Best Snow Plow Lights of 2021 [Buying Guide]

Have you ever driven your truck when the snow is at its peak? Well, visibility is always an issue. We have the best Snow Plow Lights designed to address this challenge.

Replacing the old-style truck lights with new snow lights improves visibility. Besides, it adds unmatched beauty to your truck. You will never dread snow like before since your truck will have the most potent snow lights to take you home safely.

Snow lights come in different shapes with different light intensities. This is to make you select the best deal for your truck. We also have different instructions for installation for your chosen types. Luckily, manufacturers provide the guidelines to make your DIY task pretty straightforward.

Since the advantages of having snow plow lights are overwhelming, you need a great option to make your 2021 a great year. The manufacturers have continued to produce fantastic plow lights to give you options for easy selection. However, plenty of options available for you might be confusing.

We have selected the top ten best snow lights for 2021 for you to beat the challenging weather conditions and also light-up construction sites for efficiency.

Our selection was based on our experiences with the lights and top genuine customer reviews. It aims at assisting you in making an informed decision before you make the purchase.

Comparing 10 of The Best Snow Plow Lights

Snowplow LightsMount DesignBeam Mode 
Buyers Products UniversalDouble MountHigh & low Check Price
Truck Lite 80888 EconomyStud MountHigh & Low Check Price
Grote 64261-4 Per LuxRubber MountHigh & Low Check Price
Peterson Manufacturing LightStud MountHigh & Low Check Price
Auxbeam Led Light BarBar MountFlood Light Check Price
Xprite 240 Led Amber Mini BarMagnet Mount7 Flash Mode Check Price
LE-JX Amber/White Flash LightMagnet Mount7 Flash Mode Check Price
Linkitom Strobe Light BarMagnet Mount7 Patterns Check Price
ASPL Roof Top Strobe LightMagnet Mount16 Patterns Check Price
Smallfatw Roottop led LightStud Mount13 Flash Mode Check Price

1. Buyers Products 1311100 Universal Snow Plow Light Kit: Comes With Dual-Beam Halogen HeadLamps

Buyers Products 1311100 Universal


Are you considering replacing your old truck lights with the new high-quality snow lights? The Buyers Products 1311100 Universal Snow Plow lights stand out. Other than the ease of installing the lights, you will love how they mount correctly and transform your truck’s overall look.

These lights are lightweight, and carrying them for mounting becomes stress-free. The rectangular shape also provides a suitable base for mounting the unit correctly on your truck plow.

After doing thorough research on these lights, we loved the beam setting. It offers three options where you can utilize the high beam, low beam, or signal light to get the best visibility when driving.

We know you will love the quality, which is unmatched. The lights feature a lovely design that crafts from High impact polycarbonate case with a double post-mount design. You can choose to use the toggle switch so that you get the correct lighting option you need for the conditions.

You will also find a manual thanks to the manufacturer. Remember, it’s not an easy task to wire the lights to your truck and hence, the need to find a guide. Even though this process might look simple, always remember that new lights come with improvements and hence the need to consider going through the provided installation manual.

Additionally, the Universal Snow Plow Light Kit comes with everything that you need. You will love the dual-beam halogen headlamps on your truck.

Note, however, as much as the lights look classy and irresistible, you might find it challenging during installation if you don’t have a manual.

  • The kit includes the universal wiring harness
  • The manual provided makes installation easy
  • The halogen lamps are super bright for the snow
  • They are universal and hence an excellent deal for truck owners
  • Come from quality materials for durability
  • They have a dual mount system with a stable base to keep them correctly mounted on the truck’s beam
  • They have three-beam lamp options for you to choose from
  • Weighs ten pounds hence stress-free during installation
  • Lack of an installation manual will give you a hard time. Ensure you have one
  • The clips are hard to get undone
  • The lights are costly, but worth every coin
Buyers Products 1311100 Universal Snowplow Light Kit
  • All-inclusive kit will get your plow lights road ready
  • Universal wiring harness is included. Toggle Switch
  • More Than Just Parts: From snow and ice equipment to toolboxes,...

2. Truck-Lite 80888 Series: Ideal For All Weather Conditions

Truck Lite 80888 Economy


The Truck-Lite 80888 Economy Snow Plow light is another universal plow light you will find irresistible. It has been designed to meet all weather conditions, including snow, all-terrain lighting, and off-road lighting, making it a great value for money.

The set of snow lights comes from high impact Polycarbonate steel and glass construction. This means that your kit will last you forever when compared to other competitors in the same category.

You will love the ability to adjust the lights in different conditions since the unit comes with a switch. The adjustment options feature the high beam, low beam, and integrated park turn lamps. They are super bright and offer the best snow maneuverability to lead you home safely.

Will you have an easy time installing the lights? Well, the fact that these are universal lights makes the entire process easy. Once you have your plow ready for mounting, the light kit comes with screws so that you can mount it firmly to the beam.

Above all, the manufacturer provides you with a guiding manual to see you through the process. If you are stuck, the manufacturer promises to help you out once you make the request.

The twin lights are affordable and a great addition to your truck for safe driving. You will also love the way they add beauty and make your truck admirable by friends.

The halogen lights offer the best deal you will ever get on the market. If you want simplicity, then choose these lights, they deliver as promised.

Even though the manufacturer has provided you with the installation instructions, you will still need to be keen since the universal instructions might find a spec on your car that doesn’t fit. If you encounter any obstacles, you can seek assistance from a professional.

  • The pair comes from high-quality materials
  • They are universal hence a great deal for all trucks
  • The system is super bright to suit all your weather needs
  • Great for all terrains
  • Lightweight for easy carrying
  • It comes with an installation manual to help you get it right when installing
  • The design is impressive and will look great on your truck
  • Features three-beam light settings including the high, low and parking or turn beams
  • They are expensive but of excellent quality
  • Even though you have the manual with you, prepare for any challenge that might come during installation
Truck-Lite 80888 Economy Snow Plow/ATL Light Kit
  • Product Type:Auto Part
  • Item Package Dimension:32.257 cm L X 29.972 cm W X 20.828 cm H
  • Item Package Weight:4.036 kg

3. Grote Snow Plow lamp: Withstands Sub-Zero Temperatures For Hours

Grote 64261-4 Per Lux


You don’t have to empty into your pockets to get some overrated snow lights on the market. All you need is an excellent lighting system with an affordable price range. If this is what you need, then get the Grote 64261-4 Per-Lux Snowplow Lamp.

This is another type of halogen lamp designed to produce incredible light so that you can conquer the deep snow on your way home. The rectangular light sits stable and mounts well on the plow making them safe.

They come from quality glass and Polycarbonate for durability. This is why the type is a suitable model for your tRucks during rough weather conditions. The clear glass allows the bulb rays to shoot to an extensive distance for visibility.

The sealed beam will help the lights to withstand sub-zero temperatures for hours. This is the key difference when comparing it with other light options on the market within the same bracket. That’s why when you buy these sets, you tend to gain more.

Something that we liked most is the ability to set the brightness level for your conditions. We have a low light beam, high light beam, and a turn or parking beam. Whichever mode you need, feel free to jump to it. The included toggle switch makes the entire process even more comfortable.

This is a DIY light type that you pick and get the instructions right away for easy installation. It takes a few minutes once you get the formula. For other trucks, you will need a deep understanding of your previous wiring to figure out the procedure.

If you feel overwhelmed, you can request assistance from a professional. But we hope it doesn’t go that far. Keep in mind that some instructions might look easy on paper but a bit confusing with your wiring format, especially for the universal fixing.

  • The lights are super bright and feature three beam settings for you to conquer the snow
  • It comes with an installation manual for easy setup
  • The rectangular design is fantastic and fits correctly to the beam
  • Perfectly sealed to keep it working even if the conditions are freezing
  • Made from high-quality materials for durability
  • Features the rubber shock mount and center mounting stud which absorbs shock
  • The wiring directions are scanty and not helpful
  • Housing is not that durable and will snap off after some time of use
  • Package Dimensions: 37.211 H x 21.59 L x 36.449 W (centimetres)
  • Package Weight: 4.4 kilograms
  • Fit type: Vehicle Specific

4. Peterson Manufacturing Kit: Meets Your Low And High Beam Light Needs

Peterson Manufacturing Light


Are you looking for the best snow plow headlights for your truck? Well, we got you the Peterson Manufacturing 505K Light Kit so that your search can come to an end.

It’s an incredible type crafted from high-quality materials, and the most outstanding thing is that the lights meet FMVSS 108 and SAE requirements. This is for the safety of the environment and self.

It comes in a low profile design with a well-sealed halogen beam. This design ensures that it looks incredible while on your truck. Besides, the sealed halogen keeps your lights in perfect condition even if the temperatures are super freezing.

The light measures 11-3/4” width x 5-1/4” height x 4-3/4” depth, which is a great size to fit on your truck plow. Since it arrives with all fitting accessories, including the instructional manual, you will find the installation process a breeze, which is a dream for every truck owner.

Do you need to adjust the brightness? Well, worry no more since your ideal choice of light comes with the high, low, and turn beam for you to meet your requirements. The amber plow lights will not only work correctly but also add some lovely looks to your truck.

The kit includes the wiring harness and toggle switch so that you find it easy to install and use instantly. The switch helps you make the required lighting options available for you on a single tap.

It is a lightweight type, and at 8.6 oz, you’ll find it easy to carry and install to your truck effortlessly. This will save you the challenge that comes with complicated models from the competitors. It produces a bright light for you to see through the snow clearly.

Other than the best features on these lights, you will still have to go through the process of wiring, which is a bit technical, even if you have a guiding manual. Some buyers have complained about the manual, which is not deep for you to make installation error-free.

  • It’s a stable type due to the rectangular shape hence will stick to the beam correctly
  • Comes with a manual to help you with the installation procedure
  • The lights are super bright so that you can see far and deep
  • Comes for quality materials for you to enjoy the durability
  • Very lightweight so that you can carry it to your workplace for installation
  • They are inexpensive
  • Has a shock-resistant base
  • The manual doesn’t have an installation diagram
  • It has enough wires but no connectors
Peterson Manufacturing 505K Light Kit, Black
  • Meets FMVSS 108 and SAE requirements.
  • Peterson manufacturing 505-K features a low-profile housing and a...
  • Lights measure 11-3/4" width x 5-1/4" height x 4-3/4" depth

5. The Auxbeam Light Bar: A Waterproof Type For All Your Lighting Needs

Auxbeam Led Light Bar


I am sure that you are looking for a low light that guarantees your performance. We recommend the Auxbeam 4 Pcs 4” LED Light Bar to suit your needs. This is a fantastic piece of light designed to give you outstanding results.

The four pieces, each measuring 4 inches, produce the brightest light for you to see through the most challenging snow. It features a long-lasting lifespan of over 50,000 hours.

This is among the most durable lights to withstand any condition since it features the high quality 6063 aluminum body construction. That’s why it’s able to resist corrosion, dust, shock, and water.

You don’t have to worry about the heat that destroys bulbs since this model comes with a unique design. We have vertical fins for better cooling. By having this in place, you will be able to cover your car battery and also save on gas.

We like the 45 degrees turn that allows you to adjust the light to your preferred direction so that you can use the light for other functions such as indoor and outdoor camping, construction lights, and off-road lighting. They are also suitable as fisher snow plow lights.

Lastly, the lights are easy to fit on your beam. Get the angle you need and crew them to the beam for instant use. Note that they produce a lot of bright lights that can damage your eyes.

  • Very durable construction
  • Come in four pieces for multidirectional use
  • One of the versatile types for your projects
  • Saves battery and gas
  • You can rotate through 45 degrees for additional viewing
  • Has a cooling fan to keep it running for an extended time
  • Features a lifespan of 50,000 hours
  • It can damage your eyes since its super bright
  • Rusts easily
  • Worst customer service
Auxbeam 4 Pcs 4' LED Light Bar 18W LED Pods Spot Beam with 6pcs...
414 Reviews
Auxbeam 4 Pcs 4" LED Light Bar 18W LED Pods Spot Beam with 6pcs...
  • 4" LED Light Bar has longer valid irradiation distance than normal...
  • 18w led pod is of high quality 6063 aluminum body, low current draw-...
  • Voltage: 9 ~ 32V. Lumen: 1800lm. Beam: 30 degree (spot beam pattern)....

6. Xprite Strobe Lights: A Great Type For Your Emergency And Safety Warnings

Xprite 240 Led Amber Mini Bar


Warning lights are great for those who work with emergency vehicles, postal service, construction vehicles, and safety warnings zones. These Xprite Strobe lights are the best strobe plow lights.

It features a powerful LED, which is excellent for emergency vehicles. The housing comes from high-quality, durable ABS material. Besides, we have crystal clear brightness courtesy of the 240 PCS Hi-intensity LED chips.

This is a flashlight that comes with 7 different patterns so that you can switch between the strobes for use as an unwelcome light or when the need arises. This is done through the second switch on the light.

The strobe light measures 12” (W) x 6.25” (D) x 3” (H) to fit correctly on your truck without taking much space. You will love the Straight 10 ft — cable, which helps you connect the lights to power.

This is a durable light that will serve you for over 50,000 hours, making it an excellent value for money. Additionally, the process of installing the lights to your truck is easy as you place the magnetized bottom in a metal exterior.

This strobe light suits all vehicles. You will use it for different scenarios and in all weather conditions without affecting the amount of light produced.

Finally, this is a lightweight light designed to help you secure dangerous places as a warning sign.

  • Great light for multipurpose use
  • Comes from quality materials for durability
  • Easy to install using the magnetic metals
  • Features various patterns for better notification
  • Small size and occupies less space
  • Has 7 selectable patterns at the push of a button
  • Uses the high-intensity lead chips to produce bright light
  • It is expensive but worth it
  • Requires wiring to function and this needs some level of expertise
Xprite 240 LED Amber/Yellow Roof Top LED Emergency Strobe Lights...
  • FEATURE: This LED is great for emergency vehicles, postal service,...
  • PATTERNS: Easy on/off power with 2nd switch to change between 7...
  • EASY INSTALLATION: This strobe light LED is specifically designed to...

7. LE-JX High-Intensity Strobe Flashing Light: Offers A 360-Degree Illumination

LE-JX AmberWhite Flash Light


The LE-JX Amber/White strobe flashing light is a suitable option if you plan to have the best warning and emergency lights. With 30 High-Intensity LEDs, you are guaranteed more useful light than standard models from the market.

Other than night use, these lights are super bright such that you can bank on them during the daylight as they will still be bright. The versatility they offer you is unmatched since you will make use of them on cop trucks, buses, police, emergency construction vehicle, postal service, and safety warning, among other places. This meets all your needs. Isn’t it?

With a press of a button, you get different flash modes in all directions. This means that you have enough light to accomplish your requirements. The flash patterns work perfectly to give the best warning signals for safety.

Since the type comes with a secure and reliable magnetic base, you will install it easily on a metal surface. This is an advantage over the rest, which require specific mounting areas to work well.

We liked the fact that you can use this rooftop light bar in harsh weather conditions, such as heavy rainfall since they are waterproof. This shows you how efficient the lights are and the value you get after buying them.

Lastly, the manufacturer gives you an assurance of aftersale support where you can reach out to the company in case you have any questions. This is great as you will get to resolve any issues faster.

  • The 360 degrees illumination sets the strobe lights above the competitors
  • You will get bright light from the 30 powerful LEDs
  • The process of installation is simple with the available magnetic base
  • Comes from quality materials for durability
  • Waterproof for use even in heavy rainfall
  • It’s a multi-use type and hence an excellent value for money
  • Comes with long wire so that you can easily use it on large vehicles
  • If the mounting surface is not metallic, then you will find it difficult to install
  • As much as these lights are waterproof, you should not immerse them in water
LE-JX Amber/White 30LEDs Safety Strobe Flashing Light Bar Double...
  • 30 High Intensity Leds - Brighter and more effective than standard Led...
  • Waterproof Shell and Universal - The Emergency Light Bar is weather...
  • 7 Flashing Modes - 7 Different patterns of strobing/flashing with just...

8. Linkitom Flashing Light Bar: Easy To Install

Linkitom Strobe Flash Light Bar


The Linkitom LED Strobe Flashing Light Bar is a strobe flashing light bar designed to meet your security and safety needs. The incredible flashlight is so powerful that it works amazingly during the daylight. You will, therefore, find it useful in your car as well as your construction sites.

This is because the model comes with a 16ft straight cord where you can connect to the source of power and, attach it to the rooftop or the highest point on your truck.

You might wonder why this is a popular light among the strobe models. Well, its 30 LED chips make the whole difference, and that’s why it’s an all-weather light for your day to day activities. When it is raining, fog times, daytime, or at midnight, you can bank on this light since it’s super bright to get you through.

This is one of the few types with a stress-free installation method. You will find the 4 Heavy Duty strong magnets very useful on any metal car and plug into a power source. You will love the sticking ability, which keeps the lights safe from falling.

Additionally, the lights come with 7 different flash patterns that feature an independent switch so that you can cycle through the different modes. Its ability to memorize the last pattern used gives allows you to set it once and relax as the pattern repeats itself, which saves your time.

We loved the high-quality construction with a 50,000-hour lifespan. This means that you have a durable flashlight for an extended period of lighting. It is a great way to get value from your investment.

If your vehicle has a 12-volt power socket, then you don’t have to worry during emergencies since this is a compatible light for such situations. Note that the versatility that comes with this unit is lovely, such that you will use it even on your construction sites.

The principal dimensions are 14.5” (W) x 6.5” (D) x 3” (H), which is a sizable option on the place you plan to mount it. Besides, the 3.55lbs means that you can carry the light from place to place without feeling the pressure.

Lastly, the light is fully encapsulated and waterproof, which means that you can use it during fog, car wash, and when it is raining. However, you are not supposed to submerge it since the waterproof ability only prevents running water.

  • Very bright with 30 LED chips
  • Applicable to all your trucks and sites
  • Mounts perfectly on metal surfaces
  • Light
  • Waterproof and well sealed for usefulness in severe weather
  • Offers a wide variety of application
  • Comes with a long cable for you to utilize it even on trucks
  • The prices are great som that you can have one for your truck
  • Cannot attach to plastic surfaces
  • The rubber caps keep falling off
Linkitom LED Strobe Flashing Light Bar -Double Side Amber 30 LED...
  • Super Bright: 30 Hi-intensity LED chips with high visibility in...
  • Easy Installation: comes with 4 Heavy Duty strong magnets (Test go up...
  • Flash Patterns: 7 different flash patterns with a independent switch...

9. ASPL Mini strobe light bar: Comes With A 2-Year Warranty

ASPL Roof Top Strobe Light


The ASPL 48LED Roof Top Strobe Lights are designed to give you the best illumination for all your emergencies, construction as well as offroad movements. It’s one of the top security lights used by police, constrictors, and also drivers to warn and notify impending dangers.

This light features 4 super-bright LEDs per group, which amounts to a total of 48LEDs. You will, therefore, get the amount of light that works perfectly during daylight. This means that you can use it to give signals to oncoming traffic or secure a dangerous place.

It’s a simple type to install since its 2 Suction cup pods with 14 magnets attach to the metallic surface providing the kind of safety you would want for a quality strobe light.

Besides, this model comes with a 16.4ft Long heavy-duty cable to meet your wiring needs. It will be easy to use the lights on tall trucks or even higher construction sites. Just plug in the cable and start using the lights instantly.

About the flash patterns, you will fall in love with the many patterns available. The 16 selectable modes work wonders such that your lights maintain patterns for your lighting requirements.

When you press the buttons for the flashlights, the last pattern recalls memory function works in your favor. It gets you repeated patterns so that you don’t take all your time in keying in the new patterns.

We loved the performance of this light as it penetrated through dense fog, giving you the needed visibility. Also, it comes as a waterproof type that you can use during rains. Note that the lights are not supposed to be immersed in water.

Still, on the best quality, the lights are dustproof and corrosion-resistant. It will serve you for over 50,000 hours.

If other manufacturers do not offer you a warranty after-sale, then get these lights as they feature a 2-year warranty. In case the product arrives damaged, then you get a full refund of your money.

  • High-quality construction for all-weather use
  • The design is fantastic and sticks correctly to the metal surfaces using the strong magnets
  • Super Bright for all day and night use
  • Has a lengthy cable to make it easier to use at high places
  • Features the best prices for you to get one
  • Comes with a warranty of two years with continuous customer services
  • Has 16 selectable flashing patterns with a memory recall
  • Comes with durable housing to keep the internal contents secure
  • Has a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours
  • Doesn’t work well on plastic materials
  • Too much white light hence harmful to the eyes
[Upgraded 5] ASPL 48LED Roof Top Strobe Lights, High Visibility...
  • UPGRADED -- ASPL Roof top strobe light bar use 48 high-intensity LED...
  • EASY TO INSTALL -- 2 x 7 strong magnets with larger thick rubber...
  • FLASH PATTERN -- Double switch buttons setting, 16 Patterns to choose...

10. SMALLFATW Strobe Light Bar: Designed for high intensity with low power consumption

Smallfatw Roottop led Light


We cannot complete your review without the SMALLFATW Rooftop Led Strobe Light Bar. It’s among the best western plow lights for use during an emergency.

It features thirteen flash modes with a switch of a button. You will, therefore, benefit from top-quality lighting so that you can accomplish your tasks during the night as well as daytime.

The great thing is that your lights will recall the last patterns hence repeated them over and over so that you don’t spend a lot of time setting.

The 12ft cable makes it possible for you to use it on higher and longer trucks for outdoor purposes. Just plug into the power source and use it instantly.

The construction is a quality one since the shell comes from aluminum that is resistant to corrosion, rust, and above all, it’s correctly sealed to prevent water from getting in. This is why it adds up as a waterproof light for emergencies, which is suitable for all weather conditions.

This is a universal light system for vehicles with DC 12V – 24V that have a mounting roof for installation. The mounting is straightforward since the manufacturer provides the mounting gear and a manual for you to make no mistakes.

The 12ft cable length is also incredible since you plug it into a power source and use the lights on top of trucks and also higher regions.

We loved the waterproof design that makes your light a quality model for all your outdoor events. Besides, the fantastic quality LED will serve you for over 50,000 hours.

The lighting system offers you 360 degrees view so that you can see all the directions when taking care of a situation.

Finally, the strobe lights have the best after-purchase services where you can call or email in so that you get the required feedback on any questions you might have concerning the light.

  • The amber lights with 72LEDs give you the best illumination ever
  • Mounts on various trucks as long as they have a mounting bar
  • Comes with instructions for easy mounting
  • Waterproof for use in all weather conditions
  • Has 13 lash light patterns with a memory recall
  • Features 50,000 hours of use
  • The cable is long so that you can use it on top of trucks
  • Small and lightweight hence portable
  • If you have a rare installation, you will need more wire
  • The packaging is not great since it comes exposed
SAMLLFATW Rooftop LED Light Bar Strobe Lights for Trucks 38" 72...
  • IP65--The aluminum shell provides good protection for outdoor use, and...
  • 72 LED--High tech LED with flood lens providing high intensity strobe...
  • 13 FLASHING MODES--Easily changing mode with one touch, meeting your...

Best Snow Plow Lights Buyer's Guide

Snow Plow Lights Buying Guide

When you want to buy a snow plow light, you are likely to experience challenges when choosing the best from the flooded market. We have compiled a list of the things you need to look for so that you can make an informed decision.

Quality of the snowplow light

Snowplow lights come from different materials. We have those crafted from glass and plastic. We also have models that come from steel and aluminum. Depending on your use, you can choose whichever option you like. Keep in mind that the metallic casing lights are built to last.


Is your light selection in line with your budget? The online shops have different lights for your money. Find out the specifications you need and compare the prices to make sure that you get the best purchase on the market. You can also wait for amazing deals such as black Friday so that you benefit from the affordable prices.

The beam settings

In most cases, the best plow lights come with three beam modes so that you can choose the intensity of the light you need. The three available models include the high beam, low beam, and turn on parking lights.

We also have a light model with only a high beam. You can choose the one you need for your general use.

Mounting options

The commonly used mounting options are bar mounting and magnet mounting. These depend on your truck design and materials. The magnet mounting requires the truck to have a metallic construction so that the magnet can stick to it.

The bar mounting requires any surface, but the truck should have a mounting place. Above all, you need the mounting gear and an instructional manual. Some manufacturers will provide you with the manual for ease of installation.

The lifespan of the light

Different lights come with varying lifespans. This is the number of hours that lights will serve before they are dead. The higher the number, the better for you since you will use them for an extended period. We advise that you pick lights with over 50,000 hours of use.

The light intensity and patterns available

We have different colors, and the common ones are white and amber lights. These types come with different light intensities depending on the number of LEDs available on each.

We have noticed that the intensity grows with the number of lighting LEDs available. The more the number, the more light you get from the unit. There are also the flashing patterns you will find on each type. Some have higher flashing letters with a recall memory. We advise you to go to them.

Extra things you need to consider are versatility, universal mounting, ease of installation, and warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to wire snow plow lights

1. Have the plow lights ready for fixing

2. Turn the ignition power on

3. Open the front hood on your truck to locate the left and right harness for your truck

4. Disconnect the harness by pulling it apart

5. Find the power for the left and right turn signal by using the 12v testing light alligator

6. Place the blue wire in each groove and close it

7. For the market lights, use the yellow wires which you connect to wire power

8. Run the white wires to a suitable location

9. Run the green and red wires available from each headlight to the cab of your car and guide them to the toggle switch

10. Insert the red wire in the high beam section while the green one in the low beam section

11. Insert the insulation wire in the power section and tighten it

12. Eun the insulated wire to your battery red positive terminal

Wrap all the connected areas with insulation tape and switch on the safety strobe lights for trucks on your truck

How to stop snow from sticking to plow lights
You can stop the snow from sticking to the plow lights using the two methods below

1. Use the clean headlights wax with McGuire’s paste wax when it’s dry outside. It can run for 8 hours without it building up

2. Spray the headlights with pam cooking spray, and the snow will not stick

Can I connect the safety strobe lights for trucks by myself?
Yes, the manufacturers provide you with a guiding manual to see you through. You can also contact the manufacturer directly for additional information.
Are the snowplow bulbs replaceable?
We have the bulbs that are replaceable and require you to have the best gear to remove them. Some are not replaceable and will need you to buy a new plow light. Find out from the manufacturer’s guide on how to replace the bulbs and the available options.


When you are about to purchase the snowplow lights, always go for the best types. We have shared with you the top ten options you can consider. The in-depth review gives you the features, pros, and cons. This will simplify your search process.

Also, you have the key things you need to consider, which include the quality, prices as well as ease of use. These will see you get the value for your money. Besides, you will find your versatile lighting system suitable for your projects.

Take time and go through the review to find out the best model that suits your requirements.