Best Weather Stripping For Windows in 2021 [Buying Guide]

On average, changing an entire windowpane for efficient insulation could cost you ten times more than its alternative, i.e., weatherstripping. Even the process of getting your windowpane replaced would demand more time and energy. With that said, opting for weatherstripping is a wiser choice.

Fundamentally, weatherstripping refers to the process of sealing the gaps in windows. These gaps may develop over time due to weather or aging of your building’s construction. Or at times, even new window frames have gaps due to installation faults and flaws.

Now, these gaps can bring about huge maintenance problems. You’ll have to stay prepared for all weather conditions, taking your measures instead of enjoying the change in weather. Or you may find yourself cleaning the mess after heavy rain or dust storm. The gaps in your window will allow the particles to seep through and accumulate on the windowpane.

Best Weather Stripping For Windows

Weatherstripping saves you from all this hassle. It seals the gaps once and for all, equipping the windows to perform their function efficiently.

Plus, it even helps to save energy costs! Window leaks allow things to come in as well as allowing the energy to escape out. Upon installing weatherstrips in your windows, you will witness a drop of 20-30 percent in your bills, which makes buying a good weatherstrip all the more necessary.

Note that, like every other product in the market, there are several variants of weatherstrips available. Various companies manufacture this good, and almost all of them claim to be the best. All of them promise phenomenal results, yet only a few are capable of delivering the promised quality.

But you need not worry, for this comprehensive buying guide aims to address the very issue. Here, we aim to convey to you the top 10 weatherstrips for windows as well as what to assess when buying one. So, let’s get straight to it!

Best Weather Stripping For Windows 2021

Stripping TypeLength
KELIIYO Door Weather StrippingFoam Tape 66ft Check Price
Magzo Store Windows Tape RollsFoam Tape 13ft Check Price
3M Indoor Insulator KitInsulation Film30ft Check Price
D DATADAGO Seal StripFoam Tape 26ft Check Price
CloudBuyer Weather Stripping Foam Tape 33ft Check Price
Frost King R734H Foam TapeFoam Tape 10ft Check Price
Duck Heavy-Duty Self SealFoam Tape 17ft Check Price
VITAM AMO Weather Seal Foam Tape 18ft Check Price
Yotache Foam Tape 3Foam Tape 50ft Check Price
Fowong Store White Foam StripsFoam Tape 30ft Check Price

1. KELIIYO Door Weather Stripping, Window Seal Strip for Windows

KELIIYO Window Seal Strip

No products found.

The presence of cracks in or around the windows can become an inlet to dust, noise, leakage, and whatnot. However, with the Keliiyo Weather Stripping strip, you can rest assured about all gaps in the house.

You see, the Keliiyo Door Weather Stripping Seal Strip has cherished the position of one of the best strips in the market since its release. It is an innovative window seal strip that excels at all aspects. Let’s evaluate in detail!

Amazingly, the Keliiyo weather sealant strip comes with 2-separate rolls that can get further divided into 2-seals. Each seal has the dimensions of 0.36-inches length and 0.3-inches diameter. Overall, the length of the product is 66ft. Hence, one can use it easily to seal larger gaps as well as short.

Plus, this Keliiyo strip got foamed my EPDM that offers it immense durability. It won’t break or snap into two. These strips get comprised of environmentally-friendly materials, which makes it safe for other species.

It has an integrated composition that makes it highly flexible and elastic. You can twist these strips without fearing any damage.

Perhaps, the most outstanding feature of the Keliiyo weatherstripping window seal strip is its resistance. It has an anti-collision foam that prevents water or dust leakage. Thus, keeping your residence clean and dry.

Also, it protects your window against the wear action of the environmental factors. Plus, it reduces abrasion and noise so that you can enjoy a peaceful life indoors. As this seals the cracks, there is a blockage between cold and hot airs. In return, it conserves energy and reduces electric costs.

Moreover, you’ll find a strong adhesive back that sticks firmly. You can place it almost anywhere. However, one user has complained against the ineffective stickiness of certain materials. The Keliiyo Weather Stripping Sealant Strip has an easy-to-install method. All you must do is cut the required length, remove the adhesive sticker, and done!

  • Exceptional performance
  • Weather and sound resistant
  • Versatile usage
  • Sturdy build
  • Flexible
  • Easy to install
  • Has two 33ft rolls
  • Might not stick on some surfaces

No products found.

2. Magzo Store Windows Sealing Tape Rolls

Magzo Store Windows Sealing Tape Rolls


Magzo Store Windows sealing tape roles are for you if you wish to seal the narrow irregular gaps that seem to have developed in your windowpane and window sashes over time. Unlike others, these tapes have the perfect balance of flexibility and firmness. Plus, they have a narrow width of 1/2 inch by 1/2 inch, which fits into the narrows gaps perfectly well.

These Magzo Store windows sealing tape rolls are truly a value-for-money purchase because you get a whole of 13ft of this sealing tape in less than 15 dollars. For your ease, the company divided the two roles into 6.5ft each.

Since they got crafted from high-density foam tape, these window sealing tape rolls offer phenomenal resistance against a variety of factors that tend to damage structural components. When installed in the window, it will provide safety and protection against:

  • Harsh Weather
  • Oil
  • Shocks
  • Corrosion
  • Heat

Plus, it even absorbs the vibrations of shocks, protecting your windows from damage. And it also absorbs sound. Even if you’re done with the outside noise that keeps disturbing you, it will come in real handy! It will keep your sound inside the room and will also keep the external noise from intruding your space and disturbing your peace.

Being narrow, they will fit in with such intact that they’ll leave no room for dust particles, insects, and other external particles. Consequently, eradicating the possibility of any mess that seeping rain or creepy crawlies from the garden may cause.

The installation of this sealing tape is also super easy. Just remove the white-colored back cover of the adhesive side and place the sticky side exactly above the gaps. Press the two surfaces together, and it shall come together with one another.

However, note that several users have reported its adhesion to be quite too strong. Thus, it’s better to take your measurements beforehand. Cut this rubber-tape seal to an appropriate length and determine where exactly you will place it. Once you get done with it, only then remove the back to stick. You may not be able to change its position later onwards.

What’s more, you can use this for a variety of surfaces, including:

  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Cars
  • Speakers
  • Electrical cabinets
  • Furniture

Being moisture resistant and immune to drastic temperature changes, i.e., -50 to 150 degrees, these will not leave their place no matter the circumstances and weather conditions. Plus, as they fill up the place of every atom in the window gap, they provide excellent heat insulation.

  • Easy to install
  • Versatile applications
  • Waterproof
  • Value for money
  • Sturdy
  • Sound absorbent
  • Shock absorbent
  • Too Strong Adhesive
  • Needs proper measurements and positioning
MAGZO Weather Stripping Door Seal 1/2 Inch W X 1/2 Inch T,...
12,864 Reviews
MAGZO Weather Stripping Door Seal 1/2 Inch W X 1/2 Inch T,...
  • SIZE OF THIS FOAM TAPE - 1/2 inch W x 1/2 inch T x 6.5 ft L x 2 rolls....
  • STRONG ADHESIVE - The door weather stripping adopts a stronger...
  • GREEN MATERIAL - The high-density self-adhesive weather stripping is...

3. 3M Indoor Window Insulator Kit

3M Indoor Window Insulator Kit


Are you seeking a temporary solution to insulation and weather protection? Well, then weather stripping does not always refer to sealant strips. There is a diversity of weatherstripping products available in the market. And one of the most famous ones includes the 3M Indoor Window Insulator Kit.

The 3M Indoor Window Insulator Kit belongs to the 3M range of energy-saving products. It lowers the figures on the bills and transforms your household into an energy-efficient one.

This amazing indoor window insulator comes with a window insulation film and a double-sided mounting tape. Together, these create an airtight around your window. It is the clearest window film that offers a transparent view.

According to some users, a window wrapped with film looks quite unattractive. It is transparent and plain, which is why the film might not complement the interior’s aesthetics. However, it depends on different people’s preferences. Remember, it is a temporary solution, and you can always take it down.

The 3M Indoor Window Insulator Kit offers a considerable amount of films that are approximately 10-yards. Using it, you can insulate five 3x5ft windows.

Tight and secure, the film stops the cold waves completely. It shrinks around the window, forming a tight and wrinkle-free fit. Hence, keeping the warm air inside and cold air outside.

Consequently, it helps conserve the energy utilized by the room heater and helps in saving financial resources. Plus, its innovative structure also reduces condensation and prevents frost build-up.

As mentioned earlier, the 3M Indoor Window Insulator Kit uses tape to secure the film to the window. Technically, it is a high-quality double-sided mounting tape that seals the cracks and gaps. It establishes an airtight seal and creates a powerful bond between the surface as well as the insulation film.

It is a high-grade mounting tape that comes with a ready-to-peel liner. Hence, making it easy-to-use. Plus, the tape sticks firmly to a diversity of surfaces. Also, the 3M Indoor Window Insulator Kit works efficiently on aluminum, painted, varnished, vinyl-clad, and several other surfaces.

Furthermore, the product has a simple installation procedure. All you must do is measure the windows, unfold the film, and cut it. Leave an inch extra around the sides. Next, paste the mounting tape around the window sides and remove its paper liner. Place the film on the tape and press firmly. Stretch the film to remove wrinkles, and then trim the excess.

Concisely, the 3M insulator kit is an outstanding temporary weather stripping solution that must get removed at the season end.

  • Good performance
  • Easy installation
  • Prevents condensation
  • Firm
  • Efficient insulator
  • Ideal for temporary usage
  • Not visually appealing
  • No weather and sound resistance
  • Not durable
3M Indoor Window Insulation Kit, Insulator Kit for 5 - 3'x5'...
26,053 Reviews
3M Indoor Window Insulation Kit, Insulator Kit for 5 - 3'x5'...
  • Saves energy and reduces heating costs
  • Reduces condensation and prevents frost buildup
  • Quick and easy installation

4. D DATADAGO Silicone Seal

D DATADAGO Silicone Seal


D DATAGO’s window seals have a special place in the hearts of those who seek seal strips that do not ruin the look of their windows. Or, more accurately, those who seek reliable sealants that add to the beauty of your house instead of downgrading it.

To begin, let’s consider the sizes offered by D DATAGO:

  • 25 mm
  • 35 mm
  • 45 mm

Amongst these, 25 mm offers the slimmest coverage, while 45 mm offers relatively wider coverage. You need to look into the status of your window leaks and gaps to determine which size will suit you best. However, all of these sizes come in rolls of the same length, i.e., 26 feet.

Furthermore, as per your preferences, you can choose from the following two colors:

  • White or Transparent
  • Black

We suggest black to those who have dark-colored interiors so that the weatherstripping does not stand out and make your carefully styled interiors look hideous. It also costs a dollar or two lower than the transparent one. But those who have got light-colored interiors, we suggest them to use transparent ones. They will blend in with the window pane, becoming almost invisible.

Since it ranks as one of the best silicone adhesives, this silicone seal has one of the strongest adhesion, which is both good and bad. It’s good because you need not worry about it coming off at an unexpected moment, embarrassing you in front of your guests, or throwing you into a panic attack at the eleventh hour. You can trust its adhesion and stay relaxed.

But it’s bad for those who’ve got wooden window frames and windowpanes. The adhesion is so strong that it may damage the wooden structure, especially if you wish to take it off. It will most likely rip off the paint and damage the smooth wooden surface. For the very reason, the manufacturer itself recommends its use only for steel and aluminum window panes.

Apart from that, you can use this sealant for several other structures. These may include:

  • Sliding doors
  • Door bottom
  • Glass doors
  • Furniture

What’s more, since the D DATAGO silicone adhesive seal strip got built with super flexible silica gel, you can even use it as a buffer belt. Its anti-collision properties will provide resistance and protection against the impact of collisions.

Plus, the silica gel is non-toxic. Hence, friendly for the environment and safe for family use. In case you’re worried about the impact of rain and dust, then know that this sturdy seal is capable of withstanding it all!

  • Available in two colors
  • Non-Toxic
  • Anti-collision properties
  • Easy to install
  • Versatile use
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Best for heat insulation
  • Not suitable for wooden windowpane
Silicone Seal Strip,8M/26ft Door Strip Bottom for Doors Silicone...
6,573 Reviews
Silicone Seal Strip,8M/26ft Door Strip Bottom for Doors Silicone...
  • 8M/26ft Silicone Seal Strip ◆ Compared with most similar products of...
  • Various Function◆ This weather stripping silicone rubber helps your...
  • Flexible and Durable◆ Made of silica gel material, non-toxic and...

5. CloudBuyer Weather Stripping

CloudBuyer Weather Stripping

No products found.

An efficient D-type foam Sealer Strip, the CloudBuyer Weather Stripping, has received massive appreciation from people seeking a solution for gaps and cracks. The product includes two thick rolls of high-quality weatherstrips that is equivalent to 33ft in total.

While this length is sufficient for a few windows, it may not fulfill the requirement for many. So, don’t forget to measure the window lengths before purchasing.

It has dimensions of 9 x 6mm, which makes it suitable for a gap between 4 to 5mm. These strips work amazingly with medium to large cracks, though they might not be ideal for smaller gaps.

Plus, this weather stripping for door and windows consists of high-grade materials that promise immense durability. Foamed by EPDM, the strips have a smooth interior and exterior. It is also highly flexible and elastic so that it won’t deform on bending.

Usually, it takes quite a lot of time to cool down the interiors in summers. Whereas, in winter, the house turns too cold. No matter how much air conditioner or room heater you use, the temperature never seems to be right. Well, the CloudBuyer weather strips have an innovative composition that offers its excellent insulation properties.

After application, you will notice a significant normalization of temperature in your home. Plus, the blockage of hot and cold airs will help conserve energy and lowers the figures on the bill.

Moreover, this weatherstripping sealant has weather-resistance. Wind, dust, and water will not affect its quality. It will maintain its original state for a long period, regardless of whether you install it outdoors or indoors.

These weatherstrips are also soundproof. Once installed, these will not let any noise pass through the room. Hence, you can study, work, or rest without any disturbance.

As for installation, the procedure is quite simple. First, you must clean the entire area where you plan to put up the strips. It can be a window, door frame, cupboard, drawers, and practically anything that has a crack. Ensure there is no dirt on the surface.

Next, tear the weatherstripping sealant adhesive tape vertically. These CloudBuyer weather strips have an integrated, strong adhesive back that sticks firmly to all surfaces.

Each strip is divisible into two seals. So, adjust the tape accordingly. Then, press the sealant on the surface for firmness.

All in all, the CloudBuyer Weather Stripping is a versatile and innovative product. It will seal the door gap, window cracks, and almost everything efficiently!

  • Amazing insulator
  • Weather and soundproof
  • High-quality
  • Total 4-seals (33ft)
  • Good adhesive
  • Easy installation
  • Versatile usage
  • Ideal for wider gaps
  • Might not be sufficient for larger spaces

No products found.

6. Frost King R734H Sponge Foam Tape

Frost King R734H Sponge Foam Tape

No products found.

Is your window located within the house or office? Maybe it’s the one between two rooms or in a corridor?

Well, if that’s the case, then Frost King R734H Sponge Rubber foam tape will best serve your needs. This inexpensive variety of window sealant is best for blocking out cold breezes and loud noises.

It offers a thickness of about 8/17 inches and a width of ¾ inches, which makes it considerably thick. It will not ruin the looks, don’t worry. But when freshly applied, you will find the rubber foam to hinder the opening and closing movement of the window.

However, with frequent usage, the seal will become compressed and will not be as prominent. Meanwhile, its thick nature will serve as an excellent shock and sound absorber. And of course, it will block out the cold breezes in winter.

Moreover, these foam rubber strips are also removable. Unlike most other weatherstripping products listed here, these do not possess very strong adhesion.

Hence, if you feel like you’ve placed it incorrectly or if you should change its position, then you could change it instantly and immediately. But note that there are only a certain number of times that you can do this.

That’s because even if you clean your windowpane’s surface with a cleaner, the chances are that it will still have some particles of dirt and debris accumulated on its surface. So, with each sticking session, the tape will lose some of its adhesion permanently.

Lastly, we do not recommend these for outdoor use, or you could say for windows that open outside. That’s because the performance of Frost King R743H is not as ideal as others in the rain and scorching heat.

  • Inexpensive
  • Removable
  • Flexible
  • Shock-absorbent
  • Fairly sound absorbent
  • Not suitable for outdoor use
  • Not weatherproof
  • Slightly thick

No products found.

7. Duck Heavy-Duty Self Adhesive Weatherstrip Seal

Duck Heavy-Duty Self Adhesive Weatherstrip Seal


Duck is a reputable and well-established company in the weather-strips manufacturing industry. The company has introduced a variety of gap seals for home weatherization and protection. You can find gap seals available in different materials, sizes, and whatnot. However, the Duck Heavy-Duty Self Adhesive Weather-strip Seal has proven to be the most popular option yet.

It is a self-adhesive weather stripping seal crafted from high-quality EPDM rubber. The usage of quality materials promises immense durability and extends the weather-strips lifespan. You can use it for a long period, though not as long as years.

Similar to the Duck silicone seals, this Heavy-Duty Self-Adhesive Weatherstrip features dual strips. It can get separated into two different seals at the time of installation. The total length of the weather-strip is 17-feet that is sufficient for one to two windows.

If your house has more than two windows or the size is comparatively big, then purchase this weatherstrip in bulk. Measure the lengths of your windows to get an estimate of the weatherstrip required. However, note, these are relatively costly than other weather strips on the list.

The Duck Heavy-Duty Self-Adhesive Weather Strip Seal contains innovative components that account for its weather-resistant properties. Each strip can resist any damage caused by an external factor, which includes wind, rain, and dust.

And, amazingly, it won’t freeze or get cracked in extremely low temperatures, such as -40F. So, rest assured if you are residing in a cold and harsh region. These weatherstrips will last considerably long!

Moreover, these Heavy-Duty weather strips have an efficient insulation feature. It functions to make indoors warmer in cold temperatures and cooler in hot temperatures. Consequently, it will conserve energy and help in money-saving.

Furthermore, it is extremely simple to install. All you require is a wet cloth/paper towel and scissors. Yes, you do not require any tapes. It is a self-adhesive seal that has a paper-liner to protect the stickiness. You must remove the liner before installation.

Next, paste and press it on the desired area. It is suitable for all surfaces, windows, doorframes, cracks, and gaps. Once pasted, cut the excess using the scissors.

The Duck Heavy-Duty Weather Stripping Seal is an idealistic product that blocks dust, air leakage, insects, and pollen. Plus, it comes with an amazing 10-years warranty!

  • Sturdy build
  • Weather-resistant
  • Self-adhesive
  • Easy installation
  • Insulator
  • Versatile usage
  • 10-year guarantee
  • Not for larger gaps
  • Expensive
Duck Brand Heavy-Duty Self Adhesive Weatherstrip Seal for Large...
3,418 Reviews
Duck Brand Heavy-Duty Self Adhesive Weatherstrip Seal for Large...
  • Self-adhesive, durable EPDM rubber seals the perimeter of outside...
  • Blocks out drafts, air leaks, dust, pollen and insects in both cold...
  • Will not freeze or crack in temperatures down to -40 F

8. VITAM AMO Weather Stripping Seal Strip

VITAM AMO Weather Stripping Seal Strip


Originally, VITAM AMO introduced these weatherstripping seal strips for sealing door gaps only. However, the success and efficiency of this product excelled to such an extent that it eventually became a common option for weatherstripping in other structural components like hatches, coolers, and lids too. For the very reason, it’s here in this list of best weatherstripping for windows.

Fundamentally, the VITAM AMO foam door seal comes with a D-shaped design that efficiently seals gaps ranging from 8mm to 14 mm. The rubber seal forms an effective barrier between the external and internal environment blocking unwanted air from seeping in. It also effectively blocks out the passage of unwanted insects, dust particles, light, odor, and smoke.

The D-shaped rubber seal also enhances the indoor living environment by maintaining warmth within the boundaries. Apart from blocking the cold breezes, it absorbs moisture during rain and low temperatures, keeping it from bothering you.

Its sturdy and moisture absorbent nature helps it withstand temperatures as high as 400°F and as low as -140°F. Additionally, its shock-absorbing capabilities keep your windows from developing cracks upon encountering strong vibrations.

What’s more, the installation process is super simple. Just peel away the protective back from the tape and paste it firmly against the surface. Once you have placed the seal on the relevant area, cut down an appropriate length and finalize sticking it.

Even more, VITAM AMO ensures customer satisfaction by offering a 12 months money-back guarantee. And that too, without any questions!

The company understands your concern and worry if you are hesitant about this new brand. And hence, they offer such a warranty.

It depicts the company’s confidence in its product too, which in turn gives us, the audience, an even greater reason to invest in this apart from its impressive performance.

Perhaps, the only thing that may trouble you is its thickness. Initially, it may feel too thick for your window and may look awkward. But with time, it’s going to settle and compress, eventually becoming an almost natural part of your window!

  • Best for large gaps
  • Weatherproof
  • Soundproof
  • Easy installation
  • Comes with a 12-month return policy
  • Durable
  • Value for money
  • Slightly thick
VITAM AMO Weather Stripping Seal Strip for Doors/Windows 18 Feet,...
8,644 Reviews
VITAM AMO Weather Stripping Seal Strip for Doors/Windows 18 Feet,...
  • EPDM MATERIAL! This sealing strip is made of VITAM AMO's specially...

9. Yotache Foam Tape 3 Weather Stripping

Yotache Foam Tape 3 Weather Stripping


One of the best Weather Stripping for Windows present in the market is the Foam Tape 3 Strip. It is a flexible, durable, and versatile foam tape weather stripping. Let’s evaluate in detail!

The Foam Tape 3 Strip features one roll that is 50ft long and ½-inches wide. Note, each roll divides into three narrow foam tape strips. While the product might mention three rolls, it means the presence of three strips in one roll.

Lengthwise, the product is sufficient for covering several windows. However, the width makes it ideal for narrow gaps and cracks only. You will not be able to fix or weatherstrip considerably large ones.

Each strip comprises of high-quality Chloroprene Rubber Foam Shear Foaming and Neoprene that promises immense durability. The strips won’t rip apart or get damaged even after intensive usage. Hence, you can install them on commonly-used windows and high-traffic doors too.

It is highly flexible, so it will not deform at the slightest of bending and twisting. The strip will retain its original state for a long period.

Also, the materials used in composition gives it weather-resistant properties. The Foam Tape 3 Strips can endure a temperature range between -50 to 150-degree Celsius. Hence, these strips will remain damage-free regardless of your region’s weather.

Moreover, these integrated weather stripping sealants block exterior and interior noises from interfering with each other. Consequently, canceling noise and establishing a serene atmosphere.

As for the performance, the Foam Tape 3 Strips are quite efficient in sealing the gaps. The closed-cell foam offers outstanding insulation. During winters, it keeps the warm air trapped indoors and balances the room temperature.

Furthermore, installing these strips is quite easy. Initially, clean the surface to remove dust and moisture. Then, measure the length of the surface and cut the strips accordingly. Next, peel off the back liner, and paste the strip.

Don’t worry if the surface has crevices and curves. All you must do is apply pressure to the foam tape, and it will mold easily. Shape it to fix properly.

Plus, it has a powerful adhesive back that will stick firmly. It won’t leave its place until you pull it out. Apart from windows, you can use it anywhere, ranging from cabinets to furniture.

  • Good performance
  • Strong adhesive
  • Weather-resistant
  • Soundproof
  • Good insulation
  • Sturdy build
  • Versatile usage
  • Not ideal for large gaps
Yotache Foam Tape 3 Strips Total 50 Feet Long 1/4 Inch Wide X 1/8...
7,662 Reviews
Yotache Foam Tape 3 Strips Total 50 Feet Long 1/4 Inch Wide X 1/8...
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY - The foam seal tape is made from...
  • MULTIPURPOSE - The closed cell foam strip is weather proof,...
  • WIDELY USED - The adhesive foam strips are widely used in various door...

10. Fowong Store White Foam Strip with Adhesive

Fowong Store White Foam Strip with Adhesive


If D-shaped foam strips do not meet your needs, you can always go for its alternative, i.e., the flat weatherstrips such as the Fowong Store white foam strips. Unlike the D-shaped ones, you can align these in parallel with the window frame or windowpane effortlessly.

Additionally, even if these are thick, they do not stick out or hinder the open-close movement. Plus, Fowong’s adhesive window sealant also promises great flexibility. Thus, further easing the complete coverage of gaps and cracks.

In this pack of Fowong Store’s white foam strips, you get two rolls, each having a length of 15 feet. So, collectively, you get 30 feet of efficient foam strips with adhesive backing. Such a massive quantity could come in handy to seal almost all windows in the house. Or it could mean fewer purchases if it’s only one window that troubles you the most.

This sealing strip is capable of reducing your energy costs quite impressively by retaining the heating or cooling inside. It blocks the escape path once and for all, also forming a barrier between unwelcome air drafts from outside.

Even more, with its help, you can block out all that annoying outdoor buzz. Its anti-collision properties can even help to keep your windows protected from developing cracks upon experiencing tremendous vibrations and shakes.

What’s more, its elementary materials, i.e., top-notch quality CR foam and Neoprene, add to its lifetime. It will last much longer than you can guess.

Although some customers have reported complaints regarding inconsistent thickness, it wouldn’t be an issue for you if you use this for windows. That’s because, unlike doors, you do not need to apply long lengths of these adhesive strips in a single go. Instead, you can cut them into pieces and stick accordingly.

It eradicates the possibility of sticking up the strips wrong and having to go through the process again. And it also makes application ten times easier.

Fowong has further added to your convenience by providing grid lines on the back of this sealing tape. You can take your measurements and cut out pieces as per your needs.

Moreover, Fowong promises assistance if in case you encounter trouble understanding the mechanism or nature of this product. The company is known for its super helpful and cooperative nature. And hence, in a way, it is a risk-free purchase! You’ll get all the guidance you need!

  • Highly flexible
  • Easy application
  • Anti-collision properties
  • Weatherproof
  • Sound absorbent
  • Slim & Thin profile
  • Good-looking
  • Excellent customer care
  • Issues regarding inconsistent thickness
  • Slight odor
fowong White Foam Sealing Weather Stripping- 2 Rolls, 1 Inch Wide...
5,002 Reviews
fowong White Foam Sealing Weather Stripping- 2 Rolls, 1 Inch Wide...
  • 2 ROLLS IN ONE PACK - foam weather seal, includes 2 Rolls of 1" W x...
  • STRONG ADHESIVE FOAM TAPE - Waterproof, non-degumming, upgraded high...
  • HIGH DENSITY WEATHER STRIPPING - Closed Cell foam seal tape, dense and...

Weather Stripping For Windows Buyer’s Guide:

Weather Stripping For Windows Buyers Guide

Over time, this DIY project of fixing up the window cracks and gaps for better insulation has become a trend. Almost everyone wants to adopt this cheaper alternative and avoid the hassle of hiring a weather stripping agency.

Consequently, several companies have popped into the market, filling the shelves with their versions of weather stripping tools. From sealants to kits, there is a diversity of products that can leave first-time purchasers confused easily.

Fortunately, we identify this as a major concern amongst the buyer community. Hence, we have formulated a comprehensive and insightful guide that walks you through every factor worthy of consideration. Read more!

Types of Weather Stripping for Windows

Weather Stripping involves various products from sealant strips to door sweeps. However, when talking about weather stripping for windows, you are likely to find the following four types in the market:

Tension SealFoam TapeInsulation FilmTubular Silicone/Vinyl/Rubber

The tension seals refer to the plastic V-shaped strip that bridges the gap by opening. It is also available in metal. Usually, it gets used in sliding windows.

A majority of people opt for it due to its easy installation. You have to cut the desired length, peel, and paste only!

Foam tape is an ideal option for fixing irregular cracks and gaps. It consists of an open or closed-cell foam or EPDM rubber that has an adhesive back. It can get used on any surface and window. Similar to the tension seal, you have to cut and paste.

An insulation film is available as plain sheets. It is a cheap and temporary weather stripping solution that you can use on any gap. However, you will have to tape or nail it to the surface.

Perhaps, the most effective wind passage blocker is a narrow tubing reinforced with wood or metal strips. The tubing gets crafted using either rubber, vinyl, or silicone.


Sometimes, weather stripping for windows are temporary solutions. They do not contain high-grade and long-lasting components, which offer durability. In case you are seeking a long-term solution, take the materials used in the sealants into consideration. Ensure its durability before the final purchase.


Apart from its sturdy build, weather stripping for the window should be capable of dealing with the external factors. It should have resistance against three primary factors:


The wind is a carrier of several different elements, such as tiny stones, dust particles, and whatnot. And, when these items collide with a surface constantly, they damage it. Perhaps, this process gets more commonly termed as the wear.

It is essential to check for wind resistance as the weather stripping product will get placed in a region of heavy wind passage that is a window. Without it, the product will either rip apart or peel off.

Similar to the wind, the water is also a carrier of both harmless and toxic substances. If you reside in a rainy region, the weather stripping is likely to come in frequent contact with rain. Hence, you should ensure the presence of water or rain resistance in your selected product.

It is not compulsory, though sound blockage can make a significant difference indoors. By selecting a soundproof product, you can eliminate noise coming from outdoors and surrounding places to a great extent. You can work, study, and rest peacefully.


Installing Weather Stripping on Windows

It does not matter whether the product is for a single-use or a long-term. You must always consider the ease-of-use and convenience it offers. Fundamentally, it is because the comfort level will affect your experience.

With the user-oriented design, a particular product can either delight the user or leave him frustrated, despite the feature-rich profile. So, when hunting for the best weather stripping for windows, ensure it has an easy installation method.

It should not require tools and extra materials. You don’t want to hire an expert, especially for installation, do we? Plus, check whether you can easily store the leftover product. It can get difficult to store the bulky sealants’ roles and strips afterward.


There is a general saying that goes; quality over quantity. Certainly, we must prioritize the quality of any product so that we do not have to invest in it continuously. Plus, a better user experience is worth the price you pay.

However, let’s not forget that the world doesn’t work the same every time. At times, the demand is high, but the budget is low. What shall one do in such a scenario?

Well, one can still make a wiser purchase by calculating the total available budget. And, then, research the best possible product in the range.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to replace window weather stripping?

Replacing window weatherstripping is as easy as its installation. If it is an adhesive weather stripping, then simply pull it out. However, if it involves nails, then you’ll have to remove them before pulling out.

Q. How do you clean weather stripping on windows?

To clean, soak a cloth in soapy water and squeeze it. Please ensure the water has drained. The cloth must be damp, not wet. Next, rub the weather stripping surface with the cloth to remove accumulated dirt. Then, wipe with a clean, dry cloth.


Replacing Window Weather Stripping

All in all, we have evaluated the top-rated window weatherstripping products in the market and explored the buying considerations too. Now, let’s announce the best of the bests amongst these products that will never dissatisfy any user. The best weather stripping for Windows is the KELIIYO Door Weather Stripping, Window Seal Strip for Doors and Windows!

It is an outstanding foam tape sealant that will establish a powerful bond between the window and the tape. The bonding will augment insulation and noise cancellation. Plus, its unique composition makes it weather-resistant. It promises immense durability and will last for a long period. Even more, the quantity of this high-quality weather stripping offered at nominal rates is unbeatable!

We strongly recommend this product to all those seeking a long-term weather stripping solution. However, in case you opt for other products, do not forget to keep the factors to consider in mind. Good Luck!

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