Best Car Cover for Tesla Model 3 [Buying Guide 2020]

Wow, do you own the Tesla Model 3? And you are looking for the best car cover for Tesla Model 3?

Without a doubt, your days of worry are over! We know how difficult it is to find a cover that matches the standard of your Tesla car. Sure, there are thousands of covers out there.

Best Car Cover for Tesla Model 3

How to find the best one? Mostly, the covers don’t have an opening for the charging port, offer no breathability to the car, are unable to save the car from scratches and dirt, etc. Moreover, these are just SOME of the problems that arise.

For this reason, we went ahead and tested almost a hundred covers to shortlist the 7 best ones for you.

7 Best Car Cover for Tesla Model 3 – Water-Resistant, Customized, Classy

Are you on the lookout for the best outside cover for tesla model 3? Problem Solved!

EVANNEX Car Cover for Tesla Model 3 NoNo Check Price
BougeRV for Tesla Model 3NoYes Check Price
Carscover Custom Fit Tesla Model 3NoNo Check Price
Farasla Waterproof Car CoverNoNo Check Price
ROCCS Tesla Model 3 Car CoverYesYes Check Price
Xipoo Fit Tesla Model 3/ModelNoNo Check Price
Kayme 6 Layers Car CoverYesYes Check Price

1. EVANNEX Car Cover for Tesla Model 3 – Water-Resistance, Custom Design, Battery Cooling

EVANNEX Car Cover for Tesla Model 3


Has your new Tesla Model 3 car just arrived? Or, are you looking for something to protect your car from dust and harsh weather?

The EVANEEX car cover might just be the thing for you! This cover is just the perfect fit for your car. Not only that, it will protect your beloved Tesla model 3 from all the outside factors.

I know what you must be thinking right now: Wouldn’t just any cover that fits do the deed?

Certainly not. The reason being, a lot of research has gone into coming up with this custom-made cover. Unlike the other covers out there, it is not entirely closed and does not cover the car through and through.

How is it different? EVANEEX knows the requirements of your car. This particular car cover has been designed to fit the contours of your car. Moreover, it has a mesh opening.

Interesting, isn’t it? A mesh opening allows for the right amount of cooling airflow. Furthermore, all of this happens while the car charges.

The details on it are mind-blowing: It comes with a flap to allow for charging. But, it is not just ANY flap. It has a Velcro closure mechanism. Hence, the charging door is also accommodated in the flap.

Nice! This evannex car cover for tesla model 3 is made of water-resistant fabric. Hence, the rain and hail storms won’t cause any wear and tear. Additionally, the only high-grade fabric has been used in its making.

As a result, it is durable and strong. Coupled with these qualities, it is perfect to be used outdoors AND indoors.

Dual-purpose, I like it! Are you still afraid that those hail storms or hurricanes will blow the cover away?

Don’t be. You have the option of getting a bungee cord along with the cover.

Amazingly, the cord is designed keeping in mind high wind pressure areas. In particular, the bungee cord is specially made of elastic fabric. Along with it, there are ABS hooks at the end of each side.

Thus, the cover is not going anywhere for sure! Undoubtedly, even your car cover needs protection.

Usually, the most damage is done to the car cover when it is NOT being used. Either you store it at such a place where damage occurs or just putting it flimsily can damage it. Evannex has made things easier by providing a high-quality storage bag that is perfect to put your car cover in. Hence, no worries about storage, either.

Lastly, the fact that it is user-friendly and easy to install is just a cherry on the cake.

  • Custom-fit storage bag included
  • Mesh ventilation
  • The option of bungee cord
  • Durable
  • Weather-resistant
  • Dual usage
  • A little tough to remove from the car
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2. BougeRV for Tesla Model 3 – Ventilation Mesh, Reflective Strips, Weather Protection

BougeRV for Tesla Model 3


Are you looking for something that makes your Tesla Model 3 stand out from the crowd? Undoubtedly, the car itself is enough to do that, but who doesn’t look nice wearing the best clothes?

Confused you, didn’t I? Read on!

This is the cover of all covers. Not only nice looking, but it is a powerhouse of features packed together. Undoubtedly, Tesla 3 is surely a unique car and requires something special. Hence, this cover is custom-made.

When the weather gets too hot, the Tesla 3 model turns on automatically to cool the battery down. Keeping this in mind, the cover has a mesh ventilation opening. Therefore, the air keeps flowing and the battery is properly conditioned.

Simply, WOW! Who would have thought of so much detail? Wait, there is more to it. There is a zippered opening specially made for the charger port. Moreover, it allows the sedan to easily be charged without even taking the cover off.

Furthermore, this cover can protect your Tesla from outside factors. For instance, snow, dust, frost, water, UV rays, dirt, bird droppings, and even industrial pollutants. In a nutshell, it is one-for-all. A solution to every problem you are facing.

Oh, did we forget scratches? Certainly, it covers them too.

Surely, all the covers promise to be waterproof. But, this promises to be windproof too.

Surprised? The cover has buckles at the end. Additionally, it has adjustable straps. Collectively, they prevent the cover from blowing away in windy weather.

Things just got cooler! And by cooler I meant cool. The cover has cool reflective strips on it. These reflective strips have been attached to the cover and illuminate at night.

But, how does it do it all? Undoubtedly, it all boils down to the high quality it is made of. It has 3 layers. Firstly, the UV coat which protects it from external dust and light. Second, it has a PEVA layer and lastly, it has a soft lining.

As a result, it repels moisture and keeps the car dry!

Yes, just like those movies! So, you can easily find your car in a dark alleyway.

Even though the quality and durability of it are no joke. Still, if you are not satisfied for any reason, you can always avail of the BougeRV guarantee. You get a 1-year warranty. Therefore, if you face any problem, you can easily contact them by email.

Last but not the least, you get a storage bag along with it. Hence, you can easily store the bag when it is not being used. This is such a relief because storing the cover without a bag can cause damage. Moreover, it makes the cover easy to carry around and fits perfectly in the trunk of your car.

  • Water-resistant
  • Weather-resistant
  • Storage bag included
  • Ventilated mesh
  • Soft lining
  • The cover doesn’t hold in extremely windy weather.
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3. Cars Cover Custom-Fit Tesla Model 3 – Custom-Fit, Ultra-Shield, for All Weathers, Heavy-Duty

Cars Cover Custom-Fit Tesla Model 3


Are you looking for better protection and cover for your Tesla Model 3 Car?

CarsCover has it all for you! The car covers are specifically designed to suit the needs of your Tesla Model 3 car.

Yes, it’s true! Surely, this car cover has all the unique qualities, you, as a user would want. Certainly, it provides proper coverage for your heavy-duty car against water, rain, dew, dust, strong UV rays, and rust.

Wow, that is one long list! Furthermore, the Patented UV Stabilizer is used in the making of the cover to ensure the long life of the car. The car cover increases the life of your car and doesn’t let its value from dropping.

Who is the perfect fit? Additionally, your Tesla Model 3 will have a perfect fit with this custom cover. Furthermore, it keeps the car elegant, durable, and class apart. With a soft interior surface of the car cover, it makes the quality great and keeps the car paint long-lasting and durable with all the scratches prevented.

Here is more! To give the users an extra shield, the car cover has been made of 5 layers of fabric. Moreover, it is waterproof and weatherproof. Hence, it saves it from industrial pollutants, tree sap, and even the bird’s droppings.

Interestingly, the cover contains customized 2 mirror pockets, which properly fits in the mirror of your Tesla Model 3 car and allows air to circulate also. The folding of the mirror can also take place within mirror pockets.

What a nice touch, isn’t it? There is an open zipper on the back right corner of the cover for port and electric charging.

Ideally, the car cover includes a strap to tie down and a buckle is also attached which fixes properly with your car. The product is affordable and can be bought easily without putting the extra burden of the price on its buyers. Above all, it provides great value for your money.

As with all covers, the Company does not recommend washing the cover as it is waterproof. By washing, the life of the cover will reduce too. In most instances, to 4 years as with other waterproof car covers.

So don’t wash it, let the rainwater do it.

  • Custom-fit
  • Weatherproof
  • Waterproof
  • Good Quality
  • Reusable
  • Good value for money
  • Washing is not possible
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  • Custom fit shape with 2 Mirror Pockets, designed integrated mesh...

4. Farasla All-Weather – Waterproof Car Cover, With Storage Bag Included

Farasla All-Weather


Are you on the lookout for a custom car cover that flawlessly fits your tesla model 3?

Surely, you are in for a treat: I recommend you FARASLA car cover because it protects your car from heavy rainwater, snowstorm, hailstones, and tough winds.

Easy to fold and store: It has a storage box in which you can put the charge port suitable for connection openings. Moreover, it is favorable for ventilation. Furthermore, it makes it trouble-free to fold up and store.

Amazing, isn’t it? It has three levels of protection. The outer layer is made up of woven polyester which is waterproof. Furthermore, the middle layer is of Thermoplastic Polyurethane along with breathability. Lastly, Scratch and dings can be protected by the inner layer.

As if that’s not enough: This dual stitched overlapped cover which is elastic sewn shows that it is long-lasting and resilient. Furthermore, in shape to your car.

But wait, let me tell you something more: Are you afraid if strong blustery weather hits your dearly loved car? Don’t because it has already fitted grommets that are unbreakable. Moreover, it keeps your car safe from every sort of weather.

On the other hand: Unlike other car covers that weigh lots, this is very light in weight, only 12.07 pounds, and suitable for anyone to carry it around.

It seems your problem is solved! You can change your model 3 car cover without having to get off the complete cover because it has a Velcro opening as an included feature.

What’s more? So everyone desires to keep their car sheltered from every kind of damage hence, this is the most excellent way to protect your car by wrapping it from Farasla car cover.

Let me have your attention! Light colors prevent you from UV rays. Similarly, the smart grey color of the Farsala car cover protects your car from sunlight and keeps your car secure.

  • UV shield
  • Dust anticipation
  • Scratch avoidance
  • Cold prevention
  • Keep it new for a long time
  • Protect it from falling leaves
  • Can’t cover roof rack
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  • 【WATER-RESISTANCE & SCRATCH-RESISTANT】Consist of three layers of...
  • 【ALL WEATHER PROTECTION】Durable overlapped double-stitched seams...

5. ROCCS Tesla Model 3 Car Cover – Waterproof, Dustproof, Scratch-Resistant

ROCCS Tesla Model 3 Car Cover


Want to know about the best Tesla car cover that is dustproof, rainproof, sun-protective, and scratch-resistant? We welcome you to the world of care and protection for your car. In particular, for the car models like ROCCS Tesla 3, this type of exterior car cover is designed and customized as well.

Moreover, it gives a new perspective of safety to the car with the intention to inbuilt the reflective strips that shine at night also. We know that your car requires extra care and nursing, whereas, that can only be possible if you choose an ROCCS car cover for your Tesla 3 model.

How is it special? The specialty of this car cover comes from within. Thus, you need to keep that in mind, it is UV proof, heatproof, snow proof, and windproof car cover. That makes it unique!

Furthermore, it is good to know that this car cover is a perfect fit for all types of Tesla 3 vehicles. Moreover, according to the size and shape of the Tesla 3 car models, some of its properties can be molded evenly. Such as the protection tricks, anti-tear property, sturdy performance, and material used in the processing of the cover.

What else do you need? The silver reflective strip version of the car makes it stand out from the common crowd. Therefore, to protect the car from the harsh environment, the company has used a silvery surface that can easily block the UV rays.

Beat the heat with ROCCS: Meanwhile, the silvery cover also acts as a protective shield to prevent the car from any kind of external as well as internal damage. However, it also protects the interior of the car while taking multiple safety measures.

Your car safety is now in GOOD hands: Moreover, it also maintains the temperature inside the car in the summer season, while in the winters it keeps the temperature moderate to protect car parts from jamming.

Now you can simply zip-open the driver’s door without removing the entire cover sheets. Just for the user’s ease and accessibility, these zippers are installed.

Isn’t it amazing! Furthermore, as compared to other car covers it is considered more convenient and user-friendly. Therefore, it sounds more suitable for Tesla Model 3 and other vehicles. Secondly, it also provides the baggage in which the entire car cover can easily fit-in.

No need to carry an extra bag, now: Thus, this cover is easy to carry and easy to adjust in the trunk of the car.

No space issues! Providing convenience to its users is its foremost priority. Also, to keep in view the suitability and accessibility of the car’s model, ROCCS has designed this one of a kind cover on consumer demand.

To clean the cover, all you need is a wet towel. That’s the only weapon you can use. Moreover, it protects the car grill from the front net design. Plus, it covers the elastic hem of the front and rear mirror nicely. Furthermore, the ROCCS shields the rearview mirrors, perfectly.

Here is the catch: Also, there are four strips on the cover that protect the cover from blowing away during the windy mornings or evenings.

ROCCS to the rescue! Moreover, ROCCS comes with the lifetime support and assurance of your car. Thus, it comes with an all-around defense that you surely need for your car.

  • Quality 420D material
  • Offers protection
  • All-weather resistant
  • Data molding
  • Custom-designed
  • Free storage bag
  • Exterior car covers
  • Cannot fit on other model vehicles
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6. Xipoo Fit Tesla Model 3/Model – All-Weather Type, Breathable, UV Prevention

Xipoo Fit Tesla Model 3


Black car cover always protects the car models like Tesla 3 from dust, rain, harmful sun rays, and harsh climate.

Be aware! Moreover, for Tesla 3 and its related model, this black Xipoo is an absolute fit. Thus, for 2017, 2018, 2019,2020, and 2021 Tesla 3 models, it is considered right for the shape.

What is a perfect fit for Tesla? Yes, it is Xipoo.

However, it is a scratch-proof cover, plus it provides complete outdoor protection, defending the car from all types of external and harmful elements. Weightless, scratch-resistant, and heatproof are the primary features offered by the cover that is woven by an ultra-light fiber. Moreover, Xipoo cloth has 15% to 20% self-recovery potential.

Take advantage of this potential: Additionally, this car cover is user-friendly as well as environment-friendly. However, it is a car cover that causes no pollution, nor it produces any foul smell when exposed to rain or heat, perfect to be called eco-friendly.

Boss in Black! The installation of the Tesla car cover is extremely easy and feasible. However, still, it’s better to read the manual before use.

Deal with care! Furthermore, the Xipoo car cover is available in other protective cover forms as well. It includes seat covers, center console cover, dual-motor decals, 3D cover, and mud flaps. However, the materials used in the making of these covers can be different from each other according to the condition and manufacturing procedure.

Versatility is its style: It is a chock-a-block car cover, with the additional feature of the zippers. Therefore, Xipoo provides a driver door accessible design for the ease of the driver.

You can see, how convenient the masterpiece is: Thus, it also protects the car from birds dropping and extreme temperatures. Isn’t it sufficient for you? Besides, because of its slim-fit and black texture design, it is a fixed fit cover for the Tesla 3 model vehicles.

Yes, it is for outdoor use only: Moreover, it is available in two types, one is for Tesla model 3, and the other one is for Tesla Model Y.

The choice is all yours: It comes with a free covering bag that will help you to keep the car cover in one place. Therefore, it is easy to handle storage baggage that can by far store your cover without losing it.

So, when not in use, put it in the storage space: Also, Xipoo is a car cover that is meant to be one piece, so it does not include any rear or front mirror protrudes. So, it does not hold any extra feature that defines the shape of the Tesla Model 3 car. Though, it acts as a single unit.

  • Lifetime support
  • Waterproof
  • UV proof
  • Windproof
  • Accessible
  • Zipper door
  • Not exactly smooth
Xipoo Fit Tesla Model 3 Car Cover Sedan Cover UV Protection...
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Xipoo Fit Tesla Model 3 Car Cover Sedan Cover UV Protection...
  • Fit for Tesla Model 3 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
  • Material:ultralight fiber cloth can self recovery when it is pulled...
  • Eco-friendly no pollution no peculiar smell

7. Kayme 6 Layers Car cover – Prevents Defoliation, Thick, High-Reflective Aluminum

Kayme 6 Layers Car Cover


Kayme is designed for Sedan length and other cars like SUVs, Jeeps, MPV, Hatchback, and Cab lengths because of its 6 layer car cover specifications.

Perfect fit for perfect cars! Moreover, the features that make it UV proof, as well as sun-proof, is the material that is used in it. However, it is highly reflective aluminum plus it is 100% waterproof. Also, to maintain the temperature of the car in extreme weather conditions, reflective strips take the lead.

Yes, it also gives easy access to zippers: Furthermore, to prevent the cover from blowing away with the wind, straps and buckles are attached to the car cover on both, front and rear sides.

Yes, it is windproof: Plus, it is also dustproof, snowproof, rainproof, however, it also prevents the car from defoliation and scratches.

It basically makes use of thicker cotton that can easily protect the paint of the car and make sure that it does not corrode or becomes old. Moreover, Kayme is also a multi-layered material that gives a protective layer to the car with its thicker and more durable material.

Sounds good! The cover has 6 pieces of strips that can keep people warm at night, however, this cover also has three mirror pockets that make it an ideal car cover.

Game of fitness! A2 is, therefore, suitable for Sedan whose length is 186-193 inches. In addition to other features of the car cover, it also comes with an extra storage bag.

Keep Kayme safe while storing it in the cover bag: It is a famous multi-layer waterproof car cover that uses PE and Aluminium, when in the making. Moreover, it also involves the addition of PEV&PE material that protects the car from various other environmental conditions.

Thus, it is user-friendly and eco-friendly: It also acts as a protective sunscreen for Sedan, SUV, and other Tesla 3 model vehicles.

Hurray! The storage bag is also waterproof: Moreover, Keyma is thicker as well as sometimes it becomes heavy to handle because of the material that is used. Kayme’s reflective strips can shine at night, giving you a clue about your car.

Now, no more bumping into your own car at night time: It pops out with the elastic band that can cover up the bottom, front, and rear sides of your car without any hassle.

Let the Kayme hug your car tightly! Cotton-made car covers always keep the car-free from dirt and all kinds of dust. Furthermore, Kayme car covers are available in different sizes and lengths for separate models and classes of cars. Therefore, their dimensions are also different from one another.

Remember that Kayme covers are also available for trucks and other heavy vehicles. Giving you a super amazing collection.

  • 6 layered cover
  • Easy to put
  • Perfect fit
  • Does not scratch paint
  • Zipper access
  • Can tear apart after a few years
Kayme 6 Layers Car Cover Waterproof All Weather for Automobiles,...
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Kayme 6 Layers Car Cover Waterproof All Weather for Automobiles,...
  • 【Premium Material】-Kayme 6 layers car cover is made of heavy duty...
  • 【Professional Design】- 1 Driver door zipper for easy access. 2...
  • 【Dimension A2】Universal fit for sedan which length is 186 to193...

Buyer’s Guide:

Finally, have you picked the best car cover for Tesla model 3? Yes, I thought so.

Oh, wait! Didn’t find one of your choices! No problem. We will discuss in detail all the features you need to see before you can go out there and buy a tesla model 3 cover for your car!

But, before you can buy a cover, ask yourself a major question:

  • Will it be used indoors?
  • Do you need to use it outdoors?
  • Do you need it for indoors and outdoors, both?
  • Under what conditions will you use it?

Once you have answered these few questions, you will have a rough idea of what type of cover you require.

Material – What Is It Made Of?

The perfect car cover is one that is made of multiple layers. Remember, it will be nothing like your normal car cover.

After all, your Tesla is not like any other car, isn’t it? So, you need to choose the material wisely. Following are the materials that are used:

  • PEVA fabric
  • Fleece
  • Plastic

But, the best ones are made up of multiple layers of different materials. Usually, from 3-5 layers. What the manufacturers do is to mix up different layers.

Thus, the good car covers are so stable and durable and last longer than the rest.

Water-Resistant – How Much Can It Take?

Obviously, a car cover should be water-resistant. Are you thinking that it is an obvious feature that EVERY car has? Well, that’s not true. There are so many manufactures that claim the cover to be water-resistant, but it turns out the opposite.

Hence, it is very important to check if the tesla model 3 cover you are going for is water-resistant. Sure, every company claims so. Hence, it is best to check the reviews and testimonies of users before you buy one.

The covers reviewed in our article are 100% water-resistant.

Size – Does It Even Fit?

It is very important to see if the car cove fits or not. Yes, all the companies claim that their covers are custom-made for Tesla model 3. But, most don’t hold.

Generally, we assume a larger cover is good. But, that is not the case. There can be 2 scenarios:

  • A larger cover will not fit properly in your car. On the other hand, it will let dust, dirt, and water enter from the gaps.
  • On the contrary, a smaller cover will not fit and can result in scratches.

Portability – Can You Take It Along?

Do you travel a lot?

Certainly, who wouldn’t with the Tesla Model 3? After all, it is something to show off. But, you need to protect it also. So, the car cover goes along wherever you go!

Hence, if you plan to carry the cover around frequently, go for a light one. Moreover, try to get one that comes with a storage cover. Undoubtedly, you can always buy a cover separately. But the one which comes custom made is always better.

Weather-Resistant – Can It Fight It All?

Outdoor Cover for Tesla Model 3

Once you have checked if the cover is water-resistant. The next step is to check whether it is weather-resistant or not.

Thought it was the same, didn’t you? Being weather-resistant means that the car cover protects the car against tough weather conditions? Do you live in an area that faces extreme weather conditions? For instance:

  • Storms
  • Hurricanes
  • Extreme sunny conditions
  • Hailstorms etc.

Thus, to save your car you need to go for something that can fight against all weather conditions.

UV Protection

There is no doubt about it that cars’ exterior paint is UV protected. But, the interior has different materials used which hold pigmentation differently.

For example, after extreme sun exposure, the dashboard’s color fades sometimes. At times, the steering is all dull and dark. Hence, going for a car cover that gives UV protection is important for you.


Yes, you read right! And, yes, we are still talking about a car cover.

Got you confused, have we? Let me explain!

When we buy a car cover for our Tesla Model 3, we need to check whether it has the feature of breathability or not.

In layman’s terms, it means does it have mesh openings, or is it fully zipped up. A full zipped cover might seem practical, but it is not. On the contrary, the ideal car cover for your tesla model 3 should have mesh openings, especially where the car charging port is.

What use is that? In this way, you will not need to take the cover on and off, again and again, while you charge your car.

Hooks – Does It Hold?

Always check if the car covers come with hooks or something to fasten it down to the ground in extreme weather conditions.

Price – What Does It Cost?

A car cover is something you should not try to buy cheaply. However, going for an expensive one just for the sake of it is no wise decision either.

So, what should be done? As always, check what features you are getting against the price mentioned. Once you realize if the car cover is giving you good value for money, you should be good to go!

Tips and Tricks to Put the Car Cover Right:

There are a few tips and tricks that can help you with your car cover.

  • Always start taking it off from the front. It becomes easier that way
  • Even though the covers are water-resistant, try to park your car inside during very extreme conditions like hurricanes and hail storms. If that is not an option, invest in a durable car cover.
  • Always check all the zips and locks before you put the cover on. They should be open. This will result in the smooth covering of the car. However, remember to zip the latter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can outdoor car covers damage my car?

Generally, they don’t. Moisture gets trapped beneath the cover. Under any circumstances, if the cover is not properly fixed, it is possible for the cover’s edging to rub across the paint and cause damage to it. Hence, either pick a car cover that is a perfect fit or keep an eye on the cover and check it after a few days.

Q. Which fabric should be used for my Tesla model 3 car cover?

Undoubtedly, polyester and cotton are the best materials to go for. But, there are many others, specially designed and mixed to give the best protection to your Tesla.

Q. What is a breathable car cover?

They allow moisture to evaporate from the surface of the car. Moreover, they will block and not allow moisture to enter in the first place. Hence, they are known as breathable.

Q. Is supercharging bad or good for my Tesla?

Certainly, yes. Always remember supercharging any electronics decreases the life of the battery. Hence, always keep in mind to charge it normally. Supercharging results in heating the battery.

Q. Should you leave a car cover on in the rain if you can park it inside?

The reality is that even if you buy the most expensive and featured car cover for your Tesla or any other car, excessive rain can cause damage. Therefore, if you have the option, always park the car inside.


White Tesla Model 3 Under Sun

Now that you know everything about the best car cover for tesla model 3, we hope you are satisfied with our choices. Moreover, the winner for us is the BougeRV for Tesla Model 3.

Surely, you must be wondering why we choose it out of the lot? Well, it is an all-rounder. Not only is it durable, weather and water-resistant, smart, full protection, but it also comes with reflective strips.

Nice, isn’t it? Apart from this, the 7 car covers included are durable, resistant, custom fit, and the best you can get for your car.

So, what is the delay! Let your car shine even when it is hibernating!

Happy Covering!