Unity Struts Review: Everything You Need To Know

What Are Struts?

Struts are an integral part of most modern car’s suspension systems and are used in the front and rear suspension.

They are used as a damper system that stops your vehicles’ suspension from being faulty.

This article will go in depth on Unity’s struts and let you know how effective they will be in your car and look at their performance.

Unity Struts Review: Everything you Need to Know

Struts are not the first thing that tends to come to mind when you want to upgrade part of your vehicle, but if they are not considered, your drive quality will be compromised.

These parts of the suspension absorb shocks and give you a smooth ride if they are working properly.

If not, they can lead to a very bad feeling while driving.

If you are not sure if you should replace the struts you already have, it can be difficult to know if they are the source of any issues.

Because of this, we are going to go through all the signs that your struts probably need replacing.

Signs You Should Replace Your Struts

Even though it can be hard to know from a gut feeling whether your struts need replacing, there are telltale signs that once you register, will be an important factor in choosing to replace your struts.

Driving Has Become Uncomfortable

While there are a lot of factors that could lead to your driving to becoming uncomfortable, if you can tell your uncomfortability is coming from poor suspension, faulty struts could be to blame.

As previously mentioned, one of the main roles of struts is to absorb shocks and not let you feel every single bump the car goes over.

If you are only feeling these a little, you should not have to worry, but if you are feeling these constantly, and it is becoming increasingly uncomfortable, your struts have probably worn out.

These problems are sourced in your suspension system, so while it might not always be the struts that are to blame, there is a high likelihood that they are.

You Have Leaking Fluid

A key component of your struts which is often overlooked is the hydraulic system that is used for them to function properly, this system uses pistons and hydraulic fluid for it to work properly, but if this system has become damaged the hydraulic fluid can start to leak out and therefore the strut will not work properly.

While fluid leaking beneath your vehicle can be accredited to a lot of different problems, if you source where the fluid is coming from, and it is the struts, then it is a sign they should be replaced.

You Have Unresponsive Braking

Even though struts are not the main factor that can lead to unresponsive breaking, they can contribute towards this.

While the brake pads are likely to blame for this, the struts are also responsible for how responsive the braking feels due to their role in the car’s suspension.

A Decrease In Mileage

Like the other factors, this can be accredited to a lot of other problems, but struts can be to blame as well.

This problem will make it, so your car is having to refuel far more often than it used to, and your fuel consumption will feel like it is less efficient.

The consensus when it comes to replacing your struts is that once they have driven over 50,000 miles they will start to show signs of wear, however they often can drive over 100,000 miles without showing visible signs of needing to be replaced.

If you have noticed a couple of these signs, or just a poor suspension in general, but you are still not sure if your struts are to blame, the best thing to do is to contact a professional to check your struts, and they will be able to give you a clear answer on whether you should replace them.

But now you know if you need to replace your struts, what should you be looking for when shopping for new ones?

What You Should Consider When Buying Struts

This section will be a short buyer’s guide on what variables should be considered when looking for new struts.

Wasting money on a product that will not work for you is very disheartening, so to make sure you get it right the first time, carefully consider the contents of this section!

Are They Compatible With Your Vehicle?

While this seems like an obvious factor, it can sometimes trip people up. This is because brands often make many similar struts that look very similar, with their only difference being what vehicles they are designed for.

And just because it looks similar does not mean you will be able to force it to work with your vehicle.

This is why checking the reviews and the specifications of the product is very important before purchasing.

If you see two very similar products from the same brand, it is likely that the vehicles they fit is what sets them apart.

So always make sure to see if your car is compatible with the product you are buying.

How Durable Are They?

This is another factory strongly worth considering. If your struts are suspiciously low-priced, and you can not see any longevity guarantees being made by manufacturers, there is a strong possibility that your struts will need to be replaced prematurely.

There are personal factors that can wear out struts quickly, however, like how you drive and the conditions you plan to be driving in.

Even so, a lot of struts will be able to withstand this and still have an impressive lifespan.

There is no point buying cheap struts if it means you will have to be getting replacements every few thousand miles.

Changing struts is not a simple task, so doing it will often begin to feel arduous quickly.

How Much Will They Cost You?

Struts have a surprisingly wide variety of prices, so this is definitely a factor worth considering.

Like with most products, you tend to get what you are paying for, if you are paying a premium, you expect a premium product, and if you are going cheap, you should expect a lower quality.

However, there are exceptions to this rule, there are cheaper products that perform above their price range, and there are expensive products that are clearly overcharging for their quality.

This is why brand loyalty can often lead to problems, as brands will often start to charge a premium just based on how recognizable they are.

So while if you know you trust a brand, that does not mean all of their products are winners and checking reviews rather than advertisements is usually a better strategy.

You can often gauge a product’s value based on people talking about their experiences with it and whether they think it is worth the cost they paid.

With struts, factors worth considering are the durability and longevity based off of the price as well as how the product performs as part of your car’s suspension system.

How Well Do They Perform? The Review

Now moving onto the meat of this article, being the review of Unity’s Struts and how well they perform.

As we have contextualized in the previous sections, struts play an integral role in the performance of a car’s suspension and should therefore be heavily reviewed before choosing which one is best for you.

So in this part of the review we will go over every aspect of what a strut should achieve and see how Unity Struts score, so you can know how well they will work for you!

Shock Absorption

The first thing that usually comes to mind when considering the functionality of a car’s suspension system (so by extension its struts) is how well the car absorbs shocks.

As previously referenced, this can drastically impact the comfort of the driver, and if the car is not sufficiently absorbing shocks, it can also start to damage other important components of the vehicle.

Luckily for Unity, their struts provide a comfortable ride with minimal suspension issues, and if your original struts have been causing you issues, installing these will get rid of them and give you a much better ride and an improved quality.

As with any driving experience, you will still feel bumps, but they will be much less noticeable and will hardly affect the comfortability of drivers or passengers.

The Unity Struts will also give you a much more even feel during your ride, so if you feel like your car has been feeling unbalanced, this is usually an issue that can be blamed on the suspension and luckily the Unity Struts will fix this.

Overall, when it comes to absorbing shock, as the most important aspect of a strut, the Unity Struts perform very well and will help deal with any issues in this area.


Unity is a quite reputable brand that has been established for around 40 years, consistently providing high quality automotive parts.

They are not as recognizable as some of the bigger, more mainstream brands, but within the industry they are well respected for their products.

They have a specific focus on suspension systems and the parts that make them up, like struts, so for this specific product you are going to get something from a company that focuses on these types of items.

Unity has been making struts for a significant amount of time, and because of this they tend to be high quality and durable.

How Are They To Install?

Compared to some more complex installation processes, Unity makes installing struts as simple as possible for quite an awkward part of a vehicle to change.

The process is not easy by any means, but it is as straightforward as it can be. If you follow all of the steps that Unity provides to the letter and make sure to give yourself enough time to carry out the process properly, you should not have too much trouble.

However, if you do not think you will have enough time to learn how to do this and put the time into actually installing them, getting the help of a professional is always recommended for avoiding making mistakes.

How Durable Are They?

As previously mentioned, you want to have as much longevity and durability as possible with struts, as replacing them is a pain, and they can be an expensive part of the car to replace.

As well as this, bad struts can lead to other parts of your car getting damaged, which will lead to even more repair costs.

In this category, Unity has a perfectly standard score. These will not fail you prematurely, but they will also not last a significantly above average length of time.

You can of course help improve how long your struts will last based on the conditions you are driving in and adjusting your driving style to not put as much stress on your suspension system.

Of course, not all of these factors can be adjusted, but the Unity Struts will still perform well for a good amount of time.

If you know that you will be putting a high stress on your suspension system more often than not, and you do not want to risk your suspension failing, you should look for struts that specifically feature an above average durability, however these may not perform as well because of this.

If you have a standard driving style and drive in normal conditions, however, you will do well with the Unity Struts and will not have to worry about them showing premature signs of wear.


  • Very affordable price for the quality of performance you are getting
  • Great level of shock absorption, making your drive a lot more comfortable
  • Brand is very reputable when it comes to making parts for suspension systems
  • Great replacement if your original struts are beginning to show signs of wear


  • Durability, while not below average, does not show anything special and if you know that your struts will be under stress often, these will not last an amazingly long time

Alternatives To Unity Struts

Alternatives To Unity Struts

While this review focuses mostly on Unity Struts, they do not have a complete monopoly on the market and have a good variety of competitors that do better and worse than them in different categories.

This section will not cover all of their competitors, but will go over the most relevant ones in terms of struts.


Monroe has a much more recognizable brand than Unity, and are likely one of the first places your mind goes when thinking of parts for suspension systems. And because of this their struts are seen as a great alternative to Unity struts and do not perform badly in comparison.

One main category where Monroe score better than Unity is in durability, with Monroe making pre-assembled struts that have a rubber and steel bonding device that makes them last longer.

This also serves to give the user a more quiet and comfortable ride with good shock absorption.

They also do better than Unity if you know you will regularly be driving at higher speeds.

As well as this, they are also an alright choice on rough terrain, but KYB perform better in this regard.

Struts made by Monroe tend to be relatively affordable, especially when considering their durability, but if you really want a budget choice there are other alternatives out there.


As previously referenced, KYB make some of the best struts for rough terrain and if this is what you are looking for there are few great alternatives to KYB.

These struts are often affordable as well and tend to be cheaper than both Unity and Monroe.

These struts do well in a massive variety of different driving conditions, but as referenced, they thrive on rough roads.

But because of this, if you are looking for struts that will perform amazingly at high speeds, these are not the struts for you.

These struts are great if you are looking for durability in rough conditions, with great shock absorption to match.

However, if you know that you will largely be avoiding rough terrain, you should probably avoid these.


If you have found out that your original manufacturer struts are beginning to, or have already, failed in your vehicle and need to replace them, the Unity Struts are a great choice for doing this.

If you need struts that are both affordable and function well, the Unity struts do very well against their competitors.

The shock absorption that these struts display for their price tag is incredibly impressive, as many others in their price range simply do not perform as well.

And being quite easy to install compared to more complex alternatives makes them an attractive choice for those who would prefer to avoid going to a professional for help with installation.

The main drawback when it comes to these struts is their longevity and durability. This is not to say that these struts do awfully in this category, but they are not impressive in comparison to those which advertise extraordinary durability.

However, if you know that you will not be driving in bad conditions and that your driving style does not put excessive strain on your suspension, you will not have to worry about Unity Struts failing you prematurely.

In summary, if you need a well performing replacement to your original struts from the manufacturer, and you know you are a safe driver, the Unity Struts are a good choice.

If you have any more questions on how these struts work, they are probably going to be answered in the FAQ!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Unity A Reputable Brand?

Yes, Unity is a very trustworthy brand, especially when it comes to making products for a vehicles’ suspension.

They have been active for above 40 years and have made a name for themselves within the automotive industry because of this.

They do not have a massive brand reputation outside the industry, but they are one of the top specialists in struts and should be trusted to make good products in this category.

When Should I Change My Struts?

There are a lot of indicators mentioned earlier in this article, but the best and most easy one to notice is the decrease in comfort when driving.

This will be caused by a failing suspension system, and a key factor in this is an old or broken strut.

If you are feeling every bump you go over, there is a good chance you need to change your strut.

Are Unity Struts Used On The Back Or Front Of My Vehicle?

Both, the majority of their struts are designed for use on either half of your vehicle, this can depend on the style of car you have, so make sure to check the struts you buy a compatible.

Can I Install Struts Myself?

If you want to do this, you can, but it can be difficult. Unity Struts make the task as easy as it can be, but this process will still need a lot of time and tools you may not already own.

If you have the resources you should contact a professional, but if you are dedicated enough you can do it yourself.

How Long Will Unity Struts Last?

This is entirely dependent on your driving style and the conditions you drive in. Based on this, your struts could last anywhere between 10k to 100k miles.

Do Unity Have A Warranty Policy?

Yes, you can find more details on this based on the product and the distributor selling the specific product you are buying!