Best Ape Hangers For Road & Street Glide [Buying Guide]

You probably have seen people move on the streets with their road and street glides. It is something everybody admires. The reason why the hands are raised above the shoulders for some riders is because of the ape hangers.

The growing popularity of these ape hangers is evident on the roads and streets. Long gone are the days when the roaring sound of your glide used to be the center of attention; instead, the design of your hanger makes the whole difference.

Uniqueness is key, and that’s why we introduce you to our top selection ape hangers for your road and street glide. We understand how it feels when you roll with your expensive street glide, but a non-noticeable hanger lowers your points. It is sad, isn’t it?.

We want to reinstate your original high standards and make people bend their necks and stay glued to your bike courtesy of the irresistible ape hanger.

In this write-up, we have the best ape hangers for road glide for you as well as for Street Glide. The units come from the most sought after models on the market.

Our goal is to get you a comfortable ape hanger so that you can remain safe and enjoy your travel. Besides, you will find it effortless to pick what meets your requirements.

Ape HangersMeasurementsColor 
Road 6 Customs Road Glide 13” X 1 1/4”Gloss black Check Price
Mercenary Bars Handlebars 16” X 1 1/4" Satin black Check Price
BBUT APE Hanger Handlebar 16” X 1 1/4" Black Check Price
Bagger Brothers Ape Hanger12" X 1 1/4"Black finish Check Price
HTTMT HB02 Ape Hanger14” X 1 1/4" Chrome Check Price
Dominator Industries Ape Hanger12” X 1 1/4" Chrome Check Price
Hill Country Customs Hanger14” X 1 1/4" Black Check Price

1. Road 6 Customs Road Glide – A Reasonably Priced Ape Hanger

Road 6 Customs Road Glide


When you are thinking about transforming the look on your road glide, then this Road 6 Customs Road Glide is the best-priced model on the market. It also ranks highly among the best ape hangers for road glide.

This Road 6 Customs ape hanger is crafted in the USA, making the quality unmatched. You will love this fantastic hanger as it is wide enough to allow you to make u-turns without struggling comfortably. Riders love this model as it’s simple to fit and comes with the guiding manual for reference in case you encounter challenges.

Another exciting feature is the internal wiring option available, which does not interfere with the general design of your road glide. You will not have wires and cables hang aimlessly on your bike. It’s 13″ total rise creates additional comfort, 6 1/2″ pullback creates the closeness you want with your bike. Lastly, it features the 33″ tip to tip.

It has been designed specifically for the 2015-2021 road glides. This means that your model will find the best fit and improve the way you pursue your road trips.

Finally, you will love the finish on the bars, which look incredible, making your bike attractive.

  • Made in the USA ( York, Nebraska) where quality and safety are always a priority
  • Measures 17 x 33 x 8 inches and weighs 8 pounds hence easy to handle and fix
  • It’s comfortable, and this allows you to have a stress free ride
  • Comes ready for internal wiring and this keeps the wires and cables safe
  • The fit and finish is perfect, and an excellent choice for 2015-2021 road glides
  • It’s a bit expensive but worth the money as the model lasts long and delivers safety
  • If your road glide is not 2015-2021, then you won’t benefit from its advantages
  • If you prefer the longest ape hangers, then this one won’t be great for you
  • As much as the installation looks simple, sometimes you need a pro for wiring

2. Mercenary Bars Handlebars – The Adjustable Ape Hanger

Mercenary Bars Handlebars


If you have been trying to find a compatible ape hanger for your road glide, then look no further as your precise option is here. These Mercenary Bars Handlebars fit correctly to your 2014 and below road glides, and this offers the rider something to be happy about as they can improve the motorbike comfort and safety using these ape hangers.

These stylish FMB ape hangers feature DOM tubing and powder coated surface such that it assures you of durability for an extended period. You will also find the satin and glossy type for you to make a choice. All these are designed to make your bike look incredible and unique as you cruise on the road.

Other remarkable features that make your new ape hangers outstanding include the 34ó bar tip to tip, 16ó up rise 7ó of pullback, 7-1/2ó of 1″ tubing for controls, 8ó inside center. All these improve the functionality of the hangers. The good news is that you can request adjustments at no rise in cost, which is a fantastic addition to the company.

Lastly, these hangers craft from the best quality materials made in the USA. This means that the quality will amaze you, and you will have the hangers-on your road glide for a long time.

Enjoy comfort and precision as you transform the way you make turns and adjust speeds using this outstanding 16″ Mercenary Bars Handlebars.

  • They are suitable for the popular road glides, including Harley road glides, Softail, Road Kings, Sportster, and Dynaõ
  • You can choose from powder coated satin or glossy, and this makes your bike look extremely attractive and stylish hence a center of attention
  • Your hands are above the shoulder, and this makes you feel in control of your road glide
  • These ape hangers are made in the US, and this speaks volumes about the quality
  • The tubing is great and offers the ease of wiring and fixing cables
  • It’s only excellent for the road glides from 2014, and below. For other models, you will need extra accessories, such as extended cables
  • Some buyers feel like they are a bit overpriced, but the quality is flawless
  • As much as the wiring is easy to fix, you will still find challenges when fixing in the corners

3. BBUT Ape Hanger Handlebar – A Fast Fitting Ape Hanger

BBUT APE Hanger Handlebar

No products found.

If you are planning to have a road trip soon, then an excellent handlebar will make your trip the best ever. Everybody is looking for comfort and safety, and that’s what dedicated manufacturers give to you. With this in mind, we present to you this ape hanger. It’s suitable for a variety of road glides, including the 1996-2018 Harley, Dyna, Softail, Sportster, 1983-2014 Touring Road King Street Glide Electra Glide, and any other non-CVO models using 1″ risers.

The advantage of this BBUT model is that you can fit it on your road glide quickly and enjoy the ride faster than other competitors. Most riders love the 16″ rise, and this sets their hands over the shoulders.

As a hobbyist, you might have come across the hangers that take nearly the entire day to fit. This is stressing, right? It’s a great idea if you get the hangers that fit fast with fewer installation instructions. These BBUT ape hangers are one of the units that guarantee you quick installation. This is because the manufacturer delivers the 1 1/4 inch diameter bars, which are pre-drilled for easy installation. This means that you will take fewer minutes with wiring and cable management.

The dimensions matter a lot for each ape hanger as they offer the required comfort when riding your road glide. For this model, it features Rise 16”End Rise: 18″Width: 35”, Center Width: 13.6”, Diameter: 1 1/4, Pull Back: 5.8”. This means that you will find it easy to adjust to the kind of comfort you need.

These bars come with an innovative design. They have smooth corners and some arched angles for comfort and ease of control.

Lastly, if you value warranties, then this is a sure way to go. The manufacturer gives you a lifetime warranty for your purchase. He has all this confidence since this is a US-made hanger, and the quality is always the best standard. We also have confidence that you will receive value for your money.

  • The ape handles are suitable for many types of road glides
  • It’s a great quality steel model with a stylish finish for durability and attraction
  • Easy to install and work on the wiring since it comes pre-drilled
  • Comes in chrome and gloss black finish and hence stylish for your amazing road glide
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty for you to purchase with confidence
  • It doesn’t fit any touring model with batwing fairing
  • Suitable for 2014 Road Glide and 2015-2021 touring models only hence limiting the rest
  • The bars will also not fit throttle by the wiring system
  • You will need additional accessories sold separately for your installation

No products found.

4. Bagger Brothers Ape Hanger – The Durable Ape Hanger

Bagger Brothers Ape Hanger


Do you have the 1996-2016 Road King and Road Glide Models? Would you love to see the new look with the best ape hanger handlebar? If this is a yes, then you are passionate about your rides. The ape hanger offers you both comfort and safety. These are key for any rider who believes in value for what they purchase.

We decided to include this model in our review because it had the specific features which we believe will give you the taste you require. First, the handlebars come from steel with a chrome-plated or black finish. For any buyer, this is real durability with style all coming in one package. Your bike will feel comfortable and easy to control as the hangers have the best design suitable for road glides.

Would you love something that offers you efficiency? This Bagger Brothers Ape Hanger is ideal as it comes already pre-drilled for easy wiring and cable installation. Above all, it’s notched for electronic throttle control. You won’t have to put in most of your hours installing as you do with other models.

Something else is the 3 1/2″ on-center knurling and clamping width of 5.5″ which accommodates one-piece top riser clamps. The model works with standard 96-15 style controls, and grips, and the manufacturer cautions you against using it with a hydraulic clutch.

  • Made from thick steel and hence the best quality for durability
  • Comes in chrome finish or black finish for you to choose your taste
  • Precise with 2008-2015 Harley-Davidson models and also the 1996-2007 models without ETC
  • It’s pre-drilled for easy wiring and cable management, and this keeps your road glide clean
  • The dimensions of 1.25 “x12” for this Ape Hanger makes it comfortable and secure for controlling your glide
  • It’s excellent quality but expensive
  • Not suitable for all the road glides
  • The warranty and support information isn’t clear, and this makes the purchase not secure
  • You are not supposed to fit with hydraulic clutch
Bagger Brothers HD-HB-20-CH Chrome 1.25'x12' Ape Hanger Handlebar...
14 Reviews
Bagger Brothers HD-HB-20-CH Chrome 1.25"x12" Ape Hanger Handlebar...
  • 1 1/4"-diameter formed steel handlebars with chrome-plated or black...
  • 1" center mounting section and 1" grip mounts
  • Pre-drilled for internal wiring; notched for electronic throttle...

5. HTTMT HB02 Ape Hanger – A comfortable Ape Hanger

HTTMT HB02 Ape Hanger


As you may already know, the best quality ape hangers come from excellent materials. One of the best picks in our review is the HTTMT HB02 Ape Hanger, which arrives well packaged for you to install on your street glide and enjoy showing off. This model crafts from quality iron and hence, lightweight as well as durable.

It is a comfortable handlebar with a 12″ rise for you to enjoy your street glide trips. This means that once you use it on the recommended street glides, i.e., the Harley-Davidson FLST, FXST, and Sportster XL as well as any custom application, you will enjoy the rides and have a feel-good effect. This will also be a great way to add value to your hobbyist nature.

Riding your bike street glide with hands above the shoulders is a unique style that everybody yearns to have. Experts say that it’s one way to maintain control of your street glide and race safely. Therefore having these HTTMT Ape Hangers is a new way to add value to the way you want your rides to look, keeping in mind that the new look for these glides is smooth and shiny and therefore the face for your street glide.

This is a brand new model made in the USA where quality is always a priority. This means that any buyer will get a sure product for comfort and safety in one package. You will also benefit from supportive customer care in case you have challenges with the installation or the general operation of your ape hanger.

  • This comes from quality iron and hence, durable. Besides, it’s a US model, and this means that the unit has gone through a thorough inspection
  • It is easy to install and comes already pre-drilled. Therefore, no wires and cables that bring about bulkiness and confusion
  • It fits correctly to the Harley-Davidson FLST, FXST, Sportster XL, and any Custom Application
  • The item weighs only 5.25 pounds which is portable to your desired place of installation
  • Not so heavy duty as compared to the ones made from steel
  • It’s not suitable for all the street glides; only a few models
  • Not the best quality as those made from steel
  • It is pricey
HTTMT HB02- Chrome Ape Hangers 1-1/4 Inches 12 Inches Rise Handle...
  • High class quality and very durable.
  • Good Working Condition.
  • Fits Harley-Davidson FLST, FXST, Sportster XL, any Custom Application.

6. Dominator Industries Meathook Monkey Bar Ape Hanger – The Stylish Ape Hanger

Dominator Industries Meathook Monkey Bar Ape Hanger


For those who prefer simple handlebars for their street glides, then this is ideal. This Dominator ape hanger features a stylish chrome finish, and for those who love great looking handlebars, this will be an eyecatching option.

If you have the 2014-2018 Street Glides, then be sure that this model is compatible with all its stock cables and controls. This makes it a useful addition to your bike and improves the way your street glide moves through the streets.

It is not a selfish model as it can be used for many types of street glides, including; 1996-2018 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide, Classic, Street Glide, Ultra Classic, Ultra Limited, and Tri-Glide Trike models. Thanks to the manufacturer, who appreciates style in a more significant percentage of compatible street glides.

These Dominator Industries Ape Hangers come from the USA, and the quality is impressive. This is because the type of assessment done before products hit the US market is so strict and hence, the best quality. Having this on your street glide is the addition of comfort and safety all at once.

This model has been plumbed for internal wiring, and that’s why you will not see cables and wires hanging hence interfering with your smooth street ride. Besides, it is notched for TBW.

We fell in love with this model because of the quality finish that comprises of tig welded and an excellent polish to perfection. At a fast glance, you will fall in love with its smooth arched joints since they are attractive. The best news is that you don’t need to be a pro to install this unit on your street glide. Just follow the instructions given, and in a short period, you will be controlling the streets with the new ape hangers.

Another excellent feature is the smooth interior that makes wire pulling safe. This is due to the beveled & de-burred joints. The item weighs only 6.45 pounds and hence, portable for installing from anywhere.

Beware of copy models on the market. What differentiates the fakes from the originals is the type of corners that are smooth for this model while the rest are sharp.

  • The unit has a subtle finish, and this makes your ape hanger look excellent on your street glide
  • It weighs only 6.45 pounds, and this means that you can carry it and fit your street glide easily
  • It is compatible with many streets glides hence a suitable option for you
  • It comes from the USA, and the quality is amazing
  • It’s a plumbed type, therefore, ease the process of internal wiring
  • Smooth and arched joints to differentiate from competitors, and this even adds a tune to the looks
  • Some people complained about the headache that comes with running the wires through the unit
  • Doesn’t fits all types of street glides
  • It is still costly, but the quality is worth the pricing
Dominator Industries 1 1/4" Chrome 12" Meathook Monkey Bar Ape...
  • CONTROL COMPATIBILITY: This 1 1/4" Chrome 12" Meathook Monkey Bar Ape...
  • MODEL COMPATIBILITY: Fits 1996-2018 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide,...
  • READY TO GO: Our Handlebars are Properly Plumbed for Internal Wiring...

7. Hill Country Customs Ape Hanger Handlebar – A Complete Kit Ape Hanger

Hill Country Customs Ape Hanger Handlebar


Our review will be incomplete without mentioning the Hill Country Customs Ape Hanger Handlebar, which is our last product for these reviews. It’s one of the best Ape Hangers for street glide suitable for the 2008-2013 Harley-Davidson Electra & Street Glide wABS BC-HC-BB14GB-ESG08-ABS-BC.

Having gone through hundreds of reviews online, we are confident that this Hill Country Custom Cycles Ape Hanger is the only model that comes as a kit, and the kit has handlebars, extended length cables, extended length front brake line, and wiring harness extensions. You only need to follow a few guidelines to install the unit and set out for your street racing with the street glide.

The Black Vinyl Coated Cables and Stainless Brake Lines on this unit have chrome finish ends, and this is why it looks attractive. Besides, the model comes with protective inner liners for smooth operation. This also prevents brake line expansion, making it safe and secure.

Another outstanding feature is the excellent handlebars that make your ride comfortable. The measurements for the handlebar are Height 14″ Total Width 36.5″ Center Width 12″ End Rise 14″ Pullback 7″.

  • The unit is drilled for smooth internal wiring
  • It crafts from quality materials for durability
  • The model is the only kit that comes complete
  • Installing is easy as long as you follow the instructions keenly
  • It’s stylish with chrome ends, and this makes your product to look unique
  • Not compatible with all the street glides
  • Even though you have the kit, installing might take some time as well, but in the end, it works wonders
  • It is also expensive and more cumbersome than the rest
Hill Country Customs 1 1/4" G Black 14" Ape Hanger Handlebar KIT...
  • NOTE: You Must provide us with the info about your Harley as shown in...
  • Black Vinyl Coated Cables and Stainless Brake Lines have chrome ends...
  • Color Coded wire extensions are included to extend all stock handlebar...

Best Ape Hangers For Road & Street Glide: Buyer’s Guide

Best Ape Hangers For Road Glide

Now, you are ready to buy the best ape hanger, also known as the monkey bar from the market. You have the cash ready, and you are also available. At this level, we will be guiding you through the tips you need before making a buying decision. Here are the five points you need to consider before you decide to buy


At this point, the only question you need at the back of your mind is, “Is this model durable?” “What materials constitute the product?” Once you have the answers, you can make the buying decision.

We often emphasize quality as it’s the primary determinant as to whether you are paying for value or loss.

We recommend that you go for models made from steel or iron. These handlebars last for a long time and hence become very useful for your road glide or street glide.

You have to find out the real materials used and the manufacturer. Some will use materials that resemble iron or steel and confuse you even more. When your focus is on the materials used, you will never go wrong with the purchase.


Is it a factor? Yes, even though it’s not the main factor. Often, we see the quality and prices run parallel. The higher the quality, the higher the costs. You need to get your budget right and decide on what you want.

The online market is open, and this allows you to explore and compare the prices. You will find the best selling deal.

We recommend Amazon because they have a variety. It is, therefore, easy for you to compare and get the best place. Sometimes, you can wait for the best offers, e.g., flash sales or festive season discounts, and grab your deal at the lowest prices.


How wide, long, or tall is your product? This is key since you need the best control for a comfortable ride. Remember that the best ape hangers for road glide and street glide arrive in different sizes.

Wide-set of ape hangers gives the rider much leverage and control of the bike while the tall models rely mostly on the rider’s hand position. When the hands are above the shoulders, the rider will strain and have less control of the bike. However, if the handle is close to the rider and not very tall, then it’s great for the rider as one takes full control.

Ease of Installing

Is the unit easy to install? If you plan to DIY, then you need to have the manual to guide you through. For this reason, the ideal option should come with guidelines. If you have a kit, then the easier it is to install, which saves you time. Otherwise, you will need an expert to do the work for you at a cost.


If you are pro-warranty, then it matters a lot when you buy the product. Some models have hidden warranties, while others offer open warranties at the description. You need to find out the time frame of the warranty. The longer it is, the better, and this also tells you the quality of the unit.

When you have a warranty, you will know if you have the option to return, refund, or repair. For this reason, most of the ape hangers come with warranties. Some even have lifetime warranties.

Purpose to buy a unit that has a warranty so that you can experiment with it.

Drag Bars Vs. Ape Hangers

These are some of the major types of handlebars on the market. They offer a variety of benefits. Let’s see the similarities and differences.

  • Both offer control of the glide at your comfort
  • Both are adjustable for the best positions
  • Both are comfortable depending on the day’s activities
  • Drag bars run across the glide while the ape hangers run high over the shoulders
  • Drag bars allow you to lean forward, increasing the speed while the ape bars feature more resistance since your arms are high above.
  • Drag bars are great for racing, while the ape hangers will do well for a lazy Sunday around the street.
  • Drug bars are more comfortable while the ape bars are strenuous since your arms are always up.
  • Drag bars give you excellent control of the glide while the ape hangers will depend on the height for the control.

How to Measure Ape Hanger Handlebars

Taking measurements depends on what you want to use for your street or road glide. Mostly, we adjust the measurements for a comfortable position. Here are the key things we look for; height, width, pullback.

You need something long and straight for a simple task.

  • Broomstick
  • A string with a knot at the end
  • Tape measure
  • Pen and paper
  • An assistant to help you out

Sit on the bike and stretch your arms while holding the stick from end to end. Find a comfortable position while extending the arms. Ask your friend to take the measurements outside your arms on the stick. This will give you the overall width of the handlebars. Note the width in your book or paper.

To get the pullback, have your string tied to the stick and let it hang down like a plumb bob. Measure the distance from the center of the handlebar to the rising. This will give you the pullback which you can record on your paper.

Lastly, we have the height, also known as the Rise. With your stick placed on the highest note on your ape hanger, take the rope and hold one side in the middle of the ape hanger. Identify the middle point on your stick and take the measurements using the rope. Mark the height on the line using a marker pen and then take the actual measurements with the tape measure. Note, you need to measure the distance of the string from the starting point to the area market and then record.

That's how simple it is to determine the measurements and get rolling at your comfortable position. You can also watch this video for additional information.

How to Fix And Strengthen Ape Hanger Handlebars

Fixing the ape hanger handlebars is easy when the model of your glide doesn't have a front brake. This takes approximately ten minutes. However, if you have a model with a lot of wiring, then you need to be careful. In most cases, the ape hangers arrive with guiding manuals to make your work easier. For some complicated glides, it will take over an hour to remove the current handle and fix the new one.

One essential tool you need is a screwdriver. Most of the models have screws and bolts and hence the need to unlock the screws. For faster operation, you need a torque range. It's suitable for all types of screws and works faster.

Get your glide to the right place and ensure you have all the required accessories around. Using the torque range, undo the small screws to ensure your cables remain intact. Proceed to the main bolts holding the handlebar to the glide body. Remove the handlebar once you are done with removing the bolts.

Get your new head and get the cables through the holes in the handlebar. This should be a careful process to keep everything intact. Fix the head to your glide with the correct measurements in place. After that, tighten the bolts and nuts using the torque wrench if possible. This makes the entire process quick and straightforward.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are ape hangers comfortable?
Ape hangers have been designed to give you comfort at a specific rise. In most cases, the shorter version is always comfortable, as it is easier for you to hold the handles and control the glide.

However, the long handles will not be that comfortable as you sometimes strain to find the skill to control the glide. However, the comfort depends on the rider, and what may feel uncomfortable to one might be very comfortable to the other.

Do I need an expert to install, or I can do it myself?
Sometimes it’s good to try and do it yourself as the installation is a skill that can be learned. Once you have the manual, you can follow the guidelines and install them. Contrary to this, we have glides with complicated wiring, and this might need an expert to avoid damage. This means that you need to foot the bill for the installation.
Will I have back problems with the ape hangers?
The ape hangers have been designed to lift your hands high above your shoulders, depending on the rise. Therefore, you are not learning like other handlebars. If you were learning like the drag handles, then you can sustain back injuries. We are confident that the design for these hangers is excellent and supports an upright posture.
Which is the best material for making the ape hangers?
Different manufacturers have their quality. Some will craft the products from aluminum, iron, and others will use steel. All these are quality metals for the handlebars. However, we would recommend the strongest, which is steel.
Can I use the ape hangers for racing?
The ape handles are designed to make you sit upright with hands-on rise. Once you are upright, the resistance is too much. This reduces the speeds and slows down the ability to race. Instead of using the ape handles for speed, you can choose them for adventure and areas where you are riding for fun with friends.
Are the ape hangers safe for my ride?
Well, safety depends on the way you use the ape hangers. For instance, if you install them poorly without the correct measurements, then they can turn out to be dangerous. You have to match the rise correctly to make you comfortable when riding. Additionally, the taller riders have an advantage as the ape hangers favor them. This means that short riders will strain.


This marks the end of our review. We have had an in-depth analysis of each ape hanger selected from the competitive market. The idea is to give you the best from your investment so that by the end of this year 2021, you have wonderful memories from your glide.

One thing you need to keep in mind before making that purchase is the buying guide. We have also given you the five areas of focus with quality topping the list. It is always rewarding to find as much information as possible before you purchase that unit.

Finally, we have had a few comparisons for the different handlebar options. We have both advantages and disadvantages for you to decide which one suits your requirements. We believe that you will get the best ape hangers for road glide & street glide so that your 2021 will remain the best year ever.