Best Tires For Polaris Sportsman 850 [Buying Guide 2020]

The Polaris Sportsman 850 is undeniably a stunning and feature-rich ATV available in the market today. Its upgraded structure and modified specifications have left ATV users in complete awe. Ever since the launch, several people have shifted to Polaris Sportsman 850. Its versatile nature makes it suitable for racing, trails, doing farm work, and whatnot.

However, an individual using the ATV specifically for racing or another purpose might not find it quite efficient, especially when it comes to tires. While the Sportsman 850 can serve all purposes, it cannot excel in every purpose on its own. Consequently, users have to replace the stock tires in order to attain excellence in a particular use.

Best Tires For Polaris Sportsman 850

Well, the decision to upgrade might be simple. But, the real challenge arrives at the automotive store, where the diversity of tires leaves one perplexed. Narrow, wide, big, small; there are hundreds of tire variants available in the market today.

Do you also want to upgrade your Polaris Sportsman 850 stock tires? Well, then you’ve arrived at the right place. Our team of experts has hunted down the ten best tires for Polaris Sportsman 850 and reviewed them in detail.

Hopefully, you’ll find your ideal match below. But, in case you wish to try other best-sellers, then we have also articulated an insightful guide to help you buy the ideal ones!

10 Best Tires For Polaris Sportsman 850 in 2021

Tires TypeMax Load 
VANACC ATV Mud TiresMud Tires180kg Check Price
Tusk Four TERRABITE Heavy TiresAll-Terrain800kg Check Price
Road Guider Set of 4 ATV UTV TiresMud Tires161kg Check Price
MASSFX 4 Set ATV TiresMud Tires46kg Check Price
WANDA New ATV UTV TiresMud Tires185kg Check Price
SunF 27x9x14 ATV UTV TiresAll-Terrain290kg Check Price
SunF Set of 4 PoweR ATV UTV TiresAll-Terrain730kg Check Price
SunF Set of 4 A021 TT Sport TiresRacing tires1179kg Check Price
VANACC ATV Tires Set of 4All-Terrain181kg Check Price
Carlisle AT489 Motorcycle TireAll-Terrain161kg Check Price

1. VANACC ATV Mud Tires



VANACC is a reputable company that has introduced several innovative tires and automotive parts in the market. The VANACC ATV Mud tires are one of these amazing tires offered by the company that comes in a complete set of 4 at an affordable range.

The front two tires have a size of 26×8-14, whereas the back two tires have a size of 26×10-14. Hence, these ATV mud tires will fit in your Polaris Sportsman 850 easily.

Each VANACC mud tire has an aggressive horn style tread pattern. It has a non-directional tread with deep knobs, which offers increased traction on softer surfaces, such as mud. Plus, it has wrap-around lugs that make riding on rough trails and rocks smooth.

With a 6-ply rating, these exceptionally sturdy tires will overcome any obstacle on the journey. However, it also makes the vehicle heavier. Thus, reducing overall speed.

Plus, these VANACC ATV mud tires have a 7psi pressure that makes them idealistic for hard surfaces, such as dirt tracks and trails. However, it might get slightly inefficient in mud as soft surfaces require a psi from 2 to 5. So, you might’ve to adjust the psi later.

As for the speed, these tires have a speed rating N, which means they can travel at a maximum of 140km/hr. When compared to others, the swiftness of these tires is good. We can call it neither fast nor slow.

Moreover, each tire can handle a maximum load capacity of 180kg. So, you can use the Polaris Sportsman 850 to give others ride or haul up stuff from place to place.

All in all, these VANACC ATV mud tires quite durable and excellent for muddy to hard terrain. Its specifications support the rougher landscapes more than the extra soft muddy ones.

Plus, in case any component gets damaged, you can always get it replaced. The company offers free lifetime services to fix technical mistakes.

Perhaps, the only drawback of the tires is their 0.75-inches tread depth. The tread depth is not deep enough for outstanding performance in soft mud surfaces. These do not disperse the mud efficiently and often retain some of it. Hence, making cleaning afterward a challenge.

  • Durable
  • Good load capacity
  • Aggressive lugs
  • Great speed
  • Complete set of 4
  • Free lifetime technical service
  • Tread isn’t much deep
ATV Mud Tires 26x8-14 26x10-14 ATV Tires 26 inch Set of 4 26x8x14...
34 Reviews
ATV Mud Tires 26x8-14 26x10-14 ATV Tires 26 inch Set of 4 26x8x14...
  • PARAMETER - Front 26x8-14 (Rim Width 14x 6.5 inch, 396lbs@7psi); Rear...
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE - Non-directional tread design, mixed 0.75” deep...
  • ALL TERRAIN - Wrap-around lugs on the shoulder give extra traction and...

2. Four Tusk TERRABITE Heavy-Duty 8-Ply DOT Radial UTV/ATV Tires

Tusk Four TERRABITE Heavy Duty Tires


With Tusk Store, several users have had a good and enjoyable experience. The performance of their tires, coupled with the durability they offer, makes them a pioneer seller in the industry.

Tusk Store Terrabites Heavy Duty UTV/ATV Tires are the best Polaris Sportsman 850 tires that the company manufactured as of yet.

In under 500, you will get a complete set of four sturdy tires that will stay as fresh and crisp as new for as long as you own them. In case you don’t see how that’s even possible, then allow us to explain.

The Tusk Terrabites Heavy Duty UTV/ATV tires come with aggressive tread lugs and an impressive tread depth of about 3/4 inches. Such a design makes these capable of promising a smooth and less-bumpy ride.

However, the spread-out tread design also adds to the self-cleaning abilities of the tires. No matter you’re on a gooey, muddy land, or one with loose sand, these tires will take care of themselves, washing away the sticky particles as they roll.

What’s more, one of the verified users claimed that even beyond 5000 miles, the tires did not show any signs of wearing down or losing their quality. The 8-ply construction makes the tires heavier, but it remains true to its durability standards.

Plus, since these are all-terrain tires, you can take these anywhere and everywhere and still feel confident and in-control of your ride. Be it loose gravel, wooded trails, streets, hard rocks, and desert sands.

Now, this attribute is particularly of advantage to the adventurous and daring souls out there, who love taking risks and exploring. With these, nothing can stop you from heading out on your fearless dream drive.

Additionally, these tires feature round and radial profiles, which makes turning around the corners swift and smooth. But it reduces the contact patch. Despite that, we see the readers claiming that it’s got a super solid grip and braking mechanism. Perhaps, it all comes down to how efficiently you handle them!

  • Exceptionally long lifespan
  • Deep tread
  • Value for money
  • Quiet & Smooth ride
  • Complete set of 4
  • Solid grip and braking
  • Easy maintenance
  • Smaller contact patch

3. Road Guider Set of 4 ATV UTV Tires

Road Guider Set of 4 ATV UTV Tires


One of the best ATV tires, the Road Guider tires, is equally ideal for ATV vehicles like Polaris Sportsman 850. These mud ATV tires come in a set of 4 with the front tires slightly smaller than the rear tires.

The front tires have a size of 26×8-14, whereas the rear tires have a size of 26×10-14. Hence, you can easily install them on your Polaris Sportsman 850 without having to make any rim or wheel modification.

Each tire has an angled, non-directional tread design that offers excellent traction in dirt, mud, and rocky terrains. The deep tread and lugs on the sidewalls allow the Polaris Sportsman 850 to accelerate on soft, gooey mud easily without sinking. Plus, the narrow structure reduces the tire and ground contact that further augments ride quality.

Visually, the tires have aggressive looks with embossed tread pattern and lugs. When installed on Sportsman 850, these tires will offer that tough and heavy outlook that a majority of ATV users prefer.

Moreover, these Road Guider tires consist of high-grade nylon that makes them resistant to abrasions and punctures. You can roll through uneven dirt tracks without fearing any damage.

Both the front and rear tires have a 6-ply rating that makes them quite sturdy. So, despite the intensive usage, they are going to last for a long period.

However, the 6-ply rating also indicates an increase in weight. Your ATV might’ve to perform harder. Consequently, the increase in mass will reduce speed. However, the decrease in speed will not be drastic. It may not be a concern until you’re using the vehicle for racing.

These Road Guider ATV tires also have a tire pressure of 7psi upon inflation. Hence, they make rides more smooth than stock tires.

As for the load, the front tires can handle a load capacity of up to 355lbs. Meanwhile, the rear tires can handle up to 430lbs. So, you can use the Polaris Sportsman 850 for carrying heavy load without causing stress amongst other vehicle components.

  • Sturdy build
  • Aggressive looks
  • Easy installation
  • Good load capacity
  • Ideal tire pressure
  • Complete set of 4
  • Heavyweight

4. MASSFX 4 Set ATV Tires

MASSFX 4 Set ATV Tires


A company dedicated to offering the best outdoor experience, MASSFX, has done a pretty good job constructing this set of ATV tires. Premium and efficient, these MASSFX tires have won the hearts of millions of ATV owners. It has an integrated build that is ideal for your Polaris Sportsman 850.

These MASSFX 4 set ATV tires have an angled and non-directional tread with lots of spacing in between each knob. The knobs of the tread are smaller and compact. Hence, this unique tread design offers a better grip on the surface, making driving more controlled and stable.

The well-engineered lug design further augments the grip and protects the sidewalls too. You’ll also find knobs on the sidewalls and small spikes protruding all over the tire. Hence, giving the tires an aggressive and bold outlook.

Plus, the rugged design of these MASSFX 4 set ATV tires makes it suitable for usage on a diversity of surfaces, ranging from dirt tracks to snow trails. However, the ½-inch deep grooves make these tires ideal for usage on mud.

The presence of depth and ample space between the knobs disperses the mud. Hence, preventing it from getting stuck and reducing efficiency. Plus, the dispersion of mud keeps the tires automatically cleaned. So, you won’t have to spend valuable hours cleaning after an adventure-filled ride.

Moreover, the deep tread and stiff sidewalls make riding over undulated land easier. You’ll experience a smooth ride, regardless of the rocks or mud pools. These MASSFX 4 set ATV tires consist of high-quality materials and have a 6-ply rating. Thus, these are resistant to punctures and abrasions.

Now, you can ride fearlessly through the rough landscapes because neither your tires will get damaged nor the chunks of tread will go missing. Even more, these high-quality MASSFX tires have a J-speed rating. So, you can travel up to an amazing 100km/h!

Perhaps, the mere drawback of these MASSFX tires is its low load capacity of 102lbs. You cannot load more than 46kg on these tires, which is quite low.

  • Premium quality
  • Durable
  • Good traction and grip
  • Deep tread
  • Good speed
  • Works well on both mud and snow
  • Complete set of 4
  • Low Load capacity
MASSFX 4 Set ATV Tires 26x9-14 Front 26X11-14 Rear Durable Dual...
113 Reviews
MASSFX 4 Set ATV Tires 26x9-14 Front 26X11-14 Rear Durable Dual...
  • Dual compound 6-ply bias construction for a more durable tire.
  • Lug design dedicated not only for superior grip but extra side wall...
  • Dynamic tread pattern provides unmatched puncture resistance and...

5. New WANDA ATV/UTV Tires



When browsing for the best tires for Polaris Sportsman 850, you must’ve come across the name WANDA. Having served the ATV-loving people for years, the company holds a well-established position in the automotive market. These new WANDA ATV UTV tires are another amazing set of 4 offered by the company. Let’s evaluate in detail!

The front two tires, sized 27×9-14, are narrow. Meanwhile, the rear two tires have the size 27×11-14 and are wider. Together, these well-engineered tires offer good traction without causing the vehicle to work harder.

Plus, these tires are larger in diameter than the stock Polaris Sportsman 850 tires. Hence, these will offer better ground clearance and absorb shocks while traveling in rough landscapes. However, the installation of the tires might not be easy.

These ATV mud tires have an angled, zigzag tread pattern that delivers better acceleration in mud, dirt, and rocky terrains. There are additional lugs, which protect the rim and sidewall of the tires.

However, the 0.79-inches tread isn’t much deep for excellent mud dispersion and self-cleaning. You’re likely to find lots of dirt stuck in between the spaces after a ride in gooey mud.

Moreover, these new WANDA ATV/UTV tires consist of high-quality nylon in construction. So, these tires can resist abrasions and punctures. Also, these have a 6-ply rating that makes them sturdy and offers a smooth ride on uneven land.

However, as bias tires, the tread of these ATV mud tires wear quickly. Also, it will not resist damage caused by sharp rocks. So, these tires are not ideal for regular or intensive usage. You can use these for weekend rides or occasional racing through woods.

These new WANDA ATV/UTV tires have an extensive load capacity. The front tires can handle up to 410lbs, whereas the rear ones can handle up to 480lbs. Hence, you can easily load stuff on it without fearing damage.

All in all, these are aggressive-looking mud ATV tires that perform smoothly and quickly on all soft and rough surfaces. However, these are not suitable for frequent usage.

  • Good performance
  • Ideal for harder surfaces
  • Aggressive looks
  • Good load capacity
  • Complete set of 4
  • Good ground clearance
  • Compatible with other ATVs
  • Not durable
  • Tread isn’t much deep
Set of 4 New WANDA ATV/UTV Tires 27x9-14 Front & 27x11-14 Rear...
920 Reviews
Set of 4 New WANDA ATV/UTV Tires 27x9-14 Front & 27x11-14 Rear...
  • Set of 4 New WANDA ATV Tires AT 27x9-14 Front & 27x11x14 Rear /6PR...
  • 6 Ply, load range C, 27x9.00-14 (Rim Width: 7", 410lbs@7psi),...
  • Top notch handling in dirt, mud or rock;Superior traction in...

6. SunF 27×9-14 27×11-14 ATV UTV Tires

SunF 27x9x14 27x11x14 ATV UTV Tires


Dedicated and determined, the SunF Corporation aims to resolve all the issues faced by the ATV-loving community through its innovative range of automotive products. The SunF UTV tires are one of these innovative products that have received immense appreciation. But what is so exceptional about these tires? Let’s unravel below!

The SunF ATV UTV tires consist of 4 narrow all-terrain tires. The front tires are smaller than the back ones, respectively sized 27×9-14 and 27×11-14. Hence, when installed, these offer a bold look to the Polaris Sportsman 850.

Also, when compared to the stock Sportsman 850 tires, the SunF ATV tires are larger. Thus, it will increase the distance between the ground and the ATV frame, also called ground clearance. With increased ground clearance, the Sportsman 850 will be able to travel more smoothly on rougher terrain. The height will reduce the bumpiness in the ride caused by rocks and undulated woodland.

As all-terrain tires, the SunF ATV UTV tires have a directional, angled, and knobby tread design. Hence, it offers good traction and acceleration in trails, mud, dirt, and rocky terrains. There are also aggressive knobs on the sidewall that augments traction and increases control over the vehicle.

The tires consist of premium-quality rubber that can withstand the harshest of weather conditions. Plus, it will not wear quickly. However, the rubber gives the tire’s flexibility and softness. So, it is recommendable not to use them on hard surfaces, like asphalt or concrete.

Also, the tires have a 6-ply rating that makes them sturdy. It will resist punctures and abrasions. However, it also makes them heavyweight. The heaviness is likely to reduce the speed of the ATV. Fortunately, the SunF ATV UTV tires have a J-speed rating. It means these tires can travel at a speed of 100km/h or 62mph!

Visually, these tires do not look aggressive or bold. Instead, these have a minimalistic outlook. However, one thing that might bother picky users will be the big prominent SUNF logo printed on the side of the tires. It can look quite ugly.

Furthermore, apart from Polaris Sportsman 850, you can use these tires for other ATVs, UTVs, Go Kart, and even Golf Cart. These are compatible with a diversity of other ATVs and UTVs. Undeniably, these SunF ATV UTV tires are idealistic for your Polaris Sportsman 850!

  • All-terrain tires
  • Good ground clearance
  • Durable construction
  • Good speed
  • Compatible with various ATVs
  • Not aesthetically-pleasing
SunF 27x9-14 27x11-14 ATV UTV Tires 6 PR Tubeless A033 POWER I...
818 Reviews
SunF 27x9-14 27x11-14 ATV UTV Tires 6 PR Tubeless A033 POWER I...
  • Tire Size [ 27x9-14 ] designed to mount on 14 (in) RIM. Tire Size [...
  • Directional angled knobby tread design great in most terrain with high...
  • Heavy 6 ply rated construction resists punctures and abrasions.

7. SunF Set of 4 PoweR ATV UTV all-terrain Tires

SunF Set of 4 PoweR ATV UTV allterrain Tires


Here is another amazing set of ATV tires by the SunF Corporation that ideal for your Polaris Sportsman 850. These SunF Power ATV UTV all-terrain tires have sizes of 26×9-14 (front) and 26×11-14 (rear). When compared to the stock tires, these are surely going to upgrade your Sportsman 850 looks.

The front two tires are narrow, whereas the rear ones are wide and bulky. There are no spikes on the tires. Instead, it displays a plain, compact tread design.

Hence, these tires will give your ATV a bold yet non-aggressive appearance. If you have a preference for eye-catching ATVs, then you’ll surely love these. However, these aren’t large tires. So, you will get no additional height.

As all-terrain tires, these have an angled, directional, and overlapping tread pattern with large knobs. There is small spacing between the knobs that makes the tread compact. Plus, you will also find knob designs on the sidewalls that protect the rim.

Overall, the well-engineered tread of these SunF Power tires delivers outstanding traction and acceleration on various types of off-track landscapes. These include dirt, mud, woods, and rocky terrains.

Similar to other SunF tires, these also got constructed from high-quality rubber and has a 6-ply rating. Hence, these tires offer immense durability. You can use them for hours off-road, without fearing the tread wearing off.

However, while its construction can withstand abrasions caused off-road, it is not ideal for usage on hard surfaces like asphalt. It is fundamentally because the soft rubber composition will wear the tread quickly on hard terrain. Although the manufacturer claims it to be all-terrain tires, you can use it only off-road.

The SunF Power tires have a load index of 97, which means it can haul a weight of up to 730kg! So, you can easily use it for farm work to transport woods, supplies, etc. Plus, with a J-speed rating, these go fairly fast off-road.

Furthermore, the sizing and structure of these outstanding SunF Power tires make them an idealistic option for Polaris Sportsman 850 as well as several other ATVs. These tires will offer an exceptionally smooth and swift riding experience in off-road areas.

  • Ideal for off-track usage
  • Excellent load capacity
  • Good speed
  • Smooth ride
  • Durable
  • Complete set of 4
  • Compatible with other ATVs
  • Not aggressive
  • Not all-terrain
Set of 4 SunF Power.I ATV UTV all-terrain Tires 26x9-14 &...
351 Reviews
Set of 4 SunF Power.I ATV UTV all-terrain Tires 26x9-14 &...
  • Front Size: 26x9-14 - Rear Size: 26x11-14 | Wheel (Rim) Diameter:...
  • Directional angled knobby tread design great in most terrain with high...
  • Heavy 6 ply rated construction resists punctures and abrasions.

8. SunF Set of 4 A021 TT Sport ATV UTV Flat Track Tires

SunF Set of 4 A021 TT Sport ATV UTV Flat Track Tires


In the world of tires, SunF holds a reputable position. The company caters to all needs and desires of automotive-enthusiasts dedicatedly. Naturally, even when it comes to Polaris Sportsman 850, the company does not fail to provide us a set of competent tires, i.e., the SunF A021 TT Sport ATV UTV Flat Track Tires.

In terms of construction, these UTV tires feature a premium rubber compound that brings about the right amount of rigidity and bounce. The rubber compound, coupled with the company’s proprietary Medium compound, adds to the traction performance of these tires. They offer a good, solid grip.

The traction offered by SunF A021 UTV Tires is further enhanced by the non-knobby design of the tires. And it does that without compromising on speed. Instead, the tires offer a phenomenally smooth, speedy, and quiet ride.

Plus, they feature a directional V-angled, low profile tread design, which works best for pavements and asphalt surfaces. But you can also take these to muddy areas with loose sand.

The grip and control that they offer will remain the same. However, in these areas, the tires are likely to get lots of dirt particles stuck amidst their grooves and tread design. Thus, making maintenance more of a necessity than a choice. So, you’ll have to give it a thought before you head out to these areas.

Additionally, these come with a 6-ply rating, both the front ones and rear ones. The thick built makes these tires resistant to punctures without adding to the weight substantially. Overall, the tires also happen to withstand rough and tough usage, which in turn promises a longer lifespan.

Even in terms of looks, the SunF A021 UTV tires have a minimalistic and pleasant look. Unlike most others, these will compliment your vehicle and add to its beauty.

  • Complete set of 4
  • Durable
  • Good traction
  • Minimalistic looks
  • Smooth and Quiet Ride
  • Not deep tread
  • Require maintenance
Set of 4 SunF A021 TT Sport ATV UTV Flat Track Tires 26x8-14...
163 Reviews
Set of 4 SunF A021 TT Sport ATV UTV Flat Track Tires 26x8-14...
  • Front Size: 26x8-14 - Rear Size: 26x10-14 | Wheel (Rim) Diameter:...
  • Directional "V" angled tread design great works best in hard pack,...
  • Heavy 6 ply rated construction resists punctures and abrasions.

9. VANACC 26x8x14 26x10x14 ATV Tires Set of 4

VANACC 26x8x14 26x10x14 ATV Tires Set of 4


Do you ride in your Sportsman 850 on different terrains all the time? Well, then these VANACC ATV tires are an idealistic option for your Polaris Sportsman 850!

These All-terrain VANACC ATV tires perform well on all surfaces, whether it be off-road or on-road. However, note, using it intensively or regularly on a single terrain will reduce its lifespan. These did not get engineered for specific terrain and will not perform efficiently on it. So, be honest in identifying your terrain before purchasing.

Each tire has a directional, overlapping, and angled tread pattern with a depth of 0.75-inches. There is a minimum spacing between the pattern. Plus, it stretches over to the sidewall of the tires, protecting the rim. You’ll also observe tiny spikes protruding from the tread that gives it an aggressive outlook.

Its angled grooves offer the extra traction needed to climb over rocks and uneven lands. Plus, its unique tread pattern reduces the bumpiness in the ride, making it smooth and fun-filled.

However, the tread is not sufficiently deep to drive in completely soft surfaces, such as mud and sand. The tires will dig on the surface rather than of staying afloat. Hence, the vehicle will have to work extra hard for undisrupted movement.

And, in the case of mud, the gooey dirt will get stuck between the compact spacing that will reduce the grip and control over the vehicle. Plus, as it will not disperse the mud, cleaning afterward will become difficult. So, it is recommendable to use these VANACC ATV tires in various moderate terrains instead of one.

These tires contain high-grade nylon in its construction that gives it a sturdy nature. Its composition, coupled with a 6-ply rating, will protect the tires from any sharp, protruding element on the course. You can use these tires for a long period.

The VANACC ATV tires have an N-speed rating. Hence, they can travel for up to 140km/h that is quite fast. You would be racing through the dirt trails and woods!

Also, the front tires have an outstanding load capacity of 400lbs, whereas the rear tires have up to 450lbs. These VANACC ATV tires are ideal for hauling up a weight or riding with friends. However, we do not recommend these for regular farm loading work. These will wear quickly under such circumstances.

Furthermore, these amazing VANACC ATV tires are compatible with other ATV vehicles too. These include Yamaha Grizzly and Rhino. So, you can use install them in Sportsman 850 as well as other ATVs!

  • Aggressive-looks
  • Durable
  • Good traction
  • Excellent load capacity
  • Good speed
  • Compatible with other ATVs
  • Complete set of 4
  • No self-cleaning
VANACC 26x8x14 26x10x14 ATV Tires Set of 4 6PR 26 inch 26x8-14&...
9 Reviews
VANACC 26x8x14 26x10x14 ATV Tires Set of 4 6PR 26 inch 26x8-14&...
  • Front 26x8-14 ( Rim Width 14x 6.5 inch, 400lbs@7psi), Rear...
  • 0.75 inch tread depth plus deep angled grooves will climb rocks with...
  • Heavy 6 ply nylon constrcution and additional lugs on the shoulder are...

10. Carlisle AT489 All-Terrain Motorcycle Tire 26X8-14

Carlisle AT489 All-Terrain Motorcycle Tire 26X8x14


If you’re seeking an identical replacement of the Polaris Sportsman 850’s stock tires, then these Carlisle at489 ATV tire is an ideal solution. This high-quality all-terrain Carlisle at489 tire has amazing specifications to offer!

The Carlisle at489 tire is neither too big nor too small. It has accurate measurements for Polaris Sportsman 850. Hence, installing it won’t be an issue.

As an all-terrain tire, it has a directional, angled, and over-lapping tread. There is ample spacing between the huge knobs. Consequently, the tread design offers great traction and acceleration on all types of surfaces. These include mud, dirt, woods, sand, and road.

The well-spaced and angled grooves provide a strong grip over all terrains. Hence, making the ride smooth and controlled. You won’t be struggling to control the vehicle as it climbs on rocks. Plus, there are no spikes on these narrow tires. So, it has a non-aggressive and minimalistic outlook.

Overall, the tire has a well-engineered design that absorbs shock and offers a smooth ride. But, the tread is only 20mm deep. So, it will not work quite efficiently on softer surfaces like snow and mud.

Also, the Carlisle at489 ATV tires consist of high-quality materials that make it’s sturdy. The tire will resist any abrasion or damage imposed by sharp rocks and protruding obstacles. The Carlisle at489 ATV tire has a lightweight construction of 17-pounds, which puts minimal load on the vehicle. Usually, lightweight construction also benefits by increasing speed.

However, the Carlisle at489 tire has a C-speed rating that means it can travel up to 60km/h or 37mph. When compared to other ATV tires, it is quite slow. So, it is not an ideal solution for racing. Another drawback of the Carlisle at489 ATV tire is its low load capacity of 355pounds. Hence, you cannot use it to haul stuff or in the farms. And, only you can ride on it for good performance.

Conclusively, the Carlisle at489 ATV tire is an excellent all-terrain tire replacement for your Polaris Sportsman 850. However, it is not the premium-est option on this compilation.

  • Lightweight tires
  • Sturdy build
  • Good performance
  • Shock absorption
  • Compatible with other ATVs
  • One tire only
  • Low load capacity
  • Low speed
Carlisle AT489 All-Terrain Motorcycle Tire 26X8-14
21 Reviews
Carlisle AT489 All-Terrain Motorcycle Tire 26X8-14
  • Tire Only
  • The standard by which all other ATV tires are judged. An ideal...
  • Superior shock absorption

Buyer’s Guide

Tires For Polaris Sportsman 850 Buying Guide

The Polaris Sportsman 850 is one of the top-rated ATVs owned by riding-passionate people globally. In accordance with the perpetually existing popularity of the Sportsman 850, the tire manufacturers have stepped in to level up the riding fun by offering upgraded tires.

While this indicates an opportunity to access a diversity of tires, first-time Polaris Sportsman 850 finds this as a challenging situation. The greater the variety, the greater the confusion. However, you need not worry because a little research can pull you out of this labyrinth of decisions easily.

As the most-used component, the tires of a Polaris Sportsman 850 are likely to get changed frequently. So, it is wiser to acquaint yourself with the right method to buy the best tires for Polaris Sportsman 850 once and for all.

Continue reading to unravel a detailed guide to choosing the idealistic tires every single time!

Tread Design & Tire Type

In literal terms, tread refers to the thick exterior part of the tire that rests on the ground. When searching for the ideal tires, you’re likely to find one prominent difference between the various options, which is tread design. You see, while the only sign a majority can derive from the patterns of the tire is aesthetics, these play a crucial role in augmenting the speed and performance in a specific terrain.

Here are some tire types that you will come across:

Mud TiresSand TiresRace TiresAll-terrain TireRocky Tires

The mud tires have a deep and widely-spaced tread pattern. Usually, these aggressive-looking tires have an inside-to-outside and angled tread, which is 1 to 2-inches deep. Hence, it disperses the mud and self-cleanses itself. Also, it augments traction in the soft mud terrain.

However, if you ride in rocky or heavy terrain, do not use mud tires. It is fundamentally because the heavy tread wears quickly on trails, asphalt, and rough surfaces. Plus, the aggressive pattern does not provide a smooth ride. You’ll be bumping a lot.

Moreover, mud tires do not offer lateral stability. You won’t be able to perform side-hilling.

The sand’s fine texture easily sinks in any object on the surface. So, for better driving, the vehicle must almost float on the surface.

For floatation, the sand tires have hard (not too stiff) and bigger sidewalls. Also, they have a wave-like tread design that creates a scooping movement, enabling the tires to grip the sand effectively and propel forward without sinking.

At times, the front tires have limited or no treat pattern for efficient floatation. These Sand tires are wider than the usual tires. Consequently, the sand tires offer a wider footprint and better traction across soft dunes and deep sand.

Plus, the desserts do not have sharp objects or roughness. So, the tires have a 2-ply rating and lightweight construction.

The race tires, designed for hard trails, get characterized by flat-tops and knobby tread pattern. You might observe a huge knobby pattern on the tires that offers maximum traction.

Usually, the race tires have lightweight construction of 2, 4, and 6 ply ratings. Although we recommend choosing the lightest one possible for efficiency, opt for heavier tires if you will be racing through the woods.

With an integrated build, these do not excel in any one terrain. Instead, the all-terrain tires are ideal for every surface. These tires have varying tread patterns, though most of the time, it is overlapping design. The treads are ½ – ¾ inches deep, and the lugs have little space in between. Hence, these offer good traction, durability, vertical and lateral stability.

These rocky tires have a tighter, deep, and angled tread pattern. It increases the contact and makes climbing rocks easy. Some lugs protect the sidewalls. Usually, these are available in 4, 6, and 8-ply ratings for extra durability against the rough terrain.


A tire consists of several layers, including tread, sidewall, bead, and ply. The ply is an important component as it serves the purpose of bones in tires. It covers the complex yet sensitive parts of the tire. Hence, protecting them from damage and improving tire’s durability.

There’re two types of plies used in tire construction, including radial ply and bias ply. So, which one should you choose? Here’s a detailed comparison below.

Bias Tires

The Bias tires get constructed using numerous rubber-covered textile cords, which makes them less rigid. Their flexibility allows one to ride smoothly on undulated and uneven terrain. These Bias tires offer excellent rolling resistance. Plus, they are much cheaper than their counterpart, Radial tires.

However, bias tires are comparatively less directional, wear quickly, and consume a lot of fuel. Additionally, they perform poorly on higher speeds.

Radial Tires

Unlike Bias, the Radial tires get constructed from rubber-covered steel cables and belts. These heavy tires offer exceptional durability. Plus, they perform efficiently regardless of the load. However, these aren’t easier to find and are quite expensive.

Ply Rating

The term Ply Rating refers to a measurement of the strength and load capacity of the tire. When selecting the ideal tires for Polaris Sportsman 850, you must consider the ply rating concerning your riding style.

2-ply rating is the lightest tire available in the market. It offers excellent control and traction on higher inclines with little load. However, it is not resistant to the slightest of rocks. It will get punctured easily. Usually, racers choose 2-ply rating tires.

For durability, you have to opt for higher ply-ratings, such as 6 or 12. However, the higher the rating, the heavier the tire will become.


Before choosing any tire for the Polaris Sportsman 850, find out the size of the stock tire. Knowing it will help you select the right size. However, if you’re a novice, reading the size might get quite confusing. Allow us to explain before diving into the details.

You will find the size information on the sidewall of the stock tire. It will be something like; 110/60/R17. (Note, this is an example.)

Here, 110 represents the width of the tire in millimeters. 60 indicates the aspect ratio of tire height and width in percentage. The more the aspect ratio, the taller the tire will become after inflation. R stands for radial construction, and 17 is the required rim diameter in inches.

Once you’ve read it, we recommend choosing the new tire size that is closer to the original. It is fundamentally because the stock tires offer optimal engine power, handling, and performance. However, you may shift the size according to needs. Here are the consequences of various tire sizes that you must know before selection.

Small VS Large

Large ATV Tires For Sportsman 850

The small diameter tire decreases the overall speed of the Polaris Sportsman 850, while it offers increased engine RPM. These are firm, though less flexible. Plus, installing too small tires stresses other vehicle components, such as axels and engine

Comparatively, the larger diameter tires enhance the overall speed while reducing the engine RPM. The large tires offer a smoother and flexible riding experience. However, too large tires can stress other vehicle components and overheat them due to the extra rolling mass.

Wide VS Narrow

Wider tires increase the contact between tread and ground that augments the traction. But, the wider the tires, the more suspension comes in contact with other vehicle parts. Hence, deteriorating the vehicle over time. Getting narrow tires is generally not a good idea as it reduces traction. However, it performs better in muddy terrains.

Tire Pressure

Every tire has a different pressure handling capacity. Usually, ATV vehicle tires have a pressure ranging from 5 to 15psi. In the case of Polaris Sportsman 850, the recommended tire pressure is;

  • 7psi for hard surfaces (such as dirt trails and sand)
  • 3-5psi for soft surfaces (such as mud and snow)

However, for soft surfaces, you can select tires with lower pressure that is till 2.5psi. It will improve traction. Do not opt for tire pressure below 2.5psi as it can burst the tire.

We strongly recommend opting for tires that offer similar pressure as provided by the factory tires. You can always adjust the pressure later when the need arises.

Speed Rating

Different tires can offer a certain maximum speed, after which it becomes constant. If you prefer racing on your Polaris Sportsman 850, then you’ll have to select tires with a higher speed rating.

The speed rating is a measurement of how fast the tires can travel. It gets represented by alphabets. The speed rating scale is as follows:

Speed RatingSpeed (km/h)Speed (mph)

Load Capacity

In case you will be using your Sportsman 850 for loading or carrying goods, we recommend choosing tires with higher load capacity. The load capacity range can be anywhere from 100 to 900kg. So, select a tire while considering the maximum weight you’ll be putting on it. However, note, the speed of the vehicle reduces every time the load on it increases.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the HP of a Polaris Sportsman 850?

The word goes around that a Polaris Sportsman 850 has a horsepower of around 78 HP. However, users have also reported values ranging from 70 – 77 HP. For that very reason, we can consider its horsepower to be anywhere between 70 – 78.

Q. Does the Polaris Sportsman 850 have power steering?

No, unfortunately, the Polaris Sportsman 850 does not come with power steering. However, you can upgrade by using the factory power steering. Know that the installation will take loads of work and a bit of investment (approximately $1800 or above).

Q. How much does a Polaris Sportsman 850 weigh?

A Polaris Sportsman 850 weighs around 754 pounds, which equates to 342 kilograms.


Riding on the Polaris Sportsman 850 is undeniably fun. You can commute conveniently to whatever place you desire while feeling all the thrill and excitement. However, the stock tires can wear or get damaged quickly. In this case, one must purchase an extra high-quality pair of tires as soon as possible.

Above, we have reviewed all the best tires for Polaris Sportsman 850 in detail. All of these tires are the top-rated options available in the market today. However, when compared against each other, the winner is the VANACC 26x8x14 26x10x14 ATV Tires Set of 4!

These all-terrain tires excel in terms of versatility, durability, and performance. It has an aggressive-looking exterior and an integrated build. Plus, these offer good traction, load capacity, and speed.

You can use these tires on a diversity of surfaces fearlessly. However, as all-terrain tires, it would be wrong to use it on one terrain type. Not build for that terrain, these tires will deteriorate significantly.

However, in case you wish to purchase any other tire, then do remember to consider the essential factors stated above. With these factors, you’ll reach your ideal tires for Polaris Sportsman 850 quickly!