The Best 5 Bay NAS in 2021 [Buying Guide]

Tired of those annoying exclamation marks popping up everywhere? They keep reminding you how you’re running out of storage space. Be it your cloud storage or your device storage. None of them has got enough room for just one more file. Isn’t it?

And it’s super annoying! Given that you shoot, film, and process media on almost a daily basis, such hindrances may be slowing you down for no good reason. Perhaps, even frustrating you too.

But worry, no more. We got your back. We know the struggle that you’re putting up through. And we know it’s getting worse, given that you’re short on time too.

Best 5 Bay NAS

You don’t even have the time to clear up your mobile’s storage at the moment, let alone clean up the heavier data from your PC. And technically, that leaves you almost no time to search for an alternative.

Well, yes. In case the word alternative up there sounded unfamiliar, let us tell you about a very magical solution to all your storage associated problems: the NAS.

But what is NAS exactly? Well, NAS is short for Network Attached Storage. Quite evidently, the name explains its function. It allows the users to store their heavy data and access it remotely anytime! Note that the stored data does not occupy any real space on your actual device. Thus, keeping it free of all those annoying exclamation marks.

With that said, below you will find our top picks for this very device, i.e., the best 5 Bay NAS. The term 5 Bay further classifies this storage device, and you’ll read more about it in the buying guide below. For now, let’s get started with the reviews!

Comparing The Best 5 Bay NAS 2021

NASRAMMax Storage
Synology DiskStation DS1520+8GB DDR480TB Check Price
QNAP TS 932px High Speed4GB DDR480TB Check Price
TerraMaster f5 221 NAS2GB DDR360TB Check Price
Synology 5 Bay NAS DS1019+8GB DDR3 70TB Check Price
TerraMaster F5 422 10GBE NAS4GB DDR380TB Check Price
Synology 5 bay NAS DS1515+2GB DDR350TB Check Price
Terramaster d5 300c Gen1No Ram80TB Check Price

1. Synology NAS DiskStation DS1520+

Synology NAS DiskStation DS1520


Scalable and speedy – what more could one expect from a NAS device? Well, on a lighter note, of course, you can expect as much as you will, but this combo is truly stunning

With this NAS, you can enjoy the benefits of accelerated application performance. That’s because Synology DS1520+ offers a 16% performance boost in all sorts of computing-intensive operations and data response time. The same applies to photo-indexing.

When it comes to looks and aesthetics, Synology does not compromise even the slightest bit, though it is offering a bulky 5-bay NAS device. It maintains its proprietary take on looks, i.e., minimalistic and classy

In its original state, it is most suitable for small businesses, or perhaps, a small team of IT professionals. However, as your business or team expands and your storage needs grow, you can upgrade the number of bays.

Synology promises an up-gradation of 15 bays. Certainly, each upgrade is going to cost you a bit. And this may make this already-expensive NAS appear even more expensive, but the truth is, it’s not so.

How? Well, that’s because Synology DS1520+ features a long-lasting built. Its complex and sturdy architecture adds to its exceptional performance as well as its lifetime. Hence, you can consider this model as a lifelong investment.

Apart from the aesthetics, the Synology DS1520+ comes with 4-core 2.0GHZ that plays a crucial role in making its performance speedy. There are also two USB 3.0 ports for increased connectivity.

The DS1520+ comes with a massive 8GB DDR4 memory that is sufficient to store bulks of business data. Plus, you can also utilize an expansion unit to upgrade the device to 15 drives. Hence, increasing storage capacity.

For data safety, the NAS device uses Snapshot replication to copy entire data automatically. Hence, when the mechanism fails, you can always reduce recovery time.

  • Solid built
  • Expandable
  • Fast Response time
  • Aesthetic design
  • Transcodes 4k Videos
  • Lacks PCIe slots
Synology NAS DiskStation DS1520+ (Diskless), 5-Bay; 8GB DDR4
551 Reviews
Synology NAS DiskStation DS1520+ (Diskless), 5-Bay; 8GB DDR4
  • Capacity-scalable NAS with SSD Cache Acceleration Capability....
  • Flexibly scale up to fifteen drives to increase storage capacity as...
  • Built-in M.2 2280 NVMe SSD slots permit cache acceleration without...

2. QNAP TS 932px 4g 5 4 Bay High Speed NAS

QNAP TS 932px 4g 5 4 Bay High Speed NAS


Established back in 2004, QNAP is a Taiwanese company that specializes in network-attached storage device manufacturing. The QNAP 5 Bay NAS is one of the notable devices produced by this Taiwanese company.

It has a compact, black-colored body that you can fit in tight spaces easily. Also, the build is of high-quality plastic. So, you can use it intensively without trouble. However, the plastic construction resonates when functioning. The vibrations lead to sounds that can be quite annoying at times.

Apart from the build, the QNAP TS4 has an easy-to-use interface and design. Even beginners with zero experience in NAS handling can operate it effectively. But, when compared to other high-end NAS models, this one lacks some usability features.

For example, in data transfer, the NAS does not have a rename option when making folders. Although it is quite small, the absence of such features can be inconvenient when organizing files.

The QNAP TS 932px 4g 5 4 Bay High-Speed NAS features two 10GBE SFP+ and two 2.5GBE LAN RJ45 ports. Hence, the unit makes networking swift. It also supports Port Trunking and Failover to strengthen the network.

Moreover, the QNAP TS-932 utilizes snapshot technology for important data protection. The NAS system takes snapshots of all the stored data and metadata. So, in case of accidental data deletion, you can restore it all to the previously recorded state.

The QNAP TS-932 NAS is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux/UNIX devices. It also supports the file-sharing protocols of these devices. Using the QSync feature, you can make the uploaded data on all linked devices at once.

You can use the Hybrid Backup Sync to backup data to another QNAP NAS or cloud storage. Hence, securing your data and making multiple file transfer easy.

QNAP has also provided cloud storage for the device that is myQNAPcloud Link. So, you can access, download, and manage data through the Internet. It is particularly useful for your remote workers.

Furthermore, the QNAP TS-932 unit has a 4GB DDR4 memory that is sufficient for light to intensive work. However, depending on the data, the transfer speed of the NAS can slow down.

  • Data protection
  • Good connectivity
  • Multi-point file backup
  • Easy-to-use build
  • Makes sounds
  • Slow transfer speed
QNAP TS-932PX-4G 5+4 Bay High-Speed NAS with Two 10GbE and 2.5GbE...
157 Reviews
QNAP TS-932PX-4G 5+4 Bay High-Speed NAS with Two 10GbE and 2.5GbE...
  • AnnapurnaLabs Alpine AL324 ARM Cortex-A57 quad-core 1.7GHz processor
  • 2 X 10GbE SFP+ ports
  • 2 x 2.5GbE ports

3. Terramaster f5 221 NAS

Terramaster f5 221 NAS


TerraMaster is a popular NAS manufacturing company that has been ruling the industry for more than 16-years. The brand focuses on creating storage products with outstanding hardware design and innovative software properties.

The TerraMaster F5 221 is one of these integrated products that has a compact and thick build. Hence, making it easier to store. Aluminum alloy dominates the construction, which makes it quite sturdy.

Perhaps, the biggest problem observed in NAS device design is the annoying sounds and vibrations. However, this model has a special low-noise fan that makes the produced sounds negligible.

Well, this network attached storage device has an advanced Intel Apollo J3355 dual-core processor that makes processing swift. The processor, coupled with a 2.0GHz frequency, makes the data reading speed reach up to 200MB/s. Meanwhile, the writing speed is 190MB/s.

The TerraMaster F5 221 NAS has 2GB DDR3 memory. Although it is expandable to 4GB, the memory is not sufficient for intensive work. You can use it for personal data storage, but not for business purposes.

When compared against the memory, the data transferring speed of the device is also okay. However, if you want a reading speed of up to 400MB/s, then it is better to consider a heavy-duty NAS model. The F5 221 has two USB 3.0 ports for connectivity expansion. It functions with Windows, Mac, and Linux.

The TerraMaster F5 221 comes installed with various data protection methods. These include automatic scheduled backup, file system cluster, T-RAID array protection, BTRFS file system, AES hardware encryption, transport encryption, and cloud data backup. Hence, keeping the stored data protected always.

Also, the F5 221 model offers two concurrent 4K video transcoding at once. It allows you to stream premium quality videos on different devices without having to install a third-party program.

As the best 5 Bay NAS for Plex, you can play 4K videos on devices that do not support the format. Also, the Plex Media Server organizes your media content and data so that you can watch it with ease.

  • Compact & Sturdy
  • Good security
  • Video & Hardware transcoding
  • User-friendly design
  • Extensive compatibility
  • Limited memory
TERRAMASTER F5-221 NAS Storage 5Bay - Apollo J3355 Dual Core...
506 Reviews
TERRAMASTER F5-221 NAS Storage 5Bay - Apollo J3355 Dual Core...
  • POWERFUL HARDWARE: the F5-221 NAS storage is equipped with Apollo...
  • The F5-221 NAS server adopts AES hardware encryption engine to encrypt...
  • Advanced Btrfs file system featured in the F5-221 5 bay NAS offers...

4. Synology 5 Bay NAS Diskstation DS1019+

Synology 5 Bay NAS Diskstation DS1019


Perhaps, the best Synology 5 Bay NAS amongst all storage devices, the DiskStation DS1019+ offers a handful of amazing features. In contrast to the price, this one is feature-rich and beneficial for all remote and home-based workers.

The Synology 5 Bay NAS DiskStation DS1019+ device contains an Intel Celeron J3455 quad-core processor and 1.5GHz frequency. It’s reading and writing speed is 225/s. Hence, its performance is quite swifter than usual.

You will also find dual native M.2 NVMe SSD slots that allow you to build an NVME SSD cache without the occupation of a drive tray. Apart from this, you can store up to 140TB with a DX517 expansion unit.

Talking about storage, let’s not forget that the Synology 5 Bay NAS has two 4GB DDR3L memory. For individuals and small-scale businesses, this memory capacity is an ideal option. You can do file sharing, multimedia streaming, data backup, and much more.

However, this memory is insufficient for tasks such as video surveillance and corporate data management. For more storage capacity, you can upgrade the two 4GB DDR3L memory. Some people also recommend upgrading the system to 16GB, though Synology does not support it.

The Synology 5 Bay NAS DS1019+ has a multi-version backup. It automatically saves your entire data to a cloud service or off-site location. So, you can recover files quickly in case of system failure.

Also, the unit supports all major file-sharing protocols. These include CIFS, AFP, NFS, and FTP. Hence, sharing data and syncing software is an easy task.

Conclusively, the Synology 5 Bay NAS DS1019+ is an excellent option for personal or small data storage, without upgrades. You can also use 4K Dual-channel video transcoding and stream lots of media content on various devices!

  • Swift performance
  • Good compatibility
  • Data protection
  • 4K Video transcoding
  • Limited capacity
Synology 5 bay NAS DiskStation DS1019+ (Diskless), 5-bay; 8GB...
533 Reviews
Synology 5 bay NAS DiskStation DS1019+ (Diskless), 5-bay; 8GB...
  • Quad-core CPU with AES-NI encryption engine, delivering reading and...
  • Loaded with two 4GB DDR3L memory module, providing 8GB memory capacity...
  • Built-in two M.2 NVMe SSD slots for system cache support; Dual 1GbE...

5. Terramaster F5 422 10GBE NAS

Terramaster F5 422 10GBE NAS

No products found.

Another amazing TerraMaster product in this compilation, the TerraMaster F5 422 10GBE NAS, has a high-quality aluminum shell. Its intelligent temperature control system and super-quiet fan efficiently dissipate the heat. Consequently, the unit does not get overheated. With its innovative build, you do not need to worry much about maintenance and care as the NAS device can do it all on its own!

The TerraMaster F5 422 10GBE NAS features an advanced Intel Apollo J345 quad-core processor and a 1.5 GHz frequency. As a result, it can read up to 670Mb data per second. Plus, its data writing speed is up to 650MB per second!

Using 10GBE connectivity, this NAS model performs all the tasks swiftly and efficiently. As a remote worker or small business owner, you can do all your work chores as smoothly as corporate companies. Coming at a reasonable rate, the TerraMaster F5 422 makes corporate-like work equipment accessible to all!

Also, the TerraMaster F5 422 NAS is compatible with both AES hardware encryption and 4K HD video transcoding. So, you can playback 4K quality videos easily on a variety of devices. From computer to tablet, you connect this to any device.

You can stream high-resolution video on any gadget without requiring a third-party installer. Hence, making movie times fun! As for the hardware encryption, the F5-422 NAS depends on six different layers of data security. These include:

  • BTRFS File System and Snapshot
  • Automatic Scheduled Back Up
  • AES hardware and network transport encryption
  • File System Cluster
  • Cloud Drive Data Back-Up

In case of the failure of the system or any disaster, the NAS is ready to handle and secure your data. It utilizes Snapshot technology that records the state of the system. It generates 1024- snapshots for all shared folders and 71,680-snapshots of the overall system. At the time of data loss, you can revert the system to the previous state recorded by the unit.

Hence, saving your precious data. Also, as the system takes snapshots folder by folder, the data gets retrieved in an organized manner.

When talking about storage, let’s not forget that the F5-422 has a 4GB DDR3 memory that is sufficient for mass data. However, if you want more memory, then you can expand 4GB to 8GB.

Furthermore, the F5-422 NARS has two USB 3.0 ports that increase compatibility. The unit is also compatible with 3.5” & 2.5” SATA HHD and SSD. The company recommends using Iron Wolf or Seagate drivers for a polished performance.

  • Integrated build
  • Massive storage
  • Data recovery methods
  • Good compatibility
  • Excellent data security
  • Complex design

No products found.

6. Synology 5 bay NAS DiskStation DS1515+

Synology 5 bay NAS DiskStation DS1515


Another amazing model from their NAS range, the Synology 5 bay NAS DiskStation DS1515+ has a high-grade construction and a black-tinted compact body. It appears similar to the previous DiskStation models. However, it has numerous new upgrades!

The NAS features a quad-core 2.4GHz CPU that makes processing swifter than before. You can transfer bulk quantities of files easily. It can scale up to 15-drives along with two DX513 expansion units.

The integrated design of the DiskStation DS1515+ allows you to share data and manage office work seamlessly. It supports network file sharing protocols, such as CIFS, NFS, AFP, and FTP. Using it, you can share files to multiple places. As a remote team, you can also share projects at various locations. However, this DiskStation NAS is compatible with only Windows and Mac.

Synology NAS DS1515+ features outstanding data backup and security. You can ensure 100% data security by these innovative means:

  • Analyze Network Traffic
  • Firewall
  • Detect potential attacks
  • Block threats with Intrusion Prevention System (IDS)
  • Auto-blocking, and much more.

Apart from these, you can identify weak points in your system security so that it is bulletproof. For example, you can audit configurations and find weak passwords. You can also use AES encryption to lock data.

For data failures, you can backup all the files to DiskStation. Then, replicate the data to another NAS device, off-site server, or cloud storage services. Note, you can transfer data to only Windows and Mac.

The DiskStation 1515+ offers support for Citrix, VMware, and Microsoft Hyper-V. Using these, you can collect all the data in one place. Hence, optimizing the performance and securing data.

All in all, the Synology DiskStation 1515+ is an excellent device for remote teams and individual use. However, its 2GB DDR3 memory limits its usage for businesses.

  • Good build
  • Excellent data security
  • Swift performance
  • User-friendly design
  • Limited memory
Synology 5 bay NAS DiskStation DS1515+ (Diskless)
248 Reviews
Synology 5 bay NAS DiskStation DS1515+ (Diskless)
  • Compatibility:Windows 7 or above,Mac OS X 10.10 or above
  • Four Gigabit LAN Ports with Failover and Link Aggregation Support
  • Scale up to 15 drives with Synology DX513, Expandable RAM Module (Up...

7. Terramaster d5 300c Gen1 Type C 5 bay

Terramaster d5 300c Gen1 Type C 5 bay


The TerraMaster D5 300c Gen1 Type C 5 Bay NAS has a compact and small build when compared to other competing NAS devices. Although the shell is white-colored, it comprises of high-quality aluminum. So, the NAS will last quite long even after getting used intensively.

Besides the 5 Bay NAS enclosure, there is also a low noise fan integrated into the system. It functions to dissipate the produced heat quickly. Hence, it protects your NAS against overheating and system damages.

Overall, the design of the TerraMaster D5 300c Gen1 Type C is quite simple and easy-to-use. Even a first-time user can navigate it quickly. However, you might find the weight slightly heavy than other NAS devices.

It weighs approximately 6.8-pounds, so you might have to place it on the table all the time. You cannot shift its position frequently. Now, let’s get into some technical details!

This NAS device is compatible with SATA hard driver (2.5/3.5”) or SSD. It supports up to 16TB hard drive with a total capacity of 80T, which is massive. You can store up to bulks of high-resolution photos and videos.

Note, the hard drive does not come in the package. The company recommends the usage of Seagate or Iron Wolf hard drives for improved stable performance.

Offering the best raid for 5 Bay NAS, this TerraMaster device has two Raid modes; Raid0 and Raid1. The first two hard drives operate on Raid0, Raid1, and single-mode. Meanwhile, hard drive 3 to 5 can function as independent drivers only.

With Raid modes and hard drive compatibility, you can configure the unit to meet your specific data and security requirements. The TerraMaster NAS supports UASP Protocol that offers a stable and fast transfer speed. Its transfer speed can be as high as 410MB/s for SSD and SSHD!

Moreover, the presence of the latest USB3.1 (Gen 1) Type-C connector in the device’s hardware extends the storage abilities. The connector supports external backup storage.

Also, this network storage device supports windows backup software and Apple Time Machine. So, you can always keep the data backed up. TerraMaster D5 300c is also compatible with Thunderbolt 3 interface computers.

Combining all the best specifications, the TerraMaster D5 300c Gen1 Type C 5 Bay is one of the top-rated network storage devices. Its innovative build and properties are suitable for various applications, including photo backup, video editing, technical documents, corporate data storage, and much more!

  • Sturdy build
  • Fast transfer speed
  • Good storage capacity
  • Two Raid Modes
  • Good compatibility
  • Heavyweight
TERRAMASTER D5-300C USB3.1 (Gen1) Type C 5-Bay RAID Enclosure...
673 Reviews
TERRAMASTER D5-300C USB3.1 (Gen1) Type C 5-Bay RAID Enclosure...
  • 5-bay RAID storage, compatible with 2.5"/3.5" SATA hard drive or SSD,...
  • Unique 2+3 RAID mode: hard drive #1 & #2 can be configured as RAID 0,...
  • Adopts real SUPERSPEED USB3.1 (Gen1) Type-C interface, the read/write...

Buying Guide:

5 Bay NAS Buying Guide

We promised to explain the term 5 Bay at the beginning of this article, and so here we are! To buy a NAS device that meets your needs, you need to figure out how many bays do you want?

Technically, bay refers to a fundamental component of NAS that determines the maximum potential storage capacity of the device. Although the number of drives that it can carry also has a significant impact, the count of bays remains the most influential aspect of all.

By standard, you will need a NAS device featuring around two bays if you work from home or occasionally need this device. For professional, office use, you will need a 4 to 5 bay storage device.

And that makes it quite evident and clear. This particular guide is exclusively for professionals who need a storage solution quite frequently. With that said, let’s explore the true potential of the 5-Bay NAS device.

Advantages of Using 5-Bay NAS

You’re looking for a NAS device to ease out your storage problems. So, that counts for the basic advantage for which you seek a good model of this innovative technology.

But apart from storing data and making it available remotely, what else can you expect from a NAS device? Are there other ways through which it can cut down your worries?

Of course! Like all other devices, NAS devices also come with several secondary, or more accurately, associated perks. Amongst these, the most admirable one is the maximum possible security that it provides.

By centralizing the file storage, NAS devices maximize the security and reduce any chances of corrupting or losing data. You can further secure the stored data by setting up accessibility permission. Allow only a few trusted authorities to access the files. More importantly, it cuts down your hardware expenditures!

If you have a NAS storage device set up for your office, you don’t need to invest in costly PCs with better hardware and storage.

Along the same lines, its compact structure and massive functionality also make room for more devices in your workplace. With this, you can afford to double up the workforce to eventually double up the results. Alternatively, you can say it saves up physical space. Thus, making your studio a manageable place.

Things to Consider

Now that you have a firm motive and a clear picture in your mind – let’s get to the shopping guide. You’re sure you want a NAS device. But you’re not sure how to get it. The list of features below aims to assist you with the very question.

When considering a certain model, assess the following aspects as per the given standards:

Build Quality

best 5 bay nas for plex

Firstly, you need to assess the build quality. Although most NAS are high-end devices and feature complex, delicate technology, you need to look for something sturdy. Unless, of course, you’re the only one who uses the NAS devices.

You can assess the robustness of the NAS device by analyzing the materials used to build it. Some of the preferred materials include hard-plastic and alloys of metal, such as aluminum alloy.


Usually, NAS devices come with two kinds of ports, i.e., USB ports and Ethernet ports. The USB ports enable connectivity to external storage devices or printers.

Note that, when looking at NAS devices, you should look for a greater number of USB ports as they increase the functionality. Remember, a 3.0 USB port works better than a 2.0 USB port. But a 2.0 USB port works well for printing. Also, avoid looking for wireless connectivity ports.

They will cost you more for no good reason. That’s because wireless connectivity negatively impacts a NAS device’s functionality. The wired connections make smooth and efficient data transfer possible. Hence, it’s best to stick with wired versions.

Transfer Speed

qnap 5 bay nas

The transfer speed refers to how quickly NAS can read, write, and shift the data. Different NAS devices have different transfer speeds. Some models can transfer a maximum of 400MB/s, whereas some can only handle up to 250MB/s.

Usually, a transfer speed between 100 to 200MB/s works well for personal use. However, for corporate usage, a range of 350 to 500MB/s is recommendable.

Data Safety

Perhaps, the greatest benefit of NAS devices is their ability to use RAID technology. RAID is a short form for a Redundant Array of Independent Disks. This particular technology enables the NAS system to replicate the stored data in multiple hard disks. Hence, protecting the data in the case on disk mechanism fails.

In case of disk failure, RAID technology will restore the data of the previous disk into a new one. However, RAID has various functionality levels. For example, RAID 0 allows you to replicate the stored data on all hard disks that increases performance. But, if one disk mechanism fails, all will fail together.

In contrast, RAID 1 prevents such a situation and keeps one hard disk prepared in case of failure.

There are several other RAID modes, from 1 to 10. Each has its pros and cons. Hence, when purchasing a NAS system, do not forget to look into RAID technology if data replication is of immense importance.

Other than RAID, network-attached storage devices also come with other data safety features. These include cloud storage and backup to various gadgets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which is better Synology or QNAP?

Both companies are reputable and well-established in the field of NAS production. However, while Synology stands out in terms of innovative products, QNAP excels in customer service. You can decide between the two by comparing two of their best products against each other.

Q. Is SSD good for NAS?

Yes, SSD is good for NAS. The solid-state drives allow you to store data. Also, you can use PCIe NVMe SSDs as a cache to improve device performance.


Nowadays, with the pandemic and rise of remote teams, having a Network Attached Storage System has become mandatory. You can store bulks of data, share files, transcode videos, converts movie files, and whatnot. The addition of a NAS to your workspace can be a game-changer!

Up till now, you must have met your ideal NAS system. However, if you’re still feeling skeptical, then do not worry. We have the ultimate solution! After discussing all the top-rated NAS systems in detail, we have concluded that the TerraMaster F5 422 10GBE NAS is the best 5 Bay NAS.

This amazing unity has a sturdy and integrated build. You get a massive 4GB DDR3 storage capacity and two USB 3.0 ports. Also, the TerraMaster F5 442 promises limitless data protection and connectivity.

It has numerous different ways to boost your data security, including BTRFS File System, Snapshot technology, Automatic Scheduled Back-Up, AES hardware, network transport encryption, File System Cluster, and Cloud Drive Data Back-Up. Plus, it has an amazing data reading speed of 670Mb/s. And, its data writing speed is up to 650MB/s!

If you feel confused between different top-rated NAS, we recommend you go for TerraMaster F5 422. Honestly, it will never leave you disappointed!

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