Best Tires for Honda Rancher 420 – Reviews and Buying Guide 2021

All-Terrain Vehicles, or ATVs, are some of the most versatile pieces of machinery around. They are designed to traverse a wide range of surface conditions in remote areas that would ordinarily be impassable if you were to use conventional vehicles. We’re talking – ice, rocks, mud pits – the works.

One of the most popular ATV models on the market is the Honda Rancher 420. The performance of your Honda ATV on off-road trails with sand, hard-packed dirt, or deep mud, all comes down to the tires. They need to be durable and puncture-resistant, with correctly-angled body plies to properly maneuver rocks, tree stumps, and all kinds of debris when trail riding at high speeds.

We tested the best selling products on the market to bring you our top picks for the best tires for Honda Rancher 420.

How We Tested and Compared These Products

The first thing we looked at was the tire manufacturer. We were only interested in products from reputable ATV tire brands, including SUNF, WANDA, MASSFX, HALBERD, and MAXXIS. These have a proven track record of outstanding performance on different terrains.

We were also interested in features like their ply rating, abrasion resistance, puncture resistance, and traction. They are, after all, designed for rock, dirt, mud, and desert applications, so they needed to live up to those expectations.

Finally, we eliminated tires with a load index rating that was less than 39.00. Anything lower, and the Honda’s weight would not be distributed evenly over the contact area. An even load distribution prevents the tires from digging down into sand, snow, or mud to the point of getting stuck.

SUNF ATV TiresWANDA AT Master ATV TiresMASSFX Grinder ATV Tires
Best OverallBest Value OptionBest for Maximum Traction

Tire size

Front: 25x10-12
Rear: 25x11-12
24x8-12Front: 24x8-12
Rear: 24x10-11

Section width

10 in.8 in.8 in.

Tread depth

0.6 in.0.6 in.0.5 in.

Load index rating

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Our Pick: SUNF ATV Tires – Best Overall

Set of 4 SunF Power



  • Tire size: Front – 25×10-12; Rear – 25×11-12
  • Section width: 10 inches
  • Tread depth: 6 inches
  • Rim size: 12 inches
  • Load index rating: 00

Top on our list is the SUNF ATV tires. SUNF is one of the country’s leading manufacturers of off-road tires designed for ATV and UTV models, trailers, motorcycles, scooters, snow throwers, lawnmowers, golf carts, go-carts – you name it. The company produces more than 1.2 million tires annually for both the local and export market.

The first thing we noticed on this set of ATV tires was the tread pattern. The directional, angled, knobby treads are supposed to give it exceptional performance on rock, dirt, mud, and desert terrains.

While we were not able to drive our ATV on a sandy surface, we did test the tires on rocky, muddy, and hard-packed dirt terrain. The SUNF tires did not show any signs of struggle. The weight on all four suspensions was well distributed, and at no point did the Honda Rancher 420 get stuck.

These tires are 6-ply rated, making them abrasion and puncture resistant. We particularly liked the tread pattern and depth on each tire. These gave us incredible torque, excellent traction, and remarkable skid control, especially in the mud.

The aggressive shoulder lugs were a nice touch too. Not only did they give the tires an extra layer of protection around the sidewalls and rims, but they also gave them outstanding side-bite. You won’t be left stranded in the mud or snow with these babies.

All in all, the SUNF ATV tires were exceptional in every way. We would give them a solid 9/10 rating without batting an eye.

  • Knobby tread design makes them ideal for all terrains
  • Made with premium rubber
  • The 6-ply construction makes them abrasion and puncture-resistant
  • Lug pattern and depth provides enhanced skid and traction control
  • Shoulder knobs provide an extra layer of protection for the sidewalls and rims
  • Rims not included in the purchase
SunF Power.I ATV/UTV all-terrain Tires 24x8-12 Front & 24x10x11...
328 Reviews
SunF Power.I ATV/UTV all-terrain Tires 24x8-12 Front & 24x10x11...
  • Front Size: 24x8-12 - Rear Size: 24x10-11 | Wheel (Rim) Diameter:...
  • Directional angled knobby tread design great in most terrain with high...
  • Heavy 6 ply rated construction resists punctures and abrasions.


Best Alternatives

WANDA AT Master ATV Tires – Best Value





  • Tire size: 24×8-12
  • Section width: 8 inches
  • Tread depth: 6 inches
  • Rim size: 12 inches
  • Load index rating:00

If you’re looking for a budget set of ATV tires that give you the same level of performance you get with premium brands, we would recommend the WANDA AT Master tires. WANDA tires are manufactured by the Tianjin Wanda Tyre Group company, which is based in China.

At first, we were a little skeptical about this brand since we traditionally go for US-produced products. We must say, their performance blew us away, and the initial quality concerns we had were quickly put to bed. They were nothing short of outstanding.

Each ATV tire wheel has a 6-ply rating with a section width of 8 inches. While it is just 2 inches narrower than the SUNF tires, we honestly did not notice any difference in performance when driving on the same terrains. The ride felt smooth, and their unique tread design gave us faster braking and acceleration. The fact that they are lightweight might also have something to do with it.

We also noticed that the Rancher wheels tires had widely-spaced tread bras. These were deeper and wider than anything else we had come across. When we drove on muddy terrain, the reason behind their unique design became immediately apparent. The tread bras shed mud faster than any other ATV tire we tested, which was quite impressive.

As far as abrasion resistance and puncture resistance go, the WANDA AT Master’s nylon construction is exceptional in that regard. All in all, these ATV rider tires are an excellent budget option for Honda Rancher 420 ATVs, Honda Foreman, and Honda TRX models.

  • Versatile, making them ideal for a wide range of 2×4 and 4×4 ATV and UTV applications
  • Durable, lightweight design allows for quick braking and acceleration
  • Widely-spaced tread bras allow for efficient mud tire shedding
  • The 6-ply nylon construction makes it abrasion and puncture-resistant
  • The rolling design provides a smooth ride
  • It only comes in a set of 2 instead of 4 ATV tires
Set 2 WANDA AT MASTER ATV/UTV Tires 24x8-12 24x8x12 6 ply...
2,192 Reviews
Set 2 WANDA AT MASTER ATV/UTV Tires 24x8-12 24x8x12 6 ply...
  • Set of 2 New WANDA AT MASTER ATV Tires AT 24x8-12 P373
  • 6 ply rated, Rim Width: 6", 252lbs@7psi
  • Original equipment tread design, fitments for a variety of 2 and 4...

MASSFX Grinder ATV Tires – Best for Maximum Traction

MASSFX Grinder Series ATV Dual




  • Tire size: Front – 24×8-12; Rear – 24×10-11
  • Section width: 8 inches
  • Tread depth: 5 inches
  • Rim size: 12 inches
  • Load index rating:00

Everything about the design of the MASSFX Grinder ATV Tires exudes raw power. Their unique tread design is unlike anything else we’ve seen. They are 3-tiered with a layered stingray design at the center, surrounded by prominent rectangular-shaped treads. We would expect nothing less from MASSFX.

We installed them on our Honda and hit the gravel banks by the lake. Saying we cruised over the gravel as though we were driving on the freeway is a gross understatement. The tires ate up the rock-peppered surface like it was nothing, remaining remarkably stable at high speeds. We observed the same outstanding performance on muddy terrain.

The MASSFX Grinders have a 6-ply bias rating, which makes them exceptionally strong and durable. Each layer is reinforced with premium-quality rubber designed to withstand the roughest of terrain. These off-road beasts are manufactured using proprietary Micro-Tread Technology that incorporates smaller treads in-between the gaps left by the larger ones.

They are abrasion-resistant and puncture-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about replacing them any time soon. All in all, the performance of the MASSFX Grinders is impressive in every way imaginable. They are truly built for rugged performance on every type of off-road surface there is. It explains why they are a top choice for many Honda Rancher riders.

  • Chip and tear-resistant
  • Aggressive, knobby treads provide enhanced traction and better handling
  • It comes with built-in sidewall protectors to prevent abrasions
  • Sidewall tractions offer an extra layer of protection for the ATV tire sidewalls and shoulders
  • The higher-than-average load index rating means an almost zero chance of getting stuck
  • Installation is a little cumbersome
MASSFX Grinder 24x8-12 24x10-11 Front & Rear ATV Tires, 6-Ply...
459 Reviews
MASSFX Grinder 24x8-12 24x10-11 Front & Rear ATV Tires, 6-Ply...
  • Micro-Tread Technology: MASSFX Grinder series features a smaller tread...
  • Unique Tread Pattern: MASSFX Grinder Series Offroad ATV/UTV Tires...
  • Enhanced Sidewall Protection and Traction: The tires feature...


HALBERD ATV Tires – Best Non-Directional Option





  • Tire size: Front – 25×8-12; Rear – 25×8-12
  • Section width: 8 inches
  • Tread depth: 6 inches
  • Rim size: 12 inches
  • Load index rating:00

HALBERD is another brand favorite when it comes to ATV and UTV tires. Although there’s no relation between the two manufacturers, they are quite similar to MAXXIS tires in appearance and performance.

The first thing we noticed on the HALBERDs is the unique, rough tread pattern on the tires. There’s a V-shaped central block that offers exceptional traction on slippery surfaces.

We particularly like that these tires are non-directional for ATVs with an independent rear suspension. This means you get outstanding responsiveness in any direction and on any surface. It’s a feature we haven’t come across before. It effectively minimizes the chances of getting stuck in the sand, loose loam, mud, or hard-packed dirt.

They have a 6-ply rating bias giving them exceptional abrasion and puncture resistance. Each ATV tire also has an extended sidewall pattern for enhanced strength and durability. All in all, for their price point, the HALBERDs deliver outstanding value. They’re definitely worth it, in our opinion.

  • Central V-shaped tread pattern offers superior traction in every direction
  • Superior abrasion and puncture resistance
  • Affordable price point
  • High load index rating
  • Reinforced sidewall offers enhanced traverse ability on all terrains
  • It doesn’t come with rims
HALBERD ATV Tires, 25x8-12 & 25x10-12 ATV Tires, 6PR 25x8x12...
248 Reviews
HALBERD ATV Tires, 25x8-12 & 25x10-12 ATV Tires, 6PR 25x8x12...
  • Set of 4 New HALBERD ATV Tires 25x8-12 Front & 25x10-12 Rear
  • 6 Ply, load range J, 25x8-12 (Rim Width: 6.5", 340lbs@7psi), 25x10-12...
  • All-terrain pattern: Provide your ATV/UTV excellent all-terrain...


How to Choose the Best Tires for Honda Rancher 420 – Buying Guide


A man and woman riding an ATV through mud

The performance of your Honda Rancher, Honda Fourtrax, or Honda Fourtrax Rancher is directly tied to the tires you install on them. Here are a few critical things to keep in mind when choosing the best ones for your ATV.


Most people assume that ATVs and UTVs with similar engine sizes have standard ATV and UTV tire sizes. This isn’t the case. Before choosing a specific set of tires for your Honda Rancher 420, ensure you check the stock tires recommendations first. You typically won’t be limited to just one size. Depending on how big or small the tires need to be for your specific application, you'll have a range to work with.

It’s important to mention that installing tires whose sizes fall outside the recommended range will directly impact the handling, balance, gears, horsepower, torque, and fuel efficiency of your Honda Rancher, Honda Fourtrax, or Honda Fourtrax Rancher. We recommend getting tires in the 24x8-12 to the 25x11-12 range.

Bias vs. Radial Tires

ATV tires can either be bias-ply or radial. The bias ply racing of an ATV tire represents its strength and durability. It's similar to the concept used in toilet paper. The more plies it has, the less likely it is to tear.

Always go for tires with a 6-ply bias rating. Bias, in this case, means each layer is placed in a diagonal pattern to form a crisscross layout. Tires with this configuration offer good traction and durability.

Radial tires also have multiple plies, except, in this case, each layer is placed perpendicularly to the center tread. Unfortunately, tires with this layout tend to have weaker sidewalls, so they puncture easily. Bias-ply ATV tires are the way to go.

ATV Tire Type

The most popular type of ATV tires for Honda Rancher 420 models are the All Terrain (AT) tires. They offer exceptional versatility making them ideal for a wide range of terrains. That being said, there are three categories of AT tires:

AT Racing Tires

These tend to be softer and more lightweight, which is great if you like riding fast. Unfortunately, this also means they wear out faster than trail and utility tires.

Racing ATVs usually have very distinct tires. You can spot them by the consistent knob patterns on their surface. This is what gives them outstanding traction for better handling and control when moving at high speeds.

AT Trail Tires

These are the most popular types of AT tires on the market. They are tougher than racing tires and feel quite stiff. They usually have a 6-ply bias, which gives them exceptional abrasion and puncture resistance. You can drive your Honda Rancher on rocks, thorns, and even nails without puncturing it.

AT Utility Tires

These are designed to be more aggressive when riding through mud and give your ATV a higher ground clearance. They have deep ruts and a widely-spaced, deep tread design that displaces dirt and mud. This design prevents them from getting stuck. You can also drive them on regular, soft terrain.


What size tires will fit my Honda Rancher 420 ATV?

Anything in the realm of 24x8-12 to 25x11-12 for the front and rear tires, respectively, will fit. The SUNF ATV Tires, WANDA AT Master ATV Tires, and MASSFX Grinder ATV Tires will all fit Honda Rancher 420, Honda Fourtrax, and Honda Fourtrax Rancher models. If you have a Polaris Sportsman, you might need slightly larger tires.

Why are ATV tires smaller at the front?

ATVs have smaller front tires than the rear ones to make power steering easier. The fact that they have a lesser surface area minimizes surface contact at any given time. It reduces the effort required to maneuver rough and slippery terrains in both manual and electric power steering modes.

What do the three numbers on ATV tires mean?

The first, second, and third numbers refer to the overall height, width, and wheel (rim) diameter, respectively, when the ATV tire is fully inflated. For instance, 24x8-12 means the tire in question is 24 inches tall and 8 inches wide, with a 12-inch wheel diameter. The “-” is sometimes denoted by “x,” for instance, 24x8x12 instead of 24x8-12.


There you have it – the best tires for Honda Rancher 420. The four tires we’ve reviewed here had remarkably high scores in the performance, durability, and pricing categories of our tests. This makes them the best options on the market right now.

If we had to pick one winner, it would have to be the SUNF ATV Tires. They’ll get you through slippery mud pits and rough rocky terrain fast and efficiently.