Best Wireless Under Cabinet Lighting in 2021 [Buying Guide]

Allow me to shed some light on the best wireless under cabinet lighting solutions out there today.

Perhaps, everyone’s kitchen has those huge cabinets above the counter? And, perhaps, everyone finds the dark shadows a bit annoying when trying to prepare the perfect meal for guests at night?

Well, if you have experienced similar feelings about the shadows under the cabinets, please know that the world has a good solution, namely under cabinet lighting.

Best Wireless Under Cabinet Lighting

This wonderful lighting system illuminates the space below fully and allows one to work with convenience. Also, the under cabinet lighting adds aesthetics to the ambiance. With different lights, you can alter the atmosphere of the room.

Well, this multi-purpose nature of under cabinet lighting has brought massive popularity to the technology. More and more people want to equip their houses with these lights.

With increased demand, more companies are also sprouting up. So, how will an inexperienced buyer get the most suitable under cabinet lights from the huge variety available? Hey, don’t worry!

We have dived into the details, examined different lights, and compiled this amazing list for you. In the following text, you will find detailed reviews of the best wireless under cabinet lighting as well as a helpful guide.

Read more to unlock which lighting is best for you!

Top 10 Best Wireless Under Cabinet Lighting 2021

Cabinet LightsType [LED]Dimmer 
Brilliant Evolution Wireless LedPuck LightsYes Check Price
Brilliant Evolution Thin LedLinear LightsNo Check Price
LightBiz Closet LedLinear LightsNo Check Price
LightBiz 78 Led ClosetLinear LightsYes Check Price
OxyLed Motion Sensor LightLinear LightsNo Check Price
Urpower Led Sensor LightLinear LightsNo Check Price
Honwell Spotlight Led PackPuck LightsYes Check Price
Leastyle Wireless Led PackPuck/SpotlightsYes Check Price
Starxing Remote LightLinear LightsYes Check Price
BLS T01L Led Closet LightPuck LightsYes Check Price

1. Brilliant Evolution Wireless LED Puck light

Brilliant Evolution Wireless Led, under cabinet lighting for the masses


Brilliant Evolutions has taken the masses by surprise with its economical pack of some very brilliant puck lights.

By design, the lights are small and contemporary-looking. With a white-colored, hard-plastic exterior, the lights possess a cylindrical structure.

Approximately, the width is about 3.4-inches, while the height is about 1.25-inches. Such dimensions allow the lights to fit perfectly well under cabinets, which ultimately gives the room a brighter but clean look.

If your cabinets have an odd construction and fail to hide the lights, the lights wouldn’t look as bad. The manufacturer has given each cylindrical, flattened body a glossy, shiny, and contemporary feel.

In spite of looking delicate and sophisticated, the lights do not comprise on the sturdiness. At the very least, the manufacturing company ensures the extended durability of these under cabinet lights as long as you treat them well.

The small height of 1.25-inches accounts for the appropriate design, as well as the 3 AA batteries that power the light. Hence, the pack comes with 18 AA batteries – 3 for each light.

As Brilliant Evolutions Wireless LED puck light got engineered with an energy-efficient design, it lasts four times longer than average puck lights. They operate on 1 volt and 0.85 watts. Even with 100% brightness on (55 lumens), the batteries survive through complete 100 hours.

When they run out, you can recharge them or replace them with newer ones. Since it is battery-operated, you need not worry about the occasional power breakdowns.

They will light up your kitchen (or wherever you place them) when the rest of the house seems engulfed by pitch-black darkness.

The LED bulbs will produce a 3000K white glow, which illuminates the place warmly but brilliantly. At any point, you will not feel the need to replace the LED bulbs.

What’s more, you need not trouble yourself, only switch the lights on or off. Instead, you can switch them on or off even when you’re fifteen yards away. How? Thanks to the remote!

Be it, six lights or twelve, you can control them all, with one single remote. You can even dim the lights with the remote. Using the 50% or 100% or the plus/minus button, you can set the brightness to the desired level.

The remote also features an optional timer of:

  • 15 minutes
  • 30 minutes
  • 60 minutes
  • 120 minutes

Using these, the user can have the lights automatically turned on or off when desired.

Installation happens to be the easiest part of these lights. You only need to stick it to the surface with adhesive or sticky tape.

Bottom Line: Brilliant Evolution Wireless LED Puck Lights bring both convenience and style. At nominal rates, you can avail of energy-efficient spotlights that will not interfere with the harmony of your interior. Rather, it will augment it.

  • Economical
  • Dimming Function
  • Remote Control
  • Energy efficient
  • Timer function
  • Not suitable for outdoor use
  • Non-changeable bulbs
  • Only available in white-colored exterior
Brilliant Evolution LED Puck Light 6 Pack with Remote | Wireless...
23,971 Reviews
Brilliant Evolution LED Puck Light 6 Pack with Remote | Wireless...
  • 55 LUMENS – Our long-lasting LED puck lights shine brighter with a...
  • WIRELESS REMOTE – The remote control lights include a dimmer, an...
  • SELECTABLE DIMMER - Select your desired level of brightness or press...

2. Brilliant Evolution Wireless Ultra Thin Led Light Bar

Brilliant Evolution Thin Led


If you are in hunt of lights that can illuminate the small spaces, such as under-cabinet spaces and closets, then the Brilliant Evolution Wireless Ultra Thin Led Light Bar is idealistic.

With the dimensions of 8.50in x 2in x 0.88in, the lighting has a slim and minimalistic design. Hence, the light easily fits into tight corners without occupying much space.

The Brilliant Evolution Wireless Ultra Thin Led Light Bar has a rectangular structure, composed of high-quality plastic. The white-colored light bar, with a matte finish, offers a contemporary look.

By installing two to three light bars, you can elevate the room quality and ambiance significantly.

However, with a weight of 4.3ounces, the Brilliant Evolution Wireless Ultra Thin Led Light Bar is relatively heavier than other light bars. But, on the whole, it is lightweight.

Moreover, the light bar has a 65-lumens brightness that is sufficiently good to illuminate the space without casting sharp reflection against the countertop.

The LED’s correlated color temperature is 3000K, which gives off a warm white glow. However, as it is an LED light, the brightness may depreciate over time.

Also, there is no dimmer compatibility, which means you cannot alter the brightness level. Please know that the light bar is not suitable for outdoor use.

The Brilliant Evolution Wireless Ultra Thin Led Light Bar operates through 3AAA batteries and can run for over 100hours. Comparatively, the product does run a long time.

Furthermore, the light bar is super simple to use. You can turn the light on/off by pushing the tap lens.

Plus, you can install the light using screws or adhesive tape, which is pretty much convenient if your light bar usage is temporary.

Although the Brilliant Evolution Wireless Ultra Thin Led Light Bar has its value, it does not come with batteries like a majority of lighting systems. However, you’ll get the screws and adhesive tape.

Bottom Line: All in all, the Brilliant Evolution Wireless Ultra Thin Led Light Bar is a good option but for temporary indoor usage. The product has excellent dimensions for tight spaces, though the weight is a bit heavier.

Also, the mode of use is convenient, and the running time is long enough.

  • Fairly good brightness
  • Contemporary design
  • Best for under cabinet and closet lighting
  • Long-running time
  • Ultra-thin
  • Easy to install
  • Comes with screws and adhesive tape
  • No dimmer compatibility
  • Brightness might depreciate over time
  • Cannot use it for bigger spaces
  • Doesn’t include batteries
Brilliant Evolution Wireless Ultra Thin LED Light Bar 1 Pack |...
10,377 Reviews
Brilliant Evolution Wireless Ultra Thin LED Light Bar 1 Pack |...
  • 65 LUMENS - Super bright, long lasting LEDs. 3000K warm white glow
  • ULTRA THIN - Less than 1 inch thick

3. LightBiz LED Closet Light

LightBiz Closet Led


At times, purchasing under-cabinet lights become more difficult than our minds could ever have imagined. That’s because while most under-cabinet lightings seem to sell benefit and comfort, little do the manufacturers concentrate on the size.

LightBiz has taken particular care of size. With a length of 7.8-inches, a width of 1.6-inches, and a height of 0.5-inches, the light is small enough to camouflage and blend in with the cabinet, but wide enough to house 24-LED bulbs for bright light.

These bulbs do not only illuminate lightened places brilliantly but also serves well at night in dark places. The warm, white glow becomes a good, soothing night light.

For effortless installation, it comes with a 3M adhesive strip. However, you will not need an adhesive strip for ironwork surfaces.

That’s because the light comes with a magnetic strip embedded in the plastic backside of the light. You’ll only need to hold it facing down towards the surface and take it close to the iron cabinet surface. It will stick automatically.

In spite of the heavyweight, you need not worry about the light falling. Even distribution of weight helps the light stick firmly.

To eradicate, battery replacement worries and efforts, LightBiz has equipped this light with a rechargeable 800 mAh battery. It operates on 400-800 mAh at as low as 0°C and up to 80°C.

The battery takes about 3-4 hours to charge completely and lasts for a good time. You will have to charge the battery with a USB-C cable.

During charging, it shows a red light, and when fully charged, it exhibits a blue light.

While the wired charging is a benefit, it is also a major lacking. That’s because you will have to take out the cabinet lights again and again as they continue to use their stored power.

Overall, the LED lights have a lifetime of 50,000 hours, which means this under-cabinet lighting will last for 2.5 hours if used constantly daily.

Perhaps, what makes these under-cabinet lights the most unique of all, are the multiple modes. You can use these in three different modes. These include:

Night Mode:Day Mode:Always On Mode:
To enable this mode, long-press the switch button for 3-5 seconds, and a blue light will turn on. Then, the light will only light up when it detects movement in the darkness.
In this mode, press the switch button until the red light turns on. The LED bulbs will light up as soon as they detect movement in the day time as well.
Press the switch until you see both red and blue light flicker. In this mode, the light will remain on until you turn it off.

To turn the light off, long-press the switch button for three seconds after it has entered the night mode.

The coolest feature of the light is turning off and on at a distance. Within a radius of 10ft or 3 meters, if the light detects any movement in dark or light, it automatically turns on. It turns off after 10 seconds if there’s no further movement.

So, if your pet decides to mess with your place or someone else that you don’t welcome, you’ll know immediately!

What’s more, each light has an anti-glare panel that provides gentle lighting that does not cause any harm to the viewer’s eyes.

According to the manufacturer’s suggestions, you can use this under cabinet light anywhere and everywhere. Be it, cabinet, room, closet, or even garage. So, if you ever decide to replace your under cabinet lights with a newer design, you can use these elsewhere.

Another amazing feature of this product is the fact that it comes with a safe purchase! LightBiz gives a one-month guarantee as well as a money-back guarantee for 30 days.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for under-cabinet lighting that gives a wide span of bright light during occasions or in times of need, then LED closet light LightBiz is the best choice.

At a reasonable price, the lights provide a long-lasting cool and warm glow. And also come with a hassle-free recharging system. Its three advanced modes make it worth the deal.

  • Comes with Battery and Manual
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty and 30-years money-back guarantee
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • USB-charging
  • 3 Different Modes
  • Built-in Magnets
  • Heavy
  • Not suitable for Outdoor use
  • Long charging time
  • No dimming function
LED Closet Light, 24-LED Newest Dimmer USB Rechargeable Motion...
13,938 Reviews
LED Closet Light, 24-LED Newest Dimmer USB Rechargeable Motion...
  • 【 SUPER BRIGHT 】-- 24 Pure White with 150LM ( 3 Lights in 1 Pack )...
  • 【 EASY TO INSTALL 】-- Built in strong magnetic, this light can be...
  • 【 4 CYCLE MODES 】-- MODE 1: Night Mode ( Blue indicator light...

4. Lightbiz Upgraded 78 Led Closet Light

LightBiz 78 Led Closet


With a glamorous white exterior, the Lightbiz Upgraded 78 Led Closet Light is a good choice for both outdoor and indoor purposes.

The light has the dimensions of 17.3x 1.4x 0.5inches, which makes the overall appearance slim and relatively long. Also, the light case comprises of high-quality ABS aluminum alloy, which promises durability.

The front anti-glare panel of the Lightbiz 78 Led Light softens the emitted light a bit without reducing the brightness level. The feature particularly helps at night when most of the lights have a harsh effect on our eyes.

Whether you have to brighten the space under the cabinet or your wardrobe, the light will illuminate the areas fully. However, while the elongated structure is good for covering large areas, it might cause a problem in fitting smaller under cabinet spaces.

The Lightbiz Led Closet Light has a range of lumens between 150 to 250. There is also a dimmer, which allows one to alter the brightness according to needs. You will find the brightness level at 150lumens on default.

To increase, rotate the dimmer towards the positive (+) sign, and to decrease, rotate the dimmer towards the negative (-) sign.

With an enormous 3200mAh battery, the Lightbiz Upgraded Led Closet Light lasts a full 6-hours at 150lumens. Also, the battery is rechargeable, and you can charge it using the USB cable, included in the box.

However, the charging time is around 5-6hours, which is considerably long. At the time of charging, the red light will flicker. Otherwise, the red light will stay on.

The Lightbiz Led Closet Light also features motion and light sensors. Altogether there are 3-modes, which includes:

Press the switch for 3-seconds, and a green light will briefly flash. Now the light will turn on when detecting movement in dark conditions.
Press the switch for 1-second, and a blue indicator will flash. Now the light will remain on as long as it detects human movement, regardless of the time.
Click the switch, and a red light will flash. Now the light will remain constantly on.

Furthermore, the light can stick to any ironwork, though there is a magnetic strip included in the package too.

Bottom Line: Comparatively, the Lightbiz Closet Light Ligjtbiz offers a lot of features. However, the price is considerably higher than other products.

  • Has a dimmer switch
  • Easy to install
  • Modish design
  • Durable construction
  • Light & motion sensor
  • Rechargeable
  • Large battery
  • Best for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Comes with a magnetic strip and USB cable
  • Expensive
  • Not suitable for tight spaces
  • Takes time to charge
Upgraded 78 LED Closet Light, Rechargeable Dimmable Motion Sensor...
4,262 Reviews
Upgraded 78 LED Closet Light, Rechargeable Dimmable Motion Sensor...
  • 【 ADJUSTABLE BRIGHTNESS 】-- Contains 78 pure white LEDs and...
  • 【 2 EASY INSTALLATIONS 】-- ① Built in magnet on the back of...
  • 【 MOTION & NIGHT SENSOR 】-- With 2 Sensor Modes, it can detect the...

5. Urpower Motion Sensor Light

OxyLed Motion Sensor Light


The Urpower Motion Sensor Light is suitable for long-term usage. In an affordable range, you get three multi-purpose lights that can illuminate a large area fully.

With the dimensions of 8×3.8×1-inches, each Urpower Motion Sensor Light has a small and tiny design that can fit under all types of cabinets. However, for a much longer cabinet panel, you will have to install more lights.

Each light has 10 LEDs installed in it that emits sufficiently good brightness, though it depends where you have installed the light. For example, if you place the lights under the cabinet, then you’ll get strong brightness due to the small area.

However, if you place the lights on a room wall, then the light will lightly illuminate the place and will merely protect you from stumbling.

The product lacks the presence of a dimmer, which caters to the needs of different brightness levels.

Equipped with infrared technology, the Urpower Motion Sensor Light comes with a motion sensor. Hence, the light will detect movement within 10M and automatically turn on.

After 20seconds of non-motion, the light will automatically turn off. It is a helpful feature as it doesn’t require manual turning on/off.

Also, the lights have a night sensor as well. Thus, they will only turn on when there is dark. The sensor helps conserves energy by reducing the use of artificial lights during the daytime.

Moreover, the Urpower Motion Sensor Light operates through 4-AAA batteries, which saves time consumed in charging. But, you’ll have to purchase the batteries as the product doesn’t come with some.

The product also has a magnetic strip on its back so that one can stick it on any metallic surface. There is certainly no requirement for screws because you can stick them anywhere.

However, the sticking power of the light is pretty strong. Once you stick it to a place, there are very meager chances of removing it and installing it elsewhere.

Also, one should not install the Urpower Motion Sensor Light in a hot or warm area as it can reduce the sticking power. As a result, your light may fall off.

Bottom Line: With three lights in a pack, the Urpower Motion Sensor Light offers good features in an affordable range. You get quality and quantity both!

  • Good brightness
  • Modish exterior
  • Durable construction
  • Motion sensor
  • Easy to install
  • Long-running time
  • Affordable range
  • Heavy
  • No dimmer
  • Doesn’t include batteries
  • Cannot change positions of the light
Motion Sensor Closet Lights, OxyLED Cordless Under Cabinet...
7,365 Reviews
Motion Sensor Closet Lights, OxyLED Cordless Under Cabinet...
  • AUTOMATIC SENSOR: With passive infrared technology, it can be detected...
  • ULTRA-BRIGHT LED CLOSET LIGHTS: The OxyLED Wardrobe Light with 10 LED...

6. OxyLED Motion Sensor Closet Lights

Urpower Led Sensor Light


Amongst all the lights mentioned in this list of best wireless under-cabinet lights, OxyLED Motion Sensor Closet Light happens to be the most reasonable one. Both in terms of brightness and cost.

The OxyLED motion sensor light comes with a 120° motion sensing range. If it detects any motion in about 10 meters, it flickers on. If there’s no further movement, it switches off in 15 to 18 seconds.

Hence, it helps to save energy as the light remains off when there’s no need. It even acts as a safety alarm by informing you beforehand about any intruders and also makes switching the light on and off convenient for you.

However, it also means that you will have to constantly make a noticeable motion so that the OxyLED motion sensor keeps detecting movement. And, the light remains turned on.

Each light in the pack, houses about 10 LED lights, meaning that it provides sufficient light without draining too much battery. Unlike other best wireless under cabinet lights, this one provides a soft, warm glow that is more towards a whiter tone.

Note that the luminosity of this light is not sharp and blinding. Rather, it is soft and sufficient. Hence, it also works well as a night light.

The lifespan of the LED bulbs is about 50,000 hours. If handled with care, it may last longer.

Although some sources claim that the motion-detecting ability of the light may reduce its lifespan as it quickly flickers on and off, none of the users have reported such a complaint against this product.

Mounting the light to the cabinet surface has become easier with OxyLED’s innovative adhesive technology. Without any nuts, screws, and bolts, you can stick it to any metallic surface, thanks to its magnetic strip.

For non-metallic surfaces, you can use an adhesive strip. But to turn it on, you need to ensure that there’s no light in the surrounding. And the light is equipped with four AAA batteries.

The manufacturer has encased the light in a high-quality aluminum alloy plastic-case that has great heat dissipation performance.

Bottom Line: Along with a reasonable luminosity, these lights come at a fair price too. However, it may not be the best option for you if you seek blinding white light that turns on according to your desire and not surrounding motion.

  • Easy Installation
  • Comes with Warranty
  • Extra-sensitive Motion sensors
  • Energy-efficient
  • Environment-friendly
  • Batteries not included
  • Complains reported about the life of the battery
  • Only turns on in a dark environment
URPOWER Motion Sensor Light Indoor, 10 LED Motion Sensor Closet...
6,962 Reviews
URPOWER Motion Sensor Light Indoor, 10 LED Motion Sensor Closet...
  • BATTERY OPERATED-URPOWER motion sensor light is powered by 4PCS AAA...
  • AUTOMATIC SENSOR-With passive infrared technology, it can be detected...
  • SUPER BRIGHT CLOSET LIGHTS-With 10 LED in each light, which can light...

7. Leastyle Wireless Led Puck Lights

Honwell Spotlight Led Pack


Circular and stylish, the Leastyle Wireless Led Puck Lights are best for under cabinet, closet, bedroom, and outdoor lighting. These puck lights have a diamond-like panel that offers a large luminous area. Hence, the emitted light covers a bigger area.

All the six circular lights in the package comprise of high-quality plastic material and electric plating. Hence, the lights are quite durable.

There is a golden ring on the exterior, which radiates modishness in the ambiance. If you are after the aesthetics, then the lights serve the purpose well.

Being mini-sized, the Leastyle Wireless Led Puck Lights fit anywhere easily. You can install conveniently under the tight cabinet spaces as well as in outdoor areas. Being lightweight, you can even carry the lights around as per convenience.

The lights have brightness levels between 60-120 lumens, which is sufficiently bright to illuminate under cabinet spaces. Also, there is a choice to adjust the brightness so that you can meet the needs efficiently.

These modish Leastyle Wireless Led Puck Lights require 3 AAA batteries, though the product doesn’t include them in the package. The running time of the lights is 100hours, which is pretty long.

Moreover, the puck lights have a two-mode operation system, which includes manual and remote-controlled operation. In the manual, press the panel of the lights to turn it on/off as well as adjust brightness. Whereas, in remote-control, use the buttons to carry out the function.

Although the lights turn off automatically after 30-minutes of non-operation, you can use the timer through the remote. Set a timer to switch the lights off automatically after 15/30/60/120 minutes of non-operation.

The timer option helps one conserve energy and battery life. Also, the product comes with 2-remote controllers that require a 1-lithium ion battery each.

Moreover, the Leastyle Wireless Led Puck Lights are very easy to install. With integrated technology, you can stick the lights anywhere with relevant ease.

All in all, the Leastyle Wireless Led Puck Lights are good quality lights with enhanced specifications and in an affordable range.

Bottom Line: The Leastyle Wireless Led Puck Lights include 6-circular lights that have a long-running time and adjustable brightness. The product comes with quality specifications at an affordable price, though the light may not be very bright.

  • More luminous area
  • Stylish appearance
  • Long-running time
  • Easy-to-use
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Both manual and remote control
  • Easy-to-install
  • Optional timer
  • Affordable range
  • Heavy
HONWELL LED Spotlight 2 Pack LED Accent Lights Wireless Puck...
2,502 Reviews
HONWELL LED Spotlight 2 Pack LED Accent Lights Wireless Puck...
  • BATTERY LIGHTS - 80 Lumens, long lasting LEDS, 3000K warm white glow .
  • ONE TOUCH ON/OFF SWITCH SPOTLIGHT - Press once for full...

8. HONWELL Battery Powered LED Lights

Leastyle Wireless Led Pack


HONWELL battery-powered LED lights are the most exquisite and decorous of all the best wireless under cabinet lights mentioned in this list.

If you’re someone who cherishes showy and ornate interiors, then this one’s the right pick for you! With a shiny, hard plastic white cover and bronze rotatable light head, the small-sized puck light will certainly add elegance to its surroundings.

Along with looks, it promises efficient performance. Since it’s wireless, you’ll need to insert 3 AA batteries.

The manufacturer does not supply the batteries with the product. So, you must buy one for yourself. However, make sure that you purchase from a reliable brand.

Cheaper brands can reduce the run time of the lights, and this may prove to be troublesome. On average, it gives a run time of 50 hours as it operates at 4.5 volts.

To make controlling and operation easier, HONWELL has equipped the lights with remote control technology. You can turn it off or on with the remote and also brighten or dim it by 50% or 100%.

Also, it saves you the effort of getting up, again and again, to switch the lights on or off or adjust their settings. You can control the lights from a distance of 21 ft even.

They do not come with motion sensors. But no many, consider that a drawback.

Even more, for your ease, HONWELL has also included a timer function as well. You can preset it for turning off in:

  • 15 minutes
  • 30 minutes
  • 60 minutes
  • 120 minutes

If you’re worried about the kind of glow, then you must know these LED puck lights with remote control bring a warm, soft glow. You can dim the intensity of light as desired.

What’s more, the lights feature multi-directional heads. They swivel back and forth, side to side, and in almost every other direction.

Hence, when mounted as undercabinet lights, they bring a very sophisticated, elegant look. By directing the spotlight upwards or downwards, it brings the details of its environment to life.

The surface of your cabinets will look prettier than before. And if you’ve placed an ornament or showpiece nearby, the lights will add to its beauty.

Installing these undercabinet is super easy! You can either use screws or Hook or loop tape. Both of these come with the light.

Bottom Line: In all your options of LED puck lights with remote control, HONWELL’s wireless under cabinet lights may not be the most energy-efficient option. But these are certainly the most stylish ones.

Along with bringing a warm yet elegant look to your interiors, these lights will bring comfort and convenience in true means. That’s because you can preset time and dim or brighten the lights using a remote control!

  • Stylish Design
  • Multi-directional light heads
  • Comes with a user manual
  • Remote Control
  • Dimming Function
  • Timer Function
  • Not as Energy-efficient as others
  • Doesn’t come with batteries
  • No motion sensor
LEASTYLE Wireless LED Puck Lights with Remote Control 6 Pack, LED...
6,568 Reviews
LEASTYLE Wireless LED Puck Lights with Remote Control 6 Pack, LED...
  • TWO CONTROL MODES: Turn the remote controlled puck lights ON/OFF with...
  • SELECTABLE DIMMER: Long touch “+/-“ on the dimmable closet light...
  • TIMER PRESETS & ENERGY-SAVING DESIGN: Set the Under Cabinet Lights to...

9. BLS led closet light

Starxing Remote Light, wireless under cabinet ligthing


The 14-inches long BLS Led Closet Light has a width of 2.6-inches and a height of 1.1-inches. Generally, the light will easily fit in under-cabinet spaces, closets, kitchen, bedrooms, and workshops.

However, the light may not fit tight under cabinet spaces and corners.

The Wireless Closet Light has rounded edges and a narrow Led panel. Apart from the linear shape, the BLS Led Closet Light comprises of a white-colored exterior, composed of high-quality ABS material and matte finishing. Well, the light does offer a glamorous look to your ambiance.

With a weight of 8-ounces, the product is fairly lightweight, and you can carry it around to illuminate outdoor spaces.

The Wireless Closet Light comes with two power modes, which is an exceptional feature. In the battery power mode, you will have to install 3AAA batteries. Whereas in Hard-wired power mode, you will have to connect the product to a USB adaptor.

The BLS Led Closet Light consists of 20-Led lights that emit a total of 180lumens. Although the 180lumens is not very bright, it can sufficiently offer the light to help you walk in darkness without stumbling.

The casted light is soft white, and gentle on the eyes.

If you are seeking a much brighter light, then you will have to connect the BLS Led Closet Light to a USB adaptor. Upon connection, the light will emit a total of 260lumens, which is very bright.

Moreover, the 20-Led lights last longer when powered with 3AAA batteries. Despite using the light several times a day, it will last for 6-months with batteries.

The BLS Led Closet Light also features light and motion sensors. In Night mode, the light will sense motion and turn on when there are dark conditions. In Day & Night mode, the light detects motion and turns on regardless of external conditions.

You can also adjust the motion sensor on the light to increase sensitivity. Moreover, you can even adjust the position of the light up to 120-degrees.

All in all, the product has good features and comes with a warranty to guarantee customer satisfaction. The screws and adhesive tapes for installation also come with the product package.

Bottom Line: The BLS Led Closet Light is a bit expensive for the features it offers. However, it can greatly illuminate under cabinet areas and other indoor areas. Also, the two power modes and adjustable motion sensor are unique features of the product.

  • Day & Night mode
  • Adjustable motion sensor
  • Unique design
  • Fairly good brightness
  • Long-lasting LEDs
  • Multi-purpose
  • Two power modes
  • Adjustable positions
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with a warranty
  • Comes with DC cable, screws, and adhesive tapes
  • Expensive
  • Indoor use only
  • Doesn’t have adjustable brightness
  • Doesn’t include batteries
Puck Lights with Remote, Starxing Wireless Led Puck Lights...
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Puck Lights with Remote, Starxing Wireless Led Puck Lights...
  • Wireless Remote: 6 led puck lights with 2 remote control. There are...
  • Dimmable & Timer Presets: There are 4 dimmable modes (10%, 40%, 80%,...
  • Multi application: LED Cabinet light has 4000K natural white light and...

10. Starxing Wireless Led Puck Lights

BLS T01L Led Closet Light, one of the best best wireless under cabinet lighting


For those who look for contemporary yet simple and convenient undercabinet lights, Starxing brings a promising solution in the form of Starxing Wireless LED Puck Lights.

These battery-powered LED lights come in a pack of six and have quite a reasonable price. In the package, each puck light measures about 2.36-inches in width and 0.98-inches in height.

The size is so small that each Starxing Wireless LED puck light can fit into your palm. So, when mounted under the cabinets, they will be hardly visible. Thus, maintaining the well-thought-out and calculated look of your interiors.

But even if the lights protrude out or are slightly visible, they will not embarrass or disappoint you. Each cylindrical light comes with a simplistic yet stylish design.

The upper part of the white body comes with a shiny silver rim. Hence, giving the light a slim and sleek appearance.

Since they are lightweight, you will find no trouble in mounting them to the cabinet’s surface.

To install, you only need to stick the LED puck lights to the cabinet using adhesive tape. There’s no need for screws, nuts, or bolts. For changing the batteries, you will only need to rotate and remove the cover.

What’s more, these wireless under cabinet lights come with remote control. You can control all six of them with one remote only.

However, if you turn it on manually, you can do that too. To get the lights working, you need to insert 3 AAA batteries in each of the puck lights. That also makes the lights safe to use around children.

What’s more, these LED puck lights with remote control have four dimmable modes. These include:

  • 10%
  • 40%
  • 80%
  • 100%

Furthermore, to enhance the user experience, the manufacturer has also included the timer function. These include:

  • 10 minutes
  • 30 minutes
  • 60 minutes
  • 120 minutes

Even more, to help you guide through first-time use, the manufacturer also provides a comprehensive manual and guarantees a lifetime warranty.

Bottom Line: Starting Battery powered LED lights possess a simplistic yet convenient design and engineering. These affordable LED puck lights come with remote control, dimming, and timing function.

The manufacturer also offers a lifetime guarantee, but upon constant use, the LED lights may not give complete brightness for more than two hours

  • Comes with four dimmable modes
  • Comes with User Manual
  • Remote Control
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Easy Installation
  • Economical
  • No motion sensor
  • Doesn’t come with batteries
  • Limited full-brightness Light time of two hours
T01L LED Closet Light - BLS Super Bright 20 LED Under Cabinet...
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T01L LED Closet Light - BLS Super Bright 20 LED Under Cabinet...
  • Motion Sensor Light Switch - The T01L Light will turn on automatically...
  • Longer & Brighter - 14-Inch Panel, 2 Watt equipped with 20 Super...
  • Excellent Run Time - Powered by 3 pcs AA batteries (batteries not...

Best Wireless Under Cabinet Lighting Buyer’s Guide:

Best Wireless Under Cabinet Lighting Buyer’s Guide

Venturing in an electrical store, you’ll be amazed to find the shelves filled with different types of under cabinet lighting systems.

As a novice buyer, you might get pretty confused as to which lights are the best and might end up making the wrong decision. Hence, it is better to acquire knowledge and consider a few factors before purchasing.

Here are a few factors to consider:

Choosing between Puck Lights and Linear Lights

By definition, puck lights are small under-cabinet lightings that resemble the shape of a hockey puck. They are sometimes round, oval, or square-shaped with a prominent bump or round.

Usually, these lights are two to three inches in diameter. And most of the puck lights today use light-emitting diode bulbs instead of halogen, xenon, or fluorescent bulbs. They save more power.

Puck lights are ideal for places or counters that require a concentrated pool of intense light. These lights cover the area situated directly below them, in literal terms.

On the other hand, the linear lights, as the name suggests, are light strips or linear fixtures. Unlike the puck lights, they have a greater length, and so they lighten up greater space.

These lights are ideal for places that require evenly distributed light. Certainly, the light intensity will not be as concentrated as puck lights.

Instead, it would comparatively provide a shallow luminosity, in spite of being placed right above the counter or surface.

If opting remains confusing, then take a step back and absorb in the view of your place. Decide whether you're installing the lights for looks or ease.

If looks are your concern, then you should know that puck lights bring a spotlight, making only certain areas look brighter. Hence, maintaining relatively dim surroundings and making the objects right underneath the lights, attention grasping.

Linear lights make the entire room appear brighter, which tends to lift the moods and the spirit of the room. Hence, augmenting the looks of interiors.

The decision, however, remains dependent on preference.

Decide the type of lights

Apart from the lighting system, the type of lights matter a lot too. It is on the type of light that you’ll get to know the brightness extent and durability. Currently, there are 4-types of lights available in the market, including:

LED is, perhaps, the most widely used light and the most idealistic too. With a bluish tint, the LED lights add pleasantness to the atmosphere. Also, it heats less quickly than other bulbs. Comparatively, the Led lights offer more conservation of energy and promise durability.
The fluorescent lights are energy-efficient and available in an affordable price range. They are available in several brightness levels and color temperatures.
The Xenon lights emit the rays in a concentrated form so that it appears like a flash-light. Similar to Halogen, the Xenon bulbs are also very hot and have a lesser lifespan. Xenon lighting technology is present in only puck lights currently.
Halogen lighting emits the brightest light but also is the hottest. Hence, the Halogen lights have a reduced lifespan.

Power Source

Wireless Under Cabinet Lights Power Source

Usually, two types of batteries power wireless under cabinet light:

  • Removable Battery
  • Non-removable Battery

In most of the models suggested above, you will find the requirement of 2 to 4 double-A or triple-A batteries. These classify as the ones powered by removable batteries.

The brands that provide the batteries with the package charge accordingly.

Very few companies equip under cabinet lights with non-removable batteries. That's because lights with these batteries have a relatively shorter lifespan. Once the battery runs out of its power, you will have to buy a new pack.

Therefore, we suggest lights with removable batteries. To avoid spending again and again on batteries, you can buy a battery charger.

Some varieties feature a 2-in-1 function. For example, the BLS LED closet light mentioned in this list of best wireless under cabinet lighting. You can turn on the light by plugging the main power cable into the socket or use the light on its battery mode.

So, if there's ever a power breakdown, you need not worry. You can use the lights on their battery mode.

It's best to purchase lights with the 2-in-1 feature as it saves you from becoming dependent on the power source.

Visually-Appealing Aesthetics

Apart from being a light source, the under cabinet lights contribute to the ambiance and atmosphere too.

The design and construction of the light affect the overall look of your room. Also, the light color will affect too.

For example, blue Led lights will suit a room with a dark-themed interior better than yellowish lights. It is because the presence of bluish LED lights will add a bit of liveliness to the atmosphere.

Additional features

Under Cabinet Lighting Features

Although the primary purpose of the light is to illuminate places, it is better to get one that has additional features. Here are a few that you may consider before purchasing an under cabinet lighting system.


The dimmer allows one to adjust the brightness level of the light according to the need. For example, if you are performing less intensive work and require fairly bright light, then you can benefit from the dimmer.

But without dimmer, you’ll have to compromise with an unchangeable brightness level.

Dimmer also allows for conserving energy. A light operating on the same lumens, regardless of the need, will draw the same amount of energy and is not likely to last long.

Motion and Light Sensors

The motion and light sensors are present in almost every other lighting product to make it smart. Well, motion sensors detect movement, usually in dark conditions, and the lights turn on. Whereas, light sensors turn on/off the under cabinet lighting system according to the external light conditions.

Usually, light sensors require complete darkness to turn on the light.

However, some light sensors come with day mode also. So that you can use the light both day and night.


With an optional timer, one can set the light to switch off automatically after a specific time, like 10-minutes or 20-minutes.

Adjustable Positions

Although adjusting the position of the light is pretty rare, some under cabinet lights do come with it. By rotating the positions, one can shift the direction of the light and meet the needs more efficiently.

Price & Brand

On average, the cost of wireless under cabinet lights does not exceed a hundred dollars. Mostly, the amount on the price tag elevates with the increment of the additional features.

However, some brands charge unreasonably for basic and simple under cabinet lights. For that reason, you need to conduct complete research before purchasing.

Also, make sure you select a reputable brand. Read reviews, check out ratings and verified purchases, and go through their terms and conditions.

A reliable brand will always provide a warranty and will guarantee availability if you have any queries or concerns after purchasing. Good brands may even provide a return or exchange policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to install under cabinet LED lighting?
Installation methods of under-cabinet LED lighting depends on its type. Primarily, there are two types of Under Cabinet LED lighting:

2. Wireless Under Cabinet Lighting

1. Hardwire Under Cabinet Lighting

Installing wireless under cabinet lighting is the easiest. You only need to use mounting tape to stick it to a surface.

Just make sure that you place it correctly. That’s because you may not be able to change the position again and again. Ideally, you should place it on the front-end with about 8 to 12-inches between each light.

Some corded types of battery-operated or plug-in under cabinet lights require fulfillment of six following steps to function properly:

1. Firstly, place the lights on the countertop with even spacing. Take out the mounting cap from the light and place it right above the respective light (on the cabinet surface). Use a pencil to mark the place.

2. Next, drill shallow holes in the cabinet surface. And fix the mounting cap with appropriately sized screws.

3. In a twist and lock motion, attach the lights to the mounting cap.

4. Then, secure the power control and power hub under one cabinet surface with screws with even distance. You may need to route all wires to the hub to plug them.

5. For a neat look, fasten all the excess cords to cabinet surfaces using small plastic clamps.

6. Lastly, plug in the main power cord to the socket. And turn the switch on to enjoy your newly-installed under cabinet lights.

For Hardwire under cabinet lighting, you will have to adopt a more technical approach. You will need:

1. Wire connectors

2. Screws

3. Wire fish

4. Electrical tape

5. Wire nuts

6. Screwdriver

7. Wire stripper

8. Drill with a keyhole saw

9. Drywall saw

Using these tools, you will have to disconnect the power, cut the wall, run wire and cord, connect the lights, wire the switch, and then finally cover your work up.

Although this method may require third-party interference or intense hard work, it certainly gives the best results. There are no hanging or tugged wires in your kitchen.

How to hide under cabinet lighting wires?
Under-cabinet lighting systems are effective enhancers of a room. However, the beauty of the lighting may get lost with exposed wires.

Thus, it is recommendable to get the wires hidden as soon as the lighting system gets installed. Well, hiding under cabinet lighting wires is an easy job that does not require any special technical assistance.

Here are some ways that you can use:

1. Hide it inside the cabinet- This particular method is the most reliable and will remove the wires out of sight at once. You will need to drill into the cabinet so that the wire can pass.

Also, it is better to run the wire on the front corner of the cabinet along with the frame. In case you decide to run the wire at the back corner, keep in mind that you’ll see the wire every time you open the cupboard.

2. Hide it under cable protectors-Go for this option when the wires run a long way. There are different styles of protectors available and in different lengths.
If there is more than one wire, then tie them together before covering them with cable protectors. You can customize the protector to blend in with the ambiance.

3. Hide it using clips-Select the clip method if you have wires hanging loose. You can use wire staples, clips with nails, and several others depending on your preference.

How many lumens for under cabinet lighting?
Lumens is a unit used for the brightness level. The more the lumens, the more the brightness.

However, we are talking about under cabinet lighting, and excessive brightness will reflect from the counter into your eyes, making task completion difficult.

So, it is better to opt for moderate lumens that will illuminate the area without being harsh on your eyes. Generally, 300-350 lumens per foot are idealistic.


In a nutshell, under cabinet lights uplift the look of your cabinets significantly. These wireless lights upgrade your lifestyle and eradicate the wiring mess in terms of looks and installation.

To narrow down your options to the only best, we’d say you should first decide between puck lights or linear lights. Whether you’re searching for cabinet VS closet lighting, or cabinet and closet lighting, these two types are your best bets.

And if you’re looking for only one right suggestion in either of the two, then we’d love to be of help.

For puck lights, we believe Lea style LED puck lights are the best as they offer a decent range of brightness that is between 60-120 lumens.

Although the lights do not come with a warranty or motion and light sensor, they manage to serve their purpose proficiently, i.e., Illumination.

They are bright enough, and you can even adjust the brightness as desired.

For Linear lights, we will suggest LightBiz Upgraded 78 LED Closet Light. That’s because this light comes with a convenient and wide lumen range that is 150-250 lumens.

For your convenience, there's a dimming option as well. What’s more, it also comes with a light and motion sensor.

But, in the end, we advise you to read out the specs and review of each product in this list of best wireless under cabinet lighting. So, you may select only the best for yourself!