The Best Axess Bluetooth Speaker [2021 Buying Guide]

Are you looking for a speaker that is super stylish yet powerful enough to fill a huge room with its bang and clear sound? Well, then you’re in for a treat today! Here we have combined a list of the best Axess Bluetooth speaker, a piece of equipment that will make your parties one of the best in town?

But have you ever heard of Axess? If not then you have certainly missed some of the best speakers one could own.

Best Axess Bluetooth Speaker

Axess proudly brings to you a wide range of Bluetooth speakers that can easily be accessed from a distance, are sleekly designed to enhance the beauty of your room while packed with some great features that allow it to spice up your party with the loud beats of your favorite song. Use it for a small all-night party at home or in a huge gathering out in the open, the Bluetooth speakers by this won’t disappoint you for sure!

Sounds unbelievably true? Let’s move on to check the top Axess Bluetooth speakers that’ll shock you with its high-end looks and performance.

Comparing 10 Best Axess Bluetooth Speaker

Imagine, you have arranged a full bang-on party at home, where friends and close ones are invited to dance all night long. But then all of a sudden, your speaker leaves you hanging in the middle, embarrassing you with its poor performance. The thought is certainly scary, right?

We would never want you to fall into such a situation. Hence this is why we have gladly put together a list of the best 10 Bluetooth speakers by Axess. Not only will these help you get a better look at what most “great” speakers offer but also help choose the right one for yourself. Thus, what are you waiting for? Read on for some help!

Bluetooth SpeakerBatteryOutput
AXESS SPBT1031 Outdoor Speaker1500mAh5 watts Check Price
AXESS SPBT1041 Thunder Speaker1500mAh10 watts Check Price
AXESS SPBT1033 Bluetooth Speaker1000mAh9 watts Check Price
AXESS SPBT1056 Bluetooth Speaker1500mAh5 watts Check Price
AXESS 8 Portable1800mAh100 watts Check Price
Axess Crystal Vibe LED Wireless Speaker1650mAh7 watts Check Price
AXESS PABT6030 Bluetooth Speaker3600mAh400 watts Check Price
Axess Bluetooth Mini System 2.1Wired40 watts Check Price
Axess PABT6017 Bluetooth PA1800mAh400 watts Check Price
Axess PABT6023 Bluetooth Speaker1800mAh400 watts Check Price

1. AXESS SPBT1031 Portable Bluetooth Indoor/Outdoor Speaker

AXESS SPBT1031 Portable IndoorOutdoor Speaker


This Axess Bluetooth indoor/outdoor cylinder speaker is a true beauty in every sense!

Encapsulated in a sleek, black and red shiny body is a powerful speaker that is hard to resist. It measures up to 9.875 inches in length and 5.25 inches in width with a horn output of 2Wx 2 and 4 ohms, which allows you to enjoy a clean, loud sound every time.

The Axess SPBT1031 is light in weight, simple to use, and compact. The small size makes it easy to carry around, thus, no matter where you wish to stay, play music using this speaker to make your trip filled with fun and shine!

Moreover, this wonderful speaker comes with a USB slot, supports SD card, and can easily connect to a computer, TV, and other devices. The in-built Bluetooth feature gives you accessibility from afar, thus, no matter wherever you are; you now get to control the playlist through your smartphone.

Want to hear more? The speaker comes with a rechargeable battery, hence long hours of playing is not a problem anymore! When the battery is about to die, just plug it in for non-stop fun! The throw range up to 32 feet gives better control of the equipment plus if your phone stops supporting Bluetooth at any time, you can use the AUX cable to plug it in and enjoy!

This beauty has a strap included in the package so that you can carry it around your shoulder while traveling to your favorite camping site for some entertainment with friends. Wrap it up and put it away in your bag, this Axess SPBT1031 makes an easy fit. Hence traveling or not, this speaker promises to deliver a clean, crisp, and loud sound for absolute entertainment!

  • In-built Bluetooth
  • Lightweight, compact and portable
  • Best for indoor and outdoor events
  • Easy to use
  • Compatible with computer, TV, and other devices
  • Rechargeable battery
  • USB slot and supports SD card
  • A clear and loud sound
  • No display for track record
  • Lack of antenna causes distortion when you put on any FM channel
Axess SPBT1031 Portable Bluetooth Indoor/Outdoor 2.1 Hi-Fi...
2,218 Reviews
Axess SPBT1031 Portable Bluetooth Indoor/Outdoor 2.1 Hi-Fi...
  • Secure simple pairing for user- friendly operating
  • Comes with USB and SD card support as well as a Line-In function:...
  • Side control panel for volume

2. AXESS SPBT1041 Portable Thunder Sonic Bluetooth Cylinder Loud Speaker

Axess SPBT1041 Thunder Sonic Cylinder Speaker


Are you looking for high-end functionality and fabulous design? Hence, the Axess SPBT1041 offers it all!

This Axess portable Bluetooth speaker comes in 8 different colors, giving you a great opportunity to choose your favorite one. The speaker has 32 feet operating range, hence controlling it from a distance is surely isn’t a problem. Plus, the easy Bluetooth connectivity gives you complete mastery over the speaker.

But what if the speaker refuses to connect with your phone and to be controlled? Worry no more! This model is highly compatible with other electronic devices including computers, TV, and MP3s using an AUX cable for easy connection.

Still not satisfied? Well, you can insert an SD card or USB in the slot at the side to play your favorite list of songs, making the party a big hit!

Moreover, Axess SPBT1041 is portable. You get adjustable along with it, thus, hang it around the shoulder or pack it in the back, this Bluetooth speaker is ideal for people who love exploring new terrains while listening to their favorite songs.

  • Lightweight and portable
  • 32 feet operating range
  • Compatible with most electronic devices
  • Can easily be attached to various devices using AUX cable
  • Comes with a USB slot and supports an SD card
  • Available in 8 different colors
  • Affordably priced
  • Cannot use the song shuffle mode with SD card
  • May cause trouble after a few months of usage
  • No display
Axess Speakers Bluetooth Wireless Portable — at Home, Car...
1,384 Reviews
Axess Speakers Bluetooth Wireless Portable — at Home, Car...
  • Bluetooth Speaker — Bluetooth enabled speaker with secure simple...
  • Loud Sound — A 30-foot operating range makes this the perfect party...
  • Universal Compatibility — Easy Bluetooth pairing with devices such...

3. AXESS SPBT1033 Portable Bluetooth Indoor/Outdoor Speaker

Axess SPBT1033 Bluetooth Speaker


Designed with four sub-woofers for a strong base, this speaker is the perfect example of great performance and sound!

This speaker by Axess is all heads down into giving you a clean, clear, and loud sound. Like all the other speakers mentioned above, this one too comes with a built-in Bluetooth feature that allows you to control it from any corner of the room.

Be it a small gathering at your home or a huge event outside, this portable speaker makes the best choice if you’re looking for high-quality sound. Moreover, Axess SPBT1033 is lightweight and portable.

The strap makes it easy to carry around while the cylindrical design allows you to fit it in the back. For those always on-the-go, do not miss out on this fabulous device.

Furthermore, it comes with 32 feet operating range and the addition of four sub-woofers ensures you get to enjoy thumps and beats till the very end of your party. Also, this Axess 2.1 Bluetooth speaker is designed with an easy-to-handle menu that can now be operated using the buttons at the side.

Want more? It is compatible with various devices like computers, tablets, and MP3, has USB and SD card slots, and most importantly, saves you the pain of changing batteries every time? How? Because this model proudly carries an in-built rechargeable battery that can be plugged in to support non-stop music the whole night long.

  • Affordable
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Rechargeable lithium battery
  • Compatible with most devices
  • USB and SD card slot
  • Available in different colors
  • Distorted radio reception
  • Low bass quality
  • May not be ideal for a huge crowd
Axess SPBT1033 Portable Bluetooth Indoor/Outdoor 2.1 Hi-Fi...
730 Reviews
Axess SPBT1033 Portable Bluetooth Indoor/Outdoor 2.1 Hi-Fi...
  • A2DP Wireless Bluetooth streaming, play music from smartphone, tablet,...
  • 4-inch Subwoofer with 7W and 4 Ohm output; 2-inch horn with 2W x 2 and...
  • Over 30 feet operating range

4. AXESS SPBT1056 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Axess SPBT1056 Portable Bluetooth Speaker


We hope you aren’t tired of the cylinder-shaped speaker by Axess because the best is yet to come!

This simple Axess speaker is super easy to use. It has buttons engraved on one side which supports easy functionality. Moreover, like every other Axess speaker, SPBT1056 comes with a USB port and supports the SD card equally well. Want to revisit olden times with your favorite tracks? Just download those on an SD card and your good to go!

This powerful device comes in 7 different shades, where each color is better than the other. But beware! Do not be fooled by its compact design as the sub-woofers embedded enough are responsible to create loud sound, shocking a room full of people with the thuds and beats.

Moreover, the SPBT1056 is lightweight which makes it easy to carry around. And with an operating range of 32 feet, you can now control it via Bluetooth conveniently from a distance. But what if you don’t have good soundtracks on your phone or the card? No worries mate! Just switch to your favorite FM channel on the speaker and enjoy the latest songs right there and then.

Nonetheless, this Axess speaker is a great device to own, especially if you love partying. It is compatible with most devices, thus using an AUX cable; you can go ahead and connect it with your devices pretty effortlessly. Oh and wait! The rubber-coating over the speaker keeps the cable ports safe from damage.

  • Simple design
  • Powerful sound
  • Compatible with most devices
  • Cable ports protected with a rubber top
  • Supports SD card and has an opening for USB
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Supports various FM channels
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Poor bass quality
AXESS SPBT1056 Portable Bluetooth Speaker With Built-In Usb...
64 Reviews
AXESS SPBT1056 Portable Bluetooth Speaker With Built-In Usb...
  • Secure, simple pairing for user-friendly operating
  • Support for USB, FM radio, and line-in
  • Clear and dynamic sound output

5. Axess 8″ Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Woofer & Tweeter

Axess Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Woofer Tweeter

No products found.

The Axess PABT6052 floor-standing speaker with high-end performance and loud surround sound!

It is time to spice up your party with this speaker from Axess. The floor-standing speaker comes with a handle at the top, making it easy to carry around. But that is not the only thing that makes this speaker everyone’s favorite.

The addition of flashing disco lights at the front with great sound is just what you need to make your party a big hit! The high output is promised by the addition of subwoofers and tweeters. Moreover, the Axess speaker offers easy control of the device through the in-built Bluetooth feature. But how can you connect it to your phone’s Bluetooth? Read through the Axess Bluetooth speaker manual to get your way through setup and usage of it.

Want to hear something more interesting? This floor-standing speaker comes with a microphone input. So if you’re planning to sing for the crowd, just plug in your mic, and your good to go. Moreover, if the in-Bluetooth feature wasn’t great enough, the speaker comes with a remote control that gives limitless regulation of the device.

Amp up the music to enjoy loud sound or move forward to your favorite track, the addition of a remote control makes usage effortless and convenient. And yes, you can now enjoy your number one choice of FM channel with clean results with the built-in rotary antenna. Sounds great, right?

And to top it off, this model by Axess comes with a rechargeable battery that consumes less power to give you non-stop performance for longer hours!

  • Comes with a remote control
  • Outputs for microphone and USB
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Built-in antenna for FM
  • Flashing disco lights
  • Portable
  • Low-quality bass
  • Low range Bluetooth connectivity
Axess Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker — 8' Woofer & 1.5'...
1,051 Reviews
Axess Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker — 8" Woofer & 1.5"...
  • SMART PORTABLE SPEAKER - This convenient party speaker has a handle...
  • WOOFER & LED LIGHTS EFFECTS – These portable bluetooth speakers with...
  • MULTIPLE INPUTS - This PA speaker has USB, TF Card, AUX and Microphone...

6. AXESS SPBL1049 Crystal Vibe LED Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

Axess SPBL1049 Crystal Vibe LED Bluetooth Wireless Speaker


Calling out all music lovers! If you love funky devices especially speakers that produce loud, banging sounds, the Axess SPBL1049 is certainly not to be missed!

This is an absolute beauty with a powerful performance. The speaker is compatible with most smartphones including your Android and iPhone without compromising on the quality of sound. How about spicing up your party with a dash of colorful lights? No, you don’t need to buy an extra pair of lights for it because this speaker is designed to brighten up the room with its pre-installed LED lights.

Yes, that is right! The SPBL1049 flashes colorful lights along with the music, thus turning up the fun quotient even high! Furthermore, you can now use the speaker for addressing the crowd using a mic that the device supports. And lastly, the rechargeable battery gives you unlimited music to enjoy!

For an experience that is larger than life, do not miss out on this speaker by Axess. But if you love bigger speakers because you think they create louder sound then this might not make your first choice.

Remember, good things come in small packages! Thus, enjoy your favorite tracks or record one of your own with the SSPBLT1049 Bluetooth speaker.

  • Rechargeable battery
  • Pre-installed with LED lights
  • Loud, clear sound
  • Supports mic, USB, and SD card
  • Compatible with both iPhone and Android
  • Comes with a USB charging cord
  • Great value for money
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Some might find it too small in size
AXESS SPBL1049 Crystal Vibe LED Bluetooth Wireless Speaker with...
41 Reviews
AXESS SPBL1049 Crystal Vibe LED Bluetooth Wireless Speaker with...
  • Bluetooth enable for streaming music from you iPhone, Android,...
  • Multiple combination vibrant Color changing LED lights that light up...
  • Speaker output: 7 watts at 4ohms

7. Axess PABT6030 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Axess PABT6030 Portable Bluetooth Speaker


Are you ready for another one of Axess’s amazing floor standing speaker?

The PABT6030 is nothing like the rest! It comes with a built-in Bluetooth feature and a rechargeable battery for endless entertainment. The versatility of the design allows you to carry it around effortlessly. That is right! The speaker has a handle at the top and movable wheels at the bottom which makes it super portable.

Moreover, it is highly compatible with various devices including your smartphones, MP3s, and computers. Just plug-in to your required device using an AUX cable and you’ll be all set to go.

And how can we forget to mention the control panel? The PABT6030 consists of a control panel for easy adjustment of bass, treble, and microphone. Whether you wish to sing a song in the mic or amp up the base, the super easy control panel gives you absolute authority over the management of the speaker.

And do you see those glowing lights at the front? These LED lights lite up the room while you’re dancing to your favorite beats. The Axess PABT6030 is portable, easy to carry and a speaker with powerful sound which is great for both indoor and outdoor events.

The only thing that might create some trouble with this speaker is the treble and ass. Although, the speaker offers pretty decent bass people who love listening to music at the fullest of volume with the floor shaking may not be satisfied with it.

Apart from that, the speaker is definitely worth paying for. It gives complete value for money, making you happy and content with the purchase.

  • Clear sound
  • Control panel for easy adjustment of speaker settings
  • LED lights that lit up the room
  • Mic and USB ports included
  • Comes with a remote control
  • Rechargeable battery for endless entertainment
  • Poor bass quality
  • Terrible treble
Axess Portable Bluetooth Speaker, LED Lights, 12' Woofer, 1.5'...
240 Reviews
Axess Portable Bluetooth Speaker, LED Lights, 12" Woofer, 1.5"...
  • Powerful and Portable PA Speaker System: This Bluetooth Speaker...
  • Compatible with Bluetooth: This PA Portable speaker is compatible with...
  • Control Panel: This heavy duty amplifier speaker is also equipped with...

8. AXESS Bluetooth Mini System 2.1-Channel Home Theater Speaker System

Axess Bluetooth Mini System 2.1


Are you in search of a powerful mini theatre with strong surround sound? It is high time you give your home a cinematic touch with Axess’s Bluetooth mini speaker system!

This wireless home theatre system can be managed from anywhere! Just connect the Bluetooth via your smartphone or laptop and enjoy moving a leg to your favorite beats. But what if all of a sudden the Bluetooth connectivity is lost? Well, you can quickly switch to the remote control that comes along and move between your favorite tracks until you know what you want to hear.

The Axess 2.1 Bluetooth speaker comes with two 2.75 inches full range speakers embedded with 4 inches woofers each. Moreover, the compact size allows you to place it in one corner of the house. But because the design is super attractive, you’ll surely set it right in the center of the room.

Want to know what makes this mini home theater system so popular? The sleek design covers important aspects like clear display, autoplay, and input buttons which most other speakers on the list do not have.

But wait, can you carry it outside? Not so conveniently but with a little effort and strong hands, you might be able to carry it away to the required destination without straining your back.

  • Strong surround sound
  • Universal compatibility which makes connectivity easy
  • Compact size and sleek design
  • Clear display with autoplay and pause
  • Remote control included in the package
  • Affordably priced
  • Difficult to carry around
  • The battery is not rechargeable
  • Makes a humming sound when you switch it on
AXESS Bluetooth Mini System 2.1-Channel Home Theater Speaker...
283 Reviews
AXESS Bluetooth Mini System 2.1-Channel Home Theater Speaker...
  • Mini Bluetooth speaker system, stream music wirelessly from any...
  • Supports FM radio, USB, SD card and has RCA/antenna inputs and...
  • Two 2.75-Inch full range speakers with a 4-inch built-in subwoofer

9. Axess PABT6017 Bluetooth PA 8″ +1.5″ Loud Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Axess PABT6017 Bluetooth PA


Want a floor-standing speaker on wheels? Do you know a speaker that can easily be pushed outdoor to entertain your huge crowd of friends? Well then, you’ll be surprised by what Axess PABT6017 has to offer.

As the name suggests, this one consists of an in-built Bluetooth speaker for easy connectivity. Moreover, the addition of an 8+1.5 inches speaker ensures you get to enjoy powerful, crisp, and loud sound every time. And how can we forget to mention the trolley inspired design which makes carrying it from place to place super quick, easy, and effortless.

Furthermore, the speaker boasts universal connectivity paired up with a mic output, remote control, and an easy menu for adjustable settings. Are you still not satisfied? This high-efficiency analog is all set to move you with its strong bass and treble. The Axess PABT6017 may look comparatively smaller but is powerful enough to shake the floor with its amazing sound quality.

And yes, the addition of LED lights and rechargeable battery promise the speaker to entertain you all night long without interruption.

  • Trolley design for easy carriage
  • 8+1.5 inches speakers for clear, crisp, and loud sound
  • In-built Bluetooth connectivity
  • Universal compatibility
  • Menu for easy adjustment of volume, treble, and bass
  • Comes with a remote control and mic output
  • LED lights and rechargeable battery for non-stop fun
  • Lightweight
  • Average quality bass
  • May distort at full volume
  • The charger cord is not included in the package
Axess PABT6017 Bluetooth PA 8'+1.5' Loud Wireless Bluetooth...
64 Reviews
Axess PABT6017 Bluetooth PA 8"+1.5" Loud Wireless Bluetooth...
  • Includes an 8”+1. 5” inch speaker with trolley and LED Lights
  • Easy to use Bluetooth capability with USB/ TF card inputs, as well as...
  • Microphone input/echo volume & Adjustment along with bass & treble...

10. Axess Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Double 8″ Subwoofers 1.5″ Tweeter

Axess Portable Bluetooth Speaker


Last but not least up on the list is the Axess portable Bluetooth speaker, a powerful device that has set the new meaning of what clear sound is all about!

A speaker that supports both FM channels and audio tracks via phones, USB, or SD cards, this model by Axess is a true party entertainer. Moreover, it comes along with remote control for better management of the device while you still can enjoy running it via your electronic devices in hand.

Additionally, the inclusion of double 8 inches high subwoofers and a 1.5 inches tweeter promises to produce a loud and clear sound that can easily be heard from a good distance.

Furthermore, with this clever equipment, you won’t have to worry about setting up disco light as the LED lights up front flash pretty brightly when you switch the speaker on.

Had enough of it? No? Let’s move on to talk about its portability and battery life. This model by Axess contains an extendable handlebar, which makes it easy to carry around while the rechargeable battery lets you enjoy music for longer hours. Yes, you can surely take it outside and have fun with your friends and family in the backyard!

Moreover, it has a 33 feet Bluetooth operating range. Sounds crazy, right? No matter how far you are, if you’re within the radius, you can pretty much operate it without a problem. And yes, we heard that you love singing too? Just plug-in the mic and reach those high pitch notes with confidence.

The Bluetooth speaker by Axess is a player at all angles, giving you everything great enclosed in a single piece of equipment with pride.

  • Portable and lightweight
  • Comes with a rechargeable battery
  • In-built Bluetooth feature paired up with universal compatibility
  • 33 feet Bluetooth operating range
  • Supports mic
  • Consists of LED lights fixed at the front
  • The sound may crack at high volume
  • The quality of the bass can be improved
Axess Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Double 8” Subwoofers...
59 Reviews
Axess Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Double 8” Subwoofers...
  • Multi-Modes Big Bluetooth Speaker — Our PA system supports bluetooth...
  • Loud Speaker For Incredible Full Sound — Rock out to your favorite...
  • Ultra Portable Bluetooth Speaker — Take the party anywhere with our...

Buyer’s Guide:

Axess Bluetooth Speaker Buying Guide

With such a huge variety available in the market, we know one can easily get confused especially when it’s your first ever experience. But wait! We are here to help you with a guide that will easily get you through the decision making process.

Before you head out to buy an Axess Bluetooth speaker or any other one, certain things should be in your mind. Stop and ask yourself why do you want a speaker? What is your budget? What are you looking for in a speaker? If you go absent-mindedly, you’ll only end up buying the wrong product and regretting your decision.

To help you with the decision, we are here with a few tips and pointers that will surely allow you to grab the right speaker for your need.


Are you an avid traveler? Or someone who loves outdoor parties? Or maybe a person whom others look up to for renting equipment then you should pay more attention to the portability of the speaker you choose.

Bigger speakers are harder to carry around and take more space. On the contrary, smaller, compact Bluetooth speakers are highly portable. Most Axess speakers are designed to fit in your bag thus if you’re always on the road, enjoying music out in the open, you’ll want a speaker that is lightweight and easy to carry.

Frequency & Sound quality

Small Axess Bluetooth Speaker

This point is fairly important when it comes to buying a good speaker. Before you buy a Bluetooth speaker, always check for the details mentioning the frequency range that the equipment supports.

The higher the frequency it can manage the better sound quality you will get. Thus, even if you plan on playing music on the highest volume, a speaker with a high-frequency range will give you clean sound quality even then!

Bluetooth Operating Range

Of course, when you’re buying a Bluetooth speaker, you’ll need to pay special attention to this feature. What many people do not know that Bluetooth technology has evolved over the years? Previously, the speakers came with a 4.0 Bluetooth feature while today, 5.0 is the most advanced form of Bluetooth available in most devices.

Now you might be thinking that why does it make such a difference? Let us tell you why! The 5.0 Bluetooth is advanced, thus it means it has a wider operating range as compared to the 4.0 feature.

If you want to lie down on your bed and enjoy listening to music on speakers in another room, the wider operating Bluetooth range will make it possible and pretty effortless.

Battery Life

Well, you surely want to ruin your party with a speaker that dies out immediately, right? This is why, when buying a Bluetooth speaker always check for battery life. If it says the speaker lasts 7-8 hours easily, you’re in for a great deal. And most importantly, grab a pair that comes with a rechargeable battery, saving you the fuss of spending hundreds of bucks on changing batteries every time the speaker stops working.

For some who love partying all night long, a speaker with long, promising battery life is the only option to avail.

Universal Compatibility

Have you ever wondered what will you do with the speaker if the Bluetooth stops working? Will you just throw it away and buy a new one? We are sure you won’t! thus, to eliminate the risk of “losing Bluetooth connectivity”, go for a speaker that comes with an AUX cable.

Most Axess Bluetooth speakers come with AUX cable and not just this, they are compatible with most electronic devices, have a USB slot, and even support SD card. Hence, even if your Bluetooth isn’t working, you’ll have other ways to explore and put on your favorite track.


Yes, Bluetooth speakers are expensive! But of course, not everyone’s wallet is always full! This is why we recommend you to decide on a budget before you head out to buy a speaker. Once you know how much you’re willing to spend, only then will you be able to stick to it and find the best quality Bluetooth speaker within the budget.

Remember, a higher price tag does not necessarily mean better quality. With Axess, you can get some great Bluetooth speakers at pretty reasonable prices.

Bass Drivers

Bass of Axess Speakers

Typically, a speaker with separate bass drivers is the one that produces powerful sound but that might not always be the case. If you’re a true party-animal, who loves loud, crisp sound, look for speakers with bigger bass drivers. Remember, the bigger the driver is, the strong and crispier the sound it will produce.

But of course, with bigger bass drivers, you’ll end up with a speaker bigger in size too! We are hopeful that next time you plan to buy a Bluetooth speaker; you’ll surely consider these points and make the right choice.

How to pair an Axess Bluetooth speaker with a phone? Does pairing a Bluetooth speaker with another electronic device seems as hard as climbing a mountain? Well, it isn’t rocket science that is difficult to understand by an average brain.

If you have an Axess Bluetooth speaker at home, the first you need to do is to switch it on. Once you see it working, you’ll know the in-built Bluetooth feature has been switched on too. Next, reach for the Bluetooth option in your phone/laptop/MP3 or any other device and search for the speaker’s name.

See the name flashing on the screen? Click on it and pair it up! Wasn’t it easy? It only takes a few seconds and you’re all set to enjoy your favorite tracks in full volume! In case you face a problem regarding the connectivity, you can either check the instructions mentioned on the Axess Bluetooth speaker manual or call their representative for help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a Bluetooth speaker be paired?

If you are asking in regards to multi-speaker pairing then yes, most Bluetooth speakers by Axess can be transformed into a multi-wireless home audio system. For this, you might have to go through the instruction manual that comes along the speaker, follow each step, and enjoy a loud, clean sound that is enough to shake the room with its strong bass.

Is a Bluetooth speaker different from a Wi-Fi speaker?

Yes, they are completely different. Where you need a good internet connection for a Wi-Fi speaker, you just need a device with Bluetooth for a Bluetooth speaker. Plus, this speaker can be taken to places that do not have an internet connection and it’ll work perfectly fine.

How do Bluetooth speakers work?

These use Bluetooth technology to operate. All you need to do is pair it up with a device using Bluetooth and you’re good to go. In cases where the connection causes a problem, you can use an AUX cable or a USB to enjoy your songs. Portable Bluetooth speakers do not keep you fixed in one position. Thus carry them anywhere you want and enjoy music on full volume.

Should my Bluetooth speaker have a rechargeable battery?

For a portable Bluetooth speaker, having a rechargeable battery with a long life is crucial. Why? This is because only then you’ll be able to enjoy music for long hours and that too without any interruption. If the battery is about to die, all you’ll need to do is plug it in and you’ll be all good.

Is a Bluetooth speaker worth buying?

If you have set up a big event in your backyard or invited your friend for a small indoor party then a portable Bluetooth speaker will be a lifesaver! Unlike the traditional, non-Bluetooth speakers, and the Axess speakers are easy to carry around and most importantly can be accessed from any corner of the house.

So, even if you’re busy preparing a meal tray inside the house, you can simply use your smartphone to put on a fast number to get the guests on their feet.

Which is the best Bluetooth speaker brand?

If you’re looking for durability, powerful sound, and modern design, then Axess’s Bluetooth speakers shouldn’t be missed out on. These are perfect in every way, are long-lasting, and won’t disappoint you with their performance.


Listening Music on Axess Speakers

A portable Bluetooth speaker is a great choice for people who love partying hard. And if you’re looking for a durable speaker, produces powerful, clean sound, and is highly portable then Axess’s Bluetooth speaker should be on top of your list.

We are sure this guide has helped you gain an insight into what makes a Bluetooth speaker great, which are the best models to look for by Axess and why do you need it. If you want your parties to reach a new level of entertainment, and Axess Bluetooth speaker is what you need right away! These are durable, portable, and produce a sound that is clear, crisp, and loud.

It is high time to make your life easier and enter a new world of music with an experience that is out of the world. Get your hands on the Axess Bluetooth speaker and see the difference. Never has played music been so much easier, fun, and convenient!