10 Best Sounding Mufflers for V8 Truck in 2021 [Buying Guide]

Do you know in some states it’s a legal requirement to have a muffler inside your vehicle? This is not only a part of the exhaust system but also a portion of your peace. Because nobody really likes the engine bothering with weird and loud sounds while you are supposed to enjoy the ride or reach somewhere quickly.
So, we have chosen out today’s topic to be muffler for v8 trucks. After going through some amazing models. We are here with the 10 best sounding mufflers for V8 truck. Also, there will be a complete section covering the things you need to consider buying a muffler.

We would also answer some of the most frequently asked queries that now users often come across. So, without wasting any more time, let’s dive into the best picks of today!

10 Best Sounding Mufflers for V8 Truck: Figure Out Your Ideal Pick

Of course, the task of figuring out the best out of many isn’t easy for anyone. We had a hard time going through several worthy deals and finally, there’s a list to present. Here’s a simple glance of information that these ten best picks come with.

Getting a complete look over each of these ten is probably the finest way to consider a perfect pick for you. So, here are reviews that are a breakdown of our experience. Make sure to check out the buying guide first, if you are relatively new to the topic.

Flowmaster 953047 Muffler160 Oz.PaintedYes Check Price
Borla 40349 Muffler160 Oz.PaintedYes Check Price
Flowmaster 817568 Muffler1.6 Oz.PaintedYes Check Price
Flowmaster 8425152 Muffler104.8 Oz.PaintedYes Check Price
Thrush 17715 Turbo Muffler75.2 Oz.PaintedYes Check Price
Flowmaster 942547 Muffler75.2 Oz.PaintedYes Check Price
Flowmaster 942447 Muffler11.2 Oz.PaintedYes Check Price
Thrush 24214 Glass Muffler88 Oz.PaintedYes Check Price
Flowmaster 8425154 Muffler108.32 Oz.PaintedYes Check Price
Cherry Bomb 7427 Muffler98.72 Oz.PaintedYes Check Price

1. Flowmaster 953047 Super 40 Muffler – Best Muffler for Turbo

Flowmaster 953047 Super 40 Muffler



Looking for a deep sound muffler? The Flowmaster super 40 muffler is super destructive and aggressive to the exhaust note. It has an amazing turbo base set-up for giving smooth airflow.

Powerful Operations: The Flowmaster super 40 has strong workings that give deep but not irritating noise to moderate perfectly. With these features, a user can simply perform well on higher horsepower trucks for a faster driving experience. These are just some as it has average interior resonance for providing expected results.

Wonderful Design: By looking at its good design, we cannot but have to praise it for its amazing delta flow tech. It is race has proven that gives full support for owners to enjoy driving with better performance. Plus, it has a good option to decrease max fuel usage for driving with no worry of excess bills.

Easy to Install: In our experience on this muffler, we are satisfied with its super performance that helps a lot to install quality and comfortably. Plus, it is manufacture by MIG welding for trouble-free usability to set up at ease. Besides, the product comes with durable and strong parts that help in handling perfectly.

Good Sound: We find some customers comment that they love their good sounds which are not harsh or quiet. Also, it has smooth and simple sounds that lighten up the mood for day driving. With a deep and soft sound, it helps users to drive happily a day after day. For that reason, the V8 truck muffler has become the customer’ss favorite choice.

Overall, the muffler has a deep rumble and a strong exterior for daily usage. It also has 2 hollows that offer maximum efficient support for a desirable and powerful truck driving experience with less noise. The product works amazingly on a powerful engine that doesn’t require excess fuel.

  • The product is super strong and durable to use.
  • It is not loathsome but has smooth workings.
  • The muffler provides good power.
  • It is great for adjusting drone or overbearing sound.
  • A perfect soundless and deep muffle for a beginner.
  • It has no warranty service to replace broken products.
Flowmaster 953047 3 In(C)/Out(O) Super 40 Series Muffler
  • Deep Aggressive Sound Exhaust Note
  • Noticeable interior resonance
  • Excellent performance on high horsepower vehicles

2. Borla 40349 Muffler – Best Muffler for Improved Fuel Economy

Borla 40349 Muffler, a slick one from the best sounding mufflers for V8 truck list



If you want a product that gives good performance with less fuel support, then we may suggest you get the Borla 40349 muffler. It is made of stainless steel for high-quality performance.

Fuel Economy: The Borla muffler is super effective to perform on V8 trucks with less fuel option. In fact, it delivers good efficiency power on a smaller amount of fuel to drive comfortably on highway roads. We find it really impressive for driving in maximum power with better fuel support. Also, it helps to decrease the extra spending on fuels.

Durability: In our experience, we find it super durable and strong for providing effective power on a strong engine. Actually, it is manufactured by stainless steel and lasting material for long-term usage. On top of it, most of the customers give positive reactions to their wonderful durability. So, users can use it as a regular starting point.

Dual Output Design: Another wonderful feature of this product is its multi-core design. Yes, you heard that right as the dual output design offers aggressive deep sound or growl. Also, it helps to reduce back-pressure for driving joyfully with no irksome sound. Besides, this option helps with fighting chemical pollution for improving engine workings.

Good Rumble: We love its good rumble or deep sound that gives a nice vibe for not to feel irritating while driving on a track. Also, it has deep but softer for driving comfortably anywhere anytime. With this option, the product shines bright at the top for beginners to use.

Overall, it has good options to find max support on the engine for improving driving. The 40349 muffler has sensible value, perfect design and better sound for users to use at ease. Plus, it is universal for fitting in any V8 trucks.

  • Good in performance for less restriction.
  • It has a long-lasting design to set truck usage.
  • The muffle works greatly on a powerful engine outline.
  • It has good customer service for solving product related problems.
  • An ideal muffler for fewer noise exhaust systems.
  • We find it hard to install on trucks.
Borla 40349 Muffler ,Metallic
  • Shape:Oval
  • Over All Length:24
  • Tubing Size: 3 Inlet/ Dual 2.5

3. Flowmaster 817568 Muffler – Best Muffler for V8 Truck

Flowmaster 817568 Muffler, my choice for the best sounding mufflers for V8


Another arrival on our list is a Flowmaster product that gives good performance and simple maintenance on V8 truck engines. In fact, it comes with hangers and hardware for adjusting perfectly.

Strong Construction: We find it really amazing for its well-built construction that gives full support on trucks to get an easy and smooth driving. Plus, the 817568 muffler provides maximum efficiency for driving comfortably with no irritating noise. Because of its strong and durable structure, the product shines bright like a work of genius.

Moderate Sound: The Flowmaster muffler has a good and modest sound that gives full support for a smoother driving experience. Actually, it provides deep but not loud sound for driving perfectly on highway roads. With this moderate sound, a user can find better performance on an external exhaust tone for a smooth and comfortable drive on a V8 engine.

Simple Installation: It has better and powerful parts that give full support for simple installation. Plus, the muffler comes with strong hardware with a direct fit exhaust system for easy setup. And we don’t stop there as it provides a good design that helps on sustaining perfectly on truck engines.

Improved Performance: The V8 muffler works greatly for improving engines working so that it gets faster and smoother performance. How’s that? Well, it provides a better exhaust system that works perfectly on less fuel support. With this option, the truck finds good control for maximum driving performance on road to drive at ease.

Overall, it is great in design and performance that gives good fitting. The product has well deep rumble and amazing structure for driving perfectly on the street. Plus, it improves fuel economy that saves money for using it on a day by day basis.

  • The product provides perfect fitting for adjusting to the V8 truck.
  • It has wonderful quality for long-term usage.
  • A perfect muffle that’s super simple to set up or maintain.
  • It gives an overwhelming sound while pressing the accelerator.
  • An outstanding improvement for under full cat-back system.
  • It is expensive at this quality.
Flowmaster 817568 Direct-Fit Exhaust System for Dodge RAM 1500...
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Moderate Sound exterior exhaust tone
  • Includes hangers and hardware for easy installation

4. Flowmaster 8425152 Super 10 Muffler – Best Muffler for Highway Use

Flowmaster 8425152 Super 10 Muffler


One brand that has amazing features and quality for highway usage is the Flowmaster super 10 muffler. Unlike other brands, it has an amazing exhaust system and better power for an easy drive.

Aggressive Sound: The Flowmaster super 10 single in dual out design gives deep but not harsh sound for driving at ease. In other words, it provides a deep growl type sound for finding a max sound level. Plus, the aggressive sound gives a better feel while driving V8 trucks for comfortable driving. Besides, users won’t annoy to find this sound as it is throaty yet soft.

Good Structure: We are in love with its good structure for smoother and better performance. In fact, it is constructed by stainless steel and durable material for finding a strong base. For that reason, the Flowmaster super 10 dual exhaust gives improving efficiency and power while driving on trucks.

Highly Economical: Another thing that we like about this product is its reasonable price tag. Comparing with other brands, it does have good value with a lot of features for beginners to find good sound and maintenance at an economical price point. Besides, the muffler has a powerful and tough construction for smoother driving performance at this price.

Limited Warranty: This two-chamber muffler has a lifetime limited warranty for finding a better replacement that is protected by all Flowmaster brands. In fact, it has 3 years of warranty on stainless steel, exhaust system, and exhaust kits for repairing or restoring broken products. Besides, the muffler provides good customer service for solving problems.

Overall, it has strong and long-term parts that improve the truck’s efficiency or power. The product gives good delta flow tech for the highest performance for a smoother driving experience. Plus, it helps to reduce the chemical usage on airflow for speeding up.

  • It helps in reducing chemical pollution with its pipe.
  • The right muffler for improving driving performance.
  • The product gives peaceful noise for driving trucks easily.
  • It has a good design top to improve speeding up.
  • The product comes at a cheap price at this quality.
  • It is quite hard to install.
Flowmaster 8425152 Super 10 Muffler 409S - 2.50 Center IN / 2.25...
  • Super 10 series
  • Super aggressive sound level
  • 409 stainless steel construction

5. Thrush 17715 Turbo Muffler – Best Muffler for Universal Fit

Thrush 17715 Turbo Muffler



The Thrush turbo muffler v8 is brilliant for newcomer drivers to find the perfect fit for their V8 trucks. It has fantastic support for exhaust settings for finding improved performance.

3-Flow Design: We are in love with its wonderful triple flow design that gives full support to improving efficiency. With this Tri-flow design, it has a 100% aluminum shell for long-term usage. On top of it, the special 3-flow design gives deep sound for truck drivers to find max durability while driving.

Reversible: The Thrush turbo muffler has reversible features to find good support even if you reverse the chamber to get max support on the truck. With this option, a super can easily set up or install the muffler into any V8 truck to get desirable sound adjustments. Also, it gives improve flexibility by its setting to perform well.

Improve Engine Power: In our experience, we find it super useful for improving engine power for finding the loud yet soft sound. Plus, the muffler gives good exhaust settings that help in providing max power and efficiency. With this option, the product counts as an all in one muffler for daily usage.

Excellent Price Point: The truck muffler has outstanding quality for finding better features at a cheap price. In fact, it has lots of features like good installation, max power, and durability, etc at economical prices. For what it’s worth, the product stands out top for its good performance. With this option, users can easily get this muffler to drive comfortably.

Overall, it has good exhaust settings and better design for newcomers to use. The product has a powerful tone and reasonable price for lifelong usage. It also helps to reduce the back-pressure for improving engine working and provides easy installation.

  • The muffler is designed with solid and strong materials.
  • It gives better support for all time operation.
  • A mind-blowing muffler that has a reasonable price tag.
  • It has a 1-year warranty service for having an alternate.
  • The product has deep but not noisy sound for driving comfortably.
  • It works only on larger trucks.
Thrush Thrush Turbo 17715 Exhaust Muffler
  • CLASSIC SOUND -- Tri-flow design provides that classic Thrush sound
  • ENGINEERED TO LAST -- 100% aluminized-coated shell and spun lock heads...
  • FLEXIBLE SOLUTION -- Customizable design offered in a variety of...

6. Flowmaster 942547 Super 44 Muffler – Best Muffler for Lifelong Usage

Flowmaster 942547 Super 44 Muffler, possibly the best sounding muffler for V8 Truck



The Flowmaster super 44 muffler has good construction and unique features for long-term usage. It also has well maintained for improving truck engine performance while long period driving.

Modest Sound: With a deep exhaust note, this product gives a better sound system for smoother performance on the truck’s engine. Plus, it has a harsh sound that is comfortable to drive on the highway without getting irritated. For that reason, the Flowmaster super 44 series is famous for getting a desirable truck sound so that it drives comfortably.

Unique Design: The Flowmaster super 44 single in single out has an amazing design with 2-chamber for smoother and efficient performance on the track. Also, it is race proven for driving at a better flow rate with less noise. We find it really good for its two-chamber exhaust setting that is fixed for adjusting on the truck.

Durable: In our experience, the muffler is durable and strong that is suitable for using many years. Plus, the brand gives better performance and good protection to drive long-term usage. Because of its durability, users find better support and control to use it on trucks for a long period.

Fuel Efficiency: The product has a better fuel efficiency option for using a muffler with less fuel support. In fact, it provides important value to the truck’s fuel system for using less fuel on a long drive. With this option, a user can casually save their money to go into extra spending and find better performance on V8 trucks with low fuel support.

Overall, this brand gives good features and well-made construction at a realistic price point. It has improved efficiency and power for a smoother driving experience at low fuel support. Plus, the product is light in weight and enduring workings that are simple to install for long-term handling.

  • The product exterior is made of stainless steel that lasts longer.
  • It has a good sound system that is less irritating.
  • A perfect product that comes with logical value.
  • It has a better exhaust setting for riding on the main road.
  • Great extension system that improves truck torque.
  • The muffler is not reversible.
Flowmaster 942547 2.5 In(C)/Out(O) Super 44 Series Muffler
235 Reviews
Flowmaster 942547 2.5 In(C)/Out(O) Super 44 Series Muffler
  • Deep Aggressive Sound Exhaust Note
  • Noticeable interior resonance
  • Race proven Delta Flow technology

7. Flowmaster 942447 Super 44 Muffler – Best Muffler for Improving Performance

Flowmaster 942447 Super 44 Muffler


The Flowmaster super 44 has good efficiency and power for regular users that helps in improving driving performance. It has wonderful interior resonance for the perfect driving experience.

Two-Chambered Design: The Flowmaster super 44 2.25 offset muffler has a dual-chambered design that is fixed for truck usage. With this dual-chambered design, the product gives a good set up for getting rid of all chemical pollution on airflow. Plus, it is hard-wearing that won’t take much effort to install for driving at ease.

Inexpensive: We find it good for its inexpensive price tag that provides adaptable features and quality. In fact, it provides good maintenance and a great outline for reducing back pressure while driving on a V8 truck. The most shocking part of this product is all these features come at a reasonable price point for faster driving.

Good Interior Resonance: In our experience, we are greatly devoted to its powerful engine support and good interior resonance. Plus, it provides good adjustments for not taking all spaces while installing on trucks. Besides, the design of this V8 muffler provides a clear and visible interior resonance for adjusting perfectly on any truck.

Trouble-Free to Install: The Flowmaster super 44 2.25 offset out muffler is super easy to set-up on trucks to drive comfortably with a deep yet soft sound level. We find it really amazing as it has a dual output design for smoother performance that is race proven. Plus, it has no internal packaging for a blowout.

Overall, the brand stands tall on our top pick with its mind-blowing design and maximum performance. It has good value and wonderful customer service for the owner to drive comfortably. Plus, the product provides a low sound that is not irritating while driving on the track.

  • It has good quality for getting rid of chemical pollution.
  • The product fits perfectly on any truck as it is universal.
  • A great intermediate that gives a smooth and throaty sound.
  • The dual output design helps to reduce back-pressure.
  • It helps to improve engine power and efficiency.
  • The mufflers are suitable for small trucks.
Flowmaster 942447 Super 44 Muffler - 2.25 Center IN / 2.25 Offset...
  • Deep aggressive exhaust note
  • Noticeable Interior resonance
  • Recent two chamber improvement

8. Thrush 24214 Glass Pack Muffler – Best Muffler for Budget-Friendly Price Point

Thrush 24214 Glass Pack Muffler, another from the best sounding mufflers for V8 truck list


The Thrush Glasspack Muffler has good sound and features at a cost-effective price point for novices to use. It also offers good performance for smoother driving at a sensible price.

Improved Durability: We are not through yet as it has an amazing long-lasting design for using a long period. Plus, it has amazing support on truck airflow that helps to improve the performance for lasting handling. Besides, the product has a strong base and stainless steel layout that makes it super durable for long-term usage.

Painted Design: It has an amazing painted design that gives assurance of a strong and durable base for users to enjoy an adjustable sound level. In fact, the product is made of stainless steel that gives full protection on lifelong advantage. With this design, a user can find full support and a well-built structure to use on V8 trucks.

Low Exhaust Tone: Another wonderful thing about this product is its low exhaust tone to get perfect truck sound. We find it truly useful for its low exhaust tone that is deep and smooth for a better driving experience. Plus, it never gives an irritating sound level while driving. For that reason, this product has become the truck owner’s favorite choice.

Long & Powerful Muffler: The glass-pack muffler comes with an extended and strong base that gives comfortable driving support for truck users. Plus, it is created for clear-cut usage that gives a powerful performance on a strong engine for better support. Also, this long and powerful muffler helps to improve performance.

Overall, it has maximum flow and power for the truck engine to work smoothly. The muffler has good length and features for trouble-free performance for truck drivers to get better driving skills. Plus, it has a universal fitting that can be fit on V8 trucks.

  • The universal muffler helps to improve efficiency and control.
  • It has is super simple to install or maintain for fitting well.
  • A perfect product that provides good rumble.
  • It has a surprisingly quiet sound for a smooth performance.
  • The V8 truck mufflers are for long-term usage.
  • It has no manufacturer warranty support.
Thrush 24214 Exhaust Muffler
853 Reviews
Thrush 24214 Exhaust Muffler
  • VINTAGE SOUND -- Delivers a powerful tone that is ideal for muscle...
  • PREMIUM ACOUSTIC CONTROL -- Exclusive Continuous Roving Fiberglass...
  • ENGINEERED TO LAST -- Durable heavy-gauge steel shell with high-gloss...

9. Flowmaster 8425154 Super 10 Series Muffler – Best Muffler for Reducing Chemical Pollution

Flowmaster 8425154 Super 10 Series Muffler


The Flowmaster super 10 dual mufflers are known as one of the well-built constructions that reduce chemical pollution on trucks. It also gives a good sound system and wonderful airflow on the truck.

Deep Sound Level: The Flowmaster super 10 dual in dual out muffler has an amazing sound level that helps the driver to drive with focus. Also, it has deep but not loud sound systems for faster and smoother performance on V8 truck. For that reason, we are in love with its deep sound that doesn’t give a tiresome feeling while driving.

Long-Lasting: In our experience, we find it amazing for regular usage as it is durable and strong. Plus, this product gives better support to the truck’s engine for faster performance. With this option, the truck owner can find a comfortable driving practice with no trouble. Also, it is constructed by stainless steel and painted for keeping it all-time.

Great Price Point: We find it really amazing with its high features at this price point. Also, it gives good performance for smoother riding with stainless steel construction for long-term usage at a realistic price. By looking at its features, we cannot but have to praise its well-made creation along with good value for beginners to use.

Strong Manufacturer: The Flowmaster super 10 dual exhaust muffler has a tough and powerful design for driving at ease. Plus, it has exterior painted or hard-wearing materials design that makes this product finest for regular use. These are just a few as it gives full support to the engine so that the driver can perform perfectly while driving.

Overall, the Flowmaster super 10 dual-outlet muffler is good in features at a reasonable price for beginners to get. It has amazing construction, a good sound system, and light-weighted for a user to use it happily on the street. Plus, the product gives a dual in and dual out structure.

  • It has a good sound system for riding trucks.
  • The product has a good design that fits perfectly on any truck.
  • It comes with a budget-friendly price tag for long-term usage.
  • It helps to improve efficiency and performance for a calm drive.
  • The muffler is light in weight that simple to put in.
  • A few customers find this muffler complicating to install.
Flowmaster 8425154 2.5In(D)/2.5Out(D) Super 10 409s Muffler
  • 409SS Stainless Steel Construction
  • Aggressive Sound
  • Flowmaster Chambered Technology

10. Cherry Bomb 7427 Extreme Muffler – Best Muffler for High Aggressive Sound

Cherry Bomb 7427 Extreme Muffler, one of the best sounding mufflers for V8 truck


If you are looking for a muffler that has deep but not irritating sound and good construction, then we may introduce to you the Cherry Bomb muffler. It is good in features and quality.

Double Output Layout: The Cherry Bomb extreme muffler is created as a double output layout for finding improved workings on the V8 engine. In fact, it has center-in and dual output pipes that provide low sound while driving on a track. Plus, the oval shape of this product helps in improving sound and airflow.

Universal Fit: Want to know the best part? The ram 1500 cherry bomb extreme muffler is a universal fit for installing in any ram truck. Plus, it has a durable and light-weighted body part that is purposely designed with slighter wings and a smaller body with no inner baffles for maximum engine efficiency and power.

Increase Performance: Another thing we find good is its better performance for driving comfortably. Actually, it improves performance by this muffler that suits perfectly on the V8 truck to provide max sound and power. With this option, users can find a good sound with max power for next-level performance while driving on highway road.

Loud yet Soft Sound: The product provides an adjustable sound system for finding better noise while driving on road. In fact, it has a harsh still soft sound that won’t get on your nerves for a long drive. We find it good for long-term usage that gives exact truck standard noise.

Overall, the Cherry Bomb brand has good features and quality service for users to get improved strength and airflow. It has wonderful sizing that is universal for fitting in any truck. Plus, it has a smaller body for driving comfortably with less noise.

  • It is great at price points with lots of features.
  • The product is universal to adjust to most types of V8 trucks.
  • Perfect for improving max airflow and performance.
  • It provides deep sound still not annoying.
  • The extension system helps to decrease fuel mileage.
  • Red paint doesn’t stay on quickly in short times.
Cherry Bomb 7427 Extreme Muffler
384 Reviews
Cherry Bomb 7427 Extreme Muffler
  • Oval shape
  • Body: 6 inch; overall length: 12 inch; size: 4 inch x 9.75 inch
  • Inlet: 3 inch; inlet position: center

Best Sounding Mufflers for V8 Truck: Buying Guide

Best Sounding Muffler for V8 Truck

After wandering inside such diversity for the ten models, it is only sensible to find out a way through which you can easily pick the perfect choice. Well, we have your back here as well. There are some amazing factors that ensure that your muffler is going to work well for your truck.


There are different designs that you need to aware of while picking a muffler. Most of them come with these three specifications for the design. These are called turbo, straight through, chambered, and glass packs.

The first and second types are basically less sound-making types. These are okay if you want something quieter for your engine. While the Glasspack muffler is quite loud and you can definitely feel their presence through the sound.

Sound Making

Depending on what sort of design you use for a muffler, the sound making can also vary. If you want to go for a louder and aggressive sound then select the glass packed muffler design.

Some are better at keeping it quieter and relaxing with the other two popular types of designs. This is a very important factor to check within your muffler for a safe selection.

Material Quality

There are multiple things that mufflers need to take care of. The list includes debris, road, heat, and of course pressure. So, if it is not made of quality material that can provide sturdiness, your money is probably getting wasted.

The most popular material choices are aluminized or stainless steel. The first option is quite cheaper but get ready to experience some corrosion issues. However, for rainy weather using or simply preventing rust problems, stainless steel is a flawless but expensive choice.

It Needs to Fit, to be considered as one of the Best Sounding Mufflers for V8 Truck

This is basically the most important criterion you need to pay attention to. Because every muffle comes with a certain type of installation. So, there should be an open chat with the manufacturer or seller about some details regarding your vehicle.

Then they should provide you with compatible parts for the muffler. Make sure you don’t forcefully fit something that does not go with your vehicle. This is possibly the worst way to damage certain parts.

Price Point

Another important thing that you need to sort out before pitting your eye for a certain model is the price point. You need to compare the price with what the muffler is willing to provide. It should be something that does not seem to less for the money it demands.

Also, there should be a case of any muffler that provides too much for too little price tag. This is obviously cheap quality and it’ll eventually at some point make you pay more. Maybe by wearing out too early or damaging other parts. So better you go for the middle road.

By the middle road, we mean the route that sounds reasonable with feature sand price. The model you select to be a practically qualified pick that seems to justify the pricing. In most cases, this is the foolproof way to not get tricked later.

Impactful performance to get on the Best Sounding Mufflers for V8 Truck list

Don’t let yourself pick a muffler that does no justice to your vehicle’s functionality and performance. Of course, it needs to be capable of doing certain things like avoiding gas waste. In most states, like the US it’s quite necessary to have a muffler that can reduce noise pollution.

You need to make sure it can carry those standards well. Most of the best models available help to burn fuel more efficiently. This is clearly a win from the economical side for any user.

There are even reports that an aftermarket muffler has the ability to augment horsepower up to ten percent. So, make sure you can enjoy the complete potential of the best grade muffler by buying the most suitable model for your V8 truck.

FAQs About Best Sounding  Mufflers for V8 Truck

How hot does a muffler get?
Sometimes the muffler needs to deal with temperature when the emission system comes into play. In most cases, the heat intensity of the engine has an exhaust system that can handle the heat pretty well.

These are even capable to handle gear up to 1200 degrees in some cases. Mufflers too can get hot in a few situations. But most of the time, this temperature ranges somewhere between 300 to 500 degrees. So, it’s nothing to be worried about and easily manageable by the exhaust system.

How long does it take to replace a muffler?
This actually depends on the installation type your muffler comes with. In most cases, the manufacturer mentions the time needed to complete the installation. But for general cases, there’s a number we can provide for hours needed.

To replace the muffler, you might need no more than one hour. If the case included the mid-pip clocking at the same time though. For the downpipe, it usually takes around two to three hours.

You can have this time added to find out the total timing. We have analyzed it needs around 8 hours for garages to perform the replacement.

What is the difference between a muffler and a resonator?
The main difference between the muffler and resonator is the way both of these handles to volume. The muffler can usually help to muffle overall volume. This is usually across every RPMs.

On the other hand, the resonator needs to totally get rid of unwanted noise or resonance. This has to be at a significant RPM. It’s usually knowns as the exhaust drone.

How to clean the inside of a muffler?
You can use simple soap and water combination to clean the muffler. These are considered as the most non-abrasive materials that are quite useful at performing a cleanup. You need to rinse the interior quite carefully compared to the external parts.

The internal parts are at a risk to come across various rusting of components. These are usually connected to the tailpipe, materials that are prone to rust. Once you get rid of the first layer of muck and grime out, it’s safe to say your interior part is good to go right.


So, this was the list of ten best sounding mufflers for V8 truck that all come with good-looking features set to make your ride a pleasing one. Make sure you are getting something suitable for your needs and choose one particular muffler from the list that serves them best.

It actually depends on you completely which one pick from these ten is actually the ultimate best. One model might sound perfect for what you are looking for but absolutely not suitable for someone with different sets of requirements.

So, your time to figure out an ideal fit for your trucks start now as we are almost at the end of today’s discussion. Hopefully, you’ll make a worthy choice, Good Luck!