Best Stain Removers For a Mattress 2021 [Buying Guide]

If you have children or own a pet, your mattress is eventually going to get stains. When these accidents occur, you’ll want to have the best stain remover for a mattress on hand.

The best stain removers can quickly dig through stubborn stains and help you have a clean and refreshed mattress. There are a lot of different products available though, so we at Valid Pick have reviewed multiple stain removers to select these three cleaners as the best stain removers for a mattress. Let’s get started:

Comparing the Best Stain Removers For a Mattress

Our Pick
Bissell Woolite Advanced Stain & Odor Remover + Sanitize, 22floz,...
TriNova Natural Pet Stain and Odor Remover Eliminator - Advanced...
Chemical or Plant Based
22 FL OZ
32 FL OZ
Customer Rating
Our Pick
Bissell Woolite Advanced Stain & Odor Remover + Sanitize, 22floz,...
Chemical or Plant Based
22 FL OZ
Customer Rating
TriNova Natural Pet Stain and Odor Remover Eliminator - Advanced...
Chemical or Plant Based
32 FL OZ
Customer Rating

Best Stain Remover For Mattress

Our Pick: Bissel Woolite Advanced Stain & Odor Remover – Highly effective at a great price

Bissell Woolite Advanced Stain Remover


If you’re seeking an all-in-one solution for your mattress and other fabrics, the Bissel Woolite is worth consideration. If there is one thing that makes Bissel attractive, it is how effectively it works. It has a deep clean formula which quickly removes even stubborn mattress stains and odors. Allergens are similarly removed. Despite all of this, the product does not smell of chemicals.

Since it’s an all in one formula, the Bissel Woolite is more than just a stain remover and it also acts as a stain remover, sanitizer, odor remover, and refresher.

If you plan to use this stain remover on more than just your mattresses, then you shouldn’t be disappointed as it can also be used on other soft or fabric surfaces like sofa, carpet, and seats.

Due to its effectiveness in removing stains and also odors and allergens as well as its versatility to be used on other soft surfaces, Bissell’s Advanced Stain and Odor Remover is our choice for Valid Pick’s Best Stain Remover for a Mattress.

With that said, this product might not be for everyone as it is chemical based. If you’re seeking a non-toxic or plant based stain remover, then we suggest considering one of the alternatives we selected below.

  • Highly effective in removing stains
  • All-in-one formula so it also addresses odors and allergens
  • Works on most soft surfaces
  • Doesn’t smell like chemicals
  • Chemical based so some users may want to consider alternatives which are plant based


Best Alternatives (which are plant based and non-toxic)

TriNova Natural Pet Stain and Odor Remover

Trinova Natural Pet Stain Remover


With many mattress stain removers which are non chemical-based and free of toxins, the drawback you’ll often run into is the higher price for these types of products. If you want a mattress stain remover which is free of toxins but at a lower price, then TriNova might be the right product for you. While it offers both effective stain and odor removal and is completely free from toxins, the product manages to maintain a lower price compared to other plant based cleaners.

Similar to the Bissell Woolite, TriNova Pet Stain Remover offers more than just stain removal as it also removes odors, so while it is more expensive than the Bissell Woolite, it does offer a good value because of its versatility since you won’t need to buy additional cleaning products or sprays. (And as mentioned earlier, it’s also still less expensive than other non-toxic, plant based cleaners.)

Since it’s plant based and made from natural extracts, you may be wondering though, how well it works and can it really compete with a chemical based product? Per our reviews, the answer is yes. If used as per the instructions, you’ll find stains disappearing in no time. It does a great job of removing them. The odor eliminator also quickly eliminates all odors and ensures that any stench released by your pets do not continue to bother you.

TriNova Pet Stain Remover does work on other soft surfaces as well like couches or carpeting, but it doesn’t work on hard surfaces. You can still use it as an odor eliminator there though.

One potential drawback is the product does have a fragrance of its own. While the fragrance isn’t bad and most users remarked it smells like perfume, for some people the smell can be a little overpowering. As such, we do not recommend this product if you are sensitive to perfume-like smells.

If fragrance isn’t a concern for you though, and you’re looking for a cleaner which is safe for the environment and for any children or pets in your home, which still does a great job at removing stains and odors, then we recommend you consider TriNova’s pet stain and odor remover.

  • Highly effective in removing stains and odors
  • Plant based, so safe for the environment and children/pets
  • Works on soft surfaces
  • Less expensive than other plant based cleaners
  • Some users felt the fragrance was too strong


Cleanly Mattress Cleaner and Stain Remover Spray

CLEANLY Mattress Cleaner Spray

No products found.

If you want a product that is dedicated to mattress cleaning, Cleanly offers you the perfect choice. The mattress spray is not only made especially for your mattress stain removal but also ensures that you are not exposed to any toxins in the usage.

The spray is very effective and quickly manages to remove any stains from a mattress. The spray is also easy to use, and you don’t have to mix water or set proportions. You can simply start spraying. Once you have sprayed, the liquid digs into the mattress and removes any stains. The bacteria are also killed by the product, and your mattress is left sanitized.

The product is an all-in-one and includes an odor remover. This would remove any foul stench that your mattress might be giving off. Eucalyptus and Lavender oils are used and give the product a nice fragrance.

Much like the TriNova stain and odor remover, this product is based entirely on plants. This means that you don’t have to worry about the product being toxic for you. The bio enzymes dig through your mattress and keep it both clean and safe.

The product also goes one step ahead in terms of protecting the environment. Other than being organic, it is also vegan and cruelty-free. This means that your product does not involve any form of harm to animals.

Despite being a great stain remover when it comes to mattresses, it is important to note the spray is made specifically for mattresses. While that doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t work on other soft surfaces, it is not made for them and we weren’t able to determine how it will perform on carpets or couches.

This means it would be unable to remove stains with the same level of effectivity from other surfaces, and might not work on hard surfaces at all. If you want a stain remover that works on most surfaces, you should buy another product.

The main drawback is it’s price. You only get 8 FL OZ of spray in a bottle, so on an ounces basis, its the most expensive product we reviewed.

  • Effectively cleans stains and odors
  • Made specifically for mattresses
  • All-in-one
  • Non-toxic
  • Vegan and cruelty free
  • Can’t be used on other surfaces
  • Priced steeply


Things to Consider Before Buying

Stain Remover For Mattress Buying Guide

Now that we have reviewed some of the best stain removers for a mattress, let's cover areas to consider when picking the right product for your needs:

Chemical-based or plant-based?

There are two different types of products that you may encounter when you are trying to buy a stain remover. Some are chemical-based and some are plant-based. So which ones should you opt for?

  • Choose plant-based products if you want environmentally friendly products. These are not toxic, and will not cause harm if they spill into the groundwater. They would typically cost you a little higher though, and won’t remove non-organic stains.
  • Choose the chemical-based products if you want cheaper products that would remove non-organic stains as well as organic ones. These products are harmful if your skin is exposed to them though, so be careful if you’re using them around your children or pets.

Stain remover, odor eliminator, refresher, or Sanitizer?

Another important consideration when buying a Stain remover is if you want a simple Stain remover or one with additional functions as well.

  • If you do not have any odor problems and do not wish to sanitize or refresh your upholstery, then buying an all-in-one solution makes little sense. You can find simple stain removers for much cheaper than that.
  • If you intend to also buy separate deodorants, odor eliminators, sanitizers, or refreshers though, then you can simply buy products that offer these already paired with stain removers. An odor eliminator removes the stench, a sanitizer kills bacteria, and a refresher gives a like-new touch and feels to the surface you use it on.

This ensures that you do not have to go through multiple applications, and can save you a lot of costs as well.

The surface you will use the product on

Using Stain Remover on Mattress

If you plan to use the product on a singular surface, such as a mattress, then products like the Cleanly stain remover offer you greater value. This is because they are made for that particular purpose and can quickly run through stains in it.

However, if you wish to use the product on most fabrics and soft surfaces, then using something like the Bissel Woolite makes a lot more sense since you won’t need to keep separate liquids for every surface.

If you also wish to remove stains from walls, tiles, and wood, then products like Clorox are a must-have since they can work on any of those services.

Type of stains

All stain removers do not work on all surfaces. That is why it is important to realize what type of stain you are attempting to remove.

If you are primarily dealing with organic stains, such as pee, poop, vomit, blood, or food spillings, then you can use natural stain removers to help you undo the markings.

However, if you plan to use the stain remover on non-organic material as well, then you would need powerful solutions such as those offered by Bissel Woolite.

Ease of use

Not all stain removers are easy to use. Some of the stain removers might be very difficult to use. The Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminator, for example, requires mixing water before usage. This makes usage somewhat difficult.

You would be good with most products if you don’t mind adding water and vacuuming the place once the stains have vanished. A little scrubbing may also be necessary.

However, if you seek instant stain removal without much effort, then products like the Folex should naturally be the ones that you should aim for. They would offer you a lot of ease when it comes to usage.


When it comes to stain removers, the price can be tricky. This is because not all bottles are of the same size. The easiest way to compare prices is to thus find out what the cost per FL OZ is for the product.

Most products would cost you under a dollar per FL OZ. However, you should allow another dollar for products that are natural and plant-based, and contain no chemicals.

Anything above a dollar per FL OZ for chemical and two dollars per FL OZ for natural plant-based stain removers is too expensive, and you can typically find cheaper products with similar functionality.

In trying to determine the price per FL OZ, be sure to use the FL OZ of the prepared solution. This means that you should consider the Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminator to be 128 FL OZs and not the 8 that comes out of the bottle.

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes yellow stains on mattress?
Sweat, body oils, and urine tend to accumulate in your mattress over time. This causes the mattress to stain yellow.
How to clean a mattress with baking soda and vinegar?
This can be done in a few simple steps.

Step 1: Spray plenty of diluted vinegar over the mattress stains and let it rest

Step 2: Use a succulent (toilet paper, sponge, any other material) to blot out the liquid

Step 3: Sprinkle baking soda over the mattress stains

Step 4: Let it rest for an hour and then vacuum the mattress clean

How to remove sweat stains from mattress?
To do so, you should first remove the moisture from the mattress. You can do so by letting it rest under the sun. Then, you can simply use vinegar and baking soda, or any of the stain removers to remove the sweat stains from the mattress.
How to clean mattress urine?
You should first soak the mattress with diluted vinegar. Then blot out the vinegar and use baking soda or stain removers on the mattress to remove the urine.
How to deep clean a mattress?
Step 1: Remove any sheets from the mattress

Step 2: Vacuum the mattress

Step 3: Add stain remover with water, or vinegar with water onto the mattress stain

Step 4: Blot out the liquid once the mattress is soaked

Step 5: Remove all moisture

How to clean a used mattress?
Step 1: Remove the sheets

Step 2: Vacuum the mattress

Step 3: Place baking soda onto the mattress for 24 hours

Step 4: Vacuum the baking soda

Step 5: Use stain remover with water to deep clean the mattress

Step 6: Notice any remaining stains and use undiluted stain removers on those areas

Step 7: Remove moisture

How to clean mattress without a vacuum?
You can clean your mattress without a vacuum by using instant stain removers. You can also use a solution of vinegar and water and then remove moisture using toilet paper and sunlight.


Stain Remover For Mattress Before and After

Hopefully your mattress isn't as stained as the one pictured above! But regardless of how much your mattress is stained, we hope this guide will make it easier for you to pick the right cleaner for your needs. The choice really comes down to do you want a plant based, non-toxic cleaner (which will be more expensive) or are you ok with a chemical based cleaner? Only you can decide which is right for you.