Best Pokemon Card Packs 2021 [Buying Guide]

Let’s be honest. You’re here because you love your kids. They’ve tasked you with getting the best Pokemon card packs, but you have no idea what to buy. You probably don’t even understand what they’re on about half the time when they use words like “Pikachu,” “booster pack,” “energy card,” “GX,” “EX,” and so forth. They might as well be speaking gibberish.

Lucky for you, we know a thing or two about this exciting kids’ game. We’ll let you in on a little secret – if you’re not sure what gift to get your child, niece, or nephew for Christmas or on their birthday, you can’t go wrong with Pokémon card sets.

We got our hands on some of the best-rated card sets on the market to bring you our top picks for the best Pokemon card packs.

How We Tested and Compared These Products

Before jumping into this review, it’s important to understand how the game works. Pokémon is actually short for “pocket monsters.” It’s a Japanese franchise game that’s been around for 20+ years. The Pokémon are creatures that either live with their owner, referred to as the “trainer,” – in this case, your kid – or out in the wild.

The goal of the game is for the trainer to capture all the Pokémon, and there are 800+ of them out there. They do this by either collecting cards or trading the ones they already have to build a powerful deck that helps them crush other trainers in Pokémon battles.

With that in mind, we wanted to find the card packs that had unique Pokémon characters since these are what would be deemed the most valuable and the latest releases or newer “series” or “generation.” If your child doesn’t have any existing collection, we also identified some great theme deck options you can get them started on.

Mega Powers CollectionSun & Moon Unbroken BondsLycanroc GX Box
Best OverallBest Booster BoxBest for Beginners
Dimensions16.25 x 2 x 11.75 in5.25 x 3 x 4.75 in.5.25 x 3 x 4.75 in.
Number of players2+2+2+
Age range4 years and up6 years and up6 years and up
Booster pack includedYesYesYes
View on Amazon View on Amazon View on Amazon

Our Pick: Mega Powers Collection – Best Overall

Pokemon TCG Mega Powers




  • Dimensions: 16.25 x 2 x 11.75 inches
  • Number of players: 2+
  • Age range: 4 years and up
  • PokemonBooster packs included: Yes

Top on our list is the Pokémon TCG Mega Powers Collection box. The pack contains powerful cards with unique powers that we haven’t come across in other decks. We’re talking – crackling lightning and flying fists, which your kids will absolutely love.

The collection comes with four Pokémon-EX, including Mega Manectric-EX and Mega Lucario EX in the Mega Evolution Pokémon series, as well as Zygarde-EX and Jolteon-EX in the Pokémon-EX series. We also liked that it comes with a full-art jumbo card that features Mega Lucario-EX and Lucario Spirit Link card.

The TCG Mega Powers pack also features eight Pokémon booster packs to expand your kids’ Pokemon collection. The PTCGO code card it comes with is a nice touch. That way, they can use the code to redeem virtual cards online and unlock promo cards, Pokemonbooster packs, and other in-game items they’ll love.

From a quality standpoint, the cards in this Pokemon booster box feel pretty solid. You can tell they’ve been designed to withstand a lot of handling, so you don’t have to worry about them fading or tearing any time soon. All in all, we were pretty impressed by what the TCG card deck brings to the table, especially for the price.

  • The booster box features 8 Pokemon booster packs
  • Comes with a start link to make your initial trading easy as you get into the game
  • It’s lightweight and portable
  • The colorful nature of the cards makes them attractive
  • Comes with a PTCGO code card that you can scan and play online
  • Unlucky buyers find some of the pack already opened, so you need to be careful. You want sealed packs only
Pokemon TCG Mega Powers Collection Card Game
984 Reviews
Pokemon TCG Mega Powers Collection Card Game
  • The star Pokemon of the collection will be M Lucario-EX, which will...
  • But that?s not it ? the collection will also feature four full art...
  • The box will also come with eight booster packs and a PTCGO code card.


Best Alternatives

Sun & Moon Unbroken Bonds – Best Booster Box

Pokemon TCG Sun & Moon




  • Dimensions: 5.25 x 3 x 4.75 inches
  • Number of players: 2+
  • Age range: 6 years and up
  • Booster pack included: Yes

If your child already has a deck of Pokemon cards, this pack of Sun & Moon Unbroken Bonds booster box is the perfect addition to their collection. When buying booster packs, you need to look out for decks that contain rare cards. Getting your kids Pokémoncreatures they already have isn’t of much use to them. That’s why Unbroken Bonds ranks high on our list.

It comes with 36 booster packs, each of which contains 10 cards. Not just any cards, though – Pokémon’s that will turn your kid into a powerful trainer. The pack we got had Gardevoir-EX and Sylveon-GX. We’ve come across other packs with Lucario and Melmetal-GX, Pheromosa and Buzzwole-GX, and even Reshiram and Charizard-GX. The collection has 210+ Pokemon cards to collect, making it one of the best booster packs on the market right now.

One of the things we liked the most about the Unbroken Bonds collection is that they are factory sealed by Pokemon International to prevent the cards from being mapped or weighed. That way, you don’t have to worry about any valuable creatures being removed. All in all, it is by far one of the best booster packs we’ve come across. It is definitely worth checking out.

  • Brand new cards are well sealed to prevent unauthorized access
  • Comes with 36 packs, each with 10 cards
  • Fairly priced and affordable
  • Boosts card collection
  • Plenty of unique cards to make you an excellent trainer
  • Recommended for six years up
Pokemon TCG: Sun & Moon Unbroken Bonds Booster Box
  • Give your collection a boost: includes 36 booster packs containing 10...
  • Your best odds for rare cards: This booster box is factory sealed to...
  • Become THE GREATEST TRAINER: Will you find reshiram & charizard-gx-gx,...


Lycanroc GX Box – Best for Beginners

2017 Pokemon



  • Dimensions: 5.25 x 3 x 4.75 inches
  • Number of players: 2+
  • Age range: 6 years and up
  • Booster pack included: Yes

If you’re looking for a card deck to get your kids started on Pokémon, the Lycanroc GX box is a great starter pack to consider. It comes with four booster packs, each of which has 10 cards. Every booster pack contains one or more rare cards and random foils, which isn’t something that other brands guarantee. Both the regular and jumbo versions of the cards have a promo code your kids can use when playing the online version Pokémon TCG version.

The best part about this card deck has to be the exclusive Lycanroc GX card. It is one of the most powerful ones around. It is based on the midday form of the Pokémon character and allows players to launch three potent attacks dealing 200 points worth of damage to their opponent.

A few other notable Lycanroc features include the sharp rocks embedded within its mane, as well as its fangs and claws that can render devastating attacks. Its quick movements also come in handy when looking for ways to confuse the enemy.

The cards are made of acrylic, so they can withstand a lot before they start to show any signs of wear and tear. All in all, we like what the Lycanroc GX box brings to the table and, we must say, it does deliver excellent value for the price.

  • Comes with a code to unlock your cards for online gaming
  • You have the advantage to destroy opponents using the LycanFang GX attack completely
  • The entire box features a four-pack, with each having ten Pokémon cards for trading
  • It’s lightweight and great for outdoor play
  • Gifts you a promo in both regular and over-size versions
  • Some parents say that it is cumbersome for kids
Pokemon TCG: 2017 Lycanroc Gx Box with 1 Foil Lycanroc Gx Card
  • Pokemon 2017 Lycanroc GX box
  • Oversized foil card: featuring Lycanroc-GX, a must have for your...
  • Never-before-seen foil card: unique Lycanroc-GX also included.


XY Primal Clash – Best for Advanced Players

Pokemon TCG XY Primal Clash




  • Dimensions: 4.75 x 5.25 x 3 inches
  • Number of players: 2+
  • Age range: 6 years and up
  • Booster pack included: Yes

The Pokémon TCG XY Primal Clash draws its roots from the long-standing Pokemon EX and the Mega Pokemon-EX Mechanic. After several centuries in hibernation, the Primal Kyogre-EX surfaces from the sea as the Primal Groundhog-EX emerges from the land, clashing in an epic battle.

The collection also features the all-powerful Mega Aggron-EX and Mega Gardevoir-EX, each of which channel ancient primordial powers, as well as special energy cards and a spirit link. The box features 36 factory-sealed booster packs, each having 10 cards. One of these is a guaranteed rare card drawn randomly from the 160-card set of Primal Clash cards.

We particularly like that the collection has a couple of EX cards with characteristics from Pokémon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby. This is something we had not come across from any of the other packs we had tested, so bonus points for that.

If your kids already have a growing collection of Pokemon cards and are looking to expand it with rare and powerful decks, the XY Primal Clash is a great option to consider. Granted, the card quality may not be the best we’ve encountered so far, but for the price, it’s a pretty decent tradeoff, in our opinion.

  • It’s a great deal for your budget since it comes in an affordable set
  • Arrives sealed to prevent theft
  • Comes with one rare card in every pack for you to crush your enemy
  • Ancient trait effects available Weighs 1.62 pounds, making it easy to carry
  • Some users find them not to have a good pull ratio
Pokemon TCG: XY Primal Clash, 36 Pack Booster Box
  • After centuries asleep, the deep power of primal groundhog-ex erupts...
  • With colossal new Arrivals like Mega Gardevoir-EX and Mega aggron-ex,...
  • Look for one rare card in every pack! Primal Clash introduces new EX...


Best Pokemon Card Packs Buyer’s Guide

Pokemon cards


The online market has all the Pokémon cards you require for your trading needs. Your kids will love these best Pokémon card packs for an exciting gaming experience. How do you identify the best from the hundreds available online? Well, it is challenging, and this is where we come in.

We want you to see value for your money. This brief guide is intended to provide you with tips on what to look for before making that purchase.

Quality of the Cards

Before scouting for the best Pokémon card packs, do you prefer long-term cards or short-term ones? Well, everybody wants a long-lasting pack of cards. We have different types of materials. Some cards are crafted from paper, while others are made from nylon and polyester materials.

Most of the nylon and polyester cards are long-lasting and of the best quality available. You can choose whichever quality you want for your kids, depending on their level of expertise.

Pack or aIndividual Card

You have the option to buy either an individual card, booster packs, or Pokémon booster boxes. All these have different pricing. If you buy an individual card, it can be costly compared to purchasing a single pack. The more affordable deal that costs less is purchasing a Pokémon booster box that features several booster packs. It will save you some money.

Therefore, getting your budget in place and finding the package that meets the budget helps make the purchase stress-free.

The Kids’ Age

Age is key. Different types of Pokémon booster boxes have packs suitable for specific age groups. The majority of manufacturers make the packs for ages 3-15 years. You can check the manufacturer’s recommendations before you make your purchase.

In most cases, the cards are small and feature other accessories that kids can swallow. This is why manufacturers warn you based on the ages of your kids.

Number of Packs Per Box

Do you want cards that will help you crush your enemy? Well, consider the box and the number of card packs available in each box.

If you have many card packs in your box, it’s an advantage to you as you will have the required varieties to work against your competitor. Additionally, the larger the number, the moresecret rare cards you can find. Most boxes have 36 packs.

Online Code Card

Is it becoming boring handling only the hardcopy trading card?

Are you ready to explore a new medium online using more modern technology for your trading card?

If you answered yes, then see if your Pokémon trading card game comes with an online code. If so, you can scan the code and play online or use the link to gain online access. It is good if your Pokémon trading card game has a code accessible to have more than one option for crushing your competitors.


How many types of Pokémon cards are available?

Pokémon cards come in different types based on your skill level. We have three types of Pokémon cards, and among them, we havecharacter cards, which are eleven in the trading game. They show how evolved a character is in the cards. This is indicated in the upper left corner.

Energy cards– This is another type of Pokemon card. These powerful cards are designed to power your Pokémon as you game. We have basic and special energy cards.

The last type is the trainer card– The trainer card has special rules indicated at the bottom. They are often used for items, supporters, and stadiums.

How to tell if the booster card is rare

At the bottom right-hand corner, we have a symbol. The rarest card has a star as a symbol. Other cards include the common card, which has a circle. The uncommon card has a diamond. This makes it easy for you to differentiate between the cards.

How can I teach my kid the trading Pokemon card game fast?

Most manufacturers bring along guidelines to help you learn fast. The trainer kit is good and allows your child to learn the game quickly. We also have two ready-to-play decks, which are excellent for walking your child through step by step.

Another easy way to work on training is to find someone who is already an expert to take your kid through the game step by step. More so, you can watch YouTube videos to learn more about the best guidelines on how to play the game.

What is the average number of cards in a booster pack?

In most cases, the booster pack has 10 cards with different types in the box featuring common, uncommon, and rare types.

Why do I need a well-sealed Pokémon box for shipping?

You want the best picks, and you also want the package being sentto be well sealed. If not, some of the best cards could be stolen. You need to check if the seal is intact, and if not, you can return the product and ask for a refund or replacement. Always only purchase sealed packs.


Pokémon card packs are suitable for your kids during the holidays. You don’t have to hesitate to give them as gifts.

We have shared the specifications for the best Pokemon card packs with you so that you can make a more informed decision when looking for the best Pokemon card packs.

Now that you are ready to surprise your kids with one, two, or three of the best Pokémon card packs for gaming, why don’t you choose from the list above to avoid the hassle that comes with finding the best cards? Besides, the prices are friendly, which means you will have several with each purchase. We hope our guide helps.