Best HEI Distributor For 350 Chevy in 2021 [Buying Guide]

From the mid-70s the HEI or High energy ignition distributor has made enough hypes for GM vehicles. These are super simple to install and comes with an interestingly affordable price range. As a result, these are being preferable by many for the flexibility of usage as ell s cost. The ultimate question here is, which is the best HEI distributor for 350 chevy?

For 350 Chevy it’s been a great choice and you have the scope to find one particular right fit for your vehicle. There’s a huge range available to get from and today, we’ll be talking about that. Here’s the list of the 10 best HEI Distributor for 350 Chevy available in today’s market.

We’ll provide an engaging buyer’s guide that will hopefully help you chose the right pick. Let’s Go!

10 Best HEI Distributor For 350 Chevy: Find Your Ultimate HEI Bias

Being a popular item for race enthusiast you’ll probably find a long list of models that comes with exciting features. To make your worry and work shorten, we are here with a pre-processes list of top models.

These are shortlisted from 26 models through a thorough analysis done by our team. Here’s a glance at each model given in the table below.

AcPulse Chevy/gm HEI Distributor6.2 lbMechanical Check Price
MOSTPLUS Racing HEI Distributor6.6 lbVacuum Check Price
A-Team Performance HEI Distributor4.15 lbMechanical Check Price
A-Team Performance EFI TBI Distributor3.2 lbAutomatic Check Price
MSD 85551 Pro-Billet Distributor4.55 lbMechanical Check Price
Assault Racing HEI Distribution6.2 lbMechanical Check Price
Steinbrucke HEI Distribution5.4 lbMechanical Check Price
King Auto Parts ignition Distributor6.41 lbMotor Check Price
Assault Racing HEI Distributor6.25 lbMechanical Check Price
Motovecor HEI Distributor6.25 lbVacuum Check Price

1. AcPulse Performance Chevy/gm HEI Distributor – Best HEI Distributor for Lifelong Performance

AcPulse Performance Chevygm HEI Distributor


AcPulse HEI Distributor is a perfect choice for long-term usage and high performance. It has an amazing layout and good mechanical advanced for improving machine running.

Superb Durability: AcPulse Performance Chevy HEI distributor is made of high grades with hard-bitten steel gears and strong construction for long-lasting usability. No doubt about its machine durability as it provides a strong and powerful built-in for adapting perfectly to racing vehicles. Plus, we find it useful for its strong gears for daily use.

High Power: In our experience, it has a high voltage with 75k coil sparks for improving machine performance while adapting. But that’s not all, the HEI distributor has 9k RPM that gives a higher platform for racing applications.

With these features, we find it awesome for upgrading speeding up with an adjustable vacuum and mechanical advances.

Perfect Design: It has an ideal design with a one-wire hookup and easy manageable red caps. Also, we love their high-output modules that give good support for faster machine workings.

And on top of that, users can fit directly for General Motors application workings. Besides, the machine has good components at an inexpensive price.

Decent Warranty Support: We love its good manufacturing service that gives full support for a replacement. Also, it has a 2-year manufacturer warranty for returning wrong-delivered products.

With this option, a user can repair or restore any broken parts for having full assurance. Besides, they offer good customer service for solving any product-related problems.

Overall, it has good aluminum housing and tough design for durable performance. The distributor has solid base terminals and a powerful motor for giving better power on high-performance engines. Plus, we like its supportive manufacture that gives SBC and BBC Chevy.

  • It has good quality for finding higher performance.
  • Works perfectly on racing trucks that give good force.
  • The rotor has a good platform with a larger contact point.
  • It is simple to install and the engine fires up quickly.
  • A wonderful HEI distributor that gives quality and durable gears.
  • The distributor cap seems cheap that are fragile.
Performance Hei Ignition Distributor Compatible with Chevy GM SBC...
  • New HEI distributor for small block/big block Chevys. Standard size...
  • Direct fit for GM application utilizing the 4-pin ignition module.
  • 65,000 high voltage coil spark through 9,000 RPM, upgraded for racing...

2. MOSTPLUS Racing HEI Distributor – Best Racing HEI Distributor for Affordable Price

MOSTPLUS Racing HEI Distributor


MOSTPLUS HEI distributor is good in features and quality at highly economical price points. It has high performance and durable gears that suits 305, 350, and 400 small blocks.

Fine Components: The machine’s components help racing trucks to adjust perfectly for higher performance. Besides, it has complete units with high modules, red cap, supercoil, and rotor for improving engine workings.

They give better support on vehicles engine to find a good pace for faster and quicker performance.

Trouble-free to Install: We find this machine awesome for daily use as it is super easy to install or maintain. Even if it doesn’t offer installation guidelines, it quite simple to put on the engine for adjusting it.

Also, we would suggest finding professional or mechanic help to adjust perfectly on vehicles.

High-Output Design: They have good design with better features to support engine working. Plus, it has red caps and a high module that gives good control to install quickly and perfectly.

We love its design that gives better control with a low-weight structure to put in perfectly with no trouble.

Perfect Fit: Another thing that we find amazing is its perfect fitting with little accessories. Basically, the product comes with strong and long-standing components that give perfect fitting on small blocks Chevy.

Also, the ignition timing chevy 350 HEI has a strong coil to fit perfectly on vehicles.

Overall, it has good units and features that are easy on the pocket for beginners to get an all-in-one distributor. The machine has a strong construction and high power for burning up engine workings quickly. Also, it has a one-wire hookup and good housing that give perfect fitting.

  • It works amazingly on a small block Chevy 350 crate engine.
  • It comes with good features that have an inexpensive price.
  • It is decent in quality and suitable for lifelong usage.
  • The HEI distributor is strong and powerful for high performance.
  • It has good tools that give secure fitting in the ignition system.
  • The pickup coil is defective.
MOSTPLUS Racing HEI Distributor Red Cap Super Coil Compatible...
  • 【Application】--- HEI Distributor compatible with Chevy SBC...
  • 【Interchange Part Number】--- 1035001 HEI, PC6001A, HEI, JM6500R,...
  • 【Including】--- Complete unit including ignition module, cap, coil...

3. A-Team Performance HEI Distributor – Best Chevy 350 Distributor for Higher RPM Range

A-Team Performance HEI Distributor


A-Team Performance Complete Distributor provides a higher RPM range with good construction. It has magnetic pickups that truly trigger the ignition system for high power on vehicle engines.

Simple to Setup: In our experience, the distributor is easy to set up for perfect fitting. Also, it comes with an ignition module that gives a higher RPM range for smoother workings.

We find it really useful for the smoothening engine inoperative for improving starting quickly. Besides, it offers oversized steel shaft spins and adjustable mechanical advances to go with the vehicle’s engine.

Wonderful Outline: We consider the design of this product is magnificent for improving engines working at ease. Plus, it has a multi-pole reluctor, red cap, and external coil for adjusting perfectly.

Besides, the machine has 35,000 volts output through 12 volts for giving higher RPM. With these features, users can use them for better efficiency.

Good Structure: A-Team Performance distributor provides better construction for long-term usage. In fact, it is made from stainless steel internal gears and aluminum housing materials for getting the best of both worlds.

Also, the machine gives full support for adapting to the vehicle’s engine. On top of that, it provides a high-quality module system for quick running.

Improve Power: The HEI distributor has good force with its two-wire installation in the male red cap style. Plus, it has 12 volts of power that helps small blocks and big blocks chevy to adapt perfectly. In fact, we find it really helpful for getting max power with this distributor.

Overall, the HEI distributor is great in quality and performs well on internal ignition. It has a high RPM range with a simple design and easy installation to get the job done. Besides, the machine helps to improve engines starting to give max energy.

  • It is a great deal considering its price.
  • The product has good customer service for solving a problem.
  • It comes with a good red cap, rotor, and coil.
  • It has mechanical and vacuums advanced style.
  • The HEI distributor is strong and stands for long-term usage.
  • It has no instruction.
A-Team Performance R2R Ready 2 Run Complete Distributor...
  • Ready-To-Run Distributor— Easy-to-install, includes ignition module...
  • Specifications — Multi-Pole Reluctor (Hulls Effect) Trigger Style,...
  • Construction — Made from steel gear and aluminum housing materials

4. A-Team Performance EFI TBI Distributor – Best HEI Distributor for Truck Van 305

A-Team Performance EFI TBI Distributor


A-team performance small block Chevy engine has an amazing racing standard quality that works great on truck van 305. It also has GMC Chevy for higher performance.

Hard-Wearing Parts: To begin with, it has amazing construction that gives stainless steel finishing for getting a long-standing HEI distributor.

Besides, the CNC machined aluminum housing gives improves performance to get better support on the ignition system. With this option, the steel internal engine works faster for providing high-quality pickup.

Dependable Units: We are deeply in love with its dependable units that give full support for improving performance. Also, it has a male red cap and steel internal construction that gives improvements.

With these small components, the HEI distributors find good support and power for performing well. Besides, it comes with a complete unit set.

Improve Performance: The distributor has good machinery that helps to improve performance on the ignition system. Plus, it has good housing and stainless steel internal construction for creating max power on a vehicle for speeding up.

In fact, the distributor provides two-wire to get reliable and smooth motorized energy for improving performance.

Ideal Fit: It has a perfect fit with its classy design that helps to install perfectly without difficulties. Plus, the distributor has Original Equipment fitting for having the exact fitting.

Besides, they last longer with their stainless steel and aluminum design for reliable performance. With this design, users can find the perfect fitting for simple installation.

Overall, the HEI distributor gives max power and supports to run perfectly on the ignition system. It has computerized advanced adjustments, external coil, and male cap that give good performance on 305 vehicle fitment.

Plus, the distributor has one-year warranty support for a replacement.

  • The gears are made from Chromoly steel.
  • It is easy to install and provides good customer service.
  • The equipment comes with great value.
  • It gives life to the truck engine to find good power and support.
  • A perfect machine that gives an excellent fit.
  • We find some issues with its customer servicing.
A-Team Performance Small Block Big Block EFI TBI Distributor...
  • Heavy Duty - with high grade Chromoly Steel Gear
  • A-Team's OEM replacement EFI distributors are direct replacements for...
  • CNC-machined aluminum housing, steel internal construction, and a...

5. MSD 85551 Pro-Billet Distributor – Best MSD Ignition HEI Distributor for Chevy V-8

MSD 85551 Pro-Billet Distributor


MSD HEI distributor is well-known for its good adjustments and higher performance for Chevy V-8 fitments. It has a good shaft with a wonderful design for users to use at ease.

Superior adjustments: We find it really awesome for its advanced mechanical adjustments that help to stop bushings. With this option, a user can easily adjust this distribution on the vehicle ignition system for better performance.

Also, it does give no effort for adjusting with its cap, coil, and good canister.

Great Fiction reduction: MSD HEI pro billet distributor has a good design that gives full support for friction reduction. In fact, it has an advanced plate from Chromoly steel and quenches polish coating for reducing the friction that increases corrosion resistance.

We also love its shaft that gives full support to improving performance.

Low-weight & Robust: It has a light-weighted and durable construction that gives maintenance-free attractive pickups for creating secure trigger signals. With this option, the vehicles find a good RPM range for quicker performance that lasts longer.

Plus, MSD HEI distributor Chevy 350 gives higher stability and force to perform perfectly with low-weight and durable parts.

Extreme Voltage: In our experience, we find this machine helpful for providing maximum voltage to get fast and quick performance while driving. MSD distributor Chevy 350 sure gives a better platform with sealed 2 ball bearings that are helpful for providing desirable performance.

Plus, it gives a high RPM range for finding better performance.

Overall, the HEI distributor works amazingly on the ignition system for improving performance. It has a good design, adjustable mechanical advances, and better quality for long-term usage on Chevy V-8. Plus, the product gets better with its fixed shaft to wear or adjust perfectly.

  • This equipment is good in quality and features.
  • It has no shaft movement for installing perfectly on vehicles.
  • The billet aluminum housing is durable for long-term usage.
  • It has good customer service for solving product issues.
  • A brilliant design for reducing friction to increase corrosion.
  • It is expensive at this quality.
MSD 85551 Pro-Billet Distributor
  • Easy-to-adjust mechanical advance with supplied springs and stop...
  • Maintenance-free magnetic pickup and precision reluctor create stable...
  • Polished steel shaft is QPQ coated and guided by two sealed ball...

6. Assault Racing Products 1035001 HEI Distribution – Best Assault Racing Distributor for SBC

Assault Racing Products 1035001 HEI


Assault Racing HEI Distributor provides strong and better power for SBC Chevy to adapt perfectly. It has applications including 305, 350, and 400 non-tail small block Chevy.

Speedy Spark Alignment: We are deeply in love with its true to spark positions that give instant throttle response in beep sound. With this distribution, the throttle response gives a signal if the engine lacks oil or fuel for alertness.

Plus, it helps the vehicle system to give a signal if it’s running out of fuel or gas.

High-Quality Cap: The premium distribution comes with a good cap that holds the wire to provide maximum power. Plus, it is designed in red with brass terminals for adjusting perfectly to the vehicle’s ignition system.

For that reason, we find it really amazing as it holds all wires and terminals at ease.

Maximum Adjustable Housing: In our experience, the equipment has fully CNC machined and adjustable housing for vacuum advance. Plus, it has a good design that gives amazing housing for adjusting to vehicle ignition systems.

Besides, the housing is designed with steel and aluminum finish for getting better strength.

High Operation: Its high operator helps to give a better way to install easily and quickly on ignition system parts. Plus, it has 65,000 volts with a supercoil and a high-performance 4-pin module to get 75,000 RPM for reliable operation. For that reason, we find it really amazing for regular to use on racing applications.

Overall, the HEI distributor has good features and advantages for adjusting perfectly to the truck engine. It has the perfect design, good value, and adaptable performance that gives better power. Plus, the equipment has a high outline coil that helps to keep the coil cool to dissipate heat away.

  • It has a simple installation option to fit perfectly.
  • A wild HEI distributor that helps to run faster.
  • The product gives a pleasing performance to find better power.
  • It has adjustable vacuum advances for adapting to the engine.
  • The equipment is good in quality and easy to assembly.
  • We don’t like its dowel pin that breaks easily.
Assault Racing Products 1035001 Small Block Chevy Large Red Cap...
  • Small Block & Big Block V8
  • Fully CNC machined and polished housing
  • 65,000 Volt Super Coil

7. Steinbrucke High-Performance HEI Distributor – Best HEI Distributor for Racing Application

Steinbrucke High Performance HEI Distribution


Steinbrucke brand provides high quality and features for racing applications. It has a good alternative for beginners to experience real racing with powerful gears.

Direct-Fit: In our experience, we find it really amazing for its direct fitting with its small accessories. Plus, it provides a 4-pin ignition module that gives GM applications for secure fitting. With this feature, users can easily close or open up the upper cover of this product.

Top Performance: The best part of this product is it has a top performance for providing 75,000 volts high voltages for faster engine workings. And, we don’t stop there as it coils spark through 9,000 RPM for having top performance.

Plus, it provides a high voltage that helps on ignition system to perform better.

Brilliant Design: We are in love with its brilliant design that gives a dazzling design for adapting better. Also, it provides a high-level coil that produces 65,000 volts spark through 7,500 RPM.

With this option, users can run their engines faster and quicker. Besides, it has a standard size with its unique design.

Excellent Fitment: Another thing that we find amazing is its good fitment with a different small block or big block point. On top of it, the HEI distributor works amazingly on 283, 305, 307,327, 350, and 400 small blocks Chevrolet Chevy.

Equally, it has a well-matched distributor of 394,427 ad 454 big blocks Chevy.

Overall, Steinbrucke HEI distributor gives good adjustments and good customer service for solving problems. It has an amazing male red cap, high outline coil, and rotor for adjusting perfectly on the engine.

Plus, it has amazing gears and small accessories for getting high power on the engine.

  • It has a good fitting with 4-pin module screws.
  • The HEI distributor has mechanical advance for smooth workings.
  • It is quite simple to install with plug and play distributor.
  • A perfect product with good design and features service.
  • The equipment has a quality cap, coil, and rotor for adjusting.
  • It has no warranty service for replacement.
Bravex High Performance Red Cap HEI Distributor for Chevy gm SBC...
  • 5 years warranty. It is a new HEI distributor for small block/big...
  • 75,000 high voltage coil spark through 9,000 RPM, upgrade for racing...
  • High output coil which produces 65,000 volt spark through 7,500 RPM

8. King Auto Parts ignition Distributor – Best HEI Distributor for Big Block Chevy

King Auto Parts ignition Distributor


King Auto Parts HEI distributor parts are strong and durable for novices to adjust on Big Block chevy. Also, it has a good GM distributor application for quick installation.

Unique Outline: We deeply love its unique outline that gives full support on the engine to run faster and smoother. In fact, it has 100% compatible king auto parts that are Original Equipment Manufacturer standards.

Also, they provide a red cap, gasket, and electronic components for adjusting better on the electronic ignition system.

Economical Price: Another wonderful thing about this equipment is it provides good features at a cost-efficient price. In fact, it has the perfect design, adjustable vacuum advance, and durable cap at a cheap price point.

For what it worth, we find it wonderful in all features and good in quality for regular use.

Good Shaft housing: The HEI distributor has shaft housing that has CNC-machined polished aluminum for getting better strength that looks great. Also, it is built-in steel for fitting perfectly on the ignition engine for smooth and fast workings.

With this option, users can get better power on truck energy for high performance.

Good Solid Terminals: It has fantastic strong and durable terminals for getting maximum conductivity. In fact, the HEI distributor has SBS 350 and BBS 454 distribution for simple assembly. Besides, it has a little tools module for adjusting perfectly on the engine.

With this small terminal, the engine finds maximum conduct electricity for running better.

Overall, it has awesome gears and strong construction for users to enjoy the combo distribution pack. It has good value, good design, better performance and durable parts for never-ending usage. Also, it comes with better complete units for adjusting better.

  • It is a well-made product with good quality.
  • The equipment is trustworthy and reliable for long-standing.
  • It has one hook up wire on the fuse box for easy installation.
  • A perfect tool that helps the truck running faster and smoother.
  • It is hard-wearing and provides good support for less friction.
  • The product comes with no customer service.
MAS Ignition Distributor w/Cap & Rotor GM08 Compatible with Chevy...
  • Make sure Distributor will fit your vehicle check"fitment information"
  • HEI complete distributor applications include: 283, 305, 307, 327,...
  • Manufacturer Part Number: DD-SBC-HEI-V8, 850001R, 8362, 850001-2,...

9. Assault Racing Products 1035011 HEI Distributor – Best HEI Distributor for Hook Up

Assault Racing Products 1035011 HEI Distributor


Assault Racing Products have good performance with one wire hook up for simple installation. Plus, it has good construction for adjusting perfectly to set-up an ignition connector on the vehicle’s engine parts.

Premium Cap: Assault Racing Chevy V8 has a good cap that gives full protection to the units for getting rid of harmful debris. Plus, it is designed in a red OE style cap for safe usability. With this cap, the ignition unit fined better support on brass terminals to work with Chromoly gears.

Practical CNC Machined: It has amazing polished housing with fully CNC machined for getting better efficiency. In fact, the equipment gives full support for increasing speed and control of the engine for better running.

Plus, it gives good accuracy and quality for small block and big block Chevys.

High-efficiency Coil: We find it really amazing for daily usage as it has a high-efficiency coil that helps to provide maximum power. In fact, it helps to coil sparks for instant throttle response.

Besides, the distributor has a 50,000 volts coil to confirm accurate timing to perform well on 7,500 RPM.

Stable 4-Pin Module: The V8 product has amazing performance with a 4-pin module for utmost conductivity. Actually, it has a durable and strong 4 pin that gives full support for transferring conduct energy.

And, that’s not all, it has an adjustable vacuum advance to running engine faster.

Overall, the HEI distributor has good aluminum and steel construction with a better hook up for easy set-up. It has good spark alignment and high performance with a budget-friendly price point. Also, it has good brass terminals for adjusting perfectly to the ignition connector.

  • It offers a dependable feature in good price.
  • The cap is made of high-quality plastic for a secure lock.
  • It has a perfect fit on the ignition system for simple set-up.
  • The small terminals are durable and provide good conductivity.
  • It has good design and construction for long-standing performance.
  • The distributor is not compatible with Camaro 305.
Assault Racing Products 1035011 Chevy V8 Red Cap Complete HEI...
  • Red OE style cap
  • Fully CNC machined and polished housing
  • 50,000 volt coil

10. Motovecor HEI Distributor – Best HEI Distributor for Simple Usability

Motovecor HEI Distributor


Motovecor HEI Distributor for Chevy gives 4-pin ignition module with a direct fit option for fast and easy set-up. Also, it has a good aluminum body for adjusting perfectly for simple usage.

Solid Brass Terminals: Motovecor brand provides high-quality manufacture and solid base design for adapting perfectly to the ignition module. Also, it comes with solid brass terminals for having better conductivity.

Besides, the solid terminals provide less contacting resistance for getting high energy efficiency. With this feature, one can adapt perfectly for reducing friction.

Stylish Cap: it has good construction that comes with a stylish cap for protecting units from harmful effects. In fact, the cap is colored in red with durable plastic and aluminum design for long-term usage.

Also, we find it really amazing for working with an advanced vacuum for the economy.

Proper Fitment: The HEI distributor has a suitable fitment for selected small block and big block chevy. Plus, it is well-matched to 283, 305,307, 327, 350, and 400 small blocks Chevy.

By the same token, the distributor friendly to 394, 427, and 454 big blocks Chevy for fast engine works.

Ignition Coils Function: We love its better coils function that gives support to give 30% higher energy than other OE distributor coils.

Also, it is a part of an electric engine running an ignition system for getting high outline coils to get rid of overheats for an accident-free machine.

Overall, the HEI distributor gives good engine support for high and powerful performance. It has excellent construction, easy installation, and strength for better condition energy. Also, it has durable and strong gears for all time usage on ignition systems with fast engine support.

  • The coil gives higher output energy to adapt.
  • It has a good design and stable accessories for the engine to work fast.
  • The perfect equipment for the beginner to get desirable performance.
  • It helps to reduce friction to enhance corrosion.
  • The HEI distributor gives a direct fit for GM application.
  • We don’t like its replacement and customer service.
Motovecor HEI Distributor for Chevy GMC GM SBC BBC Small Block...
  • Brass Terminals -- To reduce the contact resistance, get lower loss of...
  • Distributor Cap -- For racing application, the output voltage is up to...
  • Fittment -- Compatible to 283, 305, 307, 327, 350, 400 small blocks,...

Best HEI Distributor For 350 Chevy: Buyer's Guide

Best HEI Distributor For 350 Chevy

Of course, there are certain criteria that need your attention to buying the right HEI Distributor. You can always start fresh by making a list of your own requirements.

That way you’ll have a better understanding of the information you get regarding various models. And in the end, the choice will be wholly a result of what you decided earlier.

However, if you can’t really figure out what essentials play the most important roles in choosing a quality HEI distributor, no worries. Here are some of the most common but extremely important criteria to make a decent choice.

Construction Quality

The most important part of choosing any ignition portion is to focus on the components used to build it. Because the regular usage of the vehicle is supposed to make it work out sooner than later.

And if it could be as later as possible, then you are saving energy and money. So, make sure the model you are about to buy can provide some worth the deal elements and construction quality. After all, everybody wants to enjoy the durability of things that bring with money.

Flexible for Better Power

It should be able to improve overall engine power. There are cheap models available that can do the very opposite if it does not match your system well.

So be a bit careful about making a choice on a particular HEI Distributor on the basis of how it’s going to upgrade the overall system. You need the improvement of power when it comes to automobiles and vehicles.

Easy Installation

A complicated installation is extremely daunting plus it exposes you to the risk of causing damage. The harm can be done to the part itself for sometimes, it’s dangerous for the one who’s completing the installation.

So, make sure the part you get comes with some easy installation benefits. Nobody wants to hang with an engine part for too long. Better pick a particular model that comes with clear instructions about the installing. Most of the good brands are always providing highly understandable guides for installing safely and easily.

Less Friction

A distributor that comes with high friction problems is going to create a mess. That’s because these are prone to forming corrosion. And so, your money will be wasted once the corrosion ruins the entire system.

Nobody would really like it and so, you should be a bit cautious here as well. Make sure the model claims some kind of less friction feature in it. There are good models that don’t come with fewer friction benefits but they have construction to avoid rust forming.


All the good and optimal choices for HEI distributors offer better safety features with their model. You can always ensure a safe performance by picking a model that comes with features such as protective caps. These are great for keeping the wires and parts safe from any eternal damage.


Most of the HEI distributors are pretty affordable and budget-friendly. So, anyone who wants to save here as well is more likely to get trapped by poor quality and ultimate disappointment of performance.

Go for options that are claiming a sensible price for what it has to offer That way you’ll be saving money in a good sense without ruining quality criteria.


It’s always nice to have some sort of backup for the things you buy. And so, to make your purchase safe, there are so many genuine brands that take the warranty concerns seriously.

Make sure you are dealing with them and check whether the model offers good warranty support. It’s the best way to play it safe. The warrant option might vary and there are different types of conditions related to it.

So, you need to check them as well to ensure that it is providing something good for the model’s reputation and the price tag.

FAQs About HEI Distributor For 350 Chevy

How to install HEI distributor on chevy 350?
The answer to how to install a distributor on a chevy 350 is also applicable to the HEI version. You need to get rid of the cap from the housing and install the gasket over gear. Using some engine oil, you need to lubricate as well.

Next, you’ll simply bring the rotor to the right position and place the distributor. A proper rotor position is important here. Next, you need to turn the housing until the direction of the canister point is at the original one.

Then simply tighten the bolts once the ignition timing is adjusted right. You need to complete the wiring session and finally, end up reconnecting the battery. It’s better to contact a professional for installing the part since it’s a critical process.

How to time a chevy 350 distributor?
For proper results here you should have an idea about what is the correct timing for a chevy 350. Start with lifting the hood of the vehicle and getting the air cleaner out. Then start the engine and let things warm up.

Then you have to find the timing plate. It needs to be on the driver’s side of the chain cover for timing. Make sure the shine up is done carefully. You need to adjust the timing light by using adjustments available or by simply looking at the harmonic balancer’s line.

After that simply loosen the hold-down nut of the distributor. This is to make the distributor turn a bit. You’ll have to get rid of the vacuum’s hose screw. Then gently push the hose pack to the vacuum advance of the distributor.

Make sure the timing is right once again. Once everything is accurate, shut off the engine and lockdown nuts should be tightened securely. That’s it!

How to set timing on chevy 350 without timing light?
It’s not much of a hassle. Just make the engine turn to the timing mark you wish to use. Then make the rotor pointing at the number one plug wire connector. This should be inside the distributor.

If not then simply keep on turning the engine until marks are back to their form. Use a test light to connect between the coil negative terminal and the ground. The light needs to go out and so keep on rotating the distributor clockwise.

Now reverse the process a keep turning the engine counterclockwise. This will make the lighting and you can finish off with tightening the distributor.


So hopefully now you have the answer for what is the best hei distributor for 350 chevy. In our view, the answer is variable since everybody does not come with the same preference.

It’s always nice to have an already researched list that comes with amazing models to choose from quickly and that’s what we intended to do today.

You can check the 10 best HEI Distributor for 350 Chevy we provided thoroughly, consider what your vehicle suits better with and pick the ultimate choice for buying. This way a practical purchase is possible within all possibly important requirements.

Hopefully, our tips and words were helpful enough!