10 Best iHome Alarm Clocks in 2021 [Reviews & Buying Guide]

Do you rely on an alarm clock to wake up early in the morning? An alarm clock that makes your morning easier starts off your day in the right mood, isn’t it? Technology is advancing so fast and moving away from the cell phone and physical alarm clocks which have been popular.

Would you still want to live in the past while most of your friends are embracing technological advancement with amazing modern alarm clocks? Of course not. Something terrific I have seen with the modern alarm clocks is the advanced features that make the clocks irresistible.

Best iHome Alarm Clocks

We have features like wall projectors, Bluetooth connectivity, LCD displays, and even weekend mode settings. I can testify that after using different types of alarm clocks, nothing compares to iHome Alarm Clock. If you have the right choice of this alarm clock, then your mornings will never be disappointing.

So many things can ruin your morning, e.g. a bad nightmare, chilly weather, and disturbing animal noises in the neighborhood. However, nothing makes a morning worse like an awful sound effect from your alarm clock.

Well, manufacturers have your urgent morning needs in their plans. They have alarms that can wake you up with a click of a sound. They also have the types that will give you the ascending sound options. They have quality clocks that will match your budget requirements. Above all, the display settings on these clocks are just incomparable. These are the things you want in an alarm clock, right?

As much as we have plenty of these clocks on the market, sometimes it becomes a challenge to get an alarm clock that will meet your needs without breaking your bank. You might end up regretting your purchase because you didn’t have enough information while making the purchase.

Do not worry since we got you sorted. We understand the different challenges that buyers go through when selecting the best clock for their needs. Therefore, we have taken the task on our side to help you choose wisely a clock that will serve you and even exceed your expectations.

Our selection comprises the 10 best iHome alarm clocks. Follow through to see what each clock has for you. Besides, use the table below to have a quick overview of the specs and features you will find on each clock.

Comparing 10 Best iHome Alarm Clocks 2021

iHome AlarmChargingBluetoothMelody 
iHome IBT29USBYesNo Check Price
iHome iBTW23 USB & WirelessYesYes Check Price
iHome iW18 CompactUSB & WirelessNoNo Check Price
iHome iPL23V2BXLightning & USBNoNo Check Price
iHome iBT297 ClockUSBYesYes Check Price
iHome iWBT400USBYesYes Check Price
iHome iBT232USBYesYes Check Price
iHome iBT210WSUSBYesNo Check Price
iHome iPL8XHG FMLightning & USBNoNo Check Price
iHome Zenergy iZBT7NoneYesNo Check Price

1. iHome IBT29 Color-Changing Alarm Clock – Experience a range of delightful effects

iHome IBT29 Bluetooth alarm clock


If you love effects, then iHome IBT29 will meet or even exceed your expectations. This is a nicely designed alarm clock that comes with a range of other exciting specifications. It is suitable for customized entertainment in your room.

The dual alarm clock comes with features that will ease your morning routine and also improve your general energy in the morning. Remember waking up in the morning is one of the most challenging things for most people, but having an alarm that creates the mood is an added advantage.

This clock has a charmingly spherical shape with color changing mode, which makes your room fun to wake up each morning. You can select and set the color you want to suit your mood such that when the alarm rings or when you have any notification, you can quickly receive in the right mood. This means that the clock supports your active lifestyle.

Bluetooth technology is also an aspect you will find on this alarm. This is the wireless convenience you would always want in your room. Since the device is compatible with most of your Bluetooth enabled gadgets, you will, therefore, bring entertainment closer to you with ease. This makes it easy for you to maneuver through different settings without reaching your phone. You will also pair your devices and stream audio easily.

The clock also features a built-in speakerphone so that you can seamlessly receive your calls without stretching to find your phone. The digital voice echo cancellation ensures your calls are clear and never distorted while in the process. You will eventually appreciate this convenience that comes with a clear calling experience.

Besides, you can choose the sound you wake up with from the built-in tones, FM radio, or even the in-port connection from another device. You can still stream the music you want so that you have plenty to select from. This ensures that you have plenty of choices to spice up your morning and evening routines.

  • Plenty of choices for your alarm tones available
  • Bluetooth connectivity for convenience
  • Pick hands-free calls with remarkable clarity from the speakerphone
  • Display color change and select your favorite to set the mood
  • Charge as you play your devices all at once
  • Lightweight at 1.37lbs
  • Cost-effective
  • The buttons are small, difficult to use, and hard to find in the dark, but once you locate them, it becomes easy to make the right setting.
iHome iBT29BC Bluetooth Color Changing Dual Alarm Clock FM Radio...
  • Wake and sleep to mobile devices via Bluetooth. Wirelessly stream...
  • Speakerphone features include a built-in microphone, digital voice...
  • Alarm Can Be Set To Bluetooth Audio, FM Radio Or Built-in Tone. Wake...

2. iHome iBTW23 Alarm Clock – Enjoy the Qi wireless charging for your mobile devices

iHome iBTW23 Alarm Clock


An alarm clock with wireless charging. Isn’t it amazing? We have come across many alarm clocks, but getting a suitable type that will even support wireless charging for your devices isn’t easy. However, this iHome iBTW23 made it to our review because it has the terrific features you would want to have on your clock.

To begin with, the device has dual alarms so that you can be woken up at separate times. The 7-5-2 alarm schedule is suitable to wake you up every day, weekdays, or weekends, depending on your preferences. There is also a programmable snooze so that your alarm snoozes off without depending on the buttons.

You will love the melody app. Just install it on your phone and control the iHome iBTW23 using your voice. Through this app, you will even stream music from iHeartRadio, Spotify, and more so that you have a house full of entertaining, waking up sounds that you prefer.

There is the Bluetooth audio wireless option where you connect with the compatible devices and listen to your favorite tunes. This is even better since you will have high-quality speakers to project the music sound. This means that you will always wake up to the tone of your favorite music, which makes your morning energetic.

This device also features a built-in mic plus the quality stereo drivers in Reson8 chambers where you get the detailed sound while making calls or receiving calls. The voice echo cancellation plus the answer and end controls make the use of this device much fun.

A feature we never stopped admiring was the Qi-certified wireless charging pad. This allows you to charge compatible devices. The wireless option will be great for your iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone 8 /. Besides, you will have a fast charging experience with Samsung Galaxy S8| S8+| Note8. For those who prefer the USB charging option, there is a port for that, and this means you will still charge other mobile devices with ease.

  • Bluetooth connectivity makes your wireless experience fun
  • Stream music from other compatible devices
  • Make and end calls without touching your phone
  • Experience the clarity from the quality speakers
  • Charge your mobile devices both USB and wireless charging
  • Dual alarms to wake you at separate times
  • Programmable snooze
  • Melody app available for voice control and streaming
  • The wireless charging system isn’t compatible with all phones, but there is also a provision of the USB charging mode.
iHome iBTW23 Wireless Charging Bluetooth Alarm Clock with...
  • Charge all QI enabled mobile devices wirelessly using the charging...
  • Speakerphone with built-in microphone, digital voice echo cancellation...
  • 1 amp USB port to charge most mobile devices

3. iHome iW18 Compact Alarm Clock – With an adjustable level of brightness for comfort and sensitivity


If you have a taste for versatility, then grabbing an alarm clock with the ability to serve, you will be great. We selected the iHome iW18 since we thought it would be great if you are looking for an affordable clock with a lot of supporting features.

The first feature we liked is the dual alarm functionality. This alarm clock has dual alarms to wake you up at separate times. The 7-5-2 alarm schedule will suit you daily, weekends, or selected weekdays. This tunes you in a well-programmed waking up schedule.

You will also like the dual charging modes that feature the wireless and the 1 Amp USB port charging systems. The Qi Certified 10W Wireless Charger is there for selected phone types such as the iPhone 11, XR, XS, X, 8, Galaxy S10 S9 S8, Note 10 Note 9, and More. Other phone devices will utilize the USB mode for charging.

One feature that I really liked is the adjustable brightness levels. There is a dimmer display button on your clock with high, low, and off settings. Depending on what you want for your sensitivity, you will just select it from the modes and enjoy the comfort that comes with the lighting.

This alarm clock is also lightweight and wouldn’t take much of your room space. Its compatibility with 100V-240V universal voltage makes it suitable for international use. Just carry it worry-free on your trips since it will still offer you the required services.

With the versatile nature of this alarm clock, feel free to buy it for students, kids as well as general home use. You will love the cost-effective nature of this clock that delivers services above expectations.

Lastly, the clock comes with a one year warranty with a fantastic customer care support system so that you can have your concerns addressed even faster.

  • The dual alarm system wakes you up in separate times
  • Charge your wireless devices and also the wired ones through USB
  • Receive and end calls with fantastic clarity of voice
  • Enjoy versatility that comes with the device
  • Lightweight and sizeable for ease of use
  • Adjustable brightness to suit your room lighting
  • No Bluetooth connectivity; hence you won’t listen to your favorite tunes; however, you will still get the best alarm services.
  • The wireless charging option isn’t there for all devices. The USB option still charges the other devices. So do not worry about this as there is always an alternative.
iHome iW18 Compact Digital Alarm Clock with USB and Qi Wireless...
  • Dual Alarm Clock - iHome iW18 Alarm Clock Features: Dual alarms to...
  • Qi Certified 10W Wireless Charger - The iW18 Clock Wirelessly Charges...
  • Adjustable Brightness Control - You can adjust the level of brightness...

4. iHome iPL23V2BX Alarm Clock – With Reson8 technology for exceptional sound

iHome iPL23V2BX Alarm Clock


Have you considered getting an alarm clock that serves all your functions in one unit? Well, this iHome iPL23V2BX will be great to meet all your desires. The clock comes with amazing features that will make your life easier.

There is a Flexible Lightning connector that plays as well as charges your compatible iPhone. There is also a docking station that keeps your iPhone safe while charging. You will not require a separate charging station besides your bed. This saves space.

For those with devices that are not compatible with the lighting connector, you will still charge them via the USB option. This is an advantage as you will still play music continuously as well as use the device while it’s charging.

We liked the Reson8(R) speaker system, which is specially designed so that you can enjoy tones with rich bass. This superior sound quality is like no other as it delivers the best soundtracks so that you can still enjoy your music as well as get the required sounds when you set your alarm clock.

You will wake up to your favorite sounds. This clock provides you with choices between audio from your iPhone, iPod, or FM radio. Feel free to customize your endless favorite routines so that your morning and evening clock is never boring; instead, it offers you a soothing way to wake up and also retire to bed. If you like to listen to podcasts, radio shows, and audiobooks, then this is a suitable clock for you.

This clock also allows you to synchronize the time to your iPhone clock when you dock the device. This process is so automatic and saves you the time you would have taken adjusting time manually. The time on your phone is always correct, so you can always be at ease as you know you are working at the right time, no matter the zone you are in.

Lastly, this clock features adjustable sleep timers so that you can set the time you prefer and rest easy knowing the clock will respond to your time when it comes.

  • It charges your iPhone and other compatible devices through the Lightning connector as well as the USB.
  • There is a docking station for your iPhone so that you won’t spend on buying another one
  • The clock has favorite sounds from your iPhone, iPod, or FM radio to choose from
  • There are adjustable sleep timers
  • Synchronizes clock time to iPhone and great when traveling
  • Has a display dimmer control
  • No Bluetooth connectivity
  • Some devices won’t be compatible with the Lightning connector
  • The alarm blasts you out of bed as you cannot turn it down
iHome iPL23V2BX Alarm Clock FM Radio with Lightning iPhone...
  • Flexible Lightning connector plays and charges Lightning-capable...
  • 1 Amp USB charging port to charge iPad/iWatch or Any USB Device
  • Sleep to FM radio, iPhone or iPod with auto-shutoff,Wake or sleep to...

5. iHome iBT297 – Wake and sleep to your favorite tones

iHome iBT297 Alarm Clock


One of the best alarms that have embraced technology to make your work easier is the iHome iBT297. When you have this device, you will access a lot of amazing features that make your experience feel on a different level.

First, the iHome iBT297 allows you to sleep and wake up to your favorite tunes from the built-in tones, FM radio, and Bluetooth enabled mobile devices. This also lets you select and set your ideal tone so that every morning you wake up; you meet the right mood in the house.

Another great feature is the New Smart Button with IFTTT integration, which is useful by letting you have full control of the thermostats and lights from many popular brands. Besides, the New Smart Button with IFTTT integration also works correctly with iHome Control Smart plugs, and this makes your entire experience seamless.

We liked the speakerphone features that come with this clock. The built-in microphone with the digital echo cancellation feature allows you to make clear calls as well as receive calls with ease. Besides, the flashing LED notifies you of incoming calls. This means that you will never miss any call even if your device sound is muted.

Do you have devices that require charging? Well, this clock has a USB port where you plug your mobile devices so that you can use them while they charge.

Another feature is the dual alarm operation, which features the settings for weekdays daily, and weekend modes. You will, therefore, schedule your clock to wake you up with the correct timings.

Lastly, we have the 7 built-in color modes which are fully dimmable and sync well with the alarms. You will experience a range of outcomes that include glowing sequence, fast change sequence, Favorite color, pulse to music, and sky gradient.

Since this is one of the best iHome color changing alarm clocks, your mood in the room will never be boring; instead, you will adapt to the changes that make you feel comfortable.

  • The variety of dimmable colors offer the ambiance you need in your room
  • Bluetooth devices compatible extend your choice of tones
  • New Smart Button with IFTTT integration allows you to control everything
  • A USB port for charging your devices
  • Amazing speakerphone for great sound for you
  • Dual alarm operation for all time notification
  • Charge and play devices at the same time
  • Melody app for controlling the device with your voice
  • There is no wireless charging system, but the USB choice plays the role of charging
  • Difficult to distinguish the buttons in darkness
IHOME APP-Enhanced Bluetooth Color Chang
  • Wake and sleep to Bluetooth-connected mobile devices, FM radio or...
  • New Smart Button with IFTTT integration lets you control lights and...
  • Speakerphone features include built-in microphone, digital voice echo...

6. iHome iWBT400 Alarm Clock – High quality at low pricing

iHome iWBT400 Bluetooth Dual Alarm


If you are looking for an iHome dual alarm clock that will never exceed your budget, then we got you sorted. When you check Amazon for prices and compare them with the features, you will be astonished. The manufacturer wants you to have the iHome iWBT400 Bluetooth Dual Alarm and keep up with your routine, and that’s why it is one of the lowest costing alarm clocks available.

The wireless operation is one of the features that kept me admiring this alarm clock. This is where you will stream music from Bluetooth enabled devices and enjoy a variety of tunes at the comfort of your bed. Waking up has never been this sweet as your melody will always get you up from your bed.

The model also features a speakerphone that has the digital voice echo cancellation so that you get the best quality of sound when making and receiving calls.

The clock also features the music assistant app where you Control the iWBT400 with your voice. Besides, you will stream your favorite music from iHeartRadio, Spotify, and more.

When you get this clock, you also get access to the free iHome Enhance app. With this app, you will have control over the settings of your devices. this makes it easy for you to set time, alarms, control the radio, and select audio modes over Bluetooth

This clock also features an FM radio with 6 preset channels so that you can have your favorite tones every morning. Besides, you will still charge your mobile devices with the 1 Amp USB port available.

  • You have access to the dual alarm clock to wake you at separate times
  • The compatible Bluetooth devices allow you to listen to your favorite tones
  • There is also the noise echo cancellation feature that delivers smooth and clear calls
  • You have the FM radio with preset channels
  • Has additional apps to improve its functionality
  • Charge your phone using the USB section available
  • Choose the tunes you want to wake you up
  • No wireless charging for those who would prefer that instead there is a USB option
  • Vibrates every time you receive an email on your phone at night, but you can still set the no disturb setting on your phone.
iHome Bluetooth Dual Alarm FM Clock Radio with Speakerphone,...
  • iHome Bluetooth Dual Alarm FM Clock Radio with Speakerphone, Apple...

7. iHome iBT232 Alarm Clock – The newest model with updated features

iHome iBT232 Bluetooth Dual Alarm Clock


Do you want to forget about your old-style alarm clock system? Well, get this iHome iBT232 as it has all the technology that you would want in an alarm clock.

You will stream music from the Bluetooth enabled devices via the wireless medium. This makes it easy for you to receive and make calls easily with the wireless medium.

The speakerphone is also one of the best since you will utilize the digital voice, echo-canceling the result in clear calls. This allows you to enjoy your calls since they will never have interruptions.

This is also a dual alarm clock where you will monitor your daily routine, weekly, and even weekends. This alarm clock has a 7-5-2 alarm schedule that will always wake you up on time.

Different alarm sources make your morning even better. You will wake up to an FM radio, Bluetooth device, or 4 built-in tones that feature the best and well-controlled sound.

Charging is also one of the things you will appreciate on this clock. Most of the USB devices are compatible, e.g., the iPhone,iWatch, and more. You will even enjoy uncut entertainment as the unit charges.

This stylish clock also comes with a sure alarm battery backup so that when the power fails, you are guaranteed the clock will not fail you.

The design is great and adds touch to this clock.

Lastly, there is the melody personal voice-powered music assistant app that helps you to control your voice. Besides, you will use iHeartRadio, Spotify, and more for endless tunes of your choice.

  • The dual alarm with 7-5-2 alarm scheduling allows you to wake up at the right time during the week.
  • Its calls look adds beauty to the clock
  • Connects with Bluetooth compatible devices
  • Has melody personal voice-powered music assistant app
  • Comes with a backup battery in case of power failures
  • USB charging for all your devices
  • Receive clear calls courtesy of the noise echo cancellation feature
  • Has an FM radio with 6 stations where you can get your favorite music
  • Doesn’t have the wireless charging option like other models
  • The buttons are flat and will feel difficult while setting
  • You won’t locate the buttons in the darkness
iHome iBT232 Bluetooth Dual Alarm FM Clock Radio with...
  • iHome iBT232 Bluetooth Dual Alarm FM Clock Radio with Speakerphone and...

8. iHome iBT210WS – With 6 FM station memory presets

iHome iBT210WS


If you are on a budget and looking for an affordable alarm clock, then you should consider iHome iBT210WS. It is one of the few brands on the market with amazing features. If you are used to waking up with a disturbing sound from your previous alarm, we guarantee you that this selection will wake you next to a fantastic Bluetooth Audio, FM radio, or alarm buzzer.

As if this is not enough, you will still play your favorite tunes from the Bluetooth enabled devices. If you are using a phone, you should not be afraid of a power cut since there is a 1 amp USB port that will charge as you listen to your audio.

The display is clear and well lit, such that you can see the time and other notifications such as the Bluetooth icon. This makes it easy for you to read the time and also know when the notifications are on.

The clock is white and will always look bright in your room. This, in addition to the quality construction, makes the entire room look fabulous. Some people view it as decor in the bedroom.

The dual alarm feature lets you wake up at different times with varying tones from your alarm clock. You will never experience the disturbing noise that previously came with your former alarm clock. This is a new way to spice up your morning and set the mood for the day.

The alarm battery backup is also available so that when there is a power failure, it doesn’t fail to wake you up. The programmable snooze button is also one of the key features that you schedule the times you want it snoozed.

  • The dual alarm system wakes you up with different tunes at different times
  • Compatible with Bluetooth enabled devices for your amazing tunes
  • Has the USB port for charging your devices. No extra charger for plugging on the wall
  • Battery backup available so that you don’t miss your time to wake up
  • FM radio with 6 programmable settings
  • Clear display so that you can see the time and other notifications
  • A programmable snooze button saves you the number of times you need to snooze
  • No wireless charging option for those who would prefer it; instead, you have the USB option, which plays a universal role when charging your devices.
  • The snooze button is tiny and would be the best when it comes to operating the clock during the night.
iHome iBT210WS Bluetooth Dual Alarm FM Clock Radio with...
  • Wake to Bluetooth Audio, FM radio, or alarm buzzer
  • Play Audio wirelessly from Bluetooth enabled devices
  • 1 amp USB port to charge most mobile devices

9. iHome iPL8XHG Dual Alarm Clock – Enjoy music while you charge the device

iHome iPL8XHG Dual Alarm FM

No products found.

One of the famous alarm clocks with over one thousand reviews on amazon is this iHome iPL8XHG. It’s also a dual alarm clock that will wake you up during separate times. The fact that it schedules to 7-5-2 system, you will use it daily, weekdays and weekends. It’s that efficient.

It has the lighting dock for iPod nano 7th GEN, iPod touch 5th GEN, and iPhone 5/5C/5S. This means that you will not spend on buying a new charger for your devices or even plugging another charger in the wall socket.

The one thing that we liked is the specially designed Reson8 speaker chambers, which feature Stereo high-fidelity drivers so that the sound out is clear. Besides, there is an expanded bass circuitry where you expand the bass sound depending on your preference.

The display is also on point. It’s large, bright, and well backlit. It displays the time, alarm time, radio station frequency, and volume level so that you can make the correct decisions while initiating any setting.

Are you worried about power failure? You shouldn’t. This clock has a backup battery that will keep it running until the time you are woken up and beyond. The battery is of good quality and retains power.

  • FM stereo radio with six preset station memories
  • There is a lighting dock where you will charge your iPhone
  • The powerful display has enough light and displays all the functions you need
  • Auto time sync with the iPhone for consistency
  • Battery backup for alarm when power fails
  • Amazing sound performance
  • No Bluetooth and hence limited capacity to enjoy more music
  • No USB port and this is a side down for those who want to charge phones

No products found.

10. iHome Zenergy Dream Mini iZBT7 – With Nature Sound Recordings and White Noise for a relaxing experience

iHome Zenergy Dream Mini iZBT7


We cannot complete our review without this unique iHome alarm clock on our list. It is one of the favorites. When this alarm clock is at my bedside, I am relieved of the stress of waking up since I know it will play its role of waking me up, of course, with amazing tunes.

This is a Bluetooth enabled alarm, and therefore, you will stream your favorite music and also enjoy your favorite tunes endlessly.

Your mind and body need to relax. This alarm provides that. It comes with 16 soothing nature Sound recordings and white noise so that your mind and body can relax and let you enjoy the night until the next morning.

Light therapy is also one thing that makes this clock unique. With the 14 Specially Designed Light therapy programs, you will be able to boost your sleep at night and increase your energy levels during the day. Besides, there are color-changing modes so that you can enhance the mood and get the much-needed sleep.

Lastly, you will love the dual timer and dual alarm. Not so many alarms have this feature, and therefore, it is rare to get one. Besides, you will see your alarm wake you up at different times within the week.

  • Amazing display to show you time
  • Can be great during the night since the lighting allows you to see the buttons
  • Relaxes mind and body with soothing sounds
  • Light therapy also available to boost sleep
  • Bluetooth enabled to enable you to listen to unending tunes
  • No option for charging other devices but it is still one of the favorites if you love colors
iHome Zenergy Dream Mini iZBT7 Bluetooth Bedside Sleep Therapy...
  • Bluetooth: Wireless Audio Streaming, Enjoy Your Favorite Tunes
  • Sound Therapy: 16 Soothing, Nature Sound Recordings and White Noise...
  • Light Therapy: 14 Specially Designed Light Therapy Programs to promote...

Best iHome Alarm Clocks: Buyer's Guide

Best iHome Alarm Clocks Buyer's Guide

How to Choose the Best iHome Alarm Clock

The market has hundreds of these alarm clocks; choosing the best isn’t a breeze. You need more research to get what you want. We have come across numerous challenges and mistakes buyers make. We don’t want you to be among the sad buyers. These tips will help you make the right decision before the purchase.

Important features to consider

Bluetooth connectivity

Bluetooth iHome Alarm Clock

Before you purchase the clock, you can consider the one with Bluetooth connectivity so that your wireless use is even easier. With this, you will connect the compatible devices and enjoy unlimited music and alarm tones.

Variety of sound options

You don’t have to rely only on the alarm inbuilt tones. They might be boring at times. Instead, find the model with varying sounds. Some clocks come with soothing sounds for a peaceful and mind relaxing night. Some will come with an FM Radio with preset channels, while others will have Bluetooth connectivity for additional music soundtracks from an external device.


iHome Alarm Clock Display Light

The LCD is vital. When you can see the numbers on your display during the night, then that’s a great option. Some of the clocks have limited lighting and hence tricky for night use. Besides, some of the buttons lack light, and this hinders night operation.

Color changing clock

Sometimes you want a clock that will create the mood in your room. Mostly, the color-changing types have settings where you select your preferred color for the sleeping mood. Pick what pleases you and a lighting option that is great for your room.

Dual alarm system

The dual alarm allows you to set the alarm so that it wakes you at different times. For instance, you will set ‘snooze it’ and still have a setting that will allow it to wake you up after some minutes. In most cases, dual alarm clocks will have settings for daily routines, weekdays, and weekends.

Sound quality

Sound will determine the audio quality from the alarm. If you are planning to listen to soothing music or even make and receive calls, you need the best quality sound. Sometimes we have alarms that feature noise cancellation so that you can get clear calls. You can prioritize them.

Charging other devices

iHome Alarm Clock Charging iPhone and Apple Watch

There are wireless options for charging your devices on most of the best quality alarm clock systems. This means that you will not go for chargers that require you to plugin so that you can charge your devices. Instead, you will use the wireless or the USB port available for charging.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to turn off alarm on iHome clock?
1. Press the alarm button once so that you can activate the alarm review mode.

2. The alarm button is identifiable by a small clock symbol.

3. Once you press the alarm button, the alarm time will display on the lower part of the display.

4. Continue pressing the button once during the alarm review mode so that you can turn off the alarm.

5. To make sure the alarm is off, the lower display section will no longer show the time.

How to set alarm on iHome clock radio?
If you are setting the dual alarm system, you will see two clock icons. All of them have the same procedure.

1. Long-press the icon until the alarm time flashes on the lower side of the display.

2. Once you hear the beep sound, press and release the – or + to set alarm time.

3. Always observe the am and pm

4. Press the – or + to set different times, i.e., the 7-5-2 schedule

5. Press the release button to confirm the schedule set

6. The light will show the current alarm setting

How to change time on iHome alarm clock?
1. You need to press and hold the clock adjust/time sync button that is found at the back of the unit. You will see the time flash on display.

2. Press the + or – button to move to the correct time.

3. Always remember to adjust the time settings to AM or PM time.

What are some of the safety instructions when using an iHome alarm clock?
An iHome alarm clock sometimes is delicate and requires keenness when using it. Here are some of the safety precautions you need to have at the back of your mind

1. The alarms should not be used near water or moisture

2. It should be placed in an area with proper ventilation

3. Heat source like radiators should be away from the clock

4. It should be cleaned as recommended

5. Connect the unit to the power sources as in the instructions

6. Attachments only recommended should be used

7. Do not overload the extensions when the alarm is on


Having gone through the write-up, we are sure that you have the needed information for you to make a buying decision. The selection comprises the best quality clocks at affordable prices so that you cannot break your bank during the actual purchase.

As much as the 10 best iHome alarm clocks reviewed offer the best quality, we liked the iHome Zenergy Dream Mini iZBT7, which is excellent if you have trouble sleeping. It has the light therapy function, soothing sound, Bluetooth connectivity, and dual operation, among other features. The only thing that is lacking is the charging feature.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly deal from the online market, then it is our number one recommendation. However, you can still choose from the list the clock that impressed you.