9 Best Loft TV Aerial in 2021 [Buying Guide]

Are you sick of paying heavy bills? You must learn about the best Loft TV Aerial that will make your life easy and bill squeezy. We will take you out of trouble and will sparkle your life with some amazing Loft TV Aerial in the UK.

We know that you want to have access to all your favorite TV and movie channels without any kind of interference, but you are stuck between which TV aerial to buy and which not.

Best Loft TV Aerial

Got you right, partner! So, we have made it easy for you to choose from the top 9 loft TV aerials. Thus, that will help you in having HD Freeview along with easy installation and enjoy a long-range reception with the highest quality picture and sound available.

No more paying of bills and mounting on your roofs: A free life is Loft TV life!

9 Best Loft TV Aerial – DVB-T Tuner, Coaxial Cable, Digital HDTV Antenna

It is high time to get acquainted with the 9 Best Loft TV Aerials before it is too late. Further benefits and classification of the Loft TV aerials will be represented in the table.

TV Aerial4GDistance 
Labgear LAB450T High GainLTE800210 miles Check Price
Loft & Outdoor TV Aerial4G filter160 miles Check Price
SLx Outdoor Digidome For TV4G filter200 miles Check Price
TriStar TV Aerial Compact4G filter200 miles Check Price
1byone Indoor/Outdoor Aerial4G filter250 miles Check Price
RGTech Monarch 50 Indoors4G Ultra50 miles Check Price
GEEKERA Indoor TV Aerial4G Ultra160 miles Check Price
Newest Indoor TV Aerial4G Ultra15 miles Check Price
TV Aerial Indoor TV Aerial 4G Ultra120 miles Check Price

1. Labgear LAB450T Very High Gain – Easy to Assemble, Reliable, High Quality

Labgear LAB450T Very High Gain


Are you looking for a state-of-the-art TV antenna to say bye-bye to your worries? Labgear is the first name that should pop up in your mind.

Why is that so? It is a market leader when it comes to manufacturing AV equipment. The LAB450T is no exception. This is the perfect product to take into consideration if you aim to get long-term coverage. Hence, when you buy it, you know it is there to stay!

Apart from this, the picture quality it produces is commendable. There is no static and the channels just don’t go away.

Yes, that is exactly what you are looking for, right? Undoubtedly, it has been made in a way that even a 12-year old kid will be able to assemble it on his/her own.

Yup, I am not kidding! It is very easy to assemble the dipole. Additionally, it comes in a very unique compact folding design. Thus, it takes up less space and looks good too, making it two-in-one. Hence, you get style and functionality.

Moreover, it has a little tilting mast clamp that makes adjustments very easy and simple. As a result, it is easy to use. Depending on your choice, the tilting clamp can be placed vertically or horizontally.

Not only this but also you get excellent directivity from the massive reflector present on it. Even though it is very easy to assemble, still if you need any assistance you can go through the instructions included. They are very clear and easy to understand.

What coverage does it give? Do you live in an area with weak signals? Don’t worry, this antenna has you covered. It gives reception of all locally available TV signals. Because of the 14.5dBi forward gain, you get reception on all available channels. For instance, it captures signals from the fringe, weak, and medium signal areas.

Perfect, isn’t it? As if these qualities were not enough, it has 4G filters that remove any sort of interference because of mobile coverage. Therefore, it is a smart antenna that knows the difference between various signals. No confusion there.

How does it do that? Well, the 4G LTE800 filter has been specially designed to restrict the bandwidth of the signal being captured to something between 470-790 MHZ. As a result, there is no channel loss or interference caused by 4G mobile phone transmitters.

Last but not least: It comes with a weather boot and F connectors for a weatherproof connection. This shows that it can be used outside as well as in your loft.

  • Weather-resistant
  • Trusted quality
  • Easy to assemble
  • Vast coverage
  • Secure F-type cable connection
  • Easily adjustable
  • Bigger in size as compared to the pictures

2. Loft & Outdoor Digital TV Aerial – 4G Filters, Easy Assembly, Durable, Stable Signals

SLx Loft & Outdoor Digital TV Aerial


Are you looking for a TV Aerial with amazing reception? Are you tired of your old antenna which picked up only half the channels available?

Certainly, it’s time for a replacement! What better way than to replace it with a high-quality one by SLx, who are the market leaders in AV technology?

What kind of reception does this TV Aerial give? Clearly, one of the best. It receives and transmits all digital TV channels that are locally available in your residential area. Moreover, it includes 4K and HD channels.

The more, the merrier! Undoubtedly, it is so irritating when the TV reception has interference from mobile signals. When these signals cross, they manifest on your TV in the form of sound and picture breakup.

Don’t fret! It comes with proper integrated 4G filters. Consequently, it removes all sorts of channel loss and interference which are caused by mobile signals.

Other features include: It is multi-purpose. This means that it can be easily installed in your loft or on the roof. Surprisingly, the design is such that it works well indoors and outdoors both. Moreover, the installation inside and out is very easy. You don’t need to go through much to install it.

The best thing is: That it comes with a complete installation kit. Yes, you read right! To make things simpler for you, the entire kit you will need for installing it in the loft or on the roof is available.

For instance, it has a coax plug, pole mounting bracket, 10m digital coax clips, cables, L cranked pole, and a tilting aerial clamp. Hence, you don’t need to go somewhere to get hold of the materials and set the aerial. You can install and start using it as soon as your package arrives.

Are you thinking about what the tilting aerial clamp does? Well, as the name suggests, the tilting aerial clamp makes maneuvering and changing the direction of the aerial easy and smooth. A push of the hand is all you will need to change the direction of the TV aerial.

Still, confused about the installation process? The instruction manual is all you need to check to clear all your doubts. With a 12bD gain, you get reception and capture the signals of all the TV channels available nearby.

Something doesn’t feel, right? You can easily avail of the 12-month warranty if things don’t turn out the way you were expecting them to.

  • Installation kit available
  • Lightweight
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Full reception
  • Powerful signals
  • 12 month warranty
  • Fragile

3. Outdoor Aerial, SLx Digidome For TV – Classy, 360-Degree Reception, F- Connector

SLx Outdoor Aerial Digidome For TV


For the modern-day home, you require a modern-innovative TV aerial antenna. The Philex Digidome Amplified Antenna might be the thing you need right now.

Undoubtedly, the first thing that strikes you is the innovative design. Furthermore, it is a small and compact design that hardly looks like an antenna.

Think I am kidding? Certainly, I am not.

Unlike the bulky antennas which take up most of the room in your loft, this won’t be a problem. As a result of the compact size, your roof or loft will not clutter. Nevertheless, place it near some window for better reception.

360-degree reception makes it a market leader: It comes with unique Omni-directional technology. Because of this technology, you can easily see all the local channels available near your area. Moreover, it can easily capture signals from UHF, VHF, and HD Freeview channels.

Other features include a built-in 4G filter.

Nice, but exactly what does it do? The 4G filter is essential for filtering the TV signals from the 4G mobile signals. Of course, in the air, all the signals have a certain frequency and bandwidth. Hence, this filter allows the antenna to differentiate and block the mobile signals.

But, why does it do that? Well, if the mobile signals get picked by the antenna, they will distort the sound and video of the TV. When you talk about the installation process, it is very easy. Not only can you install it in your loft, but it can quickly be installed outside also.

Moreover, everything you require for the process is already available in the packaging. For instance, cable clips, 10m coax cable, amplifier, fixings, and wall bracket are already available.

Smooth! The wall bracket means that the antenna will easily be mounted on the wall and you don’t need to face any headache of where to place it in your loft. No doubt, setting up is easy. Nonetheless, if you have any ambiguities, the answer lies in the user guide that comes with the product.

Best of all: It is waterproof and has an anti-UV coating to protect it from scorching heat and sunlight. What I like about it is the neatness of the design.

Lastly, it comes in a beautiful white color which makes it more attractive. Even though it is very lightweight, it is not fragile. You don’t need to worry about it breaking in windy weather.

In a nutshell, it is the best tv aerial loft or roof.

  • Omnidirectional technology
  • Modern and unique design
  • Easy installation
  • Lightweight
  • 4G filter
  • Easy user manual
  • Difficult to fit the connector

4. TriStar Digital TV Aerial Compact – 12-Month Warranty, Full Coverage, Durable

SLx TriStar Digital TV Aerial Compact


Are you tired of wasting hours setting up your digital TV antenna? Even then, you can’t seem to get things right?

Certainly, TriStar Digital TV Aerial will relieve you of this tension. When it comes to the installation process, this antenna would surely have the easiest one. It is a DIY kit.

Wow, why not make unboxing and setting it up a family activity? You already have clear instructions on how to make it. Therefore, all you need to do is follow them step-by-step to get the perfect antenna up and running in no time.

The materials included in the kit are a 10m RG6 coax cable, a pole mounting bracket, tri-fold aerial, mast pole, tilting aerial clamp, 10 cable clips, screws, plugs, and 1 coax plug.

Phew, got all the tools now! Apart from all this, the tri-fold design in itself is very practical and easy to use.

Want to know a secret? Surely, your answer must be yes.

So, here goes: For perfect results, you can mount the aerial on top of an outdoor mast. Additionally, see where the nearest transmitter is and point it in the direction of the transmitter. Furthermore, whether you are installing it in the loft or outside, check that there is a clear line of sight to the transmitter. Try to place it as such that there are no trees in the way.

Once properly assembled and mounted outside or in your loft, you can check the signals.

Are you wondering about the reception? It can easily receive weak and strong signals of all channels available on the local network. Moreover, it is excellent for catching very weak signals also.

Worried about mobile phone signals? This aerial has 4G filters that are smart enough to separate and discard the 4G mobile signals from the TV channel signals. Hence, there will be no loss of sound or picture because of the interference of mobile signals.

Who doesn’t like free things? Finally, got your full attention, haven’t I?

Surprisingly, it has a Freeview option. This means you do not need to pay for it or pay for any sort of subscription. You get to watch 15 HD channels, 70 TV channels, and more than 30 channels on the radio. All of this without any money.

Dreams do come true, don’t they? If you get stuck with the installation or require any other sort of information regarding the product, you can always contact the support team. Furthermore, if it does not perform up to your standards or you have some issues with the parts or the antenna itself, you have a warranty.

There is a 12-month warranty on it and you can use it within that time frame.

  • Freeview option available
  • Blocks interferences from 4G mobile phone signals
  • Quick assembly
  • 12-month warranty
  • Excellent TV reception
  • Fixing kit included
  • Comparatively expensive

5. 1byone Indoor/Outdoor TV Antenna – Easy Connection, High Performance, Stable Signals

1 by one Indoor/Outdoor TV Antenna


Looking for a suitable antenna that can provide good coverage and you can enjoy several channels on your television?

Here it is! Get rid of your old HDTV receiver because we have brought you something that can be used indoors and outdoors both. Moreover, it has the connection of a digital TV cable network that works beyond expectation.

The deal did right? This digital TV aerial is used for DVB-T receiver and HDTV. However, it also provides certain benefits like digital Freeview with massive Analog TV signals. So, it is considered SMD technology that revolves around a certain circuit.

Furthermore, this aerial is made up of waterproof material with a blend of the anti-UV coating. Therefore, a compact design is given to this digital cable so that it can stabilize the TV signals irrespective of the distance.

Interesting right? The best part is that it blocks or filters away all the unnecessary 3G, 4G, and other mobile signals for better results. So, it will remove all the background signals and will provide filtered plus noiseless signals that mean less distortion.

Worry less, enjoy more! Digital TV reception will receive filtered 4G signals and it will also prevent the transmission of wireless, mobile phones, and tablet signals.

Your wish is 1byone command: 1byone comes with all the modern features, components, and design. Also, its white design enables it to be fixed anywhere you want to install it. Moreover, you can fix it inside the room, lounge, or attic, while you can also fix it outside the house, on the roof, garage, or in any other suitable place.

Easy, isn’t it? The modern design of 1byone has a lot of differences as compared to traditional digital cables. However, it comes with a tool-free installation that is hassle-free, affordable, and easy to use as well as install.

No more climbing up to the rooftops now: It is indeed the Best Loft Tv Aerial for Freeview HD with a superior construction mechanism. However, its construction and material that is used in the making and processing of the cable make it suitable for every kind of weather.

It can tolerate all kinds of weather changes and heat because it is designed to deal with all kinds of rough and tough situations.

Sounds good! Moreover, if you are facing issues with the signals or transmission of the channels, you can surely get hold of 1byone digital cable for your convenience. Before that, do check your TV distance from the broadcast tower so that you can buy the best version of digital HDTV aerial.

Follow a few simple steps: This type of aerial is suitable for analog TV signals and Freeview as well. For that purpose, you just have to connect the cable with an HDTV that consists of a receiver and DVB-T tuner. Just remember that if you are having an old set of TV, then it’s necessary to use the aerial that has a set-top DVB-T tuner to receive Freeview signals.

  • Easy to install
  • Weather Resistant
  • Built-in LTE filter
  • Cheap
  • Strong signal transmission
  • Good picture quality
  • Slightly durable

6. RGTech Monarch 50 Transparent Indoors – Multi-Directional, Signal Booster, Offers Transparency

RGTech Monarch 50 Transparent Indoors


RGTech antenna is a device that can be installed Indoors anywhere in the lounge or any room. The best part is that it is transparent so it can’t be seen wherever you place it.

Amazing, isn’t it? It consists of a true 50-mile multidirectional paper that comprises maximum filters to block 4G and other network signals. Moreover, it offers you to watch Freeview HD with unprecedented good quality or image.

Though, the RGTech antenna was introduced by NASA that gives Freeview HDTV signals. However, it delivers high-quality HD broadcasts, including 1080p and 4K. Therefore, it is designed to receive digital-ready TV like UHF/HD/DVB-T/ DAB/FM radio.

Let’s learn more! Moreover, RGTech receives multidirectional signals inserted with Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) technology. Plus, it has spectacular 4G filters that can discard all interferences.

Yes, it can work at home: Thus, you can install it anywhere in the room that is not connected to cable, satellite, or any other device. You can allow it to position it somewhere you desire. Moreover, it is a 15ft long cable that is coated from all sides with removable foam tapes. Thus, this coating will also keep the cable protected and safe from wear or tear.

Worried about the power supply, don’t be: It has any connection to the power supply because it is easy to plug-in and scans installation.

It has the most stylish, modern, and discreet design that is suitable for every corner: RGTech is a risk-free purchase that gives you a 30-day checking as well as a money-back guarantee.

So, now you can check the suitability in your area before purchasing it: It can pull-in HD and digital-analog signals from a distance of 50 miles and all directions. Moreover, this particular aerial can outperform all the traditional digital cables and it can be installed with any digital or smart TV.

Positively, it is amongst the fastest holding cables that know how to compete with all the other competitors. However, it is the technology that is used in radars as well, which makes it ultra-fast, and ultra-efficient.

Look out of the box: All you have to do is plug the RGTech Monarch cable in, search the channel on the TV while tuning, and enjoy free HDTV plus high-quality channels.

It also acts as a radio receiver to make you enjoy some good vibes on Sunday morning. It is without a doubt designed after going through 23 patents, amongst which this was considered the most updated one.

  • Works anywhere
  • Easy installation
  • No assembly required
  • No tools
  • No power supply
  • Perfect picture quality
  • The antenna can be flimsy

7. Indoor TV Aerial, GEEKERA Newest, Strongest – Easy connection, Powerful Performance, Good Quality Image

GEEKERA Newest Strongest Indoor TV Aerial


Haven’t enjoyed good-quality HDTV shows for a long time? Now is the best time to call all your friends and enjoy the evening with free HD channels and Freeview of 4k 1080p.

Moreover, it has the strongest 360 degrees directional receptionist that receives multiple ultra-HD channels. However, it comprises 260KM digital HDTV aerial that is available with the amplifier booster.

Good job! It has a vivid color with a super crystal formation that increases the image quality up to 60%. Moreover, this aerial gives a power-packed performance with the help of a simple and easy installation procedure and premium coaxial table.

What a shot: Coaxial cable has a compact design with 0.5cm internal thickness, outer braid, use of copper wire, and an outer sheath.

It will be preferable if your TV has an HDTV tuner for better performance: The digital HDTV antenna can be connected to the TV within the range of 260KM/160miles. However, the presence of an amplifier will surely be the plus point.

It is a 5m long cable that highly supports HDTV with an extended range of 160 as well as a 360 degrees connector table plus a USB cable.

It is what it is! It is a simple process through which you can watch your favorite TV channels. But before that do make sure that you lie closer to the broadcast tower otherwise you might face a few problems. Furthermore, the signals are transmitted from the tower and caught by the GREEKERA aerial HDTV antenna, and then it transmits the signals to your TV.

160M reception is all you need: GEEKERA indoor add-on wider ranges that act as a strong signal reception thus, ensuring steady transmission. Moreover, it has a built-in tuner that can function for all kinds of TVs specifically smart and TV converter boxes.

Yes, the amplifier is detachable, happy now! You will receive high-quality signals even if you are in the car or a caravan.

Plus, the loft aerial installation cost is negligible because no such rocket science is needed while handling it.

GEEKERA comes with unique designs: It is flexible, compact, and lightweight with the 17ft long coax wire. HDTV cable is trending high because of its classic bright black color scheme that can go easily with your sofa, lamp, or loft.

Forget about the color combination: It has adopted a 2020 smart IC chip for better functioning and to produce a clear picture with good audio. Moreover, it can block or filter out all the interferences or unnecessary noises. Thus, it is an upgraded version with 10% extra features and modifications than the previous ones.

Yes, you heard it right, channels are free for a lifetime: I’ll briefly tell you how it works. Firstly, connect the amplifier with the coax wire. Then connect it to the digital receiver. Secondly, connect it to the power supply or insert it in the USB portal. Thirdly, retune your TV and look for the best spot to watch your TV show.

Presenting to you a clearer and smoother video streamer: It comes with the stand base antenna for convenient positioning of the cable.

  • Highly compatible
  • Easy to position
  • High-tech
  • Free HD channels and streaming
  • Convenient handling
  • Better reception
  • Sometimes obstacles can ruin the picture quality

8. 2020 Newest Indoor TV Aerial – New Version Loft with Upgraded Amplifier, High Gain

TSant Store Newest Indoor TV Aerial


Want to know about the best loft Tv aerial UK brand? This is exactly what you need.

The newest indoor Tv aerial that shows 1080p plus 4K full HD programs. This HD is booster up because of the upgraded amplifier that consists of smart IC, particularly with high gain and low noise. Moreover, it also enables stable operation within 160 miles to ensure super signal conductivity.

More is less! The indoor cable is attached to an upgraded version of the switch that can be used for both short and long-range both.

Yes, you need to learn how to connect it to your smart TV: First of all, insert the digital antenna into the amplifier and let reality unfolds. Then, further, connect the amplifier to the USB. Thus, while dealing with modern tech, you need to have STB that will be attached to the amplifier to give HD results. Lastly, connect the USB cable to the power adapter and then insert it into your TV.

Phew! That’s a lot of labor: Though,h, it is easier to attach the antenna to the wall, or hang it somewhere from where it can’t be seen., but still, you need to connect to the HDTV. Now scan for the channels.

Have a splendid TV time! It works perfectly when used within the 240KM of the broadcast tower. In order, to enjoy all the top-rated and top-trending channels like BBC, France TV, DW, Sky, and others, you have to carry out proper tuning.

Also, you should keep in mind that the TV converter and TV Aerial should be compatible. Only then digital HD cable can give you super-quality features.

Scanning is a must! It is designed to be suited to every house décor, whether it is black or white. Indoor antenna knows how to fit-in.

No doubt, it is soft, thin, and slim that can be hidden in any corner.

Worrying is not the solution: If you are having issues with bad signaling or channel tuning, don’t panic, but just return it because it gives 12 months checking warranty. However, you still have a 90 day refund period.

They are meant to be trusted: There are specified distances within which it works best. That includes, it works the strongest between 60-90KM, strong between 90-130KM, the medium between 130-180Km, and lowest when over 180Km.

Do focus on the range reception: So, your distance and location matter a lot.

  • Vivid colors
  • Stunning HD streaming
  • Superior clarity
  • Optimal reception
  • No blocking or pixelating
  • Free HD channels
  • The signal box can be slightly hot and messy

9. TV Aerial, Indoor TV Aerial 120 Miles – Anti-Interference, Detachable Range, Waterproof

Biling Indoor TV Aerial 120 Miles


A TV aerial can work perfectly up to 90-120miles. Moreover, it is a detachable amplifier with a currently larger leaf. Therefore, you can enjoy the loft TV aerial for Freeview HD with an HDTV experience that might give extraordinary good quality pictures with amazing audio.

Furthermore, you can enjoy the best quality videos and audios with the availability of 1080I, 720p, and 1080p. However, it can reduce up to 10% distortion or other signal attenuation to watch crystal clear TV channels.

The right time to know! It includes a 4G filter to avoid any sort of external interference. Thus, it is a great water-resistant that knows how to do its job while staying protected. Moreover, it can control about 3db of the noise level.

Smart IC chip for broadcasting is installed: The TV aerial is jam-packed with features like HDTV plus 13.2ft long support cable, coaxial connector, and extended amplifier.

Yes, it is easy to install: Furthermore, you may stick it around any place in your room or lounge. Thus, it can easily be hanged or stuck in one corner without damaging your lounge’s look.

However, if you are receiving a problem with the availability of a limited channel, then you must switch off and then switch-on the simplifier. Hence, it might work best when refreshed or re-installed.

It is thin, flat, and attractive: Follow the simple procedure and start watching all your missed shows

The placement of the antenna is the first step to be taken. Plus, it can be connected to your TV easily, all you need is STB. Lastly, start tuning the channels.

That’s it! You are good to go: Now you don’t have to pay extra for installing cable or pay satellite fees again. Receive the best version of all the HD free channels without any cost. This is the actual benefit. Besides, Indoor TV Aerial is specifically designed for receiving digital-over-the-air.

It includes the fastest and reliable clean pick advanced filter technology to ensure standard channel reception: This antenna can be placed anywhere in your home, so find a good spot for it. The 2020 upgraded amplifier is professional enough to know how to stabilize the signal transmission.

Installation time takes less than 3 minutes, so your time starts now: It is expert advice to install the antenna on the wall or the window for better coverage. So that it scans the channels at a faster rate with high speed.

  • 4K Picture quality
  • High-quality coaxial cable
  • More entertainment
  • Multi-booster amplifier
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to install
  • There can be a problem with channel detection

Buyer’s Guide

Loft TV Aerial Buying Guide

Have you found your pick from the best loft TV aerial we have reviewed above?

If you have, good for you. If not, we will tell you the features which make a loft TV aerial stand out from the rest.

Yes, that’s what we do, help you out! Hence, read our buyers guide to make a wise decision when you go out.

First things first: You need to have an idea about what you are looking for, to get the best product. Therefore, make a checklist in your mind so that you know roughly what you require.

Answer the following questions:

  • What price range are you looking for?
  • Are you looking for a nice-looking one or just anything will suffice?
  • Who will be assembling it?
  • What type of coverage does it give?
  • Is it weather-resistant?

Needless to say, the answers to these questions will give you a rough guideline of what you want.

Apart from these, evaluate the TV aerial on the following qualities. Ready to buy?

Dimensions – How Big Is It?

Checking the dimensions of the aerial is very important, especially when you are looking to buy an aerial for your loft. Even if you have a lot of space to spare, people always look for ways to save space.

Not only this, the dimensions you go for also affect the overall performance of the antenna. Generally, the shorter the antenna, the smaller the range. On the other hand, the longer the antenna, the longer-range it has. So, choose wisely!

Durability – How Long Will It Go?

Certainly, the durability of the aerial depends on the materials used in the construction process. Usually, the following materials are used in making them

  • Metal
  • Copper (pure)
  • Copper (hard-drawn)
  • Aluminum
  • Plastic

Always check the material.

Most people think buying stuff made of plastic is not good

Undoubtedly, that is a misconception! The robust antennas are made of plastic. Thus, you need to go for a high-grade one. This will ensure durability.

Other qualities to check are: Make sure to check if it is weather-resistant. Obviously, if it is resistant to the damage the weather does, it will last you longer. Additionally, check for UV protective qualities. Together, these qualities increase the life and performance of the TV aerial.

Performance – How Well Does It Work

At the end of the day, you buy a TV aerial for the best performance. But, the overall performance depends on the following factors:

  • Materials used in the construction of the TV aerial
  • Signals in your area
  • Placement of the TV aerial in your loft
  • Shape of it

Where you place a TV aerial is very important.

Tip: It has been advised to place it near the window facing the transmitter.

Low Gain or High Gain – What Should I Buy?

It totally depends on the signals in the area. There can be 2 situations:

  • If you have weaker signals in the area, go for a high gain TV aerial.
  • On the other hand, if you have stronger signals in the area, go for a low gain one.

Weight – How Heavy Is It?

There is a general belief that lightweight TV aerials are high gain. On the contrary, heavy-duty models are associated with low gain.

In a nutshell, if you are looking for better signal quality, opt for lightweight ones.

Warranty – We Got You Covered

Even if you are buying the BEST EVER TV aerial, you need to check the warranty for your benefit. Generally, manufacturers do provide a warranty for different parts. But, going for a TV aerial with a lifetime warranty is the best you can do!

Frequency Range – High or Low?

The frequency is measured in MHz. It means the number of cycles per wave/ second.

Didn’t understand, did you? Don’t worry!

Wait, let me explain better: If the TV aerial has higher MHz, it means the antenna will receive no or minimum interference during the reception.

As a result, the picture and sound quality will remain high.

Types of Signals It Can Process

There are 2 basic types of signals:

  • Very High Frequency (VHF)
  • Ultra-High Frequency (UHF)

Choosing a TV aerial that supports only one of the signals will restrict your reception manifold. Hence, it is best to buy one which supports both these frequencies.

Signal Strength – How Far Does It Go? Another thing to keep in mind is to see how far off can the aerial capture signals from? This means what is the maximum distance the signals can be picked from the transmitter. Usually, anything near 150 miles is excellent.

Price – What Does It Cost?

Have you noticed that we have kept prices as the last thing to consider?

Why? Well, we need to check the price tag against the qualities being provided.

Generally, when you buy a very cheap TV aerial, you compromise on the quality of features being offered.

Therefore, it is very important to check what value of money you are getting. If the prices do justice to the features provided, it will be wise to go for that TV aerial.

Loft Aerial vs Roof Aerial

Let’s look at the differences between both.

Loft AerialRoof Aerial
Installed in the loft/ attic of the houseInstalled on the roof of the house
Looks aesthetically nice Gives a rough look to the house
Weatherproof/ UV proofIs affected by the weather as it is placed outside
Can give limited coverage as it is insideBetter coverage as it is in the open air

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is it important to keep my loft TV aerial away from metal pipes?

It is common knowledge that metal surfaces don’t allow signals to pass through them. If you have a metal roof, it will be very difficult installing a TV aerial in the loft. Furthermore, if you even install it, the performance will be very weak.

Q. Can the antenna be used outside?

Mostly yes. All antennas that can be used indoors can also be used outdoors until mentioned otherwise. However, the TV Aerials we have discussed above give excellent reception inside.

Q. Is an omnidirectional TV aerial better than the others?

Undoubtedly, yes. This TV antenna emits radio power in all directions, unlike single-direction ones. Hence, the quality of the signals you get will be very high and clear.

Q. Why is the antenna not picking up signals?

Maybe you have a damaged coaxial cable distribution. Moreover, other factors like loose cable fittings, corrosion, wear and tear, and the cable, in general, can be damaged.

Q. Can we get Freeview with a loft TV Aerial?

Yes, if the manufacturer is offering it, you can get it. Thus, you need to check with the manufacturer.


Still wondering about the top-notch products regarding the Best Loft TV Aerials. Worry not, you can go back to the buyer’s guide, or comparison table to make yourself satisfied.

No need to rush! However, if you ask me for my advice, I personally believe that an Indoor and Outdoor Digital TV Antenna is the best choice to enjoy all your favorite TV channels without interference and dealing with other hassles.

Moreover, it has a built-in 4G LTE filter with a tool-free installation that can be used anytime, anywhere.

Point to ponder! Thus, it also makes sure that viewers and the buyers get most of it through high gains, easy assemble, and omnidirectional amplifiers. Moreover, it is a better choice to buy and install a Digital TV antenna that occupies less space, is quite affordable, and is easy to connect with any smart TV.

Let’s brush off the tension: Furthermore, it comes with limited equipment and takes less to unpack. Therefore, you can get active high gain indoor and outdoor services with the help of an amplified booster that will surely enhance the performance of the aerial.

Now, you have to take the final decision: And hit the Add-to-Cart option! Happy Lofting!