Best C9 LED Christmas Lights 2022 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Is it even Christmas if your home isn’t filled with dazzling decorations? The holidays are upon us once again, and an integral part of the festivities involves putting up Christmas lights. The lights and decorations are, after all, what makes Christmas, Christmas. That, and infinite amounts of eggnog, of course. Let’s focus on the lights for now.

If you’re still using traditional incandescent light bulbs, it’s time to toss those puppies in the trash, along with the exorbitant electric bill that comes with them. Once you do, replace them with LED lights.

C9 LED Christmas lights aren’t just cost-effective; they create a lighting spectacle that will leave your neighbors and passers-by in awe. The vivid colors and flashing brilliance you get from them are no match for traditional lights.

We tested the top-rated bulbs on the market to bring you our top picks for the best C9 LED Christmas lights for 2022.

 Echosari C9 LED Christmas LightsWintergreen C9 LED Christmas LightsBrizled C9 LED Christmas Lights
Best OverallBest ValueBest for Vivid Colors

Available colors

Multicolor, cool white, warm whiteWarm white, cool white, blue, red, green, multicolorGreen, blue, red, orange, cool white, warm white, multicolor


Indoor, outdoor Christmas lightingIndoor, outdoor Christmas lightingIndoor, outdoor Christmas lighting, St. Patrick's daylighting

Bulb wattage

0.5 Watt2.4 Watts2.4 Watts

Light source

LEDLED, corded electricLED, corded electric
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How We Tested and Compared These Products

When testing the various brands of Christmas lighting fixtures on the market, there are several things we were looking for. First were the colors they were available in. At the very basic, we only reviewed products that had an array of colors to choose from to cater to the different tastes and preferences people might have when it comes to holiday decorations. Some of the color options they needed to have included warm white, cool white light, and multicolor variants.

Next, we were interested in their energy rating. They needed to be C9 LED light bulbs that guaranteed a 90% reduction in power consumption compared to traditional incandescent mini lights. To verify this, we used the touch test to check whether they remained cool after four hours of operation. If they did, they were definitely the energy-saving kind and, as such, made it to our shortlisted options.

We were also interested in the color quality. We only ranked bulbs that had a vivid and bright color display. Other features we also looked at include whether or not the lights in question were dimmable, whether they had vibration and shock resistance, and whether they were waterproof for outdoor use.

Our Pick: Echosari C9 LED Christmas Light Bulb Set – Best Overall

C9 LED Replacement Christmas Light Bulbs




  • Available colors: Multicolor, cool white, warm white
  • Usage: Indoor, outdoor Christmas lighting
  • Bulb Wattage: 5 Watt
  • Light source type: LED

Top on our list is the C9 LED Christmas lights from Echosari. Each pack comes with 25 bulbs that can be mounted on E17 or C9 light sockets. These bulbs come in an assortment of colors ranging from cool white and warm white bulbs to multicolor options. The choice of one over the other all comes down to the specific holiday theme you’re going for.

Inside every bulb are five ultra-bright micro light-emitting diodes responsible for the brilliant, vivid colors these Christmas lighting fixtures emit. Despite their bright light, the bulbs remain surprisingly cool to touch even after several hours of operation, so there’s no fire risk there.

One of the great things about them is their energy efficiency. They use 90% less power than traditional incandescent lights that are notorious for driving up electric bills during the holiday season. The fact that they are also dimmable is a definite plus for those times when you don’t need them operating at 100% brightness.

Each bulb is made of break-resistant and weather-resistant acrylic resin. It doesn’t break or chip when you drop them, nor does it doesn’t fade even with constant outdoor exposure to the elements. We thought that was pretty impressive.

As far as safety goes, these Echosari lights are CSA approved and UL-listed for safe use both indoors and outdoors.

All in all, we were quite happy with these holiday lighting fixtures. They are safe, high-quality, and above all, feel remarkably festive. They’re definitely worth checking out.

  • Available in several color variants
  • They are break and weather resistant
  • The dazzling multifaceted design
  • Their brilliant, vivid color display
  • Eco-friendly and energy-efficient
  • The warm white holiday lights give off a bit of a gold hue when viewed from some angles

Best Alternatives

Wintergreen C9 LED Christmas String Light Bulbs – Best Value

C9 Warm White Christmas Lights Set



  • Available colors: Warm white, cool white, blue, red, green, multicolor
  • Usage: Indoor, outdoor Christmas lighting
  • Bulb Wattage: 4 Watts
  • Light source type: LED, corded electric

This set of Christmas lights from Wintergreen is another favorite. If you’re looking for a functional set of lights that won’t dent your holiday budget, these would be the ones to get. They come as a set of 25 lights in several colors, including warm white, cool white, blue, red, green, and multicolor.

We like that each of the light bulbs is spaced eight inches apart over the length of the 17-foot green wire. You can safely connect up to 90 sets of these lights on a single plug powered by a standard 120V outlet.

The bulbs are made of highly durable acrylic resin, which gives them an outstanding amount of break, crack, and chip resistance. Acrylic is also fade-resistant, a feature whose end result is more vivid, brilliant light hues.

These LED lights come ready to use out of the box and even have clips to make it easy to attach them to your Christmas tree, hedges, bushes, or any other surfaces you might want to mount them on. The bulbs have a one-piece, non-removable design, which gives them remarkable dust and moisture resistance.

The Wintergreen C9 LED bulb sets are Energy-Star-certified and reduce power consumption by more than 90% compared to incandescent Christmas lights. They are also UL-certified for safety and are backed by a three-year seasonal warranty. For a budget option, these lights certainly deliver excellent value for the money.

  • Ready to use out of the box
  • The LED string light bulbs are well-spaced
  • Break, crack, and chip resistant
  • Weatherproof and fade resistant
  • Energy-star and UL-certified
  • These LED holiday lights are non-removable and non-replaceable


Brizled C9 LED Christmas String Lights – Best for Vivid Color Display

Brizled C9 Green St Patricks Day Lights




  • Available colors: Green, blue, red, orange, cool white, warm white, multicolor
  • Usage: Indoor, outdoor Christmas lighting, St. Patrick’s daylighting
  • Bulb Wattage: 4 Watts
  • Light source type: LED, corded electric

The first thing that came to mind when we saw these decorative C9 lights from Brizled is festive. They are extremely bright, brighter than any traditional incandescent light bulbs we’ve come across before. At 20.4W for each bulb, we would expect nothing less.

Each set comes with 25 light bulbs, and you can connect up to 40 string lights to a single plug. That’s 1,000 lights’ worth of festive cheer. The fuse plug is replaceable, and you can connect the bulbs to your desired length. Depending on the holiday theme you have going, they’re available in several different color variations, including green, blue, red, orange, cool white, warm white, and multicolor options.

One of our favorite things about them was just how energy efficient they were. They reduce power consumption by a whopping 80% compared to traditional lights. They are also eco-friendly and UL-listed for indoor and outdoor use. You can safely wrap them around hedges, bushes, trees, pillars, fences, wreaths, and anything else you can think of without them becoming a fire hazard in the process.

All in all, we were quite pleased with their performance. Their guaranteed 25,000 hours of bulb life was the cherry on the cake. Their price point wasn’t too bad either.

  • Energy-efficient and eco-friendly light set
  • UL-certified for safe indoor and outdoor use
  • Can connect up to 40 string lights
  • The replaceable fuse plug for the light string
  • Brilliant and vivid color display
  • These string lights are not dimmable


Hayata C9 LED Christmas Light Bulb Set – Best for Lit Professional Lighting

C9 Bulbs Christmas Lights




  • Available colors: Multicolor, orange & purple
  • Usage: Indoor, outdoor Christmas lighting
  • Bulb Wattage:4 Watts
  • Light source type: LED, corded electric

For those with a bit more wiggle room in their budget, you will like what the Hayata C9 LED Christmas lights bring to the table. For starters, each pack comes with 35 lights spread over a total length of 29 feet. You can connect up to 60 light strings end-to-end to light up your home with 2,100 lights. The best part is, if one of the light bulbs goes out, the others remain lit.

Despite how bright they are, these LED C9 bulbs reduce power consumption by up to 90% compared to traditional incandescent lights, which are notorious for driving up energy consumption and associated costs during the holidays. Each bulb is made of acrylic, making them fade-proof and unbreakable. You don’t have to worry about the bulbs shattering to pieces if they accidentally fall to the ground.

The Hayata LED lights also come with two extra Christmas light replacement bulbs and one replacement fuse for overload protection. They remain cool to touch even after several hours of operation. According to the manufacturer, they have a 50,000-hour lifespan, which is pretty impressive for Christmas lights in its class.

All in all, we were quite happy with them. They delivered just the right amount of brightness, and the colors were exceptionally vivid. They’re definitely worth the extra bucks and would also make excellent fairy lights and novelty lights as well, once the holidays wrap up.

  • You can connect 2,000+ lights by linking together 60 light strings
  • UL-certified for safe indoor and outdoor string light applications
  • Energy-efficient and comes with a replacement bulb
  • IP44 waterproof
  • Break, chip, crack, and fade resistant
  • The string light set is not dimmable

How to Choose the Best C9 LED Christmas Lights – Buying Guide


White lights on a Christmas tree

Before you go off and buy the first set of C9 LED Christmas lights you come across, we’ve put together a list of tips to keep in mind when choosing the best ones.


This is arguably the most important factor in any holiday display. Whether you’re putting up Christmas lights for your home or commercial premises, you need to pick the right color to create the perfect holiday ambiance.

While it is all a matter of preference, you can’t go wrong with red and green. These traditional Christmas colors are bound to infuse cheer and festivity into the season. Alternatively, you can go for an all-white Christmas and put up warm white C9 bulbs or cool white icicle lights.

Whatever you do, don’t mix and match color themes. If you put up multicolor lights, don't mix them with white lights. If you decide to go with an all-white Christmas theme, don't mix cool and warm colors. Pick one retrofit bulb color and stick with it.

Break Resistance

Next, you need to ensure the light bulbs you pick are shatterproof. You want to keep an eye out for Christmas lights made of acrylic resin, which offers a remarkable level of break resistance. If they fall to the ground, you don’t have to worry about having to clean up a shattered glass mess afterward.

Moreover, the acrylic resin also stays looking new even after several years of use. These bulbs don't fade, so the hues stay looking fresh, rich, and dazzling.


The other thing you need to think about is water resistance, especially if you’re looking for C9 outdoor Christmas lights. Each bulb's lens and LED diode should be in a single, sealed socket to prevent moisture from creeping in when it rains or snows.

Build Quality

Steer clear of cheap Christmas lights. As they say, if it's too good to be true, it probably is. A great way to ensure you're getting high-quality C9 bulbs is to only purchase them from reputable manufacturers. For safe indoor and outdoor use, brands like Echosari, Wintergreen, Brizled, and Hayata are CSA-approved and UL-certified. The last thing you need is to purchase a set of lights only to then end up with a fire hazard on your hands.

Dimming Feature

The other factor you need to consider is whether you can dim the C9 Christmas lights you purchase. That way, you can control the brightness level depending on the ambiance you're going for and whether you intend to put them up inside or outside your home.

Most of the Christmas lights with this feature offer four levels of brightness – 100%, 75%, 50%, and 25%. You can get a set of lights that come with a built-in memory function to automatically apply the last set level of brightness – even better. These lights don’t reset every time you switch them off, for instance, during the day when you don’t need them at maximum brightness.

Bulb Wattage

The bulb wattage rating on C9 LED Christmas lights defines the amount of energy required to generate a specific amount of light. Bulbs with a higher wattage glow brighter than those with a lower figure. Keep in mind that C9 LED bulbs, in general, reduce power consumption by more than 90% compared to incandescent mini lights with a similar wattage rating.


Is C9 the largest size of Christmas lights?

Yes, they are. C9 bulbs are mounted on E17 intermediate bases and produce a significantly brighter light than other C LED bulbs such as C7 lights or other smaller bulbs. They measure roughly 2.5 inches long with a 1.25-inch circumference, making them the largest traditional Christmas lights on the market.

Is a C9 bulb LED or incandescent?

Both options are available. You will come across C9 incandescent bulb sets and the newer C9 LED bulbs on the market. The main difference between them is their power consumption. Traditional incandescent mini lights use significantly more power than LEDs. Using C9 LED Christmas lights reduces power consumption by more than 90%.

How many LED C9 Christmas lights can I string together?

The answer to this depends on the electrical service they’re plugged into. As a rule of thumb, light strings should never exceed 85% of your breaker’s wattage. If you have a common household breaker, each plug shouldn’t exceed more than 1400 Watts. If you divide this figure by the wattage of each bulb, that will give you the total number of C9 LED Christmas lights you can string together.


There you have it – the best outdoor Christmas lights for 2022. Any of the bulbs we’ve reviewed in this guide would be an excellent choice for your holiday decorations. Go on – have fun with it.