What’s The Best Lift Kit for Toyota Tundra?

So you’re ready to start some off-road adventures and make your Toyota Tundra a heavy-duty truck. Great! For that, you must get the right lift kit and looking for the best lift kit for Toyota Tundra takes much more than typical product reviews.

That’s why we’ve created a buyer’s guide to help you get started the right way. Also, we’ve answered the most frequently asked questions. And if we’ve missed your question, let us know in the comment section below.

Best Lift Kit for Toyota Thundra

If you’re short on time, you can trust us and choose any lift kit for your Tundra truck from the comparison table below. But we do recommend going a bit deeper when choosing a particular lift. You don’t want to ruin your truck, of course. Or do you? 🙂

Comparing The Best Lift Kit For Toyota Tundra In 2021

ReadyLift 69-5475Steel Tube Control Arms Check Price
WULF 3” Front 2” RearExtended WULF & Nitro Check Price
Rough Country 6” Lift KitPremium Quality Check Price
Rough Country 3” Lift Leveling Kit Lifetime Warranty Check Price
KSP 3” Front and 2” Rearlonger U-bolts Check Price
Supreme Suspensions Full Lift KitBoosted Ride Quality Check Price
Dynolift 3” Front and 2”Excellent Resistance Check Price

1. ReadyLift 69-5475 4.0″ SST Lift Kit for Toyota Tundra

ReadyLift 4 SST Lift Kit for Toyota Thundra


The lift kit by ReadyLift offers commendable features starting with DOM steel tube upper control arms. It has extended duty ball joints and tough urethane bushings as well. And you can grease both of them to increase the gloss.

The control arms keep the OEM ball joint angles right and offer necessary strut or coil-over clearance during the suspension. The package comes with a pair of time-tested powder-coated steel top mount strut extensions. It provides 4.0″ of lift.

ReadyLift has left no stone unturned while manufacturing the lift kit. The company has also included a new front sway bar frame mount spacers. And you also relish brake line bracket extensions to boost the overall performance of the lift kit.

What we like about the kit is the ease of installing and it takes about 3 hours for getting up and running. For professional alignment, you also have geometry figures. Unlike other lift kits, you don’t need to cut or strut spring pre-loading.

Thanks to top-notch hardware, the lift kit installs quickly and safely. If you want to do it yourself, there’s a manual detailing down all the practical steps for installation. If you’re new to lifting your truck, you shouldn’t do it on your own and hire a mechanic though.

When we talk about the overall pricing, the lift kit is affordable when compared with others of its contenders. No worries, it still provides the utmost safety and performance. When we look into the ergonomics, it looks like the company has done all the paperwork.

  • Front with 2-inch
  • Rear with upper control arms with no shocks
  • Precise upper strut extensions
  • New powder-coated sway bar frame
  • Comes with everything you need to install the kit
  • Looks like a cheap kit
ReadyLift 69-5475 4.0'' SST Lift Kit Toyota Tundra Front with 2''...
34 Reviews
ReadyLift 69-5475 4.0'' SST Lift Kit Toyota Tundra Front with 2''...
  • Max Lift: 4.0"F-2.0"R - Max Tire Size: 35"
  • Not for use on 2015 Tundra TRD Pro w/ Bilstein shocks
  • Precison crafted upper strut extensions designed to position the strut...

2. WULF 3″ Front 2″ Rear Leveling Lift Kit for Tundra

WULF 3 Front 2 Rear Leveling Lift Kit for Thundra


The WULF leveling lift kit raises the front by 3-inches and rear by 2-inches seamlessly. The kit is compatible with most of the Tundra models available in the market. Let’s first talk about how the kit lifts the front of your truck now.

The lift kit raises the front of your truck by 3 inches with fabricated steel powder-coated strut spacers. You also get a differential drop spacer kit with skid plate spacers for your truck. And the package includes everything you need to lift your truck’s front.

The kit also has WULF tubular upper control arms. It helps you boost durability and offer a range of uniball/ball joint options. The arms also enable you to enjoy more compatibility with replacement coil-overs.

The Alpha WULF Chromoly Joint comes with a built-in taper and Thermofuse pressed pivot joint bushings. And the splendid news is that it’s quick and easy to install, so you are ready to hit the off-road regions of your country.

The leveling kit offers 1 to 2 inches lift with shackles for 1-inch, 1.5-inch, or 2-inch. The package comes with two WULF stealth Nitro gas shock absorbers. They’re ideal to get you away with shock. The red shock dust boots also come free.

The strut spacers don’t have a 1:1 ratio and they’ll give the foretold amount of lift. Put the IFS suspensions have a 2 to 1 ratio, a little above or below. For example, a 1-inch strut spacer gives a 2-inch lift to your truck.

The lift kit is only for 2WD models and not for TRD Pro models of trucks. And you obviously need an alignment after you install the lift kit. To make things easier, the company sends you the step-by-step guide in the instructional manual.

  • Rear-extended shocks
  • Compatible with most of the Tundra trucks
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Adjustable lift shackles with hardware
  • Extended WULF Nitro gas shock absorbers
  • The front lift is not a 1:1 ratio regarding spacer and height.
WULF 3' Front 2' Rear Leveling Lift Kit with Diff Drop and Rear...
14 Reviews
WULF 3" Front 2" Rear Leveling Lift Kit with Diff Drop and Rear...
  • COMPATIBLE WITH: 2007-2020 Toyota Tundra 4X4
  • FRONT: 3" Lift Strut Spacers, Differential Drop Kit with Skid Plate...
  • REAR: 1, 1.5", or 2" Adjustable Lift Shackles with Hardware, Extended...

3. Rough Country 6″ Lift Kit for Toyota Tundra

Rough Country 6 Lift Kit for Toyota Thundra


If you really want to lift your Tundra 6-inches above, the Rough Country’s kit is for you. The company usually offers affordable quality lift kits so you can lift your truck for less. You can really lift your truck to six inches, however, it’s challenging with other kits.

It doesn’t matter if you have a new or an old Tundra, the lift kit helps you raise its body to 6 inches. For example, if you own a late-model Tundra and you want to lift it. After digging deeper, you see a trend that most 6-inch lift kits can be incredibly expensive.

But Rough Country has made an exception here. The company has built its reputation for building sturdy lift kits at insanely reasonable pricing. It provides you everything you need to install the kit and hit the off-road sides.

The package comes with durable cast iron steering knuckles, a 0.25-inch thick steel cross member, and front strut spacers. You also get rear lift blocks specially designed to stop axle wrap and bolt all over the hardware.

Not only the lift kit is affordable, but also comes in three different configurations. The one we’ve reviewed is an entry-level kit with front-end strut spacers and rear lift blocks to raise the truck. And with that amount of lift, you obviously need rear shocks.

But it was just an entry-level kit. However, you can fully extend front strut assemblies to enjoy an upgraded lift. But then you need to swap over your factory springs to a taller strut. Cutting long story short, the Rough Country is the brand you can trust now.

  • Solid bang for your buck
  • Premium build quality
  • A perfect blend of performance and protection
  • Commendable ground clearance
  • Robust fabricated blocks
  • A little less on ride quality
Rough Country 6' Lift Kit (fits) 2007-2015 Tundra | N3 Shocks |...
7 Reviews
Rough Country 6" Lift Kit (fits) 2007-2015 Tundra | N3 Shocks |...
  • Give your Tundra the Perfect Blend of Performance, Protection, and...
  • Unmatched Ground Clearance | Premium N3 Shock Absorbers the Best in...
  • High Clearance Crossmember / Design Provides Improved Ground Clearance...

4. Rough Country 3″ Lift Leveling Kit for Toyota Tundra

Rough Country 3 Lift Leveling Kit for Toyota Thundra


Yes, another contender by Rough Country. The reason for it is the overall value for your money. The spacer is going to play the main lifting in your Tundra. It alone gives you a 3.5-inch boost in your lift.

Another component that’s going to sit in between the axle tube and leaf spring provides a 2.5-inch lift. The lift allows you for the most range of motion possible out of the ball joint. And it also prevents any premature wear on it.

There’s also a Zerk fitting allowing you to keep the joints greased continually. Another thing we loved about the kit is a front differential drop. It drops your differential in the front so all the CV joints have the right angles.

To absorb the shock, you have an N3 shock absorber with the lift kit. And they’re more robust than those of factory shocks, so they’re ready for more abuse. Reason? Of course, they’re nitrogen-charged.

The leveling lift by Rough Country offers a 3-inch lift by the front and a 2-inch lift by the back. It offers the ultimate performance, protection, and style. And the total weight it adds to your truck is just 19.1 pounds.

In conclusion, the leveling suspension kit for Tundra helps you dial in your desired angles. The kit allows you to install the tire of up to 33-inches. It also includes two sets of 0.25-inch spacer shims. They further fine-tune your angles.

  • Reasonable pricing
  • Seamless customization
  • Dialing in the desired angles
  • Military-level precision
  • Lifetime replacement warranty
  • Need to see alignment yourself
Rough Country 2.5-3' Lift Leveling Kit for 2007-2020 Tundra -...
18 Reviews
Rough Country 2.5-3" Lift Leveling Kit for 2007-2020 Tundra -...
  • Give your Tundra the Perfect Blend of Performance, Protection, and...
  • Unmatched Ground Clearance to Conquer On and Off-Road Obstacles |...
  • Levels the Front with the Rear | Added 1.5" Rear Lift Blocks.

5. KSP 3″ Front and 2″ Rear Leveling Lift Kit for Toyota Tundra

KSP 3 Front 2 Rear Laveling Lift Kit for Toyota Thundra


This leveling lift kit raises your Toyota Tundra’s front by 3 inches and the back by 2 inches. The ratio between the height and the lift is not 1:1 to avoid any geometric problems. The thickness of the lift is less than 3 inches but it will raise your truck by 3 inches.

When it comes to using the lift kit in your truck, safety should be the number one factor. There’s no use installing a lift if it’s not safe. Your life is more important than anything in the world. The good thing about KSP’s leveling lift kit is it provides safe driving even in extreme conditions.

How is it so safe? Well, the credit goes to top-notch aluminum billet and 12.9 grade solid bolts. The powder-coated surface also offers better corrosion resistance, making everything smooth. And yes, it’s also easy to install.

KSP has designed the lift kit to suit your Tundra truck. The Cross Gusset Plate Locked design of the rear lift block ensures firm support than others of its contenders. We love the overall build-quality and the design of the lift kit.

KSP’s 3″ front and 2″ rear lift kit offers wider application because of its ergonomics. The leaf springs U bolts are longer than your truck’s bolts. It has 10.9 grades and a 9/16 thread pitch, which is more suitable for dirty off-road adventures.

After you install the lift kit, you need a professional-level alignment. The company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee along with a 24-month parts replacement warranty. We definitely recommend buying it because of the increased safety and boosted ergonomics.

  • Military-level aluminum billet for increased safety
  • Ergonomic design for robust support
  • Wider applications because of the longer U bolts
  • 24-month parts replacement warranty
  • Aircraft billet strut spacers
  • Thickness is not 1:1 (for good)
KSP 3' Front and 2' Rear Leveling lift kit fit for Tundra 2WD 2X2...
122 Reviews
KSP 3" Front and 2" Rear Leveling lift kit fit for Tundra 2WD 2X2...
  • 【Note】Fit for 2007-2021 TUNDRA 2WD 4WD NOT FOR THE ROCK WARRIOR...
  • 【Safety】Even in extreme riding conditions, the leveling kits also...
  • 【Special Design For More Firm】The Cross Gusset Plate Locked...

6. Supreme Suspensions Full Lift Kit for Tundra

Supreme Suspensions Full Lift Kit for Thundra


The Supreme Suspensions offers this full lift kit for your Toyota Tundra. And it raises your truck by 3 inches from the front and 2 inches from the back. The major unique selling point for the kit is its brake line relocation bracket.

The package includes

  • Two Front Lift Strut Spacers
  • Two Rear Lift Tapered Blocks
  • Four Square Bend U-Bolts
  • One Brake Proportioning Valve Relocation Bracket
  • Installation Hardware
  • Installation Instructions
  • Supreme Suspensions Pro Pack

Yes, you enjoy everything you need to lift your truck by 3 inches almost. Like our previous contender here, this lift kit doesn’t have a 1:1 ratio of thickness to lift height. Why? It is to avoid any geometric problems.

Installing the strut spacers changes the angles of the lower control arm. It gives an extra lift than the actual thickness of the spacers. The installation is easy as one, two, three because of its bolt-on operation. It takes 3 to 6 hours without the need for any special tools.

However, we always recommend doing the alignment because you are changing the height of your truck. Installing the lift will surely improve the look of your Tundra and boosts the ground clearance. It also allows you to enjoy larger tires and rims.

The lift is lighter than others of its contenders, weighing less than 17 pounds. With premium aftermarket tech, the company ensures you enjoy the innovative benefits. The lift kit boosts your truck’s performance without affecting your OEM ride quality.

From design to the overall quality, the Supreme Suspensions has worked well on every aspect of its lift. The military-level precision in the lift kit is also commendable. We recommend going for the kit for the improved ride quality.

  • Boosts the ride quality
  • High-power steel lift blocks
  • Enhances the look of your truck
  • Allows for larger custom rims and tires
  • Comes with everything you need to lift your truck
  • You need heavy-duty spring compressor for the spacer
Supreme Suspensions - Full Lift Kit for 1999-2006 Toyuta Tundra...
67 Reviews
Supreme Suspensions - Full Lift Kit for 1999-2006 Toyuta Tundra...
  • COMPATIBLE WITH 1999 - 2006 Tundra (2WD 4WD). Does NOT Fit Rock...
  • CONTENTS: (2x) Front Lift Strut Spacers, (2x) Rear Lift Tapered...
  • TECHNICAL NOTES: 3 inch front and 2 inch rear suspension lift. Please...

7. Dynolift 3″ Front and 2″ Rear Leveling Lift Kits for Tundra

Dynolift 3 Front 2 Rear Leveling Lift Kits for Thundra


The Dynolift lifts your truck’s front by 3 inches and the back by 2 inches using spacers and blocks, respectively. The lift kit offers a U bolt for increased safety and boosted performance. The installation is easy and it takes only 1-2 hours with no special tools needed.

The lift kit by Dynolift doesn’t offer a 1:1 ratio due to the factory suspension size. The company built it with premium materials like the forged aircraft billet aluminum T6 with 10.9-12.9 grade bolts. It provides commendable resistance corrosion by anodized surface.

The package includes two front lift spacers, two rear lift blocks, four extended U-bolts, and a Pro Shock-Proof box. The company offers a 2-year warranty for the lift kit. And you can always get the support for installation to get a quick response.

While the installation is easy, we recommend hiring a professional for that. And we always recommend doing an alignment after the installation. It prevents wobble and vibration and saves your life.

The lift kit we have reviewed is ideal for Toyota Tundra’s latest model. But you must select your vehicle’s year, make, and model to get the kit specially made for your truck. It’s always wiser to let the company know about your truck so there’s no confusion at all.

You can enjoy more choice for wheel lug nuts, wheel spacers, torsion keys, and other such stuff. All you need is to talk to the company’s representative when placing an order. We recommend buying the lift kit for affordability and performance.

  • Quick and easy installation (takes 1-2 hours only)
  • Premium material build
  • Offers everything you need to lift your truck
  • Excellent resistance to corrosion
  • Enhances your truck’s looks
  • The instructional manual may be missing
Leveling Lift Kits for Tundra 2007-2021 2WD 4WD 3' Front Lift...
318 Reviews
Leveling Lift Kits for Tundra 2007-2021 2WD 4WD 3" Front Lift...
  • ★ Leveling Lift Kits Set Fitment: 2007-2019 Tundra 2WD 2X2 4WD 4X4,...
  • ★ Easy Installation: This Suspension lift kits will be installed in...
  • ★ Premium Material: forged aircraft billet aluminum T6 treated...

Lift Kit for Toyota Tundra: Buyer’s Guide

Lift Kit for Toyota Thundra Buying Guide

We always strive to provide the best instructions when choosing the right product for you. And when it comes to a Toyota Tundra, we take extra care so you go for the best lift kits available. There are a few things you need to consider. Let’s get started with the right type of lift.

Types of Lift Kits

Which type of lift kit is right for your truck? It depends on a lot of factors including the purpose of the lift up. There are two major types of lift kits for your truck.

  1. Body Lift Kit
  2. Suspension Lift Kit

First, it’s important to know how both these lifts operate. A body lift raises the body above the frame. While the suspension lift boosts the suspension and raises the body as a whole. Let’s get into a bit of detail for both lift kits now.

Body Lift Kits

A body lift kit is a set of spacers to raise the body of your Toyota Tundra above the frame. It lifts the entire body higher but the chassis remains the same. And there’s no change in the suspension of the truck in relation to the ground.

And thus, there’s no additional ground clearance needed. Of course, the body lift kits offer limited lift as compared to the suspension ones. But they offer the lifted look and encourage larger off-road adventures.

It also has less effect on your driving and comfort of your drive. And it’s less expensive than a full-fledged suspension lift. Also, a body lift kit helps you enjoy the lift with larger tires of up to 33-inches.

  • Takes less time to install (2-7 hour only)
  • Less expensive than suspension lift
  • Easier to use when compared with its contender
  • Lower mechanic fees
  • Creates an unwanted gap between body and frame
  • No performance advantage except for tire clearance

Suspension Lift

It creates extra clearance by spacing or replacing the entire factory suspension. It has all the components to raise the chassis. You raise the suspension by

  • Spring spacers
  • Coil springs
  • Torsion bars/keys
  • Lift blocks
  • Add-a-leafs
  • Shackles

With the suspension lift kit come the new shocks, bushings, and meatier control arms. Different lifts use different ways to provide the lift. A suspension lift kit takes 10-15 hours to install on your Toyota Tundra. The overall pricing is comparatively expensive.

The suspension lift kit is difficult to install at home and you need a mechanic. The mechanic fees vary from $400 to $2500. It adds up to the overall cost of buying the suspension lift. When it comes to ground clearance, a suspension lift is a clear winner.

  • Increases performance for off-road adventures
  • Boosted looks
  • Expanded lift ranges
  • Allows for larger tires
  • Commendable ground clearance
  • More expensive than body lifts
  • Changes the suspension geometry
  • Not DIY-ready at all

A leveling kit is another type of lift used to level out the stance of a truck from front to back. You get this with help of blocks, extra leaf springs, and torsion keys. Because you lift the front of your truck, it adds a little more tire clearance.

Which Type of Lift Kit You Need

Which lift kit you should go for depends on how much tire clearance and suspension you need. Keep in mind that lifting your truck also makes it more prone to tipping. You may also need to adjust the gearing by adding larger tires.


The lift kit you are getting must be compatible with your truck. Why? It’s because the manufacturers design the kits for compatibility with specific vehicles. Be sure about it before going for a particular lift kit.

Luckily, we have got the list of best lift kit for Toyota Tundra given above. All of those kits are fully compatible with your truck. When you order a specific lift kit, let the manufacturer know about the model of your truck. And that’s just it!


It’s always an important factor when buying anything in the world. And getting a lift kit isn’t an exception here. As a general rule, the higher the lift you want, the more the lift will cost you. You also need to know that a higher lift means buying larger tires as well.

Before going for a particular lift kit, you must consider extra costs also, so you know what you’re getting into. We’ve come up with the finest lift kits for Toyota Tundra in terms of quality and reasonable pricing. Choose any without overwhelming.

Before You Buy A Lift Kit for Your Toyota Tundra

Before you start shopping for a lift kit, you must consider two things in the first place.

1. Your Truck’s Physics

Lifted Toyota Thundra

Installing a lift kit means you are going to change your truck’s physics significantly. All the trucks in the world have a low center of gravity. Why? It’s because of the needed balance. They don’t flip when they turn.

And now you come along, lift it, and change the truck’s physics entirely. It’s not that we don’t recommend doing it. It’s just that you need to take care of yourself first. If you need to uplift your truck to four inches of height, you need a stabilizer to avoid any harm.

Similarly, when you change suspension and tire height, you change the shock-absorbing system also. And sometimes, your ride may be less comfortable. That’s why you need a professional hand. A few bucks on hiring a mechanic may save your life and comfort.

2. The Warranty of Your Truck

A lift kit means installing and potentially replacing a few components. And a lift kit voids the warranty of your truck. Check your Toyota Tundra’s warranty before installing giving it a lift. And decide if you are ready to risk voiding the warranty.

Lift kits offer amazingly beautiful looks, help boost the performance, and give your truck more clearance. We recommend doing your homework so you are sure what you’re getting into. With that said, let’s hover over to our FAQ section to answer your questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes the best suspension lift kits?

We have already enlisted many suspension lift kits from reputable brands. From ReadyLift to WULF Suspensions and from Rough Country to Supreme Suspensions make one of the best suspension lift kits.

Do lift kits ruin your truck?

Lift kits may ruin your truck only if you don’t recalibrate it. It’s because lift kits change the overall physics and ergonomics of your truck. We recommend hiring a professional to install the lift and recalibrate your truck.

Can you lift a 2021 Tundra?

Yes, you can lift a 2021 Tundra with ReadyLIFT, TRD Pro, and other such brands. The lift kits we have enlisted can lift all the recent models of Toyota Tundra. Enjoy lifting!

Is it worth lifting your truck?

Yes only if you know why you’re lifting it. If you use your truck for city-roaming and highway driving, you don’t really need a lift. But if you’re adventurous enough to enjoy off-road dirt, lifting offers many benefits including break over and departure angles.

How much does it cost to lift a Tundra truck?

If you’re just starting, the cost of lifting your Tundra should below. Finding lift kits ranging from $50 to $2000 is seamless. After you buy a particular kit, you need to add the cost of its installation.

Will I lose ride quality with a lift kit?

As you lift your Tundra, you change the center of gravity. And it obviously changes the ride quality. But then increasing it with larger tires and using only the premium suspension parts is also possible.

Do I need longer brake lines?

Yes if your lift kit causes the brake lines to be too short. Why? So that you maximum stopping power.

What should I do after installing the lift kit onto my Toyota Tundra?

Once you install a lift kit on your truck, you need to align the wheels. It also helps to take the truck for a test ride. It’s also important to get used to the new handling.

Why do many lift kits raise suspension higher in the front but not in the back?

A leveling kit raises the front of the truck to match the back. Raised suspension in the front increases handling and helps with towing or hauling as well. If you still want to raise your truck entirely, we recommend buying a separate suspension lift.

How long does it take to install a lift kit at home?

Many of the Toyota Tundra lift kits take two or less time to install. The suspension lift, on the other hand, takes four hours or more. It’s always better to hire a mechanic if you are new to truck lifting.


Lift kits are important to provide ground clearance to your truck so you install larger tires and wheels. It also makes your truck ready for steeper approach, departure, and break-over angles. Once you install the lift kit, look for alignment and boom!

Getting your truck dirty in the off-road adventures is the ultimate source of happiness for many truckers like you. And that’s why we have come up with only the best lift kit for your Toyota Tundra so you decide carefreely.