Best Cordless Phones Without Answering Machine

Have you ever experienced an embarrassing dropped call midway of a significant phone conference or a serious discussion with a client? That’s painful, right? Well, this has become a significant problem as many people are ditching their landlines and replacing them with cell phones.

For those who have used landline cordless phones, they will agree that features like excellent sound quality, dependable reception, and fantastic coverage set these phones above the rest.

The reason why your competitors will have the best conversations with their clients is that they have understood the importance of cordless phones.

Note that the hundreds of cordless phones on the market come with unique features such as Bluetooth technology, twin-like compatibility, and support head jacks. All these plus other features are designed to make your cordless phone the best thing you can ever have for home and office use.

As said earlier, we have hundreds of these devices online. Selecting the best can be challenging for any person, whether a veteran or a new buyer. We understand all these inconsistencies and the frustrations that come after.

With this in mind, we have a list of the Top 10 best cordless phones without answering machine 2021 for you. The phones have the features you have been searching for to meet your daily requirements. We welcome you to follow through and see what each model has to offer.

PhoneHandsetsStorageEco Mode 
Panasonic Expandable3100Yes Check Price
D1760-3 DECT 6.0 3100No Check Price
Motorola AXH02 AX 6.0250No Check Price
AT&T EL51203 DECT 6.0250Yes Check Price
KX-TGE210B DECT 1250Yes Check Price
VTech CS6114 DECT 6.0 130No Check Price
VTech CS6719-2 250Yes Check Price
Panasonic DECT 6.0 2100Yes Check Price
AT&T DECT 6.0 Expandable350Yes Check Price
PANASONIC Link2Cell43000Yes Check Price

1. Panasonic KX-TGD513B Cordless Phone: A Phone With A High Contrast Display

Panasonic Expandable


Panasonic is a big name in the manufacturing industry. Excellent performing phones by Panasonic have dominated the market for years. The Panasonic Expandable Cordless Phone System KX-TGD513B is one unique 3-handset cordless phone you can bank on.

The set of the cordless phones are also compatible with the Hearing Aid T-Coil such that sounds become clear with a better pitch so that you don’t strain to converse with your clients.

This handset also features a massive 1.6 inch backlit LCD cordless handset screens. These promote visibility since they are well lit. Besides, we have the soft amber touch backlit keypads, which improve readability even if you are in poorly lit conditions.

The KX-TGD513B is among the best cordless phones with a call blocking feature because you can comfortably block robocalls and unwanted texts up to 150 numbers.

You will love the ringer ID preprogrammed for the incoming call such that every call will have a unique ringtone for you to differentiate. Besides, the model supports extended talk time since the intelligent eco mode feature works correctly to automatically lower power consumption. This is among the few unique features that make this Panasonic kx tgd513b cordless phone rank the best on the market.

Other notable features of this cordless phone include the large numerical for you to dial easily, the handy size so that you can hold it while talking and the ease of storage such that once you finish making your call, you can place it safely on the phone section.

Finally, you don’t have to worry about the space you use to save phone numbers on this phone as it features the time-saving convenience where you will program and store up to 100 phone numbers in the phone book. Besides, you will tune through the handset-to-handset intercom easily.

  • The backlit screen display measures 1.6 inches for better visualization and visibility
  • Features a set of three cordless phones which home or office
  • Ringer ID is programmed, and this makes it easy for the identification
  • The time-saving convenience with 100 phone numbers to be stored
  • Blocks robocalls and texts to 150 contacts
  • Extended talk time due to the intelligent eco mode
  • Enjoy up to 10 hours of Talktime and five days of standby time
  • The phone lacks a headset jack, which is one of the essential requirements for cordless phones.
  • Tiny hollow sound when using the speaker which at times is irritating
  • The top of the phones are heavy therefore fall off at a slight touch
Panasonic Expandable Cordless Phone System with Call Block and...
  • ONE TOUCH TELEPHONE CALL BLOCK - Register up to 150 numbers with...
  • HIGH-CONTRAST DISPLAYS & KEYPADS – Large 1.6 inch backlit LCD...
  • TELEPHONE RINGER IDs - Assigned pre-programmed ringtones will sound on...

2. DECT 6.0 Expandable Cordless Phone: A Phone With Outstanding Audio Clarity

D1760-3 DECT 6.0


Do you want to take your communication and calls to the next level? If yes, then the Uniden d1760-3 cordless phone is all that you need. This model comes in three handsets where you can interconnect to make as many calls independently as you wish. This means that your essential calls will never go unchecked since the phones can be placed in different rooms in your office with a component of transferring the calls working correctly.

The cordless phones are lightweight and sit correctly in a flat base for safety. The model uses DECT 6.0 digital technology, which beats the interference from home wifi networks or other appliances. This results in superior audio clarity, which is a need for every business and homeowner.

If you have had problems with storing your contacts for quick dialing, then worry no more as this model features 100 phonebook entries with names and numbers. It’s also clear that when you make a subscription to the caller ID function, the phone will store your last 50 received calls. This makes it easy and quick for you to trace the call history from the caller ID section.

When contact is calling you via this handset, you will see the name display. This makes it easy for you to pick the call you want and ignore the ones that waste your precious time. Something else is that your phone will remember the last five numbers you dialed, which makes the quick-dialing function achievable.

Backlit keypad and display? Yes. You will love the orange backlit keys, which are friendly to your eyes during the night. Since you can view them quickly, you will find dialing the numbers effortlessly. Additionally, the LCD display is also extensive and well lit so that you can see who is calling. Besides, it offers you a user-friendly interface.

Other features you will find on this D1760-3 DECT 6.0 Expandable Cordless Phone include the message alert tones for the unread messages, silence all ringers from a single handset, and transfer calls between the handsets.

  • A comprehensive LCD display and a well-backlit keyboard for visibility
  • Displays the name of the contact calling you
  • Amazing handset controls such as the transfer calls options, message alerts, and silence ringers
  • 100 entry phonebook and call ID
  • Expandable for additional devices for both the office and home requirements
  • Utilizes the 6.0 Digital Technology for clear audio
  • Lacks the energy-saving echo mode
  • Does not have the headset speakerphone
  • Silent mode not available for all ringers
D1760-3 DECT 6.0 Expandable Cordless Phone with Caller ID,...
  • Caller ID/Call Waiting display
  • Orange basklit display makes reading easier
  • Transfer calls between handsets

3. Motorola AX Series: A Phone That Comes With Built-in Alexa

Motorola AXH02 AX Series DECT 6.0


Are you tired of holding your cordless phone while making calls? Well, take advantage of the new Motorola AXH02 AX Series DECT 6.0. This device is small and lightweight for you to use anywhere.

The system is compatible with Alexa. Just download the apps from iOS or Google Play, and you can comfortably access Alexa. Once you have the app running, you will be able to enjoy news, hands-free operation, and the ability to control other smart devices as well as performing other tasks.

This Motorola AXH02 Cordless Digital Phone unit also comes with a lovely 2. full-color display, which makes it easy for you to read the details on the screen. At the same time, you will protect your eyes from damage by light, which is not possible in other competitors. Additionally, the backlit keypad allows you to use the phone during the daytime as well as night time.

You will also love the hands-free speakerphone, which features clear voice quality to enable you to communicate when the device is far away. At the same time, you can use commands to instruct the device to do what you want to be done. For example, command the device to make a call, and it will get you the results quickly.

Finally, this handset is one of the best innovations with superior technology to make your office and homework easy. You can follow through with the guiding manual to make sure that the installation is correct. Note that you will have to get an amazon account for you to use the Alexa option. Besides, you will need to download some apps for ease of operation.

  • Has inbuilt Alexa for easy use since it responds correctly to commands
  • Features the 2-inch color display for easy reading
  • The backlit keypad promotes visibility
  • Features the hands-free speaker operation
  • The keypad numerical are visible and hence readable
  • Voicemails are not retrievable
  • It’s not easy to install but works well once installed
  • You need to have an amazon account to make other features functional
Motorola AXH02 DECT 6.0 Smart Cordless Phone and Answering...
  • ACCESS ALEXA ANYWHERE IN THE HOME – place your Motorola AX handsets...
  • MORE THAN A HOME PHONE – the Motorola AXH02 is the world’s first...
  • EASY TO SETUP AND INSTALL – this takes a matter of minutes to...

4. AT&T DECT 6.0 Phone: A Phone With Caller ID and Call waiting

AT&T EL51203 DECT 6.0


The at&t el51203 DECT 6.0 cordless phone comes in a set of two cordless phones to enable you to execute your office or home calls efficiently. It features a call waiting option and will display the call on the screen so that you can return it once you finish your current call.

With this set of two phones, you are guaranteed conversations that are more true to life. You will enjoy the speakerphone that allows you to improve the quality of the conversation, by allowing both ends to speak as well as be heard at the same time.

Another great feature is the fantastic LCD display on both handsets. It features a white background with a black high contrast text such that you can read it at any time of the day and night without sacrificing the health of your eyes. In addition to this, the screen enables the clear display of the incoming call with caller-ID.

The keypad is also a lighted one that will see you dial with ease hence improving the efficiency of your cordless handsets. Most importantly, the large keypad is an excellent type for the visually impaired as it can easily detect where the correct numerical is placed and make calls with ease.

This handset is a top deal. Unlike the competitors, it will display the incoming call time, date, name, and number such that it becomes easy for you to trace history as well as prioritize the follow back based on the time an individual called.

You will also love the voicemail waiting for an indicator even though it comes with a subscription. However, it’s still useful as you can make the correct divert calls to the voicemail or allow for voicemail service for the calls that you missed.

If you have a busy home or a small office, then this is the way to go. The phone allows you to incorporate five more handsets using one jack, which improves the usefulness of this cordless handset.

  • The backlit keypad is useful for day and night and also great for the visually impaired
  • Features a well lit white display with large black letters and numbers to allow for easy reading
  • The voicemail component is fantastic for followup calls in case you missed them
  • Stores up to 50 names and 50 numbers in your phonebook
  • Caller ID enabled so you can see who is calling and decide on how you need to prioritize
  • Add up to 5 handsets with one jack for expandability
  • Supports eco mode power conversation
  • Comes with a wall mount for improved safety
  • Also supports intercom between handsets
  • The blinking light for voicemail isn’t there and hence makes you miss some updates
  • The handset is tiny and a disadvantage to those who love large handsets
AT&T EL51203 DECT 6.0 Phone with Caller ID/Call Waiting, 2...
8,889 Reviews
AT&T EL51203 DECT 6.0 Phone with Caller ID/Call Waiting, 2...
  • Enjoy a speakerphone that can keep up with your calls. Increase...
  • Easy-to-read LCD on the cordless handset. High-contrast black text on...
  • Enlarged font and extra-large, backlit keys make the keypad easy to...

5. Panasonic Amplified Cordless Phone: A Phone With A Noise Reduction Feature



If you are considering getting a cordless handset from Panasonic, then this Panasonic KX TGE210B DECT 6.0 Cordless Phone will work wonders for you. It features noise reduction technology such that you get the best sound quality with clear conversations.

This is a single line use model that works great for home or office use.

If you love massive displays with a well-backlit keypad, then this 1.8-inch model will meet your requirements. Its white backlit keypad enables you to see the details even at night, making the calling and receiving of calls much more manageable.

Block up to 250 numbers and see yourself stay in peace, not once but always. These calls range from spam calls and other calls that you may choose depending on your reasons.

This phone works on the DECT 6.0 technology, which improves the phone clarity over 80 times. You will, therefore, benefit from the enhanced quality and excellent transmission of sound waves.

This phone utilizes text-to-speech technology. You will know who is calling even if you are on the other side of the room. More so, you will use the phone for the physically impaired as it can easily say the name to alert you about the identity of the caller.

This model comes with a headset jack, which improves convenience. Also, you will love the noise suppression for clear and uninterrupted calls.

Have you lost any object like a key? Well, this handset will sort you out. It features the key detector compatibility such that you will quickly locate lost objects with the range of 200 yards.

Finally, the model comes with a power backup such that you don’t get disconnected when on an important call because of low power. Instead, the model stores enough charge for you to make a call with all your handsets.

  • Uses the DECT 6.0 for quality sound transmission
  • Can detect lost objects within a range of 200 yards
  • Features the intelligent ecom mode so that the power consumption reduces
  • Talking text sender available
  • Noise reduction feature available
  • The display is large and well lit for visibility
  • It’s amplified for those who have problems hearing
  • Comes with a head jack
  • It is a single handset and hence suitable for less demanding tasks
  • The menu is a little clunky
  • It doesn’t state how much you can amplify it
Panasonic Expandable Cordless Phone DECT 6.0 with Talking Caller...
  • Ideal for Home or Small Business Use: Single-line phone ideal for home...
  • Large Backlit Display and Keypad: Large, 1. 8-inch white backlit...
  • Enhanced Transmission Quality and Range: DECT 6. 0: transmission...

6. VTech Cordless Phone: The Phone With A Solution To Caller ID And Call Waiting

VTech CS6114 DECT 6.0


If you love vibrancy in your room, then consider this VTech CS6114 DECT 6.0 Cordless Phone. It’s a white cordless phone without an answering system. It has been designed with the DECT 6.0 Digital technology so that the sound quality and clarity becomes more comfortable for you.

VTech CS6114 DECT 6.0 Cordless Phone stores 30 names and 30 numbers so that you can experience the caller ID option in the best way possible. You will also benefit from the caller ID history and also the voicemail waiting for indicator so that your missed calls can easily be retrieved once you hear the sound notification. More so, the phone stores around 30 missed calls so that you can review the missed calls while you were away.

The backlit keypad and display work correctly such that you can read the numerical as well as the letters on the keypad and the ones displayed on the screen. The good news is that the green color keeps your eyes safe even if you took more hours operating the cordless phone.

Once you have this phone, be sure to experience superior quality sound and transmissions as the model supports the Digitally Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications 6.0 frequency band.

This phone is easy to store since a versatile telephone base offers you the options to store on a desk or mount on the wall for added safety.

Do you use hearing aids and are wondering whether this handset is compatible? Well, the good news is that the handset supports hearing aids and would be an excellent choice for people who wear hearing aids.

  • Utilizes the DECT 6.0 technology for clear and high-quality sound
  • You can store it on a desktop or mount it for added safety
  • Saves 30 names and 30 numbers
  • Access the call history of up to 30 missed calls
  • Well lit backlit and display for effortless viewing
  • Supports hearing aids
  • Features the voicemail waiting indicator
  • Supports multiple languages
  • No answering device in the phone
  • No speakerphone
  • No headset jack
  • It’s very little for those who like big handsets
VTech CS6114 DECT 6.0 Cordless Phone with Caller ID/Call Waiting,...
  • Caller ID/Call waiting—stores 30 calls: know who's calling with...
  • Backlit keypad and display: the keypad and LCD screen illuminate so...
  • Interference Free Interference free for crystal-clear...

7. VTech 2-Handset: An Expandable Handset With Caller ID And Call Waiting


VTech CS6719-2


VTech CS6719-2 Cordless Phone is a big evolution in modern technology. This handset comes in a set of two so that you can use them in different places in your office or home. Other than the versatile use, this handset offers the convenience expandability of up to five handsets so that you can benefit from the wide application.

The DECT 6.0 digital technology on this handset makes it an impressive sound and transmission gadget for your conversations. You won’t experience the lag and unclarity that comes with the competing models.

For conversations that are worthwhile, you will have them seamlessly since the handset comes with a speakerphone. This enables both ends to speak while you get each other clearly over the same conversation.

We also loved the call ID and call waiting component to know who is calling and at what time of the day. All these details display on your screen for easy viewing. This allows you to pick the high demanding calls and ignore the ones that give you trouble.

With the touch of a button, mute, or silence your handset to experience no interruptions during your meetings. Note that during the quiet mode, the base ringers and handset are disabled. You will experience no interruptions.

This model also supports eco mode and hence minimizes the overconsumption of power. This prolongs your battery life for better performance. Other than this power-saving system, the handset features a 50-phonebook directory where you save numbers and names for future reference during caller ID.

The VTech CS6719-2 2-Handset also comes with an interference-free operation such that you won’t interfere with other networks when in a room full of electronics.

  • Has a quiet mode operation
  • Comes with interference-free functionality
  • Equipped with DECT 6.0 technology for clarity
  • Features the caller ID and call waiting operation
  • Eco mode activated for power conservation
  • Saves 50 contacts and names
  • Has lighted keypad and display
  • Light comfortable and portable
  • Takes time to access stored telephone numbers
  • You have to press the button when you want to pick a call from the base. Many would wish it picks automatically once you lift it from the base.
VTech CS6719-2 2-Handset Expandable Cordless Phone with Caller...
  • Confirm proper installation of the telephone base and charger power...

8. Panasonic DECT 6.0 Plus: A Phone That Comes With Power-saving Technology

Panasonic DECT 6.0


If you are looking for a reliable phone for your office or home use, then get this Panasonic DECT 6.0 Plus Cordless Amplified Phone. It features two handsets to make your operation easier.

One attractive feature about this handset is that you can expand it to at least six locations to ensure maximum use, and never again will you miss that urgent call.

When you choose this model, you are guaranteed clear and high-quality sound courtesy of the DECT 6.0 plus technology.

It’s easy to use the model since it comes with an oversized illuminated keypad such that you find it easy to dial the codes as well as read the details on the keypad more comfortably. Above all, the big screen displays required content in terms of the numbers dialing, caller ID as well as incoming messages. This makes it easy for you to know all the details concerning your calls.

This model also comes with unique features that record calls for up to forty minutes. All the recorded details can be accessed with ease, allowing you to use the information for your references. Note that you can retrieve both messages and recorded phone conversations. This happens without interfering with other handset functions.

There is also an advanced talking caller ID where you get to hear who is calling, and this allows you to respond quickly to the call or ignore if it’s not a priority.

Lastly, this handset features an intelligent eco mode to lower power consumption and lengthen battery life.

  • Features amplified handset volume
  • Operates on DECT 6.0 technology for voice clarity
  • Has an advanced talking caller ID
  • Features an intelligent eco mode for power saving
  • Has big buttons and screen for readability and ease of operation
  • Mute to avoid disruptions
  • Use any key to answer the call
  • Headset jack available
  • No sound amplifier hence difficulties in hearing
  • Poor customer service
Panasonic DECT 6.0 Plus Cordless Amplified Phone with Digital...
  • DECT 6.0 Plus Technology
  • All-digital answering machine
  • Intelligent Eco Mode.Frequency:1.9 GHz

9. AT&T Expandable Cordless Phone: A Phone That Can Block Unwanted Calls Easily

AT&T DECT 6.0 Expandable

Do you want to experience the best audio with the equalizer? Well, the AT&T DECT 6.0 Expandable Cordless Phone is a precise option for you. It features a remarkable digital answering system for up to 22 minutes while recording.

Since it comes in a set of three handsets, you will enjoy the multiple-use in your office or home so that you never miss any future calls. More importantly, you can decide which calls to pick and which ones to reset depending on your priority. This is because this unit comes with a smart blocker, which saves up to 1000 contacts, and this is more than enough on your blocking list.

The backlit keypad and the high contrast display make this cordless phone unique. The keypads are amber lit while the display is white with bold black digits to improve visibility. Whether you are using the phone at night or during the day, you will still experience the comfort and ease of use.

There is also a caller ID so that you can get to know who is calling you from anywhere near the phone since it calls out the name. This enables you to give priority to the calls you want to listen to as well as save the ones you need to respond to later. You can save up to fifty names for future references.

You will love the simulated speakerphone, which allows you to freely speak while attending to other house chores. You can also utilize the push to talk function to communicate with more than four units at once.

If you value power, then get this unit since it comes with the intelligent eco power conservation mode that improves the battery life. Use it safely since it features table and wall mounting options for safe storage.

Finally, you can choose to enjoy the quiet mode and avoid disruptions from loud ringtones and other noises by allowing the mute function.

  • Connect up to 12 other devices for multiple uses
  • Call blocker is impressive as it is instant
  • Utilizes the eco mode power-saving technology
  • Stores up to fifty phone numbers and names in the phone book directory
  • Push to talk call function available
  • Has a voicemail waiting for an indicator for you to know the incoming voicemails
  • Clear display and excellent keypad for easy visibility
  • Call-ID and call waiting for functions
  • Sometimes sound quality during calls isn’t the best, and people can struggle to hear you
  • Its audio is also bogus, and at times it won’t ring
  • Sometimes it won’t respect the quiet mode as it will still ring
AT&T DECT 6.0 Expandable Cordless Phone with Answering System,...
  • Digital Answering system with voice guide records up to 22 minutes
  • HD audio with Equalizer for customized audio
  • Backlit keypad and high-contrast LCD

10. PANASONIC Link2Cell Phone: A Phone With The Bluetooth Feature

PANASONIC Link2Cell Bluetooth

Panasonic has had the best in terms of great quality products. Therefore, we cannot call this review complete without mentioning the PANASONIC Link2Cell Bluetooth Cordless Phone. It comes with four quality handsets so that you can receive your calls from different locations in your room or workplace.

You can link two smartphones with Bluetooth to help you receive more calls in the comfort of your room. You will also love the text to speech function that announces any call that comes through your handset. This makes it easy for you to decide on the fate of the call. Additionally, it’s an excellent unit for the physically impaired as the clarity makes it possible for them to get the caller’s names and details with ease.

Noise reduction function is also vital. This feature is enhanced such that noises that interfere with the call are minimized, resulting in the best quality sound. This handset also features an intelligent eco mode that saves power in that when there is no power, your handset can still run for 12 hours without going off. This offers the best battery backup ever on cordless phones.

This is a phone with the best phone signal detection. It would be great for those who have thick walls in their houses as it penetrates and delivers the best signal.

Finally, block up to 250 calls that give you sleepless nights.

  • Saves power when the power goes off with the eco mode system
  • Stores over 3000 contacts
  • Operates with Bluetooth, therefore, gives you the best connectivity to compatible smartphones
  • Features loudspeaker for you to converse freely
  • Detects long-range signal
  • Talking caller ID in Spanish and English
  • Blocks up to 250 numbers
  • Bright display and clear keypad
  • Global number one cordless phone
  • Some people complain about the sound becoming horrible at times
  • Bluetooth at times disconnects after it connects successfully
Panasonic Link2Cell Bluetooth Cordless DECT 6.0 Expandable Phone...
  • LINK2CELL BLUETOOTH ENABLED - Link up to two smartphones via Bluetooth...
  • TALKING TEXT SENDER ALERT - When a call comes in through your...
  • Enhanced cordless phone sound quality - noise reduction Automatically...

Best Cordless Phones Without Answering Machine: Buyer's Guide

Best Cordless Phone Without Answering Machine

Before you rush into making that purchase, you have to gather more information concerning the product you plan to buy.

All this information you will be gathering will help you make an informed decision. We can't leave you to walk alone, and that's why we bring this buying guide to help you make the best buying decisions and at least get the value for your money.

Having said that, here are the top suggestions for the things you need to consider first.

Eco mode technology

We all love battery savers as they help us during an emergency. With this in mind, most cordless phones will lack this vital feature such that when the power is off, then you can communicate. The Great news is that almost all the models we have reviewed have this function and hence, a great way to save power and continue to power even if the power is out.

Display and backlit

When you want to see the digits clearly, you must have an extensive display with notable figures on it. We also suggest that you identify a unit with high contrast digits so that you can be able to read at any time of the day. Moreover, you need a cordless phone with a well-backlit keypad. This will ensure you have your operations during the day, as well as the night.

We advise that you choose the less bright colors for the keypad so that you don't sacrifice your eyes' health for the sake of the phone's functionality. In most cases, amber, green, and light blue give the best feeling and a relaxed way to use the keypad.

Lastly, the digits and numbers on the keypad should be significant so that you find it easy to dial and receive calls.

DECT 6.0 technology

This means Digitally Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications, which makes the sound clear, resulting in quality audio. This improves the way you hear the words since they are clear.

Noise reduction technology

You must test the phone to ensure that the external sound does not interfere with it. The voice signal should remain clear and smooth regardless of the area you are operating from.

Number of handsets and expandability

This is key, and the best way is to know if you will use it for a single home or multiple office management.

Depending on your use, decide whether you want a model that comes with more than one phone or a single unit.

We recommend that you select a unit with more than one phone as it will help you address more than one situation in less time. You also need a model that is expandable such that you can add more devices to improve communication. We have cordless phone types that can accommodate up to an additional 12 devices. These are great, especially when you have a large number of management units.

Also, be on the lookout to see if it's a 2 line cordless phone without an answering machine or not. Some support single lines only.

Blocking technology

Do you have numbers that bother you? Would you want to do away with them with a single click? This is very simple. Find a phone that gives enough blocking space and get the numbers on the list. A cordless phone without this function won't be of much help to you since it exposes you to scam calls and unwanted messages.


You can find out whether your choice allows you the hands-free operation such that you press the speaker button and jump straight to your call as you move around the house.

Caller ID via sound announcing

Sometimes we try our best to mind our own business. While minding our business, you might receive an urgent call that requires your attention. By the caller ID announcing the name, you can quickly know who needs your attention and grant it swiftly.


This is one key area you need to focus on. Prices vary according to the features and brands. Once you are satisfied that the features meet your requirements, you can now check on the prices and see whether they are within your budget. If yes, you can purchase your handset and enjoy it. If not, you can look for something closer to your target or take advantage of the offers that come about to get your desired cordless phone.

How to set up answering machine on AT&T home phone

  • On your connected home phone dial 1
  • Follow the guide and enter a password ranging from 4-15 digits
  • Record a personal greeting and press the #key
  • Once you are done, press * to go back to the menu
  • Wait for a new voicemail and see the LED blink for a notification

How to reset Uniden DECT 6.0 answering machine

  • Disconnect your phone battery
  • Long press the * key while pounding the # key
  • Reconnect the battery with the two keys still holding down
  • Once you hear a long beep, then it's complete, and your phone will be back to its original settings.

How to check home answering machines from cell phone

You are away from home, and you want to listen to your voice calls? Well, here are the few steps you need to follow.

  • Dial the home number from another phone
  • As soon as you hear your greeting voice, press the *key
  • Listen to the prompts which will end up requesting your password
  • Enter your password and listen to your messages
  • You can delete them after this or save them for future references

How to recover deleted answering machine messages

Before you delete the messages, some machines will let you know that the process is irreversible. Therefore, it's a bit challenging to reverse the already deleted messages and voicemails.

The answering machine that comes with the Panasonic cordless phone is designed to record messages for future references. Here are the initial setup steps for you.

  • Record your greeting message once you hear that beep. Press the greeting record button once you finish recording the voice
  • Check the message by "pressing greeting check"
  • Adjust the volume on your device with an up arrow showing increasing volume and the down arrow showing the decreasing volume
  • Identify the number of rings for your machine before it starts picking up data
  • Press the menu and scroll until you reach the initial settings section
  • Press select and then set the answering section
  • Select the number of rings you want using the up and down keys
  • Press play to listen to the messages which will show at the base of the phone
  • You can press delete if you wish to remove the messages permanently

How to record answering machine message on VTech phone

Make sure you have already subscribed to your initial telephone provider for voicemail services. In most cases, the VTech phone doesn't come with an answering machine. Once you have an access number and password from your service provider, follow the steps below.

  • Press the menu button
  • Using the up or down arrows, navigate through the voicemail setup
  • Go to the access number and select
  • Enter the access number provided by your service provider
  • If you find other numbers, you can delete them
  • To hear the confirmation code, press the menu
  • Program your identified keys to the numbers you would want to use
  • Go ahead and dial the voicemail using the voicemail button on your phone
  • Listen and follow the prompts provided and after that set your greeting
  • You are now ready to use the voicemail button anytime you want

How to set date and time on AT&T answering machine

  • Turn off the auto-update function
  • Select the menu from the screen and go to settings
  • Select the phone section then the time and date
  • Scroll to auto-update then select off
  • Repeat the procedure until you get to the date and time section
  • Highlight the time section and key in the correct time
  • Do the same for the date and set the style then press ok

How to record greeting message on AT&T answering machine

  • Press and hold the "Greeting" button and wait to hear a tone
  • At the end of the tone, record your answering machine greeting
  • Release the "Greeting" button when you are done
  • If the indicator light is blinking, then you have a recorded message
  • You can now press the "Play/Memo" button and begin the playback of your messages

As you continue listening to the messages, press the "Stop/Set" button to stop the message, and the "Previous" to restart the message. You can use the "Next" to proceed to the next message and "Erase" to delete the message once you are done.

Few more FAQs

What is the purpose of eco mode technology on my cordless phone?
This lowers power consumption and saves it for emergencies. For instance, when you run out of power, the conserved power takes over so that you continue to communicate.
When do I need a Bluetooth enabled cordless phone?
The Bluetooth enabled models are there but rare. In most cases, they are the most expensive since the wireless aspect and connectivity improves performance.

For those who use the Bluetooth connectivity, connect to smartphones, and share essential contacts. At the same time, the connection adds to the number of compatible devices in the house hence, excellent communication.

How can I get the warranty information to my cordless phone if it is unavailable?
Mostly, warranties are provided by the manufacturers. Failure to provide a warranty is sometimes worrying. According to Amazon, items that don’t have a clear warranty have directions on how to contact the manufacturer for further assistance.
Is signal coverage a factor to consider?
It’s one of the essential things you need to put at the back of your mind. The stronger the signal coverage is, the better the functionality of the phone.

Most of the time, the handsets with the best signal coverage are expensive and hence, not affordable. But when you have it, then consider yourself lucky since the benefits for the range covered by the signal is worth the purchase.

How long should I charge my cordless phone?
The length depends on the phone and the outlines are given by the manufacturer. First, confirm the handset brand and read through the manual for clear guidelines. All in all, a great handset should not keep you waiting for charging to complete for the rest of the day.
Do all the cordless phones have an auto talk function?
The auto talk function works with most cordless phones that have a base. Once you lift the phone, it picks the call automatically. We would say that not all of them have this function, and it’s one of the few things that work well with the top brands of cordless phones.


We have accomplished our promise to give you in-depth information concerning the Best Cordless Phones Without Answering Machine. We hope that you will find this information useful so that you can make wise decisions before that purchase.

All our selections came from the famous and high ranked units on the market. We also considered the popular manufacturers who have kept excellent quality on their products for years. We have also discussed some of the things we like and the ones we didn't like for each product.

As you plan to hit the market with confidence, remember that you have the best cordless phone without an answering machine with you. Drop in the comment box any questions you have so that we can help you address them.