9 Best Blades for Bad Boy Mower [2021 Buying Guide]

Tired of looking around for the best blades for bad boy mower? Without a doubt, your mower will last you a lifetime. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the blade. Frequent replacements are needed to give a professional mowing experience each time, every time.

Best Blades for Bad Boy Mower

Certainly, we know how difficult it is to find a sharp, sleek, ergonomic, and high-quality blade for your mower. Moreover, these replacements are much cheaper than the original blades and work perfectly fine.

Hence, we are here to point you in the right direction! Following is a list of the 9 best blades specifically designed for a bad boy mower which not only look good but give you the best results each time you use them.

9 Best Blades for Bad Boy Mower – A Class Apart

Owning the best machine out there only to ruin it with a low-quality blade is the biggest mistake one can make.

No worries, we are here to help! All your headache has been taken care of. All you need to do is sit back, relax, and read on to find the 9 best options in the market.

Mower Parts Bad Boy Zero20.5"3.0"3 Check Price
MowerPartsGroup 3 Zero18.75"2.50"3 Check Price
Maxpower 561149B Bad Boy18.75"2.50"3 Check Price
Rotary 12733 PK3 Copperhead18.50"2.50"3 Check Price
MowerPartsGroup 6 Hi Lift Blades18.75"2.50"6 Check Price
Replaces Gravely Oregon G5 Blades20.50"3.0"6 Check Price
Oregon 12PK Mower Blades18.0"2.50"12 Check Price
Rotary 60" Commercial Gator20.50"3.0"3 Check Price
8TEN LawnRAZOR Mulching Set16.5"2.50"3 Check Price

1. Mower Parts Bad Boy Zero – Durable, Bundle Pack, and Classy

Mower Parts Bad Boy Zero


Looking to replace the blades on your Bad Boy Mower? Can you not afford to buy super expensive ones? Don’t worry. These blades are the best you can find.

Moreover, they look the same as the original blades and are lighter.

Still, the fact that they weigh 9.42 pounds shows that it is not a blade to be messed around and is durable.

Yes, no compromise on the look. Being a layman, I had a difficult time distinguishing them from the original. A professional may be able to tell the difference by looking at both. Hence, there is just a slight difference.

I know what you must be thinking now, “Do they cut as well as the original”? Well, there is no noticeable difference in the cut.

Phew, saved you from one tension haven’t I? Therefore, you do not need to worry about a bad experience if you buy them.

The size of the center hole is standard; hence it is compatible with not only one model but different types of models of the mowers.

Will, it fit your bad boy? That needs to be checked. If you have a 60” original Bad Boy Mower, it will fit just fine.

Moreover, it will fit the 60” Maverick, CZT, ZT, and Pup.

But wait, have I told you the best part yet? Surprisingly, it is a bundle pack. Yup, that’s right.

At such an affordable price, you get 3 blades. Hence, saving money as well as getting all three blades at one time in the same condition and from the same place.

Lastly, always check the measurements on the original blade and match them with the replacement blade to be sure to get the correct fit.

  • It looks the same as the original.
  • Bundle pack.
  • Economical.
  • Durable.
  • A little longer than the original.

2. MowerPartsGroup (3) Zero Turn – High-Lift, Long-Lasting, and Bundle-Pack

MowerPartsGroup 3 Zero


Already brought your bad Boy MZ Maverick 038-0005-00? Do not have enough cash left to buy those original blades? Or want a cheaper replacement?

No need to fret! Here, I have brought to you the perfect replacement for the original ones.

Moreover, the high lift on the blades makes them give you a perfect cut the first time. Looking at the shape, you will instantaneously see how they are different from other flat blades.

Hence, the cut they produce is perfect, sleek and you get all the grass out in the first cut.

Who even wants to keep moving for hours? Certainly not me. With these, I don’t need to keep going over the same patch again and again.

The fact that they are heat-treated lets you sharpen them easily. But, here I will like to add that I don’t use the blade after multiple sharpening.

Why? Well, I always feel that the balance is thrown off after the first few sharps. So, it is wise to replace the blade.

The smooth metal on the underside makes the cut smoother and accurate.

Are you worried they will wear out sooner? Don’t be. They can easily make it to the end of the season.

Yes, you can mow multiple times with them and the maximum they need to be sharpened is 2 per season. Overall, they can take 2 to 4 sharpenings in their lifetime.

Hence, it is preferable to change a blade every season.

Don’t feel like buying them again and again? You don’t need to. It’s a bundle pack. At a time, you get 3 blades. Hence, you get an entire set in one go.

Now, let’s check out the specifications: It has a length of 18 3/4” which means it is long enough for the mower. Secondly, the width is 2 ½”. Having a standard hole of 5/8” makes it compatible with all the brands of mowers that support the length, width, and thickness of this blade.

Measuring at a thickness of 0.204” and a weight of 14 pounds, makes it a strong, durable blade.

All these specs do not let it bend or break too soon. It fits the MZ Magnum 54″ and can replace the 038-0005-00.

A word of caution: Always double-check the year, model, part and serial number before you purchase it. Nevertheless, if you have the above-mentioned model, you can purchase these with closed eyes.

  • Bundle pack.
  • Classy.
  • Standard sized center hole.
  • Smooth finish.
  • Go thin after the first sharpening.

3. Maxpower 561149B Bad Boy – Reliable, Light Weight, and Durable

Maxpower 561149B Bad Boy


Want something specific for your MZ Magnum Model? Check out these blades if the quality is your priority. Being made in the USA assures that they are of high quality.

So, if the quality is your forte, go for these: The fact that they are durable guarantees high performance. The high carbon steel used makes it perform longer and better.

How are the two even related? Well, durability means the blade will last longer without any issues and the higher quality assures that they perform better.

Sometimes, we wonder if a lightweight blade will be good enough or not. As this weighs only 4.99 pounds, some people think that it will break. But, that is not the case. They are reliable, durable, and give excellent precision in cutting.

Luckily, I came across these blades which meet and at times exceed the OEM specifications.

One thing I can vouch for is the powerful force with which they cut. No doubt, they are on par with the original ones as far as performance is concerned.

Moreover, they are heat-treated at extreme temperatures to ensure reliability and longevity.

Want to know what makes them stand out from the rest? According to research, we can see that they use 20% less power to operate. Yes, lower operating costs.

How amazing is that? The manufacturers have gone so far as to claim that there will be no sharper blade in the market.

So, why not buy one and find out? Moreover, the vibration quotient on them is very low. Thus, it leads to an enjoyable mowing experience. Hence, you don’t need to hold the mower tightly to lessen the vibration.

Never thought blades could make such a difference, did you? Thankfully, we have cleared how important it is to have an excellent blade with this review.

Talking about the specifications, we can see that it is a perfect replacement for 038-0005-00 and fits the MZ Magnum.

Moreover, each blade is 2 ½ inches wide, 18 ¾ inches long, and has a standard hole of 5/8 inches. Hence, we can see they measure the same as the 038-0005-00.

The best thing is: It is a pack of 3. Undoubtedly, the more the merrier. With this buy, you will have a perfect set of blades.

  • Lightweight.
  • Durable.
  • Reliable.
  • Strong
  • Made of high-quality carbon steel.
  • Not exactly as thick as the factory ones.
MaxPower 561149B 3 Blade Set for 54' Cut Bad Boy Mowers, Replaces...
971 Reviews
MaxPower 561149B 3 Blade Set for 54" Cut Bad Boy Mowers, Replaces...
  • Includes 3 blades for 54 in. cut Bad Boy mowers
  • Replaces OEM # 038-0005-00 and fits MZ Magnum
  • Each blade measures 18-3/4 in. L and 2-1/2 in. W

4. Rotary 12733 PK3 Copperhead – Mulching Blades, Hard, and Durable

Rotary 12733 PK3 Copperhead


Tired of searching for the best mulching blades for a bad boy mower? Certainly, you have found all you need to know in this review.

Durability and performance are the names of the game: Undoubtedly, these blades are durable. They have been austempered for maximum hardness and durability.

Apart from this, the high carbon steel makes it perform better under all conditions. Be it scorching heat or heavy rainfall.

If you are up to it, the blades are too! Unlike the other blades reviewed, it has a few teeth on it too. That was the first thing I noticed. Moreover, the teeth of the blade give them an edge and make them cut grass better and faster.

Furthermore, it weighs 7.04 pounds. Hence, making it lightweight. Lightweight and durable, what a combination it is.

It is a perfect replacement for the Hustler 797712 and 797704.

So, what are you waiting for? Not only do they replace the original blades, but that too in half the price.

Sure, the features don’t stop surprising us. Moreover, you must be thinking that it only fits the Hustler as they are specialized replacement blades. But, you are wrong.

It can fit on any Hustler Z, XR 7, and SUPER Z. All you need to check is whether the blade fits the deck perfectly or not and you are good to go.

Even though they are an exact replacement, always double-check the model number and specifications of the replacement blades against the original before purchasing. This saves you from the hassle of getting the wrong size and fit.

  • Hard
  • Made of high-quality steel.
  • Durable.
  • Lightweight.
  • Sharp edges.
  • Vibrates.
Rotary 12733 PK3 Copperhead Mulching Blades
  • Replaces: Hustler 797704, 797712
  • Fits: Hustler Z, XR7 SUPER Z.
  • Requires 3 for 54" deck

5. MowerPartsGroup (6) Hi Lift Blades – 6 Blades, Carbon-Forged, and Economical

MowerPartsGroup 6 Hi Lift Blades


My oh my! Look what I stumbled upon while looking for the best replacement blades for you? For the price mentioned, this pack of 6 is a dream come true.

Not only do you get a set of blades, but you get an extra set. Plus, this set of blades easily fits the Bad Boy 54” deck.

Well, isn’t that amazing? Now, you don’t have to worry about the blades going bad or breaking over time.

No one can imagine blades lasting a lifetime, can they? Hence, there will always come a time when you have to replace even the best blade out there. What happens if the blade goes off-center? Stuck in the middle of mowing your lawn?

With this pack, all you need to do is run inside and grab the extra set of blades. Thus, you waste no time.

Hence, they are highly convenient. You always have a backup.

What model does it fit? It easily fits the MZ Magnum 54”. Having a length of 18 ¾” and a width of 2 ½” makes it an excellent fit for this model. Furthermore, it has a perfect thickness of .204 which makes it the same as the factory one. Lastly, the center hole has a standard size of 5/8”.

Also, it weighs only 14.2 pounds and is very durable. Hence, it can fit other models of different companies with the same specifications also.

The carbon forged edges make them give the same performance as the original ones. Some people even go to lengths to claim they perform better.

What does the Hi-Lift do? Surely, you must be thinking about why they are hi-lift and not any normal blade. Well, the hi-lift means that you can work under ANY condition and they will give you the best results.

So, don’t worry if the grass is wet or dry, long or short, these blades will give you the best cut and you will not have to go over the mowed area again.

  • Hi-lift.
  • Value for money.
  • Set of 6
  • Carbon forged edges.
  • Break sooner as compared to the others.
MowerPartsGroup (6) Hi Lift Blades Replace Bad Boy 038-0005-00...
  • 6 Blades Fits Bad Boy 54" Deck
  • Length: 18 3/4" ; Width: 2 1/2" ; Center Hole: 5/8" ; Thickness: .203"
  • Replaces Bad Boy: 038-0005-00

6. Replaces Gravely 6PK Oregon Gator G5 Blades – Versatile, Durable, and High Performance

Replaces Gravely 6PK Oregon Gator G5 Blades

No products found.

Say hello to this bad boy! Out of all the Oregon blades for bad boy mower, this takes the lead by a large margin.

Got your attention, haven’t I? These blades will not only fit perfectly but will outperform the original ones.

How is that even possible? Well, it is because of the high manufacturing standards the blades have to go through before being supplied in the market.

Moreover, computer technology is incorporated in the straightening of the blades. Hence, the precision is spot on.

Because they are straightened by proper computer-control, the vibration on it is reduced manifold.

Who likes a constantly vibrating mower? Seldom do we realize that the vibration on the mower is because of the blades. If the blades are properly tensioned, the vibration can be reduced. Hence, making your mowing experience enjoyable.

Ever heard of a blade being beautiful? Surely, if mowing is your passion, you must know how some blades stand out from the rest of the lot. This is what will make you stand out.

It is 20.5” long, and 3” wide. Moreover, it has a thickness of 0.203”. Furthermore, the 1” airlift makes it cut grass cleaner, smoother, accurately, and with precision.

Never go over the same patch again: Because of the airlift, the blade cuts so well that you do not need to go over the same patch of mowed grass again.

What does it replace? Versatility is its forte, It is a perfect replacement for OEM MPN #’s: Bad boy: 038-6050-00, 038-6002-00. Ariens: 08979600, 08899100 and 09081200,

Did you think this was all? Surprisingly, there is much more to come.

So, behold! Here comes the list: Furthermore, it replaces certain model numbers of the following brands, namely, Dixie Chopper, Dixon, Exmark, Gravely, and Toro.

It is important to check which models it is compatible with before buying. Furthermore, check the specifications of the original blade and match it with these blades to see if it is compatible or not.

The best thing is: You get a set of 6 blades. Even though only 3 are required for a 60” deck. Nevertheless, you get 6 in the pack. So, you get an extra pair.

Nice, isn’t it? Either you can use it in some other mower, give it to a friend or simply keep a backup, getting more than required is always nice.

  • Pack of 6.
  • Durable.
  • Less vibration.
  • Hard and strong.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • A little tight when fixing the first time.

7. Oregon 12PK Mower Blades – Less Vibration, 3 Extra Sets of Blades

Oregon 12PK Mower Blades


Are you tired of waiting for those replacement blades you ordered ages ago? Is your lawn all over-grown and still the blades have not arrived?

Like always, I am here to help: The best solution is to get a few blades extra.

No, I am not asking you to waste money by buying extra sets.

Just hear me out: What if I say that you can get high-quality blades in a bundle pack?

How good will that be? This is the case with these blades. Not only are they of the utmost quality, but you also get a pack of 12 blades. It means an extra 3 sets.

Yes, yes, you read right: Plus, the blades will not only fit perfectly on your mower but will outperform the original ones.

I know you must be thinking if that is even possible? Surely, it is. The reason being, the manufacturing process has so many quality standards that the blades come out perfect.

Moreover, computer technology is incorporated in the straightening of the blades. Hence, the precision is spot on.

Because they are straightened by proper computer-control, the vibration on it is reduced manifold.

Hence, you can save yourself from the constant vibration and noise of the mower leading to a peaceful and fun mowing experience.

Now, comes the moment of truth: What does it replace?

Well, the list is pretty long. They replace the OEM Bad boy 54” Deck: 038-3000-00 and 038-5202-00.

Apart from the bad boys, they are also compatible with Ariens, Bunton, Exmark, Ferris, Gravely, Great Dane, Giant-Vac, Husqvarna, Jacobsen, John Deere, Kees, Lesco, Stage, Snapper, Worldlawn, Yazoo, Bobcat, and so on.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and see if it fits your model and buy it as soon as possible for the perfect cut each time, every time.

  • Pack of 12.
  • Durable.
  • Air-lift.
  • Economical.
  • Less vibration.
  • ½ inch shorter than the original.
Oregon 12PK 93-006 Mower Blades Replacement for Bobcat 112111-02...
  • Replaces OEM Part Numbers: 038-3000-00, 038-5202-00
  • Length: 18". Center Hole: 5/8". Outer: 1/4". Center to Center: 1-5/8"....
  • Replaces Numerous other Brands and Models. See description below

8. Rotary 60″ 6303 Commercial Gator – Versatile, Affordable, and Precise

Rotary 60


Want a blade that lasts you a long time? Today is your lucky day. As I have come across just the thing for you. Now, durability should not be a thing to worry about for you. Because these blades are made with the most durable steel which is available in the market.

Moreover, the fact that they are made in the USA guarantees the quality of the blades.

Apart from this, the high carbon steel makes it perform better under all conditions. Be it scorching heat or heavy rainfall.

Worried the blades will look like a replacement? Another headache is taken care of. They look so much like the original ones that only a professional can tell them apart.

Looks and performance, what a package! The blade has teeth on both sides which its counterparts don’t have. Hence, it is better than the rest.

Moreover, 1 blade set comes with 3 blades. Thus, it is perfect for that Bad Boy lawnmower.

Furthermore, the specifications on it are quite well-thought off. Not only does it fit the Bad Boy lawnmower, but it is also compatible with many other brands and model numbers.

Want to know which? Read on further to be surprised.

It goes well with the following: Bad Boy 038605000. Exmark: 103-0301-S, 613112, and 1-613112. Dixie Chopper: 30227-60V and 30227-60. Dixon Industries: 12421, 13956, 539119871, 539129747, 9383 and 539129775.

Furthermore, it is compatible with: Gravely: 8979600 and 46999. HUSTLER 794230. Wheel Horse: 112947. Toro: 105-877-03 and 105-877. Oregon: 90-724, 96-319, 96-335, 96-740 and 491-506

Also, it can be used for SUNBELT B1SB6303. STENS: 302-028, 302-136, 302-620, 302-696 and 302228. Windsor: 50-4780, 51-2800 and 51-2805.

Phew, that is some list, isn’t it? Now, you can see the versatility of these blades.

  • Versatile.
  • Affordable.
  • Durable.
  • Fast.
  • Wear down quickly.

9. 8TEN LawnRAZOR Mulching Blade Set – Limited Edition, Funky, and Powder-Coated

8TEN LawnRAZOR Mulching Blade Set


Have you ever heard of saving the best for last? Certainly, I have done that too. To round off with my reviews, I kept my favorite for last.

Why am I so impressed with this blade? First and foremost, the manufacturer Mishon Corporation specializes in making parts. Hence, all their resources go into making the best replacements on the market. Hence, the quality of these blades is very high.

Moreover, this particular set is a limited edition.

Well, well, well: Who would not want to own a thing which others don’t have?

Even though it is a blade. Nevertheless, looks do matter.

Surprisingly, it comes in a very earthly green color. The green color gives instant life to your mower and makes the mowing experience relaxing and enjoyable for you.

Who doesn’t like a little color? One thing people end up doing wrong is they install the blade in the wrong direction. For a perfect cut, be sure to install the sharpest side close to the grass. Only then will you get the perfect cut.

If at some point you feel they are not giving the cut you expect, remember that for safety, the blades have been powder coated. It means that it will take a few strokes for the powder coat to wear off. Consequently, you will get a sharper cut with time.

The specifications are such that they make it compatible not only with the Bad Boy Mowers but with different brands and models.

Check the following list to see if they fit your demands. The brands are as follows: Bay boy 038-5350-0050 and 038-5350-00. Hustler: 795757. Bunton: PC2005, PL4055, PC1255 and PL4855.

Furthermore, they are compatible with 48” Decks Scag Freedom Z, Great Scamper Surfer and Chariot, and EverRide Wasp HP and Fury ZT.

To add to the list, they are compatible with certain model numbers of Gravely Pro Walk, Toro, John Deere, Lesco, Great Dane, Snapper, and Wright Mfg.

The list just goes on and on and on: You need to keep in mind to check the model number, year and specifications of the original blades and match it with the replacement ones to be sure.

  • Compatible with many brands.
  • Limited-edition.
  • Good-looking blade.
  • Gives a perfect cut every time.
  • Blades can break off after time.
8TEN LawnRAZOR Mower Blade for Gravely Scag Hustler John Deere 48...
  • Replaces OEM Part Numbers: Bad Boy 038-5350-00, 038-5350-0050; Bunton...
  • Replaces OEM Part Numbers: John Deere AM104489; Lesco 021871, 050111,...
  • Compatible with: 48" Decks Scag Freedom Z

Blades for Bad Boy Mower Buyer’s Guide:

Blades for Bad Boy Mower Buying Guide

Generally, replacement blades are brought after you have used the original ones, right? Or, when you have already purchased your land mower?

So, you will already be having an idea which blade will go with your land mower.

But, again, you can’t simply go ahead and buy some random blade without understanding a few things.

First things first: Before I tell you anything else, let’s talk about the most important thing:

Changing blades on a bad boy mower: It is imperative to know. The reason being, if you get the best blades out there and do not know how to change them, what use is it?

Hence, the following steps will help you in changing the blades:

  • Firstly, you need to lift the mower with the help of wheel ramps.
  • Second, make sure the brake is on and put something behind the wheels so it does not slip backward.
  • Now, start from either the left or right-hand side of the mower and remove the blade by getting the bolts off. Here, it is recommended to use some lubrication. Consequently, the bolt will come off easier.
  • For this, place a block of wood in between the deck and blade. As a result, the blade will not be able to turn as you try to get the bolt off.
  • Now, connect a socket to the center bolt and force it off. If the bolt is too tight, you can use a mallet to hit the breaker bar to get the bolt off. Using an impact ranch here will be best if available.
  • That is all it takes to take off the blade.
  • Next, install the new blade as easily as you took off the one before.
  • The lip side should be facing upwards and the blade side faces down. Only then will you be able to cut.
  • Tighten the bolt with a breaker bar.
  • Lastly, repeat the process for the other 2 blades.

Voila! You are done in minutes.

How to Tell if You Need a Replacement?

Generally, people are at a loss as to when the blades should be replaced.

  • Firstly, a clear indication to change the blades is when they are bent, broken, or have nicks and dents in them. Hence, change blades like these before mowing. Not only will they give a bad cut. But, it can be dangerous also.
  • Secondly, look at the grass after you mow. Is it uneven or torn? If yes, it means the blade is dull and needs to be sharpened or if you wish, replaced.
  • Thirdly, inspect the blade thoroughly. Over time, the blade loses its touch. Moreover, the metal also becomes weak. Consequently, it does not cut well. Hence, this is the time to replace it.

Specifications – Which Blade Will Fit Mine?

Last but not least: Always check the measurements, specifications, model number, and year of the original blades of the mower before you go and buy the replacement ones.

Now, what you have to do is match the specifications of the original one to the replacement blade and see if they match EXACTLY.

Only then should you buy it. Even if there is a difference of an inch, do not buy it, but look for some other blade.

Hopefully, our guide will help you in making an informed decision about which blade is best for you Bad Boy Mower.

Blade Length – How Long Should It Be?

Usually, the blades come in lengths anywhere between 16.75”- 22”. You need to be sure which one fits your mower. Because a smaller one won’t cut properly. On the other hand, a wider one won’t fit.

Hence, it needs to be a perfect match.

Blade Holes – Check that Opening

Again, it depends on the mower. Some have a 6-point opening. Others have a 5-point opening. Therefore, check your mower.

The Shape of the Blade

Undoubtedly, having the best blades on the market does not mean your mower will perform well.

Why? The reason being, there are different types of blades out there. For instance, parallel and perpendicular blades.

So, you need to analyze the original blades closely and then go to buy an exact replacement.


Regular sharpening can make the blades last longer, boost their lifespan and as a result reduce the need to replace the blades frequently.

So, sharp them regularly before they become dull.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which are the best bad boy 50-inch mower blades?

Without a doubt, the 038-4825-00 Bad Boy Mower 48”/50” Wavy Mulching Blade is the best Bad Boy Mower blade you will find in the market. The reason being the durability and accuracy with which they cut. Hence, letting you cut all the grass in one go.

Q. Which side of the blade should be up?

Mostly, people get confused about the installation process. Generally, the blades have it specified for them, for example, “This side down” or “Towards Grass” is written on them. In case it is not written, the cutting edge should be installed downwards and the lip edge should be facing upwards.

Q. How long do the blades last?

Generally, motorized blades can last from 20 to 25 hours before they need to be sharpened again. Usually, the full life of the blades is around 150-200 hours of motion. But, high-quality blades can last up to 400 hours also.

Q. Can mower blades be used universally?

They are interchangeable but not universal. Meaning, if your blade has the same width, length, center hole, and thickness as some other blade, you can use it on your mower. Hence, the term replacement blades.

Q. Does a mower blade need to be sharpened till it is razor-sharp?

No. On the contrary, if it is razor-sharp it will create a problem for you. Reason being, that a razor-sharp blade has more chances of chipping off as compared to a normal one. Moreover, a perfectly sharpened blade is one that can be touched with a naked finger and does not get cut. Hence, it should not be very sharp.

Q. Does an expensive blade give better performance?

Usually, we have seen that price is synonymous with high-quality. Hence, if the features being offered at a higher price are better than the rest, it will give a better performance.


In a nutshell, we have discussed the 9 best blades for a bad boy mower. Moreover, all the blades picked for this review are durable, accurate, and above all, affordable.

Coupled with our buyer’s guide and reviews, we have paved the way for you to select the best amongst the best.

So, go ahead and choose the blade that suits you best from above. Nevertheless, if no blade suits your demands, our buyer’s guide will help to pick the right one.