Best Ape Hangers for Road King [Buying Guide 2020]

Don’t know where or how to find the best Ape Hangers for Road King? Well, then continue to read on for top Ape Hangers recommendations below as well as a comprehensive buyers guide. Dive in!

Harley Davidson Road King is the stripped-down version of the bagger. The Harley Davidson touring line variant offers immense comfort and convenience. These properties explain the worldwide popularity of the amazing Road King.

Although the motorcycle is one of the best Harleys, a majority of Road King owners struggle with its handlebars. For some, the position of their hands becomes too uncomfortable after awhile. For others, its more about wanting something that looks cooler than the stock handlebars.

Ease and style are two prominent reasons why people prefer a change of handlebars in Road King. However, other minor aspects also influence the decision. These include grip and motorcycle performance enhancement.

Are you a Road King owner who feels dissatisfied with the stock handlebars? Worry no more, because we have the perfect solution to your problem, that is Ape Hangers.

Ape Hangers are a popular type of motorcycle handlebars. These have an exaggerated height, which is why the riders have to reach out to them. The fundamental purpose of Ape Hangers include adding comfort to the rider’s experience, though there is so much more!

Ape HangersRiseInstallationDurability 
FMB Mini Hellbent Bars Ape 10"EasyGood Check Price
XFMT Black Ape Hangers 16"NormalExcellent Check Price
Bagger Brothers Ape Hanger 12"NormalExcellent Check Price
Dominator Industries Pre Wire16"EasyExcellent Check Price
Mototeks 12" Ape Hanger 12"EasyOkay Check Price
TCMT Black Ape Hanger Bar18"NormalExcellent Check Price
Demons Cycle Ape Hangers18"EasyExcellent Check Price
FMB 12" Road Glide Handlebars12"EasyGood Check Price
Paul Yaffe Original Ape Hangers10"EasyExcellent Check Price
Hill Country Ape Hangers16"DifficultExcellent Check Price
Best Ape Hangers for Road King

1. FMB Mini Hellbent Bars Ape Hangers

FMB Mini Hellbent Bars Ape Hangers


FMB is a well-established company in the automotive parts manufacturing sector, especially when it comes to Ape Hangers. The company prioritizes customer satisfaction and requirements. Hence, building a relationship of trust and reliance.

Consequently, when FMB Mini Hellbent Bars Ape Hangers entered the market, the launch received appreciation by the masses. But, is this product the best Ape Hangers for Road King? Let’s evaluate the specifications in detail!

At a glance, the FMB MHBM 10FMB Mini Hellbent Bars are likely to impress any Road King owner. It has a sleek and smooth appearance. The defined edges, coupled with the gleaming exterior, can prove to be an excellent addition to one’s Road King model.

Also, these Hellbent Ape Hangers have a thickness of 1-1/4 inches. Hence, making them look moderately aggressive and dangerous. The overall bar from tip to tip is 28.5-inches, and the inside bottom is 5.5-inches.

Moreover, the height of the handlebars is 10-inches. Although the length of these Ape Hangers goes well with the design, it may not be comfortable for taller men. Thus, only riders of average height may benefit from it.

These FMB Mini Hellbent Bars Ape Hangers come either powder-coated, glossy, or satin black. The company has provided the purchaser with a variety of options to select and customize their bike’s outlook accordingly.

The ability of these Ape Hangers to augment the aesthetics of the motorcycle is evident by these specifications. Now, let’s determine other properties that qualify it amongst the best Ape Hangers for Road King.

At times, motorcycle owners are unable to install the handlebars themselves due to the technicalities of wiring and an unthoughtful design of the new handlebars. Hence, the individual has to seek professional aid, which adds to the costs and may consume a long time.

However, these FMB MHBM 10FMB Mini Hellbent bars come with pre-drilled holes for wire adjustments. So, you can install the Ape Hangers yourself conveniently. Also, the product has on-center knurling that allows firm mounting of controls.

Well, you can relax and enjoy your ride fully with these handlebars as there will be no danger of collapsing. However, know that the FMB Mini Hellbent Bars Ape Hangers are not compatible with all models. It is only suitable for Road Glide and Road King variants.

Perhaps, the highlight of the FMB Mini Hellbent Bars Ape Hangers is that they are fully customizable. Earlier, we stated, taller men may find the Ape Hangers uncomfortable. But, it is only applicable to the ones available for sale.

Upon demand, the company can change the dimensions of the Ape Hangers so that it suits your needs perfectly. However, the color or style of the handlebars is not changeable.

Bottom Line: Concisely, the FMB Mini Hellbent Bars Ape Hangers are ideal for those seeking style and the freedom to customize.

  • Customizable
  • Different finishing options
  • Stylish and thick
  • Easy installation
  • On-center knurling
  • Limited compatibility
FMB MHBM10FMB 10' Mini Hellbent Bars Custom Ape hangers For...
15 Reviews
FMB MHBM10FMB 10" Mini Hellbent Bars Custom Ape hangers For...

2. XFMT Black Ape Hangers Handlebar

XFMT Black Ape Hangers Handlebar


When a product comes from the warehouse of XFMT, one can blindly trust the quality of the product. And that’s not only us claiming that, but about 80 percent of the brand’s clientele has also confirmed the case.

However, as your authentic guide to the top ape hangers for Road King, we will never ask you to spend your valuable resources only because the majority gives the surety. We will provide you with all the good reasons as to why you should purchase the XFMT custom ape hangers.

This strong and sturdy ape hanger has a rise of about 18-inches and a backward sweep of 8-inches. Thus, it best serves the needs of the boldest ones who need super-sharp and edgy looks.

With such a great height, it may not be the best pick for riders with back pains and sores. So, before settling for this product, make sure you measure your comfortable rider’s triangle.

Moreover, these XFMT ape hangers have been crafted from iron material. Hence, it happens to be exceptionally strong and sturdy.

They also feature a triple coating of chrome. The external chrome plating does not only enhances its durability but also brings about a high degree of smoothness and shine to the ape hangers.

You can avail of in two variants of the product (in terms of colors), i.e.,

  • Black
  • Chrome

If you do not like either variant, then you can even paint the ape hangers.

Although it’s quite shiny and smooth on the outside, you may feel a few rough edges and surfaces on the inside. It does not affect or impact the looks but may make installation quite a demanding task.

But again, it’s not always the case. Some consumers have reported facing no trouble at all.

It comes drilled with the holes for wiring. Just extend the wires to the right length, fit them properly, and you’re good to go.

About installation, these XFMT black ape hangers handlebar for Harley does not come with an instructions manual. It makes the installation of these beastly ape hangers quite a tricky task.

But with a little help from the internet and a few good hours, one can fit these perfectly fine by themselves.

Bottom Line: If you seek an economical, but beastly pair of ape hangers, then XFMT black ape hangers are your best choice. They may be slightly tricky to install, but once you do, they will stay by you for quite a long time.

  • Appealing looks
  • Extensive Compatibility
  • Sturdy
  • Economical
  • Paintable
  • Doesn’t come with instructions
  • Slightly difficult to install
XFMT Chrome 18' Rise 1-1/4' Ape Custom Hangers Handlebar For...
249 Reviews
XFMT Chrome 18" Rise 1-1/4" Ape Custom Hangers Handlebar For...
  • Aftermarket 100% brand new Material: Iron Color: Chrome Triple plated...
  • 18" rise. 8" backward sweep. 1-1/4" diameter. Center section and tips...
  • Come with drilled wiring holes. Installation instructions not...

3. Bagger Brothers Ape Hanger Handlebar

Bagger Brothers Ape Hanger Handlebar


When looking for the perfect Ape Hangers for Road King, the name of Bagger Brothers will certainly show up. Why? It is primarily because the well-established aftermarket parts producing company, Bagger Brothers, has a long history of introducing high-quality products into the market.

Bagger Brothers is a symbol of reliance and innovation. With cutting-edge technology, you will find the Bagger Handlebars to be incredibly up-to-the-mark and satisfying. So, when it comes to Ape Hangers, there is no way we will miss out on this amazing Bagger Brothers Ape Hanger Handlebar!

The Bagger Brothers Ape Hanger Handlebar has a sleek and attractive appearance. These handlebars, made from stainless steel, have a smooth and flawless surface that gleams when lights fall on them. And, the chrome-colored exterior further compliments the aesthetics of these Ape Hangers.

However, the color limitation might disappoint those who want to customize their Road Kings with these handlebars. So, if you seek Ape Hangers in other colors, then you might have to go with another product.

These visually-pleasing Ape Hangers have the dimensions of the rise (12-inches), end rise (15-inches), width (34-inches), center width (10-inches), and pullback (12-inches). With these integrated dimensions, these Bagger Brothers Ape Hanger Handlebar provide a comfortable and secure riding experience for most average-height men.

Moreover, the company has designed the Ape Hanger Handlebars specifically for electronic throttle applications. Hence, augmenting your Road King rider experience by reducing the maintenance required and making the journey safer.

The Bagger Brothers Ape Hanger Handlebars come with the diamond-knurled throttle. Thus, offering a better grip on your Road King. Also, it comes with internal wiring.

Although the build is extremely thoughtful, the overall weight of the Ape Hangers might be a little troublesome. These Bagger Handlebars have a total weight of 10.93-pounds, which is relatively heavy. Due to it, one may face difficulty in installation and motorcycle control.

Furthermore, these Ape Hanger Handlebars have extensive compatibility. You can use these handlebars with Road King Models (1996-2013) and Road Glide Models (1998-2013). If you have any other model, then you must contact the company, and they might provide you with custom Ape Hangers.

Bottom Line: All in all, the Bagger Brothers Ape Hanger Handlebars are aesthetically-pleasing and integrated. Hence, making them indeed one of the best Ape Hangers for Road King.

  • 12” rise
  • High-quality construction
  • Attractive designing
  • Extensive compatibility
  • Machined internal wiring
  • Better grip
  • Accepts stock control
  • Heavyweight
  • Available in only one color
Bagger Brothers HD-HB-20-CH Chrome 1.25'x12' Ape Hanger Handlebar...
14 Reviews
Bagger Brothers HD-HB-20-CH Chrome 1.25"x12" Ape Hanger Handlebar...
  • 1 1/4"-diameter formed steel handlebars with chrome-plated or black...
  • 1" center mounting section and 1" grip mounts
  • Pre-drilled for internal wiring; notched for electronic throttle...

4. Dominator Industries Pre Wired Ape Hangers

Dominator Industries Pre Wired Ape Hangers


If the process of lengthy and knowledge-demanding installation of ape hangers worries you, then you should rather look for pre-wired ape hangers. These ape hangers come all equipped with the wire material, positioned in place.

So, you only have to attach, install, and connect the ape hangers with your bike. Along the same lines, if you happen to be looking for such ape hangers, then perhaps your best option is none other than the ones introduced by Dominator Industries.

For quite a while, the company has been manufacturing some of the finest equipment for motorcycles. And the Road King Special Meathook Monkey Ape Hangers happens to be one of the finest productions of the company.

We do not only trust the product in terms of its performance and durability but also looks. The black-colored pre-wired dominator industries ape hanger handlebars feature a rise of 16-inches.

Hence, the ape hangers promise style with comfort. You can now carry a beastly aggressive look without compromising your aching shoulders or back!

Each component of these ape hangers has been cut with a CNC laser and deburred by hand. Thus, they have sharp but safe edges.

Next, the components get assembled with precision and fixed through TIG welding, which is one of the best welding methods. Despite the precision, each manufactured product, including these 16-inch Road King ape hangers, goes through a standard quality control process to ensure durability.

You will even get a limited lifetime warranty for this. Externally, the ape hangers come coated with powder and chrome, which give it long-lasting shine and protection from rust and corrosion.

The term pre-wire means that the ape hangers come installed with necessary cables. You will not have to feed the cables separately while installing them.

And this makes it one of the best and easy to install 16 ape hangers for road king.

What’s more, it’s not only compatible with Road King but all other 2015-2021 models of Harley Davidson. So, if you want to share the pair with a friend after a while, you can surely do so!

Bottom Line: If you’ve kept a safe distance from ape hangers only because the complicated installation process freaked you out, then it’s time to say goodbye to your worries. Out of all the top 10 ape hangers for Road King listed here, Dominator Industries’ pre-wired ape hangers are the easiest to install! Plus, they’re good-looking and comfortable too!

  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty
  • Extensive Compatibility
  • Comes Pre-Wired
  • Relatively easy installation
  • Easy Installation
  • Smart and Edgy looks
  • Average Grip
Pre Wired Dominator Industries 1 1/4 Inch Road King Special...
12 Reviews
Pre Wired Dominator Industries 1 1/4 Inch Road King Special...
  • CONTROL COMPATIBILITY: This 1 1/4 Inch Road King Special Meathook...
  • MODEL COMPATIBILITY: Fits 2017-2020 model years of the Harley-Davidson...
  • READY TO GO: Our Handlebars are Properly Plumbed for Internal Wiring...

5. Mototeks Ape Hanger Handlebars

Mototeks Ape Hanger Handlebars


Are you looking for those fat monster bars that make your Road King appear aggressive and dangerous? Well, then here is the perfect match named the Mototeks Ape Hanger Handlebars!

These Ape Hanger Handlebars Fat Monster Bars have much more to them than the looks. Now, let’s evaluate each specification in detail so that you can determine the product’s worth yourself!

The 1-1/2 inches diameter of these handlebars offers a chubby and aggressively customized look. Other dimensions include 35-inches width, 6-inches pull back, 1-inch center tube, and 3-1/2 inches center spacing for the riser. Also, the bottom width is 13-1/4 inches, whereas the inside width is 11-inches.

Apart from the aggressiveness, the Mototeks Ape Hanger Handlebars have a smooth and shiny exterior. Hence, complimenting the outlook of your Road King further. For all the style-passionate riders, these handlebars will prove to be a pretty good deal.

Also, please note that the company offers the product in two different colors, which include one with black powder coating and the other with triple chrome plating. But, you may have to check for its availability.

Moreover, the Ape Hanger Handlebars Fat Monster Bars have a lightweight build of 6.98-pounds that allows one to install easily, without any professional assistance. However, these handlebars are available in three different heights, including 12-inches, 14-inches, and 16-inches. So, first, calculate the right height for you, and check whether a cable extension is necessary or not.

You may need professional help for extending cables, especially if you are a newbie. Also, regarding installation, these handlebars have on-center knurling that allows firm mounting of controls. Thus, you can be sure that things won’t collapse while enjoying a ride.

However, the rest of the handlebars do not a knurled or dimpled structure even the throttle is smooth. Although some might prefer this style, the lack of these traction-improving elements does not make your bike perform better.

Furthermore, these Mototeks Ape Hanger Handlebars have extensive compatibility. You can install them on Road King, Street Glide, Road Glide, and many others.

Bottom Line: The Mototeks Ape Hanger Handlebars are aggressive and stylish handlebars that can greatly augment your Road King’s aesthetics. However, the constant registered complaints about scratches on its body might indicate durability as a concern.

  • Stylish and aggressive-looking
  • Lightweight build
  • Suitable for throttle-by-wire applications
  • Extensive compatibility
  • Easy installation
  • On-center knurling
  • Available in three different heights
  • Available in different colors
  • Concerns regarding durability
145 Reviews
  • Notched ends for throttle-by-wire applications
  • 1-1/2" Thick in diameter for more beefy chubby aggressive custom look
  • Triple chrome plated or gloss black powder coated

6. TCMT Black Ape Hanger Bar

TCMT Black Ape Hanger Bar


TENGCHANG Motorcycle Parts (TCMT) Factory has quite a good reputation in manufacturing accessories for Harley. The Chinese company is known for its precision and accuracy in meeting the needs of the masses.

TCMT Black 18 inch Rise Ape Hanger Bar is an excellent example of the company’s struggles. Few brands manufacture 18-inch ape hangers perfectly, and this Chinese company is amongst those very few.

As it gets manufactured from iron material, this TCMT ape hanger has impressive strength. It’s durable enough to withstand pressure and stay by you for a long time regardless of circumstances.

What’s more, the black-colored ape hanger has some very good looks. With an 18-inch rise and a tip to tip distance of 37-inches, it has quite a huge and broad structure.

However, it does not have a very sharp look. Instead, you could say, it gives a stylish edge to your Road King. There’s a 3 ½ inch on-center knurling as well for firmer mounting. And it features an 11-inch backward sweep.

Also, this TCMT black ape hanger bar has extensive compatibility. You can install them on any of the touring models of Harley Davidson, even if it’s from 1989!

Since these ape hangers do not come with an instruction manual, you might find it a bit tricky to install if it’s your first attempt. But with a bit of online guidance, or perhaps, an expert friend’s assistance, you will easily get through the process.

Despite the tricky installation, there’s a feature that you’ll thank the company for, i.e., the drilled holes. They save you from going the extra mile and make the installation less time-taking.

Bottom Line: If you don’t mind spending some time learning the installation techniques of ape hangers, then TCMT black age hangers are a good choice! The 18-inch rise, coupled with not-so-sharp looks, gives them quite a unique look.

  • Comes drilled with holes
  • Super smooth exterior
  • Extensive compatibility
  • Excellent Durability
  • Tricky installation
TCMT Black 18' Rise Ape Hanger Bar 1-1/4' Fat Handlebar Fits For...
133 Reviews
TCMT Black 18" Rise Ape Hanger Bar 1-1/4" Fat Handlebar Fits For...
  • Aftermarket 105% Brand New,High class quality and very durable.
  • Color: Black;Material: Iron
  • Good Working Condition and Easy to Install.Come with drilled wiring...

7. Demons Cycle Ape Hangers

Demons Cycle Ape Hangers


If you want some cool, stylish, and long Ape Hangers for Road King, then the Demons Cycle Ape Hangers is your best option. These sturdy and attractive Ape Hangers incredibly augment your Road King’s outlooks. Let’s evaluate the Demons Cycle Ape Hangers in detail!

At a glance, the Demons Cycle Mayhem Chrome 18 inch Meathooks Ape Hangers give an impression of style and class. The chrome-finished exterior of these handlebars shines when light falls on them. Hence, making your Road King a highlight amongst other bikes.

Also, it is available in two different colors, including chrome and black. So, you can fully customize your Road King looks.

By dimensions, the Demons Cycle Ape Hangers are available in three different rises that include 12-inches, 16-inches, and 18-inches. As all three measurements are above 10-inches, they get considered long in Ape Hangers. Before selecting anyone, remember to measure and compare your height for a better riding experience.

Also, the sleek handlebars have a diameter of 1 ¼ -inches and an 8-inches back sweep. Hence, it will easily fit a diversity of motorcycles from Road King to Harley Davidson FLST. It is suitable for any custom application.

The center section and tips taper have dimensions of 1-inch so that these handlebars easily fit the standard controls. It is 35-inches wide from tip to tip.

Moreover, you will notice that knurling is in the center section. With space in between, there are wide knurled rings in the center that offers better mounting. However, the throttles are smooth, which may reduce grip firmness.

Perhaps, the highlight of the Demons Cycle Ape Hangers is that it uses one-piece technology. Unlike other competitor products, it does not involve the usage of pipe-to-pipe construction. You will find no joints in 1” to 1.25” transitions.

Therefore, reinforcing the fact that these Ape Hangers will not fail like the ones with welded or glued joints. The handlebars will never fall or collapse, which makes them highly durable and sturdy.

Furthermore, the Demons Cycle Ape Hangers have drilled wired holes. These holes, coupled with the lightweight construction of 7-pounds, makes installation quite convenient. You can do it without any professional assistance.

Bottom Line: In a nutshell, the Demons Cycle Ape Hangers is a good option for those seeking looks and durability. However, the handlebars will not augment the riding experience or motorcycle performance.

  • Chrome finished
  • Attractive and Lightweight designing
  • One-piece technology
  • Durable and Sturdy
  • On-center knurling
  • Firm mounting
  • Easy installation
  • Available in different rises
  • Available in two different colors
  • No knurling on throttles
  • No improvement in grip
Demon's Cycle 18' Chrome Meathook Ape Hanger Motorcycle...
43 Reviews
Demon's Cycle 18" Chrome Meathook Ape Hanger Motorcycle...
  • Chrome Meathook Ape Hanger handlebars, Compatible with Harley-Davidson...
  • 18" Rise; 1.25” diameter steel construction; 35" width overall (tip...
  • Features pre-drilled wiring holes; optional switches sold separately

8. FMB 12 Inch Road Glide Handlebars

FMB 12 Inch Road Glide Handlebars


FMB Choppers is a US-based company that specializes in manufacturing motorcycle accessories, especially ape hangers. The company has introduced several phenomenal ape hangers for various models, with a rise ranging from 10 to 18 inches.

The FMB 12 inch Road Glide Handlebars happens to be one of the most comfortable ape hangers offered by the company. The 12-inch rise, coupled with the 33-inch gap from tip to tip, makes handling convenient and easy.

Unlike other high rises, it does not strain the shoulders or the back. Instead, it promises aggressive looks (with its sharp cuts) along with a comfortable position.

With that said, we must not forget that high rise ape hangers have a charm of their own. But then again, we’d recommend you to avail of the charm only if your health permits.

Additionally, it comes with a 9-inches bottom, and a 7 ½ inches pull back. Each joint of these custom made mercenary bars for Road King have been 100% TIG welded.

Moreover, they have a glossy and powder coated exterior, which gives it its arresting looks and durability. They shine such that they are sure to catch every passerby’s attention, especially when light glints off from numerous angles.

The external paint coating, however, makes the handlebars slightly thicker than they should be. Thus, making it difficult to swiftly slip in the throttle.

You may have to sand the handles a bit to get the task done. Overall, the installation process is easy.

It comes pre-drilled for the user’s convenience. And the wiring positioning and assembling are similar to that of any other ape hanger.

The only drawback is that these charming ape hangers are available in black color only. Many motorcyclists prefer chrome (since it’s universal and more classy), who consider it a major setback.

But here’s good news: the company is considerate enough to offer any amendments that you might want, especially in terms of Rise-specifications and pull-back. Just contact them by sending an email or make a call and get your desired changes done.

Bottom Line: FMB Choppers’ 12 inch Road Glide Handlebars are also the best ones for Road King. With a 12-inch rise, they are one of the easiest to handle.

  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Easy to install
  • Aggressive looking
  • Comfortable
  • Open to custom amendments
  • Throttles difficult to slip
  • Available in black color only
28 Reviews

9. Paul Yaffe Original 10 inch Ape Hangers

Paul Yaffe Original 10 inch Ape Hangers


Comfortable, Sleek, and Sturdy, perhaps, every tall Road King owner hunts these three properties in an ideal Ape Hanger. However, almost every other Ape Hanger compromises on one feature. Finding the right combination is a real struggle.

Well, we too struggled hunting for it, and the results couldn’t be more fruitful. These dynamic Paul Yaffe Original Classic Bagger Apes is all you need. It is the perfect match that adheres to the requirements of a tall guy!

With the dimensions of 36x13x11-inches, the Paul Yaffe Original 10-inch Ape Hangers have an integrated construction. It has an end rise of 10-inches, width of 35-inches, center width of 12-inches, and a pullback of 6-1/8 -inches. Also, the handlebar size is only 1-inch.

With these measurements, there is no doubt that the manufacturers of Paul Yaffe Originals Classic Bagger Apes have built the product for increased versatility and use. These long and integrated handlebars possess extensive compatibility. Thus, you can use them for your Road King, Street Glide, Electra Glide, and many other motorcycle models.

As for the aesthetics, you will find the handlebars to be relatively okay. There is no fancy appeal or shiny gleam to it. It gets constructed by bending one high-quality steel tubing, and then, it receives a treatment of a chrome bath or black powder coat for the desired coloring.

However, unlike most Ape Hangers, you will observe that the handlebar has a unique design, bending at different angles. Although the bends are not pronouncing, the zigzag effect gives an overall modishly minimalistic appeal to the handlebars. Also, the Paul Yaffe Originals Classic Bagger Apes have dimples and on-center knurling.

Note, the rest of the handlebar has a smooth surface, including the throttle. Hence, there might not be any significant improvement in grip or bike handling. But, you may expect slight traction due to the dimpled structure.

Also, the on-center knurling allows firm mounting of controls. Moreover, the lightweight construction of 4.65-pounds, coupled with pre-drilled holes, makes installation easier.

Furthermore, the Paul Yaffe Originals Classic Bagger Apes are available in three different sizes, including 10-inches, 12-inches, 14-inches, and 16-inches.

Bottom Line: It doesn’t matter whether you are hunting for the best 12-inches Ape Hangers for Road King or 14-inches Ape Hangers for Road King. These amazing handlebars will serve the requirements of tall riders efficiently.

  • Good, lightweight design
  • Durable and Sturdy
  • Easy installation
  • Knurled and Dimpled
  • Extensive compatibility
  • Available in different rises
  • Available in two different colors
  • Does not enhance ride performance
Paul Yaffe Originals 1in. Classic Bagger Apes - 10in Ape Hangers...
108 Reviews
Paul Yaffe Originals 1in. Classic Bagger Apes - 10in Ape Hangers...
  • Paul Yaffe Originals 1in. Classic Bagger Apes

10. Hill Country Ape Hangers

Hill Country Ape Hangers


Apart from having a great sense of motorcycle accessories, Hill Country Custom Cycles seems to have set an example in the customer care department. Realizing that not every customer can bring their Harley to the shop for an upgrade, the company has begun manufacturing complete DIY kits for passionate riders!

Instead of purchasing each item separately, you can opt for this all-inclusive kit. It comes with the following items:

  • Handlebars
  • Stainless Braided Cables
  • Wiring Harness Extensions
  • Extended Length Front Brake Line

The Hill Country Customs 16 inch Ape Hanger Handlebar Kit makes owning a Harley even more fun. With this kit, you can learn installation yourself and learn a few handy tricks about your beast.

However, the installation process may turn out to be a bit tricky and demanding for beginners, as reported by some users.

The handlebars included have a rise of about 16-inches, center width of 12-inches, pull-back of 6-inches, and a total width of 34-inches. The overall specifications of this handlebar make it a comfortable option for experienced bikers.

The reason we recommend this to intermediate-level riders is the fact that with a height of 16-inches, it may be slightly difficult to handle.

So, before purchasing this kit, make sure you have measured the rider’s triangle. The handlebar fits all models of Harley Davidson (Road Glide and Road King) of 2008-2013.

If you are not yet sure about the model of your Harley, make sure you mention its specs to the company so that they can help you better. Also, it comes with color-coded wire extensions. It matches the color of the stock wires.

Hence, you can upgrade and extend the stock wires without making them appear ugly. The stainless braided cables and the stainless braided brake lines come with chrome ends as well as a UV resistant plastic material Armor coat.

It protects against the blazing sun. And also, protects the paint of the handlebars and ensures a longer lifespan. Similarly, the protective inner liners bring about smoother cable operation and also prevents brake line expansion.

Collectively, these attributes ensure smooth functioning for a longer time. Thus, making these handlebars and the entire kit a safe investment.

Bottom Line: If you’re an experienced Road King owner and seek ape hanger kits for Road King, then this Hill Country Customs’ kit is your best option. Along with phenomenal performance and enjoyable installation session, it promises durability and sleek looks.

  • Complete Kit
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Durable
  • Appealing looks
  • Comfortable
  • Difficult to install
Hill Country Customs 1 1/4' Chrome 16' Hooker Ape Hanger...
1 Reviews
Hill Country Customs 1 1/4" Chrome 16" Hooker Ape Hanger...
  • NOTE: You Must provide us with the info about your Harley as shown in...
  • Stainless Braided Clutch Cable and Brake Lines have chrome ends and a...
  • Color Coded wire extensions are included to extend all stock handlebar...

Ape Hangers for Road King Buyer’s Guide:

Ape hangers have become a popular option amongst Road King owners. The augmented outlook offered by the handlebars is simply amazing. However, this increased popularity also sheds light on the fact that numerous automotive companies have introduced their version of ape hangers.

One visit to the market and you will feel utterly confused about the choice to make. There are thousands of ape hangers out there, which makes deciding upon a single product challenging.

Often, people rely on the salesperson to guide them. However, they do not realize that the individual has to deal with several clients and may not be able to fulfill your needs efficiently. Hence, it is always better to do your homework to find your ideal match.

As the buyer, you should identify your needs, search for the products that match your criteria, and narrow down the list accordingly. So, before purchasing an ape hanger, consider the following factors thoroughly.


road king handlebars height

The height of the handlebar has a direct impact on your comfort. Thus, choosing the right height is one of the essential aspects when purchasing ape hangers.

But how will you know what’s the right height? Well, you can easily do that by measuring the rider’s triangle.

It comprises three essential points, and these include:

  • Handlebars
  • Point of contact with the seat
  • Footpegs

To measure this triangle, you can pretend to sit on your bike or practically sit on your bike. And then allow your body to take the sitting posture that it will naturally take.

Generally, one would feel comfortable with hands placed somewhere below the shoulder-level and with the hands spread wider than the width of shoulders. Do not hesitate to take a different position if the described posture doesn’t fall into your comfort zone.

Now, measure the distance between one hand and the riser. With this, you will get the approximate height for your new ape hanger.

Let’s say you get 10-inches. Remember, it is best to purchase only 10inch ape hangers for road king as these will best fit your needs.

Similarly, you can not use this set on other bikers with differing heights. Also, you better not skip this aspect because uncomfortable heights of ape hangers could lead to neck, back, and shoulder pain.

Cable Extension

Usually, an extension of cables is necessary when Ape Hangers over the height of 10-inches get used, which may be difficult for some. Hence, in any case, it is recommendable to measure the cables before purchasing new handlebars.

To measure, determine the length of free cable from your riser to the switch block. Straight the cable before measuring, or else it will result in wrong measurements. After obtaining the results, compare it with the new handlebars to check whether you require cable extension or not.

Position Preference

A common attribute of all ape hangers is that they promise an upright sitting position. Now, you get to decide which degree of uprightness you would prefer.

If you do not suffer from any backaches or sore necks, then you can go for an Ape hanger as high as 16-inches (Remember, with this height, you will have to put effort into holding your hands in place.) However, if it’s otherwise, then you can opt for mini-ape hangers sized 12-inches to 14-inches.

Durability & Build

Whether you spend $10 or $100, it is important to ensure that the product is worth it. So, when purchasing your new Ape Hangers handlebars, check for their durability. Go through its construction and build specifications.

It is better to research the high-quality materials that get used in Ape Hanger’s manufacturing so that you have a good idea. Some common materials used in Ape Hangers build include aluminum alloys, titanium, carbon fiber, and chrome-plated steel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to install Ape Hangers on a Road King?

One can easily install ape hangers through the following steps:

Step 1: First, locate the clutch and remove the stock clutch cable.

Step 2: Then, remove the nacelle and the stock handlebars.

Step 3: Next, mount the new ape hangers.

Step 4: Connect the Deutch connectors or wire as required. Make sure everything’s in place.

Step 5: Install the brake lines and oil the brakes, if necessary.

Step 6: Adjust the clutch by installing a new clutch cable.

Step 7: Then, place back the nacelle and adjust the headlight if required.

Step 8: Lastly, make sure the break isn’t leaking, the headlights work fine, and that the new ape hangers feel firm and sturdy.

Q. Are Ape Hangers dangerous?

By nature, the Ape Hangers designing or construction does not impose any sort of danger. Instead, the prime purpose of using Ape Hangers is to feel comfortable while riding. The positioning of arms on the level of shoulders makes the rider more comfortable than other positions.

However, the Ape Hangers may become dangerous if they are too tall or too close to the chest. These situations may weaken control over the bike. Also, incorrect installation may be a danger.


modified road king bikes

Now that you know all the best ape hangers for Road King, you can pick the best of best for yourself as per your needs. Pick one that you’re comfortable riding with, and that looks perfect on your beast.

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