7 Best Retractable Lightning Cable [2021 Buying Guide]

Are you unhappy with the charging cable that came with your iPhone? Or you need a backup?

The lightning cable is the iPhone’s lifeline. Its presence is mandatory for charging and transferring data. But to be honest, the charging cable that comes with an Apple device is notoriously flimsy. It can be easily fried, twisted, or broken.

To keep your device running smoothly, you always need a retractable lightning cable.

But do the number of lightning cables available make you want to scratch your head in confusion? Choosing the best one from the retractable lightning cables galore can be quite stressful. Since every cord is not equal, searching for the one that can withstand wear and tear daily can be challenging.

However, don’t fret! We are here to rescue you from this stressful situation. We have mentioned some of the best ones that you can opt for – these will make your device charged whenever you need them.

Top 7 Retractable Lightning Cable

Retractable CableCable Length 
AmazonBasics Apple Retractable Cable2 feet Check Price
ASICEN Lightning to USB Cable3.3 feet Check Price
Arsiperd Multi USB Retractable Cable3.3 feet Check Price
AWASA Retractable Lightning Cable6.0 feet Check Price
Gear Beast Retractable Lightning Cable3.3 feet Check Price
EDG Retractable Lightning Cable3.5 feet Check Price
Minlu Multiple Fast Charger Cord4 feet Check Price


1. AmazonBasics Apple Certified Retractable Lightning to USB Cable – A Convenient and Robust Cable

AmazonBasics Apple Certified Retractable Cable


Are you in search of a retractable cable to avoid the tangled mess when you put it in a pocket or a bag? AmazonBasics retractable cable is of superb quality and offers a reliable connection. This apple certified retractable lightning cable offers compact charging. Its lightning connector head can work with almost all cases.

You can charge by connecting the compact lightning connector to the computer or wall charger. Moreover, this charging cable works as a synching cable as well. It allows you to sync by connecting the lightning adaptor to your iPhone device and the USB connector to the computer.

What’s more, this cable can expand around two feet in length, and its incredible retractable design makes this product ideal for carrying it in a bag or a purse.

The other stellar thing about this cable is that you do not have to pull out the cable entirely. You can set the cable’s length according to your convenience. Oddly enough, many reviewers mentioned that the cable is not long enough than other lightning cables available.

Not to mention, it has a very sturdy design and robust construction. However, many reviewers felt that the cable sheath is slightly thin. Plus, it tends to twist when retracting.

That’s not all! This lightning cable is compatible with several Apple devices that possess a lightning port.

The devices include Beats Pill+, iPod Nano, iPad Air, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X and latest iPhone 12 series.

  • A sturdier and thicker cable
  • MFI certified
  • Retractable
  • Budget-friendly
  • Convenient
  • Multiple settings to set extracted cable’s length
  • Compatible with several iOS devices
  • Offers data transfer
  • The cable is a bit short
  • The cable’s sheath is thin
  • The cable might twist while retracting
Amazon Basics Apple Certified Retractable Lightning to USB Cable...
6,002 Reviews
Amazon Basics Apple Certified Retractable Lightning to USB Cable...
  • IN THE BOX: (1) 2 foot retractable lightning to USB cable for charging...
  • COMPACT DESIGN: Small enought to easily stow in a purse, backpack,...
  • APPLE MFi CERTIFIED: Certification ensures complete charge and sync...

2. ASICEN Retractable Lightning to USB Cable – One-Cord-Fits-All Devices

ASICEN Retractable Lightning to USB Cable


Are you concerned about dangling cords and do not like to hunt for adaptors when you want to charge your phone? This great product will keep things organized and clean. Plus, its three-in-one retractable cable head is quite impressive.

It is ideal for micro USB standard port, Type C New style charging port, and iOS port. Thus, this one cable will allow you to charge several devices of yours, and you won’t have to carry multiple USB cables.

What’s more, the cable is 3.3 feet in length. Plus, it is flat, adjustable, and tangle-free. It has excellent durability and prevents knotting, wearing, and fraying.

Moreover, the cord has four adjustable lengths, i.e., 40, 60, 80, and 100 cm, and you can retract the cable according to your desired convenience. However, most users do not like that you have to pull both ends of the cord.

What else? This product is portable and straightforward to use. You can easily fold it and place it in your pocket, laptop bag, handbag, etc. Since it is portable and durable, you can carry it easily while traveling or can use it in a car, office, or home.

Not to mention, this retractable lightning cable ensures maximum charging speed. It allows fast charging, and it works better than other standard cables. Furthermore, all three ports support data sync and fast charging.

Surprisingly enough, many users reviewed that it might not fast charge android devices.

Wait! There’s more. This cord is compatible with android systems like Huawei, HTC, Google, LG, Nokia, Blackberry, Motorola, Samsung, and iOS systems, including iPhone 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, and iPads.

  • Three-in-one retractable cable
  • Adjustable
  • Durable
  • Portable
  • Easy-to-use
  • Offers data transfer
  • Compatible with Android and iOS systems
  • Pull both ends of the cord
  • Might not charge Android devices fastly
Micro USB Charging Cable, ASICEN 2Pack 3-in-1 Multi Retractable...
2,567 Reviews
Micro USB Charging Cable, ASICEN 2Pack 3-in-1 Multi Retractable...
  • [Fast Charging and Data Sync]: Ensure a maximum charging speed up to...
  • [3-in-1 Design]:3 Tangle-Free charging Cable for you! Retractable iOS...
  • [Portable and easy to use]:Ideal Length 3.3 feet/1Meters is optimal to...

3. Arsiperd Multi USB Retractable Charging Cable – Lightweight Retractable Cable that Eliminates Clutter

Arsiperd Multi USB Retractable Charging Cable


Are you in need of a cord with different charging ports for various devices and has only one wall plug adaptor? Well, this might be the product you are searching for. This three-in-one retractable USB charging cable offers three charging cords, i.e., Micro USB, Type C, and Phone charging. Moreover, these connectors are compatible with several tablets and smartphones.

What else? This cord is convenient, portable, and lightweight, making it ideal for storing it in a bag or a wallet. Plus, it has a stylish and superb-quality PVC jacket that makes the USB cable flexible and durable. It is tangled-free, non-toxic, can be easily coiled, and harmless.

Thus, it makes an ideal travel cable, especially if you carry multiple electronics while traveling.

How can you use this retractable charging cable? It is relatively straightforward to use. You only have to pull-out both sides of the cable at the same time to release the cords slowly. Furthermore, this retractable cord design can support four different length adjustments. You can adjust according to your convenience.

What’s more, it offers a 2.4A current for charging various devices at one time. Plus, Arsiperd’s technical team ensures that your devices will be 100% safe while charging.

However, many reviewers complain about the fact that despite the company’s claims that it charges devices fastly, it does not. Plus, it does not offer data transferring.

  • Three-in-one USB retractable charging cable
  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy-to-use
  • Durable and flexible
  • Adjustable
  • Convenient
  • It might not charge fast
  • The cord is not for data transferring

No products found.

4. AWASA Retractable Lightning Charger Cable – A Handy Charger that Meets Expectations

AWASA Retractable Lightning Charger Cable


These handy cables do not let your cords hang from the counter or table. These cables come in a pack of four. This brand offers two cables of three feet in length, and the remaining are a 6-foot retractable lightning cable.

Moreover, these cables do not let you charge the device only but can sync and transfer the data. It allows 10% faster charging than other standard cables. Oddly enough, several users mentioned that it charges slower than other retractable cables. Besides charging the devices, it enables you to transfer data through USB 2.0 at 480 Mbps.

What else? These compact, heat-resistant connectors can fit almost all case cutouts.

Plus, these tangle-free cords are a perfect product for traveling and to use in offices and homes. Furthermore, these adjustable cords are compatible with only iOS devices. These devices include iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPhone 5,6,7, 8 series, iPhone X, and iPhone X MAX/XR.

What’s more, if you want to use these retractable cords, you must pull them from both ends and not from one side. Moreover, when you re-coil, make sure to go slowly because it might tangle.

  • Very handy
  • It comes in a pack of four
  • Available in three and six feet in length
  • Offers syncing data option
  • Compatible with only iOS devices
  • Heat-resistant connectors
  • Might charge slow
  • Re-coiling fastly might tangle up the cord

No products found.

5. Gear Beast Retractable Lightning Cable – A Space-Saving Durable Cable

Gear Beast Retractable Lightning Cable


Are you in need of a cable that will prevent your wire from getting bent when you recoil? This apple certified retractable lightning cable will let you stay active all day, every day. Plus, this smart and innovative solution will be your perfect partner to charge your phone.

Moreover, its 3.3 feet long USB 2.0 cable allows you to charge and sync whether you are involved in a fitness routine, taking long walks on the beach, traveling to various places, or simply working at home or an office.

What’s more, the cord instantly synchronizes and transfers data between MAC or PC and iOS devices while charging. Plus, it easily connects to the USB adaptor to charge from wall outlets.

What about its design? This product’s lightning connector head is manufactured from heavy-duty TPE. Furthermore, it is durable and reversible to insert freely without any trouble. The lightning connector head has a slim design that fits most of the phone cases.

Surprisingly enough, several reviewers mentioned that it is a tad bit challenging to retract. You have to pull it a few times to rewind it up.

What else? This lightning cable is designed for iOS systems only. It is compatible with iPads, iPhones, and iPods.

  • Offers data transferring
  • Durable
  • Apple MFI certified
  • Portable
  • Compatible with iOS systems
  • Compatibility with several cases
  • A bit expensive
  • A wind-up mechanism is a bit annoying
Retractable Lightning Cable [Apple MFi Certified], 3.3 Feet, 8...
534 Reviews
Retractable Lightning Cable [Apple MFi Certified], 3.3 Feet, 8...
  • Apple MFI Certified to meet or exceed performance standards and...
  • 3.3 Feet / 1 Meter extra-long retractable cord (longer than Apple...
  • Case Compatible - Slim design Lightning connector head fits most phone...

6. EDG Retractable Lightning Cable – A Terrific Product that Lasts Long

EDG Retractable Lightning Cable


Are you looking for an excellent compact lightning cable that works effortlessly and meets your expectations? Then, your search is over. This apple certified retractable lightning cable has a slim lightning connector head, making this cord compatible with almost 99.9% of the cases, cords, and styles.

Moreover, the connector head is designed to be stronger and thinner than many others. This ABS cable is of top-quality that is exceptionally durable, impact-resistant, and possesses a hardened finish that can bear wear and scuffing.

What’s impressive about this product? It is a 4-inch pocket-sized retractable length that can extend up to 42-inches. This product is perfect whether you are on-the-go, traveling in a car, for the office, and at home.

Furthermore, it is a flat and tangle-resistant cable that rewinds by gently tugging both ends of the cable. However, several users reviewed that this cord rarely tangles than other cables. The other complaint users made was that they find it difficult to lock the cord on short extensions. You might have to pull the cable almost halfway to lock it.

What else? The lightning cord charges devices at 2.4A maximum and its USB 2.0 syncs the data at high speed. Plus, this cord is engineered from genuine components, and it offers reliability and compatibility.

If we talk about compatibility: this cord supports iOS systems. It is manufactured for iPads, iPhones, and iPods.

  • MFI certified
  • Slim lightning connector head
  • Durable
  • Impact-resistant
  • Travel-friendly
  • Syncs data
  • Compatible with iOS
  • The cord might tangle
  • You might find it difficult to lock the cord on short extensions.
EDG - Apple MFI Certified Retractable Lightning Cable | Charge...
333 Reviews
EDG - Apple MFI Certified Retractable Lightning Cable | Charge...
  • ✔️ APPLE MFI CERTIFIED: Don’t risk damage from cheap...
  • ✔️ CLASS-LEADING LENGTH: Pocket-sized 4-inch retractable solution...
  • ✔️ SLIM CONNECTOR HEAD: Our unique Slim-Profile Lightning...

7. Minlu Multiple Retractable Fast Charging Cord – Charges Multiple Devices With Multiple Ports Fastly

Minlu Multiple Retractable Fast Charger Cord


Are you looking for a device that will help you charge all your devices at once? These three-in-one sturdy cords fit into ports with ease and are fully encased. These multiple cords will charge several devices of yours because they possess iOS connectors, USB-C, and built-in micro USB.

What’s more, its thicker copper core wire offers more stable and faster charging. Its maximum output current of 3A can quickly charge tablets and Macbooks. This TPU cable charges 30% faster than other multiple cables.

Furthermore, its thick aluminum foil signal shielding layer delivers stable data transmissions. Plus, these cords are manufactured for iOS devices and compatible with several Android devices.

What else? This product is small, lightweight, and portable. You can put it easily in your wallet, backpack, or pocket. Moreover, its four-foot length allows you to use it while traveling or in a car, office, or home. You can easily fold it and place it in your pocket, laptop, or handbag.

How can you use this product? This durable and flexible cable can withstand 12,000+ bending, and you have to pull both sides simultaneously. Oddly enough, users mentioned that the three cords might tangle, and if you do not pull both sides at a single time, it might bunch up.

  • Three-in-one cable
  • Very flexible
  • Durable
  • Syncs data
  • Portable
  • Compatible with Android and iOS devices
  • The three different cords might tangle
  • Not pulling both sides at the same time might cause the cord to bunch up
Minlu 4Ft/1.2m Multi Retractable Fast Charger Cord 3A,2Pack...
1,841 Reviews
Minlu 4Ft/1.2m Multi Retractable Fast Charger Cord 3A,2Pack...
  • One for All: Charge any of your devices with the 3-in-1 retractable...
  • Charging Fast and Syncing: The maximum total output current can be up...
  • Convenient: Ideal Length 4Feet/1.2Meters is optimal to use in home,...

Buyer’s Guide:

Charging iPhone with Retractable Lightning Cable

Thousands of brands are selling retractable lightning cables that are almost similar but with a few differences worth noting. These retractable cables have become necessary because the cords that come with the phone cannot resist wear and tear and are not that flexible and durable. They tend to break easily.

Therefore, if you want to invest in an excellent retractable USB lightning cable, you must do proper research. We are sure that you will have many questions and concerns in your mind.

Do you want us to quench your thirst for knowledge? Here are a few criteria you should consider before purchasing a cable for your Android or iOS devices. Before discussing the criteria, let’s quickly go through the uses of the lightning cable.

Uses of Retractable Lightning Cables

The cord will offer you the following benefits when you purchase these retractable cords for your devices:

  • This cord will act as a charger if you plug it into your computer’s USB port. Plus, you can quickly charge it in your car or connect the USB adaptor to charge from the wall outlets.
  • It will help you send and receive information. You will be able to upload movies, videos, images, or download music. Moreover, you can synchronize files between your device and the computer.
  • A few designs have three cables that let you charge and sync data from multiple devices.

Criteria for Selecting the Best Retractable Lightning Cable

Must Possess MFI Certification

MFI certification is crucial to check because it is Apple’s certification. It shows that third-party company products have met particular standards.

Moreover, it ensures that the product will provide optimum performance, i.e., data transfer and charging when connected with the Apple devices.


The material of these cables varies from one manufacturer to another. Before purchasing, consider how and where you will be using your cable.

You need a more sturdy design that can withstand wear and tear if the usage is quite rough. However, the plastic ones will break easily because they are not meant to be used roughly.

Cable’s Length

10 ft retractable lightning cable

Like other products, these retractable lightning cables are also available in various lengths. Do you require a small or large cord? Since you can find 3-feet retractable lightning cable up to 10 ft retractable lightning cable, it often becomes difficult for the buyers to decide which one to go for.

Think about where you are going to use this cable mostly. This will help you out in selecting the best cable with an appropriate length.

Moreover, some people prefer short, slim cables as they are always traveling. In contrast, others prefer longer cables that can be used from a faraway desk or counter. Choose accordingly for whichever situation you need a cable for.


Cables are available in a variety of colors. Some manufacturers offer more colors than others. Ask yourself which particular color do you need?


Do you want to store your retractable lightning cable? If yes, make sure to consider its weight and size of your cable so that you can keep it away correctly. Ensure that the product you are buying is lightweight and portable.


The durability of the product depends on the quality of the material used in the manufacturing process. To ensure whether the product is durable or not, check out the materials used to design this cable.


It is better to purchase a product with a more extended warranty if you plan to use it every day.

Furthermore, whichever cable you are thinking of buying, make sure that it is backed up by a manufacturer’s warranty of at least one year. However, if there is no warranty, it is better that you move on to your next best option.


Several cables cost less than ten dollars; however, other options will cost more if they possess standout features like extra-rugged sheath and lifetime warranty.

Take Good Care of A Retractable Lightning Cable

Even if the manufacturer claims that the lightning cable is top-quality and durable, it does not mean it is indestructible. Taking good care of it is essential so that your cable lasts long.

We have mentioned a few ways in which you can take care of the lightning cable:

  • Hold the hard plastic jacket while connecting or disconnecting the cable.
  • Avoid bending the cord too much.
  • Do not wrap it too tightly.
  • Always ensure that your pins are clean.
  • Keep the cable away from all types of liquid.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are lightning cables?

These cables have a thin lightning adaptor on one end and a standard USB-A on the other end. In short, they are USB 2.0 cables that possess eight signal pins.

These pins have replaced the 30-pin dock connectors utilized by Apple’s older generation products. In comparison to the micro USB connector, they are relatively more significant.

Furthermore, they are fully reversible, sturdier, durable, and allow you to connect your iPad, iPod, iPhone, and other Android devices to the computer’s USB port or the wall outlet for instant charging and syncing.

What are the merits of a lightning cable?

These cords help your Android and iOS devices charge and transfer data like images, music, movies, documents, etc.

Why is MFI certification necessary?

It is necessary because it shows that third-party cables will be compatible with iOS systems. All the MFI certified cords have “Made for iPod, iPad, and iPhone” logos.

If the cables do not have this certification, it means that they might be incompatible and will not fully charge your Apple devices.

How much do retractable lightning cables cost?

If you are going to purchase from Apple directly, it might cost you anywhere between $19 and $29. If you are buying from a third-party, it might cost less. However, the more features a cable has, the more the cost will be.


Why do you need a lightning cable when a brand new phone comes with a cable and a charger? Whenever you purchase a new phone, a cable and a charger are included in it except for the latest iPhones.

But do you think they are durable? Probably not! Because they are easily broken and damaged due to wear and tear and rough usage. That’s when you need a retractable lightning cable as backups. They have greater longevity, and they perform better than the stock products.

Moreover, these are available in different sizes, lengths, colors, design, etc. Before choosing the one, it is better to opt for the cable that is durable, MFI certified, robust, lightweight, and is impact-resistance.

We hope this guide was detailed enough to help you out in making an informed decision. We have tried to include the best retractable lightning cable for you! We want to save you from all the trouble and want your shopping experience to be hassle-free and stress-free.