What’s The Best 4500 Lumen Projector [Buying Guide 2021]

Home theater, classroom presentations, and gameplays these are some of the reasons why people stick to the usual 2000 to 3000 lumen projector. But, when talking about high-end conferences, festivals, auditoriums, and commercial video projection, then you need to level up the game!

Bring in the ultra-bright 4500 lumen projector, which holds the potential to compete with the powerful beams of the sunlight, and project a crystal clear image even outdoors. Some prominent reasons why you need a 4500 lumen projector include:

  • Large screen size
  • Premium visual quality
  • Outstanding brightness and visibility

If you desire a projector of such strength and properties, then a 4500 lumen projector can serve as a dedicated companion!

Best 4500 Lumen Projector

However, choosing the right 4500 lumen projector is not a stroll in a park. The market hosts a diverse variety of projectors. Each product has a different brand and features that can drive a first-time purchaser insane.

Well, we never stated the impossibility of making the whole process a stroll in the park. Equipped with the right knowledge, you too can get the best 4500 lumen projector conveniently.

For your assistance, we have formulated this detailed and accurate compilation of the top 10 4500 lumen projectors in the market. Plus, there is a comprehensive guide below to walk you through the entire selection process. Read on!

Comparing Top 4500 Lumen Projector

ProjectorContrast RatioLamp Life
BenQ MH750 10000:14500 Hours Check Price
Optoma EH41250000:115000 Hours Check Price
DR. J Professional3800:150000 Hours Check Price
APEMAN LC3502000:145000 Hours Check Price
Projector WOWOTO H102000:145000 Hours Check Price
GRC Mini3000:145000 Hours Check Price
ManyBox Mini2000:145000 Hours Check Price
Crenova Mini 3000:150000 Hours Check Price
4500 Lumens 2000:150000 Hours Check Price
Wi-Fi Mini A53000:130000 Hours Check Price

1. BenQ MH750 High Brightness Projector

BenQ MH750 High Brightness Projector


You probably wouldn’t have heard of the BenQ company when browsing for the top 4500 lumen projectors. But, for a low-key Taiwanese company, the brand does a pretty decent job in the production of the BenQ MH750 1080p High Brightness Projector. At an affordable price, this projector packs in a lot of features that other high-end brands do not.

The BenQ MH750 features an amazing throw distance of 1.15 to 1.5-feet, which is great for medium to large rooms. You can easily place the projector 7 to 8-feet away from the screen.

In case the throw distance is not ideal, the 1.3x big Zoom feature allows you to benefit from a variety of throw distances while projecting images 300-inches wide. Hence, offering you flexibility in projector placement.

Using the big Zoom, you do not have to compromise on the room décor. Instead, place the projector anywhere without trouble. The BenQ MH750 also comes with a wall-mounting system for easy installation. You can even use the adjustable feet to shift positions in the same room.

As for the projection quality, the BenQ MH750 features a 1080FHD resolution (1920×1080). Hence, it displays considerable details in the image. It can greatly replicate a television watching experience with this resolution, though not that of cinemas.

Plus, the 1920×1080-resolution indicates that the BenQ MH750 High Brightness Projector is not widescreen format compatible. You cannot get a 16:9 resolution format that might be a problem for some.

On the other hand, the BenQ MH750 comes with 4500 lumen brightness. It can display the brightest of images, regardless of the ambient light. Also, the high 10000:1 contrast ratio offers unbeatable sharpness and clarity. Using this projector, one can ensure all viewers can see the projected text, graphs, and charts easily.

The BenQ MH750 has a long lifespan too. It has three unique modes that allow you to adjust the lifespan accordingly. These include:

  • Normal (2500-hours)
  • Eco (3500-hours)
  • Smart Eco (4500-hours)

For audio, the projector has built-in speakers. However, these may not be ideal for high-end presentations and large conferences. So, the BenQ MH750 High Brightness Projector comes with extensive compatibility.

You can use the HDMI, VGA, and LAN RJ45 features to connect your projectors to various external sources. The BenQ MH750 also supports MHL technology for wireless operation. With MHL connectivity, you can stream the content directly from your smartphone to the projector!

  • Adjustable throw distance
  • Good projection quality
  • High contrast ratio
  • Extensive life hours
  • Good compatibility
  • Does not have a widescreen format
  • Does not have 3D support
BenQ MH750 1080p High Brightness Projector with 4500 Lumens |...
167 Reviews
BenQ MH750 1080p High Brightness Projector with 4500 Lumens |...
  • Vivid clarity: powerful 4500 ANSI lumens enable comfortable lights-on...
  • High contrast: BenQ projectors produce the truest blacks and unmatched...
  • Flexible maneuverability: 1. 3x big zoom gives you workable room to...

2. Optoma EH412 HDR DLP Professional Projector

Optoma EH412 HDR DLP Professional Projector


As one of the award-winning innovators and manufacturers of projectors, Optoma promises nothing less than the best. At least, when it comes to manufacturing best within the lowest possible price, of course, as per Optoma’s standards. And that technically means you get the best possible functionality in that which you spend.

To verify this, let’s evaluate the Optoma EH412 1080p HDR DLP Professional Projector. On a side note, the name says it all, but let’s dive into details.

Designed to cater to average-sized meeting rooms and classrooms, the Optoma EH412 promises a 4K HDR input that displays vibrant images rich with details. This, coupled with the high contrast ratio of about 50000:1, the projector promises phenomenal sharpness and impressive contrasts.

Plus, the setup is flexible. With about a throw ratio of 1.2-1.47: 1 and 1.3x zoom, which liberates the user from placement worries. Regardless of where you set it up, you can always adjust its positions to acquire the desired results.

When it comes to audio performance, the 10-Watt integrated speaker of the projector fills up both small-sized and medium rooms, especially when set to the maximum level. You will not feel the need to invest in a couple of extra speakers, so the ones sitting at the back of the meeting room could hear just as clearly as the front-row.

It supports 3D content as well, so in a small to medium-sized room, the audio is likely to flood and resonate noticeably. With the right sounds, your audience is likely to feel the energy.

However, when connected via HDMI input, the audio level may degrade slightly. A new viewer or listener may not be able to identify this degradation, but an ear that witnessed its majestic performance enough times could easily detect the difference.

For tackling this minor issue, you can make use of the other connectivity options, including:

  • VGA in & out
  • Audio-in & out
  • RS232
  • USB-A

What’s more, this model of Optoma projectors offers an incredibly long lamp life. You get about 15000 hours, which promises smooth, uninterrupted operation for five hours every single day. And this cycle could go on for approximately eight years, given that you use it with the quoted frequency. If you lower the use, the lifetime extends.

The collective output of such a long lifespan and stunning performance makes it a highly cost-efficient projector. Thus, serving the business and education sector in the best possible means.

  • Flexible setup
  • Zero color degradation
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Stunning contrast ratio
  • Extensive compatibility
  • 15000 lamp hours
  • HDMI connection may degrade audio levels
Optoma EH412 1080P HDR DLP Professional Projector | Super Bright...
134 Reviews
Optoma EH412 1080P HDR DLP Professional Projector | Super Bright...
  • High brightness: enjoy an incredible 4, 500 lumens of brightness in...
  • 4K HDR input: enjoy vibrant colors, Brighter whites, deeper black...
  • Vivid color: 50, 000: 1 contrast and the sRGB color profile enables...

3. DR. J Professional 4500L Mini Projector

DR J Professional 4500L Mini Projector


If you want a 4500 lumen projector but one that you can take anywhere anytime, then the DR.J Professional Mini Projector is an ideal option. This projector, packed with 4500 lumens, can illuminate a crystal clear image under the skylight. Let’s unravel more of the details in this DR.J Professional Projector review!

The DR.J Professional 4500L Mini Projector is a short-throw projector that castes bigger images from a smaller distance. Hence, making it possible to view brighter projections outdoors and in tight spaces.

As an ultra-portable projector, the DR.J Professional 4500L Projector has a compact build. It is so small and lightweight that you can hold it in a single hand. Plus, you can place it anywhere without trouble.

Some people may doubt the durability of the DR.J Professional Mini Projector. However, integrated construction helps it endure all damages. It has a dual-fan cooling system that lowers the noise (till 45.3dB) and prevents overheating. Using it, you can give lengthy presentations, watch documentaries, and whatnot.

The mini projector features a lamp life of an amazing 50,000-hours. Hence, you can use it for a long time. People can also use it as a multi-media replacement in their homes.

As a short-throw projector, the DR.J Professional Mini Projector has a screen size of outstanding 32 to 170-inches. You can always adjust the display according to preferences. The projector comes with a dedicated 100-inches screen.

Unlike some other competitors, this projector has a native resolution of 1280×720. However, its display resolution is 1980×1080. Together with the brightness, the projector displays a good quality image.

Its projection has great colors and details. The considerable 2000:1 and 3800:1 contrast ratio further enhances quality. Hence, making the projections more vivid and detailed.

But, being a portable and inexpensive projector, the image might be slightly blurry at the edges. Users have reported the absence of the premium image quality factor in the DR.J Professional Mini Projector.

Moreover, the projector utilizes an innovative diffuse reflection technology that makes long presentation or video watching easy on your eyes. You can enjoy movies and gameplays too!

Plus, the mini projector has a five-layer LCD lens that enhances the resolution for a better visual experience. There is also a Focus and ±15° Keystone button that allows you to adjust the image quality.

Fortunately, for audio, the DR.J mini projector comes with two built-in stereo speakers. These speakers produce surround sound for immersive viewing. You can also connect an external source using the headphone jack port.

As for compatibility, there are various options to select! The projector comes with the following inputs/outputs:

  • HDMI input
  • VGA input
  • USB/Micro SD/AV input
  • 5mm mini-jack output

You can also connect your smartphone for casting media content to the projector. However, this mini projector does not support 3-D.

  • Short-throw distance
  • Ultra-portable
  • Integrated build
  • Good resolution
  • Large projection display
  • Extensive compatibility
  • Versatile usage
  • Does not offer premium quality
  • Does not come with a 3D support

No products found.

4. APEMAN LC350 Mini Projector

APEMAN LC350 Mini Projector


Apeman hasn’t been around for long. The company has relatively fresher establishments in the industry. Despite that, its LC350 landed here in our list of the best 4500 lumen projectors. And that truly surprised us. And for all the right reasons.

To justify its mention here, let us inform you beforehand. It is, by far, the best bright 4500 lumen projector for your small needs. Not all of us have got big meeting rooms and offices, but we’d still like that charm and functionality in our lives – to make things easier. Isn’t it?

So, if that’s the case for you, Apeman LC359 might as well be the perfect pick for you. Capable of projecting a 180-inches widescreen, this projector performs phenomenally in dark and low-lit environments. But it does well in bright environments too.

Along the same lines, its 800 x 480 pixels resolution serves better for gaming and music rather than word documents, PowerPoint slides, and excel sheets. You can surely do with it if you want to, but that’s something that the manufacturer and experienced users do not quite recommend.

With its contrast ratio of about 2000:1 and the latest 4.0 LCD tech, it promises adequate details and unbelievable vibrancy. All videos and pictures will appear smooth and life-like. Plus, it comes with an extensive 45000 lamp life, which means it will last for years.

Moreover, as the name implies, it has a compact and portable structure. Dimensionally, Apeman LC350 measures around 7.7 x 6.5 x 2.3 inches, which makes it small enough for convenient movement.

Along with a small structure, Apeman LC350N comes with an efficient cooling system. It cuts out most of the fan noise, bringing about a relatively quiet operation.

Both these features allow the projector to blend in with the surroundings. Consequently, they preserve the air and environment you built in your home theaters or meeting rooms. Being out of sight causes minimal possible distraction.

Its multiple inputs and extensive compatibility add to the ease of use. You can connect it to a PC, Laptop, gaming consoles, smartphones through both wired and wireless methods. Your wireless options include Chromecast and TV Stick.

What’s more, Apeman also backs its masterpiece with co-operative and efficient customer service. For five years from the date of purchase, you can avail of their professional help and guidance in an issue arises. They will respond timely and cater to your issue in the best possible means.

  • Inexpensive
  • Highly compact
  • Phenomenally extensive lamp life
  • Excellent customer care
  • Portable
  • Lacks wireless connectivity
  • Average contrast ratio

No products found.

5. Projector WOWOTO H10 4500 Lumens Mini Projector

WOWOTO H10 4500 Lumens Mini Projector


Coming from the oldest brands, the WOWOTO H10 4500 Lumens Mini Projector has an outstanding performance. It can serve as an ideal outdoor and indoor projector. Plus, there is no limit to how you use it. Movies, gameplays, conferences-there is no end!

As a mini projector high lumens device, the WOWOTO H10 Projector has a small and compact build. It is fairly the size of an iPad, which is astounding for the features it offers. And the unit weighs only 0.5kg!

You can take it anywhere anytime. From basements to offices, you can carry it to all places without trouble.

As for projection, this mini projector displays an image of a 1280×800 WXGA resolution format. The exhibited display has amazing colors, depth, clarity, and vividness. For a portable projector solution, the device has a premium quality performance.

Moreover, the throw distance is adjustable. The WOWOTO H10 projector can display on sheets with 20 to 300-inches flexible dimensions. With no strict size, one has the ease of placing the projector anywhere easily.

Apart from the projection quality, this small-sized unit has a 2GB Ram and 16GB Rom for storage purposes. Hence, allowing you to extend its functionality.

The WOWOTO projector has an advanced heat removal system that prevents overheating and reduces the noise greatly. Plus, the integrated energy-efficient system enables the projector to last a good 45,000-hours. Consequently, you can use it for several years in a row!

Onto compatibility, there is so much to explore in this little yet feature-rich mini projector. For audio, you’ll find built-in speakers as well as external connectivity. Thus, you can make the most out of every projector experience.

In case you find controls difficult, then the touch and mouse connection features can make things more convenient. Furthermore, the WOWOTO projector is compatible with a variety of devices. These include:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Laptop
  • DVD
  • Amazon Fire Stick
  • Roku
  • Xbox
  • PS4
  • USB flash
  • SD card

(The WOWOTO mini projector does not function with Chromecast. ) You can even utilize the wireless connectivity to connect the projector with smartphones, tablets, and other smart devices. Hence, allowing you to use the projector without place restrictions.

Furthermore, the WOWOTO mini projector supports 3D movies and videos! You can also benefit from the 4K compatibility to take your projection quality to the next level!

  • Portable
  • Good resolution
  • Bright and clear
  • Energy efficient
  • Long-lasting hours
  • Extensive compatibility
  • Supports 3D and 4K
  • Chromecast not supported
WOWOTO Portable Projector 1080P LED DLP Projectors Excellent Home...
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WOWOTO Portable Projector 1080P LED DLP Projectors Excellent Home...
  • 【Brighter and Shaper Images】 New updated 2Ram+16Rom, 4500 Lumens,...
  • 【Full HD Supported】 Advanced DLP technology, 45,000 hours...
  • 【Wireless Screen Share】 Not only can connect via hdmi, but also...

6. GRC Mini Projector HD Supported 4500 Lux

GRC Mini Projector HD Supported 4500 Lux


GRC Mini Projector seems to follow the lead of other newer names but with an edge of innovation. The brand is focusing on manufacturing cheap 4500 lumen projectors that suffice the projection needs of small businesses and theaters.

In its stock state, the GRC Mini Projector offers an average native resolution of about 800 × 480 pixels. It works well for small home theater systems or small offices with occasional projector needs.

However, GRC does not limit its functionality to brand preferred specs. You can upgrade the project to higher resolutions. It supports 1920 by 1080 pixels as well, which will work fine for medium to large-scale meeting rooms too.

Although the details are doable in the stock resolution, they improve substantially when you upgrade the resolution. Note that an upgrade calls for investment, which becomes an addition to the initial price. But even so, we bet the total sum will still rank somewhere much lower than the mid-range and high-end ones.

The performance may not equate with flagship-level models, but it does compare, trust us with that. The company-provided resolution brings about sharp and detailed results with the 3000:1 contrast ratio. It distinguishes the blacks and whites with admirable depth.

As a mini projector, its projection distance is also appreciable. The GRC mini projector can project the image at a distance of 1 – 5 meters, with a projection size of about 32 – 200 inches. Again, this would work well for maybe movies in your little one’s birthday parties, or perhaps, a demo of the work plan to your colleague in your compact office.

Additionally, it comes with an impressive 45000 lamp life, which promises continuous functioning for 30+ years, given that you use it for 4 hours daily. So, yes, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime investment.

Even at this price point, the phenomenal projector comes with all essential accessories, including remote control, HDMI cable, AV cable, and power cable. GRC also provides a comprehensive user manual that aims to guide users with the setup. However, only a few users found the instruction manual to be useful.

  • Highly portable
  • Easy controls
  • 45000 lamp life
  • Supports higher resolution
  • Good projection distance
  • Good contrast ratio
  • Inexpensive
  • Average native resolution
  • Confusing instruction manual
GRC Mini Projector, 1080P HD Supported Portable...
2,483 Reviews
GRC Mini Projector, 1080P HD Supported Portable...
  • 1080P High Definition Performance: This Mini Projector Equipped With...
  • Multi-Interface Compatibility: It Includes Hdmi/Usb/Tf/Av/Vga...
  • High-Quality Audio-Visual Experience: Built-In Dual High-Fidelity...

7. ManyBox Mini Projector

ManyBox Mini Projector


Only because it is a 4500 lumens projector does not mean you cannot use it in your home. The figure merely signifies the brightness and visibility, which makes it a perfect option for some cinematic movie nights or gaming competitions. If you are on the hunt for such a projector, then the ManyBox Mini Projector is your best bet!

Small and compact, this portable projector has all the right features to make these occasions a blast. You can use it to watch videos, matches, share photos, and whatnot. The ManyBox Mini Projector arrives with a few useful items, which include:

  • Remote controller
  • HDMI cable
  • Power cable
  • AV 3-in-1 cable
  • User Manual

Crafted with dedication, the ManyBox Mini Projector comprises premium materials. Hence, making it highly durable. Amazingly, this little projector has a massive 45000-hours life that will last quite long.

Also, with 4500 lumens, the ManyBox Mini Projector displays very bright images. You can view all types of media easily. However, the projector is not ideal for use in well-lit places, such as outdoors.

On the other hand, the mini projector castes an image of 800×480 resolution. When compared to other competitors, the native resolution is relatively lower. But, this projector does support a 1080 resolution that is great for high-quality projection.

You can enjoy watching clear and vivid videos using this device. Also, the projection size is great. It varies from 30” to 200”. It supports 16:9 widescreen format. Hence, enhancing the viewer experience.

The contrast ratio of 2000:1 might take things to a little average side. But, on the whole, the goods balance out the bad. Plus, you can use the Keystone correction and focus wheel for adjusting the picture.

Moreover, the ManyBox Mini Projector features built-in dual speakers that produce high-quality audio. Both the visuals and audio function to give you quality entertainment.

This integrated portable projector has extensive compatibility. You can connect it to various devices using the HDMI port, including:

  • DVD
  • PC
  • PS3 and 4

You can also establish a connection with TV Stick, Chromecast, Wireless Miracast, and Dongle. The projector also functions with Android, iOS, and all smart devices.

All in all, the ManyBox Mini Projector is an outstanding option for home theaters, gameplays, and festivals. However, it is not for office usages, like graphs and presentations. Also, it does not support Dolby and 3D.

  • Portable
  • Good projection quality
  • Large display
  • Extensive compatibility
  • Built-in dual speakers
  • Long lifespan
  • Comes with one year warranty
  • Average contrast ratio
  • Dolby not supported
  • 3D not supported
ManyBox Mini Projector, 4500 LUX Portable Video Projector with...
2,747 Reviews
ManyBox Mini Projector, 4500 LUX Portable Video Projector with...
  • 【Superior watching experience】 This mini projector equipped with...
  • 【Big size screen】 The projection size varies from 36" To 150" With...
  • 【Built-in dual speakers and Fan built-in dual speaker system...

8. Crenova Mini Projector Outdoor Movie Projector

Crenova Mini Projector Outdoor Movie Projector


Ever since its establishment in 2014, Crenova is striving to bring you devices that not only meet but exceed your expectations. The company upgrades its current range of products and manufactures newer according to the latest tech.

Crenova Mini Projector XPE500 represents that quite well. The latter promises an immersive and moving visual experience with its 1920 x 1080 resolution and a contrast ratio of 3000:1. It brings static graphics to life with richer details and vibrant colors.

Plus, it offers convenient phone connectivity as well. You can connect both iPhone and Android devices using lightning to HDMI adapter cable and Micro USB to Type C adapter for the two, respectively. Note that both these cables do not come with the projector. You will need to arrange it separately.

Also, it is compatible with various gaming consoles, including PS4 and XBOX. So, with this budget-friendly 4500 lumen projector, gamers can now enjoy the thrill on a screen as big as 200 inches. The recommended viewing distance for this projector is around 3.7 ft – 19.7 ft, with 7 ft being the ideal distance of all.

Moreover, you can get this outdoor projector in four different colors. Thus, allowing the projector to blend in with your carefully designed interiors and maintaining the aesthetic. In terms of lamp life, the model promises about 50,000 hours. Hence, it’s likely to stay with you and cater proficiently to your projector needs for more than ten years.

There’s only one limitation that you might want to consider before making the final purchase: Crenova Mini LED projector may start to heat up after 2-3 hours. For this very reason, you will need to halt the usage every three hours or so and let the machine cool down for an hour.

Even with this limitation, it works fine for business meetings, classroom lectures, and children’s movie sessions. That’s because the average duration of all these activities ranges from 30 minutes to 1:30 minutes or 2 hours for movies.

It’s just that you cannot have the projector in action for consecutive meetings or movie sessions. You will have to arrange a tea break or something to let the machine rest and regain its potential. Furthermore, Crenova won our hearts with its generous 36 months risk-free warranty. Although you will hardly ever feel the need to avail of it, you can get a complete refund during this period.

And Crenova’s 24/7 customer support is a cherry on top! Once a customer, you can get connected with professionals to guide you with queries and confusions anytime. You will most likely receive a satisfactory solution to your issue in a matter of minutes.

  • Available in four colors
  • Value for money
  • Compatible with gaming consoles
  • Phone Connectivity
  • 50000 lamp hours
  • Excellent customer support
  • Quiet operation
  • Comes with a 3-year-long warranty
  • May heat up
Crenova Mini Projector,1080P Supported Outdoor Movie Projector,...
  • 【EASY CONNECT TO A SMARTPHONE】No need to install any app, this...
  • 【CINEMA LIKE HOME THEATER PROJECTOR】Supporting 1920x1080...
  • 【AMAZING BIG SCREEN PROJECTION】The mini LED projector provides a...

9. Projector 4500 lumens Mini Projector

Projector 4500 lumens Mini Projector


Cheap and Quality-you often don’t get both of these features in one product, especially when talking about the top-rated 4500 lumens projector. Amazingly, this Mini Movie Projector is an excellent example of this unique combination!

The Projector 4500lumens mini projector has a construction that supports immense portability. It has a compact and light build that allows you to carry it anywhere conveniently. You can take your projector from the living room to the basement and back again without experiencing any signs of discomfort.

For a mini projector, this integrated mini-unit projects a large screen size of 32 to 176-inches. Its throw distance ranges from 4.9ft to 16.4ft. Hence, you can adjust the position as per convenience and enjoy movies on a larger screen.

Using this projector, a lot of people can gather up in your basement or backyard to watch videos and media together. Note, the company recommends keeping the throw distance of 6.5ft for the best possible results.

Apart from lots of people watching, they will enjoy the experience too. Why? It is because this mini projector has a high brightness potential ranging from 3500 to 4500 lumens. Thus, it will project a bright and visible picture easily.

However, as a smaller unit, the projector cannot outshine the daylight’s brightness. It functions best in dark or dimly-lit atmospheres. You can take it outdoors in the evening or night, but not during the day.

Plus, the advanced technology ensures the screen brightness does not hurt your eyes. So, you can cherish video watching and gameplays for longer periods. The mini portable projector has a LED lamp life of an amazing 50,000-hours that is massive!

You can use this projector for years without trouble. Its durable and high-grade construction won’t disappoint you. In case you feel unsatisfied, the mini projector comes with a three-year-long warranty. Hence, you can get the unit replaced, refunded, and repaired as per the company policies.

The 4500 lumens mini projector features an innovative 5-layered LCD lens that produces a projection of 840×480-native resolution. The device, having a lower native resolution, performs exceptionally well with its clear and vivid images. Also, it supports 1080-resolution so that you can upgrade the quality as per your likings.

Unlike some other mini projectors, this one allows you to use the widescreen format of 16:9. Hence, you can benefit from the larger visual field for a more cinematic and immersive experience.

While the projection is of good quality, you may not observe a lack of fineness. It may be because the average 2000:1 contrast ratio does not augment the bright and dark areas of the image as much as a higher ratio.

But, again, the projector is a great value for the price. Plus, there are two high-end stereo speakers integrated into it. These speakers enhance all the high, mid, and low notes. It also has an upgraded fan that reduces the noise significantly. Hence, augmenting the listening experience.

Moreover, this 4500 lumens mini projector has extensive compatibility. Using the HDMI port, you can connect it to smartphones, laptops, PS3, PS4, Xbox, and much more. However, it does not support Wi-Fi and a 3-D connection.

  • Portable
  • Good resolution
  • Big projection
  • Great audio
  • Extensive compatibility
  • Comes with a 3-years warranty
  • Not ideal for too bright ambiance
  • Average contrast ratio
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2023 Upgraded Mini Projector with Bluetooth and Projector Screen,...
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10. Wi-Fi Mini Projector 3Stone A5 4500 Lux Portable Movie Projector

3Stone A5 4500 Lux Portable Movie Projector


Manufactured by 3Stone, the A5 4500 Lux Portable movie projector is more of a box of surprises rather than a product you could virtually dissect through reviews and descriptions. It goes by the rule: the more you use, the more you discover. Exciting. Isn’t it?

Well, we never mentioned not to dissect and assess it to our best possible capabilities for you, but the deal here is more than that. We are sure you’ll discover more of its amazingness once you have it installed in your movie or meeting room.

Coming back to the for-sure features, well you get an epic picture quality along with immersive sound quality. This portable WiFi projector offers a native resolution of 720p with a 3000:1 contrast ratio.

The combination, which is much more than what other projectors offer at this price point, brings about crystal clear projections rich in colors. Also, it supports 1920 x 1080p. So, if you crave an even better version, you can upgrade it anytime.

Technically, the projector comprises a Blue-Ray High Transparency Full Glass lens, which presents light at its purest. Thus, reproducing images just as is without compromising the original quality.

Additionally, this efficient wi-fi mini projector promises a wider screen than usual. Unlike most others, it can cast a screen as wide as 300 inches, which makes it a perfect option for those who have a bigger meeting or movie rooms.

Its built-in 5W HiFi speaker also caters to the need of large rooms. The sound it delivers will be clear and pleasant for bigger rooms and immersive for the smaller ones. Plus, its Advanced Heat Disperse System prevents the system from overheating or producing annoying fan noises.

What’s more, this A5 projector is compatible with Android TV boxes, laptops, PCs, gaming consoles, smartphones, and DVD players using HDMI or VGA port. Also, despite being slightly heavy, you can easily mount it on a tripod or ceiling.

With that said, the initial setup may not be as clear for everyone. Although the manual guides about how to connect the projector, a few users found the set up to be confusing.

  • Wireless connection
  • Good contrast ratio
  • Low noise operation
  • 30000 lamp hours
  • Extensive compatibility
  • Wider screen size
  • Setup may confuse a few
  • Limited input ports
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  • Blue-Ray High Transparency Glass Lens: A5 home theater projector is...
  • 6,500 Lux Crisp Watching Experience: A5 mini projector has upgraded...

Buyer’s Guide:

High Brightness 4500 Lumen Projector

Just like a person, each product has a unique identity. Each product has a different set of features that completes its identity. However, in people, the evaluation of non-physical values can make conclusion derivation a difficult option. There is no way to judge a person’s qualities except by analyzing actions.

Fortunately, products are slightly different in this regard. We know a product comprises of various elements. And, together, the presence of these elements level up its quality and durability.

When talking about 4500 Lumen projectors, there are 8-fundamental features in them. Now, as a purchaser, you may have specific requirements. You can select the best 4500 Lumen projector by deciding which of these features should be present in the product.

Below, we have summed up these features to help you select the ideal lumen projector quickly and easily. Read more!

Screen Size

Large Projector Screen

Perhaps, the very important feature to consider is the screen size. Having the wrong screen size can cut a major portion of your presentation or movie. Thus, leading to a poor visual experience.

So, the question is, what screen size should you choose? Well, the standard rule of finding it yourself is to multiply the LFV distance from the screen by 1/5.

LFV is an abbreviation for the least-favored viewer. Although the name sounds a little discriminatory, there is no such reason behind it. The least-favored viewer is the one sitting furthest from the screen. And, the screen must be big enough to offer a good viewing experience to both the front sitters and the LFV.

Let’s suppose the least-favored people are sitting 60-feet away from your screen. Multiply 60-feet with 1/5. You will need a screen size of 10-feet (Note, the projector screen size gets measured diagonally). Similarly, you can do the math to find your desired screen size.

However, in case you have no idea of the LFV, you can always opt for medium screen size. Ideally, the 4500 Lumen projectors have a screen size between 72 to 150-inches. You can also use the throw ratio or throw distance to determine screen size.


By definition, resolution (often referred to this as native resolution) is the number of pixels that a projector utilizes to reproduce the image. Naturally, that means the pixel number is directly proportional to the image quality. Consider it as; the higher the pixel numbers, the better the image quality.

Note that high-resolution lumen projectors usually cost higher than low-resolution ones. Also, the low-resolution projectors do not differ drastically from high-resolution projectors in terms of vibrancy. They do not kill the colors, as the rumor goes around. Their only drawback is that they fail to emphasize the minute details of complex images with bulks of fine details.

In our reviews and manufacturer’s descriptions, you will find the value of resolution given as a combination of two figures, such as 1280 x 800. The first figure, i.e., 1280, represents the number of pixels horizontally across the screen, while 800 represents the number of pixels vertically across the screen.

Now, coming to the preferred or recommended resolutions for the 4500 lumen projector, we recommend about 1980 x 1080 for those shopping on a budget. However, if you seek the best of the best, then we’ll suggest you go with UHD 4K resolution, which is about 3840 x 2160 pixels. The sharpness offered by 4K resolution remains unrivaled.

Resolution Formats

When assessing a 4500 lumen projector, you will often find the term widescreen aspect ratio accompanying the resolution. This term signifies the relation of the width and height of the image or video that your projector will display. And quite evidently, it has a significant impact on image quality and viewing experience.

The most common widescreen formats when it comes to lumen projectors are as follows:

  • WUXGA (1920 x 1200)
  • WXGA (1280 x 800)

Both of these offer an aspect ratio of 16:9 but differ in terms of resolution. WUXGA offers a higher resolution in comparison to WXGA.

Also, due to the extensive demand for the WUXGA format in the commercial sector, the manufacturing rate has leveled up. Thus, resulting in a price drop and increased affordability.

Again, if the ultimate best is what you seek, then you can go for the 4K versions. With a resolution 4x that of HD 1080p, these offer an impressive display of high-resolution graphics. However, note that all 4K versions, be it 4000 lumen projector 4K or 4500 lumen projectors 4K, are expensive.

Throw Ratio

short throw big screen projector

Another very important specification in 4500 lumen projectors is the throw ratio. The throw ratio can help you determine the placement of the projector as well as the required screen size.

By definition, Throw Ratio refers to the ratio between throw distance and screen width. Generally, a larger throw ratio results in more clear and focused visuals.

In case you are not aware, the throw distance is the distance between the projector and the screen. Here is how you can find the desired throw ratio:

*Throw Ratio= Throw Distance/ Screen Width

Let’s suppose the throw distance is 20-feet and the screen width is 10-feet. Divide 20 by 10. Your desired throw ratio is 2:1.

Sometimes, people need a projector that can project a larger image in a short distance. In this case, the throw ratio becomes irrelevant. And, fortunately, there is a solution for it that is a short-throw feature.

A short-throw 4500 lumen projector can produce a large image from a small distance without blocking any part of it. Generally, short-throw projectors require only 3 to 6-feet to project a 6-foot wide image. Meanwhile, regular projectors need to be 12 to 15-feet away for that image size.

However, short-throw projectors have some downsides. These include:

  • Expensive
  • Not ideal for large rooms
  • Require very stable and flat surfaces

Contrast Ratio

High contrast ratio projector

In literal terms, the contrast ratio refers to the brightness comparison of the brightest and darkest areas of the projection. The contrast ratio influences the image quality, though it doesn’t affect other significant parts of the projection. A higher contrast ratio produces a more attractive, vibrant, and vivid image of the screen. Hence, improving the viewer’s experience.

Imaging Technologies

Currently, we live in a world where film and CRT projectors have become history. Newer small-sized, efficient, and lightweight digital-video projectors have replaced them with advanced imaging technologies. These are as follows:

  • LCD (Liquid-Crystal Display)
  • LCoS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon)
  • DLP (Digital Light Processing)

Amongst these, LCoS and DLP sequentially project their primary colors. Although they cost less, such an operating mechanism causes a rainbow effect.

The effects break the lighter areas of the screen into green, red, or blue flashes for some people as they shift their gaze or move. The rainbow effect does not occur in LCD ones. However, these are bulkier and heavier.

Audio & 3D Support

Yes, indeed, all 4500 lumen projectors are not audio compatible. It is perhaps the largest usage of bright projectors in office and school presentations. However, people also require it for documentary and video watching where audio is mandatory.

In case you are one of these people, do ensure your selected product has the audio capability. There are two types of audio systems in projectors, including:

  • Built-in system
  • External sound system ( like powered speakers)

Apart from audio, if you need an enhanced projection, opt for products with 3D support. However, make sure that the projector is compatible with the 3D source. For example, if you are going to use a 3D Blu Ray player, then ensure the 4500 lumens projector works with it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How far will a 4500 ANSI lumen projector project?

The throw distance highly varies with the projector’s lens. Regardless of 4500 ANSI lumen brightness, each projector can display an image at different distances. You can calculate the specific projection distance of a product using an online tool or the throw ratio. Please refer to the guide for details.

Q. How many lumens do you require for an outdoor projector?

To decide the ideal lumens, you should always consider ambient light. When talking about the outdoors, the most prominent and strongest source of ambient light is the sunlight. Hence, the more lumens, the merrier the results will become.

Usually, people opt for a 3000 lumens projector for outdoor purposes. However, using a 4500 lumen projector outdoor can produce more enhanced and visible images.


A 4500 lumen projector can genuinely change the game for you. Remember, even a 4000 lumen projector 1080p will not compare to a 4500 lumen projector with a comparatively lower resolution. The difference lies in lumens.

The increment in lumens is proportional to its functionality. The greater the lumens, the better it can perform in brightly lit environments.

With that said, let us now single out our favorite of the day: the 4500 lumen projector that outshines all others in our list is none other than Optoma EH412 HDR DLP Professional Projector. The latter promises high resolution with an unrivaled contrast ratio, which collectively brings about premium projection quality.

In case you’re not sure which one to go with, we will recommend Optoma EH412. But if that’s beyond your budget, then try out the cheaper variants. They may not outshine Optoma EH412, but they’re equally good! Happy Shopping!