5 The Best Exhaust for Predator 212cc [Buying Guide]

Want to transform the old racing bike into a monstrous roaring champion, but that Predator 212cc doesn’t seem to work enough? Well, then look at those long ugly exhaust pipes!

Believe it or not, but the exhaust pipes play a significant role in elevating the overall engine work performance. These pipes may appear to be emitting unwanted smoke only, but their diameter and length are influencing the combustion inside the engine.

According to a majority, these pipes merely direct the exhaust gases away from the passengers. While in reality, the structure of the pipe alters the movement of gases. Hence, affecting factors such as torque, horsepower, and the overall speed.

Moreover, that roaring sound, envied by many, is also obtained by the exhaust pipe. Get that pipe length right, and there you have, the roaring monster you have always wanted.

Not many indeed love the factory engine results, but does that mean another engine? Certainly, not! Just because the Predator 212cc is not loud or fast enough, you do not need to throw it away. Instead of wasting your hard-earned money, it is better to modify the engine with the appropriate exhaust pipe.

Now, that we have evaluated the exhaust pipe’s significance, let’s also shed light on the selection difficulty we all come across. Well, in the case of exhaust pipes, you will indeed find scarce data.

The products are available on all the reputable e-commerce sites, but there is little guidance as to how to analyze the exhaust pipe’s worth for one’s specific needs. Perhaps, it is the main driving force that has lead us to extract the data for you and help you select wisely.

Read more to unravel a comprehensive guide as well as the best exhaust pipe for Predator 212cc!

Comparing Best Exhaust for Predator 212cc

ExhaustNoise LevelWeight 
Asport Exhaust Pipe for 212ccLoud13 Oz. Check Price
Asport Exhaust Pipe for GX200Moderate17 Oz. Check Price
RLV Predator 212 ccModerate>32 Oz. Check Price
Asport Exhaust With MufflerLoud24 Oz. Check Price
Asport Low Profile ExhaustLoud12 Oz. Check Price

1. ARSPORT Exhaust Pipe for Predator 212cc, Honda GX160, GX200. Go Kart & mini bikes

Asport Exhaust Pipe for 212cc


This exhaust pipe comprises mild and uncoated steel, which means that you will have to paint or wrap it.

Although the manufacturer promises durability, remember that mild steel is the cheapest available option in the market. Hence, the exhaust pipe will last for a minimum of 3-years. If your engine is not under heavy usage and remains well-maintained, then it may last up to 4-4.5years.

Also, as the pipe arrives uncoated, it will change colors upon use. The heat generated during combustion will change the color of the metal from grey to dark blue and orange. Hence, deteriorating the overall appearance for some. Also, the heating may lead to rusting which reduces the lifespan of the exhaust pipe.

Moreover, a heated exhaust pipe may prove to be extremely dangerous. Concisely, you can’t avoid painting or wrapping the exhaust pipe.

Purchasing a high-quality heat-resistant exhaust pipe paint or wrap will add up to the price, making the product a bit expensive in the end. Therefore, the product may suit the needs of heavier machinery, such as Go Karts and Mini Bikes.

With a weight of 13oz., the exhaust pipe is comparatively lightweight and may offer ease in installation as well as improve the efficiency of the machinery. However, it is an ounce heavier than the Low Profile exhaust mentioned on this list. So, if you are on the hunt for a lightweight exhaust pipe with similar specifications, then it is suggestable to opt for that one.

The internal diameter of the exhaust pipe is 21.26mm, which is broad enough to produce the loudness that most of the bikers prefer. However, the length of the pipe is 7” long, which may result in backpressure development in the engine and reduce efficiency.

The quality design of the pipe sets it a bit far from the fender, upon installment. Hence, preventing the heating up of the machinery. Plus, the product comes with nuts and bolts!

This particular exhaust pipe is suitable for installment in Predator 212cc, Honda GX160, and GX200. You may use the pipe for Go Karts, Mini Bikes, or generators.

Bottom Line: The Exhaust Pipe is idealistic for use in Go Karts and Mini Bikes. However, the uncoated pipe may lead up to issues like heating and rusting.

  • Loud
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with nuts and bolts
  • Suitable for several engines
  • Best for Go Karts and Mini Bikes
  • Comes uncoated
  • May slightly reduce the efficiency
  • Does not have a long lifespan
Exhaust Pipe for Predator 212cc, Honda GX160, GX200. Go Kart &...
523 Reviews
Exhaust Pipe for Predator 212cc, Honda GX160, GX200. Go Kart &...
  • MADE IN THE USA...This is custom made, Weighs around 13oz. Good for:...

2. ARSPORT Exhaust Pipe for Predator 212cc, Honda GX160, GX200. Go Kart & mini bikes

Asport Exhaust Pipe for GX200


Out of all the exhaust pipes manufactured by ARSPORT, this particular article has gained much appreciation and attention from the masses. And if you’re wondering, why exactly? Then, here’s the answer to its fame mystery:

  • Entrancing Shiny and Sleek Looks
  • Pleasant, Roaring Sounds

Although the pipe comes uncoated and without any paint, it has a straight 10-inch length that’s mostly straight. It ends with a diagonally oblong shape. The long length of the pipe makes compromises on the speed and performance of the engine, but the average-sized diameter keeps it from degrading the company-promised performance of Predator 212cc.

Its diameter specifications are as follows:

  • ID: 21.70 mm
  • OD: 26.86 mm

The distance of the mouth to the base of the engine is about 9.50 inches. With such an enormous distance, we believe the exhaust pipe will maintain a safe distance from the fender. Thus, keeping you safe from experiencing any burns or inhaling toxic gases.

As it got engineered from heavy-duty material, the pipe will survive for a good 2-4 years, even after heavy use. Moreover, the custom-made iron header weighs about 17 ounces, which makes it relatively heavier.

Also, it lacks a muffler, so we expect it to produce a fairly audible sound. As mentioned earlier, it makes the engine roar pleasantly and not terrifically.

Considering other options in this best exhaust for Predator 212 list, it happens to be a bit pricey. But if you’re someone who prefers safe shopping in one-go, then this might as well be your best pick so far!

Bottom Line: As an exhaust pipe that fits well for multiple engines, this article is a relatively safe choice. It upgrades the performance of the engine and amplifies sound noticeably, but nearer to the company-set standards.

  • Stylish Design
  • Better Noise
  • Brings about pleasant roaring of the engine
  • Durable
  • A bit pricey
  • Slightly slows down the performance
Exhaust Pipe for Predator 212cc, Honda GX160, GX200. Go Kart &...
170 Reviews
Exhaust Pipe for Predator 212cc, Honda GX160, GX200. Go Kart &...
  • This is custom made. weighs around 17oz. Good for: Mini bikes, go...

3. RLV Predator 212cc Hemi & Non-Hemi Exhaust Header Pipe


For all machines and small-sized vehicles powered by Predator 212cc (any variant), this particular article is of immense value.

Predator 212 cc is an engine available in two versions, namely:

  • Hemi
  • Non-Hemi or Flathead

Both have their pros and cons, and at times require slightly different parts. If you’re someone who owns both or does not know which of the two you actually own, then this is it for you. The design of the product makes it fit for use for both versions of Predator 212 cc. It is even used for mini bike Honda as it fits well in Honda Clone 196cc.

It comes with an appropriately wide opening that allows a sufficient amount of gases to leave, timely. Hence, boosting the performance of the engine. With its bent shape, the pipe produces audible and moving sound, which is a major plus for those who admire the roaring sounds.

Furthermore, the internal diameter of the exhaust pipe widens twice by a slight percentage, near the end. Consequently, it offers enhanced expulsion of gases even with its average length.

This easy-to-install exhaust header pipe happens to be slightly expensive than the Low Profile Exhaust and 13 Ounce-Exhaust pipe mentioned above in this list. However, it is cheaper than Exhaust with Muffler and 17-Ounce Exhaust Pipe for Predator 212. Thus, if you’re making your purchase for the first time but do not wish to settle for less, it’s a good choice for you!

Bottom Line: As one of the best exhausts for Predator 212, this exhaust pipe promises appreciable enhancement and improvement in the overall performance of the engine and sound. It may be slightly heavier than the other exhaust pipes in this list but works fine for its value.

  • Usable for both Hemi & Non-Hemi Predator 212cc
  • Affordable
  • Good Sound
  • Brings Good Looks
  • Good Quality Material
  • Slightly heavy
RLV Predator 212cc Hemi & Non-Hemi Exhaust Header Pipe
200 Reviews
RLV Predator 212cc Hemi & Non-Hemi Exhaust Header Pipe
  • Fits Predator 212cc Engine
  • Added Horsepower
  • Fits most 196cc OHV Clone engines

4. ARSPORT Exhaust with Muffler for Predator 212cc, Honda GX160, GX200

Asport Exhaust With Muffler

No products found.

If you are in hunt of an exhaust pipe that incredibly increases the engine efficiency while staying silent, then this product is for you.

Similar to other products from the manufacturer, this exhaust pipe also comprises of mild and uncoated steel. Hence, you’ll have to work a bit and paint or wrap it with heat resistant products. Remember that the usage of the uncoated pipe may burn when heated as well as lead to rusting.

Nevertheless, the excellent feature of this exhaust pipe is that it arrives with a muffler. The muffler lowers or silences the noise created during the combustion and engine operation.

So, if you are not after the loud roaring engine noises, the product is idealistic. Also, as the muffler is suitable for engines between 4HP-8HP, you can install it in the Predator 212cc, Honda GX160, and GX200.

The chrome of the muffler may loosen at high speeds. Hence, one must tighten it and ensure intactness before using the vehicle. Also, the muffler features an NPT thread that will remain a bit outside (1/4th), no matter how much you tighten it.

The product also comes with two nuts and lock washers so that assembling the exhaust pipe is convenient, along with other 212cc Predator engine parts.

Moreover, the augmented exhaust pipe design makes the distance between the fender (or frame) and pipe around 3.25”. Hence, preventing the entire machinery frame from heating up. Also, the exhaust pipe will direct the gases a fair distance away from the passengers.

The diameter of the exhaust pipe is sufficiently wide to provide good torque. However, the 7.75” long pipe does not cater to the needs of increased speeds. Also, the weight of the exhaust pipe is 24oz., which is much heavier than the other products. Thus, you might face difficulty in installment. It also signifies that the exhaust pipe with muffler is most suitable for bikes and heavy vehicles.

Bottom Line: The exhaust pipe with muffler isn’t a good option for the ones seeking the roaring loud engine noise. However, the measurements and shape keeps it away from the fender and prevent issues like heating. Also, the wide horsepower range of the muffler makes the product ideal for various engines.

  • Comes with a muffler
  • Comes with nuts and lock washers
  • Stays away from the fender
  • Multi-purpose
  • Suitable for bikes
  • Has uncoated steel
  • Longer pipe length
  • Isn’t lightweight
  • Chrome might loosen

No products found.

5. ARSPORT Low Profile Exhaust, Predator 212cc, GX160 & GX200. Go Kart & mini

Asport Low Profile Exhaust


Low Profile exhaust is one of the cheapest exhaust available that works pretty fine for multiple engines, including:

  • Predator 212 cc
  • Honda GX160
  • Powerhouse 208cc
  • Duromax 7HP
  • Honda GX200

These engines work well with Go Karts, Mini Bikes, Generators, lawnmowers, tillers, welders, pumps, etc. So you can opt for this exhaust pipe, depending on the use of the engine.

For example, it’ll serve the best of its value if you wish to equip the engine of mid-ranged machines like a home lawnmower. You need not spend double the amount of this on an exhaust pipe for a lawnmower that itself doesn’t cost more than a hundred dollars. However, the case with industrial machines, Mini-bike, and Go-Karts is the exact opposite.

Also, the low price-tag means a compromise on the material quality. As it got manufactured from mild uncoated steel, the exhaust pipe may start developing leak holes, dents, and bents in only two years.

Speaking of that, it doesn’t come with a warranty of two years even. Hence, the longevity of this exhaust pipe is only, perhaps, a matter of your luck and treatment. Rough and tough use may wear out the Low Profile exhaust pipe earlier than what seems probable.

The reason that this exhaust made it into this list of best exhausts for Predator 212 is the fact that it’s one of the best compatible options. Even more, it comes with an outer diameter of 26.86mm and an internal diameter of about 21.70mm while the total length of the pipe is about 7-inches. These specifications are more or less similar to other best exhaust options listed in this guide.

Together the short OD and length ensure better expulsion of produced gases. Thus, better overall performance. Unsupported by the muffler, it also produces better sound. If you do not prefer noisy exhausts then, this may not be the best option for you.

The installation of this pipe is not much difficult. The manufacturing company ARSPORT also provides two nuts and two lock washers which assist and ease the installation process.

If you’re choosing this pipe for your mini-bike, then you must know that the 12-ounce exhaust pipe may intervene with other mini bike parts. That’s because its maximum standard from the fender may only be of 8.5-inches if you do not take any additional measures.

Bottom Line: Low Profile Exhaust works perfectly fine for those who seek a temporary upgrade for better sound and performance. It is also one of the cheapest, best-rated exhaust pipes for Predator 212cc.

  • Multipurpose Use
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Easy Installation
  • Comes with Sandblasting
  • Made from Mild-steel
  • Doesn’t come with paint

Best Exhaust for Predator 212cc Buyer's Guide:

Best Exhaust for Predator 212cc

All the varieties mentioned above will give you a good lead. But perhaps, that still leaves you confused. Doesn't it?

If they're all good, then which one is the best for you? To help you, here's a complete comprehensive buying guide on picking the right aftermarket exhaust system components for your small engine.

Understanding the Need

Evident as it may already be, Predator 212 cc performs well enough to power small-sized machines and relatively low power-demanding vehicles, like mini bikes. Hence, we expect it to have a comparatively small service life, despite the brand's claim of long-service life with upgraded engineering.

A constantly running or an infrequently running mechanical tool, at some point, comes face-to-face with problems that hinder its smooth functioning. It may be rust or wear and tear. Thus, it's wiser to upgrade your engine every once in a while.

Along the same lines, an Aftermarket Exhaust System is of great value to engines of all sorts. As the name implies, an Aftermarket Exhaust System is the remodeling of the company-made engine to unleash its true potential.

Now, why would you need to do that? Don't the companies already install the best of best to maintain their quality and increase their sales?

Well, not always. Along with manufacturing standard-quality products, automotive companies have to maintain a competitive position in the market and be wary of not busting a hole in their clientele's pocket. They need you coming back to them for fine working products

And for the same reason, they compromise on extremes. But the wide-ranging and easy availability of Aftermarket Exhaust System components in the market keeps us from abiding by their company-success-oriented moves. You can buy almost every alternative part to upgrade your engine.

Changing company-installed parts with their better alternatives helps to bring about more power and better performance. Mostly, by reducing the Back Pressure substantially (We'll discuss back pressure in detail, later in the article. Stay tuned!). It can help you cut down your fuel costs and alter the sound as per your preference.

Some basic upgradeable components for Predator 212 cc are:

  • Air Filter
  • Adapter
  • Main Jet
  • Gaskets
  • And exhausts

Exhausts comprise of pipes or piping networks that drive off the gases produced from controlled combustion occurring inside the engine. It keeps you, your machine/small-sized vehicle, and the engine safe from any potential risk and harm.

You won't have to breathe in the toxic gases produced and the engine, itself, will not choke with its waste.

But how to choose the best one for your Predator 212cc? What should you consider and check for when buying the metal pipe? Let's find out!

Things to Consider

Every exhaust has its pros and cons. You need to select one that falls into your budget and meets your criteria. But to settle with criteria, you need to know what are your options. The following are some important aspects to consider before making your purchase:


Diameter refers to the nominal or internal diameter of the exhaust pipes. It is of immense importance as it directly affects Exhaust gas velocity. By definition, the exhaust gas velocity is the speed at which the gases leave that get produced in the engine.

A larger diameter means reduced exhaust gas velocity, and a smaller diameter means increased gas velocity. As obvious it is, you need increased flow velocity of exhaust gas for Predator 212.

But why? Why do you need increased exhaust gas velocity? That's because it means all the burnt gases will leave the engine. Leaving with high velocity, they create a low pressure behind them. Thus, drawing more air-to-fuel mixture in the combustion chamber. As a result, the Predator 212 cc engine works better.

Good to Know
Another thing that has a deep association with diameter is the Back Pressure. It refers to the surrounding atmospheric pressure that negatively impacts the exhaust system.

How? When the engine works at its peak RPM, it creates lots and lots of exhaust gases, which need to leave the system. But if the diameter of the pipe is too small, the gases won't be able to leave, generating high backpressure.

Eventually, the surplus gases get forced back and may contaminate the air-to-fuel mixture, which reduces the power and performance of the engine.

To technically and accurately determine the ideal diameter for your exhaust pipe, consider the following factors. You may need to get a grasp on the standard (company provided) diameter's relation with these values to select yours appropriately:

  • Compression Ratio
  • Engine Displacement
  • Camshaft Specifications
  • RPM (Revolution Per Minute) Range
  • Valve Diameter Depending on these values, you can select a suitable diameter

It is a common, prevailing misconception that the larger the diameter, the better the performance. However, it is not always the case. As mentioned earlier, there are several other factors to keep in mind too.

If you're not in for time-consuming research and complicated calculations, then a good way to estimate the right diameter for your exhaust is to apply the general rule, which is:

  • Small diameter: Low to mid-range RPM Torque
  • Large Diameter: Mid to High-range RPM Torque

Although this does not apply to every engine, it applies to most. Considering the mid-range torque of Predator 212 of 2500 RPM, exhaust pipes with smaller diameters are more fit for use. However, it is suggestible to increase the diameter size by 15-20% from the original, company-manufactured-size.

Remember, once forged, the diameter of an exhaust pipe is almost impossible to change without damage. You cannot buy a random pipe diameter and mold it later as per your newly found information. Do your homework before purchasing the exhaust pipe.


The exhaust pipe length holds immense significance when selecting the most suitable exhaust for Predator 212cc. Pipe length influences the wave tuning and inertia of the engine.

  • Wave tuning refers to the refinement of the path taken by sound waves produced during combustion
  • Inertia here refers to the physical movement of exhaust gases during the scavenging
  • Scavenging is the process that occurs in the internal combustion engine. In it, the exhaust gases get replaced with fresh air and fuel mixture

By altering the pipe length, one can refine the path of sound waves as well as the movement of exhaust gases. Hence, improving the scavenging process and increasing the power output.

Now, when selecting the best exhaust pipe for your Predator 212cc, you must consider the purpose or your needs too. If you are after increasing the speed of your machinery or vehicle, then you should opt for the shorter exhaust pipe. A shorter exhaust pipe will cater to the increased exhaust gas velocities.


Generally, there are three different materials that companies use for manufacturing exhaust system components. These include:

Mild Steel:Aluminized Steel:409 L Stainless Steel:304 Stainless Steel:
As the cheapest option, it promises a 3-year long life, at most. It provides minimal resistance against corrosion and is magnetic.
Provides reasonable resistance to corrosion at cheap rates. On average, it lasts for 3-5 years.
As it gets manufactured from high-strength material, this material provides good resistance to corrosion. However, it is slightly expensive than Aluminized steel. It promises good shiny looks and rust protection of surface for up to seven years.
As it comprises the highest nickel & chromium content, this top-notch steel provides excellent resistance to corrosion and rust. Even after over ten years of use, it will only have slight discoloration due to heat. However, it costs more. Unlike other options, it is not magnetic and also difficult to weld and bend.

If you have the budget and know what you're doing (as in you're sure that you won't be changing your mind anytime soon), it's suggestible to go for the best. That's because installation and getting accustomed to changes may be time and effort-demanding.

And at times, poor quality materials can bring your machine/small-sized vehicle to a halt almost unexpectedly. Thus, bothering and troubling you unnecessarily.

Brand & Price

Currently, there are several different brands offering exhaust systems and exhaust system components with varying qualities and varying rates. The different brands also have varying customer services and warranties.

Before making your decision, read the reviews on the brand's website or Amazon page. Check out the ratings, claims, guarantees, and warranties to determine if it's worth trusting or not.

Also, since this is only a part of the entire Predator 212 exhaust, it shouldn't cost more than the system itself. Do not let any brand fool you for its so-called fine quality and demand from you an unreasonably high price for only a part.

Frequently Asked Question

Q. What does Predator 212cc powers?
With competitive features, the Predator 212cc is pretty much suitable to power various machinery. The usual usage of the Predator 212cc is to power heavier machinery, such as cement mixers, log splitters, Go-Karts, bikes, and even small trucks. However, one can also use it to power appliances.

1. Vacuums

2. Pressure washers

3. Mowers

4. Water pumps

5. Generators

Q. Why should one upgrade an exhaust in Predator 212cc?
As a whole, the Predator 212cc is an excellent engine that is not merely inexpensive, durable but also demonstrates high-quality work performance.

Although the engine on its own has competitive specifications, it also has an easy to modify body. Hence, offering the tech-savvy owners to upgrade their engines and use them for many intensive purposes like in cement mixers.

So, amongst all the engine parts, why shall one upgrade the exhaust of Predator 212cc?

Firstly, consider the fact that the Predator 212cc got manufactured to serve general purposes. The manufacturer created a product that will be able to meet the needs of the majority, and not your specific needs.

The engine will work in all types of vehicles and machinery, but it will not be efficient in any. A factory setting engine does not have integrated components to make it excel in one area.

So, if you want to increase the speed of the bike you use for racing, then you may want to upgrade the exhaust. Similarly, replacing a heavier exhaust pipe with a lighter one will bring about the same effects.

Secondly, the stock Predator 212cc muffler prevents the adequate escape of air from the engine. Hence, decreasing its horsepower and efficiency. Then, the installment of the exhaust will surely augment the results.

Also, the up-gradation of a worn-out Predator 212cc engine’s factory exhaust can help save money in the long run.

Q. How to install an exhaust in Predator 212cc?
Installation of exhaust in Predator 212cc is an easy task when done with the appropriate guidelines.

1. Firstly, use a wrench to remove the carburetor stud nuts from the engine

2. Then, remove the stock airbox. A little pull will displace the box easily

3. After that, remove the stock muffler

4. Finally, install the performance exhaust in place of the stock muffler. Ensure that the nuts are intact

Q. What is the difference between Hemi and Non-Hemi Predator 212cc?
While many are unable to differentiate between Hemi or Non-Hemi Predator 212cc, there persist significant ones when closely examined. Generally, the Predator 212 Hemi version has a better-governed speed, and the fuel tank tends to be taller. At times, the piston types and valve sizes are also different. Hence, both types have a different visual appearance.
Q. What is the horsepower of the Predator 212cc?
The horsepower of the stock Predator 212cc is 6.5HP, though one can increase it by modifications. The installment of a performance exhaust in your Predator 212cc can increase the horsepower by 2-5%, depending on the machinery type and other factors.


Now that we have reviewed all the products and understood what factors influence the capability of an exhaust pipe, it is time to declare which is the best exhaust for Predator 212cc.

Our winner exhaust pipe for Predator 212cc is the fourth product, the Exhaust with Muffler!

Although the inclusion of Muffler might instantly discourage the ones seeking loud engines from purchasing it, let us look beyond.

With an integrated structure, the exhaust pipe has measurements that cater to the needs of a variety of bikes, mini bikes, and even Go Karts. The fairly wide 3.25” gap between the pipe and the main engine keeps the fender or frame safe from heating. Also, the 7.75” long pipe length ensures that the exhaust gases stay far away from the rider and passengers.

As for the sound, then note that the diameter is fairly wide to create a loud sound with the muffler removed. You can always remove and place the muffler when the time calls.

Moreover, the muffler has a wide range of 4-8HP. Hence, you can use it for other engines as well.

Comparatively, the muffler is the most prominent feature missing from the rest of the products. Yes, you would have to spend a bit extra on that, but it is an investment in the long run. Purchasing it together will save you time and energy in the future. Also, do not forget the overall look of the exhaust pipe and muffler is something that everyone would love!