How Do I Wash My Car After A Ceramic Coating?

Getting a ceramic coating on your car can really spruce it up and make it look gorgeous, however, while it looks great, the tricky part comes in the form of maintenance.

You might assume that you can just carry on with your standard cleaning style, but this is not recommended. You need to be more careful with how you wash your car now, both in the short-term and in the long-term too.

How Do I Wash My Car After A Ceramic Coating?

The methods which you choose to use to wash your vehicle after you have had it treated with a coating will affect how the coating will perform and how long it will maintain its protection and its aesthetic.

So many people seem to be under the incorrect impression that once they have coated their car, they do not have to do any maintenance on it. This is so wrong! Sure, it does make it easier to clean, but neglect will do it no good.

So, let’s analyze what you actually need to be aware of when washing a car that has a ceramic coating.

The First Wash After

Your car might look amazing, but you will need to be a super perfectionist when it comes to completing the first wash after your car has been treated with a ceramic coating.

However, remember…


It is beneficial to be aware of the most basic properties of these product types, as you will be aware that once these products have been applied, they begin hardening and curing.

In many cases, it can actually take a few days for these kinds of chemical reactions to occur, so give the coating time to totally cure on your car.

At least a week should be given for this process to complete.

If you were to wash the coating within a week of application, or if you agitate it in any way, you can end up inhibiting the process of curing for this product.

Which will basically undo everything you just spend all that money on! It is just not worth it.

Some of us enjoy washing our cars more often than others, so it can be a bit tricky to resist the urge to clean your car for a whole week, but it is worth it, so restrain yourself.

Try to stay occupied and don’t think about it.

It will be so much more satisfying when you do finally wash it then! Patience is a virtue after all.

Never wash and clean your car prematurely, as you can really shorten the lifespan and effectiveness of the ceramic coating of your vehicle.

Maintenance Washing

With all this in mind, hopefully you will have waited a week, and now you can start washing your car.

There are various tricks you can use when you first wash your car to get the most out of your car’s coating.

Some people will make claims that their car’s coating is not doing what they thought it should, and so more than often they will get frustrated.

However, the most common reason that it is not acting as it is supposed to will all come down to the lack of proper maintenance.

So, with this in mind, let’s look over some simple washing tips to help boost your car’s new ceramic protective layer.


Having ceramic coating on your vehicle does not mean that you should clean it any less than you usually would. You should actually be washing your car regularly in order to maintain the coating’s optimal level of effectiveness.

It is beneficial to wash your car once a week if you can, once on a bi-weekly basis is also good. It is up to you how frequently you do this though, but we do recommend you wash your car frequently none-the-less.

Not everyone will have the sufficient free time to do this, so just wash when you can and the more often, the better. A bi-weekly wash is an ideal minimum.

Safe Methods

How Do I Wash My Car After A Ceramic Coating?

By having a ceramic coating you have probably also completed a kind of paint correction on your car as well.

Many people will know that when you are washing and drying your car, there is a chance you may scratch your vehicle or swirls may occur.

Everyone wants to avoid these issues, however, most of us want to avoid this even more if we have gone all the way further to get a coating done.

So, you will need to use safe methods to reduce the potential risk that you may do damage when you clean.

  • Try using a two bucket method for washing.
  • Get some grit guards.
  • Try to use a pre-wash for a foam before you have any contact with the paint job.
  • Try to use a good quality microfiber mitt.
  • Do not use any automatic car washes.

Specific Shampoos

When you are washing your nicely coated car, try to use a pH neutral shampoo, avoiding harsher cleaning products that will be damaging to the longevity of your coating.

Try using a Si02 type shampoo to help prolong the life of your coating and aid in its optimum performance.

PH neutral shampoos can act as a kind of revitalizing edge to help your coating. They can have a brilliantly positive effect, helping to make a difference to the hydrophobics.

If you notice that your coating is not sheeting or beading like it first did when the coating was new, you should try to use a shampoo like this to bring back the effect it originally had.

Products & Sprays

Using sprays is another way in which you can help to prolong the life and performance of your ceramic coatings. These act as a booster for the coating and can help it maintain its aesthetic and properties in the long-run.

So, if you want to get as much as you can out of your car’s new ceramic coating, we do recommend investing in one of these.

They will also bring back the original water-repellent properties of the coating that will be present when it is originally applied.

There are many brands out there that do these products, look for ones best suited to ceramic coatings.

Never Use Auto-washes

Once you have a ceramic coating applied to your vehicle. You will want to be extra vigilant for things such as scratches and water getting into difficult areas.

Taking your nice, shiny, ceramic-coated car to an automatic wash is a bad idea. It will mar your finish, it could scratch the coating, and on top of this, it could also miss water too.

So automatic car washes do come with the potential issue of scratches, as well as watermarks when you drive away.

It is best to hand wash your car, as you will be less likely to scratch it, and you can get into those difficult areas to get all the water out.

Handwashing is in your control, even though it does take later. You have control over this whereas you do not with automatic car washes.

It is also worth trying to find a way to air dry your car-preferably with a blower, as you will be more likely to get all the water off in this fashion as well.

Although this is not the easiest thing to do, it is more effective at ensuring that no water is hiding in a nook somewhere.

To Conclude

Remember, ceramic coatings are not difficult to maintain and look after, the most difficult part of it is making the time and having the passion to make sure that you properly wash your car and look after it well.

Try to keep a schedule for washing your car, and keep a solid routine on what products you use and when.

Go shopping, or speak to the people at your garage who applied the coating and ask for references on which products they recommend you use, and if they have any tips or tricks to help you maintain the ceramic coating for longer.

It is all about dedication and precision. It is not difficult, and not really different from washing your car in a normal fashion, you just have to use other cleaning products and be even more precise with ensuring that you wash in the correct way.

It might sound like a lot, but, in the long run, it is highly beneficial.