The Best Power Window Conversion Kit [2020 Buying Guide]

Looking for the best power window conversion kit?

Well you’re in luck – our team at Valid Pick has researched and selected the top 10 conversion kits for power windows!

While many cars today have power windows, there are still plenty of older models with conventional manual window cranks. But fear not, there’s no reason you have to upgrade to a new car. There are multiple kits available on the market which are relatively inexpensive and straight forward enough that you can do it yourself and in no time flat, you’ll have converted your old manual crank windows into power windows.

With this article, we’ll cover some top-of-the-line kits we researched, and we have our comprehensive buyer’s guide at the end which will walk you through the entire purchase process so you can be sure you’re selecting the perfect power window conversion kit for your needs.

Comparing The Best Power Window Conversion Kit

Power Window KitWeightUniversalWarranty 
JDMSPEED Universal Kit6.6 lbsYes1 Year Check Price
Biltek CX-402 Conversion Kit7 lbsYes30 Days Check Price
AutoAndPart Power Window8 lbsYes1 Year Check Price
Bilket 2x Door Car Kit9 lbsYes1 Year Check Price
AutoAndPart Spal Type Kit5.8 lbsYes1 Year Check Price
Yescom Electric Roll Up Kit12.9 lbsYesNone Check Price

1. JDMSPEED NEW UNIVERSAL – Universal, Comfortable, and Backup Plan

JDMSPEED Power Window Conversion Universal Kit


JDMSPEED pride itself in making a universal power kit, which gives you ease in doing things automatically, of course, faster and hassle-free.

What does this conversion kit give you: Indeed, the JDMSPEED Universal Electric Power Window kit is nothing but an upgrade, upgrade in your comfort, lifestyle, and management. Now, this conversion kit is made out of the best material. You’ll get long-lasting results and ultimate comfort.

You prefer no noise, right? For this reason, it was made sure that all materials are made out of top quality material, and all components are immaculate to make sure it is a complete experience and it is a quiet and convenient upgrade.

For your continuous comfort: Particularly, keeping your comfort in mind, JDMSPEED made sure that, this kit comes with a universal power switch and all the universal hardware which makes it a hassle-free experience even while installing it.

Versatility! This conversion kit is made of any 2-door SUV, car, pick-up, whether it be any model, car, make origin from any year. Here, it simply does not matter. What matters for JDMSPEED is your comfort and that you at ultimate ease with your purchase.

Do you want more? In addition to what it has to offer, this conversion kit comes with Japanese motor technology, thermal overload protection, and steel power metallurgical main gears. Furthermore, this kit includes wiring, switches, hardware, an instruction manual, and one year’s limited warranty.

There is more: Now, it surely is a complete package, it also has three illuminated switches, one single frame, one double frame, and a wire harness for 2 door window.

Let’s talk about power issues: Particularly, it operates on the only 12V on DC +/- 2V. Besides, these do convert any crank-style window to the power window and are the ultimate comfort.

But what happens in absence of power? Also, in the absence of power you are definitely not stuck, this kit ensures you can roll up or down the window in case of loss of power with the handle.

  • Convenience
  • Universal kit
  • Universal tools
  • Smooth installation
  • Quiet operation
  • Manual not for newbie
JDMSPEED New Universal Electric Power Window Lift Regulator...
  • An upgraded conversion assembly for your window
  • Made of top-notch materials for long-lasting performance
  • 100% NEW and Made with the Highest Quality Components Available

2. BILTEK CX 402 CONVERSION KIT – High Torque, Noiseless, and Smooth

Biltek CX-402 Conversion Kit


In the first place, Biltek offers car window conversion kit from the daily labor of manual crank up windows to an automatic smooth and breezy experience.

What makes BILTEK any different: Evidently, it offers a high-torque motor which is ideal for old cars, which even with a crank-up window was a tedious job. With the BILTEK power window experience, also, the offer of a high torque motor, is a major help to an old fashioned, arm hurting crank up window.

The wow specifications: Equally important, the worm driven motors for quick and dependable operation is an amazing tool. Then, the switch buttons are illuminated for night visibility, making it a swift, easier, and noiseless experience. The universal design assures that your make or model of any car or any truck.

How does it accommodate you: Together with, all the perfection, this kit is best suited for two windows, which previously were crank-style, can now be converted to an easy power window system.

Moreover: Provided that, it is a very well-suited and accommodating system, but it needs special concern on the installing part, for the best-suited result and greater outcomes, it is best that it’s installed by a professional or an experienced installer. Furthermore, it is advised to be installed in only the 12V system.

Other add-ons: All in all, it comes with three switches, two electric window motors, an instruction manual, and all essential hardware.

Do you care about the exterior: Worry not, BILTEK assures that there will be no change whatsoever on the exterior design of the door panel. Albeit, the power window system is installed behind the door panel.

  • Universal design
  • Noiseless
  • Adjusts to very old trucks too
  • Illuminated switches
  • High torque motor
  • All essential hardware
  • Professional installation
Biltek CX-402 Universal Central Door Lock and Unlock Conversion...
  • Universal Central door lock and unlock kit this kit will convert your...
  • Easy installation no additional hardware required
  • Manufactured in China

3. AUTOANDART UNIVERSAL WINDOW CONVERSION KIT – Versatile, Ceaseless, and Quiet Transition

AutoAndPart Power Window Kit


Are you looking for a universal kit, for your old school crank up window car? Do you want a kit that doesn’t cost you an arm and leg, which makes your life easier?

AUTOANDART electric power window kit is the right fit for you. This amazing kit converts your manual window of an SUV, car, van, pickup truck, whatever model or make, whichever year, regardless.

The reason you need this: In addition to, all the excellence, this kit is designed for two windows, which formerly were crank-style, can now be transformed into an easy power window system. It does not just upgrade you to an easier lifestyle; it also is a very smooth and quiet transition.

Only one condition: consequently in a long winding road there are some bumps and cranks, there is only one little crank in this road, which is a limitation.

Don’t worry: Nevertheless, this limitation is merely a minor one, it only can be used for a glass window that weighs less than 6 ½ lbs.

While the mentioned operating voltage is 12V of DC +/- 2V, these do transform any crank-style window to a power window; hence your life is a lot easier and in control.

Even though in this era, it is rare, but with the absence of power, we don’t want you to get stuck, this kit ensures you can continue to roll up or down the window even in a state of loss of power, with the help of manual handle.

There is more: Regardless, there is more to offer. Furthermore, this conversion kit comes with Japanese motor technology, steel power metallurgical main gears, thermal overload protection. There are other conversion essentials such as wiring, switches, hardware, and an instruction manual.

Yet more: Therefore, it’s definitely a perfect pick; therefore, it comes with three illuminated switches, one double frame, one single frame, a wire harness for 2 door windows, and one year’s limited warranty.

  • Universal
  • Economical
  • Easy installation
  • Very precise manual
  • Smooth transition
  • Quiet operation
  • Not suitable for glass over 6.5 lbs
Universal Electric Power Window Regulator Conversion Kit for 2...
122 Reviews
Universal Electric Power Window Regulator Conversion Kit for 2...
  • An upgraded electric window motor kit to convert your manual windows...
  • Complete Conversion Kit with wiring, switches, hardware and...
  • Designed to ONLY fit 2-Door vehicles with Manual windows and glass...

4. BILTEK 2X DOOR CAR POWER WINDOW – Universal, Key Lock System Inclusive and Smooth Movement

Bilket 2x Door Car Kit


In the event that, you require something special for your car, with some special specifications, and some more added benefits. I will take you through the guide where you will go step by step the features BILTEK 2x door car power window conversion kit, has to offer.

First and foremost: Together with, amazing conversion kit, there is an amazing offer of a remote key lock conversion system kit, which is an added plus to the whole deal.

Why do I need the power lock: With this power lock system, you upgrade yourself from not only a manual crank up window, also from a manual lock system, which makes a very easy keyless entry, also added security and alarm for any break-ins.

How does it make my life easier: Also, this kit gives you a prompt and swift experience of activating and deactivating the alarm and locking and unlocking the doors by pressing merely a button on your remote control, in your already central locking cars.

Components for the remote: Of course, all essential components are in the package, which comprises two remotes, actuators (1 master and 3 slaves), main unit module, wires, all essential hardware, and a simple diagram.

Now let’s move to the window kit: While with all the added fun, you could forget for a second the prime package is windows conversion kit, which converts 2 manual windows to full power.

The key features for your interest: Secondly, the key features this kit offers are for 2 manual windows from an old school system to a fully automated power window. It fits either front or rear window immaculately. Thirdly, the product fitment is ideal for Ford Super Duty F-100, Ford Ranger F-150, Ford Heritage F-250.

The things which kit has to offer: Chiefly, the essential hardware such as gears, adapters, cuprum bearings, POM plastic gear wheel, electric window motors, wires, brackets, and other miscellaneous hardware such as a screw, nuts, and bolts needed for installation are also included.

And there is yet more! Since this system is installed behind the door panel, it brings no change whatsoever to the exterior design of the door panel. Evidently, the very quiet motor operation makes it an amazing experience. The product comes with 30 days warranty.

  • Universal design
  • Perfect fit for Ford
  • Included with central locking keyless system
  • Perfect for 2 front or rear window
  • Inclusive of all essential hardware
  • 30 days warranty
  • Manual not fit for newbie
Biltek 2x Door Car Power Window + Keyless Door Unlock Kit...
  • This is a high quality kit used to covert 2 windows and 4 doors to...


AutoAndPart Spal Type Kit


Does your routine lifestyle require a transition from a typical old school crank up a window to a swift and easy auto window system; AUTOANDART Universal Electric Power Window Regulator is your ultimate answer.

Do you wonder why: Here, I can answer why you need the AUTOANDART power window regulator. Firstly, this kit is designed for only two windows, old crank up, arm workout, tardy, style window being transformed into an easy power window system. It is a whole system change, and after this, you will wonder why you put yourself through this for such a long time.

A shortcoming: Everything or everyone has a shortcoming, and this product has one little limitation, it can only be installed on a glass window that weighs less than 6 ½ lbs at least.

Voltage is important: Consequently, this device comes with a specification for volts guide, as per the guide, the product can run on a 12V of DC (+/- 2V) voltage.

In absence of power, you are not stranded: Naturally, it’s bewildering to have no power, but that is a possibility, in that case, we couldn’t believe in leaving you stranded. For this kind of incident, we have a backup plan.

Coupled with a manual handle, this kit ensures you don’t get stuck and you can roll the window down or up, without any hindrances.

Wonders don’t cease: Specifically, it is a newer design with more torque for smoother operations. Besides, all the amazing things AUTOANDART has in store more to offer.

Also, this conversion kit comes with steel power metallurgical main gears, Japanese motor technology, and thermal overload protection. Along with this, there are other conversion essentials such as wiring, switches, hardware, and an instruction manual.

Warranty and more: Evidently, it’s a perfect pick; again, the package includes three illuminated switches, a housing and wire harness for 2 door windows, and one year’s limited warranty.

  • Universal
  • Economical
  • Easy installation
  • Very precise manual
  • Smooth transition
  • Quiet operation
  • Not suitable for glass over 6.5 lbs
Universal Electric Power Window Regulator Spal Type Conversion...
  • An upgraded electric window motor kit to convert your manual windows...
  • Complete Conversion Kit with wiring, switches, hardware and...
  • Designed to ONLY fit 2-Door vehicles with Manual windows and glass...

6. YESCOM ELECTRIC POWER WINDOW – Four Kits, Lesser Power And Universal

Yescom Electric Roll Up Kit


Are you looking for a conversion kit that works with lesser power and has the equipment to convert all four windows from the crank up to automated? Then you are in the right place.

What makes YESCOM any different? Yescom Power Window Kit is well suited for all vehicles such as SUVs, pickup trucks, or a regular car. It fits in all cars immaculately, giving you perfect swift movement with one press on the window panel.

Is it well suited for rear or front window: Well, this conversion kit comprises of not two, four power window kit with four switches. Conveniently, you don’t need to go and buy two sets because normally a kit comprises of a pair only. Rather, this one kit has two pairs, meaning you can change all four window panels from this one kit.

With great power comes great responsibility: Indeed, this device comes with great responsibility, but on the contrary uses lesser power. It also comes with a disclaimer to be used with cars that use 12V power.

Without paying extra, top-up: Obviously, this is not all, the package comes with four electric window motors, four switches, all necessary hardware, and a complete instruction manual for a better understanding

Does this mean you can install it yourself: Well, clearly no. it’s best advised to not install it yourself, and best to be done by a professional. It’s not a regular kit and has some complexities which only an expert technician can handle.

  • 4 windows with motors.
  • Well suited for the rear and front window
  • Universal
  • Quiet operation
  • 12V compatibility
  • All necessary hardware included
  • Only installed by a professional.
Yescom Electric Power Window Roll Up Conversion Kit Lift...
  • Make of high quality motor, work for low power consumption, low noise...
  • Converts manual window to power window, it's convenient and...
  • Perfectly suited for front or rear door windows, good for most...

Best Power Window Conversion Kit Buyer’s Guide:

Best Power Window Conversion Kit Buying Guide

Normally, any traditional old car or truck user, when is in need to upgrade their cars to an automatic window system, look for a conversion kit that makes it an easier experience.

It is a very tardy experience to roll the window up and down manually, often your work demands a faster, easier method, such as a newspaper hawker needs a faster method to make their work-life easier. What makes any kit the best power window conversion kit for you is unique based on your preferences.

Moreover, preferences vary from person to person in terms of feasibility and usability. For instance, an average user looks for a universal conversion kit. However, a reason to select the universal kind is the best and safe bet, that most likely it will suit your car. Also, it is a safe bet in case of getting installations done too.

What a buyer needs to consider is if they need it for their rare or front window, and whether their selection is best suited for both types or if it’s specific to a kind only.

I will take you to a step by step guide here to make your selection and selection criteria easier.

Easy Installation

A very important aspect as some conversion kits come with a specification of being getting installed by only a professional and experienced installer. Even some do come with a disclaimer to be installed by a professional only.

By all means, the reason for this specification is safety, accuracy, and making sure there are no glitches after installation and some cars may need special attention in the installation process as per the nature of the car.

Assuring that even after installation, with the hand of a professional only, the experience can be immaculate and noise-free. Oftentimes because of some miscalculation wiring could burn or damage, which may result in some or little damage to the car too.

Power Or No-Power

Significantly, it may be not important or maybe very important that in case of loss of power the operation keeps continuing, it again varies from person to person, and from case to case as per nature of work.

In case of loss of power sometimes, in case of emergency, or any unnatural scenario or disaster, with the absence of power, it may result in unpleasantness. In that case, many conversion kits are equipped with a handle, just in case, of loss of power, the handle can be used as a substitute.

Quiet Operation

Provided that, all the components, which are part of the conversion kit, make it a swift and quiet operation. Usually, with time the noise can get overbearing and not tolerable, for that reason it is very important for many that there is no noise.

Sometimes, when used for some particular reasons, with the nature of work, it must be needed to be rolled up and down numerous times which can be very unpleasant in the long run.

Other Specifications

Particularly, some cars work on a different voltage plan and some products may require different. Similarly, one needs to be extremely very careful about this selection as this is important and little negligence can cause a huge problem. So we would suggest you check through the manual for Volts specification very thoroughly.

Another very insignificant or maybe very important factor is illuminating keys. This may be a very important factor for cosmetic purposes or even for visibility.

Cost & After-Sale Services

Mostly, these products are very economical and pocket friendly and don’t require all that long planning or money-saving plans to buy the product. These products can be a spur in moment purchases too.

Most of the products also give you a sale comprehensive warranty, which is quite a relief in case the product was not the right fit for you. Sometimes this offer is the edge you need in buying a product.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

Specifically, it is a very important element, for many customers. You need to look through the specification of a warranty, which may vary from product to product some companies offer a one-year limited warranty, and for your particular preference, you need to see through that which element is important for you.

Either you might need a product exchange or a complete refund. It does factor in greatly when buying a product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can you buy any kind of power window conversion kit?

No, this is an important decision to be made thoroughly. You can always talk to a representative designated by the company over the phone, either consult a professional or even check the user manuals given with the product thoroughly to check for compatibility.

Q. Can you install it yourself?

Maybe, this particular guideline is provided in the manual mostly. Even when you are experienced, some cars or kits may present with some surprises. In that case, you may need expert insight. So you must keep it in mind that you may need another opinion or consult.

Q. Can you buy it from any local store?

No, it’s a best practice to buy things from a verified source, or verified seller. It is essential that the product you are buying is factory packed, unused, and not a copy. Better be safe than sorry!

Q. What do you do with the old crank up handle hole?

Some products and options in the market cater to this problem too, and after a successful installation, there will be signs of the old system.


Even though you are very comfortable with your old crank-up style window system, when time and science with progression offers you other plans which give you more comfort, ease the day to day labor and save time, one should jump the wagon and be a part of the change.

At the same time, remember one thing, very carefully read all the instructions and guide, which by the end will have helped you decide to make your decision to whether buy which product and which product is the best power window conversion kit for you.

And when you have upgraded yourself, you will be left thinking why was I putting myself through this torture and never eased my life any sooner.