8 Best Dry Carpet Cleaning Powders In 2021 [Buying Guide]

I’ve been toying with this idea about best dry carpet cleaning powder for a while, and here it is.

Even the slightest of carpet stains ruin the entire look of the room. But getting rid of them is not as easy. At least not with that vacuum of yours.

Does that mean there’s no way out? Does that mean you have to compromise or spend a hefty amount on replacing the carpet?

Of course not. We have formulated this comprehensive guide list of the best dry carpet cleaners in 2021 to address the very same concern!

You need not let those hard, dry stains and spots and the disgusting smell accompanying them, embarrass you in front of your guests.

Allow the carpet cleaning powders that are listed below to make the cleaning job easier for you and wash away the dirt like they never even existed!

By definition, carpet cleaning powders are cleaning chemicals that can either be completely dry or sometimes with a bit of moisture. They are used to do the cleaning job in half the amount of time and bring cleaner, fresher results.

Along with deep cleaning, most of these powders bring a pleasant scent to your carpet, which in turn improve the overall indoor environment.

In this article, you will learn the primary aspects of analyzing and judging a carpet cleaning product (especially powders) and about the eight best powders of the present time. So, let’s dive in!

Best Dry Carpet Cleaning Powder

Comparing Best Dry Carpet Cleaning Powder

Carpet CleanerQuantity Min. Time 
Capture Carpet Dry Cleaner4 lb30 min Check Price
Arm & Hammer Pet Dry Cleaner1.2 lb25 min Check Price
Dyson Zorb Carpet Powder10 lb30 min Check Price
Resolve Pet Carpet Cleaner10 lb3.2 Oz. Check Price
Good Natured Brand Carpet Cleaner10 lb10 min Check Price
Oreck Dry Carpet Cleaner10 lb45 min Check Price
Prochem Dry Slurry Carpet Cleaner50 lb30 min Check Price
Mohawk Home Dry Carpet Cleaner20 lb30 min Check Price

1. Capture Carpet Dry Cleaner Powder

Capture Carpet Dry Cleaner


The Capture Carpet Dry Cleaner Powder features 4-pounds of an outstanding product in an affordable range. Comparatively, the bulk quantity is sufficient to treat your carpet numerous times, while staying low on budget.

The product comes with Capture Pre-Mist spray, and using it is pretty easy. First, use Capture Pre-Mist to spray on the stain and leave it for a while.

It will loosen the tough stains and make cleaning effective. If the stain is very tough, then use a brush to scrub it after spraying. Next, sprinkle the area generously with Capture powder so that the entire stain is covered.

The sprinkling is more convenient with the sifter in the kit. After that, use a brush to spread the powder evenly as well as activate it. Then, wait for 30-minutes before vacuuming.

Please note the product does not contain any bleaching agent. Hence, it will neither brighten up your carpet nor dull it.

The capture carpet cleaning powder comprises of such chemicals that thoroughly absorbs the allergens, dirt, and spills. Once the powder meets the stain or dirt particles, it bonds with it.

This process has multiple benefits, including:

  1. The vacuum can easily pull out the dirt in a single go.
  2. You can walk around the treatment area, without having to worry about tracking the dirt.

Unlike the wet carpet cleaning product, the Capture carpet cleaning powder prevents the moisture from seeping into the carpet fabric. Hence, inhibiting the growth of micro-organism and the prevalence of diseases.

Perhaps, this is the biggest reason that people with children and pets prefer the product. Apart from the removal of stains, the carpet cleaning powder also works to remove the odor that may help pet-owners to get rid of the messes.

The product also has anti-allergen properties and eradicates the finest of allergy-causing particles.

Moreover, the Capture of cleaning powder works on all types of fabrics and carpets. Although you can use it on sofas, chairs, and upholstery, you must check the cleaning code first. The codes may be:

  • Code W (apply Capture Pre-Mist and powder)
  • Code S (apply only Capture powder)
  • Code X (don’t use Capture)

Even more, the Capture cleaning powder comes in an easy-to-use and store packaging. It has a resealable lid to prevent moisture contact with the product and reduce its lifespan.

Bottom Line: The Capture Carpet Dry Cleaner Powder is comparatively a good deal, considering the bulk quantity, price, and quality of the product.

  • Works on all fabric types
  • Comes with a pre-mist spray
  • Anti-allergen properties
  • Removes odor
  • Convenient packaging
  • In good quantity
  • Affordable price
  • The product odor is not pleasant
Capture Carpet & Rug Dry Cleaner w/ Resealable lid - Home, Car,...
5,308 Reviews
Capture Carpet & Rug Dry Cleaner w/ Resealable lid - Home, Car,...
  • ABSORBENT DEEP DRY CLEANING: Wet cleaners add moisture to your...
  • BEST CARPET CLEANING SOLUTION: Safe for all types of carpets including...
  • STAIN REMOVER & DEODORIZER: Excellent bad smells neutralizer. It...

2. Arm & Hammer Dry Carpet Cleaner

Arm & HaArm & Hammer Pet Dry Cleanermmer Pet Dry Cleaner


If you have an annoying pet at home who has a habit of staining the carpets with messes, then the Arm & Hammer Pet Fresh Formula Dry Carpet Cleaner is best for you. The product is formulated specially to eradicate pet’s odor from the carpets. Hence, yielding better results than other generic powders. Also, one does not need to spray and wait before sprinkling the carpet cleaning powder and vacuuming.

You can directly sprinkle the Arm & Hammer powder after blotting the mess with paper towels. Then, wait for 25-30minutes before vacuuming. In comparison to other products, the Arm & Hammer Pet Fresh Formula Dry Carpet Cleaner takes half the time to remove the stains.

Also, it prevents the prevalence of moisture and discourages the growth of bacteria. It also works to eliminate pet germs and allergens, offering a better indoor room quality.

However, the product has some cons too. Firstly, the opening of the bottle is exceptionally wide. There should be a sifter or a hole at the opening to make the sprinkling process either.

Several consumers reported having to be very careful when tipping some powder on the affected area. If you are not vigilant, then you’ll end up with a mountain of carpet cleaning powder. Hence, wasting the product and money as well.

Moreover, if you have large carpets that need frequent cleaning, then the product might be insufficient to meet your needs.

Furthermore, the Arms & Hammer cleaning products comprise mainly baking soda (Sodium Bicarbonate). The chemical is good for controlling the pH value during the cleaning process, but when it’s in minimal quantity. As the main component, the fine particles of baking soda might travel deeper into the carpet fabric, even to the ground beneath.

Hence, making it impossible for a vacuum to pull it out and resulting in carpet quality degradation. Over time, your carpet may start to smell and become a dwelling to microbes. Also, the baking soda may clog the vacuum’s filters. The fine particles often get stuck inside the vacuum’s complex parts and reduce its suction force.

All in all, the Arms & Hammer carpet cleaning powder is efficient for occasional use.

Bottom Line: Concisely, the Arms & Hammer Pet Fresh Formula Dry Carpet Cleaner is good for infrequent use to clean pet messes. The product can instantly make your carpet cleaner and fresher. However, use it excessively, and your carpet will start to lose its quality.

  • Good for pet owners
  • Eliminates odor
  • Removes all stains and spills
  • Wide opening
  • Insufficient quantity
Arm & Hammer Pet Fresh Formula Dry Carpet Cleaner, 18 Ounce
1,044 Reviews
Arm & Hammer Pet Fresh Formula Dry Carpet Cleaner, 18 Ounce
  • Absorbs allergens, eliminates pet odors, and breaks down stains using...
  • Leaves carpets clean, dry, and ready for use
  • Neutralizes pet odors with Arm & Hammer baking soda and leaves a fresh...

3. Dyson Zorb Carpet Maintenance Powder

Dyson Zorb Carpet Powder


Along with manufacturing top-notch vacuum cleaners, Dyson also manufactures the best dry carpet cleaning powder. With more and more cleaning solutions, the company strives to make your household dirt-free in literal terms.

Dyson Zorb Carpet Maintenance powder is capable of bringing back new, shining looks to your carpet without causing any damage (even in the long-run!).

Manufactured from biodegradable and 100 percent recycled ingredients, the product is safe for your carpet’s texture and indoor environment. As a dermatologically balanced formulation, the powder does not give rise to skin irritations or allergies upon slight contact.

Although the company still advises to keep it out of reach of children and pets, you need not fret unnecessarily if it accidentally comes in contact with your baby’s hand. Swallowing or eye exposure is prohibited, regardless of all the safety claims. In case of accidental contact, you must seek professional medical attention.

Often people confuse the product to be usable with Dyson vacuum cleaners only. Indeed, the product works best with Dyson’s manufactured motorized cleaning tools, but it works fine for other vacuum cleaners as well, such as that of Shark.

Proper usage of the product involves sprinkling cleaning powder over the carpeted surface, rub it with a brush, and let it rest there for a good 30-60 minutes.

During this time, the powder particles absorb the dirt with its microscopic sponges. Once engulfed, it magically conditions the carpet. After that, you can vacuum it away.

It’s known for residue-less cleaning, so you need not worry about any harmful, damaging chemical getting stuck in the fibers of your plush carpet. For acquiring maximum benefits, Dyson suggests vacuuming the carpet once before you apply the powder.

It’s not a stain remover, so your pet-blessed stains or other marks will remain intact in their original position. It does clean oily spots, though. In addition to that, the powder can get a bit sticky and may as well clog the vacuum head if not used with caution.

The moistened cellulose powder has a sawdust-like appearance that resembles that of Resolve Carpet Cleaning powder.

Unlike other powders, it cleans wool carpets as well. The same goes for stain-resistant carpets and even the ones bearing with continuous high-traffic.

What’s more, this uniquely formulated carpet cleaning powder brings a pleasant, strong citrus scent to the carpet, which lasts about a week. Hence, removing stinky dirt and pet odors.

At a nominal price, the company gives about 750 grams of product in each of its zip-lock top, stand-up pouch. For a 600 sq ft carpet, the pouch supplies powder for about 2-3 uses.

For smaller carpets, you can use it more than 5-6 times. The packaging makes it easier to store. Also, you will find the manufacturing date on the packaging, which makes it easier to determine when the product will expire.

Since the packaging does not deliver expiry, you will have to test the product now and then to check if it’s still fit for use.

Bottom Line: Dyson Zorb Carpet Maintenance powder deep cleans both high and low pile carpets. Also, it brings a fresh, soft feel to the rugs & carpets with a pleasant smell but may turn a little sticky in the vacuum head.

  • No Skin irritations
  • Usable with any vacuum
  • Environment-Friendly Formulation
  • Biodegradable
  • No residue
  • May cause Vacuum head clogging
  • Ineffective on stains
  • Sticky
Dyson Zorb Carpet Maintenance Powder, 26.5 oz.
1,443 Reviews
Dyson Zorb Carpet Maintenance Powder, 26.5 oz.
  • Carpet powder with millions of tiny sponges to absorb dirt
  • Sprinkles onto carpet for 30 minutes and vacuums up with Dyson vacuum...
  • 100 Percent recycled and biodegradable ingredients; dermatologically...

4. Resolve Pet Carpet Cleaner Powder

Resolve Pet Carpet Cleaner


Manufactured by Resolve, this dry pet carpet cleaner brings deep cleaning for the most grubby, recklessly stained carpets. This efficient product is perhaps the best dry carpet cleaning powder for pet-related carpet stains.

At times, when pets are new to the home, are grumpy, or sick, they soil the carpet here and there, leaving disgusting stains with awful smells. Even after cleaning, the stubborn stains remain steadfast and often get reinforced by another wave of soiling by our beloved pets.

To fight the same issue, Resolve has introduced this effective carpet cleaning moist powder. It penetrates deep into the carpet and removes the dirt and waste that remains hidden from the naked eye.

With its fast-working formula, this cleaning powder cleanses the carpet in twenty minutes or so. Be it, a large room or small, an area of high-traffic or low, the powder proves to be effective for all!

It comes with special odor technology that eradicates the lingering smell of the stain that keeps bringing the pet back to the same spot. And, soiling it again and again.

Most pet owners have reviewed and recommended the product. They say, out of all the products they’ve ever tried, this powder is the most economical, safe, and effective one.

As per the company’s proprietary test, the Resolve Pet Carpet Cleaner Powder removes dirt three times better than vacuum alone. It does not contain any harsh chemicals. Thus, it keeps the carpets soft and plushy, along with cleaning and refreshing them.

The bottle contains about 18 ounces of the magical cleaning product. And considering the nominal price, the quantity of the product seems quite reasonable.

Unlike most other companies, the considerate company keeps its users from wondering how does carpet cleaner powder works. They provide a detailed usage guide with the product.

According to company-provided using directions, the right method of using the products are as follows:

  • Step 1: With the cap closed, shake the bottle vigorously for increased product coverage.
  • Step 2: Next, generously spread the powder over the soiled carpeted areas. Ideally, you should apply the product to an area of 2 ft by 5 ft area to prevent the moist powder from drying out.
  • Step 3: Using a soft bristle brush, spread the powder over the carpet and rub it particularly over the stains. Make sure you rub-down the stains until the spot on the carpet attains the same appearance as the rest of it. You may apply more powder to achieve this.
    Note: Some stubborn or old stains may not leave the carpet even after intense scrubbing with the powder.
  • Step 4: After 20-40 minutes, clean it using a vacuum. It’s best to opt for a vacuum with an empty dust bag. For deep pile carpets and humid weather, leave the powder on the carpet for a longer time.

For storing the remaining powder, close the lid of the plastic bottle tightly and keep it in a cool and dry place. Also, you must wash the brush after you get done with the cleaning session.

Bottom Line: Resolve Pet Carpet Cleaner Powder comes in handy to battle difficult stains, especially the ones brought about by pets. The inexpensive powder deep cleans stubborn stains in a matter of minutes.

  • Rids the carpet fibers from pet hair
  • Eliminates stinky pet odor
  • Quick cleaning
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to use
  • It may not work best for older stains
  • Not usable for Vacuums with Water filter or water tanks
  • Not suitable for antique or oriental rugs
Resolve Pet Carpet Cleaner Powder, For Dirt Stain & Odor Removal
3,986 Reviews
Resolve Pet Carpet Cleaner Powder, For Dirt Stain & Odor Removal
  • Large area cleaner
  • Contains no phosphates
  • With odor stop(r) freshening technology

5. Good Natured Brand Saving Grace Carpet & Upholstery Deodorizer

Good Natured Brand Carpet Cleaner


The Good Natured Brand Saving Grace Carpet & Upholstery Deodorizer is suitable to clean all types of stains on carpets, upholstery, sofas, and other fabrics.

It will not merely remove the stains but leaves a refreshing lemon and eucalyptus scent lingering behind. However, there is no guarantee provided by the brand about the removal of tough, greasy stains.

The brand claims to manufacture the product with organic ingredients, such as lemon and eucalyptus. Hence, the adverse effects of chemicals like the weakening of the fabric is not an issue.

You can use the product frequently and still maintain a fresh and quality carpet. However, as the product comprises of all organic components and no chemicals, it doesn’t have preservatives either. Thus, you cannot store it for long.

Another benefit of no chemical composition is that the product is safe to use around pets and children. You do not have to worry about poisoning or other health issues.

It is natural to think that with an organic composition, the product may cause allergies. But, please note that the Good Natured Brand Saving Grace Carpet deodorizer has hypoallergenic properties. It will not cause allergies, regardless of the usage frequency.

Moreover, the usage method is pretty simple and fast in comparison to other products. First, sprinkle the powder on the fabric, let it sit for 5-minutes, and then vacuum it. For more long-lasting results, let it sit for 10-15minutes.

But, there is certainly no need to let it stay for half an hour like in other products. You can get better results in lesser time!

The product packaging is a unique feature. The stand-up and resealable pouch is quite easy-to-use. Once sealed, the moisture won’t creep into the packet and reduce its efficiency.

Plus, the Good Natured Brand claims to use biodegradable packaging, which makes it environment-friendly.

Lastly, the Good Natured Brand Saving Grace Carpet & Upholstery Deodorizer comes in ample amount to last several cleaning sessions.

Bottom Line: Comparatively, the Good Natured Brand Saving Grace Carpet & Upholstery Deodorizer is a pretty good deal, considering the nominal price and quality of the product. Plus, the product is organic and comes in eco-friendly packaging.

  • Safe to use around animals and family
  • Organic ingredients and no chemicals
  • Removes stains and spills
  • Biodegradable product
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Instant cleaning
  • Easy-to-use packaging
  • Multi-purpose
  • Good Quantity
  • Affordable range
  • Refreshing scent
  • No preservatives-reduced lifespan
  • May not remove tough and greasy stains easily
Good Natured Brand Saving Grace Carpet & Upholstery Deodorizer,...
3,583 Reviews
Good Natured Brand Saving Grace Carpet & Upholstery Deodorizer,...
  • Highest, green-tier rating on the Eco-Scale! The natural qualities of...
  • Family and Pet Safe! Non-Toxic, All Natural, NO chemicals, 32 oz bag.
  • Great for area rugs, carpets, upholstered chairs and couches, pet...

6. Oreck Dry Carpet Cleaner

Oreck Carpet Cleaner


As one of the best dry carpet cleaners in 2021, Oreck Dry Carpet Cleaner provides outstanding cleaning in only a matter of 40-60 minutes. Unlike most other dry carpet cleaning chemicals available in the market, it is one of the few rare ones that successfully deliver the promised quality.

The massive quantity (i.e., 9lbs) of the product comes in a hard-plastic, white-colored tub with a lid that keeps the container airtight. And hence, it keeps the powder from expiring or becoming ineffective.

However, such a massive quantity becomes a problem for those who do not prefer cleaning carpets very often. By standard, a cleaning chemical starts losing its effectiveness with time, especially after two years.

So it may not be the ideal option for you if you’ve got a smaller carpeted area and occasional cleaning needs. You can go for the smaller version (i.e. 4lbs.)

As a considerate, responsible manufacturer and supplier of dry carpet cleaning chemicals, the company provides essential details on the packaging.

There are other Oreck cleaning products that you can use along with this dry carpet cleaning powder to maximize its astounding results. These include pre-mist soil solution and brush applicator.

Add a thin layer of the pre-mist oil solution before sprinkling the powder over the carpeted surface. It will loosen the dirt and dust particles from the individual carpet fibers, and assist and ease the work of carpet cleaning powder.

The Oreck dry carpet cleaning solution has a rather unique, well-thought-out, and lab-tested formulation. Collectively, the powder particles act as a sponge.

Once you spread them over the carpet, they absorb the dirt particles efficiently. You must pour heavy quantities of the powders of stains and areas with lingering smells.

Then you can rub the powder into the carpet using a brush or the special brush applicator that’s available with the cleaning system. In rotary movements, the applicator shoves the surface powder particles deep into the carpet (and this is particularly helpful if you’ve got a high-pile carpet!).

Note: For acquiring maximum benefits of this product, vacuum the carpet once before applying the powder or pre-mist solution.

With proper application, the Oreck powder deep cleanses the carpet. The best thing about Oreck Dry Carpet Cleaning Powder is the fact that it removes the hideous stains for sure.

No matter how long they’ve been there or what brought them into existence, this powder seems to eliminate them all.

After about 45-60 minutes, you can vacuum the entire room or the particular rug to vacuum away the sprinkled powder.

Along with deep, impressive cleaning, the powder brings a pleasant lemon scent with it, which will last for quite a few days if the area does not experience high-traffic round the clock.

Bottom Line: Oreck Dry Carpet Cleaner happens to be a costly cleaning product that comes in great quantity. However, it is worth it for those who frequently clean their rugs and carpets and prefer deep cleaning with a refreshing scent. It’s also the best one for removing stubborn stains.

  • Great Quantity
  • Pleasant Scent
  • Easy to Store
  • Not sticky
  • No Residue
  • Easy to Use
  • Usable for all sorts of rugs and carpets
  • Pricey
  • Works best with Oreck Cleaning tools only

7. Prochem Dry Slurry Professional Carpet Cleaning Concentrate (Powder)

Prochem Dry Slurry Carpet Cleaner


With a 6lb bottle, the Prochem Dry Slurry Professional Carpet Cleaning Concentrate (Powder) is an outstanding choice for intensive cleaning. You can use this carpet cleaning powder for all types of stains and spills.

The product will work efficiently on all, whether you are using it on a heavily greased restaurant carpet or a slightly stained home carpet.

The ferocious cleaning ability of this powder may raise a question, will it damage the carpet’s fabric upon frequent usage? Well, the manufacturer has not supported the product with such claims.

However, the particles are not fine enough to penetrate deep into the carpet and build over time, causing degradation of carpet quality. Also, the product claims to be gentle on the carpet while bringing about effective results.

But, it is also possible that inefficient vacuuming practice may leave some powder and moisture behind.

One more thing to note is the bulk quantity of the product might not be suitable for all, especially those who prefer infrequent cleaning sessions. Prochem Dry Slurry Professional

Carpet Cleaning Concentrate (Powder) might lose its effectiveness with the passing time.

Nevertheless, the product has the property to remove stains from all materials. The powder works well on stain-resistant nylon and synthetic fiber carpets.

It is a water-based carpet cleaning powder. So, you’ll have to dissolve it in water before usage. The non-ionic formula enables Prochem Dry Slurry concentrate powder to work incredibly in hard water too.

Prochem Dry Slurry concentrate powder quickly dissolves the stains in the carpet and lifts them from the fabric, so it’s easy to rinse them away. The process leaves no sticky residue behind and prevents Re-soiling.

Unlike other products, the Prochem Dry Slurry powder will not brighten up the fabric or alter the color. Instead, it will leave the carpet in its true color. However, the product doesn’t provide any refreshing scent like in other powders.

Also, the product comprises corrosion inhibitors that prevent the decay and damage of metallic parts of the vacuum.

The packaging of the product is easy-to-use and store. However, the plastic bottle is not biodegradable or compostable, making it ineligible to meet eco-friendly standards.

Bottom Line: Comparatively, the Prochem Dry Slurry Carpet Cleaning Concentrate powder offers an economical deal where you can clean all types of stains instantly.

The formula makes sure that you have the best results in one go, which categorizes the product as one of the best dry carpet cleaning powder.

  • Prevents Re-soiling
  • Good for powerful cleaning
  • From residential to commercial purposes
  • Treats all carpet fabrics
  • Contains corrosion inhibitors
  • Works even in hard water
  • Bulk quantity
  • Easy-to-use packaging
  • Requires water-might leave moisture behind
  • Expensive
  • No scent
  • Doesn’t have environment-friendly packaging
Prochem S776-1m Dry Slurry Professional Carpet Cleaning...
60 Reviews
Prochem S776-1m Dry Slurry Professional Carpet Cleaning...
  • material type: Plastic Jar
  • Model Number: S776-1m
  • Item Package Dimension: 9.0" L x 9.0" W x 12.5" H

8. Mohawk Home New Mohawk Dry Carpet Cleaner Powder

Mohawk Home Dry Carpet Cleaner


For many, New Mohawk Dry Carpet Cleaner happens to be one of the must-have floorcare essentials. Thanks to its efficacy and ample quantity.
With about 2.5 lbs of the potent cleaning powder, you can clean up to 250 sq ft of area.

Keeping in mind the bulk quantity of the powder, the company has provided the containing tub with a lid, which keeps it airtight. When not in use, the tub must always be covered with a lid to avoid the loss of moisture.

The packaging is not eco-friendly but manages to successfully keep the purchased product usable and protected from external factors (e.g., sunlight).

Even more, the white and brown-colored covering of the tub comes with all essential details, including the method of use and cautions to take.

Although the caution states to keep the product out of children’s reach, it’s not dangerous even if your little one insists on helping you with the cleaning session. You can let them assist you and learn some cleaning hacks as well as life lessons during the process.

The product does not use any harsh chemicals and hence is child and pet-friendly.

However, the cleaning powder does contain polymer cleaning particles that can irritate the eyes. So, it must not come into contact with the eyes.

In case such an accident occurs, the packaging instructs to wash the eyes for fifteen minutes to flush out the content. You should report to the doctor if irritation persists.

For further queries, the company has also provided a contact number, which according to most customers, almost always attends and caters to customer’s concerns.

Mohawk cleaning powder appears and acts like a sponge as it absorbs all the dirt and harmful microbes as soon as you spread it over the carpet.

One of the unique attributes of this powder is its ability to eliminate stains and spots from your carpets and rugs, once and for all. Although the company recommends regular cleaning, it doesn’t mean that the once-cleaned spots and stains will ever reappear.

After about 30 minutes, as you vacuum away the powder, you will surely be stunned with professional results. For heavy soils, Mohawk Home suggests waiting for a longer time.

Also, for attaining the best results, you can apply the Mohawk Soil Release Pretreatment (pre-mist solution), leave it for a while, and then apply the powder.

Brush the powder until it gets absorbed into the carpet fibers. You may need to brush a little aggressively over the stubborn stains.

Best apply the product over a 6 ft × 6ft area for even and quick results. After process completion, the carpet should feel softer, look brighter, and cleaner with no traces of previous spots, stains, or smell.

If the results fail to match that stated above, you may need to repeat the process. Furthermore, it’s safe to use for all fabrics and fibers, including wool, stain-resistant, oriental, Afghani rugs.

Bottom Line: For those who seek a carpet cleaning powder that not only conditions but also removes stains for sure, New Mohawk Dry Carpet Cleaner is the best choice. It’s slightly expensive but worth it as it liberates you from child-safety or carpet-safety concerns.

  • Good Quantity
  • Easy to Store
  • Pet-friendly
  • Child-friendly
  • Safe for all materials and fabrics
  • Expensive
  • Moisture loss results in loss of active, effective product

Best Dry Carpet Cleaning Powders: Buyer's Guide

Powder in action

Lately, one will find the store's shelf filled with an assortment of carpet cleaning powders. Well, the demand is increasing, and so is the number of brands.

In such conditions, selecting the rightful product for your specific needs can get a bit difficult. But don't worry!

We have articulated a thorough buying guide for you that covers every aspect of a carpet cleaning powder. Do consider these factors to shop wisely.

1. Product Quantity & Your Need

One of the major aspects when purchasing a product is to analyze the quantity of the product inside the packaging. Before paying a hefty amount, you need to question yourself: Is it enough to last through a decent number of carpet cleaning sessions?

Let’s put the situation in this manner: A brand asks for a hundred dollars for a product that will only cater to a one-time carpet cleaning session. Naturally, most customers will try avoiding it in spite of the company’s big, exaggerated claims.

Why? Because there are plenty of other brands that offer up-to-the-standard products! Hence, clients are more likely to spend 50% of their shopping time researching and weighing out their options. Ultimately, choosing other inexpensive alternative options.

Quantity also matters because running to the grocery store every other week to get the powder can waste time and energy unnecessarily. So, at least, you should purchase a carpet cleaning powder that lasts a month.

Buying enormous quantities at once can also be troublesome because not all carpet cleaning products have an extensive active life. Scroll down to learn more about active life and why it is an important factor to consider before purchasing the product.

2. Chemical Composition

Similar to any other cleaning product, the carpet cleaning powder comprises fast-acting chemicals. These chemicals work together to bring about the desired action: carpet cleaning.

Concisely, a carpet cleaning powder has the following types of chemicals:

Alkaline Builders: These chemicals control the pH value to bring about the best cleaning results.
Examples: Sodium bicarbonate, Sodium Metasilicate, and Phosphates.

Caution: Several companies use Sodium Carbonate (Soda Ash) in carpet cleaning powders as it is a cheaper alternative. However, this chemical reacts with water to produce Calcium Carbonate that can leave the carpet fibers dull and weak.

Anti-caking Agents: As the name suggests, the anti-caking agents prevent the accumulation of lumps or cakes in cleaning powders.

Examples: Sodium Aluminosilicate and Calcium Silicate.

Bleaching Agents: In carpet cleaning powder, oxidizing bleaching agents are present that removes stains by altering the dye structure. The bleaching agents brighten up the fabric, though too much concentration can reduce the carpet's lifespan.

Examples: Sodium Persulfate and Sodium Percarbonate.

Good to know: 

  • The bleaching agents get classified into oxidizing and reducing categories.
  • An oxidizing bleaching agent removes Electrons from other molecules. Whereas reducing bleaching agents donate Electrons to other molecules.

Caution: Avoid exposing the cleaning powders (with oxidizing powders) to moisture when not in use.

  • Corrosion Inhibitors: These chemicals in powdered carpet cleaners prevent corrosion of metallic parts, such as aluminum, brass, and steel.
    Examples: Sodium Metasilicate
  • Crystallizing Agent: The crystallizing agents prevent the remaining dust and debris to stick back on the carpet during the drying process. These agents crystallize the remnants to form a non-sticky residue.

Hence, reducing the Resoiling process and preventing that dirty appearance of carpets, even after cleaning
Examples: Resins or Polymers

3. Odor

We all want our carpeted rooms to smell fresh and clean after a hectic tidying and scrubbing session. But only the removal of dirt and stains doesn’t do the trick!

To have your interiors speaking for your strenuous effort and rather smelling for it, you need to look for a dry carpet cleaner that brings that refreshing smell.

Most companies incorporate fragrances into the powders. Hence, they bring a long-lasting, pleasant odor to the room. Other companies offer fragrances separately. So, you can add it to the cleaning solution whenever you feel like it.

However, anti-allergen cleaning products lack this essential property. And we believe it is due to the different chemical composition of the product.

4. Dyes

Another thing that you need to look out for is the presence of dyes. Some cleaning powders come with specialized dyes that tend to absorb Ultraviolet light and emit back visible light.

As a result, the carpet appears brighter than usual, making it look newer. Although it brings temporary good looks, it yellows the carpet permanently in the long-run.

These dyes are better known as optical brighteners. You must avoid all cleaning products comprising them unless you plan on changing your carpet frequently.

5. Packaging

One factor you should never underestimate is packaging as it influences your experience with the product significantly. Below are the few elements you must seek in the carpet cleaning powder product.

Convenience: Perhaps, the only way to judge the ease-of-use offered by the packaging is the container type. The carpet cleaning powders are widely available in tubs, stand-up pouches, boxes, and zip locks.

Environment-friendly: In such a world, where sustainability is a crucial issue, seeking an environment-friendly product packaging is very important. Hence, you must purchase products with biodegradable, plant-based, or recycled packaging.

Durability: A buyer must also select products with durable packaging, especially if you want to use it over a long period. Also, if you live in a humid climatic zone, moisture can creep into light cardboard packaging and ruin the product itself. Hence, consider all the aspects before purchasing the carpet cleaning powder.

6. Active Life

By definition, active life refers to the time during which a product remains usable and effective. It determines the adequacy and utility of a particular product.

Like all other products, carpet cleaning powders also have an active life. And, it is mainly the expiry date mentioned on the packaging that indicates it.

On average, carpet cleaning chemicals have a lifespan of one to two years. Companies add preservatives like Benzisothiazolinone to cleaning products that prevent microbial contamination.

It’s best to opt for a product with one year's life as accidental exposure to heat may reduce the company-promised shelf life and waste away the entire product.

Also, with time, the pH, enzymes, and essential chemicals of the cleaning powder lose their efficiency. So, it’s best to use up the products within their company-prescribed dates.

You must keep checking every 1 and 2 months, whether the product is still fit for use or not.

7. Brand & Price

Although a lot of carpet cleaning powder brands are present in the market, you must trust only a few well-established and reputable names, especially if you are a novice buyer and the carpet's too expensive.

At times, some brands use cheaper chemical alternatives that weaken the carpet fiber and reduces its attractiveness as well as lifespan.

Moreover, you must also consider whether the product falls within your budget or not. Please note that higher quality products will fall in the mid to expensive range.

The chemical composition, packaging, and production costs of a decent carpet cleaner powder will fall in mid-range. Do not trust cheaper alternatives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to Use Carpet Cleaning Powders?
Most dry carpet cleaning powders do not require any processing or specific handling for effective usage. A general step by step guide is as follows:

Step 1: Open the packaging and take out an appropriate quantity of carpet cleaning powder.

Step 2: Next, sprinkle and spread it evenly across the spotted, stained, or generally dirty carpeted surface.

Step 3: Rub the powder with a disc machine or a rotary roller with a brush or white pad over the carpet. This optional step helps the powder deeply integrate into the carpeted surface.

Step 4: Then leave the powder to do its work for at least 20 minutes. For better results, you can even leave it overnight or for the entire day to eliminate unwanted stains and spots.

Step 5: After that, vacuum the powder-covered carpet thoroughly. It’s best to use vacuum cleaners with a brush as they pick up dirt quickly. Also, timely clean the dust bag to ensure maximum collection of dust and powder particles.

Q. Can you use Carpet Powder with a Dyson Vacuum?
Yes, you can use a carpet cleaning powder with Dyson, especially the Zorb. It can significantly brighten the color of the carpet and leave it feeling fresh.

You only need to sprinkle the carpet cleaning powder over the affected area and use the Dyson vacuum for it.

Q. What’s better, carpet cleaning powder or liquid wash?
Carpet cleaners come in both forms, i.e., liquid and solid (in the form of powders). The supremacy of one form over another is not universal or applicable to all conditions. Rather, it is a matter of preference and circumstances.

Liquid carpet cleaning agents comprise of various chemicals and have different methods of use. However, all of them involve wetting the carpet. Although this promises thorough cleaning and considerably long-lasting results, it also demands great effort and time.

You will need to wash the carpet with detergent once, and then with water. It will also take further time to dry up.

Liquid carpet cleaning products also use various chemicals that may deteriorate the look and quality of your carpet over time. Powders, in comparison, are safer to use. Powders are also easy to store.

Also, concentration per packaging happens to be greater for powders. So, they occupy less space and have reduced shipping costs. Consequently, they have reduced retail prices.
Thus, if you’re searching for a quick and efficient carpet cleaning solution, then you should opt for powders.

Q. Are Carpet Powders Safe to Use?
Similar to any other product, the carpet cleaning powders do come with a set of pros and cons. Firstly, the powder may irritate the lungs when inhaled. A constant encounter may lead to the development of serious problems, like asthma.

At times, fine powder particles travel deep into the carpet fabric and will stay there, regardless of how much you vacuum. Hence, leading to the growth of micro-organism and becoming a source of allergies.

Also, as children and pets love spending most of their time on carpets, they may be a target of these allergens and bacteria.

It also decreases the indoor room quality. Concisely, promoting the growth of allergies, diseases, and reducing lifestyle quality.

Please note that these cons are a result of inefficient cleaning practices. If you’ll use the powder appropriately, then the cons may get minimal.

Q. What are homemade carpet cleaning powders?
Many people are not very fond of using company-manufactured products that involve the use of chemicals. Thus, they strive to find competent natural home-made alternatives.

Along the same lines, homemade carpet cleaning powders are cheaper, natural alternatives that get used by millions to rid their carpets of unpleasant odors and stains. Examples of these include baking soda.

Q. Are Homemade Carpet powders as effective as company-manufactured ones?
Every product has its pros and cons. Homemade carpet cleaning powders may cut down your cleaning-related expenses greatly, but their benefits are short-lived as well. They may not provide a refreshing smell and a clean outlook that lasts as long as that of the professionally manufactured product.

Consequently, you will have to arrange that natural powder again and again. Thus, it may consume more of your energy, time, and even money.

At times, natural carpet cleaning powders have particles so fine and sharp that they clog the pores of the dust bag or HEPA filters, which reduces suction performance.
The sharp edges of each baking soda particle may even act as a saw for your rug and deteriorate its quality.

Conclusion for Best Dry Carpet Cleaning Powder

So far, we have evaluated the best dry carpet cleaners in 2021, though the real answer still lingers behind. Which is the best dry carpet cleaning powder?

Well, considering the factors mentioned in buying guide and comparing the products against each other, we conclude Capture Carpet Cleaning Powder as the winner.

The product is not only cleaning efficient but easy-to-use. You will indeed have to let the powder sit for 30-minutes. The process may not cater to instant cleaning needs, but the results will be long-lasting.

Also, the product does not degrade the carpet fiber quality. The Capture carpet cleaning powder does not use bleaching agents or toxic chemicals. Plus, it removes stains and dirt while leaving behind a refreshing scent.

You can use the product around your pets and children, without the fear of toxicity. Moreover, the product comes with a Pre-Mist spray, sifter, and in handsome quantity. You can use the powder for several cleaning sessions with relevant ease.

However, the packaging is not eco-friendly, but neither are the other products. Only Resolve Pet Carpet Cleaner Powder and Good Natured Carpet Cleaner has showcased biodegradable packaging, but they lack a majority of qualities.

Conclusively, choosing Capture Carpet Cleaner Powder has a clear advantage over others. You get quality and quantity both at an economical price rate. Happy Cleaning!