Best Blackout Curtains for Day Sleepers [2021 Buying Guide]

Maybe you are just a light sleeper. And so, you can’t tolerate the light peeking from the bed front window while trying to get a nap during the daytime. Or perhaps your night duties are kind of making you left no choice other than sleeping when the sun is out.

No matter what the case is, you should not sacrifice your sleeping comfort just like that. And a blackout curtain can be the only thing you need to care about for deleting those horrible disturbances. Wait, now what are blackout curtains? In one line, the curtain will block every last bit of light trying to peek inside your room.

Best Blackout Curtains for Day Sleepers

Also, blackout curtains are not the only black. So, don’t be scared of giving up on your aesthetic needs. And on that note, let’s have a clear-cut conversation on finding the Best Blackout Curtains for Day Sleepers that is just how you would prefer it to be.

Comparing & Reviewing 10 Best Blackout Curtains for Day Sleepers

Okay, so we’ll be starting with the complete reviews for 10 premium choices that are not so premium with the price. But first, let’s have a look at the comparison table below.

Blackout CurtainsDimensionNo# Grommets 
Nicetown 100% Blackout Set42" x 84"6 Check Price
Flamingo P 100% Blackout Set52" x 84"8 Check Price
Rose Home Fashion Thermal50" x 92"10 Check Price
Deconovo Thermal Blackout52" x 84"8 Check Price
BGment Thermal Blackout Set42" x 72"6 Check Price
Yakamok Room Darkening Set52" x 96"8 Check Price
H.Versailtex 100% Blackout Set100" x 84"16 Check Price
RYB Home Truly Blackout Set52" x 63"8 Check Price
Estelar Textiler Star Curtain38" x 54"6 Check Price
Miulee 100% Blackout Curtain52" x 84''8 Check Price

1. Nicetown 100% Blackout Curtain Set – One of the Best Blackout Curtains For Night Shift

Nicetown 100% Blackout Curtain Set


One of the ideal options with good sewing in a black liner backing that makes sure users achieve durable feature is the Nicetown’s curtain. The drape is also thick enough to completely keep out light for night workers.

With 2 readymade panels, this curtain as well as comes with unique designed silver grommets that are 1.6 inches in inner diameter. It on top makes sure you are easily inserting the rod to hang it easy or slide down. This thing is also great for reinforcing and protecting the hole of the curtain.

It on top comes in navy blue color that is a great way of adding up extra value to your home for high quality looks. This thing also makes sure you are covering the window rightly to make your room feel like a real home. It also ensures to give a fully new vibe and appearance of a room.

Want to know the best part? This curtain is made of recyclable materials that make sure users waste it without causing trouble to the environment. It also makes sure you are getting rid of the use of fossil energy.

This curtain is on top dependable and cost-efficient which makes sure users use it with no-snag of quality issue. It also makes sure you are using it for a good time without spending money on repairs.

Even so, some buyers find trouble with the grommets that shorten the overall length of it. Yet, we don’t find it a big hitch as the curtain length is 84 inches.

On the whole, this curtain is one of the best blackout curtains for day sleepers with a rich look and thermal insulated. It is also worth giving a try for you to enjoy good security so that you find greater privacy when sleeping.

  • It appears with good quality that lasts longer.
  • The curtain is thick and great for heavy hotel use.
  • It looks good and helps sleeping faster.
  • This curtain is super simple to hang and replace.
  • It helps to block the sound and lights too.
  • Sadly, the grommets reduce the length of the curtain.
NICETOWN Complete 100% Blackout Curtain Set, Thermal Insulated &...
53,333 Reviews
NICETOWN Complete 100% Blackout Curtain Set, Thermal Insulated &...
  • READY MADE: 2 panels per package. Each Classic Lined Curtain measures...
  • 100% BLACKOUT: The real blackout curtains on the market. Sew in black...
  • NOISE REDUCING: Heavyweight Blackout Lined Curtain Panels can be a...

2. Flamingo P 100% Blackout Curtain Set – Get the Best Fabric for Blackout Curtains

Flamingo P 100% Blackout Curtain Set


If you are looking for drapes that have good fabric, then the Flamingo P’s curtain set is the best bet. It on top designed from luxury material that has soft feeling in front side while smooth natural woven feel on the backside.

This blackout curtain is also intended with high-tech on real blackout that makes sure to block the outside sun UV ray. It on top makes sure you are getting no trouble while sleeping or napping in the day. And, this thing ensures you to enjoy an intact dark environment.

On top of that, this curtain comes with great functions with an elegant look that not only gives beautiful looks but also great on proving peaceful and private family time. It as well as makes sure you are staying in a room with your family member without informing outside.

This window covering is on top great for securing user’s rooms from critical weather damages and bushfire smoke. It also makes sure you are living peacefully with no trouble of inhaling or exhaling. This thing as well as ensures no-snag of bad smell.

It on top comes with easy care and maintenance options for users to simply use daily with no trouble. This curtain is also non-chlorine bleach usable so that you can use it to make it look new.

Even though this curtain is 100% blackout, it doesn’t seem to block the heat feel for its weak thermal insulation. Yet, this problem can be solved if you turn on your AC or fan to make your room cooler.

With double layer and gunmetal grommets, it is one of the best sleepers blackout curtain to use for living room use. This curtain on top is an ideal pick for anyone who prefers a luxurious home decoration option to use daily.

  • The curtain blocks every bit of light around the edges.
  • It helps to improve the looks of your room.
  • For the price point, it is hard to beat.
  • The material is soft and sturdy that doesn’t rip easily.
  • Perfect curtains for Alaskan summers.
  • The curtain doesn’t seem to block the heat.
100% Blackout Curtains for Bedroom 84 Inches Long Thermal...
  • 100% BLACKOUT: Innovated with high technology on real blackout...
  • DOUBLE LAYER: Crafted from luxury material, front side is silk feeling...
  • ULTIMATE FUNCTIONS: These elegant window coverings are not only with...

3. Rose Home Fashion Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtain – Stylish Blackout Curtains to Hang in Drawing Room

Rose Home Fashion Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtain


Whether you are looking for a reliable and trendy looking window drapery for drawing-room, then the Rose Home Fashion’s curtain is a good choice. It also made for indoor use no matter where you want to increase the pleasant look.

Unlike other brands, the blackout curtain comes with open and close system rings to fit easily. It is also made of polyester that lasts for a long-term period. It on top comes with 1.6 inner diameter spaces so that you can insert the rings inside the rod or anywhere else.

Built with strong and soft fabric, this curtain is 100% free from any chemical smell. It on top makes sure you are feeling no-snag of bad smell to enjoy nice and natural air. This thing also makes sure you are sleeping faster.

It as well as comes with thermal insulation that makes sure no airflow so that the user can feel normal when the weather is super hot. This thing also makes sure you are getting rid of unappeasable cool by keeping cold out. With this feature, you can enjoy this in any weather.

This curtain on top has a multi-effect liner that gives users a more comfortable and safer life to rest. It is also a wonderful pick for your handiness which can absorb solar energy directly with no trouble.

Despite that, this blackout curtain is not suitable for washing in cold or normal water. To clean rightly, you want to check the instruction which says to use in machine wash and dry.

By and large, this curtain is a big blessing for anyone who desires to stop the outside creepy noise to enter your room. It is as well as a good option to try out for encouraging the best possible sleep and most comfortable setting.

  • Fantastic option to make day time into a good night.
  • The fabric is quite easy to work with.
  • It blocks sun heat easily for making the room cool.
  • The brand given client service is good at giving advice.
  • It has regular Snap-on rings that are easy to hang.
  • Not for washing in cold water.
Rose Home Fashion Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtain Liner...
708 Reviews
Rose Home Fashion Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtain Liner...
  • Ready To Hang - Package includes 2 panels Blackout Curtain Liners,...
  • Innovative fabric - 100% NONE chemicals Smell, We care about you.
  • Blackout Liner - Blackout layer Blocks out up to 99% of light.

4. Deconovo Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtain – Enjoy Energy Efficient Panel Drapes with This One

Deconovo Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtain


You should also try the Deconovo’s best day sleepers curtain that comes with the energy-efficient panels to cut reliance on non-renewable sources of energy. It also makes sure no harmful UV rays to contact inside your room and allowing natural light only.

This curtain on top is made of 100% high-quality polyester fabric with a silver-coated liner that makes sure users get both attractive and handy setups. It also makes sure you are easily using this curtain for turning the room fully black to sleep fast when napping in the bed.

Besides, this curtain comes with 8 silver grommets that are easy to install and remove when in use. It on top makes sure you are getting no trouble of rust or corrosion snag when contacting heat. This thing also has reflective strength that makes sure to reflect when sun rays enter.

For those who are suffering from sleeping peacefully due to their noisy neighborhoods, this curtain is a good luck charm. It on top makes sure you are getting no trouble of noise as the curtain reduces noise with its triple wave protection.

This blackout curtain also comes at a reasonable price point for any home lover to enjoy their self-quarantine. It on top makes sure you are having no trouble with the quality and durability at this value.

Unfortunately, this curtain is not allowed for use in bleached water mixture and tumble dry. However, we don’t find it a huge issue as you can ignore using bleach ad tumble dry.

The Deconovo blackout curtain is a top-notch pick for anyone who loves making their room into a better shading performance than normal blackout curtains. It is on top worthy to try out for you to make your home more comfortable to stay.

  • The curtain is easy to hand wash.
  • It is great for blocking irritating noise to sleep peacefully.
  • The price range of this curtain is reasonable.
  • It doesn’t give a bad odor problem.
  • This curtain appears with a beautiful silver lining.
  • It is not suitable for tumble dry or bleach.
Deconovo Blackout Curtains 84 Inch Length 2 Panels Set - Thermal...
  • BASIC INFORMATION - The package contains 2 panels, each measuring...
  • DESIGN and TEXTURE - Deconovo blackout curtains are made of 100...
  • BLACKOUT EFFECT - These room darkening curtains obstruct the sunlight...

5. BGment Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtain – Easy to Clean Option for Your Everyday Use

BGment Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtain


The blackout curtain by BGment brand comes with a machined washable feature in gentle cycle and cold-water application so that users can clean at ease. It also allows you to iron on the backside and tumble dry at low temperature with no snag.

But wait, there is more. This blackout curtain on top is crafted with innovative triple waved texture microfiber fabric. It has a strong top fiber layer, back fiber layer, and high-density black yarn. This thing also makes sure a thin texture even if it has 3 unique layers.

With its amazing material, it makes sure no wrinkle or fold mark to appear after drying or ironing. This blackout curtain is also ensured you to save your time and effort during the maintenance and care process.

And, this curtain comes with good protection that can block 85%-99% sunlight and UV ray in the day time. It on top makes sure you are sleeping without knowing whether it is day or night. This thing is also good for late sleepers and afternoon naps.

It as well as comes with energy-saving thermal insulation that makes sure to keep you in normal temperature even in cold or hot weather. This thing helps to balance the room temperature so that you easily get a good night’s sleep with no airflow.

Because of its bulky weight, some buyers find trouble when it comes to carrying or replacing. Yet, this trouble can be solved if you use the metal clip-on rings with it.

For the most part, the BGment blackout curtain is a perfect addition to your home. With a variety of sizes and rich colors, it is a good option to try out for the bedroom, living room, dining room, infant room, kid’s room, office, or other public application.

  • It doesn’t give wrinkle or crease marks even for years.
  • The curtain grommets are free of rust and corrosion snags.
  • It appears in excellent quality at a decent value.
  • The curtain is durable that lasts long.
  • One of the coolest options for blocking airflow.
  • Some buyers find the curtain heavy in weight.
BGment Blackout Curtains for Living Room - Grommet Thermal...
45,604 Reviews
BGment Blackout Curtains for Living Room - Grommet Thermal...
  • Package Includes: Set of 2 navy blue blackout curtains; Each panel...
  • Grommet Construction: Each curtain panel has 6 silver metal grommets...
  • Blackout Functions: Our bedroom curtains can block out 85%-99%...

6. Yakamok Room Darkening Blocking Blackout Curtain – Stop the Trouble of Noise with This One

Yakamok Room Darkening Blocking Blackout Curtain


Another brand that cannot be missed in our list for its excellent energy-smart option that keeps outside noise away from your room. It on top makes sure no trouble of noise for you to sleep quietly no matter when you are sleeping.

This blackout curtain also comes with good sunlight control with the 3-wave fabric construction that helps to block the 100% sunlight and harmful UV rays. It on top allows you to achieve better sun protection that is perfect for napping children, day sleepers, and shift workers.

Also, this curtain comes with a soft and elegant design that helps you to the decor in windows and rooms with a new effect, suits for contemporary, traditional, vintage rustic, victorian home styles. It also makes sure to improve the look and feel of your old home like a fresh one.

With good quality soft fabric, this blackout curtain makes sure better stitching construction so that users don’t find the trouble of wrinkle. It also makes sure good quality control for you never experience with loose strays. Even though it is light in weight, still it hangs well.

This curtain is also easy to travel with so that you can carry it anywhere no matter which room. It also allows you to carry on a bag when traveling by vehicles with no trouble.

Sadly, the brand given client service does not help solve product-related trouble. However, this curtain is great for daily use that you won’t find any mess even after years of use.

What can be better than an easy to use, lightweight and elegant appearance curtain for your bedroom? This curtain is the best bet to keep away all the disturbances and frustration of the outside world from creeping up to steal your precious moments with your family.

  • It appears at a good price point.
  • The curtain doesn’t have funky odors or chemical smell.
  • It makes sure sun rays to never contact inside the room.
  • If talking about quality, no one can beat it.
  • The curtain is trouble-free to use and remove.
  • A few buyers find the client service bad.
Yakamok Room Darkening Grommet Window Drapes Thermal Insulated...
15,220 Reviews
Yakamok Room Darkening Grommet Window Drapes Thermal Insulated...
  • PACKAGE INCLUDES: 2 panels per package. Each Blackout Curtain...
  • GOOD SUN LIGHT CONTROL: Triple-weave blackout fabric construction...
  • ENERGY SMART:These soft and elegant curtains made of innovative...

7. H.Versailtex 100% Blackout Curtain Set – Waterproof Linen Blackout Curtains for All Season Use

H.Versailtex 100% Blackout Curtain Set


Another brand that comes with the best day sleepers blackout curtain that features rainproof linen fabric for all-weather use is the H.Versailtex. It on top makes sure you are using the curtain both indoor and outdoor with no snag.

This blackout curtain also comes with well-made functional double-wide material that is trimmed and free form wrinkles. It as well as makes sure you are having no trouble with the quality. This thing on top ensures you are enjoying the curtain for a long while.

It on top comes with 16 grommet tops that make sure the users are easily hanging the curtain inside the rod at ease. These curtain grommets also come with 1.5 inches inner diameter gap that allows you to install easily. It as well as makes sure no trouble with friction and resistance.

This long blackout curtain on top has the white color lining on a backing that makes sure perfect block out no matter how bright the sunlight is. It also makes sure you turn day into perfect night by sliding the curtain. With this option, you can enjoy a sweet sleeping.

Besides, this curtain has a sturdy and quality design that protects it from color fading. It allows you to wash both machined washable and hand washable that never fade the original color.

One drawback which we find tricky is the rust trouble of the grommets if it contacts with heavy rain. Yet, you want to use oil for avoiding the snag of rust daily.

If you want a leading supplier of home textiles and ready-made curtains that give luxury feel at an affordable price, then it is your best deal. With startling quality and high fashion design, this curtain is a worthy pick to give a try.

  • It appears with rainproof material that good for outside use.
  • The curtain is light in weight that easy to carry.
  • It is a fine option for decorating any room.
  • Good quality drapes perfect for large windows.
  • It hangs and slides on the rod at ease.
  • Some people find rust trouble.
H.VERSAILTEX Linen Blackout Curtains Durable Thick Textured Linen...
  • WELL MADE: Each pack contains one (1) blackout functional double wide...
  • 100% BLACKOUT: These elegant faux linen curtain has white color lining...
  • INNOVATED MATERIAL: These casual linen draperies are crafted from rich...

8. RYB Home Truly Blackout Curtain Set – Find the Best Blackout Curtains for Nursery Use with This One

RYB Home Truly Blackout Curtain Set


This blackout curtain from the RYB Home brand comes with 2 panels that are a great option for nursery school use. It on top has a classy brownish color that looks perfect in both back and front for indoor and outdoor use.

No wonder of its amazement as the curtain comes with triple wave fabric that is sewn on the same material of black liner. This thing on top makes sure you are completely far away from the sunlight and UV rays to make your room a fully dark environment. It is also great for an afternoon sleep.

This blackout curtain on top comes with 2 strong layers that perform perfectly in both summer and winter seasons. It also makes sure to keep out 100% heat and cold sensations away with the help of thermal insulation. This thing as well as ensure to save energy budget too.

It on top comes with wide compatibility with a good variety of styles that allow users room to transform look into neat and chic. This blackout curtain is also a great option for home decor that gives a sweet window dressing and makes your home lively.

Besides, this curtain comes with good material that makes sure no-snag with sound. It on top allows you to achieve good sleep at both day and night times without hearing your family conversations.

Some buyers however find the curtain not wide enough for large windows application. Yet, we find the blackout curtain great option for the nursery and small windows use.

Unlike any other modern home decorations, this blackout curtain is a wonderful addition to your house that makes it beautifully frame with a hint of charm. With a soft and fresh look, it is also faultless for you to try out.

  • It comes at an affordable price point.
  • This curtain is great to block out the cold.
  • It is thick and soft that goes for a good time.
  • The curtain is machined washable to clean easily.
  • It is a great option for small windows.
  • We find this curtain not wide enough.

9. Estelar Textiler Silver Star Pattern Blackout Curtain – Get 100 Percent Blackout Curtains for Your Privacy

Estelar Textiler Silver Star Pattern Blackout Curtain


The best blackout curtain for keeping your place protective from outsiders to never view that you want in your home is the Estelar Textiler drape. It on top makes sure to give supreme privacy for you and your families.

Crafted with 100% polyester, the blackout curtain makes sure to stop the harmful rays of the sun for up to 85%-99%. It on top makes sure good security for you to avoid the UV ray to protect yourself from illness and eye problems. This thing also allows you to sleep easily with no heat feel.

Due to the triple weave technology, this curtain makes sure energy-efficient benefits so that you can save both your money and temperature. No matter what weather you are living in, this curtain ensures to balance the temperature on average.

This blackout curtain on top comes with fade resistance that makes sure users use in outside. It also makes sure to look the same as brought one even if used for long years. This thing on top holds the color well and resists fading.

Also, this brand comes with 30 days of money back return benefits for their beloved buyers to achieve a reliable replacement. They also make sure their buyers are getting quality options for happy with the purchase.

Unlikely, this curtain usually gets dirty with no-snag if you hang it on windows or outside use. Yet, this snag can be solved if you wash daily.

This curtain is a good option if you want a filter sunlight solution to sleep well whether day or night time. On top of that, it is worth giving a try for keeping your room dark and comfortable for sleeping in no minute.

  • The brand comes with 30 days of a money-back guarantee.
  • Good blackout curtain for the price.
  • The fabric of this curtain is soft and drapes well.
  • It plays a good role in jamming out the light.
  • The curtain is soft, perfect in size, and easy to clean.
  • Unfortunately, it gets dirty easily.
Estelar Textiler Silver Star Blackout Curtains for Bedroom 54...
  • PACKAGE INCLUDES: Each package includes 2 star blackout panel and 2...
  • LIGHT BLOCKING: Our star blackout curtains block out 85% - 99% light...
  • AMAZING MATERIAL: Super soft silver star print blackout curtain panels...

10. Miulee 100% Blackout Curtain Set – Fine Sewing and Durable Option to Try Out

Miulee 100% Blackout Curtain Set


You can also invest your valuable money on the Miulee’s curtain that is made of exquisite sewing and strong material for use daily. It as well as makes sure you are getting quality sleep.

This blackout curtain on top comes with care instruction that is written in simple English to understand well. It is also good for machine wash in cold water and tumbles dry. The instruction also mentions users to avoid using sharp things scratching curtains that can harm the material.

And, it comes with triple weave technology material that makes sure blocking the sun, reducing bad odor and balance temperature. This thing on top ensures you are getting no disturbance when sleeping at any time. It as well as makes sure a good sleep especially for night shifters.

This blackout curtain also comes with 5-star quality fabric that is soft to touch and vertical to hang for decorating in your rooms. It on top makes sure you avoid spending bucks to maintain or care. And, this curtain is good for lifelong luxury needs.

Besides, this curtain has strong layers that make sure users don’t find trouble with irritating noise. It also makes sure you are resting well with no-snag of the loud sound of relatives. This thing also helps to give you a better sleeping environment.

We find one drawback that the curtain is not good for ironing after washing as it can ruin the quality. Yet, this trouble can be solved if you don’t iron in high temperatures.

Despite that, it is one of the coolest picks if you want a lasting value in the recent quality home decor accessories. This curtain on top is a good deal for one’s time, money, and attention to increase the beauty of the room at ease.

  • The grommets are great for ease of install and removal.
  • Amazing option for the bedroom or behind prettier drapes.
  • It appears in admirable color and fabric.
  • The curtain is energy efficient for daily use.
  • Ideal pick for the price.
  • It is not good for ironing.
MIULEE 100% Blackout Curtains Thermal Insulated Solid Grommet...
  • BASIC INFORMATION: Each package includes 2 blackout curtain panels in...
  • 100% BLACKOUT: The blackout drapes are made by the upmarket triple...
  • QUALITY CURTAINS: All of our window treatment are sewn by experienced...

How to Choose the Blackout Curtains for Day Sleepers?

Blackout Curtains for Day Sleepers Buying Guide

There’s more than just a dark image when it comes to blackout curtains. They are effective to block light, provides temperature controlling benefits inside your house, and also sometimes prevent noise. But not every set out there will be privileged enough with a wise production team behind.

And to make that box ticked in your case, you must be the one checking for some major factors when choosing a blackout curtain. Below we’ll be talking about just that…

It Should Be Efficient at Light Blocking

You must ensure the curtain you are willing to get has enough capability to block the light well. The top-quality curtains can keep 80 to 90% sun rays blocked effectively.

Some even offer up to 99% of light with total block features. Curtains that come with woven layer internally are most qualified to keep the room dark enough without disturbing the temperature inside.

Get Those Durability Concerns Checked

The curtains will be having direct contact with sun rays quite constantly. And so, their weave, color, and texture need to be very optimal in quality to tackle that well. Or else there’s a chance of getting sun bleach and won-out in your newly bought curtains too soon.

So, make sure you are paying enough attention to the material of the curtain. A fabric that holds overall strength and durability should be covering the entire curtain.

The Style That Goes Best?

There are more than a few header styles you’ll get to meet when looking for blackout curtains. There is a gourmet header type that uses the fabric and metal rings looping process for installation. Another one comes with a slit to easily slip-on for an installation called rod pocket curtain.

The ones that use loops for hanging with a regular curtain rod are the tab top curtain. And finally, with a pinched pleated look on top, there are pinch pleat curtains. You can pick the one that installation-wise seems most convenient.

Lining Type

There are different lining types that you need to choose from as well. To get the complete blackout results, the heavier polyester used drapery stiff black outlining will work best. If you want to keep softer looking folds for drapery than a foam backed version can work that lacks complete blackout, however.

Some options use a thermal lining that makes use of heat-trapping fabrics such as a flannel. For the softness and light filtering feature, you can also choose the linings made of polyester and cotton combination.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to hang blackout curtains?

The proper installation can’t be denied by any means if you want the curtains to work effectively. The best thing to do in this matter is avoiding curved rods. You want to avoid anything that will make the curtain placed far from the window front.

The panel also needs to be pretty wide and ling. So that any light gap is never taking place. Keeping all these points in mind, you can go ahead by hanging the curtain just like any regular one. Also, there’s not much difference in how to hang blackout curtains without drilling. You just need some coat hooks here.

How much noise do blackout curtains block?

A good quality blackout curtain should be able to reduce a considerable amount of noise that could have gotten inside the room. Every day sounds from traffic, lawnmowers, children’s noise, construction sites, and so on can be avoided with these curtains.

You will be able to avoid that annoying loud neighbor’s yelling as well. Also, anybody outside will not ever know what conversations are held inside your place.

How to wash blackout curtains?

Usually, curtains come with a care label. And there should be clear instructions whether you are allowed to wash the curtain or not. If you are permitted to go head, only then try washing it.

You can go with gentle handwashing after that. Machine washing can cause fabric damage or degrade quality. However, if the manufacturer allows machine washing, you can try it. You can also vacuum it to get the loose debris and dust out without including any washing step.

How to get creases out of blackout curtains?

The process of how to get wrinkles out of blackout curtains isn’t very complicated. You just need to do regular ironing over it. Also, a steaming shower can be a good way. Some curtain fabrics doe come with wrinkles due to packaging.

And so, it is important to get those creases out. The process is simple but quite time-consuming. Getting it done by a dry cleaner will be the best option here.

Which one is best between blackout curtains vs room darkening?

The room darkening curtains are a great option if you need to keep a baby’s nap space dark enough. But that extent can’t be too much since the circadian rhythm may get disturbed due to this. And so, the latter one is best for the kid’s room. However, for those who need to keep the room as dark as possible should opt for blackout curtains.


The bliss of having a long and satisfying nap every time while closing your eyes must be one of the most beautiful feelings out there. Especially when a night full of chaos, work, or stress got you severely craving for quality sleep. Those sneaky light and annoying noises can stay outside thanks to the best blackout curtains for day sleepers.

All you need to do is find the right one meant for your concern, preference, home, and needs. And from then, no more disturbing sleeping patterns or worn-out looking eyes.