Best Tires For Polaris Sportsman 850 [Buying Guide 2020]

Nothing says sports utility quite like the Polaris Sportsman 850. It is tough, rugged, and exudes raw power to tame even the fiercest terrains. That said, the performance of an ATV is only as good as its tires. All that power means nothing if the tires on your Sportsman 850 aren’t built to push the limits of what is possible. That is what you need to power through the elements.

With that in mind, we tested the best tires for Polaris Sportsman 850 on the market to bring you our top picks for 2022.


 Wanda ATV UTV Tire SetSunF ATV UTV Tire SetMASSFX Tire ATV UTV Set
Best OverallBest ValueBest Durable

Tire size

Front – 27x9-14; Rear – 27x11-14Front – 27x9-14; Rear – 27x11-14Front – 26x9-14; Rear – 26x11-14

Section width

9 in.9 in.9 in.

Tread depth

0.79 in.0.83 in.0.5 in.

Load index rating

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How We Tested and Compared These Products

When testing the various tires for Polaris Sportsman 850 ATVs, one of the main things we were interested in was the tread, depth, and design. Tires that had an aggressive knob design with a tread depth of no less than 0.5 inches made the cut.

Next, we only reviewed tires from reputable manufacturers like Wanda, SunF, MASSFX, and HALBERD. These companies have a track record of manufacturing durable, high-quality tires. The tires also needed to have a minimum ply rating of six, which translates to excellent puncture and abrasion resistance.

Finally, we were interested in their performance on various off-road terrains such as rocky surfaces, mud, dirt, and desert conditions. The more terrains they could successfully devour, the higher up on our list they ranked.

Our Pick: Wanda Polaris Sportsman ATV UTV Tire Set – Best Overall





  • Tire size: Front – 27×9-14; Rear – 27×11-14
  • Section width: 9 inches
  • Tread depth: 79 inches
  • Rim size: 14 inches
  • Load index rating: 00

Top on our list is the Wanda Polaris Sportsman ATV UTV tire set. From the moment we first laid eyes on them, we could immediately tell they didn’t come to play. The folks at Wanda went all out with these. The set comes with two 27×9-14 front tires and two 27×11-14 rear rack tires, all designed to fit the standard 14-inch rims on most Sportsman models. The back tires are slightly bigger to offer more lift. If it’s still not high enough for you, you can use them together with a lift kit. It’s ultimately a matter of preference.

We were impressed with the 6-ply nylon and premium rubber construction, which gave them phenomenal puncture and abrasion resistance. We drove these babies on rough terrain, mud, and dirt, at high speeds without so much as a scratch on them, which is pretty impressive by all standards. We haven’t driven them in the desert yet, but judging from how aggressive the angled knobby treads look, not even sand can stop them. Their handling is out of this world.

We also liked the massive shoulder lugs present on each tire. They provided an extra layer of protection for the sidewall and rim. It’s going to take a lot to wear them down even when fully loaded to their 410-pound maximum capacity.

All in all, of all the different ATV UTV tires we tested, the performance of these was simply unmatched. They are the very definition of rugged. We give them a solid 9.8 out of 10.

  • High load range
  • Excellent handling in rocky terrain, mud, and dirt
  • Exceptional abrasion and puncture resistance
  • Outstanding traction control even in desert conditions
  • Aggressive lugs for added sidewall and rim protection
  • They feel a little unstable when riding on asphalt
Set of 4 New WANDA ATV/UTV Tires 27x9-14 Front & 27x11-14 Rear...
  • Set of 4 New WANDA ATV Tires AT 27x9-14 Front & 27x11x14 Rear /6PR...
  • 6 Ply, load range C, 27x9.00-14 (Rim Width: 7", 410lbs@7psi),...
  • Top notch handling in dirt, mud or rock;Superior traction in...


Best Alternatives

SunF Polaris Sportsman ATV UTV Tire Set – Best Value

SunF ATV UTV Tires




  • Tire size: Front – 27×9-14; Rear – 27×11-14
  • Section width: 9 inches
  • Tread depth: 83 inches
  • Rim size: 14 inches
  • Load index rating: 00

First impressions: The SunF Polaris Sportsman ATV UTV tire set looks like they mean business. Everything from the aggressive shoulder knobs to the 6-ply rated construction has been engineered to tame even the wildest terrains. These tires can go anywhere.

The two 27×9-14 tires are designed to be mounted on the Sportsman’s 14-inch front rim, while the two bigger 27×11-14 rear tires are supposed to be mounted on the back rims, which measure 14-inches as well. These tires can handle whatever you throw at them. Whether you’re driving on rock, dirt, mud, or dunes in the desert, their premium rubber construction can withstand the toughest racing conditions.

One of the things we like about these SunF tires is how versatile they are. You can mount them on your ATV UTV, lawnmower, golf cart, or even your Go Kart. There’s no limit to where you can use them.

If you intend to race in desert or cross country conditions, you will love the superior traction control you get from the lug pattern and their corresponding depth. You, therefore, don’t have to worry about skidding. The shoulder knobs are a nice touch as well. They offer excellent side bite and an extra layer of protection to the tire sidewall and rim.

All in all, the Sun F Polaris Sportsman ATV UTV tire set is built to devour any kind of terrain you throw at it. The price point isn’t all that bad either. They’re definitely worth checking out.

  • The angled knobby tread design is built for high performance
  • They’re 6-ply rated for abrasion and puncture resistance
  • Enhanced skid control for desert and cross country conditions
  • The aggressive shoulder knobs provide an extra layer of protection to the tire sidewall and rims
  • Great value for the money
  • Its performance in snow isn’t exactly the best
SunF 27x9-14 27x11-14 ATV UTV Tires 6 PR Tubeless A033 POWER I...
  • Tire Size [ 27x9-14 ] designed to mount on 14 (in) RIM. Tire Size [...
  • Directional angled knobby tread design great in most terrain with high...
  • Heavy 6 ply rated construction resists punctures and abrasions.


MASSFX Polaris Sportsman ATV UTV Tire Set – Best for Durability

MASSFX 4 Set ATV Tires




  • Tire size: Front – 26×9-14; Rear – 26×11-14
  • Section width: 9 inches
  • Tread depth: 5 inches
  • Rim size: 14 inches
  • Load index rating: 00

The MASSFX Polaris Sportsman ATV UTV tire set will always hold a special place in our hearts. Not just because it was the first-ever stock tires replacement wheelset we got for our Sportsman 850, but more so because of how long they lasted before we had to get a new tire set. These tires would not give in for anything. They outlasted the stock wheels that came with the ATV.

Each wheel has a 6-ply bias construction that makes it one of the most durable ATV UTV tires around. You can drive them on all manner of rugged, tough off-road terrain, and the nylon-rubber exterior won’t let anything through. The level of abrasion and puncture resistance you get with them is second to none. It probably explains why we had our first set for so many years.

We particularly like the 0.5-inch-deep tread design that gives these tires remarkable traction control while providing a surprisingly smooth and stable ride even on asphalt surfaces. The thing about most ATV UTV tires is that while they do well in rugged, off-road terrain, the same cannot be said when riding on smoother surfaces. Most tend to feel a little “squirrelly,” especially when driving at high speeds. The MASSFX tires are the exception to the norm.

The sidewalls of each wheel are reinforced with rubber and infused with a tough lug blueprint that plays to their overall aesthetic appeal. This tread pattern is also what enhances their abrasion and puncture resistance.

Overall, if you’re on the hunt for an affordable set of ATV UTV tires for your Polaris Sportsman 850, you can’t go wrong with these.

  • Exceptional durability, abrasion resistance, and puncture resistance
  • The unique tread design provides an extra layer of protection to the rims and sidewalls
  • Excellent traction control in mud, sand, and rocky conditions
  • The smooth and stable ride, even when driving on asphalt
  • Excellent value for the money
  • They are not DOT approved and are, therefore, for off-road use only
MASSFX 4 Set ATV Tires 26x9-14 Front 26X11-14 Rear Durable Dual...
  • Dual compound 6-ply bias construction for a more durable tire.
  • Lug design dedicated not only for superior grip but extra side wall...
  • Dynamic tread pattern provides unmatched puncture resistance and...


HALBERD Polaris Sportsman ATV UTV Tire Set – Best for Superior Traction





  • Tire size: Front – 25×8-12; Rear – 25×10-12
  • Section width: 8 inches
  • Tread depth: 67 inches
  • Rim size: 12 inches
  • Load index rating: 00

Finally, we have these beasts from HALBERD. The superior off-road performance we got from this Polaris Sportsman ATV UTV tire set was nothing short of impressive. The set comes with two 25×8-12 tires and two rear wheel 25×10-12 tires, which are all mounted on 12-inch rims. They’re compatible with several Polaris Sportsman models, including Ace 700, 570, and 400 MV7, as well as the Ranger 800 and 570 Polaris RZR and RZR XP.

They are extremely versatile and have an impressive 340 load index rating, which is the highest we’ve seen so far. They can take a lot without buckling under pressure.

One of the features we liked the most was the non-directional, rough-patterned tread design with the unique V-shaped central block. This design provides enhanced traction on rocky trail surfaces, mud, desert, dirt, loose loam, and virtually any kind of off-road terrain you can think of. The reinforced sidewalls are a nice touch as well to offer puncture and abrasion resistance while protecting the tire rims as well. Riders don’t need to worry about getting a flat tire in the middle of a race.

All in all, as far as off-road performance goes, the traction control you get with the HALBERD Polaris Sportsman ATV UTV tire set ranks in the top four among all the tires we tested. They’re a discount tire set definitely worth checking out.

  • Exceptionally high load index rating
  • Outstanding performance on all terrains
  • Excellent puncture and abrasion resistance
  • Unique tread design provides phenomenal traction off-road
  • Excellent non-directional handling and response
  • Tend to dig holes quite fast in the snow
HALBERD ATV Tires, 25x8-12 & 25x10-12 ATV Tires, 6PR 25x8x12...
105 Reviews
HALBERD ATV Tires, 25x8-12 & 25x10-12 ATV Tires, 6PR 25x8x12...
  • Set of 4 New HALBERD ATV Tires 25x8-12 Front & 25x10-12 Rear
  • 6 Ply, load range J, 25x8-12 (Rim Width: 6.5"", 340lbs@7psi), 25x10-12...
  • All-terrain pattern: Provide your ATV/UTV excellent  all-terrain...


How to Choose the Best Tires for Polaris Sportsman 850 – Buying Guide

An ATV on a city road


Choosing the best tires for your Polaris Sportsman 850 can be a confusing and daunting affair, especially if you have no clue what to look for in the first place. Below are a couple of things to keep in mind when picking the right one.


This is arguably the single most important factor to consider when buying a set of ATV UTV tires. Where do you intend to ride the most? Will you be using forest paths or rocky terrain? Are you going to be trail riding on a muddy surface or a groomed trail? Are you planning to go on a desert adventure, or do you intend to ride on several inches of snow?

The answers to these questions will directly impact the specific tires you need to get with regard to their tread design.

Utility Tires

When shopping for tires for a utility ATV, you want to find something with a rough tread design and round profile. These are designed for virtually any terrain, including rocky terrain, snow, sand, mud, or a hard pack dirt trail.

Sports and Racing Tires

If you’re looking for high-performance, tubeless, or non pneumatic tires for sports ATVs like the Polaris Sportsman 850, you want to find tires that have an aggressive, knobby tread design. They should be stiff and have a tread depth of no less than 0.5 inches. Find tires with angled, non-directional lugs so that they can bite in every direction for better traction control.

Road Tires

If your ATV or UTV is roadworthy and DOT approved, ensure that the tires you get have a tread pattern similar to what you would find on a conventional car tire. These are designed for high mileage applications, as opposed to off-road terrain. They offer a smooth ride.

ATV Mud Tires

A mud tire has tall, ultra-aggressive lugs that act as paddles to offer maximum traction in soft mud. These lugs are widely spaced to prevent the mud from getting stuck between the treads and for it to lift off the surface easily as the tire spins.

Tire Construction

The type of construction your tires have depends on the level of puncture and abrasion resistance you need. If you intend to ride on terrain that’s full of rocks and debris that could potentially puncture your tires, you’ll need to get a set with a high ply rating.

A ply is the row of nylon and polyester stitching underneath the tire treads. The higher the number of rows (plies) an ATV tire has, the less likely it is to get punctured. For off-road applications, your best bet would be to get a set of tires with a 6-ply rating at the bare minimum.

Tire Size

Last but certainly not least is choosing the correct tire size for your ATV or UTV. The size of the tire you get for your Polaris ATV has a direct bearing on handling. Bigger tires might throw the ATV out of balance, which could in turn dramatically affect performance and even cause other components like the clutch kit and tie rod to malfunction due to the additional stress they create. Anything in the 25x8-12 to 27x11-14 inch range should suffice.


What size tires are on a Polaris Sportsman 850?

Tire sizes in the 25x8 in. to 27x11 in. range will generally fit a Polaris Scrambler and Polaris RZR XP 1000, 850, and 550 models. Keep in mind that the size of the tires you get will affect how well you maneuver in various off-road terrains. Tires that are too big increase stress on other components in the ATV, throwing it out of balance, which could, in turn, affect performance.

How long do Sportsman XP tires last?

There’s no specific time duration that defines how long a set of ATV tires will last. The rate of wear and tear depends on several factors, key among which is the terrain you drive them and the tires’ ply rating. Tires that are constantly exposed to rocky terrain will have a shorter lifespan than those driven primarily on mud. You can expect to get 1-5 years of useful life before you need to replace them.

How much do Polaris Sportsman 850 tires cost?

A set of four high-quality tires can set you back anywhere between $300 and $400. Always buy tires from reputable tire manufacturers like Wanda, SunF, MASSFX, and HALBERD. These brands have a solid track record of offering durability and rugged performance at reasonable prices.


If we had to pick the best ATV tire for off-road racing, it would undoubtedly be the Wanda Polaris Sportsman ATV UTV Tire Set. Their off-road performance and quality standards are simply unmatched on every level. The other three options are pretty solid alternatives as well and certainly worth checking out.