6 The Best Silverado Turbo Kits In 2021 [Buying Guide]

Most of the racing cars and offroad trucks have benefited from this new invention, and drivers report effortless gas pedal pressing than before with high speeds generated as compared with the previous original car engine design.

Although some states like California have made the kits illegal due to some health effects, it is still allowed in racing vehicles and offroad trucks. Experts say that the correct use of this kit results in tremendous outcomes. Others say that the kit suits a car that you don’t intend to have for a long time.

All these help you to understand the key advantages and downsides of the turbo kit before you make that purchase.

In this review, we have The best Silverado turbo kits selected from several kits online. They craft from quality materials to serve you for an extended time. We also considered the power output so that you have a turbo kit that is powerful to transform the way your engine accelerates.

We have a variety of turbo kits on the market both for beginners and experienced users. Beginners would prefer entry-level types while the experts jump to the high-performance screamers. Either way, you will still get your ideal turbo kit for your car.

With the operations available for you in many online stores, you might face inconsistencies while you are making a purchase. This is where we come in to help you make a wise decision.

Have a look at our top six picks and find out which one suits your car requirements. You will also have the buying guide as well as an overview of some of the burning questions well answered. Follow through to see what each Silverado Turbo Kit has for you.

Single Turbo Hotparts KitIncomplete KitSteel Check Price
GT45 13PC T4 TURBOIncomplete KitSteel Check Price
T04E T3 11pc Turbo KiComplete KitAluminum Check Price
MMI GM VORTECComplete KitWelded aluminum Check Price
Turbo Kit 6466 T4Complete KitAluminum Check Price
LSx 1000HP ChevyComplete KitStainless steel Check Price

1. Single Turbo Hotparts Kit Turbocharger Vortec V8: A Durable Turbo Kit

Single Turbo Hotparts Kit


You are here because you want to improve the performance of your truck and torque. Isn’t it? Well, let us see what the Single Turbo Hotparts Kit can do for you. First, this is a powerful kit with components made from quality aluminum and steel. It will, therefore, last longer with your vehicle.

This turbo system fits engines 4.8,5.3 and 6.0. You can use it if you have a compatible racing truck. You will also like the bolt-on design, and this makes it even simpler to install. Once installed, the system creates powerful torque such that your truck feels like moving straight up a tree.

At the onset of use, it’s fun as you will notice the simplicity that comes with pressing the gas. You won’t change anything as far as your car drivability is concerned. Only the acceleration will feel smoother, which is a plus to your engine.

This kit features a stock driver side manifold, which it was designed to use. Besides, there is a crossover that runs towards the passenger side where the turbo system is located.

You will also like the complete custom turbo manifold that is found in this single turbo system and not in other competitors within the same bracket. It boosts the unit functionality and also differentiates to help you get the best outcomes.

Additionally, the Single Turbo Hotparts Kit Turbocharger Vortec features a v-band wastegate which is loaded with a 6-7psi spring. This helps in diverting the exhaust gases away from the turbo system. Besides, the wastegate regulates the maximum boost pressure in the turbo system, which protects the engine and the turbocharger.

Since the exhaust is hot and requires a durable pipe to keep it serving you for a long time, well, we have the 3″ to 3.5″ stepped downpipe made from high grade 304 stainless steel. This doesn’t rust; instead, it serves to expel the exhaust from the system.

Another protective feature is the cold side of the turbo system designed using aluminum tubing. This distributes heat evenly to keep the turbo in the best performing condition. Also, the tubing is lightweight and won’t give you trouble while handling it.

Lastly, this system has t-bolt stainless steel clamps, which provide the required clamping power to keep everything intact. You will never think about your traditional clamping system, which was right before you experienced the best from this system.

  • It features an intercooler that lasts longer
  • Its 3″ core unit is suitable for up to 800hp which can be expandable if you need
  • Ideal for engines 4.8,5.3 and 6 making it versatile
  • The cold-side tubing comes from aluminum hence lightweight
  • Overall, it crafts from quality metal for durability
  • The stepped downpipe comes from quality steel to serve you well
  • Comes with installing instructions
  • Designed for few cars and sometimes illegal in some states due to the health issues
  • Designed for GM engines only
  • Doesn’t come with the mounting hardware for the turbo or crossover to the bolt flange
Single Turbo Hotparts Kit Turbocharger Vortec V8 LS 4.8 5.3 6.0...
  • Single Turbo Hotparts Kit Turbocharger Vortec V8 LS 4.8 5.3 6.0...

2. GT45 T4 TURBO: A Solution To Power Problems


The GT45 13PC T4 TURBO is our second best Silverado turbo kits on the market. When you are experiencing torque problems with your truck, you wouldn’t want to miss this option. It is a unique type that comes with practical features.

First, the model can improve the intake of air into your car engine so that there is enough pressure in the combustion chambers. It will allow double the amount of oxygen to get into the unit for improved combustion in the chamber. While all this is happening, the gas consumption remains at the same level.

This system is a powerful one such that it will boost the horsepower up to 600hp, which is the top when compared to other competing types.

The turbo kit comes from quality materials comprising steel and cast, and that why it’s able to stand the extreme temperatures during combustion.

The model comes with a quality downpipe exhaust system designed to last and help you expel exhaust from the system after combustion.

There is also a v-band Wastegate to help channel the emissions from the turbo system. This keeps it clean as well as regulating the boost pressure for better engine functioning.

Lastly, as much as this kit works correctly, you will need additional accessories for the best outcomes. Other users have had to adjust or modify it to fit as needed. Above all, check the instructional guide to find out whether your engine is compatible.

  • It reduces the pressure around the intake to make sure that the air entering the system is enough for added combustion.
  • Improves engine performance without sacrificing gas
  • Comes with an exhaust pipe for the emission of the exhaust
  • Has a great downpipe to help in expelling the exhaust
  • Made from quality materials including steel for durability
  • Easy to install as compared to the rest since it comes with fewer accessories
  • You will need more accessories bought separately for best results
  • It is expensive and takes time to install

3. T04E T3 Turbo Kit: The Newest Universal Upgrade

T04E T3 11pc Turbo Ki


Are you looking for a turbo kit that is suitable for almost all the engines? Well, your search should stop at the T04E T3 Turbo Kit, which is the new upgrade with amazing features.

This model comes with a great exhaust system to expel the exhaust leaving your system clear and functioning. All these help the engine to work well and last long. You won’t believe how powerful your engine works when you install this system on it.

Some users have had this installed on their lawnmowers, and the kind of speed discharged was unmatched. It will save your fuel as well as improve efficiency. Above all, nobody will ever blow turbo clouds like you.

Moreover, the system comes from quality and lightweight materials such that it won’t add a lot of eight to your system. In fact, it feels light on your machine by making everything functioning swiftly.

It also comes with a wastegate, which directs the exhaust away from the system, and this improves its efficiency by keeping it always working with clean air while keeping the regular gas consumption and energy conservation.

The unit also comes with a turbo boost controller where you get the amount of power according to your acceleration pace. Luckily, you don’t have to overpress the gas pedal as it feels light and smooth. This means that your legs won’t get the fatigue that comes with hard to press gas pedals like before you installed the turbo.

The installation is stress-free since the manufacturer includes a manual to guide you through the process. Also, you are allowed to make inquiries directly to the manufacturer if you get challenges while installing the unit.

Finally, the oil return drain line is what you need to ensure your turbo system moving parts are working smoothly. For this compressor, the system is clear such that the oil moves through to ensure it is smooth and working well for efficiency.

  • Wastegate available to direct the exhaust away from the turbo
  • It comes from quality materials(metal) for durability
  • Comes as 11 pieces for your boosting
  • The oil return feed line improves efficiency
  • Universal and fits on all your engines
  • There is no v-band clamp
  • It is costly as compared to the competitors in the same bracket however it’s functional than the rest

4. MMI GM Vortec: The Dream Vacuum For Enthusiasts



If you had a turbo system that allows you to install easily, then it would mark the beginning of a stress-free life and a moment full of fun. The great news is that this MMI GM Vortec Twin Turbocharger Kit is exactly what you need in a do it yourself unit.

It comes with clear guidelines for installation. The manufacturer has guiding pictures so that you can see and read clearly as you make the installation work for you. After that, you will jump directly into testing the unit to see its magic on the road.

It comes with other amazing features such as the OEM quality cast exhaust manifolds and downpipes. This will help in keeping the turbo system free of debris created by exhaust fumes and hence improving the efficiency of the unit.

The Mandrel bent TIG-welded aluminum intake piping available is lightweight and durable. You won’t add a lot of bulkiness to your engine; instead, you will get the lightweight courtesy of the smooth and lightweight aluminum construction.

Additionally, your system will feature the bar and plate front mount intercooler, which keeps the unit functioning well even if the high temperatures and pressure overwhelm the system.

Lastly, the system features the complete braided SS -AN oil lines that drain through the movable parts of the turbo system, improving efficiency and lowering gas intake.

  • It comes as a complete kit with full-page guidelines for easy installation
  • The exhaust pipes are easily connected with the truck system hence runs smoothly
  • Aluminum intake piping is lightweight and functions well on your turbo
  • Direct oil lines available to drain oil on movable parts for the turbo efficiency
  • All vacuum lines, PCV system, check valves, and clamps are included
  • Suitable for the GM 4.8L 5.3L 6.0L
  • Weighs only 125 pounds and won’t make your car feel bulky
  • Made from quality materials such as steel hence durable
  • It’s only made for trucks, and hence small machines won’t benefit from its application
  • Other accessories will be purchased separately making it costly
  • Full Page Instructions Included
  • OEM quality cast exhaust manifolds and downpipes
  • Mandrel bent TIG welded aluminum intake piping

5. T4 Silverado Sierra: An Upgraded Turbo Charge For Your Engine

Turbo Kit 6466 T4


Most turbo systems on the market are yet to be upgraded. We found this Turbo Kit T4 Silverado Sierra a new upgrade with fantastic functionality to suit your needs.

It’s precise for the engines with a capacity of 4.8/5.3/6.0/6.2 V8. This makes your unit a multipurpose type for the recommended engines. It delivers the kind of torque you need for excellent speeds and efficiency for the engine.

Some of the notable features include the Dual ball bearing billet 6466 for ease of functionality. You will find it running smoothly courtesy of the advanced bearings.

The Hi-Flow T4 cast passenger and oversized cast driver side manifold are well designed to ease the operation of your turbo system. The branch allows the better intake of air into and out of your turbo system.

The system also features the Stainless TIG-welded crossover, which runs towards the passenger side. It’s durable and doesn’t catch rust. It will work for you for an extended period, and this saves you repair costs.

The other notable feature is the 38mm external wastegate that directs the exhaust fumes away. This keeps the system clean and hence, excellent efficiency and fuel saving.

Lastly, the turbo kit has the 4AN oil feed kit with an adapter plate that helps in injecting oil to the moving parts so that the unit remains functional and low on fuel consumption. This will see you get the required torque from this fantastic kit.

  • It’s an upgraded type with new features
  • Versatile for various engine types
  • Comes from hardened stainless steel hence unmatched quality
  • Has ball bearings for smooth movement of parts
  • The wastegate directs exhaust away from the system
  • The oil line helps in automatically smoothing the unit for better results
  • At maximum effort, it delivers 900hp
  • There are no pictures for installation
  • The unit is a bit costly, but worth it due to the features available
Turbo Kit T4 Silverado Sierra Turbocharger Vortec V8 LS 4.8 5.3...
  • Chevy Silverado / GMC Sierra LS Single T4 6466 Turbo Kit
  • 1999-Current 4.8/5.3/6.0/6.2 V8
  • Awesome hot parts package

6. LSx Chevy Twin Turbo Kit: A Powerful Complete Package

LSx 1000HP Chevy


If you are set to buy a turbo booster, then this LSx 1000HP Chevy Twin Turbo Kit is the complete kit available. For any serious buyer, it feels good to have a complete package so that you don’t spend extra costs buying other accessories.

When it is installed and ready for power, it produces up to 1000hp, depending on your setting. This is powerful enough to leave turbo works behind while your competitors struggle to keep up with the speeds.

Its design is suitable for 4.8L 5.3L 5.7L 6.0L 6.2L LSX motors, which makes it a widely used type on the market.

It features the Up and Forward Stainless Steel Headers and the v-band connections, which improve the efficiency of your tool. All these additional tools feature the best quality hence a reliable way to enjoy your rides.

It also has the CNC Mandrel Bent Pipes for excellent flow, and this is why the unit functions swiftly under a shallow press to the gas.

This is a twin-turbo kit that delivers the maximum torque for your engine without compromising its parts and also the fuel consumption. The only thing you will experience is incredible speeds.

You will also like the necessary fittings and clamps that come with the unit allowing you to use it safely. Additionally, the slimline cooling fan electronic turbo timer fuel pressure regulator and filter kit improve the functionality of this unit, making it the most efficient unit on the market.

  • Comes with pipes for smooth flow hence fast and efficient in operation
  • A versatile type for various motor engines
  • Delivers torque that uplifts the engine to the power of 900hp
  • Made from quality steel for durability
  • Easy to install as the guideline is available
  • One of the few complete kits available
  • The exhaust manifold is well placed to release the gases for smooth engine operation
  • Excellent and friendly customer care services
  • Sometimes when the instructions are missing, you will have a hard time installing the model
  • Some parts may be missing and hence the need to check and ascertained you have the full kit
LSx 1000HP Chevy Twin Turbo Kit Turbocharger v8 LS1 LS2 LS6 LS7...
  • Fits 4.8L 5.3L 5.7L 6.0L 6.2L LSX MOTORS

Best Silverado Turbo Kit: Buyer's Guide

When you want to improve the torque for your current engine, adding a Silverado turbo boost is a fantastic idea. We have shared with you the six best selections you can make any time you feel the challenge to make a choice.

In this section, we will share a few things that you need to consider before you make that purchase. Follow through to find out how to choose the best unit.


This is the first thing and crucial to anyone who wants to buy a turbo kit. You need a kit that will serve you for ages once you install it. This is why you need to be keen on the materials used when crafting the kit. We recommend steel and aluminum as they are the two quality materials for durability.

Complete Kit

Are you ready to buy additional accessories, or you want a complete kit? This is another dilemma. Some manufacturers will not get you a complete kit. You will end up purchasing other accessories for a perfect fit. This becomes expensive for you.


This is one of the key considerations. Find out whether the selection falls within your budget. If yes, go ahead and buy it. If no, then consider other options for your requirements.


The warranty gives you the confidence to purchase a turbo kit and use it. This is because the manufacturer has a cover for you in case of anything. In addition to this, you need to engage their customer care to find out if they are supportive.

Frequently Asked Questions About Silverado Turbo Kit

Can I install the kit buy myself?
Some turbo kits are easy to install and will not take much of your time. Others are technical and require a manual for guidance. If you get a technical unit, ask for installation pictures so that you can make the process easy. Otherwise, you will need a professional for the task.
Can any Silverado Turbo Kit fit a variety of engines?
Well, we have the universal types that are designed for all the engines. We also have the ones specific to certain types of engines. This means that you need to be sure of what you are selecting.
Are the turbo kits great for the engine?
Speed boosting is vital for people who participate in racing. It’s also excellent for the machinery that requires powerful torque. If you are not ready to use the unit in either of the activities mentioned, then you will be damaging your engine. In most cases, experts advise that you install them on engines that you don’t plan to use for a long time.
Is it safe for health?
Well, health issues have continued to be a key concern with the use of the turbo kits. It’s alleged that they can cause congenital disabilities, and this is why in some locations such as California, most cars are not allowed to have a turbo kit.


If you are ready to have the best from your slow engine, then a turbo boost is the way out. We have come across machinery and engines that are fitted with turbo kits. The torque indeed increases, and you get a powerful machine compared to what you had. This improves the work output.

We selected The best Silverado turbo kits for you so that you can have an easy time making a buying decision. In our reviews, we focused a lot on the quality and completeness of the kit. We even looked at the overall functionality. All these are geared towards getting the best turbo kit for the money.

Based on your budget, you can pick the one that meets your requirements and rank in the list of those who breathe turbo fire. Isn't it fun?