10 Best Mexican Train Domino [2021 Buying Guide]

There’s a lot of ways how we like to spend our weekend or holidays. Most of the time, people prefer hanging out with friends and families. If you are a workaholic, you may want to spend some quality time with your lovely kids on a weekend break.

Or probably pass the night gossiping and chatting with your friends. No matter what, there’s always a special place for activities and games. And one cool game that almost everybody loves to engage in is dominos.

The Mexican train domino is a very popular and hyped game that kids, teens, and elders love to join in. If you are thinking about a part, minimal get-together, or simply a family gathering here’s the 10 best Mexican Train Domino Set that you may want to invite as well.

10 Best Mexican Train Domino Set 2021: Finding a Fun Set

You may believe there’s not much to think about when it comes to games and boards. But that belief becomes too regretful when the board or game pieces suddenly breaks or go missing from a new bundle.

That’s why spending a little amount of time to buy something actually worth the money (even if it’s not too much).

Here’s our pick for the 10 best Mexican Train Domino Set that is all user favorite because of their good to go with features. Check the Mini Glance in The Table Below.

Domino SetSizesMaterials
Cardinal Mexican Train Domino SetBasicAluminum Check Price
Deluxe Mexican Train Domino SetProfessionalSolid Check Price
CHH Mexican Train Domino SetProfessionalAluminum Check Price
Regal Games Double Dominoes SetBasicUrea Check Price
Yellow Mountain Imports Domino SetStandardWood Check Price
KAILE Mexican Train Dominoes SetStandardPlastic Check Price
University Games Domino SetProfessionalMetals Check Price
Front Porch Classics Domino SetProfessionalAluminum Check Price
Tactic Games Us Domino SetBasicSolid Check Price
Exqline Mexican Train Domino SetProfessionalWooden Check Price

1. Cardinal Mexican Train Domino Set – A Great Way to Play Mexican Train Dominoes Rules

Cardinal Mexican Train Domino Set


Cardinal Mexican domino set brands are a classic game that is great entertainment for adults and kids. Also, it has amazing colors and dots for vision-problem people to play.

Easy to Use: This magical train maker dominos set is super simple to use. On the face of it, it has a good design that helps users to enjoy playing different games with this set. Plus, the set comes with the starter piece and 9 markers to play easily.

Super Strong: Another wonderful thing about this product is they are super strong in design. In fact, it is made of aluminum metal for long-term usage to enjoy Mexican train games with family and friends on an occasion. Besides, the case of this product is super sturdy in design.

Good Instruction: Want to know the best part? Well, it comes with amazing instruction that allows users to understand the gameplay from A to Z. Also, the guide has different rules for a variety of games to learn its playability. In addition, we find it mesmerizing for detailed instruction.

Perfect for All Ages: It comes with a great variety of quality that gives game lovers a thrilling moment to spend time playing with family or friends. Plus, the innovative puzzle helps to develop the brain working of both kids and adults. Also, it has modern game settings for all ages to enjoy playing.

Overall, the Cardinal train maker puzzle set has good quality for solving simple math. The domino game set is a durable structure for long-term usage. Plus, it has recommended ages for 8 years or up. Perfect dominos game for playing with a simple strategy.

  • The product has a great quality at this price.
  • It is super fun, enjoying and rich in approach.
  • The instruction guide is helpful.
  • It comes in good colors and a nice festering case.
  • It is simple to play any indoor games.
  • The size of the dominoes is erratic.
Mexican Train Dominoes Set Tile Board Game in Aluminum Carry Case...
19,031 Reviews
Mexican Train Dominoes Set Tile Board Game in Aluminum Carry Case...
  • GREAT FOR ON-THE-GO FUN: This set of double 12 Dominoes comes in a...
  • QUICK START, FUN AND ENGAGING: Just take the game out of the box, read...

2. Deluxe Games and Puzzles Mexican Train Domino Set – Excellent Domino for Large Groups

Deluxe Games And Puzzles Mexican Train Domino Set

No products found.

This professional size domino set has amazing features that allow game lovers to play in large gatherings or longer games. Plus, it is a set of 190 dominos to play games in big groups.

Bright Colors: The bright color of this product helps the user to view a better image with a full number design. In fact, it gives great relief to those who are having an eye problem to play with viewable dominos. For that reason, it has been a favorite choice of school kids.

Simple to Match: In our experience, we find it really amazing to play at night or daytime with friends and family. The domino set has a simple design to match with other parts. Plus, it has a professional size for seniors or juniors playing that give good ideas for solving puzzles.

Perfect Size: No doubt about it, the deluxe domino set has a perfect size with 18 sets. Plus, it has a professional size with a full bold number design. Besides, the large size gives better gripping for the user to find the right piece even if they are in distance.

Good Design: We find it really useful for the simple design that includes a starter and centerpiece to have fun. Plus, it has 8 different colors of train makers for playing with friends and family. Besides, the small black trains have good audio in whistling sound.

Overall, Deluxe Games and Puzzle brand has standard design with solid white dominos. It has big vibrant colored numbers with no pips to read, match and score easily. Also, the double 18 sets of this product are great for camping.

  • It has good design to read numerals.
  • A great product to spend time with kids.
  • It has good customer service for solving product-related issues.
  • The product is super easy and fun to learn.
  • It is helpful for poor eye sighted people to play.
  • It is expensive at this quality.

No products found.

3. CHH Mexican Train Domino Set – Perfect Domino Set for Adults and Childs Use

CHH Mexican Train Domino Set


If you are a fan of classic games and prefer to have a professional size dominos set, then we may introduce you to the CHH domino set. It has a brilliant quality for adults and kids’ use.

Premium Quality: The ultra-domino kit comes with a top-quality case that is made of aluminum. Plus, it has good racks that support holding dominos and provides an anti-slip feature to play anytime anyplace. Besides, this product allows users for fun playing on the weekend.

Excellent Durability: It has a well-built and sturdy design that gives excellent durability. Plus, the Maximum dominos set is made of aluminum that won’t break easily and gives long-term support for playing with homies. On top, we find it good for playing on big nights of family plans.

Great for Activity: The magic train maker set is super useful for bringing families together. Plus, it has an interactive hub that helps to play games more comfortably and less trouble for brain puzzles. Besides, the set of 91 gives an enjoyable environment while playing dominos. With this domino set, a user can easily spend time on party nights.

Good Color & Dots: We are not through it as the dominos set has wonderful colors and dots in big sizes for users to view better. In fact, the bright colors of dots give good sight to vision-symptoms users. Plus, it has vibrant colors so that users can understand the pattern in distance.

Overall, the Professional size of the domino set has good features with wonderful structure for playing Mexican train dominos. It has simple rules to play different games with one set. Also, the Mexican train set is perfect for domino lovers.

  • The dominoes are great way to play with family.
  • It has good size and wonderful colors.
  • The design of this product is amazing.
  • It is very simple to play.
  • The product has a reasonable price tag.
  • It has harsh station piece audio.
Mexican Train & Chicken Domino Set, Professional Set of 91,...
1,438 Reviews
Mexican Train & Chicken Domino Set, Professional Set of 91,...
  • 91 Professional Size Dot Dominoes
  • High Quality Aluminum Case
  • Interactive Hub That Makes Chicken and Train Sounds

4. Regal Games Double 12 Mexican Train Dominoes Set – Breathtaking Domino Set for Kids

Regal Games Double 12 Mexican Train Dominoes Set


Regal games are a popular dominos brand over 75 years that gives classic quality and interesting games for kids. In fact, it is one of the best Mexican train domino set for the family to fun play.

Vibrant Color: The double 12 dominos have wonderful colors that give bright sight support. With this feature, a user can say no to eyeglasses as it offers bright color for viewing perfectly. Plus, we find the multi-colored pips super helpful for a user to play more energetic by cheering mood.

Easy to Play: It has a wonderful structure that gives full support to play with family for enjoying the pastime. Plus, the 91 tiles of domino sets are enabling for 2 to 8 players so that big family groups can play comfortably. Besides, it gives full fun and pleasuring time for simple playing.

Well-built Case: We are truly in love with its stylish case that is made of wooden and strong material for long-term usage. Plus, the Mexican train maker set gives full support to protect dominos from breakage or creak. With this durable case, users can easily open or secure their dominos.

Great in Value: This larger set has top quality with a strong design at budget-friendly prices. In fact, it has durable train makers and dominos for fun playing with playmates. At this price, the domino set shines bright for domino lovers to have the best in both worlds.

Overall, it has impressive design and amazing options for larger groups playing with its large set. The domino kits are super strong and durable for long-term usage. Plus, it is perfect choice for spending free time with family and friends.

  • The dominos are super strong and sturdy in design.
  • It has dots with bright colors to watch.
  • The quality of this product is amazing.
  • An ideal product for playing games with family.
  • The Mexican train maker is durable.
  • It has only 4 trains.
Regal Games - Premium Double 12 Mexican Train Dominoes in...
5,873 Reviews
Regal Games - Premium Double 12 Mexican Train Dominoes in...
  • PREMIUM MEXICAN TRAIN & HUB - This Regal Games Double Dominoes set...
  • COLORFUL AND SAFE - Every domino in the set is decorated with...
  • PORTABLE - The reusable travel size Collector’s tin protects the...

5. Yellow Mountain Imports Mexican Train Domino Set – Amazing Dominos for Playing Games

Yellow Mountain Imports Mexican Train Domino Set


Yellow Mountain Imports are a popular traditional games and accessories brand for playing Mexican train dominos. It has good quality and frills for playing different games with pals.

Good Accessories: This hub set is crazy in features as it has good accessories that help users to play different games but can play if added dominos. In fact, it has little trains that are designed in different colors for considerate player individuality. Plus, the products are amazing for the Mexican domino train to play.

Different Colors: It comes with different colors for understanding each player’s moves and games. Plus, the dominos set has a great hub that is made of wooden in brown color for playing enjoyable. With different colors, the metal train maker looks amazing in a golden shimmer.

Clear Instruction Guide: We are deeply in love with its mind-blowing clear instruction that helps users to understand the game strategy. In fact, it has good rules for playing Mexican train and a user can easily catch the game rules. Plus, the instruction manual gives different ideas to play dominos.

Excellent Manufacturer: A 100% customer satisfying hub set has good manufacture for users to play like a pro player. But wait there’s more, the dominos set offers strong construction for long-term usage. Plus, it allows users to have a refund for 30 days by contracting this brand.

Overall, the wooden hub set has good quality and solid wood hubs to play for a better experience. It allows users to enjoy domino games with friends, classmates, or family. Plus, the recommended age for using this set is 5 years or above.

  • It has good quality and simple usability.
  • The whole kit is amazing and very clear for novices.
  • It comes with 4 different colors of train engines.
  • The wood hub is mind-blowing in construction.
  • A great set for playing dominos to brings the family together.
  • The dominos tiles are not included.
Yellow Mountain Imports Mexican Train Dominoes Accessory Set...
2,173 Reviews
Yellow Mountain Imports Mexican Train Dominoes Accessory Set...
  • QUALITY ACCESSORIES: Upgrade your Mexican Train game set with this...
  • SOLID WOODEN MEXICAN TRAIN HUB: Start all your Mexican Train games at...
  • DIE-CAST METAL TRAIN MARKERS: This set includes 8 train markers in...

6. KAILE Mexican Train Dominoes Set – Exclusive Mexican Train Dominoes with Numbers

KAILE Mexican Train Dominoes Set


KAILE brands provide a bright color print with an eco-friendly design for kids and adults to use. Plus, it helps to get over the stress you have been through all day by playing train dominos with numbers.

Good Quality: The dominos set has amazing quality with heavy construction for users to enjoy domino playing. In fact, it is designed in heavy-duty plastic materials that are safe for the environment. That means, the dominos are easy to recycle and won’t harm the planet. Plus, it doesn’t give a heavy feel on hand while playing.

Numbered Design: Every double 12 dominos are super great in design with full bold numbered. Plus, it has a unique design of 91 sets of numbers for a total of 136 to play in large groups. Besides, the train makers have different colors with high quality painted on each tile.

Premium Size: We are in love with its top size that comes with 12 double sets with high-quality materials. In fact, it has a perfect size for large group domino playing that works at a big party or a large group of people. Plus, it has good cases that can be played at home and picnic.

Develop IQ: The Mexican domino sets are super effective for kid’s brain function by increasing blood flow. With this option, the kids or high school students can develop brain workings. Plus, it is super easy to improve children’s ability and IQ for kid’s games.

Overall, the domino set is good in value for beginners to improve the brain intelligently. It comes with a full money-back guarantee for solving any product quality problem anytime. Plus, the Mexican domino set is super simple to use and perfect for children present.

  • The number and sizes are perfect just as described.
  • It helps to improve the kid’s intelligence.
  • The kits are super durable.
  • It is super simple to understand writing for fun play.
  • A wonderful game for spending the weekend with siblings.
  • It has cheap quality.
KAILE Mexican Train Dominoes with Numbers, Color Double 12...
2,141 Reviews
KAILE Mexican Train Dominoes with Numbers, Color Double 12...
  • PREMIUM QUALITY — Every double 12 dominoes dots are colored by...
  • FUN NUMBER — 12/12 through 12/Blank =13, 11/11 through 11/blank =...
  • SIZE — This double 12 dominoes set has 91 tiles. And tiles size : 2"...

7. University Games Mexican Train Domino Set – Unique Domino Set in Multi-Color for Fun Play

University Games Mexican Train Domino Set


This traditional domino set is super smooth and provides a professional size for kids to play more cheerful. Plus, it is known as the best Mexican train domino set with a color-coded design.

Solid Materials: The Mexican train maker set is amazing in construction that is built in solid materials for lifelong usage. These are just a few as it has 91 sets in solid white design for users to enjoy durable dominos. Besides, they are comfortable in hand and perfect for kids to play.

Secure Case: Want to know the best part? They come with a secure case that holds all the dominos to carry while going to a party or friend’s house to play. In fact, the case is made of tin metals for all-time carrying. Also, it helps users to easily secure or open while ready to play.

Vivid Multicolor: The domino set is brilliant as it has vivid different colors for users to enjoy playing in large groups or maximum players. Plus, it has multi-colors on dominos tile with a full number design for users to view easily. Besides, each dominos are designing in individual colors.

Simple to Game: We find it really amazing for its simple gameplay on different games. In fact, it allows users to enjoy Mexican train, Chicken foot, Straight dominos, and Solitaire dominos games. Plus, the domino set gives 4 different games to enjoy playing while going on a picnic.

Overall, it has a great size for playing different games with family and friends. The domino set helps to brighten up the heavy atmosphere or stress and helps to improve brain working. Plus, it is allowed for 3 years or age’s kid to play.

  • It has a multicolor for each number.
  • The dominos help to fill happy air while playing it.
  • It is super handy and convenient for special occasions.
  • The instruction helps to understand the usage.
  • It increases blood flow on the brain for strong mental health.
  • It is pricey.

8. Front Porch Classics Mexican Train Domino Set – Mind-blowing Domino Set To Gift a Name

Front Porch Classics Mexican Train Domino Set


The unique set of Front Porch Classics brands has good features and quality for all ages to play Mexican dominos games. Plus, it is great for gifting or presenting on kid’s birthday occasions.

Excellent Colors: We are truly mesmerized with its different colors on white domino tiles in dots. In fact, it comes with bright colors that are super useful for people who are having a hard time watching clearly. For that reason, a user can easily view in better quality with different colors.

Strong Trains: It has a strong and sturdy design of trains that are made of metal and hard-wearing materials for lifetime usage. Plus, the strong and sturdy design of trains is quite useful for users to play with no worry of breaking. Besides, it has 8 metal trains in different colors.

Right Size: The Mexican train dominos kits offer a perfect size of dominos to play with different players. Also, it is suitable for 2 to 8 players to play in different groups. With this option, users can play their desirable games for bringing happiness to their families.

Durable Design: In our experience, it has good construction with a better design for users to enjoy lifelong dominos kits. Plus, the Mexican train domino has a wood hub that is super strong for playing different games. Besides, it has a better instruction booklet for understanding gameplay.

Overall, the 12 color dot dominos has top quality and good value for kids and adults to play enjoyably. It has metal trains, solid wood trains, and a score pad for playing like a pro player. Plus, the brand offers good entertainment for family and friends.

  • It is strong and long-lasting for everyday use.
  • The magical train maker comes with a guide that is easy to follow.
  • It gives different ideas to play with family.
  • The product is fun for adults and mid-age kids.
  • It is highly economical.
  • The product has poor quality box.
Mexican Train Dominoes
1,867 Reviews
Mexican Train Dominoes
  • Mexican Train Dominoes from Front Porch Classics is a popular game...
  • Players work to dispense all the dominoes in their hand by playing...
  • Suitable for 2 - 8 players ages 8 and up, Mexican Train Dominoes makes...

9. Tactic Games US Mexican Train Domino Set – A High-Quality Domino Set for Fun Game

Tactic Games Us Mexican Train Domino Set


Tactic Games US brands offer doubles 12 sets of dominos for domino-lovers to have fun playing. Plus, it comes with top quality for kids and adults to feel free on playing fun games.

Simple to Store: This mind-blowing domino set is super easy to store with its durable tin set domino kit. With this robust tin set, we find it really simple to secure the domino pieces for holding everything together. Also, the case is made of strong metals for easy storage.

8 Players Domino: It has a good playing option for over 8 people to play dominos at family gatherings. Plus, each member can play for playing the world’s most well-liked domino game. With this option, users can enjoy gaming by using all their dominos to win better.

Bright Colors: We are not through this Mexican domino set as it is color-coded for people to give better viewing. Plus, it has 8 colorful train makers and dominos tiles with big colorful dots. With this option, users can watch clearly on every move even if they have eye problems.

Strong in Design: The domino set has a strong and sturdy design for long-term usage. Plus, we find it really wonderful with its durable wooden hub and high-quality domino tiles that won’t break easily. Besides, it comes with the station hub and 91 sets of domino tiles and rules.

Overall, the high-quality dominos set is a good time spending way for adults and kids. It has good trains, hard-wearing case and eco-friendly plastic dominos to play. Plus, the Mexican train maker has suggested ages for 8 years or above.

  • It has solid design that is super simple to play.
  • The dominos kit helps children’s brains to improve IQ.
  • It has bright & big dots on the dominos for viewing benefits.
  • The Mexican train domino set has good quality.
  • A great pastime for spending family night plans.
  • We find issue with the middle section of this product.
Tactic Games US Mexican Train – Game Forup to 8 Players...
1,255 Reviews
Tactic Games US Mexican Train – Game Forup to 8 Players...
  • Build a chain to make your train!
  • Up to eight players: the first to use all their dominoes wins.
  • Ever-popular: Mexican Train is the world's most-popular domino game....

10. Exqline Mexican Train Domino Set – Wonderful Tray Holder for Playing Dominos

Exqline Mexican Train Domino Set


Exqline wooden domino trays are super simple to carry and great for playing jumbo dominos. Plus, it has good quality and better performance for users to holds domino tiles easily.

Easy to Organize: The domino set holder has 4 sets of trays for faultless playing with professional, jumbo, and standard domino tiles. Plus, each of the trays offers 3 faintly slanted holes that are helpful for keeping dominos in an upright position. Besides, it helps to avoid accident bumps since the slanted holes keep dominos in positions.

Durable Racks Tray: We find it really amazing with its strong and solid tray that is perfectly fitting for domino games. In fact, a user can play Mexican train and chicken foot domino games in their spare time. Also, the wooden domino racks are super simple to holding dominos.

Great Design: Another wonderful thing about this tray rack is it is premium in construction. Plus, this domino holder is made of high-quality pine which is hard-wearing and solid in construction, and super smooth. Besides, it won’t break easily because of the dense structure.

Warranty Support: These are just a few as the brands come with a fully satisfying customer approvable one-year warranty service. With this option, any user can be able to find their replacement on 12 months-time limitations to restore or repair. Plus, it has good customer service for solving product quality problems.

Overall, the premium domino tray holder has table protection and anti-slip design with its soft non-woven. It has 60 days of dominos tray holder with money back replacement. Plus, the domino set holder gives better balance on holding dominos with no trouble.

  • It’s easy to distinguish the tiles.
  • The product has good size and elegant construction.
  • It has a solid and durable tray for holding dominos all set.
  • The domino racks are beautiful and strong in shape.
  • It helps to provide a better balance while holding dominos.
  • The product doesn’t come with dominos.
Exqline Wooden Domino Racks Trays Holders Organizer(Set of 4) -...
1,788 Reviews
Exqline Wooden Domino Racks Trays Holders Organizer(Set of 4) -...
  • [Exqline Set of 4 Wooden Domino Racks Trays] This set of 4 domino...
  • [Made For Easy Viewing and Organizing] The ideal domino trays, set of...
  • [Superior Wooden Material] This domino holders are made from superior...

Best Mexican Train Domino Set Buyer's Guide:

Mexican Train Domino Set Buying Guide

There’s not much to think about when it comes to choosing domino sets, we hope that’s not what you’re thinking. Of course, just like any other purchase decision, buying an optimal quality game set also matters. And so, you are bound to mull over some important factors that help in worth the deal option.

Here are the most basic considerations that almost anyone needs to go over when buying a domino set.


The very minimal thing in any game set is basically the construction quality. No matter what occasion, you don’t want the pieces to fall apart in-between a party or occasion. That’s totally mood ruining and spoils the fun.

So, make sure the dominos are made of some quality material. It needs to be stable enough to handle falling sometimes.

In most cases, domino sets made from wood or plastic are great at surviving for a long time. You can easily purchase a wooden domino that looks great as well. Plastic-made sets are also quite good. For the eco-friendly option go for resin material as well.


The size of the dominoes set is calculatable with a formula we’ll be sharing next. You need to square the highest number of dominoes and add it with two. Then add the sum with the multiplied result of the highest domino number. Finally, decide the whole thing by two and you have what number of tiles are available.

If n is the highest number of dominoes then,

Tiles number = ((n2 + (3xn) +2)/2))

You can opt from double six sets, double nine sets, and even double twelve sets. With additional tiles, you’ll be able to enjoy great versatility in the game. Also, more game players can join with increased tile numbers.


Storing the set pieces is another hassle we always talk about. However, to solve these problems most manufacturers should provide you some sort of casing These are not for packaging purposes actually.

They give you better flexibility for storage. So that the container can keep all pieces in place and you don’t lose one shortly. Make sure the casing is not made of paper. These are poor in quality. You can try plastic, tin, wood, or vinyl.

Aluminum casings are probably the finest of all of these. Because of the built-in quality, these casings are durable and sturdy. Also, you should have a look at the design of the casing. It’s better to have a beautiful casing that you can show off as a decorative piece as well.

Frequently Asked Question

How many dominoes in a double 9 set?
Double nine set for dominoes is actually the heaviest available out there. This type of domino has in total fifty-five dominoes. The numbers for tile ranges here from blank or zero. And it goes all way to nine. You’ll have ten suits here. These are blank, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 each having ten members.

How many dominoes in a double 12 set?
If you want to enjoy a bit more complicated domino game then probably double 12 set is the way to go. These are basically game-changers for adding extra fun and variety to simpler games. You can play with a greater number of players using the double twelve dominoes. There should be a total of 91 dominoes with tiles ranging from 0 to 12.

How to play Mexican train dominoes?
The general rule of playing Mexican train dominoes is choosing the very first person who lays down all dominoes. If there are tiles remaining in your hand then they’ll count against you. So, there should be a strategy in your playing skills.

It should be lessening the number of high-numbered tiles from your obtained set. The players turn move clock wisely from one to the next. You should be looking for how to play dominoes with pictures and the perception will be even clear.


That’s all for today folks. I hope the buying process will seem much simpler now. You are absolutely ready to go for the choice that seems right to you. In this list of the 10 best Mexican Train Domino Set, we are quite sure at least one option is going to impress you. The thing left to do here is just buying it and enjoying it.

As an end note, we’ll suggest you pick a set that is well functional, good looking, and also seems affordable. Plain and simple always hit the target better than anything in such cases.

Don’t forget that games are not only meat for fun. These are educational for your kids and that’s one of the brightest reasons you should be looking forward to buying them. The benefits it has on mental wellbeing and stress releasing are truly surprising. If you don’t believe us just recall the last moment you spend time for a certain game. We’re sure the memories will justify themselves.