10 Best Tarmac Restorers [2021 Buying Guide]

To help you make an informed decision, let me walk you through my compilation of the Best Tarmac Restorers of all time.

Whether it is a simple pothole repair, or you need to resurface the entire length of the road or driveway, buying a tarmac restorer requires some huge bucks.

So, if you do not want your investment to go wrong, keep reading below to find out what is best for you.

Pinnacle of the Best Tarmac Restorers – 10 Top of the Line, Strong and Reliable Restorers

Finding the perfect fit for your driveway? Let me help you out!

Be it your neighborhood tennis court or your driveway, a larger school commercial tarmac surface, or your office car park. Regardless, a high-quality tarmac sealer will never disappoint you!

I am confident that the following list of repair products can help improve the look and appearance of most tarmac surfaces around you and transform them into mint condition surfaces.

What are you waiting for? Read ahead!

Tarmac RestorerCoverageVolumeColor
NEWTAR Tarmac/Asphalt Sealer20m²-30m²18 LBlack Check Price
Smartseal Tarmaseal Restorer40m²-60m²20 LBlack Check Price
Wet & Forget Black100m²-300m²5 LBlue Check Price
HQC Tarmac Reviver Blue120m²20 LBlack Check Price
Resimac Resiblock 20 L40m² - 100m²20 LBlack Check Price
Sika Everbuild Tarmac Restorer20m²-30m²5 LBlack Check Price
Smartseal Tarmaseal Tarmac40m²-60m²20 LRed Check Price
Stontex Tarmax Restorer 20m²-30m²25 LBlack Check Price
Thompson’s TDSB5L Drive Seal30m²5 LBlack Check Price
Smartseal Moss Remover Black500m²- 625m²25 LGreen Check Price

1. NEWTAR Tarmac/Asphalt Sealer (18L) – Top Tier, Premium Quality Sealant

NEWTAR TarmacAsphalt Sealer 18L

What is the best way to add brilliance to a lackluster driveway? Whether you need to invest in a new driveway or replenish an old one, an asphalt restorer is a right choice to make.

Once you professionally install an asphalt driveway, it will act like concrete for your surface. No doubt the best tarmac drive restorer for driveways is the NEWTAR Tarmac/Asphalt Sealer.

Because asphalt driveway paint is oil-based, also known as crude bitumen, it is more resilient and less susceptible to cracks and fissures.

However, on the flip side, due to the rough and tough attribute of the tarmac/asphalt sealer, the driveway will discolor and get irregular with each passing year.

What are the possible implications of the asphalt refurbishment system? Owing to harsh ultra-violet rays, severe heat, grease, oil, and petroleum spills the life of the tarmac can be compromised. Moreover, frost, moss, and lichens can cause unwanted build-up over its surface. As a result, it might thereby lead to a not-so-smooth and black driveway.

Here comes NEWTAR in play. This top of the line, a high-grade sealer with its unique formula, restores the original color, natural agility, and weather-resistance of the surface, ranking it one of the best tarmac/asphalt sealers.

How can you prevent it from further deterioration? To avoid your driveway from looking tired and weary, you can use 1 tub of NEWTAR sealer that contains 18 liters of black tarmac. Henceforth, this will give your driveway a matt finish making it look darker than ever.

What you need to do is: Simply stir the mixture thoroughly and apply it with a sturdy roller. It not only is ideal for driveways, but also gives the sidewalks a new look.

  • Driveway is easier to sweep clean after tarmac application.
  • Prevents the chipping of the patio while entering the house.
  • Effective in adverse weather conditions as well.
  • Smooth, refined appearance.
  • In some cases, faulty packages and leaking may occur.

2. Tarmaseal Tarmac Restorer (20L) BLACK – Exceptional Performance, Revive Old Tarmac

Smartseal Tarmaseal Tarmac Restorer 20L

Have you noticed dips and dents all over the surface of your car park making it look ugly? In the long run, the visible lines and depressions that appear in the area where you park your car often create pockets of cavities. Furthermore, these sinkholes accumulate water from rains and animal urine.

To make your old tarmac surfaces look like new: To begin with, you need effective tarmac paint like Tarmaseal Tarmac Restorer for its repair and restoration. This 20-liter tub is more than sufficient to cater for a 40m2-60m2 surface area.

To top it all: Not to mention, this Tarmac Repair Coating is water-based, making it one of the very few eco-friendly tarmac restorers. It re-creates the original color of the tarmac, revamping it and replacing the protective resins that have been lost over time. Hence, reducing the further need for tarmac repair.

However, you can easily layer top-up coats of this sealer at any point in time.

You can not only use it on driveways and parking lots but also restore floors of tennis courts and playgrounds.

But how would you make sure to obtain better results?

For best results: Apply one coat after another in temperatures above 12-degree Celsius. Generally speaking, if the temperature is not maintained properly, the moisture in the air can interfere with a smooth application of the sealer.

Remember to apply the Tarmaseal Tarmac Restorer only if no rain is in the forecast for at least 6 hours before and after application.

  • Inhibits oil, grease stains and dirt build-up.
  • Restores the original color of the tarmac.
  • Long-term protection, increasing its life span.
  • Easy application.
  • Wears start appearing under the area over time where the car parks.
  • Slightly overpriced.

3. Wet & Forget (5 L) BLUE – No. 1 Trusted, No-Scrub Moss, Mold, Fungus & Algae Remover

Wet & Forget Black 5L


Sick of the unwanted growth of fungus and algae in the outdoors? Want to know how to resolve this issue?

Here you go! To point out, this all-purpose Wet & Forget fluid is a 30-year old recipe for a non-acidic and non-caustic mold and lichen remover. All you need to do is, mix 1 part Wet & Forget with 5 parts water. Pour it in any garden sprayer and as the name suggests, wet the target surface, and forget till results start appearing.

All good things come to those who wait! One bottle with a volume of 5L is more than sufficient for the 100-300m2 surface area since it dilutes and makes a good 30L container full of substance.

It contains a wetting agent that works wonders, hence used by most of the top-notch organizations around the globe.

Did you know? You can significantly clean your block paving, pathways, roofs, tennis courts, or any area exposed to rain with this magical product.

What is the active ingredient that works magic? What must be remembered is that the chemical known as Alkyl Dimethyl Ammonium Chloride serves as an active component in Wet & Forget Remover, leaving your patio in an immaculate and pristine condition.

No doubt, this product can be safely used on any kind of surface without a hitch. The reason being, it does not contain any kind of stringent chemicals such as bleach that might otherwise cause harm and erode the appearance of the base it is applied upon.

What other materials and surfaces can I clean with just 1 Tub of Wet & Forget? Apart from the above-mentioned examples of surfaces, you can easily remove stains from brick pavers, aluminum cladding, AstroTurf, limestone, gutters and fascia, marble, and even outdoor wood, furniture, and upholstery. Talking about outdoors, not to mention, the outdoor planters, tombstones, vinyl siding, and tiles.

Caution: Never use a water blaster after applying this liquid on the surface as it may nullify the effect of the Wet & Forget agent.

The aftereffect of Wet & Forget: Its non-pungent quality encourages the user to let it rest on the surface for months without irritable stinking in the air. Usually, the active ingredient present in it helps prevent any kind of premature recontamination which means there are very few changes of relapse of mold, mildew, fungus, green algae, or moss.

  • No scrubbing or rinsing required.
  • It can be used at any outdoor surface and material.
  • No special equipment required, just a good garden sprayer.
  • Unlimited shelf life.
  • It takes 6-12 months to show its effect.

4. HQC Tarmac Reviver (20L) – Brand-New, Strong, and Paintable Tarmac in Just 1 Application

HQC Tarmac Reviver Blue 20L

No products found.

What does HQC stand for? HQC is a shorthand for High-Quality Coating. It is specially designed to make a dull-looking tarmac look as good as new.

It is no doubt the most durable of all products. It not only protects the tarmac from weathering but also shields it from oil and petrol spillage resulting from vehicles parked for a long duration of time.

In addition to the above, it makes sure that there is no unwanted weed and plant growth on the surface where the tarmac is laid.

In a word, the secret behind the mint condition of the paths, driveways, and car parking is the easiest application of the HQC Tarmac reviver. It has a unique ability to protect, restore, and brighten the dreary tarmac, making cleaning much easier.

Since this product comes with an ultra-violet barrier, it minimizes wear and tear and helps protect the tarmac by adding protection against it.

How much will one tub of HQC Tarmac Reviver be required for coating? This 20L tarmac tub covers a 120m2 surface area, leaving your floor with a perfect black sheen finish once it dries.

You do not require to be a professional to make use of this product. Its user-friendly guidelines make sure that even an amateur gets a flawless jet-black matt-finished look for his patio.

Due to its paintable properties, it can be easily used in playgrounds, tennis courts, and basketball grounds and painted over it once it dries off.

Do not forget: By and large, to obtain ideal results, use a weed killer on any weeds on your driveway and sweep clean the surface of any residue left. After that, fill in holes with instant tarmac and roll on the HQC Tarmac Reviver.

Ta-da! Now get ready to drive on your brand-new driveway.

  • Quick dry.
  • User-friendly.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Paintable.
  • UV resistant.
  • The paint starts cracking up after a week or so.

No products found.

5. Resiblock Resimac (20 L) BLACK – UV Resistant, Attractive Sheen, Permanent Sealant

Resimac Resiblock 20L


Want that sleek and smooth polish on the surface of your driveway? Sure! This is where Resiblock Resimac comes in handy.

Whether you opt to do it yourself or hire a professional to get the job done for you, one black coat of Resimac will change the entire look of the road.

As they say: You get what you pay for!

In my experience, spending a few more bucks and investing in this product was the right choice to make. Usually, one coat works perfectly fine, but if you opt for a second coat as well, nothing like it. The second coat adds to the sheen making the road surface look even more attractive.

Moreover, you can cover nooks and corners in addition to hairline cracks appearing throughout the entire length of the road with the help of this liquid.

Ordinarily, one tub of Resiblock Resimac will ensure coverage of almost 60m2 – 120m2 depending upon the consistency of the product applied.

Guess what: On the whole, this is probably the only tarmac that gives a 2-year guarantee. Although, this specialized sealant may last up to 5 years or more.

This particular product contains antifungal agents that delay the return of algae, moss, and weeds growing on the surface. Hence, the long-lasting effect of the sealant.

Resiblock Resimac, often referred to as the black tarmac paint comes with a special feature of quick-drying that gives it a hard, durable, and natural gloss finish.

For the most part, it can be simply applied with the help of a roller and tray on any kind of surface, including concrete, asphalt, and Tarmacadam.

The trick to its prolonged life is its UV resistant properties that provide a protective sheath against weathering as long as the tarmac stays on the surface.

  • One coat application.
  • Environment-friendly color restorer.
  • UV Resistant.
  • Fast-drying acrylic water-based coating.
  • Slightly expensive than the rest.

6. Everbuild Tarmac Restorer (5L) – Tough, Durable, Blacker Than Ever

Sika Everbuild Tarmac Restorer Black 5L

Has your driveway turned into a Dalmatian with oil and petrol spills? If yes, then it is time to renew the old and archaic driveway of yours into something novel. To do so, you might want to consider using Everbuild Tarmac Restorer. It comes in a 5-liter pack that would easily cover 20m2– 30m2 of the surface area of the road.

In this case, its unique formula is designed to make old-looking tarmac turn into something fresh and new by converting it into a tough, and rock-solid tarmac. Moreover, it helps enhance the look of the tarmac by adding to its deep black finish.

It has weather-resistant properties along with protection from oil and petroleum spills and unnecessary weed and plant growth.

Although the road is meant to be tough and resilient after application, yet, this product refrains you from using a power wash to clean the surface afterward.

However, to do so, you might want to wait for 4 hours post-restoration.

Also, for a wonderful and spotless application, you can use a brush to get into the nooks and crannies.

For the overall application of Everbuild Tarmac Restorer, a long arm roller works perfectly fine to give your car porch a professional touch.

Note that: Even though the surface can be driven upon just 4 hours after application, it is advised that you wait at least 24 to 36 hours before driving on the newly spread tarmac.

  • Easy and quick to apply.
  • Gives a low sheen finish.
  • Long-term protection.
  • Reduces the need for maintenance.
  • Driveway can be used only 4 hours after the product has been applied.
  • Using a jet wash after application can damage the tarmac layer.
  • It cannot be used on concrete surfaces.

7. Tarmaseal Tarmac Restorer (20L) RED – Excellent-Quality Coating, Cheaper Alternative

Smartseal Tarmaseal Tarmac 20L

Let me introduce to you the most aesthetic form of tarmacs available in the market: The Tarmaseal Tarmac Restorer comes in red, which adds to the beauty of your driveways. Due to its aesthetic sense, it can also be used on surfaces other than driveways. For example, commercial car parks, basketball grounds, tennis courts, and playgrounds.

Its superior quality coating prevents cracks and breakage, in the long run, ranking it one of the most durable of all tarmacs. It not only re-creates the original color of the tarmac but also makes the topcoat application easier.

While other tarmacs might cause stone loss, the Tarmaseal Tarmac Restorer prevents the loss and eventually increases the lifespan of tarmac applied driveways, playgrounds, etc.

It comes in a variety of volumes: It consists of both, 5L and 20L canisters. However, this 20-liter canister easily spreads around 40m2– 60m2 of surface area, with a recommended of 2 coats per area.

The vibrant color of tarmac red paint makes it stand out from the rest. It is not only beautiful but also superior in performance when considering repairs and restoration of tarmac driveways and similar surfaces.

Also, it seals fractures and fissures quite effortlessly. All you need to do is, use a normal soft broom or a mid-pile roller and subtly brush it over the cracked surface. Further, the liquid will suspend inside of the crevices and give your driveway a brand-new look.

Like other tarmac restorers, the Tarmaseal Tarmac Restorer also inhibits oil, petrol stains, and grease from piling up on the newly spread tarmac. That is why it is distinguished among the top 10 tarmac restorers.

  • Eco-friendly.
  • Resists crude, grease, and dirt build-up.
  • Easy application.
  • Comparatively cheap.
  • May be used within 6 months of opening.

8. RUST-OLEUM 5478.5 Asphalt Restorer BLACK – High-Quality, Bitumen-Based Resurfacing

Stontex Tarmax Restorer 25L

Looking for cost-effective paint to restore your driveway? You can surely opt for the RUST-OLEUM 5478.5 Asphalt Restorer in the color, black. If you are worried about the quality and outcomes this product will give, let me assure you that it will do justice to your driveway tarmac repair mission.

It comes in a single pack, of 5L containing bitumen paint. After all, this high-quality bitumen-based coating comes with fillers and smooth consistency additives to maintain its gooey texture. Bitumen is the best form of material that can be used for refurbishment of car parks, sideways, footpaths, and driveways.

It is always wise to apply the asphalt restorer in patches. To do so, it is important to clean your surface of any dirt and residue. You may find it hard to apply at first because of its high viscosity but with a few strides, and with the right choice of roller fit for the job, you can make this task easy.

With this in mind, choose a good warm day to roll the RUST-OLEUM 5478.5 Asphalt Restorer as external temperature plays a vital role in the application of the tarmac.

Slightly warmer temperatures will indeed help with the gooey texture of the paint to run smoothly over the surface, reducing the effort required to paint it all along the entire length of your driveway.

It dries up pretty fast and is ready to be used in 2 to 5 hours. However, it is advised to keep it untouched for a good 24 hours before driving your vehicle over it.

Better safe than sorry! A single coating of the bitumen paint is more than sufficient for your driveway to look as good as new but if you want, you can always go for a second coat after a few months.

Furthermore, it comes in a variety of colors to choose from. Like, English Red, Traffic Yellow, Traffic Blue, Grass Green, Mouse Grey, Traffic White, Light Grey, Traffic Black.

  • Easy application.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Seals current tarmac.
  • Restores old tarmac.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Helps protect against stains and oil.
  • You might need more than the stated number of cans for a single driveway.

9. Thompson’s TDSB5L Drive Seal (5 L) BLACK – Ergonomic Design, Top-of-the-Line Acrylic Coating

Thompson’s TDSB5L Drive Seal 5L


Want to revive tarmac drives? This is exactly what you are looking for!

Thompson’s TDSB5L Drive Seal is a premium product that serves high-performance acrylic coating designed specifically to improve the appearance and strengthen the tarmac drives.

It is best used to wipe out existing stains and prevent them from new to leaving an ugly path on the surface of the car parks or driveways.

To emphasize, this 5L tin will give you an average of 30m2 area coverage.

How can I make its application easier? Even though the consistency of this product is such that it can be applied very easily by both an amateur and a professional.

But you might be wondering: What type of roller for a tarmac restorer should I use?

For a simple application method like this one, you will certainly need a long-handled roller for this purpose. A long aluminum telescope handles paired with a wide ended roller will be perfect for covering more area in relatively less time.

Besides this, a long-handled soft brush works well to give finishing touches towards the edges of the bitumen spread.

However, do not expect it to suspend into crevices and dents because it is a heavy black resin coat with the consistency of gum. Instead, it makes a layer on top of the tarmac surface, hard as a rock.

Tips to get a perfect and attractive finish: Firstly, make sure the tarmac surface is firm and stable. Secondly, check for any potholes and fill them up first. Use a semi-rough roller to apply the paint and brush off excess bitumen round the edges of the road with a soft brush before rolling the Thompson’s TDSB5L Drive Seal.

  • Easy to use.
  • Time-efficient.
  • Resists oil and fuel stains.
  • Might not absorb into the surface.
Ronseal TDSB5L Drive Seal Black 5 Litre
  • This Ronseal RSLTDSB5L - Drive Seal Black 5 Litre is on page 737...

10. Smartseal Moss Remover (25L) – Rapid Action Moss Killer, Tough on Algae, & Fungus

Smartseal Moss Remover Black 25L

Tired of brushing and scrubbing mold and moss-grown on sidewalks? Needless to say, the annoying moss and algae accumulation on walls, roofs, decking, and patios may sometimes get really overwhelming.

Now that we have found you a perfect solution to this problem, let me present to you, the most powerful and fast-acting Smartseal Moss Remover.

Kill moss and mold in just 3 days! This product is a mixture of concentrated biodegradable substances that kills moss and other unwanted organic growth in just 3 days. Since it contains a powerful agent that reacts with the fungus, it inhibits its growth, and within 24 – 36 hours the moss patches go brown and start sprouting out.

After that, it will start rolling up on the corners of the affected area. With the Smartseal Moss Remover, there is no need to use the jet spray to wash off the deadly fungus. You can just sweep up the large areas of moss with a brush and a moss collecting tray.

This 25L tin will treat and clean approximately 500- 625m² of the area.

Will the Smartseal Moss Remover react with my skin rendering it harmful? Given that, this moss remover is free of any irritants for skin and it does not contain bleach or other acid ingredients in it. It is rendered harmless. But it is important to realize that safety comes first. So, do wear gloves while spraying this moss remover.

How to apply: To apply the moss remover, firstly, you will have to mix it with water in a ratio of 1:5. In case of heavy build-up, alter the ratio to 1:3. This will give you a more concentrated solution. Then, just spray it over the affected area with a garden spray or a watering can and wait for the results to show.

Smartseal Moss Remover is well suited to be used for roof tiles, floor tiles, block paving, tarmac, concrete and other hard external surfaces. You can even use it on outdoor water fountains.

  • Caters for heavy moss infestation.
  • Quick and easy application.
  • Once removed, you can paint over the surface.
  • Value for money.
  • Regrowth of moss may occur.

Tarmac Restorers Buyer’s Guide:

Best Tarmac Restorers

Renovating your house and keeping it up to date is part and parcel of life! To make this effort worthwhile, we have compiled the top 10 tarmac restorers. Each of them caters for your needs and desires in a detailed and descriptive manner.

Find yourself the most suitable of the above tarmac restorers. Keep in mind the durability, sturdiness, reliability, quality, and affordability when you make your decision.

Without further ado, dig in to get your hands dirty!

But first: Keep in mind the following 5 simple steps before and during tarmac application:

Certainly, your driveway needs some preparation before pouring any kind of tarmac over it.

1. Clean the Surface

To start with, clean and brush off the entire surface and let it dry if you find any wet patches.

2. Trim Around the Edges of Your Driveway

Make sure that you trim and tidy the edges of your driveway or car park and wipe them clean again. This includes cutting excess plantations that might hinder your work process.

3. Make the Desired Ratio of Tarmac

Mix the substance in the tin with water to get the ratio as mentioned on the tin canister and stir well.

4. Start Pouring

Now, it is time to pour the mixture onto the surface. Make sure that you cover the entire stretch of the driveway to avoid any bumps forming later.

5. Spread Evenly

Ultimately, look for the patches where you accidentally missed pouring the liquid. Spread the tarmac paint over those areas and curl the roller once again.

This will ensure proper application and will surely give you the best results.

No doubt, our buyer’s guide will help you in choosing a good quality tarmac restorer for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much area can I cover with 20L of Tarmac?

Even though the amount of surface area a liter of material can cover largely depends upon the texture, viscosity, age, and permeability of the tarmac, it also depends on how it is applied.

Normally, when a two-coat application is preferred, one liter can ensure 2 – 3m2 effective surface coverage. Therefore, a 20L tub will conceal about 40 – 60m2 when applied with the help of a roller.

Q. How long do I need to wait before applying a second coat of Tarmaseal?

In most cases, after applying the Tarmaseal, it will be dry to touch within two hours. That is when you can apply the second coat. However, if the weather is slightly cool or damp, the specified period can scale up to more than 2 hours.

Q. How long before I can re-use my driveway?

As per recommendation, park your car elsewhere for at least 24 hours before bringing it to the driveway. Otherwise, it can damage the sealer and render it ineffective.

Ordinarily, you should avoid pets from strolling and foot traffic for a minimum of 4 hours post-application of tarmac.

Moreover, the time it will take for the driveway to cure fully greatly depends on the type of sealer used, the weather conditions, and the number of coats applied on the surface.

Q. How do I check if the driveway is fully cured?

To ascertain if the driveway is ready to be driven upon, cover your hand with a glove and gently press it on an indiscernible area. In doing so, if the black rubs off on the glove, it means that it has not been fully hardened.

Q. What is the optimum temperature for the application of tarmac?

Maintain a minimum of 10-degree Celsius temperature while applying tarmac on the desired surface. Check the weather forecast to make sure there are no rains a few days before and after the application of the tarmac.

Always remember to clean the surface dry before coating.

Q. Does the Resiblock Resimac fill mini cracks?

Resiblock Resimac fills minor hairline cracks to major repairs. The only difference is; while mini cracks can be filled with just a single application using a brush, larger holes first need to be filled with cold tar. Then, rolled down and hammered where necessary. Finally, they are painted with Resiblock Resimac liquid.

Q. Can Tarmac be Recycled?

Yes. Tarmac can be melted down and recycled in parts. There is a high demand for recycled tarmac in the developed world market. Recycling includes tarmac scalping produced from the rubble of a broken-down road before a new surface is laid.


Now that we have laid out the best tarmac restorers of all time. You be the judge and choose for yourself. Make sure you select the most durable, eco-friendly, aesthetic, and premium quality sealant.

Go ahead and impress your neighbors with a brand-new driveway!

Reminder: Our FAQ’s section and buyer’s guide will walk you through any unanswered questions you might have.