Best Dental Cement for Crowns 2021

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of cement? It’s probably the construction material for paving alleyways and sidewalks, right? Dental cement basically serves the same purpose – for your teeth, not the sidewalk.

These cement formulations are made up of adhesive compounds, all of which work to line cavities, repair crowns, and restore damaged teeth. Their unique chemical composition provides remarkable resistance to the bite pressure generated by the teeth and jawbone.

While we always recommend going to the dentist to sort out all tooth-related problems, there are some issues you can fix on your own. Case in point – if your crown falls off in between dental visits. All you would have to do is – apply a little cement to the crown and “glue” it back on. Easy-peasy.

We’ve put together a comprehensive list of the best dental cement crowns, some of which are just as effective as the ones in your dentist’s office.

Mastermedi Dental Care KitFixodent Ultra Max HoldDenTek Temparin Max
Best OverallBest ValueBest for Instant Relief


20 g powder + 10 ml liquid62.4 g (2.2 oz.)2.64 g (0.09 oz.)

Active ingredient

Zinc oxide eugenolZinc PVMZinc oxide

Item form

Powder and liquidCreamSolid

Compatible material

Glass, enamel, porcelainEnamel, ceramic, porcelainGlass, ceramic, enamel
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How We Tested and Compared These Products

When testing the various brands of dental cement on the market, the first thing we were concerned with was how effective they were. It wouldn’t very well be “cement” if its adhesive properties were below par.

With that in mind, we were only interested in products that had clinically-proven active ingredients such as zinc phosphate, zinc polycarboxylate, glass ionomer, and resin-modified glass ionomer. These are known to be exceptionally durable, so they’re bound to hold your crown in place for a few days at least.

We were also interested in the item form. We tend to lean more toward kits that come in cream or gel form since there’s virtually no preparation required. They are ready to use as-is.

Nonetheless, we did not exclude products that required a bit of prep beforehand. These were the ones in powder form with a separate activator liquid that you would have to mix to create the cement. Although we found this to be a little inconvenient and slightly messy, we were more interested in how effective the end result was in getting the crown to stay in place.

Our Pick: Mastermedi Dental Care Kit – Best Overall

Dental Care Kit




  • Quantity: 20 g powder + 10 ml liquid
  • Active ingredient: Zinc oxide eugenol
  • Item form: Powder and liquid
  • Compatible material: Glass, enamel, porcelain

The best dental cement for crowns overall has to be the Dental Care Kit from Mastermedi. The packaging could use a bit of improvement, and we would have preferred an easier application method. Other than that, this dental cement works like a dream.

The package comes with a 20-gram bottle marked P (for powder), a 10-ml bottle marked L (for liquid), and two spatulas. One spatula was for scooping the powder, while the other was for the liquid. We proceeded to mix the liquid and the powder in the ratio of 1:1.5 until we had a thick paste, as per the instructions provided on the leaflet. The process took about 30 seconds total, which wasn’t that bad.

Once we applied the cement on the crown surface using one of the spatulas, we then inserted it back to the jawline and waited about 10 minutes for it to set properly. Despite the somewhat cumbersome mixing process, the results were nothing short of spectacular. The crown felt solid and stayed in place for several days, which is quite impressive for a product that’s supposed to offer temporary dental restoration.

The quality of Mastermedi dental cement is almost identical to what dental practitioners use. We did not experience any thermal sensitivity or gum irritation, which was a definite plus. Compared to the other restorative materials we sampled; this particular product offers minimal film thickness. We could hardly feel it.

All in all, the adhesive bond strength you get with this cement is exceptional. While the mixing process is a little cumbersome and its price is slightly higher, it is worth it.

  • It works just like professional dental filling treatments
  • The product doesn’t cause irritation or pain to gums
  • The powder and liquid cement are super simple to mix
  • It comes with good instructions
  • It is a little pricey
mastermedi Zinc Oxide Eugenol Cement Dental Care Kit Glue For...
11,193 Reviews
mastermedi Zinc Oxide Eugenol Cement Dental Care Kit Glue For...
  • Tooth Filling Kit
  • High Strength , Suitable for instant fillings, bridges & caps
  • Self Curing, self adherent & Universal shade


Best Alternatives

Fixodent Ultra Max Hold – Best Value

Fixodent Ultra Max Hold




  • Quantity: 4 g (2.2 oz.)
  • Active ingredient: Zinc PVM
  • Item form: Cream
  • Compatible material: Enamel, ceramic, porcelain

Fixodent is one of the top brands recommended by dentists. The Fixodent Ultra Max Hold is by far one of the best ready-to-use dental cement products on the market right now.

Unlike the Mastermedi kit that comes in powder and liquid form, Fixodent comes already mixed in a cream formulation. All you have to do is squeeze the tube, apply the cream directly to your crown, and then insert the tooth in its rightful spot.

Upon testing the product, we found that it keeps crowns and dentures firmly secured for 18-24 hours, which isn’t bad for temporary dental cement. We also like that it creates a nice tight seal around the tooth structure to keep food particles from getting beneath the crown, so bonus points for that.

We tried indulging in apples and steak to see how well the cement would hold up. Chewing felt comfortable and natural, and the crowns stayed firmly in place throughout.

If you’ve had crowns that have come off before while chewing, you know how tricky biting into apples and other hard foods can get. You never know whether you’ll be left looking at a tooth stuck in your fruit. The Ultra Max hold rises to the occasion in every instance, so you don’t have to worry about being left red-faced in public.

All in all, Fixodent is a solid choice for dental cement. It adapts incredibly well to the unique shape of the gums for a custom fit. That’s something you don’t often get with most over-the-counter brands. Its price point is pretty amazing as well, retailing for a little over $5.

  • The affected tooth feels good and prevents pain
  • It doesn’t cause irritation or extra pain when used on the gums
  • The dental cement fills holes and attaches to the caps perfectly
  • It can hold all-day
  • The quality of this product is moderate
Fixodent Ultra Max Hold Denture Adhesive, 2.2 oz, (Packaging may...
8,328 Reviews
Fixodent Ultra Max Hold Denture Adhesive, 2.2 oz, (Packaging may...
  • Fixodent’s strongest all-day hold formula
  • Use once a day for an all-day hold
  • Experience life, not dentures


DenTek Temparin Max – Best for Instant Relief

Dentek Temparin Max Repair Kit




  • Quantity: 64 g (0.09 oz.)
  • Active ingredient: Zinc oxide
  • Item form: Solid
  • Compatible material: Glass, ceramic, enamel

DenTek is a well-known brand in the dental world. Unlike the products we’ve reviewed so far, this dental cement comes in solid form, which makes the application process pretty quick and easy. The kit even has a dual-ended no-mess applicator for added convenience.

We followed the directions on the packaging to test the product and find out how effective it is in securing a loose crown. We first rinsed the tooth area and washed the crown with a bit of toothpaste to clean it.

Next, using the spade applicator, we cut a bit of the Temparin Max dental cement from the bottle, rolled it into a small ball, and then stuck it inside the crown before inserting the crown in the spot where it’s meant to be. We applied a bit of pressure to secure it in place before biting down on it. The dental cement began to set after 15 or so minutes.

The Temparin Max cementation held the crown firmly in place for a little over 48 hours, which is quite impressive. It felt natural and did not cause any irritation whatsoever. We noticed that the product contains eugenol as one of its ingredients, so keep that in mind if you’re allergic to it.

All in all, if you need instant, no-mess relief in between dental visits for a crown that’s come off, DenTek Temparin Max is designed to do just that.

  • It helps to protect natural teeth
  • Can help relieve toothache
  • The cement works temporarily on teeth and reduces pain
  • Molding it to fit the precise shape of the gum can be a little difficult
Dentek Temparin Max Repair Kit, 13+ Repairs, 2.64 Grams (Pack of...
2,304 Reviews
Dentek Temparin Max Repair Kit, 13+ Repairs, 2.64 Grams (Pack of...
  • Quick and easy repair, perfect for lost fillings
  • Secure loose caps and crowns before you get to the dentist
  • Provides temporary relief until you can see a dentist


Recapit Cap & Crown Repair – Best Eugenol-Free Cement

Recapit Cap And Crown Cement




  • Quantity: 1 g
  • Active ingredient: Zinc oxide
  • Item form: Cream
  • Compatible material: Enamel, ceramic, porcelain

Most dental cement brands on the market usually have eugenol as one of their ingredients. This isn’t a problem per se, but it can be if you’re allergic to it. Recapit is one of the few eugenol-free dental repair kits around. You can use it safely without any risk of an allergic reaction.

The application process is pretty straightforward since it comes in the form of a ready-to-use cream. We started by cleaning the inside of the crown thoroughly, making sure to remove any old cement residue. We rinsed the tooth area as well.

Once the inside of the crown was clean and dry, we opened the Recapit tube and used the backside of the cap to punch a hole in the tip. We then squeezed the tube to release a small amount of the cream on the inside edge of the crown.

Next, we inserted the crown on the tooth area and applied pressure to fit it properly. We bit down on it until it felt comfortable. After about five minutes, the cement began to harden, and in one hour, it had fully set. It secured the crown for about two days, which is pretty good for a temporary remedy.

The downside is – the tube only contains 1 gram of the cream. The good news is – a little goes a long way. It’ll be good for a total of eight repairs, which isn’t that bad in our opinion. It’s definitely worth checking out.

  • It works wonderfully for treating a toothache
  • It is fast-acting for instant relief
  • Easy application process
  • The product doesn’t require much, so a little can go a long way
  • Perfect filling in between dental visits
  • It is a little pricey considering the size of the tube
Recapit Cap And Crown Cement - 1 Grm, Pack of 6
872 Reviews
Recapit Cap And Crown Cement - 1 Grm, Pack of 6
  • TOOTH REPAIR KIT: Recap-It loose caps; Dent repair kit can be easily...
  • FAST-ACTING: Dries quickly, so you can be eating on it in 60 minutes
  • CAP AND CROWN REPAIR: Unique, no-mix cement made especially for...


Best Dental Cement for Crowns – Buyer’s Guide

Best Dental Cement for Crowns


Are you suffering and finding it hard to choose the best dental cement for crowns? If so, keep reading as we provide effective points for choosing the right tooth cement. Dental cement is a simple formula applied to affected teeth and is used for gluing crowns.

Good Price Tag

We all know how important it is to look for a product that has a good price point, right? Finding an affordable price means you can choose your desired dental cement for sealing crowns or caps.

For that reason, your first step is to choose a product that has a reasonable price tag. Also, you may pick a cheap one, but it will be of lesser quality and may not be as effective as other brands. Therefore, we recommend choosing high-quality dental cement for your teeth. So, make sure to choose a product based on your budget and your desired outcome.

Pick Clinically Proven Cement

Of course, you should choose dental cement that is clinically proven with good ingredients for safe usage. You don’t want a product with harmful agents and ingredients or one that is unsafe to use. Try picking a safe and neutral pH clinically proven dental cement.

Decide On Its Durability

The durability of dental cement is an important consideration when choosing a brand because you don’t want to regret your decision later on. Also, it may not seem important now, but the product’s durability speaks volumes about its longevity.

Quality Matters

Another thing to consider is quality. You’ll need a good-quality dental cement that can help without causing pain or irritation when it is applied.

Look For Simple Handling Product

Like everything else, you need to look for simple yet useful dental cement that is super easy to use and provides effective results.

Teeth are one of the most important parts of the human body that require caring agents to fill gaps or seal crowns. So, you should choose a product with quality ingredients for fast and instant treatment.


How to remove excess cement from a dental crown

It can be difficult to remove dental cement from crowns. However, we have researched it to find the most painless way to get rid of temporary dental glue and excess cement. First, you have to locate the excess cement. Once found, you can use a dental pick to try to brush it away.

Start at the back of the crown and work your way forward very carefully. Next, rinse your mouth with warm water. When brushing your teeth, use caution. If necessary, seek professional help. You can also try to use floss or scalers if the cement is hard set.

How long does temporary dental cement last?

Temporary dental cement lasts for 3 to 6 weeks. Dental cement provides a dental crown temporary protection until your dentist can see you. Also, the temporary cement provides instant results and can minimize tooth sensitivity.

How strong is dental cement?

Dental cement can be stronger or weaker depending on the powder and liquid materials used. For that reason, doctors and professional tooth therapists provide temporary dental cement for safe usage on a dental crown.

In fact, strong dental cement has powerful ingredients that work permanently and are hard to get rid of.

What are the different types of cement?

There are many types of dental cement for crowns; however, they can be divided into five primary groups: zinc phosphate, zinc polycarboxylate, glass ionomer, and resin cement. The dental cement a dentist typically uses is zinc phosphate. It is used for preparing crowns, orthodontic appliances, and partial dentures. This cement produces high compressive strength, good film thickness, and high tensile bond strength.

When choosing dental cement, you must consider the shape of your natural teeth, if you can isolate the area, and the type of resorption substance that is used. Remember, the dental glue you purchase over the counter is only meant to be a temporary solution and should not be used as a permanent dental glue option.


We hope our review of the best dental cement for crowns has opened your eyes to the vast number of options that are at your disposal. Remember, before cementing your dental crown, you should gently clean the inside of the crown with toothpaste.

Then use a dental adhesive to temporarily glue the crown back. When choosing your dental cement or adhesive, make sure to find one with quality ingredients from a trusted brand. You should then see your dentist as soon as you can.