7 Best Hilti Hammer Drill in 2021 [Reviews & Buying Guide]

Whether you need to poke holes commercially, or just need help in the occasional at-house DIY projects, the ideal Hilti hammer drill will make any concrete wall crumble. Ordinary drills make holes in ordinary walls. But when you are faced with the stronger walls of concrete, bricks, or stones, this is where a powerful hammer drill will serve you right.

Best Hilti Hammer Drill

They not only spin against the surface but also have an up and down hammering action. This pounding makes drilling a whole lot easier and you get results quicker.

So let us bring forth the reviews of our top 7 contenders!

7 Best Hilti Hammer Drill – All About Bits, Chucks, and More

Hilti is a well-known brand when it comes to tool manufacturing. They’ve produced hammer drills that are not only strong and versatile but also the best at their jobs. So, sit back as we witness the 7 best Hilti hammer drills fight each other for the top position and detailed buying guide.

Hilti Hammer Drill WeightMax RPM 
Hilti TE 70 Hammer Drill19.6lbs360 Check Price
Hilti 228061 TE 7C 120 volt12.67lbs740 Check Price
Hilti Rotary Hammer Drill10.2lbs1200 Check Price
Hilti TE 80 ATC AVR Combihammer22.5lbs380 Check Price
Hilti SF 6H A22 Drill Driver3.64lbs1600 Check Price
Hilti SFC Drill Driver Kit12lbs1800 Check Price
Hilti SFD 2a Power Tool Hammer Drill2lbs1500 Check Price

1. Hilti TE 70 Hammer Drill – Powerful, Multipurpose and Good Quality

Hilti TE 70 Hammer Drill


Concrete drilling – sounds like an energy-intensive job, isn’t it? Additionally, it is not always concrete that you are working with. It can be mason, wood, and even steel that you need to dig holes in.

You can work with anything and everything using this hammer drill. As it has the immense power of 1600 W, it surely makes your drilling easier. Also, made of superior quality material, it delivers an amazing performance and will not wear off easily.

Moreover, it is sturdy and well equipped to perform the heavy-duty tasks it is configured for. It is durable and will be your partner for multiple tasks that you are considering.

It just doesn’t drill! Along with that, you can use it for chiseling and coring too. It works both as a drill as well as a hammer. Drilling holes and screwing in at the deep end, simultaneously.

It is designed to enable you to perform these difficult tasks securely. The handle has a secure grip. Furthermore, it is shaped in such a way that it gives you a firm hold even though the drill vibrates quite fast while in use.

Even though the tool has an excellent performance, the carrying case is not of comparable quality.

  • Sturdy
  • Powerful
  • Versatile
  • Well designed
  • Relatively expensive
  • The carrying case is not of good quality

2. Hilti 228061 TE 7-C 120-volt – Sturdy, Powerful and Good quality

Hilti 228061 TE 7C 120 volt


A good quality tool to drill into concrete, wood, and steel – this is perfect for all your remodeling tasks and other similar jobs.

It can dig in various types of materials. Its powerful 6.26 amp motor creates a forceful impact. Thus, you can use it for a variety of tasks such as chiseling and fixing the openings where concrete has worn off.

Well designed and sturdy: It is built to make your drilling experience a comfortable one. The grip is D-shaped which allows the user to hold it for a long time without any trouble. Also, it has a compact size and an ergonomic design which makes it easy to use.

Tough job, tough tool: Surely, drilling through concrete and mason is a tough job. And to manage it, your tool should be equally strong. It is made sturdy and durable. Thus, it can handle heavy-duty cutting and drilling very easily. You can use it for years, and would not see it wearing off easily.

Electrically powered, it works at a voltage of 120 V. It yields a maximum of 4200 blows per minute, which gives you a high penetration in those resistant walls. Moreover, at 740 revolutions per minute, it works fast and gives you quick results. Also, saves the effort that you are required to put in since it digs in deep with high speed.

The reverse and forward switches give you great flexibility when working with them. The transition between the two functions can be managed without a hassle, depending on how far you have drilled inside.

Usually, high performing drills are not that easy to handle, but this one is different. It is quite portable and easy to carry. Hence, at this size the power it delivers is awesome. However, it might not work too well with some angular drilling jobs.

  • Powerful
  • Sturdy
  • Ergonomic design
  • Good quality
  • Useful for different surface types
  • Not appropriate for angular drilling
Hilti 228061 TE 7-C 120-volt Rotary Hammer Drill Package
49 Reviews
Hilti 228061 TE 7-C 120-volt Rotary Hammer Drill Package
  • Ergonomically designed D-grip for comfortable use over long periods
  • Robustly built and superby engineered for maximum reliablity and long...
  • High drilling performace

3. Hilti 03497788 Rotary Hammer Drill – Sturdy, Efficient and High Impact

Hilti Rotary Hammer Drill


Drilling is all about power combined with impact. This Hilti rotary hammer drill fits this description well

It is obvious, isn’t it? A drilling machine that has a powerful motor, but not a strong bit is pretty useless. All that power goes to waste. This hammer drill has a 650 W motor with 120 V. Moreover, it has an excellent impact with a maximum of 4600 blows per minute. Therefore, it enables you to drill holes effectively, and run it quite deep in those concrete walls and ceilings.

You can even use it with brickwork, and tiles as it has an impact energy of 1.3 ft-lb.In addition to this, you can complete your drilling tasks quite fast. It yields a maximum of 1200 revolutions per minute, which is ideal for efficient drilling.

Turn on the comfort switch: Like most hammer drills, this has a reverse switch too. But you get an extra benefit too. You can use this for hours as the click chuck switch which is also synchronized makes the user comfortable. It will not tire you out very quickly.

Like all Hilti drills, it has a robust body. You can use it for all your heavy-duty tasks without worrying about the machine wearing out. It will stay sturdy for a long time.

Extras make you smile! You get it in a plastic case. And other than the tool, you also get one TE-CX drill bit in three different sizes. These are 3/16 x 6, 3/8 x 6, and 1/4 x 6. Last but not the least, with its high performing features, it is great value for money.

  • Powerful
  • Quick
  • Includes bits with the tool
  • Sturdy
  • User friendly
  • You might need to buy an adapter for some specific tasks
Hilti 03497788 Rotary Hammer Drill Performance Package, 120-volt
23 Reviews
Hilti 03497788 Rotary Hammer Drill Performance Package, 120-volt
  • 650 Watts; 120 volts
  • 0-1200 rpm speed no load
  • 0-4600 blows per minute

4. Hilti TE 80-ATC AVR Combihammer – Versatile, Safe, and User-Friendly

Hilti TE 80 ATC AVR Combihammer


One of the most impressive drill hammers by Hilti, you can use it for a lot more than just drilling holes. You can expect excellent performance from this powerful motor of 1700 W. Because it delivers intense torque, creating a high-intensity impact.

It goes way beyond just drilling holes! It is equipped with the world-famous TE-Y chuck. Therefore, you can use it for a variety of tasks just by attaching different accessories to it.

In addition to drilling, you can use it for a job as hard as breaking rocks to as simple as digging through soil. Hence, you can take care of multiple assignments with this one tool. It has a maximum speed of 380 RPM. But it gives you an option of reducing this to as low as 250 RPM by a simple push of a button.

If you are working with a material that requires lower power levels, you can bring it down by half. Thus, you save on power consumption as well as time spent on the task.

When you work with drills, considerable pressure of the drilling action is transferred to your hand in the form of vibrations. Hence, it will tire you quickly. Also, the drilling experience will not be a comfortable one.

This combi hammer has an AVR feature which reduces the vibration transferred from the hammer to hands. You can work for a long time without exhausting your hands. You can have firm control over the handle, and hold the tool in a steady position, thanks to its well-designed structure. If you look at this hammer closely, you will see ATC written on it.

What does it mean? ATC refers to active torque control. It is a safety feature to keep your hands safe from any accidents, in case the hammer gets stuck on something. Even though it is a bit heavier than other similar products, but if you consider the power that it delivers, and its ability to perform heavy-duty tasks justifies the weight.

  • Multipurpose
  • Multiple speed options
  • Includes safety features
  • Very powerful
  • User friendly
  • Relatively bulky

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5. Hilti SF 6H-A22 Drill Driver – Cordless and Powerful

Hilti SF 6H A22 Drill Driver


Working on extremely tough surfaces such as concrete, brick or masonry will make you appreciate the help done by drills. Therefore, Hilti has come up with the best Hilti hammer drill for you to make your work much easier when dealing with hard materials, and earn your keep quickly.

Why choose Hilti cordless hammer drill? The main advantage of opting for this drill is that it will help you when you are working to remodel and renovate. Likewise, it will also resolve your worries of drilling holes to metals or concrete surfaces, especially if you need to bore bigger holes than usual.

Also, it is cordless hence will offer you the convenience to work without worrying about the nearest power plug or annoying tripping extension wires. The Hilti cordless hammer drill has a unique feature of Active Torque Control which will help you if during the drilling procedure the drill binds up.

Not only this, but it is particularly safe to use and will provide you with durable performance.

Looking for more features? This amazing tool has an LED indicator which will give you easy access when it is charged. Furthermore, it generates a power of around 1600 RPM, hence you will be able to do more work with less effort and a consequent reduction in wear and tear.

Besides, it has a Lithium-Ion battery, and it will last longer and you will be able to complete your tasks in a much better way. Moreover, it is compact and lightweight and will reduce your hand stress.

Searching for a warranty? Hilti provides a great warranty on its tools. Firstly, you will get a 20-year limited warranty, secondly, it offers 2 years wear and tear coverage, and lastly, you will have the advantage of a 1-day repair turnaround.

Sounds worthy of using it! On the contrary, it is only a bare tool. Therefore, you will have to buy the whole kit to make it work.

  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Safe to use
  • Has one Lithium-Ion battery
  • Warranty
  • Cordless
  • Bare tool only
Hilti SF 6H-A22 Lithium-Ion 1/2 in. Cordless Hammer Drill Driver...
16 Reviews
Hilti SF 6H-A22 Lithium-Ion 1/2 in. Cordless Hammer Drill Driver...

6. Hilti SFC Drill/Driver Kit – Compact, User Friendly, Durable

Hilti SFC Drill Driver Kit


Driving into hard surfaces with a standard drill can be a fruitless and disheartening pursuit, Hilti drills will make your job straight forward. The best Hilti hammer drill is highly useful and capable of boring holes and driving screws into Woodstone, bricks, metal, and other hard surfaces.

Let’s get to know more about it: The Hilti 18v hammer drill is cordless. Thus, it is generally lighter, smaller, and easier for you to maneuver than their corded counterparts. Plus there is no chance of you tripping over that pesky power cord.

Moreover, it will allow you to operate away from your site or in areas that require high-level access. At only 3.7 lbs. it is one of the lightest models available out there and you will not have to worry about fatigue and exhaustion.

Not only this, but it has an 18 V battery which is capable of coping with demanding tasks and it will last for at least a day.

Wait, let me tell you something more: This tool is durable and its performance is overall satisfactory. All thanks to the all-metal gear housing. Hence it will increase the machine’s life to a longer extent. In other words, you can count on it performing well, even under unfavorable circumstances.

At places where you will have to do work with screwdrivers the most, such as installing an air conditioning system or while plumbing it will be a great choice to work with a Hilti cordless hammer drill.

Likewise, it consists of a Lithium-Ion battery and you will have the advantage to charge them and reuse them over and over again. It is the world’s first-ever cordless and compact drill, which is tough and comes with a two-year wear and tear warranty.

On the other hand, Hilti SF 6H-A22 will offer you the same warranty on wear and tear along with a 20-year limited warranty too.

  • Cordless
  • Smaller
  • Lighter
  • Durable
  • Metal gear parts
  • 2 years wear and tear warranty
  • Comes as a bare tool only

7. Hilti SFD 2-a Power Tool Hammer Drill – Brushed Motors for Longer Use

Hilti SFD 2a Power Tool Hammer Drill


Everyday handyman would never have considered adding a hammer drill to their collection. However, with these powerful drills, you will be able to easily outperform a normal drill when dealing with firm materials and surfaces.

It will give you a high impact for those tougher tasks. It is therefore a drill of choice for the construction industry.

Why buy a cordless hammer drill? Imagine needing to work on a task located at some distance from the plug socket. Firstly, you will have to locate the nearest power outlet and then find an extension cord long enough to reach. Secondly, if you are working on a job site, this presents challenges because it is a trip hazard for you.

Likewise, another top reason for buying a cordless hammer drill is that you can take it anywhere. It’s why so many professionals use them. As for convenience, the Hilti cordless hammer drill is battery powered. So, you will be able to snap in a fully charged battery, and you are ready to go.

Not impressed yet? This tool will provide you with 110 Volts of power. Hence the more power you have, the quicker you will be able to complete your task. Besides, it is extremely lightweight for you to handle. It weighs only 2 pounds and will be effortless for you to maneuver and will make your job much easier.

Unfortunately, it does not come with a battery and charger and you will have to buy them separately.

  • Cordless
  • Lightweight
  • Battery-powered
  • More power
  • Battery and charger not included

Best Hilti Hammer Drill: Buyer’s Guide

With a brand continuously producing top quality tools, it can be daunting to decide which is the perfect Hilti hammer drill for you?

But fear not! This is where our field of expertise lies. We’ve studied several models, reviewed the seven best, and we will help you choose one for you through our extensive buyer’s guide.

Because Hilti hammer drills do not just grow on trees. They are highly functional tools and come with a fairly hefty price tag. You cannot just randomly pick one and throw your money for it. There are many features you need to look at and do some research before making the purchase.

Here are some of the things you need to keep in mind when going to buy one:

The Right Kind – Hammer or Rotary?

Rotary Hammer Drill vs Hammer Drill

There are two basic types of hammer drills that are available in the market.

  • Hammer drills are regular drills that are also equipped with a hammering function.
  • Rotary hammers, However, are specifically designed for heavy hammering jobs like drilling holes in strong concrete and masonry.

It is quite obvious that hammer drills are more primitive when it comes to hard hammering. For heavy-duty jobs that include drilling holes in the hardest of concrete forts all day long, you will need a bigger rotary hammer with more power and cutting ability.

Power Source – Corded or Cordless?

Next, you need to consider whether you want a corded or a cordless model.

  • Corded hammers understandably have a cord that goes in the power outlet and hence limits the portability of the equipment. You can only take them as far as the cord goes. But they are lighter due to no added weight of batteries and you can use them for as long as you like without the hassle of recharging. The Hilti TE2 hammer drill is a great option in the corded variants.
  • Cordless hammers are superior in the fact that they are more portable. When going for the Hilti cordless hammer drill, check the voltage and ampere-hours readings on the manual. If you have to choose between two models, go for one that has a higher ampere hours rating because this indicates longer battery time. Also, look for more than one battery for the same reason.

Amps – Light or Heavy Duty?

You get two varieties when it comes to the power of the drills. The power is measured in Amps and both kinds are suited for different loads of work.

  • Light-duty hammer drills are beginner-friendly and range between 6 to 8 amps if they are corded. You can expect them to drill a hole up to half an inch in width in a wall of mortar and brick. They are more suited for light masonry work and wood, but can also drill holes in concrete if you are willing to spend enough time on each hole.
  • Heavy-duty hammer drills have motors ranging between 7 and 10 amps. They can drill a 5/8 inch hole with ease and you can expect them to do well with a variety of surfaces; wood, concrete, steel, ceramic, etc.

Speeds – One or More?

It is always great to have more than one option under your hand. While choosing a hammer drill, look for models that offer variable speed control. The speed at which the bit of the drill moves, helps in functioning on different types of materials. You can choose a higher speed for working with concrete and a slower one when drilling holes in wood.

Possibilities are endless! Moreover, when it comes to the speed of a hammer drill, there are two types;

  • Rated speed which is expressed in rotations per minute (RPM), is the speed at which a drill spins. Typical hammer drills spin close to 35,000 RPM.
  • Hammering speed is given by beats per minute (BPM) and is the rate of the impact that the hammer drill produces. The readings we usually come across is 50,000 BPM or more for a mid-ranged hammer.

Drilling Range – Depth & Diameter

Concrete Hammer Drill

This is one of the key features you have to look for when buying a drill that is perfect for your needs. All models in the market have different drilling capacities and you have to choose one that suits you best. All manufacturers mention their drilling ranges estimation on the tools or their user’s manual, so look out for them.

The depth and diameter of the hole a drill can make in different materials are usually expressed in millimeters (metric scale) or inches (imperial scale). The estimated values are given for different surfaces such as concrete, wood, and metal.

Bits – Design & Material

Bits are to hammer drills, what cheese is to crackers!

One is incomplete without the other. While buying the right equipment make sure you take the right accessories home too, to ensure maximum functionality. Here are some features that you should look for in bits;

  • The material of the bits should be strong enough to tackle even the oldest of concrete walls. The new and improved carbide bits are the standard of strength these days.
  • The design of the bit helps decide the sort of function it will be able to perform. An optimized flute design is a right way to go forward in this regard.
  • Durability is the most important feature. You do not want your bit to snap into two pieces mid-operation.

Miscellaneous Features

Apart from the main properties, there are countless other features that you can look for while choosing the right tool for you. Some of them are;

  • A side handle is a very useful addition that helps to control the machine better with a better grip for accurate results.
  • Two-finger trigger gives an advantage of better and comfortable handling.
  • The adjustability of the side handle lets you leave hardly accessible areas with ease.
  • Built-in LED is a big plus since it increases the visibility of the target area.
  • Carrying case lets you carry all tiny bits and other parts without the fear of misplacing them.
  • A hammering switch will give you an option to turn the hammering function off, should you choose to use your hammer as a drill.
  • Rubber and foam padding helps minimize the vibration and lets you keep using the tool for longer periods.
  • Kickback is a feature that automatically shuts down the machine when a bit is stuck in the surface you are drilling. Thus, preventing the risk of dangerous accidents.
  • The dust extraction option is there to capture and clean the dust and debris that is usually produced while drilling. A Hilti hammer drill with a vacuum will be great in this regard.

Safety precautions while using hammer drills

To ensure no accidents take place while using hammer drills, always take these safety measures before you get your hands on one.

  • Use a holding device. Never hold the surface you are working on with your hands.
  • Keep your hands clear of the workplace place while the drill is operating.
  • Always wear goggles for eye protection.
  • Make sure the bits and chucks are locked in place safely before starting.
  • Keep your hands, hair, clothes, and other loose items away from the machine when it is in operation.
  • Do not clean the debris or dust by hand. Use a brush.
  • Remove all keys and wrenches from the hammer drill before starting.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to change bits in Hilti hammer drills?

First, take the previous bit out by turning the end of the drill bit chuck counterclockwise until the chuck expands around the bit. Pull the bit out of the chuck with your fingers. Now insert your bit in position and turn it until the grooves engage.

How to use Hilti hammer drill?
  1. Connect the drill to a power source.
  2. Adjust side handle and depth gauge to the desired position.
  3. Insert bit.
  4. For hammer drilling, shift setting lever to symbolled hammer drilling position.
  5. Select the correct speed.
  6. Drill away.
What size drill bit do I need for Hilti hammer drill?

Drill bit sizes vary according to length and diameter. Most Hilti drill bits are 5-12mm in diameter and 160-210mm in length.

How to change the bit on Hilti cordless drill?

First, take the previous bit out by turning the end of the drill bit chuck counterclockwise until the chuck expands around the bit. Pull the bit out of the chuck with your fingers. Now insert your bit in position and turn it until the grooves engage.


Undoubtedly, hammer drills are a handyman’s right hand. Of the 7 best Hilti Hammer Drills, our pick is the Hilti TE 80-ATC AVR Combihammer. It is a highly effective hammer drill that is versatile and gives the user a lot of flexibility. With its multiple speed options, you can make changes according to your task.

Also, it has an improved design with substantial safety features to give you a pleasant and safe experience.