10 Best DVD Storage Binder [Buying Guide 2021]

Original DVD cases can take up so much room on a shelf or inside an entertainment center, and they can be difficult to keep organized. You can avoid this clutter and save space by using a DVD storage binder to safely secure and store all your DVDs. You can also store your CD or video game collection in a DVD binder. If it’s a disc, it can fit in the DVD storage binder, and it will make your life so much more organized.



SANWA 320 Large Capacity CD CaseAtlantic Polypropylene Sleeve Disc OrganizerBellagio-Italia Burgundy DVD Storage Binder Set


Best OverallBest Value OptionBest Appearance

Disc Storage



BlackBlackBurgundy & Black


Hard EVA & polypropylenePlasticImitation Leather

# of Disc Sleeves per Sheet

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How We Tested and Compared These Products

We looked at DVD storage binders of all shapes, sizes, and styles. We didn’t want to leave any style off our list because we understand that not everyone’s style is the same. Just because you’re organizing your discs in a storage binder doesn’t mean it has to look like a storage binder. Appearance may be important to you, so we included storage binders of all shapes, sizes, and materials on our list.

Quantity was also important to us because we know it’s important to you. We made sure to include DVD storage binders with large and small capacities. Even just a few original DVD cases can take up space in your entertainment center and leave it looking cluttered, so you may need a DVD binder that only holds 48 DVDs. We chose storage binders, both big and small, to include on our list.

We also included binders with three rings so that you can easily add more sleeves without purchasing an entire additional binder. It’s not like you purchase 48 DVDs at one time that will require a new binder. You can add additional sleeves to three-ring binders as needed. Then, you can purchase an additional binder if the DVD binder becomes too full.

Our Pick: SANWA 320 Large Capacity CD Case – Best Overall

SANWA 320 Large Capacity CD Case




  • Disc storage: 320
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Hard EVA & polypropylene
  • # of disc sleeves per sheet: 4

Our top pick for the best DVD storage binder is the SANWA 320 large-capacity CD case. It’s simple, large, and convenient to grab and go. Sometimes you need to take your CDs or DVDs on the road. You may have a DVD player in your car or will be going on vacation where you’ll want to watch movies while you’re in your room. The convenient built-in handle on this SANWA DVD CD storage case makes it easier than ever to grab the case and go. It’s one of our favorite features about this DVD storage case.

Each sheet has four DVD sleeves per page. If you open up the DVD storage binder to a random page, you’ll see eight total DVD sleeves in front of you. We liked how many DVD sleeves were on each page, which tipped the scales for us to choose this DVD storage binder as our overall pick.

Finally, to keep the CDs and DVDs secure in the binder, it has a zipper that will enclose the entire binder. Not only will this keep the CDs and DVDs safe and secure within the binder, but it will also keep dust from entering the binder. When the binder is zippered close, you can easily grab the case by the handle and not worry about any discs falling out of it.

  • Durable exterior made of hard EVA and polypropylene
  • 4 disc sleeves per page
  • Holds a large capacity of 320 total discs
  • The convenient carrying handle makes it easy to grab and go
  • Affordable
  • Cannot add additional pages of sleeves
SANWA 320 Capacity CD Case, Large CD Sleeves, Portable DVD VCD...
3,635 Reviews
SANWA 320 Capacity CD Case, Large CD Sleeves, Portable DVD VCD...
  • PROTECTION + FABRIC: It is made of soft non-woven fabric with less...
  • PREMIUM MATERIAL: The case is made of top made of PU + PP, which is...
  • CONSIDERATE DESIGN: The non-woven fabric has a slit for easy disc...


Best Alternatives

Atlantic Polypropylene Sleeve Disc Organizer – Best Value Option

Atlantic Polypropylene Sleeve Disc



  • Disc storage: 96
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Plastic
  • # of disc sleeves per sheet: 1

The option we chose for the best value is the Atlantic Polypropylene Sleeve Disc Organizer. It has 4 different color-coded binders that hold 24 discs each for a total storage of 96 discs. There is only one sleeve per page with this storage binder, and there are four total binders in the set.

One of the unique features of this storage binder is the color-coded spine of the binder. You can separate the colors by genres or be traditional and put them in alphabetical order. Or, you don’t have to use color-coding at all and can simply store your DVDs and CDs in whatever method you choose.

Most DVD storage binders are made to be placed on a shelf or within an entertainment center, but guess what you can do with this binder? You can mount it to the wall! This saves space on your shelves in your entertainment center by completely removing them from the area.

If you choose to store the binder on a shelf or in an entertainment center and need to add more units to your collection, you can stack them on top of one another! They come with proper stacking locks to ensure the units stay secured to one another.

  • Affordable
  • 4 total binders
  • Color-coded spines on each binder
  • Can be mounted to the wall
  • Additional units can be attached to one another
  • One disc per sleeve
  • Maximum capacity of 96 discs per binder set
Atlantic Polypropylene Sleeve Disc Organizer - Stack & Lock,...
2,336 Reviews
Atlantic Polypropylene Sleeve Disc Organizer - Stack & Lock,...
  • Categorize 24 CDs each in 4 color-coded binders
  • Stack and lock additional units on sides or top
  • Protects your valuable CDs in non-woven polypropylene sleeves


Bellagio-Italia Burgundy DVD Storage Binder Set – Best Appearance Option

Bellagio Italia Burgundy DVD Storage Binder Set




  • Disc storage: 288
  • Color: Burgundy & black
  • Material: Imitation leather
  • # of disc sleeves per sheet: 2

Our favorite option for appearance is the Bellagio-Italia burgundy DVD storage binder set. It is a set of 6 binders disguised to look like a set of books. We like this appearance because you can put it on a bookshelf, and no one will know it’s actually a DVD storage binder set.

There are 6 total binders that will hold 48 DVDs per binder. Each page will hold 2 sleeves of DVDs or CDs. On the spine of the binder is an index plate for you to indicate which DVDs or CDs are included in the binder.

One of the things we love most about this binder set is that it is a 3-ring binder design for you to add additional sheets to each binder without having to purchase an additional binder altogether. You can add up to 80 sheets per binder before it reaches capacity. Each sheet is acid-free to prevent scratches and data loss on the discs.

Do you want to know our favorite feature of the Bellagio-Italia storage binder set? The fact that you can store the cover art from your DVD, Blu-ray, or CD case directly into the sleeve of the binder.

Other DVD storage binders will only store the disc and nothing else, causing you to throw away the original case with the cover art included, but not anymore! With this storage binder, you can add all of your favorite CD, DVD, or Blu-ray cover art directly into the sleeve of the binder.

  • Disguises itself as a set of books and not a DVD storage binder set
  • Index plate for you to easily identify what is inside the binder
  • Holds a large capacity of 288 total discs
  • Up to 80 additional sheets can be added to each binder
  • Cover art can be included in the sleeve
  • Pricy
Bellagio-Italia CD/DVD Storage Binder Set - Leather - 288-Disc...
312 Reviews
Bellagio-Italia CD/DVD Storage Binder Set - Leather - 288-Disc...
  • High Capacity Storage: DVD and CD holder with enough sheets for 48 to...
  • Durable CD Case: Soft, acid-free CD and DVD holder sheets prevent...
  • Organization & Storage: Customizable index plate on spine allows you...


How to Choose the Best DVD Storage Binder – Buying Guide

Best DVD Storage


There are many different types of DVD storage binders, so you’ll have a lot of options to choose from (like the ones we’ve included on our list). Keep these tips in mind when you’re ready to organize your DVD collection.


We recommend looking at the capacity of the DVD storage binder before anything else. The storage capacity will let you know how many total DVDs the binder will hold so that you don’t purchase a DVD storage binder that is insufficient. It’s always better to choose a DVD storage binder that has too much room than not enough, especially if you can’t add pages of sleeves to the binder.

If you choose a DVD storage binder with a small capacity, make sure that you can add pages so that you don’t have to order another entire binder just to store the few extra DVDs.


As you’ve seen on our list, not all DVD storage binders are designed to sit on a shelf. Some DVD storage binders can be mounted to the wall!

Also, when you think of a DVD storage binder, you may think of a 3-ring notebook that uses a zipper to close. While these are the most practical and functional DVD storage binders for easy portability and maximum protection, this isn’t the only type of DVD storage binder that is offered.

Some binders are made to look like books and can be placed on a bookshelf without anyone knowing the difference. Think about how and where you will be storing the DVD storage binder. That will help you decide which DVD storage binder design you should choose.

Disc Protection

Look inside the DVD storage binder to see how your discs will be protected. We recommend choosing a DVD storage binder with a sleeve for each disc. The sleeve should be made of non-woven polypropylene. This will offer the most protection from dust and scratches.

Some DVD storage binders are also waterproof, which is a great feature to consider if you will be taking the binder on the go. A waterproof DVD storage binder works great in the car, where cups can get spilled onto the binder. If you think you’ll be taking your DVD storage binder in the car, you should consider a waterproof binder.


How should I organize my DVDs in a DVD storage binder?

There are different ways you can organize your DVDs in a storage binder, so the choice is up to you, but here are some recommendations that we suggest you follow to stay organized.

If you’re purchasing just one DVD storage binder, we recommend putting the DVDs in alphabetical order. That will be the easiest storage method for one storage binder.

However, if you’re purchasing a set of DVD storage binders, we recommend separating the DVDs by genre. You should aim for one genre per binder. We recommend putting each genre in alphabetical order to keep the DVDs organized.

How do I know if the DVD storage binder I choose will protect all of my DVDs?

You’ll have to know the material the DVD storage binder is made of to know if it will offer sufficient protection for your DVDs. As long as the DVD binder and sleeves are made of nylon, plastic, leather, or non-woven material, the discs will be protected from dust, humidity, and scratches.

How thick does the exterior of the binder need to be?

The thicker the shell is, the more protection it will offer, but keep in mind that this will also make it heavier. Essentially, the exterior of the binder isn’t required to be thick to make it protective.

The material of the binder shell is what will make it protective, so you’ll just need to make sure it is made of protective material like hard EVA plastic, nylon, or polypropylene. Leather is a nice material for appearance but may not offer the most protection if it’s thin.


DVD storage binders are a great storage solution to keep all of your DVDs organized in one central location. Depending on the function you need, the DVD storage binder can blend in as a set of books on a shelf, or it can be mounted to a wall. If you need a DVD storage binder to grab on the go when traveling, we recommend choosing our overall pick, which is the SANWA 320 Large Capacity CD Case.

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