The Best Roller for Staining Deck: Leave No Board Exposed

A good staining job can greatly enhance the life of your deck’s wood boards. Untreated wood can take damage from the sun, water, and mildew. With a good stain, you can quickly seal your deck up.

This would help your deck withstand the harmful effects of sunlight. It would similarly form a layer between moisture and your deck as well.

However, improper staining of the deck can leave your deck prone to damage. If you do not properly apply the stain, you may find water and sunlight damaging the wood, rendering the staining job useless.

To ensure that the staining job is done right, you can use rollers. The best roller for staining deck can help you quickly do staining jobs and can ensure that no spots are left uncovered. You should still use brushes for edges, curves, and small crevices though.

There are a plethora of rollers available in the market, and most of them are optimized to paint jobs. This makes it harder for people to find the perfect roller for stain jobs.

Luckily, we have compiled a list of tried-and-tested stain rollers that can quickly help you get the perfect staining and finishing on your deck. We hope you’re able to find the perfect fit for yourself after reading this guide!

Comparing The Best Roller for Staining Deck

Stain RollerStyleRoller
Katzco Paint RollerRoller Kit3 inches Check Price
Bates Choice Tray SetRoller Kit4 inches Check Price
Wagner Spraytech RollerRoller9 inches Check Price
Vanvene Foam RollerRoller Kit4 inches Check Price
King Origin Multi SetPaint Kit4 & 9 inches Check Price
GBS 8 Pieces Paint KitPaint Kit3 & 9 inches
Check Price
Shur Line Stain PadStain Pad6 inches Check Price
Cabot Stains PadStain Pad6.5 inches Check Price
Shur Line 9" Stain PadStain Pad9 inches Check Price
Mr. Long Arm Stain PadStain Pad12 inches Check Price

The Best Roller for Staining Deck

1. Katzco Paint Roller for Staining Deck

Katzco Paint Roller


For any DIY enthusiast, there are some primary considerations when buying a product. These include quality, value, and effectiveness. The Katzco paint rollers hit all the right marks when doing a staining job, and are thus our top pick in the best roller for staining deck category.

The product keeps itself to the basics, giving you all you could want for a staining project at an affordable price. The roller comes with a wire cage holder and three covers. The wire cage holds the covers in place and stops them from slipping. The three covers should be more than enough for any household staining job.

The roller is sized at three inches, which is a nice compact size. You can both use the roller in smaller corners, and can also cover larger areas quickly.

The roller itself is designed for comfort. The whole set weighs just 5.6 ounces, ensuring that you can carry it with you easily. The rolling won’t tire your arms out either due to how smooth the operation is.

The roller resists solvents, ensuring that it is not easily damaged due to water, paint, or stain. The free-spin action of the roller also ensures that you have to put minimal effort into doing the stain job.

The roller can fit a large number of covers, which means that you could use it with a large number of brands. The three covers that are provided with the roller are more than enough for any job that you may have though.

The covers are of high quality and made from polyethylene fibers. Their interlocking pattern helps them absorb more paint or stain, although the amount is still fairly limited. The amount of splatter is minimized.

However, the covers tend to shed a lot. This means that you would have to clean up when you are doing the staining job. The shedding also means that the covers will not last you a long time.

You should remove any fray pieces from the covers before using them. You should also clean up behind you before the stain has properly settled to ensure that the shedding does not cause the staining to be imbalanced.

The roller itself does a great job of evenly spreading the stain, making it a great investment. The quality of the roller is generally high as well.

There are some issues with the quality control of the rollers though. Some of the rollers tend to break in usage, due to their inferior quality. You may want to test your roller before getting to the actual stain job.

The company does offer a guarantee and a no-question return policy if you aren’t satisfied with the product though. We suggest you test it out before getting to the actual stain job. If you get a good roller, you’ll land quite a bang for the buck!

  • Smooth finishing
  • Evenly balances stain
  • Great value
  • Fits most covers
  • Includes a wire cage to hold covers in place
  • Rolling is smooth and effort-free
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Quality control issues
  • High fiber shed
Katzco Paint Roller - with 1 Wire Cage Holder 3 Inches and 3...
220 Reviews
Katzco Paint Roller - with 1 Wire Cage Holder 3 Inches and 3...
  • PERFECT FOR: Household painting projects. 1 Wire cage holds the roller...
  • COMFORT: Solvent resistant core provides lasting durability. Super...
  • HIGH QUALITY: Innovative blend of polyethylene fibers woven in a...

2. Bates Paint Tray Set

Bates Choice Tray Set


Bates paint tray set closely follows the Katzco paint roller in terms of value and is another product that you should definitely give a chance to. It is perfect for someone that wants something for a cheap DIY stain job.

The set includes five items in it; one more than the Katzco set. You get three-roller covers, a wire cage, and a paint tray at the same price as the Katzco set!

The roller itself is simplistically designed, and adequate for non-professional usage. The handle makes gripping easy, and the product is generally durable and should last you your few staining jobs.

However, being a value product, don’t expect too much. While quality control is pretty good, the roller itself isn’t very sturdily. If you exert a lot of pressure or workload on it, it will break.

The roller rolls freely, and will not be obstructive. The whole set weighs a light 6.4 ounces, making it portable and ensuring that your arms are not stressed by usage.

The covers are 4 inches, which is an ideal size for someone that wishes to work on a deck. It can quickly help you cover the larger deck areas while also helping you ensure that the smaller areas can be stained as well.

The covers are made from high-quality micro-fiber and are? inches thick. Sadly, this product also has the same flaw as our top pick, it sheds a lot. If you will be using these covers, you should clean up behind you to ensure that the staining job is proper.

The wire cage is sturdy and easily holds the roller in place. The tray also does the job well, holding the stain for you. The capacity of the tray is not large, but it should work perfectly well for DIY deck stains.

If you will be doing any professional jobs using this roller, we suggest that you change the covers. You would be able to do a much better job using covers that don’t shed. You should also consider using a larger tray.

For smaller DIY projects though, this set will work perfectly and ensure that you get a nice and smooth deck finish.

  • Great value
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Includes covers, cage, and tray
  • Quality control is decent
  • High fiber shed
  • The roller is low quality
Bates- Paint Tray Set, 4 inch Paint Roller, Paint Tray, Foam...
13,952 Reviews
Bates- Paint Tray Set, 4 inch Paint Roller, Paint Tray, Foam...
  • 4” Tray Set Includes: 3 Paint Rollers, 1 Roller Frame, 1 Paint Tray
  • 3 Roller Naps: Premium 4 Inch Shed Resistant Micro-Fiber 1/2" Roller...
  • 1 Roller Frame: Sturdy 4-Inch Roller Frame

3. Wagner 05003 SMART Paint Roller

Wagner Spraytech Roller


If you seek something that would make your staining job a whole lot easier and professional and are willing to roll out a few extra bucks for it, we highly recommend the Wagner 05003. This product will work perfectly well for both professionals and DIYers alike.

Wagner has attempted to make a unique product, and have succeeded in doing so. The product includes several innovations that help it stand out from the competition.

For one, the roller can store fluid within the stick. This means that you do not need a tray to keep your stain in. You simply clip the fill tube to the can of stain and pull the plunger. This will draw the stain in.

The tube can hold a generous 22 Oz of stain inside it. This should be enough to cover as much as 70 square feet of deck, meaning that you don’t need to go to the can again and again.

The pole can also extend, helping you reach the ceiling and other hard to reach areas. The pole can extend up to 8 feet, meaning that you can get rid of the need for a ladder with most staining jobs.

The cover is 9 inches, which ensures that you can quickly stain any deck, no matter what size. However, it does mean that you will need to find smaller rollers or brushes for smaller areas that the roller cover may not fit in.

You can squeeze a trigger to feed the stain to the roller. This will help you do the staining job with ease. The cover is held in place, and the roller itself is of very high quality, meaning that you would seldom need replacements.

The trigger button is a different story though. The trigger button has often been reported faulty and seems to have little to no quality control. With the trigger button not working properly, you may find it hard to feed the stain to the roller, or you may feed too much resulting in spillage.

We highly recommend testing the pump and trigger button using water before you start the staining job. That can prevent a disaster from happening and could also ensure you get quick replacements.

The product is also heavy and may cause strain to your arm. It weighs 3.1 pounds, and that is without the stain that it will hold. You may experience tiredness due to having lifted that weight for extended amounts of time.

The product is also pricey and costs over twice as much as the Katzco roller. However, if you want to reach high places, or want to get rid of trays, or need to use a roller very often, Wagner provides a much better value due to the many additional features that it has to offer.

  • No need for a tray
  • High quality
  • Pumps directly from the can
  • Can extend 8 feet to reach hard to reach areas
  • Can cover large areas very quickly
  • The trigger button lacks quality control
  • Expensive
  • Heavy
Wagner 0530003 SMART Paint Roller, 22 Oz Handle Capacity, Paint...
1,797 Reviews
Wagner 0530003 SMART Paint Roller, 22 Oz Handle Capacity, Paint...
  • INNOVATIVE PAINT ROLLER: The Wagner SMART Roller holds paint directly...
  • NO NEED FOR A ROLLER TRAY: This paint stick roller provides a...
  • LONG REACH FOR TALL WALLS AND CEILINGS: The extended reach reduces the...

4. Mini Paint Roller Kit by Aixpi

Vanvene Foam Roller


If you seek a simple stain solution that would offer you the best value, Aixpi has the answer for you. The paint rollers by Aixpi are not the best in the ones that we have reviewed, but given the price that they charge, they’re quite a bang for the buck!

The product is designed specifically with value and practicality in mind. The roller itself is sturdy, and will not fail you during a stain job. The roller is also designed compactly to ensure that you can get the job done with ease.

The product comes with 9 covers. These covers can last you a long time and ensure that you get the staining job done right. While Aixpi claims these are foam, the material is different. Nonetheless, it is absorbent and should ensure that you don’t have to run to the tray again and again. The fibers also ensure that dripping is minimized.

Unfortunately, that’s about the only good thing we can say about the covers. The quality is far from ideal, and the shedding is way worse. This is because the covers are not made from microfibers. They thus shed in large chunks instead of small fibers.

This shedding is a huge problem because it means that you will run out of covers pretty quickly, and the cleaning job would be tough. It overrides the benefit that you get from having those additional covers since you will be running out of them quickly as well.

The roller does a good job of keeping the stain balanced though. You can find it to be very evenly spread. The roller is also a small 4 inches, which can both help you cover the deck quickly, and ensure that you can paint in smaller strips and corners.

The roller is also very lightweight, and should not cause you much stress. The whole set is only 9.6 ounces and is very portable.

Perhaps the most attractive thing about this product is the price. If you wish to do a stain job quickly and don’t mind a little mess to clean up behind you, this product can offer you amazing value.

It costs about the same as the Katzco paint roller but offers nine covers instead of three, which is a huge bump! This roller is also perfect for learners, due to the cost-effectiveness.

  • Absorbant
  • High quality
  • Ideal size
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Great value
  • A lot of clumps of the cover shed quickly
  • No microfibers
Foam Paint Roller, Roller Frame with Covers, 4 Inch Mini Paint...
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Foam Paint Roller, Roller Frame with Covers, 4 Inch Mini Paint...
  • [Ideal for Corners and Walls]:This small paint roller kit that is...
  • [High Quality Material]:100 % Polyester,premium quality, durable and...
  • [Comprehensive Set]: Package includes 10 pieces: 1 Roller Frame,Size...

5. Premium Speed Painting Kit by KingOrigin

King Origin Multi Set


While the kit isn’t exactly premium! it definitely does offer everything that you could need for a deck staining job. The kit includes a variety of tools that can quickly help you cover up every part of your deck, be it wide, narrow, straight, or curved!

The speed painting kit by KingOrigin manages to make a place on our list by offering great value. If you want a disposable kit for a few small staining jobs, you may have hit the jackpot with this one!

The kit costs the same as the Katzco paint roller. It offers a lot more in value though and contains a brush, two different paint rollers with covers, and a paint tray! The value offered in this product is unmatched!

It does come with compromises though. The products are mostly plastic and can crack pretty easily. The tray is very narrow and will crack if you attempt to hold it up using one corner. Ensure that you use both your hands when you are trying to move the tray full of stain.

The rollers are cheaply built as well and will break easily if you attempt to put pressure on them. The whole kit is very fragile, and you should use it cautiously to ensure that it doesn’t break.

Once you have learned to navigate the kit without breaking it though, you can make great use of it. The two rollers that are included in the kit are 4 inches and 9 inches respectively. These are pretty standard sizes, which makes finding covers easier.

The sizes are also very adaptive, with the 4-inch roller letting you stain edges and narrow stripes, and the 9-inch roller letting you cover huge areas quickly. The covers are of decent quality. They are absorbent, and will not shed a lot.

Shedding is still present though, so you may want to clean the messes left behind you as you stain the deck.

The paintbrush is well-built and will let you cover any remaining curves or areas that you couldn’t reach.

The rollers themselves are lightweight and pretty easy to use. The whole kit can become a little heavy though, at 1.6 pounds.

Overall, the kit provides great value at the expense of quality and ensures that you get a disposable kit to fulfill all your needs. If you are a learner or someone wanting to do very occasional staining jobs, this kit is perfect for you.

  • Absorbant covers
  • Includes extra roller, tray, and paintbrush
  • Lightweight rollers
  • Great value
  • Low quality plastic built
  • The tray is too narrow
  • Roller covers shed

6. GBS 8-Piece Premium Paint Kit

GBS 8 Pieces Paint Kit


If you want something similar to the KingOrigin kit, but are not willing to compromise on quality, GBS has the solution for you. The kit includes a number of tools to help you stain decks of all sorts and the quality of the products is unmatched. This product is truly fitting for someone that wants to do a professional deck staining job.

The set contains two different rollers. The sizes of these rollers are 3 and 9 inches respectively. The 3-inch roller is ideal for staining narrow strips and other smaller areas. The 9-inch roller can help you cover large areas with stains quickly.

The 3-inch roller comes with 2 covers, while you get one cover for the 9-inch roller. The covers are made from high-quality microfibers, which do not shed easily. They are also very absorbent and can hold a lot of stains.

This means that you can easily stain large areas without needing to dip the roller in stain again. The staining would also be very well balanced, neat, and mess-free.

The paintbrush offered can help you cover any remaining corners and curves.

For easier staining jobs, you also get a paint tray. The tray can easily hold a lot of stains and ensure that you don’t need to open the stain can again and again. A tray liner is included to help you keep the tray clean and last longer.

The accessories perfectly complement the way you would use rollers to stain decks and ensure that you can stain any deck no matter what shape or size.

The products are of high quality, and will not break easily. You will usually get perfect pieces and can get to staining right away. Occasional bad pieces have been noted, which indicates a problem with quality control. However, replacements are promptly offered.

The rollers are lightweight and easy to carry. The entire set is bulkier though, resting at 1.95 pounds. The portability offered is thus not the best.

The product does cost highly though, which reflects the quality. It would cost you over two times more than the Katzco paint roller would. However, if you are a professional, or someone that wants to stain decks often, then the extra money spent is well worth it.

All in all, the kit is great for anyone seeking a high-quality staining kit, and would easily let you stain all sorts of decks and services. If you have a few bucks to spare, upgrading to this kit definitely makes staining a whole lot less stressful!

  • Absorbant covers
  • Includes extra roller, tray, tray liner, and paintbrush
  • Lightweight rollers
  • Great quality
  • No shed
  • Expensive
  • Not portable
  • Some quality control issues
GBS 8 Piece Premium Paint Kit with Paint Rollers, Paint Tray,...
42 Reviews
GBS 8 Piece Premium Paint Kit with Paint Rollers, Paint Tray,...
  • ✔ A COMPLETE HOME PAINTING SET: The house painting kit comes with...

7. Shur-Line 1791257 Deck Stain Pad

Shur Line Stain Pad


This product offers a number of unique features that most rollers do not, making it perfect for deck staining. Despite some practical disadvantages of it, the product is very specialized and manages to bag a spot on our list of best roller for staining deck.

The Shur-Line pad has a unique design that helps optimize its deck-staining capabilities. The pad has two distinct modes that can be used. One is the flat mode, which would help you in covering up your deck pad. The product is a light 12 ounces.

The second and more interesting mode is the grooving mode. This mode pulls out a central groove that can be used between deck boards to stain there. While the groove tool does properly dispel the stain between the boards though, it is practically difficult to use.

To use the groove tool, you need to bend down and angle the pad. This is very strenuous and can be very difficult to use for taller people. The practicality of the deck pad is thus greatly reduced. However, an extension pole is attachable.

The handle and tool are of high quality. The product will not take damage easily. The pad is protected on all sides to ensure that nails and other such rough edges can not damage it. However, the pad still seems to be very prone to damage and comes off easily. Replacement pads are not easily available.

The quality control of the product seems lacking as well. Several products seem to have manufacturing flaws that can show during a staining job. It is thus important to always test the tool as soon as you receive it.

The pad is made from a spongy absorbent material that can hold a lot of stains. This is ideal and ensures that you don’t have to make constant trips to the stain can. The pad dispels the stain quickly and evenly, ensuring that the stain is balanced out and reaches all surfaces.

Apart from the design flaw that makes it a lot less practical to use in the groove mode, and the quality control issues, the product is perfect for staining decks. It will get the work done easily and with little hassle. It will work with all stains and can get your job done right.

If you seek to work on staining deck with a lot of grooves, or already have an extension pole, this pad might work perfectly for you! The price charged is somewhat steep though and is almost double the Katzco roller. Unless you require a pad for grooving, we suggest some other product instead.

  • No shed
  • Lightweight
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Dispels stain effectively
  • Portable
  • Can stain in grooves
  • Expensive
  • Low-quality control
  • Replacement parts are not easy to find
  • Somewhat strenuous to use
Shur-Line 1791257 Deck Stain Pad with Groove Tool
283 Reviews
Shur-Line 1791257 Deck Stain Pad with Groove Tool
  • Stains flat surfaces and between boards at the same time
  • Wrapped edge pad helps prevent ripping due to rough wood, screws, and...
  • Threaded for use on an extension pole

8. Cabot 140.0000062.00 Wood Stain Pad Applicator

Cabot Stains Pad


If you seek something similar to the Shur-line model but at more affordable pricing, the Cabot model might hit the right spot. Priced generously at around half the price of the Shur-Line, this stain pad applicator gives you a lot of value for the price that it charges.

The stain applicator has a generous 6.5-inch length, which ensures that you can quickly stain your deck boards. The area is wide enough to ensure that you won’t be wasting a lot of time irrespective of how much area you have to cover.

The product itself is made of wood and is very high quality. You will find the stain pad applicator lasting you a long time. It is relatively short, but there is the option to screw an extension along with it to help you reach higher areas or make it longer.

The pads are very absorbing, and quickly take in a lot of stains to help ensure that you last a few applications. The pads are also well-made and ensure that the stain is evenly dispensed and well-balanced.

The quality of the pads is not all that remarkable though, and they’re mostly only good for single-use, after which they will start to fall apart. Replacement pads are available through amazon though, so you should be good to go if you keep a fair stock!

The quality control is also somewhat questionable and does let bad products through. However, replacements are offered, to ensure that you can get the best product.

The applicator is a light 5.6 inches and would cause no stress to your body even after extended usage. It is the perfect tool for someone seeking a super-lightweight applicator.

If you want to stick to basic functions using a stain pad, and don’t mind making replacements, Cabot hits all the checkmarks!

  • Large stain area
  • Lightweight
  • Dispels stain effectively
  • Portable
  • Good value
  • Replacements are easy to find
  • Low-quality control
  • Pads need to be changed often
  • Relatively short
Cabot Stains 140.0000062.000 Cabot 6-Inch Stain Pad Applicator
591 Reviews
Cabot Stains 140.0000062.000 Cabot 6-Inch Stain Pad Applicator
  • Adjustable handle for comfortable application
  • Designed to work with all Cabot stains
  • Reduces application time

9. Shur-Line 9-Inch Stain Pad with Handle

Shur Line 9 Stain Pad


If you want a product for a small job, then you can’t go wrong with the Shur-Line 9-inch pad. The pad is very simplistic in design, but can still offer you a lot of features. However, we do not recommend this product for professionals or for people that expect to extensively stain decks or other areas.

The Shur-Line product is unique in the design aspect. The product simply offers a pad that the handle can be attached to. The handle can be rotated to any angle that you want it to go to or can be kept at three locked? angles.

This means that the product can be used in several unique tilts, which is very helpful when staining decks. However, the pads keep sliding out of the handle when we attempt to use them at angles, which can be annoying.

To ensure this doesn’t happen, you should not fully submerge the pad into the stain. You should simply apply it only to the base of the pad instead.

The pad is otherwise very absorbent and should do your job perfectly.

The stain pad is a large 9 inches, which ensures that you can easily apply the stain over large areas very quickly.

The handle is very short and would require you to sit down for usage. You may buy an extension to extend the handle though.

The stain pad is very lightweight and weighs in at just 6.4 ounces. Carrying it around should be a breeze, and it won’t tire you out after a long day at staining work.

The handle can also connect to grooved brushes that are compatible, which ensures that you can use this in several different ways.

The quality of the product is pretty good, and the handle is made from aluminum. However, the pads will wear out after usage, which means that the product is only good for a few applications of stain. You may wish to consider another product if you seek a long-term solution.

The product is reasonably priced and costs the same as the Cabot version. It is thus perfect for one-time usage for people that wish to stain decks using various angles or groove brushes.

  • Large stain area
  • Lightweight
  • Dispels stain effectively
  • Portable
  • Good value
  • Compatible with groove brushes
  • Good quality
  • Good for just a few applications
  • Very short
  • Pad slips out from the handle
Shur-Line 9-Inch Stain Pad with handle
408 Reviews
Shur-Line 9-Inch Stain Pad with handle
  • RUGGED ALUMINUM CONSTRUCTION: Built with rugged aluminum, this...
  • EXTENSION: With an adjustable extension scope, this painter's pole...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN: Although the aluminum construction is designed for...

10. Mr. Long Arm 0350 Premium Stain Applicator

Mr. Long Arm Stain Pad


If you want an applicator that can make your job easy and are willing to spend a few extra dollars for it, then Mr. Long Arm has the perfect product for you. The stain applicator offers basic features, but the quality is impeccable, and the design is very thoughtful, making it a very useful stain applicator to have.

The most prominent feature of this applicator is the size. The applicator is 12 inches, and can thus quickly cover large surfaces with ease. You can cover two boards in a single pass! This is one of the primary reasons for including this product among our list of best roller for staining deck.

The applicator can also lock 180 degrees, and the pad is thin enough to fit between the grooves. This can help take care of your grooving troubles and ensure that they are stained properly.

The product itself is of high quality, and long enough to ensure that you don’t need to bend. You can easily use this product multiple times without much strain on you. The product is also super-lightweight at 9.6 ounces, ensuring that the stress on you is minimized.

The pads are a different story. While the spongy pads can hold a lot of stains and ensure that you don’t have to dip them over and over, they’re not very durable. They tend to wear out very quickly. Replacement pads are available though.

The pads are also impractical, and the application is not very smooth. You may find yourself having trouble forming a smooth coating using this tool. We recommend that you use a roller instead if that’s the case with you.

If you can order replacement pads and get over the learning curve of using the spongy pads though, this product can cover a large area in shorter times and save you a lot of time and hassle.

You do have to spill out more money for acquiring it though. The product costs twice as much as the Cabot, and the replacement pads are not cheap either.

  • Large stain area
  • Lightweight
  • Replacements are easy to find
  • Great quality applicator
  • Pads can hold a lot of stains
  • Long handle
  • Pads need to be changed often
  • Expensive
Mr. Long Arm 0355 Woodmates 12-Inch Premium Stain Applicator...
174 Reviews
Mr. Long Arm 0355 Woodmates 12-Inch Premium Stain Applicator...
  • The product is 12" Wood Stain Repl Pad
  • Hook & Loop System On The Pad Allows For Easy Removal For Cleaning Or...
  • The product is manufactured in China

Roller for Staining Deck Buyer's Guide:

Now that we have seen the various rollers available for deck staining, we are sure that you have set your mind on some particular models. To ensure that you make the smarter choice, we have compiled a handy buying guide for you to help you determine the best product according to your needs!

Roller length

staining decks with roller

One of the important things you should consider when buying a roller is the length of the roller. This determines how much area you can cover in one go. There are several things that you should consider when trying to determine the perfect roller length.

Most decks today are 6 inches. This width is ideal for most deck boards, and will thus be commonly found. You can easily use 3-inch or 4-inch rollers on these deck boards, but this might take a lot of time. We only recommend doing so if your deck has some narrow spots that require smaller rollers.

If your deck is made of 6-inch boards and is a regular shape though, you may consider larger sizes. Sizes like 9 or 12 inches of the roller can make your job much easier, and get you the desired result within minutes.

If you do have narrow spots though, always get a roller that can fit (or a brush). If your deck is fairly large or you work professionally, you should consider keeping multiple different sized rollers.

Handle length

short handle deck stain roller

Another important thing to consider is the length of the handle. You should ideally aim for a length that can let you stain comfortably while standing. However, if you want to do just a single job, you could buy a shorter handle length as well if it helps you save money.

If you also wish to use the roller for painting or staining the ceiling or other high areas, you should consider a handle that can expand. This ensures that you can easily do your job without needing a ladder.

Roller Cover

The roller cover is very important to get right. Spongy covers can typically absorb a lot of stains and thus ensure that you don’t have to dip the cover into the stain again and again. Spongy covers do, on the other hand, tend to give a less smooth finish. Thicker rollers are also similarly able to pick up much more stain than thinner ones.

If you want to opt-in for very fine coatings, microfibers are your best bet. They’re typically more expensive and can hold lesser stain, but they will give your deck a very fine finishing.

Another thing that you may want to consider would be the shed of the covers. Some covers tend to shed a lot of material, which can make the job look messy and make the finishing imperfect. If you want to get a professional finishing, you should opt for anti-shedding covers.

Covers can also help disperse the stain equally and add to the smoothness of the job. A high-quality cover can go a long way into ensuring that the staining job turns out perfect, so be sure to have a good look at the cover that you are offered!

Durability and additional accessories

A durable roller is always good to have. Some rollers tend to break very easily and are not worth the money you spend on them. They may be good for a one-time job though, so you could save some money and buy a plastic roller if you plan to stain the decks just once.

If you want to stain decks fairly regularly though, you’ll find that metal or wood rollers will give you a lot better value. They’ll last you a long time and ensure that your deck remains stained and free from the sun, water, and dust damage.

You may also want to consider what additional accessories you are offered along with the roller. Covers are always nice to have since it can be tough to find the right fit for your roller from the market. Similarly, trays are useful since you would need a tray to carry the stain around while staining your deck.


weight of deck stain roller

The roller can be quite heavy and cause your body a lot of stress during usage. You should ideally try to find rollers that weigh under a pound. There are many available on Amazon, and you should have no trouble finding a lightweight roller to help you along.

However, if you seek a specific type of rollers such as one that can suck paint in or dispel it automatically, or one with extra-long handles, you would have to take heavier models. This is because those features add the weight of the product.


You should ideally be able to find DIY one-time use rollers for under 10 dollars, paired with covers and trays. If you want a more professional look, you could aim for the 20 dollar benchmark. We don’t recommend anything above that price unless it offers a lot of additional handy features, such as the Wagner model.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to prepare a roller for use?
Step 1: Wash the roller covers properly and remove any frayed materials

Step 2: Put the roller cover onto the roller and lock it into place

Step 3: Dip the roller into the paint or stain

Step 4: Run the roller along the surface you want to paint or stain

How to use a roller for staining deck?
Step 1: Pour the stain into a tray

Step 2: Dip the roller into the tray. You may want to roll it to let it absorb the stain

Step 3: Roll the roller over the deck you want to stain.

Step 4: Remove any stray cloth or wool particles from the stained deck before it dries

Step 5: Let the deck sit and dry for about four hours

Step 6: Apply additional coats if necessary


Rollers can help you quickly stain your deck with minimal effort. These handy tools do have their shortcomings though and can create a mess when not used right. That is why it is important to choose the perfect tool for the job.

The perfect tool would help you effectively complete the job without breaking your bank. The tool should also last you quite a few runs to ensure that you can stain your decks and give them proper coatings.

The Katzco roller hit all the checkmarks and was thus our top pick in the list of best roller for staining deck. We hope that this article was helpful to you in making your decision. Happy deck staining!