How to Make a Hang on Tree Stand – Beginners Guide

How to Make a Hang on Tree Stand

Are you a passionate deer hunter? Have you ever wondered how to make a hang on tree stand?

But wait, why would you need one?

A hang-on tree stand is a perfect choice for hunting. The elevation is perfect camouflage, making it impossible for the animal to see you.

Oh, you still haven’t been able to see a deer?

Generally, people face difficulty in getting the angle of the seat right, a proper elevation, firm grip, etc.

Also, the fact that you will be sitting for a long time on it requires that it should be super comfortable.

Moreover, you will not need the help of anyone and can hunt independently.

This guide will help you overcome all these problems by telling you step-by-step how to make a hang on tree stand.

How to Make a Hang-on Tree Stand – Do It in 10 Steps

First things first:

Getting a hold of the right equipment is imperative. You don’t want to get anything sub-standard. Because, if something goes wrong, it can be fatal.

Step 1: Get Hold of the Materials

To start, we will be needing a few things depending on how you want to make it.

A very important point to remember is that I am going to make my tree stand from scratch.

Yes, even the ladder and seat.

Amazed you, haven’t I?

Wait till you see the final product!

Many people ask me why I do that?

Simply because the commercial tree stands don’t impress me. Usually, the seats are too narrow or the ladder is not strong enough.

Hence, I decided to make my seat and ladder.

The materials required are as follows:

  • 2 – Wood beams (20 foot) for the ladder
  • 6 – 2” by 4” wood beams for the rungs.
  • A handful of screws.
  • Rope/ chain.
  • Plywood

Indeed, this is all that is required.

So, let’s get down to work.

Step 2: Find a Spot

Hunting on Hang on Tree Stand

Undoubtedly, this is a critical step. Furthermore, we can say this is the MOST IMPORTANT step of the whole process and your hunting experience depends on it.

What is the use of having the highest-quality hanging tree stand when the placement is not right?What will you gain from a wrongly placed tree stand if you can’t even see the deer?

We have a few tips up our sleeve to ensure you get the perfect spot. Additionally, consider the following:

  • Try to be close to a place that has some form of water and vegetation. This is known as a creek bottom-funnel.
  • Secondly, you can locate a deer trail and set up close to that. Deers are usually not very alert while passing on a deer trail. The reason being, their focus is entirely on the destination.
  • Look for places that have berry bushes. Deers love them. Therefore, they come often to feed there.
  • The place should have a lot of trees standing close to each other. Confused? Understandably, you need trees for camouflage, but not so many which will hinder your hunting.

Finally, found the perfect spot have you?

Let’s move forward!

Step 3: Choose the Tree

Once the spot is decided, it’s time to pick the perfect tree. Unfortunately, this is a time-consuming process.

At times, the spot is perfect, the location is perfect, but you can’t find the tree. The following issues arise when looking for a tree:

  • Firstly, it is not high enough.
  • Secondly, it is not sturdy enough.
  • Thirdly, it is not big enough.

There are a few things to look out for:

  • Mature trees are better than younger ones. Again, you need to keep in mind they are not that mature as they can be hollow. Therefore, you need to be very cautious while choosing a tree.

Step 4: Construct the Ladder

Making the ladder is very simple and requires the following few steps:

  • Put the 2 beams of wood side-by-side. The 2-inch side should be facing upwards.
  • Now, let’s make the rungs. You need 14 pieces in total. Cut them in 2-foot pieces each.
  • Next, place all the rungs along the 20-foot beam at an 18-inch interval.
  • Nail them in.
  • Lean it against the tree. Secure it with a rope or chain so it does not sway.

Step 5: Construct the Seat

People think this is the most difficult part. Despite that, it is pretty simple. All you need to do is:

  • Nail 2 2 by 4’s horizontally. It should be placed one above the other. It should be placed on branches that are next to each other.
  • Secondly, nailing a piece of plywood will act as the back of the seat.
  • Lastly, nail the other 2 pieces on different branches facing outwards.

Step 6: Safety First

Attaching Safety Harness on Tree

First things first:

You need to be very vigilant and alert while hanging it. For this, you need to have the following things:

The priority is to always be safe. This is one thing that should never be compromised.

You must-have the basic safety gear with you.

Sure, a safety harness is a must-have at all times. But, the most overlooked item is the lineman’s belt.

Usually, the lineman’s belt is included in the harness. But, if it is not, be sure to purchase it.

A safety harness has dual purposes:

  • You will not fall off the tree and hurt yourself.
  • Both your hands will be free to work better.

Tip: Be sure to use new and maintained equipment. Don’t risk your life with cheap and old equipment.

Step 7: Hang the Tree Stand

Finally, this is the tricky part. You need to be very careful about hanging the stand.

It can be done by a single person. But, it is always wise to have a helping hand.

The ladder is the first thing that you should secure.

With the lineman’s belt and safety harness, it becomes very easy.

Also, both the hands are free and can be used to fix in the ladder.

If you remember, you have already constructed the seat stand on the tree and that does not need any adjustments.

But, what do I do if I need to move it higher?

Don’t worry!

All you need to do is to unscrew it and move it upwards. Usually, people don’t move it all. As you have already placed in the best spot.

On the contrary, if you think you will be moving it around a lot, going for a portable one can be a good idea.

Step 8: Make a Moving Base

For people who think moving the seat up and down is a requirement, you can always put rails on the tree and then fix your seat to them rather than having a fixed seat.

Now, what happens here is that the seat is fixed to the railing. When required, you can move the railing up and down easily to change the elevation on the seat.

Alas, you have a homemade, perfect hang on tree stand in place.

Tips and Tricks to Stay Safe While Hunting:

No doubt, deer hunting is fun. But, we have a few pointers to keep in mind to stay safe while hunting.

  • Always tell someone where you are going.
  • A safety harness is a must. Even if you have a secured tree stand, still wear a safety harness.
  • Carrying a firearm while climbing is not wise. Moreover, it can be life-threatening.
  • Never fall asleep.
  • Remember to wear boots with a firm grip.
  • Never forget your whistle. Additionally, keep your cell phone with you. Moreover, be sure it is fully charged.


Hang on Tree Stand Base

Now that hunting season is around the corner, you know how to make a hang on tree stand in a jiffy. Furthermore, the method discussed in this article is very easy and affordable. You will not have to waste your time and money on the common tree stands and can make a customized one.

Usually, we forgot to check for squeaks. Yes, squeaks. Always check by sitting up and down and stomping a little on the seat to check for squeaks.

If you find any, your tree stand needs a little tweaking here and there.