10 Best C9 LED Christmas Lights Of 2021 [Buying Guide]

There’s hardly a person who does not like decoration, especially for Christmas. And a very big part of Christmas decorations includes brightening and lightings gears.

LED lights are the retro and vintage way to make your home glam up from inside to outside. C9 has a shape that looks like teardrops, the conventional ones. It’s a mixture of retro LEDs with nostalgic C9.

You just need to pick the right lights and know how to put them correctly. We have done the job for you of searching for the perfect C9 Led Christmas Lights that are easy to install, spreads enough brightness, and completes the whole holiday look in no time. Let’s go for it!

10 Best C9 Led Christmas Lights 2021: Finding Your Ideal Holiday Picks

From countless options available in the market, you don’t have to take the hassle of browsing and finding out about each of them. We have completed out seven days’ worth of research and evaluation to present the best 10 choices for C9 Christmas lighting.

Here’s a mini sneak peek about each, enjoy!

Product’s NameColorLength 
HAYATA C9 Bulbs Christmas LightsMulti23 ft Check Price
Wintergreen Lighting C9 LightsMulti25 ft Check Price
UZEXON Led Christmas Lights C9Blue17 ft Check Price
Brizled C9 Green Christmas LightsGreen17 ft Check Price
UZEXON Outdoor Warm White LightsMulti17 ft Check Price
MOWASS Outdoor String LightsWarm16 ft Check Price
GE Energy Smart 50 LightsMulti32 ft Check Price
Wintergreen Holiday Outlet C9 LightsWarm17 ft Check Price
MAXINDA Commercial C9 LightsWarm18 ft Check Price
Echosari C9 Led Christmas LightMulti17 ft Check Price

1. HAYATA C9 Bulbs Christmas Lights – Glowing Fairy Lighting for Christmas Eve

HAYATA C9 Bulbs Christmas Lights

The C9 lights of HAYATA company’s lights provide higher illumination that can use on both indoor and outdoor. Plus, it gives diamonds sheen at night for perfect Christmas Eve party.

Decoration Thoughts: The LED small lights are a fantastic medium for decorating ideas or plans on an occasion. In fact, it has good lighting capability that can lighten up the whole arena or garden for celebrating Christmas or Eastern at home. For that reason, we find it an excellent support for decorating thoughts.

Higher Construction: It is a well-made product that has greater manufacture for finding dependable performance. In our experience, we find it ideal for its dazzling lighting that’s made of weather opposing, break-resist, and strong plastics. Also, the product helps in filling the whole garden with strawberry string lights.

Energy Efficient: We are in love with its amazing energy efficiency that helps greatly on lightening bulbs for many hours. As it is energy efficient, users can clearly use it for reducing 90% power usage. For that reason, it gives 50,000 hours of natural life illumination.

Long-Lasting Capacity: These C9 lights are long-lasting for better performance. No wonder, it is made of good bulb shells for waterproof and break-proof design so that one can use it for lifespan. Also, the bulbs are designed for enduring rain or heat to decorate.

Safe Usability: One of the best parts that we find good is its safe design to use at ease. So, what’s this all about? Actually, it is suitable for users to touch the bulbs even if it’s plug-in for lots of hours. So far, the LED lights don’t give heat or a hot feel on hand while touching.

Overall, it has good and stunning designs in many different colors to lighten up on Christmas event. The multi-colored lights come with 2 bulbs and one fuser with an instruction. Plus, it has clear lighting that doesn’t give pressure on the eyes to watch.

  • It has a comfortable and colorful lightened up tech.
  • This light is super durable and lasts longer.
  • It comes with a short power cord for plugging in.
  • The old & traditional style design gives powerful lighting.
  • It is amazing for decorating any event.
  • They are expensive in price.

2. Wintergreen Lighting C9 OptiCore Multicolor Lights – Brightest C9 LED Christmas Lights

Wintergreen Lighting C9 Lights

The Wintergreen C9 lights are wonderful for decorating with its super bright light facility to illuminate Christmas trees. It comes with 25 & 30 multicolor lights option but the 25 lights are finest.

Simple Usage: The C9 smooth lights are super easy to maintain as they are twinkle-free and strong in design to decorate at ease. We also find it simple to adjust on a big tree or wall for a perfect lighting experience at an event.

Good Replacement: One thing we find amazing for occasional using it for getting a good replacement. With this option, users can quickly find a better replacement for repairing or restoring broken products. Also, it has 1 year of warranty support for having an assurance of buying products.

Connectable: The LED lights have safe connectivity end to end finding better lighting with less energy usage. Actually, it has a single plug that can connect the feminine plus or connector for safe connectivity. Plus, the plugs provide less energy power to light up with a simple one plug.

Durable: We are in love with its performance that provides durable parts and polycarbonate lenses to light up the Christmas event. In our experience, the product is super strong that is detachable, and replaceable for providing better lights. Also, it has good color with hard-wearing bulbs and fuses for long-term usage.

Reliable Performance: The best part of this product is it has good features for depending. Plus, it has trouble-free usability, as a user can use it in any weather to light up the whole arena outside and inside the door. Plus, we find it good for its unique design for fun decorating on Christmas Eve.

On the whole, the product gives good ideas to decorate in a stylish way of celebrating perfectly. It is great in value with lots of features to decorate. Also, the lighting bulbs are durable and hard-wearing that gives perfect lights for fun adornment.

  • Perfect lighting with a one-year warranty service.
  • This impressive LED light gives a colorful lighting experience.
  • It has excellent quality and different colors to lighten up easily.
  • The product is great in value at this quality.
  • It has well-built wires and bulbs that are for lifelong usage.
  • The product provides bad customer service.

3. UZEXON Outdoor LED Christmas Lights C9 – Long-lasting Bright Bulbs for Festival Lights

UZEXON Led Christmas Lights C9

If you want a product that lasts longer and provides bright lighting on less energy, then UZEXON LED lights are right for you. It has good illumination and saves costs for fun decoration.

Excellent Vividness: The C9 LED light provides top lights for giving bright shines on the house. Plus, it has better brightness that doesn’t give pressure on the eyes and steady on for many hours. Besides, the lights don’t fade away on low energy efficiency so that the decoration lasts longer.

Strong Bulbs: We find this product super powerful and hard-wearing that doesn’t break at ease. Actually, it is made with indestructible plastics for providing lighting in any condition. For that reason, the product provides good flexibility for using in outside the garden or trees to decorate perfectly.

Tangle-Free Strands: One of the supreme things about this product, it has three untangle strands for avoiding a mess. We find it useful as it helps a lot for setting perfect decorations without getting twisted. Plus, it gives full support for avoiding damages to the wires for decorating with a fresh mind.

Water-Resistant: The product has an amazing weather resistance option to decorate in any environment. Plus, it has good lighting that doesn’t get damaged to harsh weather. With this option, users can protect the strand from hot summer, winter, sun, storm, rain, and snowfall.

Warranty Support: Another thing that we love about is its manufacturer’s support. The product has 1-year excellent warranty support to solve any sale problems or damages. Plus, it is helpful for giving better assurance while having any product related problems. With this option, a user can find discounts on big orders.

By and large, These C9 LED lights are good for occasional usage with better lighting to decorate on important events. It is durable, good value, safe usage and high brilliance for decorating the Christmas tree. Plus, the lights are UL certified for avoiding burning or electric shock accidents.

  • A wonderful wire set that doesn’t tangle or mesh easily.
  • The bulbs are hard-wearing that won’t break at ease.
  • It gives amazing lighting, especially outside the home.
  • The LED light works on less energy or low power.
  • It is highly economical and provides bright decorative light.
  • They are smaller than expected.

4. Brizled C9 Green Christmas Lights- Eco – Friendly LED Lighting for Garden Party

Brizled C9 Green Christmas Lights

Brizled brand has quality LED lights for users to enjoy fun decorations with no trouble. It comes with better illuminating light that is environment-friendly for simple recycling.

Energy Power: The LED light can work well on low electric power for providing better light even in low voltage. Plus, it has an 80% energy saving option to provide light by saving extra money. We find it super useful for decorating to give bright light with no worry about electric bills.

Different Colors: Brizled brand provides many colors of bulbs for decorating stuff. For example, it has green, warm white, blue, and multi-colored lights for decorating with better ideas. However, we would prefer to get these green lights because it’s way better than other ones.

Safe Consumption: We love its safe usability for avoiding accidents or mishaps while decorating outside or inside the house. Also, the corded-electric doesn’t make it hot or heated. It has steady bulbs that don’t give heat or burn feels on hand as it’s cool to touch when lit.

Break Resistant: Want to know the best part? The product is UL tested for unbreakable parts for decorating even in a harsh environment. Plus, it is built-in strong and durable plastic for adoring on the backyard or trees. With this option, users can easily decorate even in heavy snowfall for getting a special Christmas vibe.

Budget-Friendly: The LED light is great in value with lots of features to get at a reasonable price. Also, it has good maintenance, a tangle-free design, and strong features to get the perfect lighting for decoration. Plus, it comes with extra bulbs and one fuse at a cheap price.

In general, the C9 green light is super environment-friendly and durable for long-term usage. It has beautiful crystal clear lights that give different decorating ideas to style the tree or walls. Plus, the lights are fine in quality for indoor and outdoor decoration.

  • Designed for a beautiful decoration for any occasion.
  • It has better strings for both external and internal ornament.
  • Super simple to maintain on the veranda or covered entrance.
  • Gives amazing warm vivid color and right in quality.
  • They are durable and suitable for long-term usage.
  • It has a very intense bright color.

5. UZEXON Outdoor Warm White Lights – Mood Lightening for Christmas tree Lights

UZEXON Outdoor Warm White Lights

This outdoor LED lights are wonderful for occasional use and provides bright light experience. It has a well-covered base removable and replaceable bulb to light up whole backyards.

Decorating Ideas: We are in love with its wonderful construction and lightings that give better-decorating ideas. Actually, the bulbs are good colors for decorating in different ways so that users can celebrate on an occasion. Plus, it is super easy to maintain for adjusting to any wall or trees.

Untangle Strands: The commercial-grade lights are designed in an untangle way for simple decoration. In fact, it has 25 lights with 200 inches of green wire that is set up in completely tangle-free strands. With this option, the product stays on the wall and trees with no problem of twisted.

Energy Efficient: In our experience of using this product, we find it super effective for decorating with less energy power. Actually, it works on a corded-electric two-prong plug that is connective for illuminate in a low power source. With this option, a user can easily get desirable light by saving extra money to go in vain.

Strong Design: It has strong bulbs and fuses that are UL tested for performing even in terrible weather conditions. Also, we love its design that is made of strong plastic and safe performance for lighting the whole house.

Water-Resistance: The warm white lights are waterproof that means a user can use it in the rainy or stormy area. In other words, it is made for outside decoration that gives IP44 water-resistance design. For that reason, it can protect the bulbs and fuses from the wintry, sun, wind & rain.

Overall, the product is wonderful for Christmas and Easter day to decorate outside. It has 1 year of warranty service for having a better replacement with a 100% money-back option. Plus, the lights are eco-friendly, high-quality lights and good protection from harsh atmosphere.

  • Comes with super illuminating light with better vividness.
  • It is waterproof that can decorate in a rainy or wet area.
  • The products are super safe to use as it doesn’t heat up.
  • It is UL certified that isn’t weak in parts.
  • The bulbs and strings are easy to adjust for fun decorating.
  • It is shorter than an expectation.

6. MOWASS Outdoor String Lights – Multi-Colored Bulbs for Eastern Lights

MOWASS Outdoor String Lights

The string lights are fabulous for decorating with different colors on Eastern. It comes with a logical value and high-quality service to decorate in the nighttime with bright lights.

Secure Use: With better lighting options, the bulbs provide secure use for decorating with no chance of injury or electric shock. Plus, it is UL certified product that gives good protection with its circuit stable wires and bulbs for safe usage. For that reason, we find it good for occasional consumption.

Festival Decoration: This LED light provides good decorative ideas that can be used at festivals. In our opinion, it can decorate on walls, props, houses or corridors, etc for fun adorning. Also, the products can be connecting up to 90 strings for bright decorating.

Long-Lasting Bulbs: We are in love with its strong bulbs for indoor and outdoor use. Also, the bulbs have well-built materials and durable plastic for fighting in any situation. With these hard-wearing bulbs, one can easily use them for long periods of time.

Rainproof: Another good thing that we like about this product is its water-resistance for decorating in any weather condition. A user can easily use it for fun decoration with no fear of electric shock or circuit. Plus, it gives a full advantage as the bulb, wire, and plug are rainproof that can be used in rainy, sunny, stormy, and harsh weather.

Good Quality: The light has an amazing quality that helps to provide maximum support on decorating stuff. Also, it allows users to use in any area with bright lighting for giving a festival vibe. You see, the product is durable, strong, and lasts longer.

What’s the bottom line? Well, it has an extendable design and good features to decorate at ease. The LED light has different colors such as warm white, blue, and multicolor but we find warm white color light the best for decoration on Eastern.

  • It is waterproof that can be used in harsh weather.
  • The LED light is more vivid and colorful with a strong layout.
  • It has an energy-saving option to work on low-power.
  • Perfect products that can be decorated in outside or inside.
  • It has 12 months of warranty for having a replacement.
  • We find one problem with its small cord wire.

7. GE Energy Smart 50 Multicolor Lights – Energy Saving Lighting for Patio Holyday Lights

GE Energy Smart 50 Lights

The 50 multicolor lights are great invention by GE that helps on saving extra spends by providing low energy power. It has good quality and features for users to decorate.

Quick Connectivity: We love its quick connectivity that helps a lot with plugging-in. Also, it has 32.7 string lengths that help to connect the plug to the distance area. The quick connectivity option helps users to provide power or electricity via a 2-pin plug for quick attaching. For that reason, a user can connect quickly to feminine connectors.

Break-Free: It gets better with its break-free design that gives full support to decorate with no tension of detaching. Actually, the lights are made of strong materials for a long period of usage. For that reason, it won’t break even in a harsh situation for users to experience better decorations.

Multi Colors: The LED light has multi colors for decorating like Christmas or holiday vibe. Plus, it has Green, Red, Blue, Yellow and White colors to fill the whole room with mood-making lights. With this multi-color light, a user can decorate on the balcony or backyard for satisfaction.

Safe & Smart: One of the finest things about this product is its safe and smart workings. We are greatly in love with its safe usability for avoiding electric shock. Also, it has a smart lighting tech that doesn’t give pressure on eyes while decorating at night or day time. The product gives good safety with no burnout or damages.

Bright Light: In our experience, the product has a bright lighting option that stays on for a long time. Also, it has vivid light that doesn’t take much power with its low power usage system. With this option, a user can save their money on electric bills to avoid extra spending.

On the whole, the LED lights help on saving 80% energy to activated for hours. It has good value, smart tech, strong materials and safe indoor-outdoor using for decorating on any occasion. Plus, the product has different colors to adorn.

  • Extremely uses in low-power for lightening the whole arena.
  • It is way safer as the bulbs don’t get heat.
  • The LED bulbs are safe and durable to use.
  • It gives a perfect Christmas vibe with different colors.
  • A reliable LED light that is resilient and low-weight.
  • These come at a higher price.

8. Wintergreen Lightning Holiday Lighting Outlet Faceted C9 Lights – Vivid, Efficient & Colorful for Yard-Party Lights

Wintergreen Holiday Outlet C9 Lights

The holiday C9 lights have good features that help to decorate better on walls, corridor or house decor. It has better clear, efficient and colorful for yard or garden party.

Twinkle-Free Wires: Wintergreen Lighting brand provides amazing tangle-free wires to adjust perfectly with no irritating tangle to break-free. With this option, users can easily decorate the chosen area for lighting all the space with warm white color lights. Also, it has a green wire that are 6 inches apart for providing twinkle-free wires.

Safe Connect: The product has a safe connecting that is up to 90 sets back-to-back for providing full coverage on a single plug. Plus, it has both male and female plugs to create connectivity for lighting the bulbs at ease. With this option, users can connect safely with no electric shock problem.

Durable Bulbs: We deeply love its durable acrylic bulbs that are unbreakable and creak-free for use comfortably. It is made of high-quality acrylic and plastic that won’t chip or fade easily for long-term usage. Also, the lighting is clearer and vivid for decorating with no fear of detaching.

Non-Removable Design: The LED lights have a fixed bulb that is not removable or detachable for replacing. Plus, it has hard construction seals that eliminate rust for lifespan bulb using. With this option, a user doesn’t have to replace bulbs as they last longer.

High-Quality Lights: Another thing we find useful is its high-performance lights that give better lighting for decorating in any climate. Plus, it is UL certified for safe using on outside the house to filling lights. The product has 3 years warranty option for having a replacement for broken products.

Overall, it has good quality and features to lighting outside and inside the house with less energy. The LED light has good warm color and bright light that gives better Christmas lights to celebrate with friends and family. Also, it allows users to use both indoor and outdoor decor.

  • It has a bright light that helps to brighten up all areas.
  • The product gives full support with less power to lighten up.
  • It has an excellent light string that is made for lasting usage.
  • The product has good value to get.
  • It is a perfect choice to decorate for any project.
  • It is not simple to maintain.

9. MAXINDA Commercial Grade C9 Lights – Brilliant light &Energy Efficient for Commercial lights

MAXINDA Commercial C9 Lights

The commercial grade lights give bright lights and provide energy-saving on less energy efficient to decorate better. It has good value and features to decorate comfortably.

Weather-Resistance: The LED lights are super weather resistant that can use in any environment. Also, it allows the user to decorate even in rainy, sunny, wintery, stormy, and damp weather to celebrate, just think about it. The product is made of durable plastic so that it doesn’t get damaged at ease.

Better Lighting: Want to know the best part? It has amazing bright lighting that gives clear and mid-light for viewing with no eye pressure. The LED light provides vintage traditional lights with a safe tube for decorating quickly and comfortably. With this lighting, users can use it for a long time with less energy usage.

Resilient Bulbs: It has unbreakable bulbs that last longer with safe lighting efficiency for decorating perfectly. Plus, the product has radiation-free LED lights that won’t hurt the user’s eyes while staring at it. Besides, it is UL approval that provides safe usage for indoor and outdoor commercial decor.

Safe to Touch: The product provides good protection while turning the lights ON for decorating. Plus, it won’t give heat or burn to feel on hand while touching it. These touchable bulbs are simple to decorate that won’t give electric accidents while decorating. Also, it is super cool to touch for avoiding little mishaps or accidents.

Higher Quality: We find it super cool for decoration because of its high quality. Plus, it has an amazing quality that provides a good mood for decorating perfectly. With this high-quality, a user can enjoy bright and safe lights to decorate on the patio, yard, and sidewalks.

The bottom line is it is perfect for commercial decor to get bright and clearer lighting option. It has amazing twist-free and waterproof design for decorating in any environment. Plus, the product has good connectivity and three steadies on wires to use perfectly.

  • This product comes in different colors and sizes to decorate well.
  • It has 1 year of manufacturer warranty for repairing the product.
  • A trustworthy LED light that gives useful features.
  • Super simple to set up and amazing in quality.
  • The Bulb and strings are good in design and length.
  • It has a fragile lighting brightness.

10. Echosari C9 Led Christmas Light Bulb – Budget-friendly Bulbs For Christmas Lights

Echosari C9 Led Christmas Light

The C9 LED Christmas lights manufactured by echosari to have good quality at a reasonable price to decorate comfortably. It has colorful lights that help outside and inside using.

Perfect Colors: Eechosari brands promote different colors for users to decorate in desirable choices. Plus, it has warm white, C7, and C9 multi-color for getting the perfect color to decorate. However, we love the C9 multi-colored bulbs as it has a unique design with 5 different colors. It also has Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, and Orange colors.

Weatherproof: We are in love with its weather-resistance design that can be used in any climate. Also, it is made of strong and durable plastic for fighting in any surroundings. Besides, the product can be decor in rainy, sunny, wintery, and harsh weather to lighting with colorful lights.

Cool to Handle: The C9 Christmas lights are super easy to handle as they come with cool designs that won’t give body parts burn out or heat feel. Plus, it is well-made with a colorful design that doesn’t give electric shocks or circuit problems while decorating outside or inside the house.

Eco-Friendly Lights: One of the greatest parts of this product is its eco-friendly support that works on less energy to radiant bulbs. Plus, it has over 90% energy saving option to provide the brightest lights that are made of non-toxic materials. With this option, a user can recycle with no trouble.

Safe Usability: It is made of hard-wearing and stable plastic that provides safe usage. Plus, the LED light is dimmable and rainproof that won’t harm the users while decorating on walls or big trees. It also gives good protection with its strong construction for safe usage.

On the whole, The LED Christmas lights are perfect in features and logical in value for users to get. It is CSA approved and UL listed that can use for outside and inside with full protection. Also, it has 1 year of warranty service for repairing broken products.

  • It can use for both outsides and inside the adornment.
  • The light design is available in various colors.
  • It has a reasonable price tag for users to embellish at ease.
  • The product is super easy and comfortable to fit in or install.
  • A useful product for occasional usage with 1-year warranty support.
  • They are not durable.

C9 Led Christmas Lights Buyer's Guide:

C9 Led Christmas Lights Buying Guide

There’s more to when the concern is about choosing one from multiple models. Be it Christmas lights or anything at all. The best way here is to make a checklist of things that you must need for your use. It’s called the priority list.

Maybe you like a certain color rather than multiple ones. Or the party you are preparing will be held outside.

Every little detail for the occasion where you are supposed to use the lights will come to attention for this priority list. When you make the choice, these sets of requirements need to meet with it.

And to make it simple, we’ll be providing you some common factors that play a major part in choosing C9 LED lights.


There is a different type of color range available for C9 led lights. You want to consider one according to your decoration preference. For Christmas, most people love multi-color lighting for decoration.

Make sure the model you are looking into has some options to choose from for color. More brands are offering color lightings as well. These are preferable for garden parties and inside decoration.

Built-in Quality

Maybe you’ll use the lighting for this Christmas only. Or it is also possible you wish to store them for next year. Whatever your wants are make sure the bulb’s construction quality can provide you that.

There are some cheap options available that merely good for one-time use. These do not last long. And sometimes, these even stops in the midway of celebration. Make sure you get a reasonable option that lasts a good number of hours after lighting.

You don’t want your decoration to look weird with lots of bulbs just turning off one by one.

Easy Connecting Benefits

Christmas is a hectic occasion where you need to deal with a lot of other things apart from decoration. So, you need the c9 LEDs to be easy to install. These have to be flexible enough to ensure proper connectivity without you have to spend a huge amount of time.

Make sure you are not investing in something that shows irritating connectivity issues while you are at the very last minute of finishing everything.


The design and making of the LED bulbs are a major point to consider. You are going to have kids and elders visiting for this happy occasion.

A sudden mishap caused by cheap quality Christmas lights is the last thing anybody would want to happen. So, make sure to keep that in mind while buying the right choice.


We know you would want to save for other parts of the celebration. However not just pick anything that seems cheap because this might bring home unnecessary hazards risking safety. Also, the decoration should not look incomplete.

So, make sure you choose something reasonable that is not too expensive but also not absolutely poor in price.

C7 vs C9 Bulb: What’s the Difference?

C7 and C9 bulbs are often considered the same in functionality. However, there are certain changes and differences that definitely make these two different in particular.

The very first thing is the size. C9 bulbs are definitely larger than the c7 ones. The latter one comes with an E12 candelabra base. This is quite the same size as the night light bulb. These use 5-watt bulbs generally with a length of one and a half inches. For roof outlining C7 are a really good option to try.

C9 bulbs are definitely larger and they are most of the time 2 inches long. These come with a higher watt feature and for decoration purposes, people love to use them.

Both are actually good in their way. It depends on your preference of size pretty much. Some favor the huge looking bulbs making a space way brighter. Other might like the night star shines in their lightings.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to shorten c9 led Christmas lights?
There are plenty of ways you can try to shorten the C9 led lights. One good way for getting rid of a whole section of lights from the wired series.

You just need to cut the lights apart from wherever there is a two-wire. Make sure the lights are unplugged. Next, you can finish it off by simply cupping two wires using a wire connector.

How many amps are c9 Christmas lights?
There are methods you can use to calculate the amps of lights. Now you need to start with knowing the wattage of light you are using. It could vary according to string length as well. So simply connect three sets of lights end to end.

Now you can consider the load for this entire outlet. Most standard outlets are known for supporting 16 amps. The simple equation is multiplying the number of feet with watts. Now you need to decide the result with 125 volts and here you have the number of amps.

How many c9 Christmas lights can I string together?
With C9 lights, you can enjoy suing up to 50 lights in one string. This is similar to c7 as well. You can not confuse the number with mini lights since C9 are pretty bigger in size.

Also, depending on your decoration style and area, this number might vary accordingly. So, make sure you consider those as well.

How to fix Christmas lights when half the string is out?
There should be half lights on one leg series with another way on another when it comes to split springs. When one bulb is damaged in one series leg, you need to quickly find it out for fixing. His time limit is around five minutes.

Don’t exceed that time requirement. If you are able to find the light damaged in that tie, simply replace it to fix it. Otherwise replacing is the only option left. With bad light, you have the danger of disturbing every other bulb in that leg. So, this is critical to keep in mind.

What happens if you string too many Christmas lights together?
You should be following the separate bulb count rules at all times. This is important to keep the lights lighting well. If you are using 100-light strings then making sure every other one is the same.

Using the wrong light set with string will cause burn and sometimes horrible things could happen Don’t turn the celebration into mourning because of such silly mistakes.

How much electricity does a string of Christmas lights use?
One out of ten portions of consumed electricity reaches the regular Christmas lights. However, with the LED’s the heat generation is pretty low. And that’s why it is more convenient to use with less wastage. Most of the LED lighting strings consume around 4 watts with 70 lights in them.


So, finally, we have reached the very end of today’s conversation. We hope you have a better idea about the best C9 LED Christmas lights now. You can choose anyone from the list we provided and it’s going to meet expectations, we assure you of that.

All of these choices might not be right for everyone. So, we wanted to keep things mixed up and provide you a list that has at least one choice for everyone.

Your job is to find that suitable pick from this list and move on to your Christmas decoration plan. The celebration highly depends on the level of decoration. So, you don’t want to take a chance here. Make sure to research well about installing and using these lights the right way.