10 Best VFD for Lathe [2021 Buying Guide]

I usually hear people complaining about the VFD and its performance. Here are the 10 best VFD for lathe that will require your attention.

You get me, right? I know you must be worried about the VFD load management system, finding motor power certainty, and fluctuating frequencies.

Indeed, here we will give you a professional review of the top ten hand-picked VFD for Lathe that will change your mind.

Before I begin! There is relevant information that works as the backdrop for VFD performance and function. The lathe is available in different sizes, patterns, and types that require a specific kind of VFD to control the speed of the motor while varying the frequency. Hence, it is important.

Best VFD for Lathe

Though, you can buy an appropriate VFD for the lathe after analyzing different VFD along with their qualities. Most of the users complain about the inefficiency and low-quality of the VFD available in the market. However, we cannot claim, but we can help you find the VFD that is efficient, productive, and high-quality.

10 Best VFD for Lathe – Affordable, Efficient, and Long-lasting VFDs

Certainly, my only duty here is not to tell you about the best lathe VFD. Nope, it’s not restricted to that. I will also guide you about the problems that you might face while choosing the best one and how to work around them.

LatheInput PhaseCurrent 
Variable Frequency Drive1-Phase12 Amp Check Price
LAPOND High-Performance VFD1-Phase9.6 Amp Check Price
AC 220V/2.2KW Variable Drive1-Phase12 Amp Check Price
VEVOR VFD 4KW 220V 5HP3-Phase7 Amp Check Price
Vector Control CNC VFD1-Phase10 Amp Check Price
LAPOND High-Performance VFD1-Phase32 Amp Check Price
Teco Variable Frequency Drive1-Phase20 mA Check Price
AC Knob Motor Controller1-Phase5 Amp Check Price
Mophorn Frequency Drive1-Phase20 mA Check Price
2.2KW 220V AC 12A1-Phase12 Amp Check Price

1. Variable Frequency Drive – Anti-Jamming, Overheating, and Under Phase Protection

MySweety Variable Frequency Drive


Have you ever wondered that someday you might get hold of an Inverter Frequency Converter for speed control? That will perhaps work to lower, vary, or adjust the speed of the lathe, motor, or any other spindle motor.

I doubt you haven’t: But, with MYSWEETY VFD, this is exactly what you get.

Therefore, technology like VFD has ultimately made work trouble-free, easy, and effective due to its reliability. Moreover, a VFD performs to its fullest when the diode, capacitor, and transistor are aligned in a sequence. As a result, this will easily convert three-phase AC into DC.

However, for improved efficiency, you can use a 2.54mm bar connector along with the plug connection of 5-pin. Furthermore, the VFD product has an inbuilt cooling fan that regularly ventilates the device and prevents it from overheating.

And the best thing is that it is noise-free. Yes, no more noise pollution! You can stretch the fan by 2M, 1.5M, or 3M.

Along with this, the material that is installed in this VFD is engineering plastic that makes 12A current possible to pass. Though, you can also control the output voltage through PWM control. What a dual-purpose device this is, isn’t it?

Don’t get on your knees: MYSWEETY AC is a single-phase VFD consisting of the single-phase input and three-phase output. However, the power that it holds is 2.2KW with 220V and 8.0KVA/ 3HP capacity.

Who does not want more in less? This VFD package includes a variable frequency drive, operation manual, and 1M control cable.

Do you want a button panel or a keyboard? If you are looking for the buttons that work correspondingly then this is the right VFD for you. Though, the button panel is easy to function and quick in response. However, it is also user-friendly.

You must be wondering about its input voltage and output voltage, Right? So, let me briefly tell you about the input voltage of this VFD that is 220V, while the output voltage is also the same. However, the input frequency can be 50/60 Hz, while the output frequency is 0-400Hz.

The most important thing is its application: So, this VFD can be used for multiple applications that might include milling, motor, drill press, cooling, lathe, compressor, and majorly other 3-phase machines.

Also, it has a strong capability for anti-interference that might improve the stability of the machine.

Worried if it is safe to use or not? Sure, with a machine like this, who wouldn’t be? It has a very strong anti-jamming system, making it safe to use.

As if that was not enough: It has a quick start and stops function. Yes, shut it down exactly when you want to.

Undoubtedly, this might be the first choice for those who are operating three-phase machines and want variable frequency.

Other features include, under and over-voltage protection, over and under current protection along overload protection.


  • Returnable
  • Flexible
  • Configurable device
  • Simple to handle
  • Can be refunded/ replaced
  • Overload protection device
  • Over-current protection
  • Overheating protection
  • Be aware of the causes behind the default settings in the parameter setting
Variable Frequency Drive, MYSWEETY AC 220V/2.2KW 3HP 10A VFD...
178 Reviews
Variable Frequency Drive, MYSWEETY AC 220V/2.2KW 3HP 10A VFD...
  • This is single phase VFD with 1 phase INPUT and 3 phase OUTPUT,the...
  • Input voltage: 220V(+/-15%); Output voltage: 220VAC; Input frequency:...
  • Application: Spindle Motor, Drill Press, CNC, HVAC, Lathe, Milling,...

2. LAPOND High-Performance VFD Inverter – Auto Voltage Regulation(AVR), Strong Overload Capacity

LAPOND High-Performance VFD Inverter


Although all these VFD converters are best in their own sense, LAPOND features will drive you crazy. We shall begin from the torque aptitude that makes it a constant product.

However, its capability can be seen when you are operating it because it has a strong overload management ability.

Excited, I knew you would be. Keep reading: Moreover, it can control machinery by lowering its speed. This happened because of the calculus arithmetic PID present in advanced form due to which it responds accurately.

Whereas, a few of the other specific features enclose the role of a communication port with RS485. As it is enriched with O/I and AI docks that can work very efficiently with Mach 3 controllers.

Yes, there’s more! It supports PLC function with 16 legs of speed along with the benefit of inverter control. Moreover, it also controls as well as supports various encoders like resolver, open encoder, and UVW encoder.

And it also tends to support three specific control modes like CLVC, V/F, and SVC. Plus, it can support the braking resistors of 100W at the external level. Perhaps one of the most important features of this VFD is that it has a stronghold on the anti-jamming system.

As the VFD can run normally between 304V-456V; that is why it covers the extensive voltage operating area.

It tends to deal with the AVR technique to minimize the external load. Along with this VFD can utilize various control techniques by performing both synchronous and non-synchronous abilities.

Besides this, it helps to lower inverter pollution with its spectacular EMC design.

Apart from this, it has been designed in such a way where it develops a backup layer. Hence that will enable the device to stay persistent during all harsh environments.

Thumbs up! As per our information, this artifact model adopts DSB vector control that enables a motor to achieve high torque.

What type of motor can it operate? The most suitable motors that this LAPOND VFD can operate should consist of 2.2KW with 3HP and 3 phase motors.

Wondering where you can use it? It can be used in lathe, pumps, spindle motor, conveyors, ventilators, compressors, slitters, elevators, and many more machines.

Nice, isn’t it!

  • Easy to install
  • Affordable
  • Versatile control
  • Largely used
  • Can handle external load
  • The fan installed inside the VFD can make noise sometimes.
LAPOND High Performance VFD Inverter VFD Drive 2.2KW 220V 3HP...
85 Reviews
LAPOND High Performance VFD Inverter VFD Drive 2.2KW 220V 3HP...
  • This is single phase VFD with single phase 220V INPUT and three phase...
  • SVD-PS Series VFD has better performance Vector controlled and...
  • Rich of digital and analogy control terminals for versitile control ,...

3. AC 220V/2.2KW Variable Frequency Drive – Durable, High-Quality Motherboard

Szcy AC 220V Variable Frequency Drive


This VFD has a limited voltage of about AC220V for a single-phase. However, suitable motor power is 2.2KW.

What else does it offer? It has a resilient spinning fan installed inside the VFD that ensures powerful cooling. The vents allow the inverter to easily cool off. The vents give it a long service life and help in faster dissipation of heat. The only issue is the fan makes a little noise. Not much, but a little.

Plus, the size or length of the connector is around 2.54mm with 5 pin control. However, the durability of the newest mainboard is quite long-lasting.

How is that? Well, the mainboard is made with chrome-plated screws. As a result, the motherboard works longer and is durable.

As if this was not enough, the surface brush of the motherboard has three solid layers of paint on it.

What good will it do? The paint acts as a layer of insulation. Along with it, the paint saves the circuit from environmental factors. Furthermore, it makes it shock, corrosion, resistance, moisture, and dust resistant.

Whereas, another most important feature of this VFD is that it encodes a digital panel that is replaceable. Hence, it adds to the user-friendly nature of the VFD. Also, the manufacturer’s name for this product is SZCY-LLC.

The display is very simple to understand and use. It has a very reasonable layout, making it user-friendly. The operating panel is extendable. So, for more clarity, you can easily move it out till 2M. Amazing, isn’t it!

You must be wondering where you can use it? The options on it are very versatile. It can be used for lathe, yes. But, it can also be used in milling, spindle motor, compressor, drill press, three-phase motor, and many more machines.

What else does it offer? It has a 2M control cable, an operation manual, and the VFD in a package.

Still, if you have any questions or confusion, you can easily study the operation manual and clear yourself of any ambiguities.

Don’t be afraid to use it as it has very strong anti-jamming capabilities which make the security quotient on it very high. Along with the fast on and off response, it is one of the best of its class.

  • Works smoothly
  • Multiple applications
  • Easy to scrutinize
  • Easy to debug
  • Economical

  • You can find a minor defect in the speed knob and stop button.
  • Not programmed for the frequency of 60Hz.
AC 220V/2.2KW Variable Frequency Drive, 12A VFD Inverter...
133 Reviews
AC 220V/2.2KW Variable Frequency Drive, 12A VFD Inverter...
  • Input voltage: 220V(+/-15%); Output voltage: 220VAC; Input frequency:...
  • Application: Spindle Motor, Drill Press, CNC, HVAC, Lathe, Milling,...
  • Spacing 2.54mm bar connector, 5-pin plug. DC cooling fan low noise,...

4. VEVOR VFD 4KW 220V 5HP – Reliable, Efficient Inverter, 2 Year Warranty



Looking for an efficient and reliable inverter? This VFD includes some primary features that make it distinguishable from other VFDs. Undoubtedly, it can operate through using the PLC function that acts as the 16 leg foundation of speed and inverter control function.

It is specifically designed for main circuit control using international standard MODBUS circuit control. Besides, it has Mitsubishi’s chip which makes it faster and more reliable. After all, it is made up of the best, isn’t it?

Even though it has a voltage of 220V to 250V, you can adjust the carrier by 16KHZ.

How cool is that? This VFD gives so much flexibility and authority to the user. Consequently, it gives no sound while operating.

Don’t think that is possible? Be ready to be surprised. Because it will give you an almost soundless working environment.

Excited to know this? Well, we have more: It knows how to function and manage low output rating torque from 0.5Hz- 150%.

Though, its wide voltage handling with the zero error declaration makes it one of the best quality items. Yet it can prevent short circuits while taking numerous preventive precautions beforehand.

Moreover, the parameters and specifications of this item are quite versatile and broader in range as well as in dimensions. Besides, that is why its control mode is designed to be SPWM. Also, the configuration of this item includes a 5-digit display along with a moderate working temperature as well.

Other than this, the input and output frequency of this inverter is 48-63Hz and 0-400Hz, respectively. It also has a feature to follow an auto voltage regulation technique (AVR).

Haven’t heard this one before having you? So, this is the reason why it further balances the load capacity. No worries here. Not only does it work for constant torque load, but it can also even work wonders with variable torque loads. Yes, it is that powerful and strong.

Where can you use it? Versatility is its forte! There are so many machines it is compatible with. For instance, you can use this VFD inverter for fans, pumps, HVAC units, air compressors and so much more.

  • Affordable
  • Convenient programming
  • Soundless working environment
  • Well-established item
  • Torque stability
  • Specifically used for three-phase motor
VEVOR VFD 4KW 220V 5HP 7A Variable Frequency Drive Inverter AVR...
19 Reviews
VEVOR VFD 4KW 220V 5HP 7A Variable Frequency Drive Inverter AVR...
  • VFD Power:4KW / Voltage:220V-250V. Carrier adjustable by 16KHZ,...
  • VFD Input Phase: 1 or 3 phase as you like;Output Phase: 3 phase.
  • This Variable Frequency Drive Inverter adopts the Japan Mitsubishi...

5. Vector Control CNC VFD – Cooling Fan, Motor Control, Energy Saver

HY Huanyang Vector Control CNC VFD


Are you looking for something unique? Something that stands out from the rest? Finally, the search is over. This Vector Control inverter is surely a unique piece.

A unique feature includes The self-designed circuit. Yes, Huanyang Electrical leads the market in VFD designing with more than 10 years of experience in this field. This circuit has been made by them keeping in mind an advanced design concept and independently designed circuits.

A potentiometer is installed within the inverter that ensures flexibility and rotation of the motor. Moreover, you can easily manage your speed rotation that varies from (0-24000RPM). This makes it easily adjustable and user-friendly.

It is surely a strong inverter with a power specification value of 2.2KW, along with a horsepower of 3. Next, it includes two specific wires with the name ‘R’ and ‘S’, which have the 220V single-phase input voltage.

Similarly, the output voltage is also measured as 220V, 3-phase. Moreover, the exact frequency for input is 50Hz/60Hz, thus the output frequency varies from 0-50/60Hz 0-400Hz. Additionally, it has an average current value of 10A.

Getting the point? Yet, this model of the VFD is also designed with an inbuilt fan that dissipates heat. Therefore, it will ensure the stability of the VFD that can be long-lasting.

Moreover, this VFD summarizes all its effective features in a single quality that is by having an advanced motherboard. Furthermore, the motherboard consists of multiple terminals that function on the DSP vector control. However, the power source for this inverter is AC.

Next, the specific feature that makes it stand out from the other ones is the parameter function and control of the unit.

Must Read! Besides, this motherboard gives a low-value output of torque that makes sure a machinery runs at low speed.

Whereas, you can easily manage or adjust the carrier used in the motherboard by 16KHZ. Therefore, with the implication of MODBUS, the circuit can be controlled that triggers anti-jamming ability.

Plus, PID can be controlled with the stability of the VFD that integrates the features of the calculus and closed loop.

However, like AC VFD it also functions on a wide voltage area that produces a voltage of 304V-456V.

Yes, that’s right! As a result, this inverter also deals with compensation in two of its major features are Dead-time and auto torque. In that case, 180% high torque will become the output.

  • Support for machinery/motor
  • Advanced parameter
  • Sophisticated design circuit
  • Achieving high torque
  • Versatile control panel
  • Parameter setting might be a challenge while operating
Vector Control CNC VFD Variable Frequency Drive Controller...
132 Reviews
Vector Control CNC VFD Variable Frequency Drive Controller...
  • IMPORTANT NOTE:● this VFD is ONLY applicable to three phase...
  • Input:1 or 3 phase 220V/ Output:3phase 220v....
  • GT series adopt DSP vector control to enable motor to achieve high...

6. LAPOND High-Performance VFD – High Horsepower, Stable, Vector Control

LAPOND High-Performance VFD


Are you looking for a modest VFD inverter for your medium-sized machines? LAPOND high-performance VFD Inverter is not for the big boys. Moreover, it only works for 3-phase asynchronous motors. So, if you plan to use a heavy-motor, this should not be your first choice.

This VFD has a high torque control that further enhances its efficiency while maintaining the speed of the motor rotation. This happens when the VFD achieves high torque but at low speed. Only then will the motor work efficiently.

Nice, isn’t it? It can work on a suitable motor of 7.5KW value plus 11HP. Ultimately, the input of the VFD should be single-phase AC 220V while its output will be three-phase 0-220V. Meanwhile, the frequency varies from 50Hz/60Hz, 0-400Hz.

Perfect! Furthermore, to review this inverter, you can come across various features like stability, management of load, high torque, and low speed.

So, you can also notice the PID performance, advanced calculus measurement, and arithmetic values. The port that this VFD uses is O/I and A. Though, Mach 3 can control and work efficiently when dealing with the communication port of RS485.

The inverter functions in multiple ways, in that case, it requires the PLC availability along with 16 legs.

Besides, different encoders also preferably are used by this VFD in terms of open collector or resolver and many others. Therefore, it has the power to support three other basic modes like closed-loop, vector, and V/F.

Whereas, support of the potentiometer is required to stabilize the VFD through a braking resistor of 1000w. This VFD also associates itself with an extensive voltage plain to ensure normal running like 304V to 456V.

Now, what is the point? Voltage regulators are installed within VFD to ensure the high-quality performance of the inverter. However, AVR and various other controlling techniques are followed to compensate for the dead-times and auto slip torque.

This VFD design inculcates an EMC feature that will reduce the inverter’s pollution. However, the protection layer also protects the VFD from harsh setup. Therefore, VFD operates in the technique of synchronization and non-synchronization that adjust the dynamics of the brakes.

It can be used in compressor, extruder, lathe, conveyors, winding machine, centrifuge, slitter, and other speed machines also.

And the best thing about it is that it is a configurable VFD. You can mold it to your desire. Hence, it is always advised to check with the CS to make sure it will be compatible with your machine.

  • Stability
  • Capable performance
  • Dynamic auto techniques and procedures
  • Well-explained manual
  • Effective potentiometer
  • Immediately operational
  • Boosting of torque
  • Manual or guide book can be extensive
  • Minimal settings are difficult to carry out
LAPOND High Performance Variable Frequency Drive VFD Inverter VFD...
35 Reviews
LAPOND High Performance Variable Frequency Drive VFD Inverter VFD...
  • This is single phase VFD with single phase 220V INPUT and three phase...
  • This new series has better performance Vector controlled and stability...
  • Rich of digital and analogy control terminals for versitile control ,...

7. Teco Variable Frequency Drive – AC Drive Control, Multifunctional Inverter

WestingHouse Teco Variable Frequency Drive


This type of VFD can be replaced by L510-101-H1-U that belongs to a manufacturer company named TECO Westinghouse. However, it is an AC drive VFD. Moreover, the horsepower of this inverter is equivalent to 1HP. Seems less? No, it actually is not. The input and output voltage of this VFD is 1PH-3PH with 115V-230V, respectively.

Don’t panic! Even though it has a small HP, it is designed in such a way that it is free of all faults and causes circuit protection for both short and long both. Didn’t I tell you not to panic?

Moreover, other features that surround this VFD include, overload protection, control of 200% direct current, and causes device protection also.

How does it function? You should also know about the multi-functional features of this VFD that make it one of a kind. It functions with 4.2FLA and its IP is 20. However, 1PH is measured as 100-120VAC with a frequency of 50/60Hz.

Though the output of this inverter is a three-phase, varying from 0-230V. There are three kinds of input with its specific measurement that consists of 1 analog, 2 programmable, and 2 operation control inputs.

Likewise, it also delivers two mentioned outputs like 1 Multi-function, and 1 analog output of (0-10VDC) for better performance of the inverter. Furthermore, this VFD inverter handles a wide display consisting of seven segments and three digits. So, the display can easily calculate 150% of the measured current within 1 minute.

Still, inverters like these are used in multiple industries and other devices or motors like lathe, conveyors, packaging, treadmill, and others.

Starting pack! Also, it consists of a well-formed compact, featured with a dimension of L510 that consoles footprints and DIN rail. Therefore, the speed port that is fixed can accommodate a versatile rating.

So, it delivers a high-speed response of 32-Bit for the application of V/F control, torque boosting, and Sensorless vector.

Moreover, through this VFD you may control the current leakage while using a powerful capacitor switch.

Whereas, you can find a quick parameter configuration technique with a complete diagnostic feature. Hence, the Teco inverter is linked with software that enables the online-monitoring of machines and RS485 programming with CE marked.

  • Variable speed is converted from fixed speed
  • Multiple application functions
  • Simple to program
  • VFD with bright LED (easy to read)
  • Prevent power loss
  • Applicable to a wide variety of motors
  • Appropriate control solution
  • Might has exposed wiring
  • Installation is quite complicated
Teco Variable Frequency Drive, 1 HP, 115 Volts 1 Phase Input, 230...
34 Reviews
Teco Variable Frequency Drive, 1 HP, 115 Volts 1 Phase Input, 230...
  • Cost effective drive solution with wide range of programming...
  • 115V 1-Phase Input, 230V 3-Phase Output
  • 1 HP Constant Torque (4.3 Amps)

8. AC 110V 400W Knob Motor Speed Controller – Humanized Shell Design, Portable

Vomvomp AC 110V 400W Knob Motor Speed Controller


Are you looking for something which has high precision and is highly efficient? And, should it also be portable? Sounds nice, right? The Knob Motor Speed Controller is a power pack machine. It looks small in size but it can give the big boys a run for their money.

In short, it is considered to be a single-phase circuit that can control the speed of the motor for a complete range. Therefore, it can be used for multiple ranges like 24V, 36V, 90V, and DC motors.

However, the design for this VFD consists of multiple factors like a small size-speed regulator, wide speed control, and low power consumption. The speed control makes it user-friendly and does not require rocket science to use it.

Moreover, speed can be adjusted, controlled, or regulated through a knob. Hence, it also gives the VFD a long-life with current protection as well as short circuit protection.

But, there is a catch: This VFD is widely used to operate several applications or machinery like printing, electronics, washing machines, and other machines.

Though there are specific features that help the working of the VFD. Therefore, it is operated via AC 110V and transmits control motor power of 0.01-400W. Thus, it hinders the output DC voltage of 0-90V.

It is appropriately designed for the range of voltage like DC 24V, 36V, and 90V. However, the size of the inverter is measured to be 100 x 60 x 112mm. Looks small. But, the inverter works amazingly.

Though it is connected to an emergency stop (PW) to prevent the machine from facing any overload or short-circuiting problem.

It is associated with a motor to motor to produce DC output with the use of AC110V input.

Remember: Don’t run the motor at top speed. Yes, I know at times we are in a hurry and want to end our work quickly. But, be careful to increase the speed slowly.

  • Easy to install
  • The knob can control the speed
  • Good customer service
  • Well-performed unit working
  • Handle it with care
  • It might cause fuse damage if the motor runs on the high speed
AC 110V 400W Knob Motor Speed Controller DC 0-90V Variable Adjust...
68 Reviews
AC 110V 400W Knob Motor Speed Controller DC 0-90V Variable Adjust...
  • SINGLE-PHASE CIRCUIT: This single-phase asynchronous motor speed...
  • HUMANIZED SHELL DESIGN: This electric speed regulator has small size,...
  • CONVENIENT SPEED CONTROL: The Speed Regulator with adjustable knob can...

9. Mophorn Frequency Drive – Parameter Power with Error Protection

Mophorn Frequency Drive


You will find one of the best variable frequency drive inverters in this one. It is an amazing inverter that provides a plethora of features to the consumer.

It is specified in its application, features, and other qualities. Therefore, it comprises an input voltage of 220V with a varying output voltage of 208-240VLC.

However, the input and output frequency of this inverter is recorded as 48-63Hz and 0-400Hz. Moreover, the input circuit works on a 1-phase while the output is 3-phase. However, the control mode is SPWM.

Also, the input power is categorized as 220V with a working temperature of 10-40 degrees.

Getting on an edge: Undoubtedly, it can bear a humidity level of 0-95%.

Amazing! This clearly shows that it is usable even in extreme weather conditions. Additionally, it is considered a 3.0KW VFD inverter that controls the vibration of 0.5 G. However, this VFD leads to variability in constant torque loads that make it a phase change and a speed controller.

Quite interesting, isn’t it? It shows it has the best performance when preventing a machine from overheating and while taking other precautionary measures.

Plus, it consists of a driver board that is of premium quality and shows outclass performance.

Let’s take a look at the features in detail: As the control panel is not fixed, it is separate; so, you can easily detach it for convenient use. Consequently, it makes it user-friendly.

Moreover, the driver board has an amazing chip made by Mitsubishi, in Japan. It is painted in layers and that is the reason why it has amazing insulation on it.

It is excellent when you are working with a constant load of torque. For instance, it is perfect for air compressors, fans, pumps, and hard start motors.

Along with this, it is used in many control machines. For instance, mixer, extruder, winder, slitter, ventilator, elevators, grinder, and many more. The list just goes on and on.

What about safety? All your safety needs have been kept in mind. It not only has overload and over/under current protection like the other inverters, it gives you fuse protection and overcurrent protection also.

Other features include short-circuit, stall, and overheat protection.

  • Safety measures
  • A high premium quality
  • Powerful performance
  • Widely used in machinery operation
  • Separate control panel
  • Sophisticated firmware
  • Not suitable or applicable for high and heavy speed motors
Mophorn 220V 3KW VFD Variable Frequency Drive CNC VFD Motor Drive...
56 Reviews
Mophorn 220V 3KW VFD Variable Frequency Drive CNC VFD Motor Drive...
  • ★★PARAMETER-Power: 3KW 220V;Frequency Control Range:...
  • ★★SETTING METHOD-External Voltage 0-5V,0-10V,4-20mA,0-20mA....
  • ★★FUNCTIONS-With perfect error protection and short circuit...

10. 2.2KW 220V AC 12A – Anti-trip Performance, Low Noise, Easy to Use

YaeCCC Store 2.2KW 220V AC 12A


Are you looking for a smart inverter? Yes, smart inverter?

Confused? Don’t worry! This inverter is smart. It has a very unique control method through which it gives high performance.

But, how does it do it? It has a wide speed regulating system installed, high torque, and high precision.

It is a reputable VFD that works with a single-phase input of AC 220V along with the application of related motor power of 2.2KW. Even though it is single-phase, it outperforms the big shots of the market.

Moreover, its V/F closed-loop control method is quite effective by nature. Also, its inner and outer lining is made up of engineering plastic. This makes it durable and gives very high performance.

And, the size of the VFD is 195 x 130 x 100mm, very suitable for a 12A current. However, the frequency of the input circuit is calculated as 50/60Hz with a capacity of 8.0KVA (2.2.KW. 3HP).

Look! If you want to control the output voltage of the converter that the method is PWM control. It also has a terminal function that converts an input of 1-phase, 220V AC into output 3-phase of the motor.

Plus, it is manufactured and processed in such a way that it can protect itself from excessive heat loss, humidity, high temperature, and rough power growth. It also produces large torque with speed control. However, it enables low noise and less electromagnetic interference to satisfy the user.

Using it is a piece of cake, no doubt! Are you afraid of wires? Don’t be. Using this is very simple. All you need to do is remove the wires and connect them back when you remove it.

But, there is a little glitch here: Even though the functionality is very simple, still for beginners, it can get a little confusing.

The anti-trip performance is excellent. It has the ability to adapt to rough conditions. It is heat, dust, humidity resistant. Consequently, it is the most stable inverter out there.

  • Great running
  • Favorable parameter setting
  • Easy to handle
  • Good motor control
  • Adjust variable frequency
  • Shows anti-trip performance
  • Fast response
  • Hard to program if you are not professional
2.2KW 220V AC 12A Single Phase Variable Speed Control Drive...
32 Reviews
2.2KW 220V AC 12A Single Phase Variable Speed Control Drive...
  • This converter uses unique control method to realize high torque, high...
  • It has good anti-trip performance and ability to adapt to rough power,...
  • It satisfies users' requirement of low noise, low electromagnetic...

VFD for Lathe Buyer’s Guide:

Uptil now, you must know the most efficient VFD for Lathe used in motors/lathe. Moreover, if you are unable to find out the most suitable one for yourself, then we are sure that we can help you further.

VFD Vs Rotary Phase Converter:

A VFD is an inverter that is designed to convert single-phase AC into a three-phase DC/AC. It is also used to control the torque while maintaining the speed of the motor.

However, a rotary phase converter specialty is to add an extra leg to the two single-phases. So, it is different from VFD due to its feature and performance. Besides, it is different in wiring, setting, installation procedures, and its function with inductive and resistive loads.

Also, this converter undergoes three different techniques of a control method that includes:

  • Digital phase Conversion
  • Static conversion
  • Rotary phase conversion

Furthermore, the major difference between the two items is power regulation, adjustment, and setting.

So, now you can make a choice! Knowing what type of VFD you need, answer the following questions first:

  • Is it supposed to be well-efficient and manageable?
  • Should it be of high voltage or low voltage consistency?
  • Could it be environmentally friendly or not?
  • How much horsepower do you require?
  • Your selection of VFD depends on a single or three-phase?
  • Are you looking for a variable frequency drive for a lathe?

Yes, it should be well-efficient and manageable because usually, users are looking for uncomplicated VFD with good RPM running force.

Let’s simplify it further: Your selection depends on your usage and on the type of lathe that you are using. However, if you require a high voltage VFD then it will easily distribute your load. So, if you require a low voltage VFD then it might be slow in the process.

Yes, it must be environment-friendly.

Besides, the most important part of the best VFD selection is to choose whether you need a single-phase or a three-phase inverter/converter. Also, this can only be possible if you know about your lathe or machinery performance and load.

What Combination of a Best Lathe VFD do You Need?

Variable-frequency drive for lathe motor

Usually, VFD is easy to carry, easy to monitor, and convenient to disassemble. However, every VFD is different from the other one in terms of:

  • Frequency Drive
  • Horsepower
  • Voltage and motor power
  • Usage of high-quality material
  • The efficiency of the motor
  • Programming of the entire system
  • Features and specification in keys or equipment parts
  • The wiring placement
  • Spindle speed controller
  • RPM
  • Speed range
  • Forms of load (Torque etc)

Generally, you must have understood more about the different VFDs and their motor power in the comparison table as explained in the above section. Just slow down a little!

Power- How Much Do You Need?

A single-phase or a three-phase converter requires specific power and voltages to drive the motor. However, a VFD power of 4KW/ voltage 220V-250V produces a three-phase output. If you need a VEVOR VFD then you must keep in mind its power capacity and its output speed production.

And, the other valuable VFD inverter single to three-phase consists of an AC 220V/ 2.2KW power. However, it is largely suitable for spindle motor speed control. It can be used in a drill press, lathe, compressors, and milling.

Next is the single-phase VFD that produces the output of the three-phase. However, the power value for this VFD is 220V/ 2.2KW.

Explaining it! There is another most suitable and efficient VFD that is the LAPOND high-performance VFD inverter. However, the single-phase VFD functions of the input power of 220V, which will produce an output of 220V with 3-phase.

The CNC VFD drive controller plus converter has an input power of about 220V/ 2.2 KW. However, this VFD also encourages the production of the three-phase output of a converter motor making it usable for variable frequency drive for 3 phase motors.

The VFD like TECO variable frequency drive uses an input of 115V with a single-phase. Consequently, the output it produces is equivalent to 230V with 3-phase.

A new single-phase circuit of AC VFD uses 110V 400W power to adjust the speed of the lathe. The struggle is real!

VFD Selection Chart

 Input VoltageMotor Power
VEVOR VFD220V-250V4 kW
LAPOND220V/ 220V2.2 kW
Vector control CNF VFD220V2.2 kW
LAPOND High-performance220V7.5 kW
TECO Variable Frequency Drive115V/ 230VNot available
AC Motor Speed Controller DC110V/ 0-90V400 W
Mophorn CNC VFD220V3 kW
Single-phase Variable Speed220V2.2 kW
Mophorn CPU Board220V3 kW

Are you worried about the frequency power of the best VFD? Just read further!

Features- Frequency, Single-phase or Three-phase Input/Output:

As per the VFD capacity, every item has a particular frequency. However, the VFD can adjust frequency starting from 16-40KHZ as input to 400HZ as output.

Motor Speed Control- Variable Frequency Drive:

Though, if you want to choose a VFD for motor speed control, then you must have the information regarding the working of the VFD inverter or a converter.

Therefore, for lathe, milling, car hoists and pumps it is necessary to use a VFD inverter. This inverter should be of 3KW plus 220V to support the above machines and control their speed.

Furthermore, for the motor speed control, you can review some of the VFD like:

  • Mophorn
  • Mophorn CNC VFD
  • AC Knob speed controller
  • Teco VFD
  • Vector control CNC VFD

This VFD highly supports lathe, meanwhile, it can also control the speed through varying frequency.

Features – Add to it:

  • It can function in two phases that is, single-phase or three-phase
  • VFD is manufactured while using all the safety precautions
  • It has an in-build fan that prevents the machine from getting heated
  • Variable frequency drive is always in premium quality as well
  • It enables the flexible control of speed, power, and heat

Tip: The only thing to keep in mind before using VFD is that you should be well-aware of its setting and installment procedure. Do not operate it without reading a manual.

What Are the Certain Factors That Differentiate These VFDs From Each Other? As the VFDs are available in huge quantities with multi-dimensional attractive features, in the market. There are various dimensions on whose basis, they can be marginalized or differentiated.

It can differ in:

  • Size/ weight
  • Input and Output Power
  • Frequency
  • Phases
  • Inverter or converter control
  • AC or DC application
  • Working temperature
  • Package dimension
  • Debug function
  • Control method/ setting panel

What Are the Contrasting Features of VFD vs VSD?

It refers to an AC drive.It refers to AC or DC drives both.
Variable frequency driveVariable speed drive
It varies frequency that changes or controls the speed of the motor.It varies the voltage of the motor while varying the speed.

What Causes VFD Failure?

Certain reasons that can cause VFD failure, such as:

  • Mismanagement of the VFD
  • Fluctuation in speed, power, or load
  • Variation in the environment operating system

Tip: Best VFD lathe must be clear from all these faults. However, it should prevent overloading the speed, power, or frequency that might damage the device and machine both.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does a VFD work?

A VFD works under a properly set environment. However, an electric current passes through the electromagnetic wires that ultimately creates a magnetic field. Due to which the shaft starts rotating. Moreover, the rotational speed depends on two things, torque and speed of the motor. That further depends on the voltage as well as the frequency of the supply.

Thus, the frequency and voltage are usually fixed in that case the torque and the speed of the motor is also found constant.

VFD is attached in a series pattern to the motor that cuts off the electricity supply. The function of the VFD is to control and enhance the AC voltage as well as incoming frequency. Therefore, the enhanced AC is transmitted to the motor.

Likewise, the VFD modifies and manages the torque and the motor speed to bear the load.

Q. How to size a VFD for a motor?

A VFD motor should be sized on voltage and motor current always. Never size it on HP. Lastly, you should compare the voltage on the motor with the voltage on the VFD, so that it can work smoothly. However, do keep in mind the ratings and the overload criteria.

Q. What is the weight of the best VFD?

Approximately the net weight of a VFD could be 1751g or nearly 5.84 pounds. Yet, it can be more or less dependent on the manufacturing and design of a VFD.

Q. What is the power loss of the VFD? If a drive-by 1hp 3phase motor from this VFD connected to 1phase 240v, how much HP will the motor provide?

As per its manufacturing, the motor will not waste its HP if it is running at 60 hertz. However, the idea behind working on the HP and VFD is that the lesser the hertz lesser will be the HP.

Q. Will the VFD work on a 3 HP 3 phase motor?

Generally, if you already have 230 volts 3hp 3phase motor this will perhaps work on it. However, it can also work on a single-phase motor, but for that, you need to have a VFD of 120 volts

Q. Is it possible to wire in a jog button?

After the motor starts running or starts working soon after the drive is being programmed. However, then in the wiring, there should be a jog control just to make sure the machine runs forward and reverses.

Q. Are there terminals that you can use to have a clear remote speed display, or how long can you wire the operate panel?

But, it can be wired for a longer time, but the thing is that you have to take the lead first.

Q. Is VFD used for manual Lathe also?

Yes, the VFD can also be used for a manual lathe. Before VFD, RPC has used to power the manual lathe. However, VFD is a single or three-phase inverter/converter. That is most probably a hassle-free device used to speed and modify the motor.

In today’s world, most of the converted machines are installing VFD.

Q. How does a VSD work?

It works by controlling the speed of the AC motor by changing the frequency which is being supplied to the motor.


Lathe VFD

In a terse package, I have presented you with the best VFD For a lathe that you can afford easily.

Is there any doubt? Not only that, but I have also given you a brief idea regarding every VFD. Perhaps that is considered the best one in the market.

Now you can easily find the most affordable, environmentally friendly, and high-quality material VFDs. That will surely help your lathe or motor in controlling speed with varying power and frequency.

My choice will be LAPOND High-performance VFD. Because it is quite proficient and appropriate when operating a lathe. It has the highest motor power control and current value. Now the ball is in your court!