What’s The Best Tai Chi DVD for Seniors [Buying Guide]

If you need an exercising routine that is good for your mind and body and wondering whether Tai Chi is the right form you should go for, then you’re on the right page!

Tai Chi, also known as “meditation in motion”, is an ancient traditional Chinese practice that used to be a part of martial arts, still is, but is now also used as a low-impact training form that involves slow movements and breath.

Best Tai Chi DVD for Beginners

The form benefits the mind and soul of the participant greatly. Many physicians around the world recommend Tai Chi as a way towards self-healing and rejuvenation and are greatly suggested for beginners. It improves balance and strength of the body while the best part is, the movements of Tai Chi don’t cause stress to your body.

If you’re thinking about seriously taking on this training program and need suggestions regarding which are the best Tai Chi DVDs for Seniors? Then take a look at our detailed buyer’s guide below.

Comparing 10 Best Tai Chi DVD for Seniors

Tai Chi DVDRunTimeExercises 
David Dorian SEATED WORKOUT45min50 Check Price
Mark Johnson Self-Healing Movement60min10 Check Price
David Dorian Tai Chi 50 BALANCE EXERCISES45min50 Check Price
Dr Paul Tai Chi Strength and Health240min230 Check Price
8 Tai Chi Beginner Video Workouts480min280 Check Price
David-Dorian 50 Beginner Exercises40min50 Check Price
Tai Chi For Balance and Mobility35min28 Check Price
Tai Chi Healing Exercises While Standing75min58 Check Price
Tai Chi Basic Healing Exercises56min28 Check Price
Dr. Paul Tai Chi - 24 Forms DVD480min24 Check Price

1. SEATED WORKOUT for HEALTH by David Dorian Ross



Do you know what is the best way to relieve stress? It’s meditation. Deep breathing and staying in a meditative state for a few minutes brings calm to your mind, relaxes your body’s muscles, and helps you achieve a sound mind and body.

Tai Chi is an excellent Chinese form of meditation. For years and years, physicians around the globe have opted for this training procedure to lead a balanced and healthy life.

The Tai Chi program that we would like to suggest to you is the Seated Workout for Health by David Dorian Ross. Master Ross is known for being extremely professional and is one of the leading Tai Chi trainers in the entire world. His programs are thoughtfully crafted and he pays attention to even the tiniest details.

The best thing about this program is that it’s very easy to follow. It contains healthy seated workouts that will allow the participant to start slow, relax his mind and body, relieve unwanted muscle stress, and be a calmer version.

Over 50 exercises: With a combination of over 50 seated exercises, you will be able to maintain a very healthy routine. It comprises a various upper body, lower body, and full-body workouts to move every muscle in your body. It is an ideal pick for beginners who want to get into the routine of meditating but don’t know where to start.

Mirror view routine: We know how difficult it is to follow a trainer on the TV. Most people don’t opt for these programs because of the fact they have to memorize the exercises and they often end up skipping positions.

This seated workout is completely filmed in a mirror-view format so you won’t have to memorize a thing. Master David Ross explains every exercise in a step-by-step guide so that you don’t miss out on anything and understand how specific exercise will help you out.

Ideal for people with any disability: If you have poor mobility or you face trouble following up with standing exercises, this seated program is an ideal option to go with.

Verdict: The Seated Workout with Dr. Dorian Ross is an incredible seated exercising program. It is among the most popular training routines among the seniors and follows up with a thorough exercising routine.

  • An excellent choice for people with poor disability
  • Detailed program
  • Mirror view format
  • (None that we could find)
Tai Chi Fit Over 50 SEATED WORKOUT for HEALTH DVD David-Dorian...
134 Reviews
Tai Chi Fit Over 50 SEATED WORKOUT for HEALTH DVD David-Dorian...
  • Gentle Seated Exercise for Beginners DVD
  • BESTSELLING DVD / All Regions (Region 0)
  • Relax and stay healthy. Deep breathing relieves your stress, calming...

2. Self-Healing through Movement by Mark Johnson

Mark Johnson Self Healing through Movement


When they say the way to self-healing is through exercise and meditation, they don’t lie. The biggest favor you can do yourself is by following an exercising routine to relax your body and mind from all foreign aspects that are bugging you.

To improve your routine and bring about reforms in your health, you need to check out the Self-Healing Through Movement program by Mark Johnson. The man is known for coming with training sessions that solely focus on self-healing, physically, and spiritually. The exercises that he has combined in this program are all very doable, less stressful to the body and once you’re done, you will feel much more at ease mentally and your body will definitely have improved motion.

Great start to the day: To lead a healthy and active life, exercise holds the most important along with having a balanced diet. Most of the physicians recommend that morning workouts have a lot of benefits as compared to the exercises done at other times. You’re less distracted, it sets the tone for the entire day, leads to healthy eating; the benefits are never-ending.

The Self-Healing program initiated by Mark Johnson pays a lot of focus on morning workouts. You will be able to do morning stretches, acupressure, self-massage, and start your day all energized with a better chance of completing all your tasks for the day.

Excellent trainer: Mark Johnson is a phenomenal teacher/master in the world of Tai Chi. You will see how he takes his time and explains all the techniques of the exercises you’re about to do in the first 23-minutes of the session.

With a mirror view format, Mark takes you through all the exercises step by step. We know how so many people struggle with doing exercises and mediation on DVD and prefer being physically present in the session but with this program, you will feel that you’re in Mark’s classroom without even being there.

It’s all in the details: The best thing about this self-healing program is that it has every detail that a participant can hope for. Every exercise is 4-minutes long which is followed by 30-minute instructions on every move you have and will perform.

The program consists of 10 Tai Chi moves; all of these moves are completely focused on rejuvenation and self-healing.

Verdict: Mark’s program about Self-Healing & Rejuvenation is less intimidating and very low-key. It makes it easier for the participant to get comfortable and perform with much ease. If you’re looking for a simple, easy to do Tai Chi exercising routine then go for this one.

  • Very thorough
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Thoughtfully crafted
  • Very detailed
  • The DVD isn’t compatible with every device
Tai Chi for Seniors Self Healing through Movement by Mark Johnson
227 Reviews
Tai Chi for Seniors Self Healing through Movement by Mark Johnson
  • Relieves Arthritis, High Blood Pressure, Headaches, Stress and more
  • Improves Balance
  • Strengthens Immune system

3. Tai Chi 50 BALANCE EXERCISES by David-Dorian Ross

David Dorian Ross Tai Chi 50 BALANCE EXERCISES


Tai Chi is a form that improves your overall health and follows you up with a more balanced and healthy living. The best thing about Tai Chi exercises is they are very well-composed and easy to follow. One look at a detailed instruction and you’re good to go.

The Tai Chi 50 Balance Exercises by David Dorian Ross is one of the most commendable exercising programs for senior people who get off-balance often.

Whether you have flat feet or lose your balance because of an unordinary circumstance or even if you’re clumsy, this program will teach you exactly how to never trip over and keep yourself steady in all kinds of postures, when walking, sitting, the list goes on.

Doctor David Dorian Ross is very popular among beginners. The reason why their DVDs are the best you can get for Tai Chi exercises is that their plans are very simple and easy to follow. He starts by explaining all the key benefits of the exercises he is teaching and takes you on by briefing on every pose you’re to perform.

Detailed program: The selling point of Dr. Ross’s DVD on 50 Balancing Exercises is that it comes in a mirror-view format which makes it easier for the viewer to follow up the exercises without having to memorize anything. You can easily follow the directions of the trainer without thinking about which side you need to focus on.

Improved balance: Tai Chi, as mentioned before, is a moving meditation that helps bring your body, mind, and soul to utmost balance. Dr. Ross follows a list of 50 exercises to improve your body’s balance and help you in attaining better mobility. What better way to learn to improve your stability than by practicing meditation?

Whole-body workout: This balancing program was very well-crafted by Dr. Ross himself and it includes various basic Tai Chi exercises ranging from full to lower body workout. Once you’re done meditating and follow the routine daily religiously, you will feel much better and energized for the entire day.

Verdict: The 50 Balance Exercises taught by David Ross is an excellent balancing program for people with poor mobility, any kind of physical disability, or for someone who cannot maintain his/her balance well. The entire program and all the exercises cover full-body and lower-body workouts.

These exercises are straightforward to follow in daily routines and you will get used to performing them instantly.

  • Combination of various full and lower body workouts
  • Mirror format for easy follow up
  • Will leave the energized and relaxed
  • Is only ideal for seniors with some athletic history
Tai Chi Fit Over 50 BALANCE EXERCISES (to Prevent Falls) DVD...
92 Reviews
Tai Chi Fit Over 50 BALANCE EXERCISES (to Prevent Falls) DVD...
  • Improve Your Balance and Prevent Falls
  • Relax and stay healthy. Deep breathing relieves your stress, calming...

4. Tai Chi Strength and Health with Dr. Paul Lam

Dr. Paul Lam Tai Chi Strength and Health


Another health program that you can follow is the Tai Chi for Life exercise routine by Dr. Paum Lam. This is easy to follow an exercise program that includes some very easy exercises for seniors and beginners. This program comprises various thorough exercises that will help you strengthen your body muscles, improve your balance, and lead your way to a healthier living.

The USB of the Tai Chi Strength & Health program is its trainer. Dr. Paul Lam is the director of the Tai Chi For Health Institute and is also a renowned family doctor, currently working in Australia. The man knows his work and is a leader in the Tai Chi health program.

When it comes to following up with a routine of exercises, the most important thing to note down is that those exercises need to be based on medical research and should never compromise your health. The Strength & Health program with Dr. Paul is very well-crafted, based on traditional Chinese medical treatment and research that benefits millions of people around the globe.

Improves health: Tai Chi is a highly recommended exercising routine because it improves your overall health and paves the way towards more mindful living.

This program consists of all the basic exercises that are performed through meditation. Dr. Paul Lam exclusively puts a lot of emphasis on improving balance and strength through the process of dedicated meditation while relaxing your mind to the core.

Easy to follow: One major problem that most of the participants face when following up with a video training program is that they feel it is hard to follow and aren’t able to perform all the exercises completely.

Dr. Paul Lam made sure to create this training program in mirror format where every exercise is described in detail. He guides every exercise step-by-step, mentioning even the slightest of details so you don’t miss out on anything and it will be as if you’re in his classroom.

Recommended by experts: The Strength & Health Training program initiated by Dr. Paul Lam is recommended by medical experts. He has composed a huge list of Tai Chi programs that bring about extreme health benefits to the participants and is recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Arthritis Foundations, and various health departments.

Verdict: The Tai Chi for the Life training program by Dr. Paul Lam is an excellent choice to pave your way towards better health. The man is the author of various best-selling books on Tai Chi and his program is an excellent choice for seniors.

  • Extremely easy to follow a routine
  • Detailed program
  • Perfect for seniors
  • Some people found the video too slow
Tai Chi for Life: Gentle Exercises for Seniors & Beginners to...
531 Reviews

5. 8 Tai Chi Beginner Video Workouts

Chris Pei 8 Tai Chi Beginner Video Workouts


Tai Chi for Beginners is an incredible option to explore the world of health and mental wellness. It is a very extensive program that will teach you exactly what the benefits are of this traditional Chinese practice no matter what shape you’re in.

The program includes a 24 posture form that will help build strength, improve mobility and balance, and ensure weight loss. While most of the Tai Chi exercises don’t specifically focus on weight loss journeys but this one does. These are some really simple exercises taught by a trained expert in a natural environment.

The idea of Tai Chi is to promote mental and physical wellness by following a series of moving meditative states. You don’t have to put stress on your body like they do in more conventional exercises. All you need to do is relax your mind, focus on your breathing, and let the movement do the talking.

Customized program: As you must have noticed, this isn’t a single Tai Chi program. You get a series of 8 customized programs that are designed to target the specific needs of specific people.

For instance, if you have arthritis then you will find a specific program on the DVD that will help you tackle your health condition. In the same way, if you have trouble with your mobility then there is a program designed to improve your body’s balance. Thus, this is one of the most detailed Tai Chi exercise programs out there that addresses your specific needs.

Low-impact routines: The 8-lesson tai chi learning program follows a series of exercises designed for people with less flexible bodies. Every lesson is designed for a specific group of people and they are very easy to follow instruction step-by-step guides.

The routines do not at all put pressure on your body but if at any time you feel overwhelmed and think your body can take it, you can stop and take your time off.

Effective for everybody: The program is designed for all age groups and every kind of body. The 8 Tai Chi Beginner Video Workouts are safe to follow. There are no health restraints with these programs so there is nothing for you to worry about with regards to your health.

Verdict: For a more customized tai chi lesson, the 8 Beginner Tai Chi Videos is an effective option to go with. It is very commendable for being extremely detailed and you also get to watch a very thorough interview of the instructor where he tells everything about Tai Chi and its benefits in detail.

  • Suits everybody
  • Very instructive
  • No age restraints
  • The instructions can be improved
Tai Chi For Beginners DVD: 8 Tai Chi Beginner Video Workouts....
2,323 Reviews
Tai Chi For Beginners DVD: 8 Tai Chi Beginner Video Workouts....
  • Factory sealed DVD
  • Chris Pei (Actor)
  • Michael Wohl (Director)

6. 50 Beginner Exercises with David-Dorian Ross

David Dorian Ross 50 Beginner Exercises


When life gets busy, the very first thing that most of the time is struck off from our routines is physical activity. That is why we suggest that instead of opting for a long exercising session, you should go for a shorter one so that you can be consistent in it.

Longer workout sessions are usually dreaded because of procrastination. You think it’s going to take so much time and start comparing it to all the other things you can get done in that period so you just cross it off your list completely.

The 50 Beginner Exercises with David Dorian Ross is a recommended program by various experts because it’s short and sweet, making it all the more effective.

This program is one of the highest-rated Tai Chi programs on Amazon. It can be done by any individual of any age group without thinking twice about it. It’s easy and fun to follow and the best part is, the actor in this DVD is David Ross, someone who is known to be the best in the Tai Chi industry.

Very simple lesson: Dorian has been practicing Tai Chi for years now. He knows what he is doing and he works amazingly well with beginners. He guides the participant through a series of meditative movements that solely focus on deep breathing. Improving respiration and relieving stress go hand in hand.

This is the technique he uses that doesn’t put any stress on the participant and only brings rejuvenation to his body.

Easy to follow: The program consists of over 50 exercises that are filmed from several angles for a better understanding of the viewer. You will also find all the complex movements in close-up and since this is a mirror view format DVD, the viewer won’t have to memorize anything.

Dorian describes even the tiniest details verbally so you will not miss out on anything.

Can be followed by anyone: The program is exclusively designed for beginners but in case you physically disable or a senior citizen, you can still take part in it. The 50 Beginner Exercises will improve your mobility, enhance balance, and will keep you in shape.

Verdict: The 50 Exercises for Beginners by Dorian is another commendable option on our list that any newcomer can opt for. It is detailed, extensive, and follows a list of very well-crafted movements that will make you more aware of your body and mind.

  • Excellent training session
  • Pays attention to details
  • Ideal for everyone
  • A little slow in the beginning
Tai Chi Fit: OVER 50 Beginner Exercises with David-Dorian Ross
1,710 Reviews
Tai Chi Fit: OVER 50 Beginner Exercises with David-Dorian Ross
  • BESTSELLER!** TaijiFit series by David-Dorian Ross
  • Mirror-view Moves to the Left and Right
  • Perfect for Beginners

7. Tai Chi For Balance and Mobility (Wellness Series by Scott Cole)

Scott Cole Tai Chi For Balance and Mobility


If balance and mobility aren’t your strong suits and you want to adopt workout programs that will help you enhance both of these aspects then try the Wellness Series by Scott Cole that solely focuses on improving your balance while moving.

This program isn’t designed exclusively for seniors only. In fact, any individual of any age group can perform these exercises with ease and convenience. The Tai Chi for Balance and Mobility program was inspired by one of the leading Tai Chi experts, Scott Cole and it incorporates few therapeutic exercises to bring you the ease you’ve been longing for.

Scott Cole is an incredible trainer. His programs are popular all around the USA and he is known for performing meditative movements through a delectable continuum of breath. This is a very small but detailed workout routine that you can easily perform every day.

Various forms and exercises: The Balance & Mobility Series by Scott Cole involves forms like Tai Chi, stretching, chair exercises, and chi kung. All of these forms are very easy to understand and follow. Even if you’re a beginner, you will not have any trouble following the instruction led out by Scott because he goes into every move through a step-by-step guide.

Once you have completed the routine, Master Scott also takes his time to make you stretch your muscles so there isn’t any muscle tension left in your body.

Easy to follow: These are some very easy-to-follow Tai Chi exercises that will improve your mobility and will prevent you from falling and tripping. It improves the overall flexibility of your body and gives you complete control over your moves.

With the help of these simple exercises, you will be much more mindful about your body and understand where or what makes you lose your balance so you can fix it conveniently.

Great for everyone: The program can be followed by everyone no matter what the age but it is extremely effective for beginners, old-age, and physically challenged people. The exercises and meditation are so easy and fun to do that you will look forward to following your routine every day.

Verdict: Scott Cole is a renowned Tai Chi practitioner who also offers tai chi classes for seniors and his work has been featured in over 500 publications. The program is very-well constructed so if you do try this out, you will be in safe hands.

  • Well-crafted program
  • Perfect for beginners and seniors
  • Relieves stress effectively
  • A little expensive
Discover Tai Chi For Balance and Mobility (Scott Cole Wellness...
1,198 Reviews
Discover Tai Chi For Balance and Mobility (Scott Cole Wellness...
  • Factory sealed DVD
  • Scott Cole, Claire Karstadt (Actors)
  • Scott Cole (Director)

8. Tai Chi Healing Exercises While Standing

Tai Chi Healing Exercises While Standing


Are you a beginner or someone who has arthritis, joint pain, or going through a sports injury? If you fall into any of those categories then Tai Chi Healing Exercises While Standing is a program you can opt for and bring yourself relief from all the ever-growing pain.

A lot of people around the globe suffer through injuries that don’t end up being completely healed. In cases like these, a lot of physicians suggest opting for exercises that will heal your wounds in a more natural but progressive way.

Tai Chi, as the oldest meditative practice in the world, focuses on healing and rejuvenation of the body and its muscles. All healing exercises combined in this detailed and instructive program will be sure to bring you relief from the persisting pain only and if only you stick to the routine religiously.

Before we indulge in the details of this program, we would also like to tell you that Tai Chi Self-Healing Program isn’t just meant for relieving pain. It also helps in weight-loss; improving balance and helping you incorporate healthier activities into your daily routine.

Incorporates various movements: Standing Tai Chi Healing Exercises is a program initiated by Tommy Kirchhoff. It is one of the most authentic and revolutionary Tai Chi videos that emphasize corrective posture, special rotational moves, deepened relaxation, and paced respiration.

As you can see, all of these exercises include consciously improving your respiratory system and releasing stress through moving meditation.

Perfect for beginners: Master Tommy has put a lot of thought into producing this video and he wanted to make it as detailed as possible. You will see all the movements being performed on TV from various angles for better understanding followed by closeups of moves that are a bit complex.

Throughout the program, you will see how the trainer keeps on engaging with you, giving you step-by-step instructions so that you will feel as though you’re physically present in his classroom.

Treat extensive health problems: There are various health benefits of Tai Chi but what this healing program effectively treats is arthritis, anxiety, depression, breathing problems, joint pains, chronic back pain, disc dislocation, and so on. It was exclusively designed for people who find it difficult to go to a physiotherapist for therapy and want to improve their health while staying home.

Verdict: The Self-Healing program by Tommy Kirchhoff is an extraordinary program that will allow the participant to deal with a lot of health issues. It is incredibly crafted, very detailed, and brings you relief in ways that you can’t possibly imagine.

  • Excellent program for people with various health issues
  • Very detailed and extensive
  • Incorporates several lower body and full-body exercises
  • Not for experts
Standing Energy Tai Chi for Beginners with Master Tommy...
192 Reviews
Standing Energy Tai Chi for Beginners with Master Tommy...
  • A workout that's easy on your joints Help develop your coordination,...
  • The easy, natural movements will rejuvenate your body and stretch the...
  • 51 minutes

9. Tai Chi Basic Healing Exercises

Tommy Kirchhoff Tai Chi Basic Healing Exercises


The Tai Chi Basic Healing Exercises is another commendable program for people with arthritis, back pain, joint pain, muscle sprain, and more. This is an incredible choice for self-healing Tai Chi forms and takes on you on a journey of mind and body rejuvenation.

If your physical activity is limited or you face trouble in mobility then this program can do you a lot of good. The program was designed by Tommy Kirchhoff who has comprised several self-healing and sitting Tai Chi techniques that can be easily followed, understood, and performed by the participant.

The program mainly focuses on three types of exercises including healing face massage, seat Tai Chi exercises, and Taoist breathing exercises. By incorporating forms into your routine, you will find yourself very much relieved from any muscle tension that may have caused you trouble before.

Various exercises: The very first thing the Basic Healing Program focuses on is self-healing face massage. This technique is very useful for people who have started having wrinkles on their face or don’t feel confident about how they look anymore; these self-healing face massages will do you a lot of good.

Master Tommy also includes several seated exercises that you won’t have to memorize and while you’re at it, the trainer will give you verbal cues to keep your breathing in check consciously as you meditate.

Ideal for people with body and joint pains: As we have mentioned several times in this article, it was clinically proven that Tai Chi is an incredible exercising form for people who suffer from arthritis, back pain, joint pains, mental illnesses, and so on.

The self-healing program focuses intently on all these issues. It consciously helps you relieve anxiety and help you focus on self-healing without the intervention of any medicine.

Money-back guarantees: Now, this is something we have rarely found in Tai Chi DVD programs but Tommy Kirchhoff is so sure that his program will help you out that he offers a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you aren’t satisfied. We have to say, that is all the guarantee anyone can need.

Verdict: We know self-healing sounds more like a juvenile idea but trust us, it works. You only need someone to guide you through the process and Tai Chi offers everything you can hope for. Persistently follow these exercises and you will see the difference.

  • Very effective
  • Easy to follow
  • Various forms of Tai Chi exercises
  • Could have been more detailed
Gentle, Sitting Tai Chi DVD - Basic Healing Exercise Tai Chi...
871 Reviews
Gentle, Sitting Tai Chi DVD - Basic Healing Exercise Tai Chi...
  • Improves breathing function
  • Improves heart health
  • Improves balance and mobility

10. Tai Chi – 24 Forms DVD By Dr. Paul Lam

Tai Chi 24 Forms DVD By Dr Paul Lam


Tai Chi is one of the oldest mediation practices in the world and over the years, it was proven clinically this form of exercise enhances an individual’s overall health, improves the body’s flexibility, and eases various mental illnesses.

The last DVD we would like you to look into is the 24 Forms of Tai Chi. It is among the most used forms of Tai Chi and even though you will learn a lot from all the other forms of this exercise, the maximum insight you will be able to gather is from 24-Forms.

The video starts with a brief introduction to Tai Chi followed by its benefits. Later, you will see Dr. Paul Lam introduce you to all the foundation moves of the exercise and how you will be able to adopt them all by not stressing your body out. Dr. Paul Lam is an incredible master who has an experience of 15-years over his hands of practicing Tai Chi and if anyone can teach you how to do it, it’s him.

Very detailed program: The reason why Tai Chi – 24 Forms by Dr. Paul Lam holds so much popularity among the seniors is because of how detailed and thorough the instructions are. Dr. Lam teaches all 24-forms in various angles for more closure and divides each form into different sections so you don’t have to memorize anything and can follow him with much ease.

He also uses various illustrations and diagrams on close-ups to help you understand the movement better. It will be just as like you’re in his classroom while performing. Throughout the session, you will see how Dr. Lam keeps you engaged, telling you all about the benefits of Tai Chi and what are its principles.

Ideal for beginners: For people who don’t really understand how Tai Chi works and how to get started with it, the 23-Forms DVD would be an incredible option for you. Given so much detail and thought that went into the production of this program, it will provide every littlest instruction that you need.

From adjusting to your movements to building muscle memory and following every step intently, DR Lam takes you on a journey that you will wish never ends.

Relieves pain and stress: The best part about this program is that it brings muscle relief and eases pain. Did you know that Paul lam himself is a patient of arthritis? We bet you didn’t!

He has incorporated various forms in this instructive video to relieve joint and muscle pain, relieve stress, energize your body, and improve mobility based on his own experience over the years.

Verdict: The 24-Forms Tai Chi by Dr Paul Lam is a very detailed and instructive Tai Chi program. For people who struggle with their exercise routines due to lousy instructions should definitely try this program out. It is so detailed and visual that you will not be missing out anything.

  • Great program for beginners
  • Highly recommended for patients with chronic back pain, arthritis and joint pain
  • Very detailed
  • Would be slow for intermediate and expert participants
Tai Chi - 24 Forms DVD By Dr. Paul Lam****UPDATED!!!****
579 Reviews
Tai Chi - 24 Forms DVD By Dr. Paul Lam****UPDATED!!!****
  • Dr. Paul Lam (Actor)
  • Dr Paul Lam (Director)
  • English (Publication Language)

Tai Chi DVD for Seniors Buyer’s Guide:

We are hoping by now you must have chosen a program for yourself that you would like to opt for but in case you’re still a tad bit confused, let our buyer’s guide take that confusion away.

Tai Chi is an incredible exercise form. It rejuvenates the mind and body in ways that a person cannot imagine. There are many styles in Tai Chi that you can opt for. They may seem different in appearance and performance but share the same foundation. Some of the renowned Tai Chi styles include,

  • Chen
  • Wu
  • Sun
  • Yang

Tai Chi isn’t really about a single move but in fact, it is a composition of movements that you need to pay attention to. The form includes more than 100 fluid movements which is why it is known as meditation in motion.

To get a better idea of what Tai Chi really is and what movements are we talking about, take a look at this video and you will understand exactly what we are trying to say.

How to get started with Tai Chi? If you think that you’re ready to take on Tai Chi and adopt this meditating form as your regular escape from the world, then here are a few key points that will get you started,

Determine your goals

tai chi for seniors balance

The very first thing you need to do when starting Tai Chi or any exercising program for that matter is to determine your goals.

Different goals need to be achieved by different kinds of exercises so you need to think about the outcome you want from this activity. Whether it is weight loss, rejuvenation, self-healing, balance in motion, toning, or whatever it is that you want.

The goal you set will help you choose an optimal program that will help you achieve it. You cannot expect the plan to start showing you results in a day or two. So be patient with yourself and show persistence.

Fix your schedule

Now that you have chosen a plan for yourself, figure out your routine and try to fix that plan into your daily schedule. The only way an exercising program is bound to show you results if you continue to follow it persistently. If you come up with a program that you can’t seem to find time for, the exercise would never help.

Find Program You Enjoy

Exercising isn’t just about toning your body and healing your sore muscles, it is more about enjoying the entire process. If you don’t enjoy the Tai Chi program you have opted for, chances are you will find more ways to avoid it than perform it.

Look for a program that you love doing, something that you will never miss out on and look forward to doing. This way you will not only follow your schedule but you will also feel much more at ease with your mind and body.

Find Instructor

tai chi training

The best and most optimal way to learn Tai Chi is by an instructor. Search for classes being commenced in your areas at YMCA, local fitness facilities, senior centers or if you have a tai chi center in your surroundings then you won’t find any place better than that.

In case you don’t find an instructor in your vicinity, you can also search online. There are hundreds of tai chi professionals online that provide their services to people in need.

Observe Class

Once you have chosen an instructor, it is wise to observe the class before you get admission. This will allow you to see the class in action and understand the moves. If they seem too difficult, you can obviously opt-out and go for another program that is much more suited for you.

Watch YouTube

YouTube has answers to all your prayers. To get more information on Tai Chi programs and to get a better understanding of the moves, you can always take its assistance. You will easily find hundreds of tai chi videos of seniors on YouTube to help you out.

Look for Support

Another thing you need to consider for sticking to your routine is to find yourself support. It can either be your personal trainer or a friend who is following the same routine as yours.

You can both be in each other’s corner and motivate one another to buck up and follow the exercising routine. It makes a whole lot of difference. Another thing that you can download a tai chi for seniors app that will keep you motivated to follow your routine…

Benefits of Tai Chi

benefits of tai chi for seniors

From physical rejuvenation to mental wellness and emotional support, the benefits of Tai Chi for seniors are simply beyond measure. This kind of meditation is also very beneficial for spiritual and physical healing. Not to take much more of your time, here are a few key benefits of performing Tai Chi.

Safe for Beginners

Tai Chi doesn’t include complex body movements. If you’re just starting in the workout domain then you need something easier for your body to settle with. Tai Chi is an incredible form of exercise that doesn’t put your body under stress and is highly recommended for beginners.

Manage Stress

By consciously making an effort on deep breathing through movement, you will be able to learn the art of staying content even when you constantly have to keep your motion.

Better Mental State

According to researchers, Tai Chi is known to be very beneficial for dealing with mental disorders. It reduces symptoms of anxiety, depression, and deals with mood swings so you’re in a better mental state.

Easy Adapt

Tai Chi is slow and steady. It doesn’t put stress on your body which makes it very easy to get used to. You won’t face any trouble trying to familiarize yourself with movements and meditation.

Brings Pain Relief

According to a study, Tai Chi brings more pain relief to patients with fibromyalgia than any other medication. It offers self-healing techniques that are excellent for the body’s rejuvenation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ideal speed of doing Tai Chi?

The ideal speed for performing Tai Chi is different for each individual. The speed completely depends on your breathing because you need to coordinate it with your movements. If you are a shallow breather then you will probably perform a position much faster as compared to a deep breather.

What are the benefits of Tai Chi on a whole?

As mentioned previously, there are numerous benefits of adopting Tai Chi as a way of healthy living but the most common benefits of this traditional practice are improved balance, better mental health, and pain relief.

Can I increase reps for each movement?

Ideally, it is better if you repeat the entire set twice instead of adding an extended number of repetitions to each movement. However, if you like and feel relieved in a specific move, you can increase the reps.


So, this is all that we could gather on tai chi. We hope this article has been thoroughly helpful and you have now understood this traditional Chinese exercise better than before. Tai Chi is a form of healthy living.

You shouldn’t just do it for one month and quit. In fact, we would suggest that you adopt it as a way of life and incorporate it into your daily routine. You will see yourself what a big difference it will make.