10 Best Tires For Honda Rancher 420 in 2021 [Buying Guide]

Are you planning to upgrade your Honda Rancher 420’s tires? Are you torn between the various tire brands and can not decide on the perfect one? Well, then don’t worry because you have arrived on the right page!

The Honda Rancher 420 is a popular ATV (all-terrain vehicle) choice amongst riders, ranchers, and farmers. It is a sturdy, effective, and slightly aggressive-looking vehicle that can handle all types of landscape situations well.

Tires For Honda Rancher 420

Usually, people use the Honda Rancher 420 for riding in mud as well as carrying out farm and yard work. It has an integrated framework and design that makes driving an outstanding experience. You can complete all the work while having all the fun!

Indeed, the Honda Rancher 420 is a marvelous vehicle. However, a majority of owners tend to replace or upgrade the stock tires.

Perhaps, it is a desire for more aggressive looks or more ground clearance. Nevertheless, fulfilling this desire becomes a bit difficult when one gets confused between the vast pool of tires.

When deciding the best tires for the Honda Rancher 420, one has to consider several factors. Well, in today’s article, we have researched thoroughly and compiled all the answers in one place. Read more to unravel our top recommendations, as well as the factors to consider when purchasing tires for Honda Rancher 420!

Honda RancherATV TypeDurability 
Wanda Set4 Atv TireTrailExcellent Check Price
Sun.F Power ATV/UTV TireHard-TerrainExcellent Check Price
Massfx Grinder Series TireMudGood Check Price
Sun.F All Terrain TireHard-TerrainGood Check Price
Wanda Full Set TireTrailExcellent Check Price
Sun.F Power ATV/UTV TireHard-TerrainGood Check Price
Wanda Set Of 4 UTV TireMudExcellent Check Price
Sun.F A041 Trail TireMudGood Check Price
Wanda Set of 4 TireHard-TerrainAverage Check Price
Wanda AtT Master TireMudGood Check Price

1. WANDA Set 4 ATV tires 24×8-12 & 24×10-11 for 04-17 Honda Fourtrax Rancher TRX400 420

Wanda Set4 Atv Tire


Are you in the hunt for aggressive-looking tires for your Honda Fourtrax Rancher TRX400 420? Well, then these Wanda set of 4 ATV tires are an idealistic option!

Wanda is a reputable Chinese tire manufacturing company that has introduced some quality ATV tires in the market. The Wanda set of 4 ATV tires offers two front and two rear tires for the Honda Rancher 420.

Two tires have the ATV reading of 24×8-12, which means that each tire is 24-inches tall and 8-inches wide. Also, it will mount on a rim size of 12-inches. The other two tires have an ATV reading of 24×10-11, which means that each tire is 24-inches tall and 10-inches wide. Also, it will mount on a rim size of 11-inches.

The Wanda set of 4 ATV tires have an integrated v-shaped tread pattern that offers pretty aggressive looks. Apart from the appearance, the tires have a tread depth of 0.79-inches. Hence, they will provide better traction and offer a smooth riding experience.

Although these are trail tires, they work on all types of terrains efficiently. A majority of customers have used the Wanda set of 4 ATV tires on muddy grounds and found the tires to be quality ones. You can even use them in woods with all the rocks and uneven ground.

With a height of 24-inches, these tires do not offer good ground clearance, so people seeking the factor will not find the tires of much use. However, the height is appropriate enough to enhance the handling of the vehicle.

Moreover, the Wanda set of 4 ATV tires have a load index of 40, which means it can handle the moderate load easily. However, its speed rating is J, which means that you won’t be able to ride much faster.

Furthermore, the Wanda set of 4 ATV tires comprises of 6-ply rated nylon. Hence, the tires remain sturdy and durable. The integrated construction prevents abrasions and punctures.

Bottom Line: Considering all these features, the Wanda set of 4 ATV tires are a good choice for those seeking aggressive-looking tires that work more effectively in mud and woods. Certainly, the Wanda set of 4 ATV tires is one of the best tires for Honda Rancher 420 that come at an affordable price range.

  • Great in mud, sand, and woods.
  • Aggressive-looking
  • Good tread depth and pattern
  • Handles considerable load
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Affordable range
  • Doesn’t have a good speed rating
  • Doesn’t provide good ground clearance
Set 4 ATV tires 24x8-12 & 24x10-11 for 04-17 Honda Fourtrax...
  • Full set (2 front+2 rear) for complete replacement
  • Original equipment tread design
  • fitments for a variety of 2 or 4 wheel drive ATV applications

2. SunF Power.I ATV/UTV all-terrain Tires

Sun.F Power ATVUTV Tire


The Chinese company SunF happens to be one of the leading producers of fine quality goods in the Powersports industry. It’s known for using quite inexpensive raw materials to produce affordable tires.

However, that does not mean that there’s a compromise on quality. The brand’s products are offering such a competent performance that it happens to be amongst the most trusted tire brands of the present times.

SunF Power. I ATV/UTV all-terrain tires are an excellent example of this company’s meticulous productions. The front tires measure 24-inches in height and 8-inches of width when inflated, and they mount on a rim of 12-inches. However, the rear ones have a width of 10-inches and mount on a rim of 11-inches.

Both of these correspond to the standard stock size for Honda Rancher 420. And so, they work quite efficiently. The tires have a 6-ply Bias construction that equips them to deal well with rough terrains. They remain resistant to punctures and well-guarded from abrasions.

Thus, they do not demand frequent maintenance. These tires perform well on trails, mud, desert, and hard-terrain surfaces.

Also, the lug depth, directional angled knobby tread design, hard rubber compound, and aggressive shoulder knobs complete the sturdy and robust profile of these tires. Even more, these features bring about better traction.

Furthermore, the tires weigh 84 pounds. Though, the SunF A033 weight does not add much to the dependent weight and vehicle’s weight, making handling and driving easier.

However, in terms of speed rating, the SunF power all-terrain tires have an average score if compared to other tires in this list. They come with the rating of J, which represents that the maximum speed performance of the tires is 100 km/h or 62 mph.

With a load index rating of 91, SunF Power All-terrain tires allow Honda Rancher 420 to carry a load of 615 kilograms. Although this is not the best load index rating in this list, it is surely a competent one.

Perhaps, the most appreciable aspect of these tires is that they have the best value for money. From initial cost to maintenance, service, and lifespan, it classifies as only the best.

Bottom Line: For most users, the valuable and appreciable aspect of SunF Power All-terrain tires is the fact that it’s truly a value for money product. It may not promise the best performance but certainly brings about an above-average performance with its well-engineered, sturdy built.

  • Tough Shoulders
  • High Puncture resistance
  • Excellent Traction
  • Easy to Install
  • Durable
  • Deep tread
  • Affordable prices
  • Limited compatibility.
  • Rims not included
  • Do not work too well in thick and wet muddy areas.
SunF Power.I ATV/UTV all-terrain Tires 24x8-12 Front & 24x10x11...
  • Front Size: 24x8-12 - Rear Size: 24x10-11 | Wheel (Rim) Diameter:...
  • Directional angled knobby tread design great in most terrain with high...
  • Heavy 6 ply rated construction resists punctures and abrasions.

3. MASSFX Grinder Series ATV Dual Compound Tread Mud Sand Snow and Rock Tires

Massfx Grinder Series Tire


The MASSFX Grinder Series ATV Dual-Compound Tread Mud Sand Snow and Rock Tires are mid-range tires that come with some remarkable specifications. As the name suggests, the tires work pretty well in all terrains, from mud to snow.

According to the MASSFX reviews, one might be encouraged to think that the tires are suitable for muddy grounds. Although these tires function well on all terrains, their design does incline towards the mud ATV tires. Let’s evaluate in detail!

The MASSFX Grinder Series ATV tires have taller and taller lugs, which offers good traction in softer as well as harder mud. Also, the manufacturers have kept good spacing between the lugs so that muds do not get stuck.

With this tread pattern, you will have to clean the tires a bit less too, as the farther spaced lugs will remove the mud automatically during the spin. The MASSFX Grinder Series ATV tires offer a stable and smooth riding experience.

The product offers two front 24×8-12 ATV readings, which means that they are 24-inches above the ground and 8-inches wide. Also, you will have to fit them in 12-inches rim size.

The rear tires for Honda Rancher 420 have an ATV reading of 24×10-11. Hence, the rear side will be of the same height, though the tire will 2-inches wider than the front one. These will also require a 12-inches rim size. Being 24-inches tall, know that your Honda Rancher 420 will not gain much height or ground clearance.

Each tire comprises of chip and tear-resistant rubber and an integrated sidewall protector. Hence, the tire will show better resistance against cuts and abrasions. These MASSFX Grinder Series tires are more long-lasting than most of its competitors.

The tires have tiny spikes sprouting from the sidewalls that not only augment the work performance but also offer aggressive looks. So, if you are in the hunt for tires that look aggressive without being huge, then the MASSFX Grinder Series tires are a good option.

Even more, the MASSFX Grinder Series ATV tires have an excellent load index rating. Thus, you can put on a considerable load without worrying. However, the tires have a speed rating of M, which means they will go up to 130km/h.

Bottom Line: All in all, the MASSFX Grinder Series ATV tires are great for muddy grounds and for those who want aggressive tires without them being huge.

  • Aggressive design
  • Good traction
  • Integrated sidewall protectors
  • Durable
  • Offers stability
  • Works well in all terrains
  • Excellent load index
  • Has a good speed rating
  • Affordable range
  • Will not give your Honda Rancher 420 much height
MASSFX Grinder Series ATV Dual Compound Tread Mud Sand Snow and...
  • 6 ply rated
  • Chip & Tear resistant rubber with a dual compound
  • Aggressive Tread Block Design Patented knobs are biting machines

4. SunF ALL-TERRAIN ATV UTV 6 Ply Race Tires

Sun.F All Terrain Tire


As mentioned earlier, SunF is one of the most popular tire brands of all time, thanks to their dedicated services and quality products. However, it is the SunF A033 tubeless ATV tires that have gained the most popularity. These meticulously designed tires are available in multiple sizes to serve the needs of different all-terrain vehicles.

This phenomenal set of four includes two 24 x 8 – 12 tires and two 24 x 10 – 11 tires, which means two will fit in a rim of 12-inches while two will fit in a rim of 11-inches. However, these do not come with rims, so you will have to purchase them separately.

After calculating the total price of rim and tires, the SunF ATV tires still costs nominally, especially, if one considers all the impressive features.

Perhaps, the Bias construction with the premium-quality hard rubber compound secures the title of the most impressive quality of these tires. The heavy 6-ply rated construction makes the tires tough and ever ready for rocky hindrances.

Its ingenious construction will eliminate all your puncture and scratch worries. Plus, the aggressive shoulder knobs will provide increased protection to the rim as well as sidewalls. The tread’s directional angled knobby design allows it to move about smoothly in all terrains. Be it, mud, desert, dirt, rock, and they will work fine even if you choose to race in these terrains.

However, it may prove to be a little harsh for areas like lawns. That’s because it has an Aggressive built that may tear up your carefully maintained grass.

On cross country or desert conditions, these will give a smooth ride, maximum traction, and excellent braking performance. And it’s chiefly because of the fine tread-pattern and a tread depth of 18mm.

The load index rating of the SunF All-terrain ATV UTV 6 ply race tires is 65, which means that the tires can carry only 290 kg or 640 lbs. Now, this rating is certainly not something we expected from such an amazing set of tires.

But then again, history has not yet seen an all-perfect affordable tire. So, it’s still acceptable.

Next up, the tires come with a speed rating of J, which means that the maximum these tires can handle is 100km/h or 62mph. It’s similar to the second tire set in this complete list of tires for Honda Rancher 420, so certainly not as much of a bad or surprising factor. We will consider it above-average.

Bottom Line: For those who have fairly average use of their Honda Rancher 420, these SunF All-Terrain ATV UTV 6 ply tires are a good option. At a nominal price, these tires promise a stable and smooth ride with excellent traction and braking performance. The tires may not have an exactly racing-sort speed and load index rating but serve well for moderate use.

  • Value for money
  • Adaptable to different terrains
  • Excellent traction
  • Easy Acceleration
  • Easy to Install
  • Scratch and puncture-resistant
  • Not Suitable for Lawn Use
  • Concerns raised regarding treadwear
SunF ALL TERRAIN ATV UTV 6 Ply Race Tires 24x8-12 & 24x10-11...
  • Tire Size [ 24x8-12 ] designed to mount on 12 (in) RIM. Tire Size [...
  • Directional angled knobby tread design great in most terrain with high...
  • Heavy 6 ply rated construction resists punctures and abrasions.

5. WANDA Full Set 04-17 Honda Fourtrax Rancher TRX400 420 ATV Tires

Wanda Full Set Tire


Wanda brings another set of ATV tires with some remarkable specifications, though in a slightly expensive range. The Wanda Honda Rancher 420 ATV tires include two front tires and two rear tires. Let’s evaluate in detail and find out whether they are good for you or not!

With a lighter tread pattern, the Wanda Honda Rancher 420 ATV tires are trail tires, which means that they will function well in all types of terrains.

It doesn’t matter whether you are driving in sand or mud the tires will exhibit decent performance in all terrains. However, the tires do not show excellence in one terrain. For example, if you ride in muddy grounds a lot, then you will have to seek mud ATV tires.

With 6-ply rated nylon construction, the Wanda Honda Rancher 420 ATV tires have short and slim spikes sprouting from the sidewall. These spikes, along with a unique tread pattern, give the tire a rather aggressive look. However, the tires are not huge and heavy, like the original aggressive tires that reduce speed.

So, if you are in the hunt for such Honda Rancher 420 tires that will give your vehicle a daunting look without being heavy and huge, then these tires are a suitable option. Also, with nylon construction, the tires are quite sturdy and durable.

With an integrated design, the Wanda Honda Rancher 420 ATV tires make your ride stable and smooth. Hence, making driving easy in difficult terrains. Moreover, these tires weigh merely 70-pounds which augments your riding experience and makes installation easy.

The Wanda Honda Rancher 420 ATV tires have a considerable load index. Thus, you can put a weight of around 300-330lbs, which is good enough. Also, the tires have a speed rating of K, which means it can drive up to 110km/h.

Honda Rancher 420 vehicles do not travel much faster. However, the installation of tires with a good speed rating can make them go a bit faster and give you the fun you want!

Bottom Line: The Wanda Honda Rancher 420 ATV Tires are a good option for those seeking all-rounder, lightweight, and aggressive-looking tires. Although the tires a slightly expensive, they are also very durable and long-lasting. All in all, the Wanda Honda Rancher 420 ATV tires are value for money tires. The company truly provides good quality and competitive products.

  • Sturdy and durable
  • Aggressive-looking
  • Decent performance on all terrains
  • Not very heavy
  • Good load index
  • Good speed rating
  • Slightly expensive
Full Set 04-17 Honda Fourtrax Rancher TRX400 420 ATV Tires...
  • Full set (2 front+2 rear) for complete replacement
  • Original equipment tread design
  • fitments for a variety of 2 or 4 wheel drive ATV applications

6. SunF Power. I ATV/UTV all-terrain Tires

Sun.F Power ATV Tire

No products found.

Here comes yet another wonder produced by the China-based tire-manufacturing company, named SunF. But before we marvel upon its phenomenal construction and unrivaled performance, we must not forget that it is also the most pricey set of tires on this list.

With that said, it has become evident that SunF does not always manufacture pocket-friendly tires. It tries its utmost to bring the highest and finest quality at the least possible price, but it is certainly not always the case.

Quality, however, remains an unshakable factor. So, here comes the main question: what’s so special about SunF Power. I ATV/UTV all-terrain tires? What’s the factor that adds to the price?

Well, to our surprise, it’s the impressive Load Index Rating. This particular set of 4 ATV tires comes with a load index rating of 108, which means that these tires can support 1000 kg or 2200lbs!

Certainly, it’s nowhere near the Load Index Rating of MASSFX Grinder Series ATV Dual-Compound Tread Mud Sand Snow and Rock Tires. But it’s the best that we have yet seen from SunF.

When it comes to the performance, it happens to be quite similar to the sort that we have observed in the last two SunF ATV tires that we have reviewed in this comprehensive list.

The tires have a Bias construction and 6-ply rating that give the tires their strength. Also, the shoulders of the SunF A033 tires have some aggressive knobs.

Collectively, these make these tires puncture and scratch-resistant. However, some users have still reported quick wear and tear of the tires.

Our stance over the matter is that quick wear and tear could only have been a result of immense heavy usage. Although these tires can perform well on the harshest of rocks, dirt, and mud, rough treatment and poor care can wear down almost any tire.

In terms of measurements, the front two tires measure 24 x 8 -12, and the rear ones measure 24 x 11 – 10. Both sets possess a good tread design and a tread depth, which bring about a smooth ride and excellent traction.

The speed rating of these tires also resembles the previous SunF models. With a J, the tires can give 100 km/h or 62 mph.

Bottom Line: If budget is not a problem for you, then this SunF power tires review would have made it clear to you that this is your best SunF A033 option. Also, if you drive properly and take good care, your chances o cherishing the performance of these tires is going to double up.

  • Decent performance on almost all terrains
  • Aggressive-looking
  • Good Load Index Rating
  • Safe and smooth ride
  • Excellent traction
  • Very Expensive
  • Concerns raised regarding durability

No products found.

7. WANDA Set of 4 New ATV/UTV Tire

Wanda Set Of 4 UTV Tire


Up till now, all the tires by Wanda were quite aggressive-looking. However, this Wanda set of 4 new ATV/UTV tires have a comparatively less aggressive exterior. The spikes are shorter, narrower, and lesser.

Perhaps, it is this less aggressive-looking exterior that encourages people to hunt for a comprehensive Wanda P341 ATV tire review. But don’t worry. Although the tire does not meet the aggressive exterior needs, it does have exceptional integrated features.

The tires have a v-shaped tread pattern with a 0.79-inches tread depth. These Wanda P341-10151/10155 ATV tires have a deep tread that provides a strong grip in muddy terrains. However, the tires classify in ATV and will work effectively on all terrains, with improved performance on muddy grounds.

Also, as the tires have an angular directional tread pattern with wide spaces, the maintenance process is easy. The mud gets off easily during washing or cleaning.

The Wanda P341-15151/10155 ATV tires comprise of 6-ply rated nylon that promises immense durability. It shows great resistance against cuts and abrasions. Hence, making driving on rocky terrains easy.

Furthermore, the tires come with additional rim protectors. The shoulder rugs protect the sidewall and rim of your vehicle. Thus, you must not stress about your Honda Rancher 420’s safety.

As for the performance, these tires provide more acceleration with the v-shaped tread. But, do not forget that the speed rating of the tires is average. The tires won’t go either too fast or too slow.

Other than that, these Wanda tires offer good stability and smoothness while driving. Also, you can fit these tires on both ATV and UTV. The load index of the tires is also good as the front tires can carry up to 320lbs while the rear tires can carry up to 420lbs.

Comparatively, the Wanda set of ATV/UTV tires are slightly heavy that can make the installation a bit difficult. Also, the tires cost more than others on the list, but the specifications are also better.

Bottom Line: Concisely, the Wanda P341-15151/10155 ATV tires are quality and durable tires that enhance the riding experience incredibly. Yes, they are slightly pricy, but its value for money deal. The integrated features make the Wanda Set of 4 New ATV/UTV tires one of the best tires for Honda Rancher 420.

  • Good tread pattern
  • Long-lasting
  • Offers a stable and smooth riding experience
  • Good load index
  • Performs well on all terrains
  • Easy maintenance
  • The integrated design offers good acceleration
  • Slightly expensive
  • Comparatively heavy
  • Average speed rating
Set of 4 New ATV/UTV Tires 24x8-12 Front & 24x10-11 Rear /6PR...
  • Set of 4 New WANDA AT MASTER ATV Tires AT 24x8-12 Front & 24x10x11...
  • 6 Ply, load range C, 24x8.00-12 (Rim Width: 6.5", 310lbs@7psi),...
  • Directional "V" angled tread design with wide gaps between tread...

8. SunF Set of 4 SunF A041 Mud & Trail 24×8-12 Front & 24×10-11 Rear ATV UTV off-road Tires

Sun.F A041 Trail Tire


A041 happens to be another prominent and popular model of ATV tires manufactured by SunF. Like always, SunF has brought an impressive performance at a reasonable price.

This fairly-priced set of four ATV tires includes two front tires and two rear tires. Since these got designed for vehicles like Honda Rancher 420, the front two measure 24 x 8 – 12, and the back ones measure 24 x 10 – 11.

Both of these correspond to the standard stock size, and hence they serve their purpose quite effectively. Previously, we have noticed a trend of Bias construction in each of SunF tires. That’s because using this type of construction not only reduces the cost of the final product (and make it affordable for all!) but also because it improves the performance substantially.

Even these tires have Bias construction with the heavy 6-ply rating. Hence, they have a smoother ride on rough surfaces, good traction at low speed, and protection against cuts, punctures, and damages.

Furthermore, these bring about a more comfortable ride. Primarily, the SunF A041 Mud & Trail ATV tires got built to deliver maximum grip on soft to intermediate terrains.

However, when tested by various users, they also perform remarkably on rocky surfaces. But you must remember that even though these have well-protected shoulders like model A033, these did not get designed for rough surfaces.

So, you may be able to only use these occasionally on extremely rocky and harsh surfaces. SunF A041 performs very well on snow, mud, sand, trails, and loose dirt.

Similarly, the tread pattern of SunF A041 features a directional V-design. This innovative tread pattern, coupled with a good tread depth of 19mm, brings forth an impressive performance, even on incredibly challenging terrains.

Moreover, the SunF A041 Mud & Trail ATV tires have a load index rating of 65. Considering the entire profile of these tires, this happens to be a bit below our expectations.

That’s because a load index rating of 65 means that the tires can only support 290 kg. Now, that is more of an average as compared to other phenomenal features of these tires.

Bottom Line: SunF A041 carries a charm like none other. So, if you’re searching for good-looking + working, affordable, and fairly durable ATV tires, then these tires are just for you.

  • Good Tread Depth
  • Affordable
  • Resistance to cuts and punctures
  • Long-lasting
  • Comfortable Ride
  • Does not come with rims
Set of 4 SunF A041 Mud & Trail 24x8-12 Front & 24x10-11 Rear ATV...
  • Front Size: 24x8-12 - Rear Size: 24x10-11 | Wheel (Rim) Diameter:...
  • Directional "V" angled knobby tread design great in snow, sand, mud...
  • Heavy 6 ply rated construction resists punctures and abrasions.

9. Set of 4 WANDA ATV/UTV Tires

Wanda Set of 4 Tire


Do you want to upgrade your Honda Rancher 420 but have a tight budget? Hey, don’t worry because we have a solution for everyone!

As the name suggests, Wanda has designed these tires such that it is suitable for both ATV/UTV vehicle types. These Wanda ATV Rear Solid-Deep Tread tires have a rather aggressive look. At a glance, it gives off those dangerous vibes.

Each tire is 24-inches tall that will not provide much ground clearance but is appropriate for the aggressive look. Two tires have a width of 8-inches while the other two tires have a width of 10-inches. Also, these tires will mount on rim sizes of 11 and 12-inches, respectively.

Once again, please note, you will not get a good ground clearance with this height (24-inches). So, if you want to increase the height of your Honda Rancher 420, consider the dimensions vigilantly.

The exterior of each tire has a non-directional heavy tread pattern that gives a bulky touch and also aids in traction. Also, the spikes are shorter, but more in number.

With a deep tread, these tires show more efficiency in muddy grounds and sandy areas. However, these tires also work perfectly well in snow and woods. Similar to other Wanda tires, the lugs have good spacing between them. Thus, rinsing and cleaning the tires is quite easy after a ride on muddy grounds.

Moreover, the Wanda ATV Rear Solid Deep Tread tires have a considerable load capacity. These tires can handle weight up to 265lbs. Make sure you don’t overload it as it can make driving dangerous.

Also, the tires have a speed rating of F that will allow your Honda Rancher 420 to travel up to 80km/hr. This specification can be either good or bad, depending on your personal preference. Though, a majority of Rancher owners prefer a much faster-going tire.

The tires have two drawbacks, amongst which is their heavy build that can make installation a problem. Also, the 4-ply rated composition may prove to be less durable than other tires in the compilation. Several users have reported the tire to show little resistance against rocks and branches.

Bottom Line: All in all, the Wanda ATV/UTV tires are good with an attractive design and worthy specifications in an affordable range. However, the tires could have been more durable and lightweight. Nevertheless, the Wanda Deep Tread tires are good cheap mud tires for ATV like Honda Rancher 420.

  • Good design
  • Deep tread
  • Decent performance on all terrains
  • Highly Aggressive-looking
  • Considerable load capacity
  • Easy maintenance
  • Affordable range
  • Heavy
  • Users have reported durability concerns
Set of 4 WANDA ATV/UTV Tires 24x8-12 Front & 24x10-11 Rear Solid...
  • Top notch handling in dirt, mud or rock, woods and desert, similar to...
  • Additional shoulder lugs protect rim and sidewall
  • 36% deeper tread than major competitor with similar tread patterns,...


Wanda AT Master Tire


Wanda has had the honor to present to you the last of all but not the least of the Best Tires for Honda Rancher 420. The Wanda p373 ATV tires happen to be one of your ideal options for your Honda all-terrain vehicles.

Primarily, that’s because the Wanda P373 ATV tires happen to be the cheapest on this entire list. They will cost you even lower than the ones manufactured by SunF!
Hey, now don’t you worry about the quality. As the title of the post suggests, only the very best tires for Honda Rancher 420 have ended up on this list.

Wanda’s ATV tires got manufactured from fine-quality thick rubber, which contributes to its durability and protects it from punctures as well as abrasions. Even more, the tires weigh around 35 pounds, which is comparatively quite low if compared to others.

Consequently, it has a reduced rolling resistance and also cuts down the fuel expenses substantially. Thus, enabling your Honda Rancher 420 to have a better acceleration and braking performance.

The tread depth of these Wanda ATV tires is about 0.6-inches, which is neither too impressive nor too disappointing. Considering the price, we believe this is not a major lacking as it equips the vehicle just enough to serve its purpose rightfully.

The tread pattern features a V-shaped design that not only brings stability and durability but also adds charm to your vehicle. Most users have loved the well-protected shoulders of the Wanda ATV tires and their captivating looks.

These tires have a speed rating of K, which means that the greatest they can handle is 110 km/h or 68 mph. Now, this classifies these tires as great performers in terms of speed.
However, when we talk about the load capacity of these tires, then it is not as impressive as other features. With a rating of 39, these tires can only support 300lbs.

The rating is possibly the lowest one on the list, which is perhaps the only drawback of this phenomenal tire set.

Bottom Line: The durable and lightweight Wanda P373 ATV tires work well in a wide variety of terrains. They may not support great load but certainly have a good speed rating. If you do not have a flexible budget, then these Wanda ATV tires are your ideal option.

  • Highly Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Easy to Install
  • Excellent Acceleration
  • Excellent Breaking Performance
  • Poor Load Index Rating
2 New AT MASTER ATV/UTV Tires 24x8-12 /6PR P373 - 10202 …
  • Set of 2 New WANDA AT MASTER ATV Tires AT 24x8-12 P373
  • 6 ply rated, Rim Width: 6", 252lbs@7psi
  • Original equipment tread design, fitments for a variety of 2 and 4...

Tires For Honda Rancher 420 Buyer's Guide:

Selecting tires for cars already classifies as one of the trickiest tasks of the world. However, choosing the right tires for special vehicles like Honda Rancher 420 calls for even more effort. It's truly a challenge.

And so, having a guide or a second opinion always comes in handy, which explains why we have compiled reviews and a comprehensive buying guide of best tires for Honda Rancher 420. Continue reading to learn about the aspects that you should inspect and assess before making your tire-purchase.

Tire Type & Tread Pattern

honda rancher 420 tires type

In terms of compatibility, the preferred option for Honda Rancher 420 is the ATV tires. ATV stands for All-Terrain Vehicles, and these are also known as All-purpose tires.

Evident from the name, these tires are not designed for particular terrain and can handle almost all sorts of landscapes. So if you drive in only one type of terrain, you should either look into its sub-types or different type of tires.

When we talk about the sub-types, these have only slight differences that make them, you can say, 5 percent more efficient in certain terrain, as compared to others. Along the same lines, they may have squared or lateral lugs, varying degrees of contact patches, different depths of treads, etc.

However, their primary purpose remains the same; to somehow serve the needs of all terrains. The following are some sub-types:

TrailRaceSnowMudSand/DunePavement or Hard-terrain
The treads in this one get set much closer to one another. So, they have a better contact patch.

Also, the tread depth ranges from half an inch to almost an inch. Hence, the trail tires give a smooth ride and impressive traction.

With a fairly close and even-spacing between the short lugs, the race tires work well on Motocross tracks and hard-packed trails. The closeness gives it a wider contact patch, which in turn aids acceleration.

The lugs are usually stiff, knobby, and more square in shape. Similarly, the tread depth is half an inch or lesser than that.

To deal with tough terrains, they get built using a hard compound and so they are a poor choice for soft terrains.

Generally, there are two types of snow ATV tires. One gets you well through slippery and icy conditions as it has short lugs like that of ATV trails tires, but the lugs are far apart.

The second type helps to handle the vehicle in the powdery snow. It has short but thin lugs that are also widely spaced.

Spacing has immense importance in snow ATV tires because the wide spaces help in channeling out the piled-up snow or icy water.

Mud tires feature the most aggressive tread patterns of all. They come with tall and widely spaced, directional lugs that aid in getting out of soft mud.

However, the ones that have an extremely aggressive tread design only come in handy in muddy terrains, which is a drawback. The less aggressive ones are less effective in mud but usable in all.

So, if you only have to move about in muddy areas, then you should opt for the more aggressive ones.

Also, since mud tires have tall lugs, they have a heavyweight, which can add stress to axles, wheel bearings, and other parts. Moreover, the tread depth ranges from 1-inch to 2-inch, and for better grip, it has lugs on the shoulders.

Unlike other ATV tires, you cannot use the dune tires in any other terrain. Not even for a short time.

That’s because these tires have quite a unique construction and can endanger your life on a normal road. They have a ridge running across the length of the tire.

Sometimes they also have horizontal designs. The purpose of these tires is to bring better steering, flotation, and traction in the sandy terrain.

These tires resemble car and mower tires as they have closely spaced and flat. The minimal design of their tread makes them an excellent choice for hard terrain but not for any soft terrain.

Tire Size

honda rancher 420 tires size

Most people believe that ATV tires have only one standard size. However, that is not true.

They come in varying sizes, and you can always change your set of tires for a more aggressive look. But remember, the change shall abide by your vehicle's model.

Usually, each vehicle comes equipped with an ATV tire size that's most suitable for it. But companies realize that you may want a greater lift, heavier feel, and more aggressive looks.

And so, they make the model compatible with two sizes larger than the standard stock size. So, your possible options for Honda Rancher 420 are only two sizes above 24 x 8 - 12 for front tires and 24 x 10 - 11 for rear tires.


Generally, there are two types of tire constructions, i.e., bias and radial. Both of these constructions have their respective pros and cons.

In radial tires, the plies get assembled perpendicularly to the direction of travel, and in a manner that creates the warping effect. The plies are parallel to one another and also combined to the stabilizing belt, which is usually of steel.

Nowadays, manufacturers are producing more radial tires as users appreciate the smooth ride that they provide. Plus, the belted radial tires come with a longer tread life as it evenly distributes the weight and generates low heat.

honda rancher tires construction type

Along with stability and better tread life, they also promise better steering performance. And that's mostly because the radial tires have a greater contact area.

The softer sidewalls also seem to absorb in the bumps and provide a smoother ride. However, soft sidewalls also mean susceptibility to damages and punctures if treated roughly.

In bias tires, the plies are laid diagonal to one another at a range of 30 to 40 degrees (in a criss-cross form). Thanks to their tough and durable built, these tires serve well on rough terrain.

They cost much lower than the expensive radial tires and also have tougher sidewalls that give them greater lateral stability. Upon getting damaged, they do not lose their value. Rather, they can get repaired easily.

However, their cons include fuel inefficiency, greater rolling resistance, and an increased rate of treadwear.

Price & Brand

Perhaps, the most crucial factors to look into, when purchasing ATV tires for Honda Rancher 420, are the price and brand. Reputable and trusted brands like Wanda and SUNF tend to keep their promise and deliver only the best.

These brands offer tires that not only serve competently on the road but also have impressive durability. Plus, they come with a trustable warranty that grants you the freedom to upgrading your tire size.

Also, purchasing tires from trustworthy brands saves you the resources and trouble of exploring the market, making guesses, or buying tires again and again. And one must not forget the factor of safety and security during the ride.

Frequently Ask Question

Q. What are the biggest tires and rims you can put on a Honda 420 4x4 rancher?
Perhaps, the biggest tires that you can put on a Honda 420 4×4 rancher is 27-inches and 12-inches rim size.

A majority of people opt for tire upgrades as per their needs. However, there is no such thing as a standard or the right size for an upgrade. It all depends on how much you would like.

When deciding the right tire size, you must not forget that the more inches you increase from Honda Rancher 420 stock tire size, the more horsepower you will lose. So, decide wisely.

Mostly, people who want a bit aggressive tires opt for 26-27 inches tire size and 8-10 inches rim size. The range offers good ground clearance and a good riding experience.

Q. How frequently should I change Honda 420’s tires?
Knowing the frequency of tire replacement is a common query amongst novice car owners. Well, you must consider the following two factors to determine whether it is time to change your car’s tire or not.

• Tire Tread
Checking the tire tread is a great way to know about the tire replacement time. In certain states, there is the law regarding the tire tread that if it’s below 2/32 of an inch, you will have to replace it. Hence, using tire gauges, car owners can easily know if they should replace the tires.

However, there is another way, which often gets referred to as the penny test. Turn the penny upside down so that Honest Abe’s head is downwards, and then, insert it in the tire tread. If you find the head covered with the tread, you are good to go. But, if not, then you must replace the tire.

Please consider your area of residence when carrying out the penny test. For example, if you reside in a rainy/snowy area, then you might require extra tire tread for safe driving.

• Tire’s lifespan
As a general rule, you must replace the tires after 10-years of manufacture and check them regularly after 5-years. You can check the date of manufacture stamped on the tire’s side. It will be a four-digit number, for example, 22 15.

Here, the figure represents that the tire’s manufacture date is the 22nd week of 2015. Similarly, you can determine whether your car tires need replacement or not.

Q. How much horsepower does a Honda Rancher 420 have?
Honda has manufactured the Rancher 420 with a 420cc horsepower single-cylinder engine. The vehicle offers stability along with good speed. Also, it has a good frame and a sturdy engine.

The Honda Rancher 420 is an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) that people mostly use for farm and yard work. One can also use it in the woods as the vehicle is adjustable to all types of landscapes and conditions. It is a road beast that is available in green, Honda’s signature red color, and camo.

Moreover, it also has a changeable drive system so that you can make it a 2-wheel drive as well as a 4-wheel drive. You can adjust the vehicle according to the terrain. For example, you can use different Honda ATV tires to gain traction.

Q. How do you read ATV tires?
Reading ATV tires can get a bit difficult for beginners. It is mostly because the ATV tires come in a variety of sizes according to their application. But don’t worry, we have researched and compiled a comprehensive way of reading ATV tires.

Firstly, you must know that the ATV tires have a general number pattern, such as 20x11x9. The numbers will change, but the pattern will be the same.

Now, let’s understand what these numbers represent. The first two-number digit indicates the outside diameter of the ATV tire. It tells the height of the tire. Generally, the number ranges from 18-27.

The second two-digit number represents the width of the tire. Whereas, the third two-digit number tells the rim size.

For example, let’s read the 24x8x12 ATV tires. The number 24x8x12 tells us that the tire is 24-inches tall and 8-inches wide. Also, it will mount on a 12-inches rim.


Honda Rancher 420 is indeed a wonderful all-terrain vehicle that meets the requirements of ranchers, farmers, and racers perfectly. However, one must ignore the role of the tires in a vehicle’s performance. By upgrading tires, one can increase the efficiency of the tires significantly.

Well, after evaluating the best tires of Honda Rancher 420, we have concluded that the MASSFX Grinder Series ATV Dual-Compound Tread Mud Sand Snow and Rock Tires is the winner!

These amazing and integrated tires have an aggressive exterior with deep tread. Hence, making the vehicle appear bold while augmenting the performance.

Also, these ATV mud tires promise immense durability. The 6-ply rated nylon composition of these tires equip them with great resistance against rocks and cuts. Thus, saving money in the long run.

Moreover, when comparing the load index and speed rating of these MASSFX Grinder Series ATV Dual-Compound Tread Mud Sand Snow and Rock Tires with other tires on the list, you will find them to possess top-of-the-range specifications.

So, you will get attractive tires that perform faster and carry more load than any other tire. Even more, the tires fall in an affordable price range. Certainly, these are the best tires for Honda Rancher 420!

Well, we have evaluated and presented you with the top recommendations as well as an effective way to purchase ATV tires for your Honda Rancher 420. Now, it’s your turn to make the decision. Good Luck!