Best Tonneau Cover for RamBox – Reviews and Buying Guide 2022

RAM trucks are built for rugged performance. These beasts can handle whatever terrain you throw at them. It also helps that they’re easy on the eye, which, let’s face it, is a major motivator when it comes to buying a car.

That said, it’s not every day that you use your truck off-road. Most of the time, you’ll use it for ordinary things like school runs, grocery shopping, and driving to and fro between your home and job site.

Enter the new RAM with RamBox.

Chrysler decided to incorporate a nifty storage management system dubbed “RamBox” to transport gear, equipment, groceries, etc., in a convenient, more organized way. The new body has two compartmentalized units built on either side of the main truck bed.

A conventional pickup truck bed cover won’t work with this new model. You need to get the best tonneau cover for RamBox, tailored to fit the now-smaller surface area of the pickup bed. Below are our top picks for 2022.


Extang Trifecta 2.0TruXedo Lo ProTyger Auto T3
Best OverallBest Luxury OptionBest Value Option


Soft foldingSoft roll upSoft folding


Leather-grain, vinylAluminum, vinylStainless steel, aluminum, vinyl


Leather-grainLeather-grain, vinylDual-coated vinyl

Lock type

TailgateSingle-trigger latchTailgate
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How We Tested and Compared These Products

When ranking the best tonneau covers for RamBox, there are specific things we were looking at.

For starters, we were interested in the style. While we don’t have anything against hard folding covers, we’ve found that the soft folding varieties look infinitely better and are a lot easier to install. You don’t need to pull out any drills or special equipment to mount them to the truck.

That said, if there was a hard tonneau bed cover that fit these specifications, we did not exclude it from our list.

Next, we were interested in durability. The fact that tonneau covers are constantly exposed to the elements all year round means they need to be built using tough, rugged materials. We were interested in covers with a leather-grain exterior or marine-grade vinyl for waterproofing. We also wanted covers that came with a metallic frame to prevent them from sagging under the weight of heavy snow.

Finally, we were interested in the lock system. Anything with a tailgate seal was a definite winner in our books.

Our Pick: Extang Trifecta 2.0 Tonneau Cover – Best Overall

extang Trifecta 2.0


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  • Style: Soft folding
  • Material: Leather-grain, vinyl
  • Exterior: Leather-grain
  • Lock type: Tailgate

The best tonneau truck bed cover for a Dodge RAM truck with RamBox has to be the Extang Trifecta 2.0. This soft folding leather-grain cover measures 5 ft. 7 in. and fits perfectly on the 2019-2021 Dodge RAM trucks that come with a built-in RamBox.

One of the things we liked most about this cover is how simple it is to use. Around here, we’re crazy about convenience and functionality. The fact that it is a soft folding truck bed cover made it ultra-easy to install and even easier to operate. Setting it up took us roughly 20 minutes compared to the solid, hard folding variety that takes twice the time.

Don’t get us wrong, though – a hard tonneau cover is equally as good since it is super durable. All things considered, we would pick leather-grain tonneau covers over aluminum ones any day as far as ease of installation is concerned.

From a functional standpoint, the Extang Trifecta comes with dual EZ-lock clamps at the tailgate. They are easy to operate and work remarkably well to keep the cover locked. All we had to do was pull down each clamp at a time before folding the cover twice and buckling it to the cab. That’s it.

If you need to haul bulky items, you can remove the entire bed cover and load up your truck in under two minutes. We particularly like that this cover is custom designed for RAM trucks that come with a RamBox on each side. The Extang Trifecta only covers the bed without obstructing access to the RamBoxes.

When it comes to durability, this tonneau cover is made of leather-grain fabric that’s completely waterproof to keep the cargo in your truck dry even in the pouring rain.

All in all, we were quite impressed with the performance of the Extang Trifecta 2.0 tonneau cover for trucks with RamBox. It has a pretty sweet price point as well and is definitely worth checking out.

  • Installation and operation is pretty easy
  • It is made of durable leather-grain fabric that’s designed to last
  • It is waterproof to protect your cargo from the elements
  • It has a solid tailgate lock made up of dual EZ lock clamps
  • Excellent value for the money
  • The cover rails are a little tight and might require a tool like a hammer to get them on
extang Trifecta 2.0 Soft Folding Truck Bed Tonneau Cover | 92424...
64 Reviews
extang Trifecta 2.0 Soft Folding Truck Bed Tonneau Cover | 92424...
  • Fits 2019 - 2023 Dodge Ram w/Rambox, w/ and w/o Multi-Function (Split)...
  • KEEP IT SIMPLE | Easy to install & easy to operate. Two EZ-Lock clamps...
  • DURABLE TARP COVER | Trifecta 2.0 is constructed with a leather-grain...


Best Alternatives

TruXedo Lo Pro Tonneau Cover – Best Luxury Option

TruXedo Lo Pro Soft Roll Up Truck Bed


No products found.


  • Style: Soft roll up
  • Material: Aluminum, vinyl
  • Exterior: Leather-grain, vinyl
  • Lock type: Single-trigger latch

What can we say – we’re crazy about soft roll up covers. The TruXedo Lo Pro tonneau truck bed cover is another beauty we just can’t get enough of. The leather-grained vinyl exterior has a nice matte finish, which we thought looked quite nice against our gray truck.

Like the Extang Trifecta, the Lo Pro is also custom made for Dodge RAM trucks with built-in RamBoxes on either side of the bed. One of the things that stood out to us was the low-profile design of this tonneau cover.

Unlike the other covers we tested, the Lo Pro sits a measly 0.75 in. above the truck bed. It’s so low that if you stand with your eye level in a straight line to the side rails, you can barely see it. It stays concealed and sleek, which is a feature we quite liked.

This cover mounts inside the truck bed’s rails, allowing you full access to the stake pocket holes if you need to hook up additional accessories. Installation was quite easy and took about 30 minutes from start to finish. We did not need any special tools or drilling equipment to mount it. All we did was clamp it onto the rails, and we were ready to roll.

All in all, we were quite pleased with this purchase. We were also happy to learn that the Lo Pro is backed by a limited lifetime warranty. If that’s not a stamp of approval that you’re dealing with a quality product from a quality manufacturer, we don’t know what is.

  • Tailored to fit RAM trucks with RamBox
  • The leather-grained vinyl exterior offers remarkable weather resistance
  • It is reinforced with durable aluminum panels that can withstand the weight of a heavy snow load
  • Signature, sleek, low-profile design
  • Backed by a limited lifetime warranty
  • It’s a little pricey compared to other soft-folding tonneau covers in its class
TruXedo Lo Pro Soft Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover | 584901 |...
1,016 Reviews
TruXedo Lo Pro Soft Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover | 584901 |...
  • Fits 2019 - 2022 Dodge Ram 1500 w/RamBox, w/ or w/out Multi-Function...
  • AMERICA’S #1 CHOICE | The best-selling roll-up truck bed cover in...
  • SIGNATURE LOW PROFILE DESIGN | Sitting only 3/4” above the truck...


Tyger Auto T3 Tonneau Cover – Best Value Option

Tyger Auto T3 Soft Tri


No products found.


  • Style: Soft folding
  • Material: Stainless steel, aluminum, vinyl
  • Exterior: Dual-coated vinyl
  • Lock type: Tailgate

If you have a classic 2019-2022 Dodge RAM truck without RamBox, the Tyger Auto T3 tonneau cover is an excellent option to consider. This soft tri fold tonneau cover is made of heavy-duty, marine-grade vinyl and reinforced with aluminum panels that hold up quite well even with a heavy snow load.

The installation process was quite easy since the horizontal crossbars come preassembled. No drilling was required, and we were quite pleased to find mounting hardware included in our purchase. It made the whole process a walk in the park.

Keep in mind, though, that you will need to cut some small holes in the bed liner if your truck has it over the bed rail. That way, you can secure the clamps properly during installation without doing any modifications to your Dodge RAM.

All in all, we were quite happy with the T3 tonneau cover. The fact that it is also backed by a lifetime warranty was the icing on the cake.

  • This soft tri fold cover is made of durable aircraft-grade aluminum slats and marine-grade vinyl
  • It comes with preassembled crossbars making installation a breeze
  • Excellent water resistance
  • Easy-no-drill set up and even comes with mounting hardware
  • Backed by a limited lifetime warranty
  • The mounting rails design on this soft tri tonneau cover is a little clunky compared to the competition
Tyger Auto T3 Soft Tri-Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover for 2019-2022...
2,257 Reviews
Tyger Auto T3 Soft Tri-Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover for 2019-2022...
  • FITMENT - Compatible with 2019-2023 Ram 1500 New Body Style | 5'7"...
  • DESIGN - US patented. Cover is dual-coated and made out of heavy duty...
  • FEATURES - Pre-assembled horizontal crossbars offer support and...


UnderCover Flex Tonneau Cover – Best Hard-Folding Option

UnderCover Flex Hard Folding Truck Bed Tonneau Cover


No products found.


  • Style: Hard folding
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Exterior: Gloss
  • Lock type: Tailgate

If you are a 2019-2021 Dodge RAM 1500 truck owner, you will like what the Flex hard folding tonneau cover from UnderCover brings to the table. One of the first things that stood out to us was the cover’s premium gloss finish. It looked absolutely stunning. We also liked how it lies flat on the truck bed, making it relatively inconspicuous when viewing it at eye level.

The Flex cover features waterproof seals around the entire perimeter of the bed, so you don’t have to worry about water sipping into the truck from the sides in a heavy downpour. While the installation process wasn’t as easy as the soft-folding covers we reviewed so far, it wasn’t all that hard either. The instruction manual that came with it was pretty detailed, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble setting it up.

As far as operation goes, the Flex tonneau cover comes with hard-wearing aluminum latching panels that automatically release the pull cables on either side of the RAM. If you need to shut the tailgate, simply use the dual-action seal that allows you to close it without having to lift the cover first.

Overall, the Undercover Flex is a pretty solid option for Dodge RAM 1500 owners.

  • The hard tri fold cover is secure in three different positions – open, partially closed, and closed
  • The signature low-profile design looks sleek
  • Easy operation thanks to the automatic latch panels
  • Lightweight, durable, and 100% waterproof
  • Backed by a 3-year guarantee
  • This hard tri fold tonneau is not compatible with RAM trucks with Ram Box

No products found.


How to Choose the Best RamBox Tonneau Cover – Buying Guide

Best RamBox Tonneau Cover


When you first start shopping around for a new tonneau cover for your RAM RamBox truck, you’ll be confronted with several different options. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when choosing the best one.

Soft Folding vs. Hard Folding

The first thing you need to think about is the style. There are generally two types of tonneau covers for RamBox on the market – soft folding and hard folding covers.

To decide which one is right for you, here are a couple of questions you need to ask:

  • What will it look like on my truck?
  • Will I still have access to the whole truck bed?
  • What locking mechanism does it come with?
  • What is the cost difference between the two cover types?

How Will It Look

Soft folding and hard folding tonneau covers render completely different looks for your RAM. If a sleek, uniform look over your truck bed is what you’re after, a soft retractable cover would be a natural choice. Most of them are made from vinyl, polyester, and canvas materials and often have a leather-grain finish that gives them a nice matte or glossy look.

Hard folding covers tend to be more textured, although it is possible to find some with a vinyl or leather grain cover to improve the look.

Additionally, the specific cover you pick will influence the way it sits on your truck bed. Most soft covers tend to sit 1-2 inches above the bed rail. On the other hand, their hard folding counterparts have a lower profile, sitting only an inch or less above the side rails. If a streamlined look matters a great deal to you, consider getting a hard folding cover.

Truck Bed Access

Technically speaking, you will still be able to access and use your entire truck bed regardless of the cover style you pick. Truck bed access comes down to convenience. It’s a question of how much work you have to do to free your bed of the cover. This has everything to do with the latching style.

Folding covers latch on to the side rails, making it easy to roll them up and expose the entire surface of the truck bed when loading or unloading cargo. When shopping for a hard or soft cover, the buzzword to look for is “roll up.”

Folding covers are also convenient since you can fold them all the way up to the cab. These, however, require more effort compared to the roll-up kind. A retractable tonneau cover is a great option if you need your tailgate down.

Locking Mechanism

This is an important factor to think about when looking for the best truck bed cover for your RamBox RAM truck. If security is a major part of your purchase decision, then a hard folding cover is the way to go.

A soft tonneau cover will protect the cargo on your truck bed from the elements and keep them out of sight, removing any temptation from anyone looking for an easy pick. That said, if someone is sufficiently motivated, it won’t do much to keep them from accessing your truck bed.

On the other hand, hard tonneau covers are made from materials like aluminum, fiberglass, and polypropylene. These are not easy to cut through or pry from the side rails and would hold up pretty well against a would-be thief. Hard folding retractable tonneau covers provide an added layer of protection that you don’t get with the soft folding ones.

Cost Implication

Finally, there’s the issue of price. How much are you willing to spend on a tonneau cover? If you’re working with a tight budget, a soft folding cover is what you need to get. If you have a bit more wiggle room in your budget, you can splurge on a hard cover tonneau.


Can you use a tonneau cover with RamBox?

Yes, you can, but you’ll need to get one with custom specifications for trucks with RamBox. Tonneau covers for classic Dodge RAM trucks will not fit 1500 trucks with RamBox. The truck bed on the latter is a lot narrower. You want a cover that fits a truck bed size of 5 ft. 7 in.

Which is the most secure tonneau cover?

If you want to deter potential would-be thieves from accessing the cargo on your truck bed, you should get a hard folding tonneau cover. These are commonly made from tough materials like fiberglass, aluminum, and polypropylene, which make truck bed access hard for anyone trying to cut through them or pry them open from the side rails.

Where are Extang tonneau covers made?

Extang is an American-based tonneau truck bed cover brand. It has been in existence for four decades and is part of Truck Hero, Inc. Its range of Trifecta 2.0 tonneau covers, Extang solid fold covers, and the gator cover line are some of the bestselling truck bed accessories on the market.


There you have it – our top picks for the best tonneau cover for RamBox. While any of the products we’ve reviewed here would make an excellent choice, if we had to pick one, it would be the Trifecta 2.0. Everything about it exudes engineering excellence which is what you want in a truck cover for your RAM. Tonno Pro, BAK Revolver X series, and the BAK Bakflip MX are also excellent tonneau cover brands for RAM, Ford F, and Gator ETX trucks.