of these lights are compact, light, portable, and are water-resistant.

Oddly enough, several users mentioned that the bar mount is relatively small and will not fit several bicycle bars. Plus, the clamps that hold the handlebar may become loose and wear-out after a short time.

  • Portable
  • 360-degrees rotation
  • Offers different modes
  • Battery indicator
  • Water-resistant
  • USB rechargeable battery
  • High battery capacity
  • Small bar mount
  • Clamps might wear out after some time
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6. BCXYMQ Bike Light Set – Powerful, Bright Lights

BCXYMQ Bike Light Set


This wide beam bike light is incredibly bright, and it provides a broad angle view of 120-degrees. It is wide and bright enough to let you see clearly in any condition.

Moreover, this water-resistant headlight has a high capacity battery, and it is USB rechargeable. The bike torch has three modes. In high light mode, it can work for three hours straight, in a middle mode for five hours, and in low light mode, it can work up to ten hours.

The high light mode provides super bright light, and it is recommended for dangerous and complicated road conditions like narrow curved mountain roads.

What else? It has a power display that shows the battery status so that you can charge your light timely. Furthermore, this easy to carry and a lightweight torch can rotate at 360-degrees. Once you rotate, it will stay in a fixed position.

What’s more, the mount is easy to fix on the handlebar, and you do not need any tools for it. Similar to its easy installation, the disconnecting procedure is instant and hassle-free too. Plus, this bracket can fit most handlebars that are about 0.79 to 1.25 inches.

What about the tail light? The rear light is water-resistant and USB-rechargeable. It offers four modes for the users, i.e., high, low, flashing, and SOS. Plus, it is relatively easy to install. The silicone mount strap is universal that fits around many seat posts, helmets, seat risers, and backpacks.

Surprisingly enough, many users complained about the mounting bracket that is not solidly crafted, and it is not as lightweight as the other bike lights available.

  • Wide-angle view
  • Power display
  • 360-degrees rotation
  • Water-resistant
  • USB-rechargeable
  • Straightforward installation
  • The mounting bracket might become loose
  • It may not be lightweight as compared to other bike lights
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Buyer’s Guide

Best 1200 Lumen Bike Light Buying Guide

Bike head and tail lights are necessary for riding at night. It makes the bike riding experience at night fun as well as safe. These lights provide exceptional visibility when cycling during low light conditions.

Moreover, when searching for bike lights, their quality should be your top priority. Besides the quality, there are other factors that you should consider as well. So which factors should you look for to select the light for your bicycle? Let’s look at these factors in detail! It will help you choose the best ones!

Beam Angle

You need a wide or a narrow beam spread, depending on where you are riding. If you are riding on the streets, you need a wide-angle beam to provide good visibility of the vehicles. However, if you are riding off-road, you need a narrow beam because it provides more distance and illuminates objects more clearly.

Furthermore, several bike lights offer an adjustable beam option. Thus, you can adjust it according to your needs.


Lumen is the measuring unit that measures the light’s total amount emitted from the source. The larger the number, the brighter will be the light.

Cyclists who want bike lights to ride in an urban area will only need a unit having a few hundred lumens. However, if you are thinking of going for an adventure in dark places, paths, or mountains, you will require a more robust and super-bright light.

Battery Life

When buying a bike light, its brightness is not the only crucial thing you should consider. Avoid purchasing the bike torch that gives you half-an-hour at super-bright settings. The bike light’s battery should be powerful enough to provide you at least two to four hours at high settings. Plus, eight to twelve hours at low or medium settings.

What’s more, this is especially best for those who enjoy long rides or commute to different places. Moreover, these kinds of lights are ideal for individuals who cycle off-road for an extended period.

USB-Rechargeable Feature

Opt for those batteries that are USB-rechargeable so that you do not have to waste money in buying and replacing batteries.

Furthermore, these USB-rechargeable bike light batteries are environmentally-friendly and offer consistent beam brightness.

Water Resistance

If you commute daily for work, you need to opt for a waterproof bike light so that you can ride easily in the rain. Moreover, our top-picks are mostly water-resistant and will provide high-quality resistance during rainy days.


This feature is crucial mostly for urban riders who do not want their bike lights to get stolen. Make sure that the bike light you are thinking of buying is lightweight, compact, and easy-to-carry. Furthermore, the torch should be small enough to fit into the purse or a pocket without adding too much bulk.


If you are riding in an urban area, you have to make yourself visible. You will need a 300 or 500-lumen torch to light up the pathway or sidewalk. Not to mention, LED technology is getting better every day and offers more light for less money. Plus, if you are planning to ride offroad, you need a significant amount of brightness.

Why is that so? Because the super bright light will prevent you from unforeseeable turns and obstacles. While cycling off-road, you will need a light that has almost 1000 or more lumens. While the brightness is necessary, the quality of the beam is even more crucial.

Why? Because with the narrow beams, people might not be able to spot you, plus you will not be able to see clearly what is happening around you, especially if you are riding in an urban area. You will probably miss the dangers; therefore, it is essential to consider beams when buying a bike light set.

Mounting System

You would want to prefer a mounting system that is simple, quick-to-install, and remove. It should be durable and secure. We have isolated all 1200 lumen bike lights that are straightforward to install and do not require any installation and removal tools.

What’s more, there are two most common types of mounting systems, i.e., helmet mount and handlebar mount. Moreover, several brands offer dual mounting systems as well.

Helmet Mount

This mounting system is preferable for mountain biking. It will help you look farther ahead of you and locate any obstacles and turn on the trails. Moreover, the helmet mount lets you see wherever you want more visibility and provides ultimate flexibility.

Handlebar Mount

This is the most typical style. It contains heavy-duty rubber bands and grooves to mount. Plus, it might possess a strap that wraps around the handlebars, and you have to secure it by tightening it. This type of mounting system is preferable for both trail and urban riding. Moreover, it is effortless to install and quick to remove. You only have to push the unlock latch to remove the system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use bike lights during the day?

Since there is plenty of ambient light during the day, the light set on low or medium settings will not let you stand out.

If you want to use it, make sure it is on the highest setting, or several lights have a “strobe mode” that you can use to get noticed during the day.

How many lumens do you require on a bike light?

If you are cycling in an urban area and want to be seen by the cars, you only require a 200 to 600 lumens light.

However, if you are riding on a trail where there are no streetlights, you will require a bike light with 1000 lumens or more.

How should I set the bike lights for nighttime use?

You should never place your forward-facing and high-intensity lights on a strobe or flash mode, especially at night.

Setting up on these modes can be dangerous because it can blind the oncoming traffic. Plus, it can make it difficult for the rider to determine the speed at which you are riding.

How can I deter thieves from stealing the bike light?

Several bike lights are straightforward to remove and install. Plus, they are compact and portable too. If you are going somewhere, take it off and put it in your pocket or bag to carry with you.

Another solution is to utilize the stainless steel strap. It is tough and sturdy. You cannot cut it easily once it is installed correctly.


You do not need a bike light to light up your way only, but to minimize the chances of collision and terrible accidents. Moreover, finding the perfect style of light is very tricky.

That is why we created this guide to make the selection easy for you and help you decide and pick the right one. When purchasing the bike light, look for a sturdy and durable design that is easy to install and remove.

What’s more, it should possess a battery indicator, must be weather resistant, and should offer various modes for lighting your way at night. I hope you find this comprehensive guide about bike lights informative. Now, which bike light will you go for your bicycle?