10 Best Cabinet Door Bumpers [Buying Guide 2021]

Have you been on the hunt for something that will keep your doors from making that slamming noise every time you shut them? Well, we suggest taking a look at the best cabinet door bumpers that we have compiled below and made your home noise-free.

Finding the right door bumpers is a task of its own. You need something that will not only keep your doors from making unwanted noise but should also prevent your furniture from wearing and tearing. Even though both these aspects are a bit hard to find indoor bumpers but they aren’t impossible at all.

All you must do is look at the right place and you will find what you are looking for.

So, to make the whole hunt easier for you, we did our research and came across the following cabinet door bumpers ideal for homes and offices. All the door bumpers that we have mentioned below work effectively and they last for very long.

Take a look at all our suggested recommendations and choose the cabinet door bumper that fits your needs best.

Comparing 10 Best Cabinet Door Bumpers

Cabinet BumpersDiameterColorNo. Sheets 
Yonisun Sound Damper1/2Transparent100 Check Price
Rok Hardware Bumper1/2Transparent100 Check Price
Baipok Cabinet Bumper0.4”Transparent200 Check Price
Shintop Furniture Bumper3/8Transparent100 Check Price
GorillaGrit Clear AdhesiveMultiTransparent106 Check Price
Eboot Clear Rubber Feet8.5mmTransparent200 Check Price
DGQ Sound Dampener1/2Transparent200 Check Price
HushBumps Ultra Gel1/2Virtually visible104 Check Price
Mozoland Soft Bumper1/2Transparent100 Check Price
Outus 254 Pieces Bumper3/8Transparent254 Check Price

1. Yonisun Sound Dampening Door Bumpers

Yonisun Sound Damper


Getting tired of your doors making noise every time you shut them? Well, take a look at Yonisun Sound Dampening Door Bumpers. Noisy doors can cause a huge level of hindrance not just for the people living in a house but sometimes, also for the neighbors.

Finding the right door bumpers may seem a bit of a difficult task but not if you know which brand you need to check out first. We have used various Yonisun products and the brands have never failed us.

When we were hunting down the best sound dampening door bumpers, we came across Yonisun’s catalog and we found it to be the most fantastic. The company offers various kinds of bumpers but the ones we liked were these, transparent bumpers that will glue themselves to your doors like anything.

These are the quietest bumpers available in the market that stick like a magnet. One of the main reasons why we picked out Yonisun Sound Dampening Door Bumpers was because we loved the products that last long and this one surely does.

The adhesive attached to these bumpers is really strong and they stick to finished wood surfaces efficiently. The only setback we found regarding these bumpers is that they aren’t ideal for anyone looking for door bumpers other than wooden doors.

The Yonisun Sound Dampening Door Bumpers have only been manufactured for wooden surfaces. They won’t stick to ceramic or plastic or even steel for that matter. The bumpers are also a bit hard to stick given you have to part the middle of the bumper from its sides but only because of this difficulty that users have to endure, the bumper becomes the quietest bumper in the market.

Most of the door bumpers available in the market are too stiff so they aren’t able to emit the vibrations effectively. But this one does. The material that has been used to manufacture Yonisun Sound Dampening Door Bumpers is soft and doesn’t let the door make any noise.

One last thing before we call it quits, typical bumpers available in the market only come with 5- to 60 sheets per pack but Yonisun offers you 100 sheets in a single pack, making this door bumper all the more worth buying.

So, get yourself the Yonisun Sound Dampening Door Bumpers and you won’t ever have to listen to those screeching annoying sounds ever again.

Bottom line: The Yonisun Sound Dampening Door Bumpers come on the top of our list because they stick really well, come with a 6-month warranty and are extremely economical. The best part is, these door bumpers are thoroughly functional and they provide you with maximum ease

  • Extremely affordable
  • Stick really well
  • Efficiently minimize the noise
  • They do not stick to plastic and ceramic surfaces
Yonisun Sound Dampening Door Bumpers, 1/2 Diameter, Sheet of 100"

2. Rok Hardware Pack of 100 SoftClose Door & Drawer Cabinet Bumpers

Rok Hardware Bumper


Our next recommendation is a product from Rok Hardware, the 100 pc SoftClose Door and Drawer Cabinet Bumpers is all you need to exterminate the annoying noise of pulling and shutting the doors and drawers.

Rok is a brand and name that you can trust without giving it a second thought. The company has managed to sustain the quality and the durability of all its products since the moment the company came into being.

Over the years, Rok Brand which is sold under Rok Hardware has manufactured several colored and clear door bumpers and most of them have allowed the users to remain noise-free at all times.

Until, a few months ago, Rok came up with the idea of introducing multi-purpose bumpers that are not just limited to be used on doors but you can also use them underdrawers, chairs, tables, and whatnot.

The SoftClose Door and Drawer Cabinet Bumpers are highly versatile door silencers. You can use them in kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, cupboards, drawers, and even keep the noise of the dragging table under control.

These bumpers are highly durable and come with an extra sticky peel that will make them stick to the surface for as long as you want. The size of the stopper is diameter which is more than enough for smaller and bigger spaces.

Let’s say if you want to attach to it a bigger door, you can put more than three bumpers on the door and it will do its work magically. The bumpers are also transparent so you won’t even notice that they are there.

The rubber-like material sticks adhesively on the wooden, plastic, and aluminum surfaces. The pointed nipple ensures it sticks well and doesn’t lose its grip no matter how much time has passed. The only problem we faced regarding this bumper was the process of taking it off.

It sticks so well to the surface that it damages the paint when you take it off. The company has suggested using lukewarm water whenever you decide you need to change the bumpers so it doesn’t damage your furniture.

The bumpers also do not effectively stick on metal surfaces so if you’re looking for a bumper that will minimize the noise of metal doors, you may want to look at some other of our recommendations.

Bottom line: All in all, the SoftClose Door and Drawer Cabinet Bumpers are all you need to silence that annoying door once and for all. The price of the packet is also pretty reasonable and the fact that these bumpers last really long just makes it worth buying.

  • Long-lasting bumpers
  • Transparent lining
  • Small in size
  • Fit anywhere you want
  • They don’t work effectively well on metal surfaces
Rok Hardware Pack of 100 SoftClose Door & Drawer Cabinet Bumpers,...
  • SOUND STOPPER Round clear rubber bumpers - An inexpensive cabinet door...
  • VERSATILE Kitchen cabinet bumpers, Vanity cabinet door bumpers, drawer...
  • DURABLE and Long lasting with an extra sticky peel keeps bumpers in...

3. Baipok Cabinet 200 PCS Rubber Bumpers

Baipok Cabinet Bumper


Okay, so you have read the above-mentioned review but you’re thinking, all is good but you need a pack that offers you more bumpers so you don’t have to head out and get a new pack every six months.

We heard you and trust us when we say, we have got you covered.

The Book Cabinet 200 PCS Rubber Bumpers are all that you need to let the months go by without hearing the slightest bit of noise of your drawers and doors.

The entire package provides you with an impressive collection of 200 pads and you’re just going to love the entire collection put together. The best part is, Baipok offers you a very reasonable size of bumpers that can fit the doors, chairs, drawers, cupboards, and tables of your entire house.

Book Cabinet 200 PCs Rubber Bumpers offer you a huge range of door silencers in a very minimum amount. The quality and standard of these bumpers are also topnotch so there is seriously nothing for you to worry about if you’re going to purchase these bumpers.

These bumpers have a diameter of 0.4 and a height of 0.2 which is more than enough to maintain quiet living space. The bumpers have a crystal clear transparent material that looks like water droplets and won’t affect the beauty of your home while keeping everything on silent mode.

Book has used 3M adhesive glue to create these bumpers that are more than enough to keep them stuck with the surface. It is very easy to stick and even better, easier to peel off, ensuring the paint and finish of your furniture doesn’t get damaged in the process.

All the door bumpers help ensure to minimize the noise created by slamming the door. We understand how even neighbors sometimes complain about the lack of ethics we have when it comes to slamming doors or shutting drawers which is why Baipok Cabinet Rubber Bumpers are an amazing idea to keep the noise to the minimum.

With all its features, the company provides its users with a lifetime warranty and a money-back guarantee so if at any point you feel these bumpers aren’t as they used to be anymore, you can always get them replaced.

Bottom line: We loved how impressive these door bumpers are. They are solid and high-quality silencers. The only setback we faced is that they are a bit difficult to clean but if you place them inside the cabinet, that won’t be a problem at all.

So, if you have been on the lookout for an enormous package that fulfills all your needs of door bumpers, you really need to go for Baipok Cabinet Rubber Bumpers. These are really easy to stick, last for a very long time and efficiently minimize the vibration caused when a door is slammed.

  • A huge package of bumpers
  • Quality and high standard door bumpers
  • Comes in a very economical price range
  • A bit difficult to clean
Cabinet Bumpers 200 PCS Rubber Bumpers, Circular Dots Shaped Self...
  • 【More Quantity, Better Quality】A pack of 200 pieces rubber cabinet...
  • 【Noise Dampening, Surface Protecting】Rubber bumper pads not only...
  • 【Double Buffer, Transparent Design】The special double buffer...

4. Shintop Furniture Bumpers

Shintop Furniture Bumper


Another cabinet bumper that we found on the market, worthy of your attention is the Shintop Furniture Bumpers. The company has got some amazing bumper collections for you that you must check out.

If getting rid of those noises that get created when you slam the door is your topmost concern, then you got to see what Shinto is offering you. Their furniture bumpers come with extremely strong adhesive and they work mighty fine in all aspects.

Once you place these bumpers on, closing the doors of your cabinets will not be a problem anymore. These bumpers offer you the ideal cushioning that can save your furniture from getting any sort of damage.

The packet includes hundreds of bumpers made out of silicon and provides the ideal noise prevention you need. The clear bumpers come in a very ideal size that is more than enough to reduce dragging and slamming noises from chairs, tables, drawers, cabinet doors, and so on.

We loved the fact that we could use this bumper on a variety of surfaces. These are self-adhesive bumpers that will help you in making sure the next time you slam a door, there isn’t a bit of noise.

Since these are silicon bumpers, they will ensure that they do not look ugly when you put them on your doors or chairs since they will be completely transparent, unable to be caught by the human eye. The size of these bumpers is also pretty reasonable; you can easily put them in small corners like spaces along with larger doors.

This is an amazing option for kitchen cabinets, electronics, bath vanities, and other office or home accessories. Very easy to stick as well. All you have to do is just peel off the button and attach the bumper to the surface and you’re good to go.

The best part is, even the glue is quite adhesive, the bumper does not peel off your furniture’s finishing or cause it any sort of damage. You can easily take it off of the surface and replace the bumpers on the doors.

We love how economical the package is and you get not 50 or 100 but 200 door bumpers in a single pack which is worth buying.

Bottom Line: With the help of Shintop cabinet bumpers, be ready to reduce the slamming noise of your doors 100%. We loved how economical this package is and the fact that these bumpers last for a very long time just makes this package all the more worth buying.

  • Adhesive glue
  • Very functional
  • Lasts for a very long time
  • Won’t stick to aluminum
Shintop Furniture Bumpers - Clear Adhesive Bumper Pads Surface...
  • Material : silicone; package included 100pcs 3/8 in diameter x 3/32...
  • Self-adhesive bumpers prevent bumping, scratching, marring, wear, and...
  • Great for kitchen cabinets, bath vanities, electronics, and other home...

5. GorillaGrit Clear Adhesive Bumper Pads 106-PC Combo Pack

GorillaGrit Clear Adhesive


While most of the typical door bumpers do not offer you a lot when it comes to minimizing noise, we have to say that you can definitely rely on Gorillagrit to solve all your door-slamming related problems.

All the adhesive door bumpers that we came across during our hunt for the best cabinet door bumpers, the ones that we found to be truly helpful and long-lasting were made out of polyurethane. We have also mentioned time and again that when you know you want to buy a door bumper that will not make your doors look ugly in any way, go for clear and transparent door bumpers which is exactly what DorillaGrit is offering you.

The company has long known for manufacturing some of the best door bumpers in the market. GorillaGrit doesn’t just solve your problems when it comes to slamming doors at home but they also have a wide range of car door bumpers you can use for your benefit.

The products of GorillaGrit are all made strictly in the USA. The bumpers are approved by the FDA and the company ensures they don’t damage your expensive furniture at all costs.

The packet that we have recommended for you is a Clear Adhesive Bumper Pack that comes with 106-bumper manufactured in different shapes and sizes to cater to all your needs. It includes spherical, flat circle, and square-shaped bumpers in all kinds of sizes such as small, medium, and large so you can easily stick them anywhere you want.

These are premium quality bumpers that come in a very economical range and are ideal for cabinets, doors, picture frames, glass, tabletops, and drawers. The cushioning pads provide maximum support and protect your furniture from accidental banging, closing, and slamming.

You can also use these Adhesive Bumpers to add some extra space between the wall and your favorite frame to give it the kind of look you want. Another thing worth mentioning is that since these bumper pads come in all sizes and shapes, you can also use them beneath chair, desk, and table legs to ensure your beautiful floor remains safe from any kind of scratches.

If you love decorating and putting those expensive decoration pieces on your coffee table made out of glass, these bumpers will also protect their surfaces. Use these bumpers beneath your pieces to make sure your furniture doesn’t get damaged in any way.

The sleek design of the pads is highly functional and it makes them stick on any kind of surface instantly. The best part is, these bumpers are also really easy to clean so when you think, you want to replace them or clean them off, you will easily be able to do it with just a peel off.

Bottom line: If you have been on the hunt for the most economical premium quality cabinet bumper pack, you have just found your match.

GorillaGrit offers you a huge number of bumper pads in various shapes and sizes. This stick really well, protect your furniture and don’t let any sound cross the room so yes, GorillaGrit is what you need to consider as your next purchase.

  • Safe for furniture to use on
  • Protects doors from making slamming noises
  • Really easy to stick
  • Some users have complaint they don’t last for long
Clear Adhesive Bumper Pads 106-PC Combo Pack (Round, Spherical,...
  • 106-PIECE COMBO PACK: Includes small bumpers in different shapes and...
  • CUSHIONING & DAMPENING: These premium bumper pads are great for...
  • PROTECT FURNITURE TOPS: Protect your furniture from wear and tear....

6. eBoot Clear Rubber Feet Adhesive Bumper Pads

Eboot Clear Rubber Feet


Moving on to our next recommendation, when we did a thorough recap of all the products that we have suggested so far, we realized that we haven’t made any recommendation for a rubber pad that is a bit bigger in size so that is when we came across eBoot Clear Rubber Feet Adhesive Bumper Pads.

Who doesn’t love the idea of a bigger bumper pad that will just wrap up the entire nose of a slamming door inside of it within an instant? We know we do. So eBoot Clear Rubber Feet Adhesive Bumper Pads are what you need to look for when you’re on a shopping spree to cancel noise inside your home.

eBoot has always been one of the top choices when it comes to purchasing bumper pads that last for a very long time. We have to say that when we came across their adhesive pads, we were impressed not just by the size of these bumpers but also with the quality and overall functionality of these pads.

These are self-stick bumpers that have been made out of rubber material. Very easy to stick and even easier to take off when you want to replace them. They do not leave even a bit of residue when taken off and you can easily apply these bumper pads to several surfaces which include ceramic, metal, plastic, and even glass.

The sound dampening quality of eBoot Clear Rubber Feet Adhesive Bumper Pads is really on point and so is the fact that they protect your furniture from any damaging surfaces. You can put them beneath your chairs, beds, side tables and coffee tables to ensure your floor doesn’t get damaged while dragging furniture.

The eBoot Clear Rubber Feet Adhesive Bumper Pads are also ideal for blocking slamming noise from kitchen cabinets, doors, drawers, and sliding doors. We know how difficult it is to stop ourselves from slamming the door shut so why not use these bumpers and prevent any future complaints from your neighbors regarding noise.

The packet contains 200 sheets which are more than enough to last for 6-months, even a year but you need to ensure you keep these self-stick rubbers away from children.

Bottom line: All in all, when finding a self-stick bumper pad, we didn’t find anything that was better than eBoot Clear Rubber Feet Adhesive Bumper Pads. These come in a really ideal size, are really economical and the fact that one single packet includes 200 sheets just makes this bumper pad packet all the more worth buying.

  • Self-stick bumpers
  • Easily stick to a variety of surfaces
  • Ideal for homes and offices
  • A bit dangerous for kids because of self-sticking properties
eBoot Clear Rubber Feet Adhesive Bumper Pads Self Stick Bumpers...
  • Clear rubber feet size: the bumper pads are 8.5 mm in diameter and 2.5...
  • Rubber material: these self stick bumpers are made of rubber, no...
  • Cushioning and dampening: prevent hard surface from damaging, sound...

7. DGQ Sound Dampening Door Bumpers

Sound Dampening Bumper


Let’s talk about another brand that has made its name in manufacturing some of the best noise bumpers in the market, DGQ. If you loved the bumper pads from eBoot, then you should also check out DGQ Sound Dampening Door Bumpers.

These are high-quality door bumpers that make sure all the noise produced while slamming a door or dragging a chair is minimized to the core. The bumpers also work as a protective layer between other surfaces and your furniture and ensure you don’t damage your stuff while dragging it around.

The DGQ Sound Dampening Door Bumpers, as the name suggests make sure you get rid of the extra sound of furniture from your home. The packet comes with 200 bumpers in one packet which is just amazing and allows you to use these pads in numerous places.

With the help of these bumpers, you can now put the loud dragging and slamming noise to rest for months to come. You can also use these bumpers and put them beneath drawers to reduce the cutting and banging noise.

You remember the trouble you used to have when your electronics, crockery, or any other accessory would just slip off a marble surface? Well, not anymore. Stick these bumpers to the kitchen counters and place your dishes, electronic appliances on them so you won’t have to go through the trouble of extra hassle.

The DGQ Sound Dampening Door Bumpers aren’t just known for minimizing noise but they are highly suitable for those people who want to prevent furniture damage.

These bumpers feature a two-stage shock-absorbing surface that allows them to absorb noise to the maximum of their capacity. It also absorbs a whole lot of vibration which is more than enough to keep your home noise-free.

The DGQ Sound Dampening Door Bumpers are also a great alternative for cabinets that do not have doors with hinges. This way they self-shut the doors air-tightly so no germs or debris could get inside the cabinet.

The bumpers feature a very strong and adhesive self-sticking glue that is easy to stick and peel off. DGQ has made these bumpers out of quality rubber which is one of the reasons why they possess incredible sound dampening quality.

You can easily apply these bumpers to cabinets, drawers, electronics, furniture, computers, desktop, and even home theater systems.

Bottom line: If you are looking for an affordable pack of noise dampeners that come with the capability of sticking to several surfaces, then you have found your winner.

The DGQ Sound Dampening Door Bumpers is one the most versatile cabinet bumpers we have come across.

  • Highly versatile
  • Economical
  • These are 200 bumper pads in one pack
  • A bit hard to find in the market
Sound Dampening Door Bumpers 200 Counts 1/2" Diameter for Door &...
  • Size:1/2" diameter, 5mm height.Pack of 200pieces.
  • Soft-durometer two stage impact resistance greatly reduces noise.
  • Clear color, environment friendly material.

8. HushBumps Ultra-Quiet Gel Bumpers

HushBumps Ultra Gel


Looking back at all our recommendations, one thing that we were missing out on was the latest technology. So, we thought we should fill that gap by suggesting you guys check out HushBumps Ultra-Quiet Gel Bumpers.

Is this the first time you’re hearing about gel-bumpers? If so, then trust us when we say that these bumpers are surely going to be worth your while. HushBumps has made these bumpers out of a unique gel polymer material that gives out just the right amount of height and minimizes the slamming noise between the door and the frame.

The HushBumps Ultra-Quiet Gel Bumpers come with the capability to minimize the vibration on impact and provide the user with a noise-free environment. If you have kids at home who are always running around slamming doors and dragging furniture, then these bumpers are going to be your saving grace.

The pack is filled with multi-purpose bumpers that you can use for interior doors, sliding doors, drawers, cabinets, and so on. The size of these bumpers is ideal. Since they are multi-purpose, they come in various sizes and every size is perfect for the task at hand.

Even if you don’t need the variety pack, HushBumps gives you the choice of buying specific door bumpers to suit your needs accordingly.

One thing that we would like to mention here is that as some of us like to use bumpers as feet for the furniture so there’s no screeching on the floor, HushBumps aren’t meant for that so if you’re looking for those bumpers you might want to look at our other recommendations.

HushBumps Ultra-Quiet Gel Bumpers can only stick to surfaces where there won’t be a constant weight put over them. The installation of these bumpers is so easy and hassle-free. All you have to do is peel the sticker off and stick them to the surface, voila!

The unique gel technology provides the bumpers with an amazing sticking capability that never expires. The bumpers are also really easy to clean and the adhesive glue, even though solid, doesn’t damage your surface when you take the bumpers off.

The bumpers are also visually visible because of the gel polymer so if you would like to keep them away from sight, we suggest you always stick them at the corners or the back of the furniture. The good part is that they are easy to clean, one wipe and they will look as new so keep cleaning them to avoid your doors looking dirty.

Bottom line: The HushBumps Ultra-Quiet Gel Bumpers are a perfect and economical solution to a noise-free office and home. The company does provide a six-month guarantee for the bumpers which makes them even more worth buying.

So, if you’re looking for a solid and latest-technology bumper, you really need to check this out.

  • Gel technology bumper
  • Adhesive sticking capabilities
  • Very easy to install and take off
  • Cannot be used as the feet of furniture
  • Virtually visible that is a bit off putting
HushBumps Ultra-Quiet Gel Bumpers. 104 Piece Value Pack. Contains...
  • Polymer Gel Technology provides a cushion between the door and frame...
  • HushBumps are designed for interior doors, interior sliding doors,...
  • Install in seconds with no tools, just peel and stick. Unique adhesive...

9. MOZOLAND Soft Close Cabinet Bumpers

Mozoland Soft Close Bumper


As we are closing down our list of best cabinet door bumpers, our second last recommendation is a door bumper pack by Mozoland. These soft cabinet door bumpers are another noise dampener that you need to look for in the market. We are pretty sure that if you haven’t found the door bumpers you had been looking for up til now, this one is really going to be the one.

Do you want to know what makes Mozoland Soft Close Cabinet Bumpers so unique and top-rated? It’s because these bumpers came into being after the company collected suggestions for an ideal door bumper from more than 500 customers.

Isn’t that amazing? That means the company has put the needs of the customer as the topmost priority and then came up with this product.

The Mozoland Soft Close Cabinet Bumpers come with a unique and special design. It features special circular dots on the surface that offer a great cushioning effect for the furniture. When recommending door bumpers, there is one thing that we have always said, go for small door bumpers if you want the best results. Well, that is exactly what these bumpers have proved us with.

The durometer sound dampening bumpers have been designed exclusively to make sure when a person slams the door, they absorb the vibration and the noise to their utmost capacity which they do efficiently. You can easily place them on sliding doors, cabinet doors, interior doors, drawers, and whatnot.

The measurement of these bumpers is also really ideal. Not too big and not too small that will allow you to even place them in the remotest of areas.

Along with the ability to dampen noise, the bumpers also can protect your furniture from wear and tear. The built-in self-adhesive is easy to use and sticks like magic to the doors. You can easily stick these bumpers to tables, banisters, desks, cabinets, or any sort of furniture for that matter.

The Mozoland Soft Close Cabinet Bumpers are also well-capable of handling weight. You can stick them beneath your furniture to ensure the safety of your floors and to minimize the dragging noise. These bumpers will also stick to glass, metal, aluminum, wood, plastic, and ceramic effectively.

Bottom line: So, all in all, we have found these bumpers to be thoroughly ideal for homes and offices. The fact that they were made after the suggestions of the customers says a lot about the product itself. We still tested these bumpers to ensure we don’t suggest the wrong product to you and we were pretty satisfied by its performance.

So, if you were looking for the most ideal door bumper, we suggest you have a winner.

  • Very functional
  • Efficient adhesive capabilities
  • Minimize sound to the maximum
  • We didn’t find any con in these bumpers
Soft Close Cabinet Bumper 100 PCS Clear Adhesive Rubber Bumper...
  • The Softest Design: These soft durometer sound dampening bumpers are...
  • Protect Furniture Tops: Protect your furniture from wear and tear....

10. Outus 254 Pieces Clear Rubber Feet Bumper Pads

Outus 254 Pieces Bumper


Have you been looking for a bumper sticker pack that comes loaded with bumpers and lasts for a very long time? Then you need to check out our last recommendation.

The Outus Clear Rubber Feet Bumper Pads comes with a whopping 254 piece collection in various sizes and for different purposes. Altus offers you a maximum number of bumper pads that you can get in one pack.

The best part is that for a very minimal price, you get a huge load of bumpers for various purposes. These sound dampening bumpers will effectively buffer out the extra noise you have to go through at home because your kids won’t stop themselves from banging the doors.

The company has added six size variations in this packet and you get a ton of bumpers that can be used for doors, cabinets, drawers, windows, and ever furniture. You can also use these bumpers as the foot of your furniture to prevent them from wearing and tearing.

The Outus Clear Rubber Feet Bumper Pads, as the name suggests are transparent and effectively reduce the slamming noise. Its self-adhesive capabilities are mind-blowing and you’re going to fall in love with the noise-free environment these bumpers provide.

The pads are easy to install and take off. Since they are transparent, you won’t even have to worry about them looking ugly at your beautiful interior doors. You just need to keep them clean at all times and once you do that, you won’t have to worry about anything else.

The six different sizes will stick to any surface. You can even place them beneath your keyboard to stop it from making that ticking noise while someone sleeps.

Since these bumpers have various sizes, the only thing the company suggests is that you keep them out of the reach of children. These are small parts that they could swallow and damage their health.

The Outus Clear Rubber Feet Bumper Pads last for very long and when it is time to take them off, they will wear off easily, without damaging your furniture surface.

Bottom line: The Outus Clear Rubber Feet Bumper Pads offers you with 254 pieces in a single pack on a very economical price range. We love the quality of these door bumpers and they are definitely worth buying if you’re on a budget.

  • Self-adhesive bumpers
  • Minimize noise efficiently
  • Come in various sizes in a single pack
  • They run out of stock immediately
Outus 254 Pieces Clear Rubber Feet Bumper Pads Adhesive...
  • Noise dampening bumper pads: place these rubber pads on drawers,...
  • Soft bumper buffer pads: these bumpers are soft with elasticity, can...
  • Self stick rubber feet: made of rubber in clear color, self adhesive,...

Buyer Guide

Best Cabinet Door Bumpers

We know that this might not seem too big of a deal but it is important to know about all the things you need to consider before buying a door bumper.

If you have gone through all our above-mentioned recommendations but still weren’t able to find what you were looking for then this buyer’s guide is going to provide you with all the answers you need.

Finding the right cabinet bumper may be a journey of its own but if you know exactly what you need to look for, you will find your destination sooner than you might have anticipated.

So, we are enlisting down all the things you need to consider when buying a cabinet bumper. If you keep the following things in perspective, you will never regret your purchase.


First thing first, you need to look for the right brand when you start your hunt for the best cabinet bumpers.

There are several brands in the market now making cabinet bumper pads but not all of them provide you with premium or even standard quality for that matter.

You always need to keep in mind that the brand you shop from has a huge influence on the product’s performance turnout. If you want premium quality bumpers that will last for a long time and come with quality acclaim, then you need to make sure you don’t choose the wrong brand to shop from.


Once you have determined which brand is going to get you your noise dampening solutions, now you need to figure out the type you need.

Once you step into the world of cabinet bumpers, you’re going to come across several materials from which these bumpers are made. There are rubber, polymer, and polyurethane among the most common materials out there.

A recent that is also available in the market is gel-polymer. The type of cabinet bumper entirely depends on the surfaces you would be using the bumper on. Always remember that not all cabinet bumpers stick to all kinds of surfaces. So make sure when you’re choosing the material, it should be according to the furniture surfaces you have at your home.

The type that is most commonly used is rubber. These are mostly self-adhesive bumpers that stick efficiently and last longer.


Cabinet bumpers come in many colors but mostly, they are transparent.

This is another thing you need to keep in perspective while hunting the best noise pads.

Most people prefer using transparent bumpers. They are virtually invisible to the human eye and usually go unnoticed. Transparent bumpers also do not make any big difference when it comes to the decorative side of your home.

Colored bumpers, however, are thoroughly visible and often do not look nice. We have always recommended our readers to go for transparent bumpers. They do not make any difference to your home décor and remain invisible to your eye.


Now, this is one of the most important things that you need to keep in mind when shopping for the best cabinet door bumpers.

Every packet that you will come across in the market regarding these bumpers will have a label of the size of the bumpers. While most of the packets have one size bumpers, you will also find several brands that offer various sizes in these pads.

First, we would recommend always go for smaller bumpers. You can easily stick them anywhere you want and they have the utmost adhesive capabilities. Second, we would recommend choosing a packet that comes with various bumper sizes. This way, you will have the option to stick these bumpers to various surfaces in a very affordable manner.


Nobody needs a door pad that he has to apply glue on and then stick to the surface. These kinds of bumpers not only increase the hassle but also create an untidy space for the user.

What you need to do is find self-adhesive bumpers. These come peeled with glue and all you have to do is unpeel them and then stick them to the surface. No hassle and no extra work.

Most of the self-adhesive bumpers are also easy to take off. You do not want a bumper at your hand that may end up damaging the surface of your furniture. So make sure you choose cabinet door bumpers that are not just easy to install but easy to take off as well.


Even though so many of us do not wish for this factor to influence our purchase but whether we want to accept it or not, it does!

Cabinet door pads are usually very affordable and their packs can be easily found in hardware shops. These shops come in various number variations so they are always affordable.

However, one thing you should always check whether the price of the bumpers is worth it or not. You don’t want to end up with a bumper packet that doesn’t stick. So look for economical options that offer quality and long-lasting effects.

So, these are some of the most important things you need to keep in mind when looking for cabinet bumpers. We hope these points will make it easier for you to hunt a suitable door bumper down, one that you will not regret purchasing.


In our opinion, the cabinet door bumpers that we found the most suitable and efficient were from eBoot. These are self-adhesive bumpers that provide maximum sound dampening efficiency. eBoot is known for manufacturing some of the best sound dampeners in the market and their products speak for themselves.

However, it is still completely up to your choice and your requirements to which you will be able to determine the best cabinet door bumper.

We hope this article has been helpful to you. If you have any queries or recommendations in this regard, do let us know through your feedback below.