The Best Miter Saw For Dust Collection [2021 Buying Guide]

Are you experiencing difficulties while working on your wood-based projects? Do you want to achieve any of your desired angle cut on your wood without struggling? Well, your workshop needs a tool that works efficiently to shorten the time taken to cut wood miters and curves. You are guaranteed outcomes when you have a remarkable miter saw. This is one of the few do-it-yourself tools for the most sought after versatility.

Once you learn the magic, this powerful tool can accomplish, then you will permanently transform your workshop operations. You will also love working on wood as it delivers exactly what you program into the miter saw. Note that miter saws come in different types to accomplish varying cuts for you.

The different types of miter saws available on the market are easy to understand based on the kind of cut each saw delivers. The available types include; the basic miter saw which cuts at 90 degrees once the blade drops down, miter cut that perfectly cuts along the wood width as the blade drops down vertically, but doesn’t guarantee a straight edge from side to side.

We also have the bevel cut that works by tilting the blade at an angle and cuts against the thickness of your wood in a diagonal direction. Lastly, the compound cut, which works perfectly with the best miter saw.

It is the most advanced and provides both the miter cut and bevel cuts such that you get two angle cuts at once. The only thing you need to do is to set the angle correctly so that you achieve the precise cut.

As much as the miter saw has the features to make your work stress free, you might still encounter challenges with the way you set up the saw to deliver. This means that you need high skills to get your work done. Luckily, the miter saws arrive with manuals to help you set up and make the ideal angles you need.

We are here to help you get the best miter saw on the market. Based on the reviews we have come across, we noticed that many buyers have had a negative experience with the purchases. This is because the hundreds of miter saws available on the market have similarities such that you can end up buying a low-quality deal.

Our selection comprises the ten best miter saw for dust collection. We focused on the quality, popularity, types, and prices to get you the tools. We also have a buying guide, and a few frequently asked questions to ease your tension with a miter saw. Follow through as we deliver our promise to help you get a result-oriented tool for your workshop.

Miter Saw MotorRpmBlade inches 
Milwaukee 6955-20 15 amp3,25012 inch Check Price
Festool 561287 Kapex 15 amp340010 - ¼ inch Check Price
DEWALT Sliding Miter Saw15 amp380012 inch Check Price
Makita LS1019L 10"15 amp3200
10 inch Check Price
Bosch CM10GD Miter Saw15 amp480010 inch Check Price
Evolution Power Tools15 amp250010 inch Check Price
Genesis GMS1015LC15 amp460010 inch Check Price
Ryobi 18-Volt Miter Saw15 amp47007 - ¼ inch Check Price
Metabo HPT C10FCGS 15 amp500010 inch Check Price
Kobalt Miter Saw15 amp50007-¼ inch Check Price

1. Milwaukee Sliding Dual Bevel Miter Saw: A Miter Saw With Job-site Lambs For Illumination

Milwaukee 6955-20

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This Milwaukee 6955-20 miter saw is easy to fall in love with. It comes from high quality forged materials for durability. You will easily dig in precise miter angles since the tool features a miter angle fine adjust with detent override.

This makes it to the list of the best miter saw for dust collection. You will work through any non-square environment effectively since the adjustment works in your favor.

You will also love the single-hand operation when adjusting to the desired angles using this tool. One of your hands will hold the materials while the other will make fine adjustments.

Besides, you will like the self zeroing system on this tool that gives you the best miter angle range. As a user, you will benefit from accuracy and precision.

Other essential features that make this miter saw unique are the dual integral Jobsite lights. This lights up your workpiece and the cut line from both sides of the blade, allowing you to cut lines easily from any side of the blade.

Additional benefits you will get from the lights include seeing the blade penetrate the material and also avoiding the additional costs that come with buying and setting up the independent lights. If you have prefinished millwork, then these lights come in handy.

When using this Milwaukee 6955-20 12-Inch Sliding Dual Bevel Miter Saw, you will notice the electronic soft start feature. This is a crucial feature that allows you to start a cut line without damaging the materials. With this feature, your blade will still take fewer seconds to achieve full speeds with a smooth start.

A powerful motor guarantees you efficiency, and this tool has the best motor 15-amp, 3.3 max hp direct-drive motor with constant power technology. This works by providing a constant speed with or without load making the revolutions per minute(RPM 3250) with load and without load the same.

Overall, you will receive quick and clean cuts, even if the materials are hardwood. This eliminates the hustle of getting different blades for cutting the same piece of wood.

The Milwaukee 6955-20 12 comes with an integral dust channel that collects about 75% of debris and dust and directs it to the collecting bin such that your working space remains clean.

Lastly, you will find the oversized single-level bevel adjustment that features nine positive bevel stops on your tool. These enable your saw to bevel left to right on an angle of 0 degrees to 48 degrees.

  • It comes with its lighting system such that you don’t need external and independent lighting to guide your cuts.
  • It also features an integral dust channel that directs the debris and dust backward for a clean surface.
  • The motor is powerful and maintains a constant speed whether free or when on the task
  • It adjusts precisely to give you the right cutting angle
  • It’s super-fast with 3250 revolutions per minute
  • Features a digital readout
  • Designed to occupy less space since it measures 30.9 x 22.8 x 21.9 inches
  • Comes with a warranty of 5 years
  • The digital readout is not reliable and won’t give you the accuracy you need
  • Too many plastic parts available making it look cheap
  • The angle lock sometimes won’t hold when cutting

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Milwaukee M18 Cordless Wet/Dry Vacuum

Milwaukee M18 Cordless Wet/Dry Vacuum

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When you are using the Milwaukee 6955-20 miter saw, you need a vacuum to make your work complete. This helps in eliminating the dust particles to give you a clean working surface. The Milwaukee dust extractor is the best tool you can use for this work. Let’s find out more details about this vacuum.

Once you get started with cutting your wood pieces, this tool comes in handy. Just attach to your miter saw and never again experience a disorganized surface due to the dirt or dust particles. It operates on a 2.8 amp motor, which makes it ideal for powerful absorption and, thus, an impressive cleaned surface.

You will love the small box size(18 x 13 x 9 inches) model that saves a lot of your space during actual use and storage. Above all, the unit is lightweight and easy to carry from place to place. You will need one lithium-ion battery to function.

  • Durable construction and value for money
  • Has a 2.8 amp powerful motor to run the unit
  • Lightweight and small for storage and portability
  • Doesn’t come with a battery
  • The battery requires acid to function which is sold separately

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2. Festool 561287 Kapex KS 120: The Best Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Festool 561287 Kapex

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Are you looking for the most advanced miter saw on the market? Look no further as the Festool kapex ks 120 miter saw is a precise tool to get you the best cuts for your workshop requirements. When this tool is in the hands of a carpenter, it delivers unmatched precision such that you get the best work done in the fastest way.

It has all the best features you would want to have in an ideal sliding compound saw. Some of the beneficial features we found irresistible include the following;

The Festool Kapex ks 120 miter saw comes with the rail forward design, which is excellent and also creates a compact footprint such that you don’t experience head play. This results in the most accurate cuts you have ever wanted to have.

If you are a carpenter, whether professional or amateur, you will agree that the laser on a miter saw plays a significant role. It’s a vital addition, but not so many miter saws have this feature.

Luckily, our selection has this feature. It features a dual laser that helps you to align cuts from the left side to the right side. This alignment defines the specific areas you want to cut: no more guesswork and uneven cuts.

If you still want the precise angles, then this tool is designed for you. Just utilize the micro-adjustable bevel angle with an up-front rotary knob, large bevel scale, and find pointers to set the required angles for cutting.

Some of the outcomes for the different angles you will achieve are; miter angle: 50/60 °. Crown molding diagonal cut 45°/90°-6-5/8 inch. Exclusive cutting depth 45°/90° (right)-3/4 inch x 4-3/4 inch. Crown molding diagonal cut at 90°/90°-6-5/8 inch. The Saw blade diameter is 10-1/4 inch, which generates the best cut in any wood.

You will also love the variable speed motor. Depending on the type of strength you want to use while cutting through the wood, you can adjust the speeds to achieve that effortlessly. Moreover, the motor delivers constant blade speed when on load or without a weight.

The design is superb. Just fold it and carry it to your job site with ease since it weighs only 47 pounds. It features two hand locations for easy carrying, and this means that you won’t strain your back while you move.

Lastly, this tool includes the angle transfer device that transfers the inside and outside angles from your workpiece. This process is quick to enable you to shorten the time you need to cut the angles.

  • Most advanced miter saw on the market
  • Dual lesser for better alignment
  • Lightweight and easily portable
  • Dust extraction feature available to keep your workspace clean
  • Rail forward design improves the precision
  • Allows for angle aligning making the best angles ever
  • Variable speeds with a powerful motor
  • Versatile blade with amazing cutting positions
  • Comes with a three-year warranty
  • You will need to hold down clamps for you to work efficiently
  • The base scratches easily and hence the need to be careful
  • Some extensions are purchased separately for you to enjoy essential features

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Kapex vs Bosch

Here’s a comparison between Kapex and Bosch.

  • Kapex is expensive while bosch is cheaper in terms of prices
  • Kapex is lightweight while bosch is heavy
  • They both have a compact design for easy transportation
  • Kapex features ease of adjustability when compared to the Bosch
  • Kapex has the best dust collection when compared with Bosch
  • Kapex features flimsy housing and components while bosh is rugged and sturdy
  • Kapex has an adjustable two-line built-in laser while bosch has none
  • Both use the corded electric power source
  • Both have an operating voltage of 120v
  • The Kapex comes with a lot of features when compared with the bosch, which has fewer features
  • The Kapex has a laser guide while bosch lacks
  • Easy to adjust the power for Kapex as compared to bosch
  • Kapex has the rail forward design while the Bosch utilizes the axial glide system

Festool Dust Extractor

Festool Dust Extractor

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The Festool 574930 CT 26 E HEPA Dust Extractor is a perfect tool that works with the Festool Kapex ks 120 miter saw. The goal is to suck the dust and debris so that you have a clean environment when you are working on your wood.

The tool comes with a compact, high-performance turbine for excellent suction power. Besides, this vacuum features a considerable capacity container of 26liters for storage. It’s compact and lightweight for portability.

You will also like the wheels that allow you to move with the unit once it’s full. This tool also features a locking brake which guarantees stability when in use.

Lastly, this is a versatile tool with the ability to connect to the horse for remote operation with your Bluetooth. This means that the aspect of technology has been greatly utilized to make cleaning easier.

This is an excellent choice for all your workshop and other necessary areas you would want to clean.

  • Has wheels for easy portability
  • Comes with the excellent suction power
  • Utilizes Bluetooth for remote operation
  • Has a massive volume for storage
  • Connecting the hose to the tool is difficult
  • This tool is expensive

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3. DEWALT Sliding Compound Miter Saw: A Durable Miter Saw

DEWALT Sliding

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As a contractor, you need a tool that you can trust and see the value for your money. Isn’t it?. This will not only save your time but also improve the way you deal with your woodwork. The only tool you need to make this true is the Dewalt dws779 miter saw.

Before we get into details, you can agree with me that Dewalt has had an excellent reputation in the manufacturing industry. Its best tools have made the work stress free, and many buyers have praised the durability. As we review this Dewalt dws779 miter saw, remember it’s a quality that promises durability since the manufacturer believes in long lifespan tools.

This incredible tool comes as a versatile tool to simplify your workshop or Jobsite cutting activities. It delivers the best angles to fit precisely to the areas you want to be completed. It’s one of the top best 12 inch miter saws on the market.

The Dewalt dws779 miter saw is a true definition of power in the modern market. It features a powerful 15 amp motor that enables the saw to cut through the wood with revolutions of 3800 per minute. This powerful motor also delivers durability as well as the required extended power to see your work results throughout the day.

This sliding compound saw has an exclusive back fence design. This cuts up to 2×16 dimensional lumber at 90 degrees and 2×12 at 45 degrees, which are difficult to reach angles, especially when using the standard saws.

Most of the materials used on this saw are steel. This is excellent since your tool will work well in any weather without worrying about rust. This is also a sign of durability and safety when using the tool.

Additionally, the saw has an integrated CUTLINE Blade Positioning System. This ensures accuracy as the actual blade sticks to the path for excellent accuracy in angle cutting.

Apart from that, the tool features Dual horizontal steel rails with a state of the art clamping system and linear ball bearings. All these give the tool durability and the desired accuracy to meet its description.

Finally, this is a safe tool that weighs 56 pounds and also comes with a handle for easy carrying for remote use.

  • Made from the best materials including steel for durability
  • Features 15 amp powerful motor hence reliable
  • Runs at speeds of 3800 rpm constantly making it powerful
  • Has an excellent wood positioning to deliver the best cuts
  • Features a 3-year warranty
  • Comes with an impressive dust collection system to leave the working area clean
  • Accurate and reliable due to the blade positioning system
  • Incredible 12 inches saw for the best cuts
  • The dust collection system is small and gets filled fast
  • Does Not have an LED
  • The saw doesn’t have a laser

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DEWALT Dust Extractor

DEWALT Dust Extractor

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When you have the best miter saw on the market, you need to have a tool that works correctly with it. This will ensure you have terrific outcomes after your work is complete. The DEWALT Dust Extractor works well with the Dewalt dws779 miter saw.

As you continue cutting those angles, the environment gets dirty and will eventually mess your job site. Once you have the DEWALT Dust Extractor, it eliminates the stress that comes with debris and dust.

This tool offers automatic cleaning as the wood cutting is on course. You will like how the 8-gallon bucket gets the entire dust and debris out of your working space such that you won’t mess your working area.

The powerful dust extractor features a 15 amp motor that delivers 130CMF that is suitable for generating pressure for maximum suction. While using the tool, you will have continuous operations after every 30 seconds since the tool features the automatic filter clean pulses.

Other than the excellent quality, this miter saw has the power tool actuation controls, which enable the on and off operations on your tool.

Finally, the dust extractor has wheels and weighs 27 lbs for portability.

  • 8-gallon bucket is enough for dust extraction
  • Lightweight with wheels for portability
  • Has a powerful motor to enable maximum suction
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Has automatic filter clean for use
  • Made from heavy-duty material for Jobsite security
  • Features one year warranty
  • It’s almost impossible to find the accessories that fit the hose
  • Poor customer care response

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4. Makita LS1019L Compound Miter Saw: A Miter Saw That Comes With A Laser For Accuracy

Makita LS1019L 10

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If you want to have an easy time at your Jobsite, then you need a portable miter saw. Your ideal selection should be a small saw that occupies less space. Above all, it should have as many useful features as possible. When you have this in a single tool, then you are ready to face your Jobsite with confidence.

Where can you get all these features? This should not scare you as we have the best solution for you from Makita miter saw 10. This is among the light saws in its category that works fast to get you the desired outcomes in your carpentry shop.

This 10″ saw delivers the cutting capacity of a 12″ miter saw, and this makes it a useful tool for all your wood cutting requirements.

When using this fantastic miter saw, you would be able to make dead-on accurate cuts courtesy of the Linear ball bearing system. This is among the few features which set this miter saw above the competitors.

This is another powerful tool you would want to use on your Jobsite. It features a powerful 15 amp direct motor that delivers 3200 RPM. This tool sits on a massive aluminum base to improve stability when walking. This also makes the machine safe for your work.

Do you want to increase the vertical cutting capacity? Well, use the Innovative direct drive gearbox and guard system available. It has been engineered for that role. You will have a smooth operation and get results effortlessly.

We liked the Unique 2-steel rail sliding system design, which works correctly to offer a single slide-glide operation. This allows operation flush against the wall since the saw footprint has reduced. You will, therefore, have enough space for secure operation.

We said earlier that this is a small tool as compared to the other competitors. The model weighs only 57 lbs, which makes it portable to your Jobsite. Additionally, the unit takes less space when you want to store it after use.

Just make use of the compact design and carry it stress-free to your desired locations.

This miter saw has been designed to cut through miter angles of 0-60° left and right, and Bevels 0-48° left and right at a constant speed.

  • The miter saw is a great space-saving type for your workspace
  • It’s lightweight and has a compact design for portability
  • The broad aluminum base offers stability
  • Delivers accurate cut due to the linear ball bearing system
  • Op[ertate on a powerful 15amp motor making it reliable
  • Meters up to 60 degrees and bevels to 48 degrees
  • Has the soft start hence improving the durability of the blades
  • If you are using sliders, the dust collection will be obstructed
  • The packaging for shipping is poor

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Makita VC4710 12-Gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum

Makita VC4710 12-Gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum

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When you receive an excellent cutting miter saw, you need a remarkable vacuum to enhance a clean working environment through the session. We recommend the Makita dust extractor.

It features an 8-pc accessory set. The extractor has been designed to produce less noise when in use. This keeps you relaxed and focused on your task.

The motor chamber absorbs the extra noise making the unit work quietly, which is what the majority of the carpenters need. The tool also features an automatic filter system to help your filter last longer.

You won’t find any debris in the house after shut off since the extractor features a ten-second delay to allow the waste out of your tool.

Lastly, this durable dust extractor has a great hose that attached to the bin correctly to ensure no debris escapes. This leaves your working area clean and presentable.

  • Works quietly for peace of mind
  • Constructed from quality materials for durability
  • Has an automatic clean filter system to keep the unit for a long time
  • Features variable speed controls to suit various applications
  • The hose is not wide enough
  • It is costly

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5. Bosch Compact Miter Saw: A Miter Saw With An Axial-Glide System

Bosch CM10GD

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Whether you are a professional or an amateur in carpentry, you still need practical tools to make your work easy and appealing to do. When you have the correct miter saw, you have nailed your requirements. All you need are the results of your investment.

Bosch is a company known for manufacturing quality machinery. We never doubt the quality. This Bosch CM10GD Compact Miter Saw is a simple miter saw you have been searching for, and luckily it’s here just for you. It weighs 60lbs, and this makes it easy for you to carry to your area of operation.

It is the most accurate 10 in. Dual-Bevel Sliding Glide Miter Saw designed with quality in mind. The Axial-Glide System allows for excellent cuts and amazing alignments.

This miter saw has massive upfront metal and precision lock fences, which allow for adjustment and locking. This, in turn, improves safety in your tool.

One fantastic feature is the dust collecting chute, which comes with the vacuum adapter to make cleaning easier for you. You will always have a conducive working environment since the collecting chute controls the mess.

When you have this tool, you will be among the few people getting the best accuracy and cutting control at all angles. The Crown/chop lock delivers the advantage of locking the head in place so that you can get the maximum chop capacity for your upright base molding and nested crown.

We all love power, and it’s one thing that this miter saw has for you. Its 15 amp motor is strong enough to generate the ability to run the 10-inch blade so that it covers a maximum of 4800 RPM under no load. This is super fast, and a sure way to get your cuts more swiftly than the rest of the competing miter saws in the same category would deliver.

Lastly, this tool miters 52 Degrees Left and 60 Degrees Right cutting angles and will be a fantastic addition to your workshop or any job site.

  • A powerful 15amp motor delivers the required power for this unit to work
  • It is fast with the blade having 4800RPM
  • Has a compact design and weighs 60 lbs hence easy to carry to your Jobsite
  • There is a clear lower guard for unobstructed visibility as you work with the tool
  • The ergonomic trigger handle is comfortable for a long day of work
  • It has the Axial-Glide System that allows wider crosscuts and a better alignment
  • It miters past 45 degrees, and this is a better way to get your angle cutting done well
  • It’s a bit heavy when compared with competitors
  • The chute design is not a good one, and the tool may need a better design for maximum dust collection
  • Does not have the slide-out material support

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Bosch 9 Gallon Dust Extractor

Bosch 9 Gallon Dust Extractor

No products found.

This Bosch 9 Gallon Dust Extractor is a compatible tool with the Bosch CM10GD Compact Miter Saw. It’s designed to extract dust so that your working environment remains clean.

It features an auto filter clean system with cleans after every 15 seconds to help you get all the dust and debris in one place and improve the efficiency of your tool.

The included HEPA filter has been designed to capture 99.97% of the particles. The tool comes with reliable suction power and airflow. It guarantees you a maximum 150-cubic-feet-of-air-per-minute rate (CFM).

It is a portable unit with smooth wheels for easy gliding to your desired working place.

  • Has an excellent suction power
  • Easy to operate
  • Has a large capacity for dust collection
  • Guarantee you a maximum of 150 CFM
  • Easy to attach the hose due to the superb design
  • The loud bam makes a lot of noise that disturbs your customers
  • The auto-clean feature isn’t reliable and sometimes stops working

No products found.

6. Evolution Power Tools RAGE 3-DB 10-Inch TCT: A Multipurpose Miter Saw For Your Workshop

No products found.

You might have launched a search for a Multipurpose Cutting Double Bevel Compound Sliding Miter Saw to improve the output in your workshop. The Evolution Power Tools Miter Saw is the perfect description of what you are looking for as an addition to your workshop tools.

It’s a 10-inch blade unit that cuts your angles with ease to give you the shape you want. It comes with an extended faceguard where you can accomplish the long workpieces with ease.

The cutting base is extra large and will provide the required stability for you. This improves the work efficiency and also ensures you have a secure working environment around you. additionally, this tool comes with an ergonomic handle where you get your tool settings to work for you quickly.

The tool has the double bevel function where you make the double cuts at once without flipping your workpiece for the same results. When you are making the plunge cuts, the 3″ Adjustable Cutting Depth Stop will be the feature for you to help you get the exact depth cut as you set the tool.

This miter has a cutting capacity of 55° Left to 55° Right. It also bevels through 45° Left to 45° Right. This means a lot to users who would want to accomplish multipurpose tasks with the same miter saw.

When it comes to accuracy, this is the tool to go for. The included laser guide keeps everything in place so that you achieve the best and accurate cut for your work.

You will also have the power output from the 15amp motor, which enables you to cut through the most difficult material with ease. This motor also delivers the force to run the blade at 2500RPM. Once you have your materials on the bench well clamped, you can make the cuts faster than other saws and save time.

  • The tool is a multipurpose type for your work
  • It offers you the cutting double bevel for faster results and time saving
  • The fence guard extends which is an advantage if you are working on length material
  • The base is extra-large, and hence your working stability and security are enhanced
  • You don’t need a coolant as the tool is so powerful and design for long hours of working
  • The 15 amp motor delivers enough power to get you the required cuts in less time
  • With 55 lbs and compact design, you will be able to carry it from place to place
  • Not good for metal cutting
  • The blades do not last longer
  • The plastic label sticker keeps peeling off

No products found.

7. Genesis GMS1015LC: An Ideal Miter Saw For Quicker Alignment And Improved Accuracy

Genesis GMS1015LC

No products found.

Genesis GMS1015LC Compound Miter Saw is the small handy tool you have been longing to have in your workshop. Perhaps your goal in 2021 is to make your workshop where efficiency reigns. We gladly introduce you to Genesis.

This is a unique tool that comes with nine positive miter stops to improve the way you handle materials on your miter saw. It also features a laser guide so that you taste the trueness of accuracy while you make the best cuts from your wood.

The manufacturer says that this is a powerful tool. Well, we confirm this since it comes with w sturdy 15 amp motor that delivers the required power to push the blade through the hard materials. This works at 4600 RPM, which is fast for quick cuts.

Note that competitors in the same price range only offer the 14 amp power motor which won’t promise you powerful force.

Once you release the trigger, your electric brake will give you the much-needed safety since it stops in seconds. This is a safety feature that leaves you feeling safe and working correctly towards your mitering tasks.

This is also a multipurpose tool that will see your workshop cutting needs accomplishing in less time. It makes miter cuts up to 45 degrees left and right.

Your miter readings are always accurate since they are indicated on your unit to ensure precision when you require an angle or a measurement for your materials.

We also have a lock that enhances quick blade changes. Well, other accessories included when you receive this unit are; 60T Carbide Tipped Blade, Hold Down Clamp, Dust Bag, (2) extension Wings, 2-AAA Batteries for Laser, and Blade wrenches. All these are easy to set up for your work because you follow the manual for clear guidelines.

  • It has a laser guide to help you st the unit for accuracy
  • The laser batteries are included
  • Its 15 amp motor delivers enough power to run the miter saw
  • Its blade with no load runs at 4600RPM
  • Features 9 positive meter stops
  • The laser is excellent but doesn’t slide from front to back
  • The clamping design requires improvement
  • The handle is not durable, and if used carelessly it breaks

No products found.

8. Ryobi Cordless Miter Saw: An Affordable Miter Saw

Ryobi 18-Volt

No products found.

Ryobi Cordless Miter Saw has several useful features for your workshop efficiency.

First, this tool is extremely compact and lightweight. You will love the way you carry it to and from your working area without complaining. It was designed with you in mind, and that’s why it delivers as promised.

You will have fast and clean cuts since the unit has a 24 durable tooth blade and a great way to cut your materials. The tool adjusts from 0-45 degrees, which makes your angle cutting true and also improve the accuracy that you need the angles to have.

We fell in love with the Exact line adjustable laser alignment system for this Ryobi Cordless Miter Saw. It works correctly to align your materials in line with the blade so that you achieve the accuracy you need.

The tool comes from steel, and this means strength. It will resist rust and also guarantee durability. You will carry it from place to place since it weighs only 17lbs in addition to its compact nature.

It’s a battery-powered type and will charge in one hour to ensure continuity as you work with your tool. Unfortunately, the battery isn’t included in your purchase. You will have to buy it separately.

If you want your job completed in the best quality, then this quiet tool will deliver that. This is among the few tools that are battery operated and hence operate quietly. The only noise you have is the cutting noise, and this makes your machine unique.

  • Lightweight and portable tool for your workshop
  • Easy to use and secure
  • Made from steel hence durable
  • Has a line adjustable laser for accuracy
  • It’s a cordless type and, therefore, less cumbersome as compared to the rest. It takes less storage space
  • Comes with an IntelliPort Dual Chemistry Charger that protects the battery
  • It is difficult to read the angle setting in low light, and hence you need additional illumination
  • The tool only is available. You buy other accessories like batteries separately

No products found.

Ryobi 18-Volt ONE+ 6 Gal. Cordless Wet/Dry Vacuum

Ryobi 18-Volt ONE+ 6 Gal. Cordless Wet/Dry Vacuum

No products found.

You have the Ryobi Cordless Miter Saw, which is a perfect tool provided by users, but you are still looking for a way to manage the debris and dust? Well, never mind. We have an excellent solution for you.

Do not go for another dust extractor brand; instead, stick to the Ryobi dust collector, which is recommended by experts for the reviewed Ryobi miter saw.

It features two large wheels to maneuver through different terrains allowing you to use it anywhere you go with your miter saw.

It comes with Hose, Crevice Tool, Floor Nozzle, and Extension Wand, which make your work even easier for you to accomplish within your required time.

  • Easy to store due to the compact design. You can also hang it somewhere in your store
  • Portable since its lightweight and has large wheels
  • Made from quality materials for durability
  • The removable top makes it easy to empty the bin
  • It’s large and occupies a lot of floor space
  • It is loud and disturbs your peace
  • The suction power is weak

No products found.

9. Metabo HPT C10FCGS 10″ Compound Miter Saw

Metabo HPT C10FCGS

No products found.

Are you getting ready for the toughest cutting tasks in your workshop? You might be nervous since your current tools do not deliver the best for you. However, you will be glad to have this Metabo HPT C10FCGS 10 Miter Saw previously named as Hitachi.

The tool has a 15 amp motor designed for tasks that require extra power to accomplish. This motor is a single bevel model with bevel angles of 0-45 degrees range and the miter angle of 0-52 degrees. You will, therefore, get the right units once you set the tool to your desired angles.

As a contractor, you will be glad to have a lightweight tool that is simple to carry from Jobsite to Jobsite. Isn’t it? Well, this model crafts from high-quality lightweight aluminum. This makes it portable, as well as durable.

The 10-inch blade cuts through the wood easily. It’s even faster than the competitors in the same bracket even though it allows you to replace the brush as needed.

This is a single-bevel model that cuts in a single direction. This means that you will have to adjust if you want to make another cut similar to the current setting.

When you buy this unit, the advantage is on your side. Unlike other models, this one comes with a large table. This ensures your tool is stable while you work.

Also, your clamping becomes even more comfortable for you as you will have enough space to make it tonight and workable thanks to the manufacturer.

We also have the Thumb actuated positive stops that help in quickly adjusting the miter for use. Apart fork this, you will love the carbon brush access, which results in a durable tool for your everyday use.

  • Features a 15 amp motor for powerful miter cutting
  • Delivers up to 5000RPM
  • Lightweight for easy portability
  • Comes with a large table for secure operation
  • It has a horizontal angle for secure holding
  • It’s a versatile tool for all your Jobsite cutting needs
  • Durable since it crafts from quality materials
  • The assembling instructions are not clear
  • You cannot pull it out of the blade before you switch it off as it can send you to the hospital

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10. Kobalt 7-1/4-in Sliding Compound Miter Saw: A Miter Saw That Comes With Laser Guide For Accuracy


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Every carpenter wants accuracy for the best fitting. A tool that guarantees you this is the K7 1/4 miter saw. This is a high-quality unit that crafts from aluminum. This means that your tool is lightweight for portability as well as durable.

You will also like the compact design for this tool, which allows you to carry it from one job site to another effortlessly. This makes the tool multipurpose.

When it comes to cutting, you will trim your cuts using the excellent quality saw that has been constructed to last longer. This saw delivers a Maximum crosscut up to 2-in x 8-in, which is perfect for framing and molding cuts.

We like d the laser guide that aligns your workpiece in the proper position for cutting. This ensures accuracy when you use the unit. Additionally, you will get the positive miter, and the bevel stops working for you in your most used angles.

The majority of the users love the miter saw since it features a dual slide rail system with linear bearings that allow for smooth and accurate operation.

Lastly, the aluminum stand that comes with this unit ensures stability even though it’s sold separately.

  • It is lightweight and hence portable
  • Made from quality aluminum for durability
  • The unit is also small for space-saving storage
  • Has a laser guide for alignment of the unit
  • Has a dual rail system for smooth operation
  • Features a powerful motor for easy running of the tool
  • The blade guard not available hence risky for the user
  • The dust collector doesn’t work
  • Aluminum stand sold separately which is another cost on you

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Rousseau 5000-L Lighted Dust Solution For Miter Saws

Rousseau 5000-L Lighted Dust Solution For Miter Saws

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If you have a miter saw and a dust extractor, you probably need a dust collector. We recommend this Rousseau 5000 dust solution for miter saws. It’s one of the unique models that you can use in day time or night time. It comes well lit for night use.

The model crafts from quality nylon and this is what you need to keep dust and debris intact until it’s full for disposal. You will love the interior baffles which prevent dust from escaping. The hood folds correctly into a heavy-duty bag, which you can carry for storage after use.

This is a multipurpose unit suitable for all meter sources. Therefore, you don’t have to complain about a dirty miter saw. Get this well-priced deal and enjoy the Jobsite cleanliness.

  • Large and spacious enough for collecting dust and debris
  • Lightweight and once folded becomes easy to carry
  • It’s lighted for use at night
  • Easy to install
  • Made from quality nylon for durability
  • Fold it into and transport easily. You don’t need a carry bag
  • You need to reconfigure for it to work well
  • A bit expensive when compared to other types

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Best Miter Saw For Dust Collection: Buyer's Guide

It is not easy to get miter saws that will guarantee you results. Sometimes, you will get frustrated when you spend your hard-earned money buying a poor quality miter.

How do you ensure that you have the best miter saw for dust collection? Well, among the things you need to consider is researching. This will give you pointers on the key things you need to consider first before you make that purchase.

Let's see the things you need to consider.

Type of miter saw required.

We mentioned the different types of miter saws you can get on the market. We also specified their functions and advantages. Well, before you buy that miter saw, you must be aware of the types on the market.

The models available are; basic miter saw, compound miter saw, and sliding compound miter saw. Additionally, the type of miter saw also contributes to the kind of angle you will need to cut.

Powerful motor

The power of the motor is measured in amps. Note that the higher the amp, the powerful the motor. Therefore a powerful motor is essential for efficiency.

Size of the saw

Mostly, blades come in sizes of 8-12 inches. You will pick one depending on the size of the materials you plan to work on. The bigger the blade, the deeper the cut.

Wide base for stability

You need a stable base for you to work effectively. The base not only provides a secure working surface but also holds the clamps to keep the unit intact when in use.

Lasers and miter guide

Your safety comes first, and then the tool operation. If your saw has a blade protector, you will also benefit by getting shielded from dangerous situations. If you need accuracy, you need the lasers and miter guides to ensure your blade cuts where you target.

Materials used in making a miter saw

In most cases, powerful tools come from quality materials. This is for durability. Before you make that choice, remember that we have models that are covered with plastic, those that feature steel constructions, and lastly, the lines with aluminum construction.

The main question you should ask yourself is the amount of time you need to use the tool. If you want it forever, then you will need a durable unit either from steel or aluminum. Note that powerful miter saws are designed to withstand serious workloads.


Are you working at a permanent Jobsite or you move from place to place? If you have that question in mind, then you can guarantee yourself a good saw suitable for your situation.

We recommend you get a saw with handles, lightweight constriction, and compact so that you can carry and store it anywhere.


It's not a key but an essential aspect for you to consider since you need something within your budget. Always keep an eye on online sites. Perhaps you might get a discount running and buy the best quality at affordable rates. Mostly, powerful tools are costly.

Dust control system

This is also key as it's a way to keep your working environment neat. You need a unit with an excellent dust extraction system so that your working environment won't be messy.


The main thing that will give you the confidence to purchase a miter saw is the warranty. Find out the duration of the warranty. You can do this by checking through the guidelines or by contacting the manufacturer. The more extended the warranty, the better.

What's There to Know

Chop Saw Vs Miter Saw

SizeLarger for more demanding tasks eg cutting steel and other metalsSmall and mostly for fineness eg cutting plastic and wood
AngleOnly delivers straight cut 90 DegreesRotates and produce angle cuts
CuttingUses abrasive disc for cuttingUses a blade for cutting
SparksProduces sparks when in use although the sparks are not harmful to your skinDoes not provide fireworks
SafetyVery dangerous especially if the disc breaksYou can easily control the unit for safety

Frequently Asked Questions About Miter Saw For Dust Collection

How do you build a dust collector for a miter saw?
Use plywood to construct a cuboid

1. Ensure you have the correct measurements when building the cuboid from the plywood

2. To get the right measurements, you can take the measurements on your workbench

3. Once you have the unit ready, drill some metric thread holes into the cuboid

4. Dig out from the plywood metal outlet where the dust will pass through to the collecting duct

5. Fix a pipe made from aluminum foil in the dug hole

6. Move the upper open section to allow closer to the back of your miter saw

7. When you start cutting the pieces, the dust will collect in the dust collector

8. Once it’s full, then remove the collector and empty

9. If you notice that the dust is flying out, then get an extended piece of the plastic curtain to prevent dust from getting out of your unit

How do you cut crown molding with a compound miter saw?
A compound miter saw is ideal for cutting different types of corner angles.

Step 1

If your miter saw doesn’t have the settings already, then at the miter angle at 31 degrees and the bevel angle at 33.9 degrees.

Step 2

Place the molding flat on the cutting surface. Slide the mold to the right side of the blade and cut the piece for the outside corner.

Step 3

Slide the molding to the left side of the blade and cut the left-hand piece for the inside corner.

How do you change miter saw blade?

Cutting 135 degrees can be confusing. You need to cut smaller angles so that the large-angle remaining should add up to 135 degrees. Note that this is an obtuse angle. Therefore,


45 divided by 2 = 22.5 degrees

Set the miter saw at about 22.5 degrees and cut the angle out

Pic (

How do you change miter saw blade?
1. Start by disconnecting the miter saw plug from the outlet

2. Go ahead and press the spindle lock to loosen the bolt

3. Remove the miter saw blade and install the new miter saw blade

4. Press the spindle lock and later tighten the bolt to finish up the process

What is a double bevel miter saw?
A double-bevel miter saw is a compound saw which tilts right and left for you to bevel it in both directions with the workpiece intact.

How to cut a 70-degree angle with a miter saw?
Some angles seem challenging to cut. However, you can do a little mathematics to arrive at a solution.

1. Deduct 70 degrees from 90 degrees (a right angle); you will have 20 degrees

2. Square the end of your taper and then put a mark in the middle

3. Set your saw on 20 degrees

4. Place the mark for the taper to make a T with the cutting rail

5. Cut one side and then flip the taper over to cut the other side as well

How to cut a 22.5-degree angle on a miter saw?
1. Measure and mark the location

2. Pull the lever at the saw bottom and move it left and right loosely

3. Use the guide at the bottom of the saw and set your saw at 22.5 degrees

4. Lower the blade and make the cut

How to make a dust bag for miter saw?
Your miter saw has a vent for dust collection

1. Ensure the vent is protruding

2. Take your bag and measure the diameter of the vent while having the bag around

3. Using a mark, nite the measurements on your bag

4. Cut the market areas to leave out the unwanted section of the bag

5. When done, sew the market section

6. Fit the sewn section on the vent tightly for the collecting procedures to start

Which type of miter saw can I use for all my projects?
The compound miter saw is suitable since it is the most advanced and provides both the miter cut and bevel cuts such that you get two angle cuts at once.

My tool is rusting; what can I do?
Some parts of your saw might rust due to poor storage. We advise you to store them well in dry air conditions for durability. You can also grease the movable parts to keep them in motion and rust-free.

Can I use a miter saw for cutting metal?
It’s not advised to use the miter saw for metal cutting. You can choose to use a chop saw instead. A miter saw is ideal for wood wok and PVC cutting.

What differentiates cordless from corded miter saw?
If you move from Jobsite to Jobsite, then having a cordless miter saw is excellent. If you have a permanent job site, then a corded type will be great.

Which type of blade guard can I buy for my miter saw?
We recommend you get a transparent blade guard for a clear view when making the cuts.


Getting the best miter saw for dust collection is quite a process. Getting the one that will meet your requirements is always a challenge. In the above list, we sampled out the best from the market to make the process easy for you.

The selection features excellent durability, ease of use, and remarkable features, among other things. You will love each feature as you use any of the described miter saws. We have also shared a few buying tips to guide you when you are ready to make that purchase.

If you have questions concerning miter saws, feel free to leave a comment in the comment box. We will respond and guide you towards making the best choices when it comes to machinery, such as the miter saws.