What’s The Best Car Cover for Extreme Sun in 2020?

Cars are not a thing to be careful and responsible for only when you are out on the roads. In fact, it is also a huge concern when you keep it parked randomly in your garage or any parking lounge. One major concern is sun exposure.

No doubt that UV is quite harmful to the car’s overall wellbeing. And so, you are ought to take some serious steps regarding such concerns.

Best Car Cover for Extreme Sun

That’s where the whole concept of looking for the best car cover for extreme sun exposure comes in mind. Today we are going to tell you about 10 super hyped car covers models that are pretty excellent at keeping those sun-related hazards away.

Comparing & Reviewing 10 Best Car Cover for Extreme Sun Exposure

Without throwing dramatic pauses, let’s just talk about the 10 recommendations we have for you that are valuable not only from our point of view but a lot of consumers who used it.

Extreme Covers#Reflective LinesBuckle Style 
Autsop Waterproof Cover3 Stripe Lines2 Wheel Buckles Check Price
ELUTO Outdoor Windproof4 day & night4 Elastic Buckles Check Price
Bliifuu SUV Protection Cover6 Fluorescent4 Hook Straps Check Price
GUNHYI Outdoor Waterproof3 High Lines2 Wheel Straps Check Price
Favoto Full Universal Fit Cover4 Night Lines4 Wheel Straps Check Price
Ohuhu Sedan Outdoor CoverNo Lines3 Durable Buckle Check Price
OxGord 5 Layer Car CoverNo LinesOne Grommet Check Price
AmazonBasics Weatherproof6 Strip Lines3 Fasten Buckles Check Price
Audew 6 Layers Car Cover4 Strip Lines3 Windproof Ties Check Price
WOKOKO Outdoor Car Cover6 Fluorescent3 Fasten Buckles Check Price

1. Autsop Waterproof All Weather Car Cover – Enjoy 6 Layers Tough Textile with This One

Autsop Waterproof All Weather Car Cover


The best car cover for extreme sun comes with non-woven, PE, EVA, aluminum, and cotton layers of shield just like the Autsop cover. It as well as allow you to use it for a longer period of time.

On top of that, this cover comes with a driver’s zipper design on the door so that users can easily take out anything left on the car if needed even after covering. It on top makes sure you are easier to enter in the front and back of the car’s hood.

There are reflections stripes on the surface of the car cover to use at night time. It as well as makes sure you can easily see the shape of the car to avoid car accidents or mishaps. This thing also makes sure your car is being protected with no snag.

Not only this, but there’s more: It comes with good fitting options for using in popular cars with no trouble. This cover suits perfectly for sedan Audi, Honda, Accord, BMW, Citroen, Ford, Hyundai, Kia, Suzuki, Rada, and other models. It is also ideal for Mercedes and Lexus too.

With much goodness, it comes with a strong and tough outline that ensures snow defense and antifreeze. This car cover on top allows you to use in the snowy areas with no-snag of frost. It as well as ensures to keep the car young and free of any freeze damages.

This cover also comes with windproof design so that you are using it in the windy climate. It as well as makes sure no wind troubles to fit when the weather seems breezy.

By and large, it is one of the best car cover material for anyone who wants ideal indoor and outdoor use. You are free to try this car cover if you prefer good quality and sturdy picks to avoid spoil.

  • It has tough buckle straps to fit into the wheels.
  • The car cover is made of supple material that is water repellant.
  • Great car cover for 2014 Honda CR-V.
  • The brand provided client support is helpful.
  • Easy for one person to put on the car.
  • Not a suitable pick for Cadillac SRX.
Autsop Car Cover Waterproof All Weather,6 Layers Car Cover for...
  • 🚗【Premium Material】Non-woven: Rainproof and Snowproof,PE&EVA...
  • 🚗【All-Weather Protection】Autsop car cover waterproof all...
  • 🚗【Unique Design】A.Zipper on the driver's side:Convenient to get...

2. ELUTO Outdoor Waterproof Windproof Car Cover – Ideal Options to Fit Easy for 175-185 Inches

ELUTO Outdoor Waterproof Windproof Car Cover


One of the best car cover brand options is ELUTO that has all season and weather usage cover that ideal for most cars. It on top comes with an ideal size for any 175” to 185” inches length cars for easy fitting.

This sedan cover also comes with Ultraviolet protection that makes sure to effectively block the sun’s harmful rays on the surface and interior of the car. On top of that, it allows you to use it in the hottest summer with no-snag of heat spoil. This thing also helps to protect sedan quality too.

And, it is made of high-density Polyester fabric and silver coating that makes sure you get no-snag of water leakages too. With this option, this car cover makes sure the waterproof function and protects the surface of the car. This thing on top helps get rid of dent and paint damage.

But wait that is not all: It comes with soft textiles to easily wear and fall off with tough fixed straps on wheels to avoid wind troubles. This car cover straps on top save from the harm of heavy wind and blowing off. It is also designed in elastic hem and hooks are around for snug fit.

In addition, this cover is trouble-free to store design so that users can easily secure it after using outside. It only needs you to fold in any small storage bag for taking it with you wherever you go.

This car cover is as well as simple to clean after using outside. To clean the cover, you only want to use any gentle detergent in the washing machine.

On the whole, the car cover is an idyllic pick for those who want to get rid of harsh sun, heavy rain, snow, and sand. It is also a great option for everyone to enjoy light and firmness cover to avoid wear.

  • The car cover is light in weight and compression.
  • It appears with 5 tie strips.
  • The bright silver coloring of the cover is very reflective on hot sunny days.
  • It fits the 2017 Toyota Prius Prime perfectly.
  • The mirror pockets fit well on most cars.
  • It has a center buckle that is difficult to execute.
ELUTO Car Cover Outdoor Sedan Cover Waterproof Windproof All...
  • ☀Size and NICE Package: Sedan Cover is the ideal size for...
  • ☀Silver Reflection, Protection Against UV rays : UV Protection Car...
  • ☔Waterproof & Scratch Proof: Waterproof Car Cover is made of...

3. Bliifuu SUV Protection Breathable Car Cover – Get Rid of UV Ray Snag with This One

Bliifuu SUV Protection Breathable Car Cover


Bliifuu cover comes with an amazing sunscreen coating to protect car from sun. It as well as makes sure you are securing the upper layer of your car to get rid of peeling issues and other sun damages.

Made of high-quality multifunctional polyester fabric, this car cover gives better protection against damp than other brands. It on top makes sure you are using the cover in the critical weather. The cover outline also allows you to keep your car’s skin safe from rain or water harms.

This car cover as well as comes with a single layer that is super sturdy and strong to give protection against paint peeling snags. It on top makes sure you never get the trouble of wear and tear even after years of use. With this option, you are able to use it for a longer period of time.

Want to know the best part? This car cover is simple to use so that users find no trouble fitting rightly. It as well as makes sure you are fitting in every corner and ear of your car with no-snag of imbalance.

This car cover on top comes with the latest protection tech with its ergonomics design that is simple to clean. It as well as needs no hard work to clean with simple steps. For cleaning, you want to use a scrubber in simple water and detergent mixture and then rinse well.

It as well as comes with a scratch-free outline to use with no snag. This thing on top makes sure to protect your car’s outer layers of paint quality that keeps scuff away.

Overall, it’s considerate the best car cover for extreme sun to enjoy in spring, winter, summer, and autumn seasons for car devotees. The car cover on top is a great pick for trying in popular car models.

  • The cover sheet has cool reflected strips.
  • It comes with 12 months of quality assurance.
  • The cover is a pretty universal fit for all SUVs.
  • It fit snugly and stood up to a gusty wind snag.
  • The cover is easy to put on and maneuver.
  • A few people find it not for van use.
Bliifuu Car Cover,SUV Protection Cover Breathable Outdoor Indoor...
  • 【Unique】——Bliifuu Car Cover is made of high quality industry...
  • 【Material】——Bliifuu Car Cover is made of high-strength and...
  • 【Function】——Bliifuu Car Cover adopts the latest protection...

4. GUNHYI Outdoor Waterproof All Weather Car Cover – A Leak Free Option for All Climate Use

GUNHYI Outdoor Waterproof All Weather Car Cover


Like the other 3 brands, this car cover comes with tough fabric to avoid leakage snag in the rainy day. It as well as makes sure you find no snag when using outside in any weather use.

This car cover on top comes with 6 layers of aluminum fabric design, unlike the most fabric that is easy to tear after the sun. And, it makes sure you are getting better guard against the wear snags. This thing also makes sure you get no-snag even under the sun and heated temperatures.

It on top comes with amazing black fabric at the front and back of the large cover that makes sure to dress well with no trouble. This car cover as well as makes sure to cover the rear part to wrap at ease.

In addition to that: The brand offers a 1 year of quality assurance to repair and restore for their buyer’s decent replacement. They on top make sure their buyers are getting a relaxed warranty and client service. The brand also ensures you to spend extra bucks to enjoy this feature.

It as well as comes with good fits options for sedan length 182 to 191 inches to use easily. Yet, the cover is not right for SUVs for its fixed size option. However, it fits well with Honda Civic, Infiniti G35, Toyota Camry, Nissan Maxima, Lexus Es, Audi A4, BMW 5 Series, etc.

This car cover also has a practical design with 3 reflective strips to use well at the night time to see. It on top helps a lot to avoid bumps.

For the most part, the car cover is a big blessing for those who want a perfect fitting length of 182-191 inch for most sedans. It is also a good option for you to try out with no wind snag.

  • It has a thin layer inside to protect the car from scratch.
  • The car cover is easy to operate and adjust.
  • It held up great with no snag of a single leak.
  • For the quality, it is hard to beat.
  • The cover protects the car from rain, sun, or snow.
  • We would love it more if it improves quality.
GUNHYI Outdoor Car Covers for Automobiles Waterproof All Weather,...
  • 【6 Layers Fabric 】The most important thing for car cover is...
  • 【All Weather Protection】 GUNHYI car covers protect your compact or...
  • 【Practical Design】1-It’s difficult to confirm front or rear for...

5. Favoto Full Universal Fit Car Cover – Stop Bird Droppings and Leaves with This One

Favoto Full Universal Fit Car Cover


This car cover by Favoto brand offers an overall shield of the sedan from bird drops and poops. It as well as makes sure you are getting rid of leaves, trees, and other forests for protecting car damages.

The cover on top comes with a universal fit to match well with your car with no trouble. It is as well as a smart cover that is right for 177 to 195 inches length cars to fit at ease. This thing also makes sure you are dressing it in most popular cars.

Unlike other brands, this car cover is made of high-quality cotton and soft-touch no harm to car paint. It as well as makes sure your car or sedan gets no scratches or marks for use with no worry. This thing on top ensures no rough layer is harming to the car surface.

Another excellent feature is: It comes with a good storage bag that is simple to fold and secure the cover. This storage bag also makes sure you are getting a good space to put the cover with no-snag of fewer places.

It on top comes with driver-side zipper design so that users can easily enter. This car cover is also convenient for you to get into the car just in case if it’s already covered. With this feature, you can easily get in and out without taking off the cover.

There are also 4-night reflection stripes around your car on the front and sides as well. It on top protects the car from accidents or mishaps in the night time to view clearly.

In general, this cover for most cars is a great pick for those who want great dual-stitches and durable options. If you want a good investing pick that has good quality, then you can try this.

  • The material is soft and super simple to dress in.
  • It is rainproof and dustproof.
  • One of the best covers out there for the price.
  • Good pick for the Infiniti G35 car.
  • The car cover protects tires from the sun.
  • It is not a good pick for machine washable.
Favoto Full Car Cover Sedan Cover Universal Fit 177-194 Inch 5...
  • 【UNIVERSAL FIT】- Favoto all season sedan car cover is suitable for...
  • 【DRIVER SIDE ZIPPER DESIGN】- On the driver’s side there is a...
  • 【HEAVY DUTY MATERIAL】- Made of premium quality 5 layer heavy duty...

6. Ohuhu Sedan Outdoor Car Cover – A Great Breathable Design to Try Out

Ohuhu Sedan Outdoor Car Cover


The main reason to enjoy this car cover from the Ohuhu brand is its smart design that protects a car with breathable mesh. It also makes sure your car is staying cool under warm and hot climates.

Crafted from high-quality PEVA, this premium car cover makes sure full protection against elements. It on top allows your car to wear easily with no trouble of scratch or cuts even if kids or pets try to score on the surface. This thing also makes sure you have lasting value.

It on top comes with an amazing windproof layout so that users can get rid of breeze effects. This car cover as well as makes sure perfect safety against wind damage with central strap and 3 durable buckle support to fit in tight yet adjustable form. It also ensures the cover to stay in one place.

Want to take your protection on the go? This car cover comes with an advanced silver coating that allows a user’s car to keep away from sand, dust, and leaves trouble. As for any driver, it’s a nightmare to leave the car to fill with dust, sand, and leaves that ruins the quality and looks of the car image. Yet, this car cover fits well to never leave your car with grimes.

It on top has a soft material design that is easy and quick to clean to avoid dirt in no time. To avoid the mess, you want to rub the car cover with a damp cloth.

And, this cover is versatile and portable for up to 191 inches cars with a good storage cover. It also allows you to carry the cover and other small stuff at ease.

Generally speaking, the car cover is an ideal pick for those who want simple, soft, and smart material with warranty options. You can try this if you prefer a reasonable car cover for your car.

  • The front and back of this cover give a tight and snug fit.
  • It comes with an affordable price point.
  • The elastic hem keeps the cover fitted on the car safely.
  • It has a strong finish that doesn’t damage your vehicle.
  • Perfect fit for mid-size cars.
  • Not a good pick for heavy rain.
Ohuhu Car Cover for Sedan 191"-201", Upgraded Car Covers...
  • PREMIUM MADE CAR COVER: Crafted from high quality PEVA, the Ohuhu Car...
  • SNUG, WIND-RESISTANT FIT: Blustery days are no match for the Ohuhu Car...
  • COMPLETE PROTECTION: It doesn't matter if its the hot desert sun or...

7. OxGord 5 Layer Waterproof Car Cover – Strong, Thick, and Large Outline for Outdoor Use

OxGord 5 Layer Waterproof Car Cover


The Oxgord car cover comes with excellent tough outdoor protective inner lining made of soft material. It as well as makes sure your car never gets any single snag for standing outside with this.

This car cover on top comes with 5 layers of sturdy shield that gives both indoor and outdoor use. It as well as makes sure no trouble with UV rays for getting rid of sun snags. With this option, you can leave your car outside with no trouble.

It on top comes with a water-resistant design that makes sure you are getting better protection against heavy rain. This car cover not only helps to deal with water damages but also gets rid of outflow. It also makes sure you never get the snag of rust or oxidize ever again.

The main purpose of this: It comes with a breathable and durable design that makes sure long-term usage. This cover on top makes sure better wind protection when leaving your car outside and inside. It as well as ensures your car looks the same for a longer period of time.

With many benefits, the cover comes with great fitting for up to 204 inches length of any car. It on top makes sure you adjust the size well with the front to rear elastic hems to fit in your desired way. This thing also ensures a snug semi glove fit with no trouble.

It on top comes with a good storing bag that fits the cover easily. But the storage bag isn’t that big to carry other things with the cover.  Yet, it gives good security to fit the cover.

If you want the money back guaranteed car cover with a smooth exterior to use daily, then it’s a great pick. The car cover on top is a good option for anyone to get a good color and quality.

  • The car cover is good for a 1958 Buick sedan.
  • It has a soft liner that protects the paint and water snags.
  • The customer service is very caring for giving advice.
  • It is great for use in windy areas.
  • The cover is nice and thick without excessive weight.
  • It appears with a small storage bag.
OxGord 5 Layer Waterproof Car Covers w/Fleece Inner Lining - Fits...
  • 5 layer tough outdoor protection combined with unmatched soft fleece...
  • Water-proof w/reinforced seams yet breathable, durable, with...
  • Fits up to 204" from front to rear w/elastic hems & draw strings to...

8. AmazonBasics Silver Weatherproof Car Cover – Achieve the Proper Length with This One

AmazonBasics Silver Weatherproof Car Cover


Perfect for indoor or outdoor use, this cover from AmazonBasics comes with great security for a 170-inch parked vehicle. It on top makes sure you are fitting right with the adjustable buckles option.

And, this car cover is made of tough marine-grade 150D polyester oxford that makes sure better strength and tears safety. It as well as makes sure protection against outdoor elements, rain, dust, dirt, and wind snags. With this option, you can use this with no tension of anything.

It as well as comes with 6 reflective straps that give clean visibility especially at night time. This thing not only helps to protect your car from bumping but also gives sights to see in the dark place.

Unlike other car covers: It comes with a silver coating on the cover that makes sure no harm of UV rays. It on top makes sure no sun damage is happening when you leave your car with the cover outside. This thing on top ensures no spoil as it reflects the UV ray like a mirror.

The brand also comes with 1 year of warranty option so that their buyers get the replacement and return benefits. They on top make sure their buyers are getting the best quality available to be satisfied after purchase. Also, the brand gives all these benefits fully free.

This car cover on top comes with 2 mirror pockets for optimal coverage so that you can access perfectly when needed. It as well as makes sure you are opening the door with the support zipper for easy in and out access.

In short, this car cover is a big deal for any car lovers who want to give better protection to their latest sedans. It is also an ideal pick if you want windy days to support when the weather is cold.

  • It comes with 2 mirror pockets to fit well.
  • The cover front has reflective tape to avoid mishaps.
  • It appears at a decent price for any car cover.
  • The storage bag is made of sturdy material for easy storage.
  • It has tough zipper support for use after dressing.
  • A few people find it short for Mercedes cars.
AmazonBasics Silver Weatherproof Car Cover - 150D Oxford, Sedans...
  • Weatherproof car cover provides a universal fit; works with almost any...
  • Made of heavy-duty marine-grade 150D polyester Oxford, which provides...
  • Sewn-in elastic band (front and rear of the cover) ensures a snug fit;...

9. Audew 6 Layers Waterproof Car Cover – Stop the Snag of Car Rust with This One

Audew 6 Layers Waterproof Car Cover


This 6 in 1-layer car cover comes with a versatile design that allows users to get rid of rust trouble from weather damages. It also makes sure your car is never having the snags for long-term usage.

And, the Audew cover comes with good safety designs that make sure you are using it in all seasons with no trouble. No matter whether your car is exposed to the sun in summer or under heavy snow in winter, it protects the quality of the car from all kinds of annoying climates.

This car cover on top is made of quality materials by pressing the process into a light and thin but strong design. It also has nonwoven, PE, an aluminum film, PE, EVA, and cotton protection compared to other polyester material car covers. Yet, the cover doesn’t feel heavy at all.

To give ease and comfort: This car cover comes with a 4-wheel usage durable straps system that makes sure you are fitting fine and safe. It as well as makes sure your car doesn’t face the trouble of wind effects. This car cover also has a strap passed through the middle of the car for better protection.

It on top comes with front, middle and rear decorated reflective strip lines that give greater light in the night time so that no one bumps on your car. This thing also allows you to view better for preventing collision accidents in dark environments.

With amazing client service, you are able to ask any questions related to product and shipping. The brand specified client service also gives excellent ideas and hacks to solve troubles at ease.

In the bottom line, it is a decent pick if you want Audi, BMW, Ford, and other well-known car covers. This car cover on top allows you to protect your sedan at ease even in the worst climate.

  • It is a good pick for rainy weather protection.
  • The car cover protects from sunlight and all the elements.
  • For the quality, it’s hard to beat.
  • The car cover is light, sun-proof, and dust-proof to avoid damage.
  • It is easy to use
  • Unfortunately, the car cover is not breathable.
Audew 6 Layers Car Cover Waterproof All Weather Breathable UV...
  • 【Protect Your Car Outside】This is a car cover that you will need...
  • 【Premium Material】Audew car cover is made of 6 layers materials by...
  • 【Upgraded Windproof Design】After optimizing and upgrading, we take...

10. WOKOKO Outdoor Car Cover – Find Storage Bag to Easy Store with This One

WOKOKO Outdoor Car Cover


This outdoor usage sedan cover from the Wokoko brand offers a good quality storage bag that allows users to secure the cover after use. It also makes sure a bounty of space to store with no snag.

Wokoko car cover on top comes with all-weather and all-season protection for perfect mobile garage use. It as well as makes sure your car is no longer affected by nature and also assures you to keep it new like. This thing also makes sure your car is not harming from UV rays, frost, and snow.

And, it is made of 6 layers of materials that give a greater improvement to your car service life to last longer. This car cover on top makes sure the surface doesn’t harm from the rain with its 100% rainproof exterior. It also makes sure to protect your car with its thick inner cotton layer.

Besides, you’ll glad to know: This cover comes with bendy and elastic type hem support that keeps it securely fitted on your car. It as well as makes sure you never find the trouble of misfit or lose after fitting it on your car. The hem also makes sure you are fitting with no help.

This car cover on top comes with adjustable straps and buckles that are strong and flexible to use at ease. It as well as comes at the front and rear that gives better protection of your car when unexpected wind attacks.

With 6 fluorescent light strips, this car cover is great when using in dark for its reflective safety warning lines to protect your car from safe parking at night. It also makes sure no chances of accident or mishap from smack.

Taken as a whole, you can try this if wanting premium car covers that are great for any car with a universal fit. It is also an excellent pick for anyone who wants to make their car look always brand new.

  • It is good for snow, ice, and frost prevention.
  • The car cover takes 1 minute to fit perfectly.
  • It is made with a soft yet strong material to avoid wear.
  • There are reflective tape strips in the rear and mirror pockets.
  • Great cover for the price.
  • The sizing option seems inaccurate.
WOKOKO Car Cover Outdoor Sedan, 6 Layers Universal Car Cover All...
  • ✅ Function : WOKOKO Car Cover is like a mobile garage, It can give...
  • ✅ Excellent Material : WOKOKO waterproof car cover is made of 6...
  • ✅ Effective Windproof : Adjustable straps and durable buckles at...

How to Choose the Best Car Cover for Extreme Sun Exposure?

So, what are the concerns that you should take into account for picking the right cover for your lovely car? Let’s cover this segment with some valuable and basic considerations that will help you in making a wise choice by the end of the day.

UV Protection is The First Concern

We are here to talk about the sun related damage done on the car specifically. There’s no way we won’t prioritize this particular consideration at the top of this list. Because of how dramatically the UV rays can degrade the paint, it’s, of course, your main duty to look for a cover that includes thick, durable, and resistant construction.

The cover needs to prevent those rays from hitting the car’s surface. Usually, the effect is even enhanced when you look for cover with reflective capabilities. This feature helps to simply bounce off those harmful rays.

Prevents Other Weather-Related Harms

Car Cover for Rainy Days

Since you are investing one time, it’s best to go for a car cover that also protects from rainy and snowy climates. Especially if you live in an area that has different weathers throughout the whole year. A waterproof car cover will be best for areas that suffer from heavy rains and storms. Water-resistant covers are different and work on drizzles from time to time.

To make your car live away from snow-related dangers, go for a heavy-duty and thick material cover again. Something that will lessen the melting and seeping through material problems.

The Right Size

Never forget to take the dimensions of your car into account when looking for a car cover. You need to take proper measurements of length, width, and height to find out an appropriate car cover. Or else an improper fitting will absolutely ruin the whole purpose of protecting.

Layers Are Better

Car covers that include multiple high-quality material layers work best at preventing scratches. You should take that point seriously too since scratches are a common hassle that car owners deal with and want to avoid.

Internal Friction Is A Concern

Scratches that happens externally are not the only thing to worry about. If a poor material cover is going to sit above your car’s surface, the inner part can cause friction and end up giving nasty scratches. That’s very bad for maintaining the car’s paint properly. So, look for a car cover that includes soft material inside.

Proper Fastening

Properly Fitting Car Cover for Protection

Look for car covers that come with straps, buckles, ropes, or gourmets. These will help you to keep the cover in place with proper fastening. Also, there will be less chance of the cover getting blown off.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should one get a car cover?

The very basic and most important reason is definitely UV related damage. You can’t imagine how drastically UV rays cause damage to the paintwork of your vehicle. And that’s one of the major reasons why even a-few-months-ago-bought car looks plain, dull and boring in such a short period of time.

Not to mention, a car cover will keep the vehicle protected from other stuff as well. For instance, bird droppings, dust, snow, and major pollutants. It’s more like a future investment since you’ll get better longevity to use your car for more time period.

How to install a car cover?

It’s pretty basic and simple, to be honest. You need to fold the cover and line it with the vehicle. There should be slots for wing mirrors. These are very handy for positioning the cover in a proper way.

Simply toss it over the car and pull down to cover the bonnet and trunk area. Also, you can try hooking those bonnet end first and then gradually work towards the backside. Just be extra sure to fix those wing mirror parts with more cautiousness.

There can be additional straps or drawstrings. Usually, these are for keeping the cover at the place. Simply follow the manufacturer’s instruction in this case for a better attaching.

How many times should I wash the cover?

Your car cover is a lot more probable to get dirty by droppings, mud, dirt and so many other things. And whenever you feel like the dirt is too much, you need to give it a wash. Now the frequency can’t be too often. Since that can ruin the waterproofing of a certain cover. You can use a mild liquid detergent and regular lukewarm water to give a gentle wash.


And that’s pretty much everything you need to know about getting the best car cover for extreme sun exposure. The purchase phase is not that complicated honestly. But before that, you need to go through a good session of researching, measuring different models, and taking your priority features into consideration.

That’s where all the hassle lies basically. However, once you get that right car cover, your concerns about keeping the vehicle protected from that sun will exit the chat. Good Luck on Making a Wise Choice!