Best Straight through Muffler [2020 Buying Guide]

The “Vroom Vroom” of an engine can sound fun at times as you show off your car or truck, but if your vehicle is too loud, you may find your neighbors wanting to have a word with you! What can you do to reduce the sound of your engine while keeping some rumble? Use a straight through muffler, of course!

What is a muffler you ask? Well, this tiny gadget is pretty useful when comes to suppressing the sound of your engine. It is fixed at the rear of your exhaust pipe and helps in reducing the noise of the engine along with controlling the backpressure.

Best Straight through Muffler

But why is it so important? With a muffler in place, you’ll see a vast difference in your vehicle’s performance as your car will consume less fuel, and less fuel being used means you’ll save money not having to fill up at the gas pump as often.  And of course installing a straight through muffler will dampen the sound of your vehicle enough so you’ll still be able to turn heads without going overboard.

So if you still haven’t installed a straight through muffler yet and are confused about which one to buy, read our Valid Pick review of the best straight through mufflers to help you choose one that is most compatible for your car or truck.

Comparing The Best Straight through Muffler

Without prior knowledge, we understand how difficult it would be for you to buy a muffler for your vehicle.  This is why we at Valid Pick have put together this guide of the top straight through mufflers, which offer great performance and are highly durable.

Straight MufflerFit TypeWeight 
Flowmaster 3"In(C)/Out(C) Flow Fx Universal6.2 pounds Check Price
Magnaflow Performance Exhaust Universal8 pounds Check Price
Borla straight through muffler SUniversal8 pounds Check Price
LCGP 3" Universal ResonatorLimited3.64 pounds Check Price
Upower Exhaust TBM2616 MufflerLimited5 pounds Check Price
Thrush 24214 Glass Pack MufflerMostly Fit5.5 pounds Check Price
EVIL ENERGY 2.5"Inlet 4"OutletUniversal fit4.04 pounds Check Price
MagnaFlow 18125 Exhaust MufflerMostly Fit5.66 pounds Check Price
Dynomax 17267 Ultra Flo MufferMostly Fit8 pounds Check Price
SYKRSS N1 3" Burnt Tip MufflerUniversal fit2.51 pounds Check Price

1. Flowmaster 71419 3.00″In(C)/Out(C) Flow Fx Muffler

Flowmaster 3.00 In(C) Out(C) Flow Fx Muffler


Let’s start with the Flowmaster straight through muffler 71419 offering universal fitting and moderate sound level.

This one follows a straight design encased in a stainless steel body, which guarantees long lasting performance.  Moreover, the Flowmaster 71419 has been welded together which makes it easy to fit different types of vehicles.

It also gets great reviews for its ability to dampen sound but not too much, so if you want to still maintain some distinctive rumble or “hot rod” sound the Flowmaster would be a great choice.

  • Welded together
  • Encased in stainless steel body
  • Universal fitting makes it compatible with most vehicles
  • Creates moderate sound
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Some people may find it louder than other mufflers available in the market
Flowmaster 71419 3.00'In(C)/Out(C) Flow Fx Muffler, Round, 14'
373 Reviews
Flowmaster 71419 3.00"In(C)/Out(C) Flow Fx Muffler, Round, 14"
  • durable fully welded 409s stainless steel case
  • straight through design
  • moderate exterior performance tone

2. Magnaflow Performance Exhaust 10416

Magnaflow Performance Exhaust


Want something cool and sassy for your car? Try out the new Magnaflow straight through muffler!

This one is designed to muffle the sound of your car or truck while adding beauty to its look. The Magnaflow exhaust 10416 is created with great precision which makes it an easy fit for most cars. Hence, no matter which model vehicle you own, the addition of this muffler will be a benefit!

It does offer universal fitting but to ensure its the perfect fit for your car, you may need to cut down the edges or trim them for better installation. Nonetheless, installing this muffler isn’t difficult and from our research most people report it’s fairly straightforward.

The Magnaflow muffler follows a straight design with a stainless steel case which promises durability.  Also the addition of a stainless steel mesh wrap helps the muffler deliver a smoother and deeper tone which sounds cool!

Lastly, if you’re looking for a resonator, the Magnaflow is versatile enough to be a great choice!

  • Creates less noise
  • Works great as a resonator and muffler
  • Offers universal fit
  • Comes in a stainless steel case
  • Stainless steel mesh for smoother and deeper sound
  • May need small adjustments during installation
  • The carbon wire used in welding the muffler will rust away in time
  • Some car owners may find it too loud for their taste
MagnaFlow 4in Round Center/Center Performance Muffler Exhaust...
488 Reviews
MagnaFlow 4in Round Center/Center Performance Muffler Exhaust...
  • BRUSHED SATIN FINISH - The brushed satin finish of this universal...
  • DEEP SIGNATURE MAGNAFLOW SOUND - This universal muffler is engineered...
  • UNIVERSAL FIT - The universal configuration of this performance...

3. Borla straight-through muffler 40842S S

Borla Straight Through Muffler


Quiet, straight through muffler, the Borla 40842S S is an amazing product to suppress annoying car sounds!

It consists of a tubing size of 2.5 inches, which is pretty decent. Moreover, it comes packed with multi-core technology which allows you to enjoy a noise-free drive every time. And yes, fixed at the back of your Accord or Jeep, this gives it a “great” look.

The Borla 40842S S is easy to install and is as powerful as a horse. The stainless steel body guarantees timeless performance. But does that mean it utilizes more fuel to run? No, it does not!

Thus, a full modern muffler that rocks performance, the Borla 40842S S is what every car owner needs for the louder, smoother, and deeper sound of their vehicle.

  • Stainless steel case for life long performance
  • Consumes less fuel
  • Easy to install
  • Packed with multi-core technology for better performance
  • The muffler is thoroughly powerful
  • Provides satisfactory exhaust emission
  • Affordable
  • Provides absolute value for money
  • The sound quality could be improved
Borla 40842S S-Type Muffler
153 Reviews
Borla 40842S S-Type Muffler
  • Engineered to provide excellent exhaust emission and internal power...
  • Features a multi-core technology
  • Manufactured from T-304 stainless steel

4. LCGP 3″ Universal Resonator

LCGP 3 Universal Resonator


The next place on the list of the best straight through muffler goes to the LCGP 3 inches universal resonator! An amazing gadget that may not be a perfect fit for every vehicle, but a great performer where it fits right!

Like others on the list, this resonator is also made from stainless steel which adds to its lifelong performance. Moreover, with a 3 inches inlet and outlet, the round straight cut shape makes it the best 3 inches straight-through muffler.

Furthermore, if we talk about performance, this one excels in every way. It reduces the noise of the engine while acting as a resonator equally well. The LCGP muffler is popular for its stainless steel body as well.

The LCGP does not include an installation guide, and professional installation is required, so you’ll need to incur the cost of an install.  Apart from these downsides though, its a great choice for a straight through muffler and the deep and smooth sound it delivers is truly music to the ears of car enthusiasts.

  • Stainless steel casing
  • Round straight cut design for better sound quality
  • Reduces engine noise
  • Performs equally well as a resonator
  • Produces deeper and smoother sound
  • Need professional help for installation
  • It needs to be welded
  • Does not comes with an installation guide
LCGP 3' Universal Resonator, Straight Through Performance...
122 Reviews
LCGP 3" Universal Resonator, Straight Through Performance...
  • 3" inlet & outlet, 16" Overall Length Performance Resonator.
  • Straight Throught Design, Deep Tone Muffler. Reduce Engine Noise.
  • Stainless steel construction for lifelong protection.

5. Upower Exhaust Muffler TBM2616 with stainless steel body

Upower Exhaust Stainless Steel Muffler


Talk about a true beast in performance, this muffler is truly powerful! It comes embedded with modern technology which is what makes it hard to resist. Don’t believe us? The Upower exhaust muffler measures 14 inches in length with an inlet and outlet of 2.5 diameters.

It sounds ordinary, right? The magic lies in the design! This muffler comes with a non-reversible, straight-through flow path which helps it reduce engine noise and resonate sound. You guessed it right! It happens to increase the sound, creating a much deeper tone.

The Upower  also comes with CRF (continuous roving fiberglass) technology embedded inside.  This allows the muffler to absorb unwanted resonance, reduces pressure, and clears the exhaust flow making it a great choice for a straight through muffler.

One downside is you’ll need professional installation as the muffler is welded together offering minimum flexibility and no universal fit.

Despite this though, the performance it delivers is unbeatable.

  • Interiors consist of CRF technology
  • Stainless steel body for corrosion-free performance
  • Non-reversible straight-through design for higher performance
  • Produces a deep, clean, and smooth tone
  • Comes with 1-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Some may find the sound too loud
Upower 2.5 Inch Inlet Muffler 2.5' In(C)/Out(C) 6' Round 14' Body...
81 Reviews
Upower 2.5 Inch Inlet Muffler 2.5" In(C)/Out(C) 6" Round 14" Body...
  • Inlet: 2.5" inner diameter - Outlet: 2.5" inner diameter - Overall...
  • 100% welded design for long-lasting durability turbo muffler
  • Stainless steel construction for lifelong protection

6. Thrush 24214 Glass Pack Muffler

Thrush 24214 Glass Pack Muffler


Isn’t this red beauty at delight to look at? But do not be overwhelmed by its looks as the Thrush 24214 glass pack muffler delivers heavy-duty performance, reducing noise and resonance at the same time!

The Thrush 24214 is easy to install and as much as you do not require any efforts to right fix it in place, the straight-flow design makes it highly compatible with most vehicles.

Moreover, this muffler consists of a stainless steel gauge shell that is painted off to make it corrosion resistant. This is why, if we say that the Thrush muffler delivers durability by lasting much longer as compared to other mufflers, it won’t be wrong.

Next, how can we miss out on discussing the CRF technology this muffler comes with. The inside of the muffler is covered with fiberglass and when paired with a straight-through design, it improves the flow of the fumes and sound waves, converting them into a powerful tone.

Furthermore, the addition of expandable bushing gives the gadget versatility, making it easier to use for a custom application. Thus, if we say that the muffler is compatible with most vehicles that would be equally justified.

And let’s not forget the ease of installation it provides. Neither do you need a professional for help nor any complex tools to fix it, because Thrush has ensured to provide you with a muffler that is super easy to install yet promises powerful performance for much longer?

  • Easy to install
  • Straight flow design for powerful tone
  • Stainless steel gauge shell for added durability
  • An expandable bushing that makes it easier to use for custom application
  • Embedded with CRF technology the promises high-end performance
  • Baffles the sound hence, reducing it to a huge extent
  • Affordable
  • Maybe a little too quiet for many car owners
Thrush 24214 Exhaust Muffler
853 Reviews
Thrush 24214 Exhaust Muffler
  • VINTAGE SOUND -- Delivers a powerful tone that is ideal for muscle...
  • PREMIUM ACOUSTIC CONTROL -- Exclusive Continuous Roving Fiberglass...
  • ENGINEERED TO LAST -- Durable heavy-gauge steel shell with high-gloss...

7. EVIL ENERGY 2.5″ Inlet 4″ Outlet Burnt Exhaust Tip Muffler

EVIL ENERGY 2.5Inlet 4Outlet Burnt Exhaust Tip Muffler


Here is another muffler, one by Evil that is a universal fit! With these types of mufflers, you never have to worry about it being the “right” fit for your vehicle but most fit different models of cars without a problem.

What makes this muffler so amazing? It is the ease of installation that it offers! That is right! The Evil Energy muffler uses a bolt to fix it in place but that doesn’t mean you’ll have spent hours on it. Moreover, if you have an exhaust pipe that measures up to 2.5 inches, this one will the perfect fit for it.

This muffler sounds exciting, right? Wait until you hear more! It comes encased in a polished chrome stainless steel shell, helping it withstand the daily abuse on the road and performing like a pro for many more years.

Moreover, the straight-through design allows easy flow of the sound waves while reducing the resonance to creating a tone that is smoother and deeper. And to top it off, Evil Energy offers a 3 months manufacturer’s warranty with it and 24×7 after-sales services, so that in case you have a problem with the product, the company is easy to reach.

  • Easy to install
  • Uses bolts to fix in place
  • Comes in a polished chrome stainless steel shell
  • 3 months manufacturer’s warranty included
  • Straight through design for restriction-free flow of sound
  • Universal fit
  • After-sales service to deal with problems and complaints
  • Spectacular outlook
  • Not too loud
  • The sound it produces maybe a little too low for some users
  • Some car users may need to cut off the edges as it may stick out of the bumper
  • A little adjustment may be required when installing it
EVIL ENERGY 2.5' Inlet 4' Outlet Burnt Exhaust Tip Muffler...
2,167 Reviews
EVIL ENERGY 2.5" Inlet 4" Outlet Burnt Exhaust Tip Muffler...
  • Universal fit for all 2.5 inch exhaust pipe,as long as your exhaust...
  • Polished Chrome stainless steel, The burnt muffler is 2.5 inch inlet,...
  • Straight-through muffler design reduces back pressure while absorbing...

8. MagnaFlow 18125 Exhaust Muffler

MagnaFlow Exhaust Muffler


Magnaflow is one of the top brands when it comes to quality mufflers! Thus, adding another one of its wonderful productions won’t be a shock!

This dyno-proven muffler comes proudly encased in an aluminum shell that guarantees protection against corrosion. Thus, long-lasting performance is what you can expect from this product.

Wait, we haven’t finished yet! The Magnaflow muffler is a simple design straight-through muffler with the addition of loose fiber acoustic material that ensures to make your vehicle’s performance better.

How? It helps reduce the pressure on the engine, thus not only does it perform better but also consumes less fuel which allows you to save a few bucks.

Moreover, the muffler measures 18 inches in light with an over-length going up to 22 inches. Hence, if you’re looking for a muffler that increases your vehicle’s performance and horse while producing a pretty traditional sounding tone, the Magnaflow 18125 is not to miss out on.

  • Aluminum body that protects it against corrosion and offers maximum durability
  • Dyno-proven
  • The inclusion of loose fiber acoustic material makes it cost-effective in performance
  • Reduces sound while producing a deeper tone
  • Straight flow design for a restriction-free passage which increases horsepower
  • Affordable
  • Cheaply manufactured as reviewed by some car owners
  • The sound may not be loud enough
MagnaFlow Glasspack 3.5in Round Center/Center Performance Muffler...
48 Reviews
MagnaFlow Glasspack 3.5in Round Center/Center Performance Muffler...
  • SINGLE-STAGE PACKING - The single-stage packing configuration within...
  • DEEP SIGNATURE MAGNAFLOW SOUND - This universal muffler is engineered...
  • UNIVERSAL FIT - The universal configuration of this performance...

9. Dynomax 17267 Ultra Flo Stainless Steel Muffler

Dynomax Ultra Flo Stainless Steel Muffler


The Dynomax 17267 Ultra Flo muffler is another beauty that we couldn’t resist to mention in the list!

This shiny muffler consists of a perfectly constructed steel shell that promises maximum durability. Moreover, its dyno proved which means you can now enjoy flow up to 2,000 SCFM and up to 1,900 horsepower support.

Like others, this one too boosts the straight-through design while incorporating the CRF technology that absorbs unwanted resonance, hence producing deeper sound during its performance.

Not only is the Dynomax 17267 ultra flow a great performer but certainly a delight to lay eyes on too!

  • Stainless steel construction for corrosion-free performance
  • Dyno-proven that supports up to 1,900 horsepower
  • Polished finish for extra shine
  • CRF technology that absorbs resonance and produces a deeper sound
  • Fits most vehicle
  • Does not offer a universal fit
Dynomax Ultra Flo 17267 Exhaust Muffler
15 Reviews
Dynomax Ultra Flo 17267 Exhaust Muffler
  • PREMIUM ACOUSTIC CONTROL -- Exclusive Continuous Roving Fiberglass...
  • SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE -- Straight-through design ensures unrestricted...
  • POLISHED STAINLESS STEEL -- Engineered to last, stainless-steel...

10. SYKRSS N1 3″ Burnt Tip Muffler

ESPEEDER SYKRSS N1 3 Burnt Tip Muffler


Lastly, let’s discuss the SKYRSS burnt tip muffler, a super performer made from heavy-duty steel that guarantees to produce a deeper sound that is good to the ears!

Like all the other mufflers, this one too comes with a stainless steel body. The only difference is that it has an extra layer of polish over the shell which makes it all glossy and shiny.

Although, it offers universal fitting, making it compatible with most vehicles but note that it won’t fit an exhaust pipe that roughly measures up to 2 inches. Thus, before you get your hands on this one, be sure of the measurements of our car’s exhaust pipe.

Moreover, the muffler is constructed using two layers of stainless steel and premium sound-absorbing cotton, which allows it to create a deep tone without compromising on the vehicle’s performance.

You understood it right! The SKYRSS burnt tip muffler absorbs resonance and sound waves while releasing the pressure on the engine, hence leading to increased horsepower and better performance.

This muffler utterly “good-looking” and packed with some great features! Thus, what else could you ask for?

  • Dual-layer construction of stainless steel and premium sound-absorbing cotton for a deeper tone
  • Stainless steel case protects it against corrosion
  • Polished surface adds shine, giving it a beautiful outlook
  • Reduces pressure on the engine and increases horsepower
  • Offers universal fit
  • Does not fit an exhaust pipe measuring at 2 inches
SYKRSS 2 inch Inlet Muffler Exhaust 2' to 3' Exhaust Muffler...
108 Reviews
SYKRSS 2 inch Inlet Muffler Exhaust 2" to 3" Exhaust Muffler...
  • Dimension: 2 inch inlet, 3 inch outlet, Overall Length: 14.8 inch....
  • High Quality Material: SYKRSS exhaust tip built with mirror polished...
  • 2 in 1 Design: This is a 2 inch muffler with blue burnt exhaust tip,...

Buyer’s Guide:

Straight through Muffler Buying Guide

Well, we have already mentioned the best straight through mufflers above, but we know you’re still confused. If you’re wondering how do we know which muffler is the best and which is not, stop right there!

Here we have penned a few basic features that you need to consider when buying a muffler because these are the ones that will help you distinguish between “good” and “best”. Still, confused? Just read on!

Sound and Design

The main reason why someone buys a muffler is to reduce the noise of their engine. But then, how would you know which muffler will do the job best? Note that a glass packed muffler tends to create a loud crackling sound while a chambered one reduces the noise.

What purpose you need the muffler for will influence your decision.


If you are a rugged driver, know that speeding on bumpy paths will abuse your muffler with water, debris, and dirt. Thus, it means decreasing the performance and life within a short span of it if the muffler is made of light material.

For equipment that will withstand the beating of the time, you need to make sure you buy a muffler that is made from heavy-duty material so it lasts longer. Hence, materials like aluminum and stainless steel are not only rust and corrosion-resistant but will withstand the abuse along the drive without compromising on performance.

Configuration of the Exhaust

What kind of an exhaust configuration are you looking for? 1 chamber vs 2 chamber muffler, choose one that best suits your needs. Some cars come with dual exhaust pipes, so there is no other option than going for a 2 chamber muffler.

On the other hand, if you want a deeper and smoother tone, that 1 chamber muffler might not be able to deliver to the fullest, go ahead with the 2 chamber one!

You even get the best performance muffler for 4 cylinders but then again, which configuration you choose solely depends on your needs.

The Smog Certification

Yes, mufflers do make a cool addition to your vehicle but before you move on to buy just any other muffler; you should know the basics of the smog test.

Not every muffler is “street legal”, thus looks for ones that create no fumes and pass the smog test. Without the smog certification in hand, you won’t be able to drive about the streets freely.

Choosing the right fit

This is important because not every muffler is compatible with every car. Before you head out to buy one, stop and ask yourself:

  • Is your car’s exhaust configuration single or dual? This way you’ll be clearer as to which muffler to buy, one with a single inlet or dual inlet.
  • What is the diameter of the pipe? Why do we ask? Because once you know the size, it will help you choose a muffler that fits perfectly.
  • Is the muffler offering ground clearance? Make sure to buy a muffler that ideally fixes inside the pipe and is above the ground. Or else when you’ll drive, the muffler will damage quicker against the abuse, leaving you no other option than buying a new one.

Hence, before you’re quick into buying a muffler for your vehicle, always check for the right fit!

Muffler Design

Did you know mufflers are available in three different designs? We bet you didn’t! The purpose for which you want this equipment will help you choose the right design. Thus, if you do not know the difference between the three, read on for a quick insight.

Chambered mufflerStraight-flow mufflerTurbo muffler
A chambered muffler consists of different chambers in the inside which absorb the sound waves from the engine and bounce them back against each other, canceling out the effect. This way, you see a visible decrease in the engine noise while hearing a throaty kind of sound being produced.
Also known as glass packs muffler, these are the most advanced ones amongst the three. The straight-flow muffler is ideally designed with a straight pipe encapsulated in a heavy-duty material with the interiors covered in fiberglass.

Unlike other mufflers, this one allows the gas to completely flow through, reduce the noise, and enhance the performance of the vehicle. If you have a chance to see racing cars from up close, most of them are embedded with this powerful muffler, thus, the loud, throaty sound!

A turbo muffler consists of s-shaped tubes that allow better movement of gases from the exhaust pipe, hence leading to less noise from the engine. Although as compared to the other two this one has a more restrictive design, it proves to be an ideal choice for cars that are driven down the streets regularly.

Body type

Aluminum steel vs. Stainless steel

Straight Stainless Steel Muffler with Two Exhaust

When you’re considering investing in equipment like a muffler, you need to make sure it is made from the highest quality material.

Why do we say so? Because a muffler constructed out of low-quality material won’t be able to stand the abuse caused by daily drivers, hence, it’ll waste away in no time at all.

Thus, when buying a muffler for your vehicle, always consider the material it is made from. Both popular muffler labels use either aluminum or steel in the construction of the gadget.

Although both are equally good when it comes to the durability of the muffler, a stainless steel muffler offers higher durability and corrosion-free performance as compared to an aluminum steel muffler.

Magnaflow vs. Flowmaster

Next up, let’s discuss the style of mufflers you get to choose from. Talking about Magnaflow, this one consists of a straight-through flow design, encased in a stainless steel body for corrosion-free performance which promises durability.

As compared to the latter, the MagnaFlow muffler tends to gear up after you’ve traveled a few kilometers and is a little louder. Hence, if you like louder sound but no noise, this one will just work fine.

On the contrary, a Flowmaster comes with chambered interiors and uses no acoustical material for packaging, unlike the MagnaFlow muffler. These use baffles which are metal plates to separate sound waves and reduce the noise.

The Flowmaster muffler gets into the action as soon as you start your car and is less “noisy” as compared to MagnaFlow. Thus, for people who like it low-key with low noise, Flowmaster is the best choice for you.

Straight-through Muffler vs. Resonator

Where a straight-through muffler comes with a straight pipe that allows the fumes to flow without restriction, while on the other hand, a resonator eliminates resonance and helps transform the unwanted sound into something more “pleasing”.

It is important to note here that a muffler can work both as a resonator and muffler while a resonator alone cannot. If you want to reduce the engine noise, transforming it into a deeper, cleaner sounding tone while eliminating the resonance, we advise going for a straight-flow muffler combined with a resonator for best results.

The Need of Having Muffler

We have pretty much-covered everything regarding a muffler, but we still didn’t answer the basic question. What do the mufflers do? Why do you need to install it in your car? Moreover, what purpose does it serve?

Have you ever had a chance to open your car’s engine, like see it from the inside when driving your car? We bet you haven’t! A vehicle is engineering’s most priced invention and so is the engine because this is what makes mobility possible.

What most people do not know that an engine itself hides a huge world inside of it, a world that is filled with explosions and reactions that help the vehicle move. Yes, we know you must be wondering now why don’t you hear all the noise created by the working engine?

This is because of a muffler! A muffler is installed inside the exhaust pipes of most vehicles, and thus when the sound waves reach it, the muffler baffles them, either eliminating the noise or turning it into a deeper, smoother tone.

Either way, a muffler is a gadget that keeps your ears protected from annoying and loud engine noise. If it wasn’t for this fabulous, tiny piece of equipment, you’d find driving more of a headache rather than fun!

The Mechanism of a Muffler Explained

Even though engineers have now successfully introduced hybrids cars that are more eco-friendly, but older versions with a combustion engine never seem to go out of trend! Maybe it is because people still find it easier to drive!

Whatever the reason is, the combustion engine uses a completely different mechanism to move a vehicle. It burns a lot of fumes and needs to get rid of it to absorb fresh air and fuel so that system, keeps on running.

Hence, where do the fumes go? The fumes produced by the burning of fuel leave your vehicle via the exhaust pipe at the back. But the exhaust pipe is the only one dealing with the waste of the engine.

It comes embedded with a muffler that reflects the sound waves, hence reducing the overall noise of the engine. If it wasn’t for this muffler, not only will you be destroying the environment with harmful fumes but also be creating noise pollution.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a straight-through muffler work?

A straight-through muffler comes with a straight pipe with no chambers within. This allows the sound to travel through the pipe without restriction, thus reducing the noise only to a certain extent. Let us explain through an example.

Ever seen a race car in real? You’d know the loud sound that they produce. Hence, this is the engine’s noise, the sound that passes through an un-restricted single chamber of a glass pack/ straight-through muffler.

In which direction straight through muffler throws smoke?

A straight-through muffler does not have any chambers inside or reflectors as strong as other mufflers. Thus, when the sound reaches the exhaust pipe, it along with the smoke moves outside the vehicle via the pipe.

Unlike other mufflers, a glass pack muffler is non-reversible, thus whatever sound or smoke the engine produces is thrown outside via the pipe.

Is a glass pack muffler better than the turbo or chambered muffler?

If you wish to increase the performance of your vehicle then yes, a glass pack muffler is one of the best choices to make. Because it does not consist of any chambers or restrictions of any form, the sound that is produced by the engine passes out of the pipe without force. Thus, it puts less pressure on the engine, burns less fuel, and increases the horsepower.

For enhanced overall performance of the vehicle and increased engine life along with less noise, a straight-through/ glass pack muffler is surely one of the best.

Why do I need a muffler for my car?

Having a car without a muffler is like living in the middle of a war where you get to hear deafening explosions every day.

The biggest reason why you need a muffler is to reduce the noise of your engine hence; you get to drive in peace. Moreover, a muffler is known to increase the vehicle’s performance by reducing the strain put on the engine, burns less fuel, and increases horsepower.

So, if you still haven’t upgraded your vehicle’s muffler, it is high time to do so!

Which size muffler tubing should I go for?

As mufflers come in different shapes and types, it is a general rule to buy a 3-inch straight-through muffler, because it fixes most vehicles.

But to ensure the muffler you choose makes the perfect fit for your exhaust pipe. Check the vehicle details for pipe inlet and outlet measurements. This will certainly help you in buying the right product.

Can I install a muffler at home?

Some mufflers offer easy and at-home installation. But for a higher quality product, you certainly need professional help if you have no prior knowledge or experience in the related domain of work.

Remember, most mufflers require welding hence, if you’re not a certified or experienced welder, you’ll surely have to visit a professional to ensure the muffler is installed right.


A muffler makes an important part of a vehicle, playing its part in reducing noise pollution and increasing the performance of your car. Without it, the vehicle will surely not work as efficiently as it would otherwise. Thus, if you still in search of the “best” muffler for your expensive 4-wheeler, hope our list helps you choose the right one.

What are you waiting for? It is time to upgrade to a newer, better version of a car muffler!